So what did he said before credits start?

So what did he said before credits start?

They pulled Gendo bullshit from EoE

He asked about Rem.



Who's Rem?

>"undress Emilia"


Literally who?


>show my your boobs as reward

I'll rock your body

I love Satella

You're a faggot.

Finally I can start life in another world

Really White Fox?


>S: I need to thanks Rem when we get back
>E: Rem? Who's that?

I really wanted it to end with Emilia asking, "Who?" but, wishes can't be greated

One day she will see our diligence and embrace us with her love, user. Just keep up the faith.

What baffles me is that she's not showing any emotions when he tell her "I LOVE YOU"

You know what they say about a guy with big hands

Heil Hydra.

He asked if he was the cutest this season.