Have hot suicidal mom

>have hot suicidal mom
>not trying to cure her with penis everyday

He's not big enough

He's not a degenerate like OP

>I'm sorry I didn't cuck myself.


for her

all this love for kakeru is annoying and heavy-handed. i know he was a special friend, but it feels like he was their only reason to live.


Everyday is a adjective, e.g. He gave his hot suicidal mom an everyday dicking.

Every day is an adverbial phrase, e.g. He gave his hot suicidal mom a dicking every day.

Moms always like big ones

Good to know, thanks.

They just feel guilty they let him commit suicide. They regret not knowing or trying to help him.

>send letters to the past using black hole in Bermuda Triangle

This would be more interesting than the whole plot so far

It's one of the dumbest things from the manga/anime.

The truth is that in the future timeline they write and send those letters off as a device to alleviate their guilt and sadness, but they probably don't believe deep down that it works.

That whole scene made me cringe so fucking hard.
This must be the dumbest shoujo ever made.

but is heavy-handed. we know nothing about them. they just exist to love kakeru.

So how does this end? Did they manage to stop him for killing himself?

I fucking hope he does, hes a shit.


Suwa is guilty of taking the main girl. Without kakeru dying, he wouldnt have ended up with her for sure, which he knows deep down that also the cause of his death. Hides the fact that kakeru and main girl likes each other. And obviously the main girl herself wanted to go with kakeru too if she would go bk in the past.
Its all about the guilt.

Sexual healing?

Girls are into group mentality so shoujo mangas need to constantly shill the male lead. Every character must talk about how wonderful he is and how super duper special snowflake he is.

>tfw you care more about glasses-kun, stupid blonde and dyke than fageru and Naho

but everything you pointed involves kakeru in one way or another. he is the center of their universe.

hagita and azu chan OTP

Sticking your dick into a suicidal woman does not automatically fix her.

You'll more than likely make things much worse for the both of you.

I haven't been following the series but was this revealed only in recent eps?
Because that'd explain why no-manga faggots still think the characters are trying to cuck their past selves in the same time line.

>mom on drugs, suicidal
>he acts like a stupid brat

Yeah this is probably the main flaw of this series. I wish the characters were a little more fleshed out.

At the same time though I can sorta justify the entire show being about Kakeru since the future-timeline takes place right after they all came from Kakeru's grandma's place and she had just told them all that he had actually killed himself. And that's what essentially spurs the rest of the events.