Can someone explain why Yhwach, Ichigo and Aizen only have plot power? They've all got bullshit powers that just results in a dick measuring contest which ichigo always wins.

Because Kubo can only draw, not write.

I wonder how did he manage to make the Substitute Shinigami and Soul Society arcs not suck.

Imagine if everyone had plot power. It would never end.

Ichigo's come from his weird hybrid genetics, Aizen's come from keikaku, and Yhwach's come from being old as fuck.

This is what happened in the last arc with Yhwach, Ichigo, Gerard, Askin and Uryuu. Kubo finally ended it with asspull Auswahlen and arbitrary loss of omnipotence.

Stop making Bleach threads lest you summon thee

Yamamoto was twice as old as Yhwach.
Urahara has stronger keikaku, and all the vizards are hybirds.
Only thing unique about ichigo is the quincy powers that he doesn't use at all.

Why is Zaraki so OP without even training that he had to subconsciously nerf himself for hundreds of years because beating the strongest captain of the time was too easy?

Then he jobbed

Still makes more sense than the Hogyoku

Ishida and his dad could have killed Yhwach by themselves seriously.

Because Kubo is a hack

I don't know what there is to explain. They're the protagonist and the biggest villains of the story. Of course Kubo would hastily and messily make up reasons to have them survive until the end.

Zaraki is the Zanpakutou of Zaraki, Rukongai district.

don't forget juugram too

Omnipotence is an asspull

He can only draw funny expressions, besides that the art is not very good. And his monster/costume designs are very goofy. Dude should do more comedy.

>that just results in a dick measuring contest which ichigo always wins.

What the hell are you talking about ?

seriously how many times has Ichigo's sword been broken in half?

Fuck off with your Bleach thread, it's never been Cred Forums worthy, yet you fuckers with endless bad taste can't let it go, Kubo even fucked over the relationship aspect on top of not giving a fuck for what happens to side characters.

Introduce and drop was his style, and you all fell for it.

Well... Yes, actually.

Never liked hollow designs, especially in anime and the voices some got.

Especially in anime when, after that roar they make, a blob with a plastic Halloween mask (0.99$ a piece) attached to it appears, preying upon the souls of deceased.

Liked Ichigo's mask though, and his hollow appearance was somehow monster like.

>Kubo even fucked over the relationship aspect

Keep that shit out of here, we've had enough arguments about shipping.

>aizen backstory never

I wonder if he was actually friendly and easygoing at any point in his life.

>Cred Forums worthy
newfag, please

quite a few times

It's not possible to act like a kind man for more than a century without having some kindness inside.
In one of the databooks was mentioned he was treating everyone in the 5th division equally.

Last row second image. That's not Ichigo, that was Aizen.

>act like a kind man for more than a centur
you say that like he wasn't continuously moonlighting experimenting on live subjects and liquidating people while trying to turn them into hollows

no it isn't the one where the sword was shattered was. Aizen didn't switch places with Ichigo and Renji until he actually showed up the following chapter. The initial giant crack was ichigo.

this was aizen


specifically this was where he made the switch with Ichigo. you can tell because after Aizen was stabbed Ichigo's still has the giant crack anyway

>aizen backstory never
I honestly lost interest in the series around the time Aizen gets imprisoned, only stayed around just to see the series end. If's there one thing I at least wished happen it was that.

Anime when?
They can do an anime original ending to make things better.

He has the same crack (top panel) as here and the page I mentioned.
You forget about """"renji""""" who was also missing an arm.
Aizen started posing as someone else on the page I mentioned

>They've all got bullshit powers that just results in a dick measuring contest which ichigo always wins.
Nah, in every one of their encounters Yhwach beat the shit out of Ichigo
In the end it was Ryuuken who beat Yhwach with a simple, direct cancellation of his ability.
Everyone else was so distracted asspulling their powerlevels higher that nobody noticed that he made an anti-asspull arrow.

>anime original ending

Put down that crack pipe, user.

I could be if it expands on things, like what happened to all the mia characters.

Kubo said he wanted to make him mysterious.

how about not making ichigo's shikai the strongest attack in the world

>I can't into symbolism

Zangetsu is the core of Ichigo's power, Ichigo transcended the Shikai/Bankai barrier like Ichibei and Aizen.

also, where are his shinigami powers?
He's got hallow and quincy powers but not shinigami

>also, where are his shinigami powers?

Getsuga Tenshou is a shinigami power.

Where is his zanpaktou spirit?
does he even have one?

It was his Hollow, as well as Yhwach.

Transcendence implies he's surpassed the need for one, in the same way Aizen can use KS without his sword now.

why would you not need one when they make for the perfect waifus?

Ichigo already has the perfect waifu ;^)

he has a doormat

Imagine literally stepping on MilfHime's massive mammaries as she happily greets you at the clinic's door.

Can shinigami and zanpakutou spirit fuck?
If so, does it count or just considered imagination?

It's called Bankai Training

They needed the distraction
Like Ukitake needed distraction in SS arc as he collected the necessary instruments to destroy Shunkou
As powerful as he is, Ichigo been the distraction guy for a while and not final solution guy

Kubo is actually very good in drawing emotion through facial expressions.

you hear it, you lose

It's actually very simple when you get down to it. There's no need for dramatics or overcomplicated explanations when the answer is so very easy to grasp. In essence, it's all really the heart.

He kept adding characters and people found their favorites. He just ran out of steam after Hueco Mundo.

I was re watching HM the other day. It's amazing how the HM fight with Ulqiorria was the exact same shit as him vs Byakuya. Down to the hollowing out and saying it's not fair and it wasn't him fighting. Still, Ulqiorria's design and the hollow powers were cool as fuck. So was HM and hollows in general.

this song was gay

>Ichigo already has the perfect waifu

I think Nel is still in HM

I feel like Hueco Mundo should have been the opposite of Soul Society Arc. SS was about rebellious youth taking on an old archaic society and changing it through their will, a total youth power fantasy. HM should have been about Ichigo and friends now in the position of power, taking on the chaotic upcoming element and trying to protect the peace of their home.

The big twist would be that Soul Society show up to help Ichigo to protect his town and that they were able to change the system for a better, even if it was only a little bit. It's that realization that as you grow up, those adults trying to hold you down don't have to be the enemy.

So, chapter 682 onwards. Which are actual Ichigo and Renji and which are Aizen?

they're all aizen, he's deluding himself

Yes he does. Lucky bastard.

Great scene, KUBOOO!

I like their relationship. They aren't bros like with Ichigo/Chad, Ichigo/Rukia or Ichigo/Renji, but they really get each other cause they're both socially awkward in similar ways. Ichigo is so tsundere for Ishida.

Makes sense that they fall for the same girl and Ishida doesn't even have any ill will about losing. That's a real friend.

Ichigo always wins. Even when he doesn't deserve it.

So Ichigo only arrived after Uryuu fired the silver arrow?

Imagine going up to your bedroom and seeing this waiting for you.

No, Aizen released KS after Yhwach thinks he's killed Ichigo. Then Ichigo lands a GT with enough power to kill Yhwach, but is undone by The Almighty.

World's biggest onahole

This was such a great manga. It's a shame that it couldn't reach its full potential because Kubo had to be rushed.

Ichigo is a Soul King.

>ywn play with your inner loli
Why even live?

The fact that it even got okay'd for a live action movie means that Shuesha is still trying to make money off of it, I just hope Kubo returns to manga regardless, ideally moving away from traditional Battle Shounen.


That's really nice but I'd have to check the next room over to find the lovely tomboy Shiba heiress.

What if momo is aizens sword spirit?
That's why everyone keeps stabbing her to get her back in the sword where she belongs?
That's maybe also why she loves aizen so much and he doesn't have a bankai?

>Because Kubo can only draw, not write.
>can only draw,
You need to read more manga.

Posting happy childhood friend victory!

Shippers are all teenage girls.
Nobody cares about the non-existent romance. All the so called romance is actually comedy.

Yes. Please, yes.

>couldn't reach its full potential because Kubo had to be rushed
Is this a meme or there really are idiots who believe this?

I'm still amazed an editor okayed this storyboard.
Kubo must've been really sick at the time.
Or he bribed the editor.

Is it gay if you want to fuck kenpachi's sword?

Also, how does a sword have a sword?

>art is not very good
>can only draw funny expressions

Judging from your response I can say that you must think HxH is an artistic masterpiece

kill yourself you shit taste faggot

>people think this is bad

At least Kubo is willing to take risks, barely anyone in modern Jump tries anything new in terms of page layout.

That's not a risk, it's just sloppy.

>using identical pages to show the immediate effects of Yhwach's power to alter the future

It was clever and impactful, before that point the fight was beginning to look winnable but then became immediately apparent that Ichigo was out of his league.

I hope Karin has learned how to use her supernatural potential by now. We'll never know for sure, though. RIP Bleach.

Dude, that was actually a good trick. People actually had to double take on it. It's like with One Punch man actually using double spread pages to create an animated fight sequence (as seen here in the image).

Cute family.

Byakuya approves.

I'm still upset that this never really went anywhere. More wasted potential.

Cute kids.

Aizen was literally everyone. Ichigo didn't arrive until later.

I guess when Ichigo got his powers back then Karin's spiritual awareness went back to the way it was. It seems that she only got stronger because he got weaker.

>tfw we'll never get fanart of adult Karin showing off her cleavage in Kuukaku's outfit

It would have been funny if grown-up Karin looked like what Chad tried to picture that one time. With big tits.

Forgot pic.


>a city has a zanpaktou, who has a zanpaktou, who has a zanpaktou

Why was Aizen again on the chair?

delet this

Is that the face she puts on when ice shota doesn't want to follow her home?

Imagine if he did and he finds Isshin there. Just his long lost captain, eking out a living in the human world and raising three kids by himself.

Toshiro would make a great son in law while Matsumoto can make a great busty aunt

Why this pairing got popular I don't even know.

Because its cute

Surprisingly fun anime filler.

They were cute in those filler episodes and both grow up to be really attractive. Hitsugaya's connection to Isshin makes for some fun possibilities too.


Bleach filler would bring in Captain Shota for a ratings boost. It led to some silly filler, I think Captain Shota and Karin were in a soccer arc or something like that

>we'll never have doujins of Karin going megamilk on him

Huh, so it was filler. I never watched the anime so I never knew.

I thought it was some crackship that got really big.

I wish the anime was back so that we can see a filler arc of these two cutes

>>we'll never have doujins of Karin going megamilk on him

Why do you think Renji asked mayuri to change the gender of his sword in one of those extra episodes? The reason why Renji was so cheerful and upbeat despite being the Number 1 Jobber is because he was hitting that monkey girl ass every night.

>we'll never have any more Bleach doujins period

I just want a doujin where Orihime dresses up in a cute nurse outfit and has fun with Ichigo. Is that so wrong?

what were the top 5 bleach openings?

Gonna get that shota.

yeah, i remember hitting the part and my first thought being "wtf those retards posted the same page tw-Oooooooooooooooooh shit"

>ywn read a doujin in which Aizen stayed in the human world, in a gigai, helping in the Kurosaki clinic

>ywn read a doujin in which tatsuki and ichigo start hatefucking after she punched his head in

The Shihouins are a good-looking family. Yuushiro probably ended up as one of those frustratingly dense harem protagonists, complete with a sexy older sister.

I bet Yoruichi played doctor with him whenever shes bored and Urahara is away for some mission

Last volume of bleach will have extra pages

Source: My Ass

What if the shota isn't a shota?

Matsumoto is definitely the fun aunt to the little ones. She would dote on them so much.

>ywn read a doujin where Ichigo and Orihime have to deal with constantly being hit on by their former nemesis
>ywn read a doujin where Kazui thinks Aizen is the coolest guy ever

>ywn read a doujin where kazui and uncle aizen are having a tea party. aizen is sitting on a small toy chair and drinking imaginaty tea from a toy teacup. while being absolutely serious about it.

>"I've already seen that you would come"

I need this.
There was a drawfag in these threads. Where is he?