Hunter x Hunter - Gon Appreciation Thread

Now that Gon can no longer have us watch him whip (his fishing pole) or watch him (use his) Nen,

how will Togashi make him relevant in the Dark Continent Arc?

Will we have some flash-sideways of Gon doing his intellectually demanding homework in school while the other boys are dying on the ship / on not-Africa?

Why is Gon crying? What chapter this is from?

I dunno, it's a meme I saved from Cred Forums.

Gon's story is over. He will never be again.

Never be... again??

Gon a shit

How dare you.

Never smile again.

He will get his nen back somehow, like every other major shonen protagonist in history.

> implying the current hiatus would ever end

who cares, he'll die before the next chapter is out

I think that would be the worst plot development possible, would make all of his sacrifices look meaningless.

Would be better if they found a new source of power on the Dark Continent and Ging would teach it to him after they return.


This. It would be bullshit if he got Nen again. There should be another main source of power in the Dark Continent.

>Ging returning
That man is as dead as dead can be, he ain't coming back.

I tried to introduce this series to my "normie" friend via the '11 anime series (his favorite is Fullmetal Alchemist '11 series, which I also had to introduce to him) but man does he throw an autism rage fit over everything. Like Hughes death was the pinnacle of writing in anime but if any character in HxH expresses their emotions in any way it makes him puke. The fights in Brotherhood are all flawless masterpieces but not a single fight in HxH is good. I thought that both were similarly mentally demanding shonen series and that it was possible to like both even for people suffering from autism but apparently not. I know the manga is a lot better than the anime, but he refuses to read any manga because it's cool and edgy to not read. Frustrating.

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But the thing is, he hasn't LOST his nen, just the ability to control it. If he lost his nen, he would be dead, since it's basically life force. So he should be able to get it back, but he'll probably have to use the harder, slower route that people like Zushi had to use.

If he pukes over emotions, how does he react to how gay the series is? Lemme guess, he's just completely oblivious to that

Wow, thanks for crushing my hopes then. I mean he did almost lose his life (horrifically disfigured and needed to be on life support permanently in hospital) so it would make sense that his life energy was removed?

That user is retarded.
Aura is life force, Gon lost his nen.

>how does he react to how gay the series is?

this series is hetero as fuck, user

I don't know WHAT you're talking about

Come on, there's nothing that could possibly not be beaten by Ging's Spirit Gun in there.

I really don't think so. Like I said, if he lost his nen, he'd lose his life. Basically he's just lost the ability to voluntarily release his nen, and to see it. But I wouldn't worry about it too much because 1. Togashi is the trope-buster, and if Gon 'gets' his nen back, he's not going to write it in some terribly unoriginal way 2. If he does get his ability back, I have a feeling it's going to be REALLY hard for him. He may not even be able to, or he may never reach the level he was at again.


They're the same thing. Nen is, in a sense, just the ability to project that aura/life-force. So in that sense, yes, Gon has lost his nen, but it should be entirely possible for him to get it back.

>contradicting yourself in the same post

I should've phrased it better, but I was using 'aura' and 'nen' interchangeably. To be more clear, if he lost his aura/nen, he'd lose his life. He lost his ability to see and control his aura/nen.

You're right, I'm an idiot.

just like Kite sacrifice right?

No, user, he can't see his aura because he lost his nen.

Well then this is just coming down to terminology (which I feel like I need to go back through the manga and take notes on since there's so much in regards to nen). But if you define nen as = aura that's projected, then yes, he's lost his nen. But so far there hasn't been any indication that he can't learn to get it back. If he does though, I think it'll be in an interesting, challenging way, not some kind of asspull. Togashi's definitely had enough time to think about how he'll do it...

Even Viz translations are off sometimes. To be clear he just reverted back to his state before Wing opened his nodes.

Yep, that's what I was trying to get at. And with that in mind, I doubt he's just going to have someone blast him with nen like Wing did to him. But technically, it should be possible. I think it's more likely that he'll have to learn the hard way though. Or maybe he'll just learn to live with being a 'normal' person, who knows. The thing I think makes the least amount of sense to me is people saying that Gon is going to be out of the picture forever, or for a very long time because of this. The fact that he has to try way harder now, and the world is much more dangerous for him makes him more interesting, not less.

Kurapika has inherited Guts' suffering and will remain on that boat for 7 years.

Gon probably has some sort of mental hang-up that he has to overcome. I guess it will be connected to Gyro somehow.

I don't think he'd be out of the picture forever but definitely for a long time considering he's been "reset" it would take him a while to get back to how he was I think togashi did this to keep him specifically away from the dark continent arc for now

I feel like right now, Togashi is still just setting the foundation for the DC arc, and once he has that down, Gon may get at least some focus, but who really knows. The only sure thing is that this manga is unpredictable. Who would've ever predicted that we would randomly see several chapters of Hisoka fighting Chrollo? At any rate, I expect Gon will at least show up now and again. With a manga that comes out this slowly, it's really easy to get into the mindset of 'this is how [whatever situation] is going to be forever'.