I'm bored Cred Forums. Tell me a story

I'm bored Cred Forums. Tell me a story

Once upon a time, OP was a faggot.

Do you want to hear the story about my life got flip-turned upside down?


Op falls in love with a fag

OP is still a faggot. THE END.

The jews did everything.

OP is a nice man who killed himself for his waifu

Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed
A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed.

Once upon a time, user fapped to a Tatsumaki doujin after seeing OP's gif


One day user got tired of eating copy pasta and therefore created his own story goes.

It was back in the early 1970s, the world was rejoicing the heroic men who have stepped on the surface of the moon and here we are, in this steamy jungle in cambodia waiting for orders. Our supplies were running low, 3 of my men were ill. One with a raging fever, probably malaria. Two of them suffering from mild sepsis. Our M41 was holding up in this mudpool and its cessant growl keeps us on our feet. We have been on the field for 48 hours, amphetamines were the only picks that pulled our eyelids up. The static coming from our open radio made the experience more dreadful. Mosquitoes were biting our asses. For 3 years on this field I have lost countless men. John, walker, Jimmy. I feel happy that I saw their corpses unlike Bill. He was taken for some reason during our planned ambush near the mekong delta. Bill was already bogged down by those goddamn guerrillas and their dirty traps. Those fucking nams. Sure we ambushed them. Sure we fucking shot them but those fuckers where like ghosts. They'd appear and disappear from the fucking grasses. I burned one of those fucks with my torch but they still took bill. And hell knows what happened to him and I don't even know what those fuckers did to him. Once we get those orders I sure as hell will kill those chinks down. Once that radio spits those goddamn orders.

A butler is one who serves.A butler is one who waits upon others. A butler is a formal guardian, who is there to support his mistress in all aspects of her life. Yes! This is about a boy who fights and puts his life on the line for a girl. A super combat story!

Maria best girl

But you're wrong.

No I'm not. She's ok too though.

Next season when

user try to kill himself but get scared mid-way and comeback to Cred Forums to shitpost

>Maria best
Great taste senpai

Here you go.

I'm in class right now

Trump was fighting against united jews with mudslimes and lost.

A boy falls and gropes a girl

it's been ages since i last saw this

One day, OP is a faggot and created this thread, other anons tell him to go kill himself. The end.

You are on the internet, how the fuck can it be boring?? I STILL TODAY DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS.

do you know the story of a boy who is unable to confess to a girl

A boy falls in love with a girl...

Dr. Wily has hit some hard times it seems.