This is your cake tonight

This is your cake tonight

Delicious cake deserves hugs and kisses.

This cake is past expiration date. I take it back for refund.


But she's in a wedding dress.

Therefore, no longer a cake.

>still waiting

>wedding dress
Do you not know what being a "cake" means?

I want to insert IT inside that cake.

Watch the damn series first and then come back here.

Hold up, let me find a knife so we can cut the cake properly.


it looks like a bride to me



It's cool to smoke.
You just aren't cool.

Smoking is fucking disgusting.

It's actually really cool

The cake has been eaten

Maybe if you're 13.

You just have to give her something to suck on to calm down her oral urges.

It's always cool to smoke.
Give it a shot.


Just go smoke.
Everyone does it.

It's so hard not to use the infamous Death Note line about potato chips and eating at this point.

>putting your dick in the mouth of an addict who needs their fix

Sounds lie a bad idea to me.

>smoking the nicotine jew

>cake thread
>inb4 shitty chisato spamming

It stinks tobacco.

Here's some Chisato user.






>tfw too old for cakes

I'm going to die alone

In 2D anything's possible user.
Too bad you're 3DPD

>lost to an even older woman

I have vague memories of this show, but that scene always stuck with me and my penis.