Shingeki no Kyojin

cute butt, cute slut.

Annie is love
Annie is life
I love Annie from the bottom of my heart and the core of my soul
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out

Second for Annie.

Two shits, one hit.

Armin is cute.

Best girl is dead.

I'm in love with mikasa
Send help

EH is canon.

Why does Mikasa have blonde hair in that pic?

Mikasa is dead? Thank god

The only help you need is one dose of QT, Ackerfam.

No, no, no, no.

Someone post that "Soon." picture o Ymir kissing Erwin with a crown and a gown, I mean Historia.




EMA deserve death.



I shall notify FBI of this death thread.

This this indeed.

Die is canon?

>anime character designer have better artstyle than original manga artist

Why is this allowed?


EM*, According to Isayama.

No, Ymir is canon alive.

EM punishment soon.

Not after the next chapter.

EM confirmed canon


But i took my dose for today already doc

This one is better.

>implying the wall people would punish and possibly disgruntle their most powerful shifter and second best soldier

He said that Eren and Mikasa are going to hate each other before the story is over

Hanji will.

Did anyone else notice that Mrs Smith is permanently in heat ever since Erwin died?

How typical. Nothing makes a woman wetter than seeing her husband die. Bet she wants Armin too.

Nice try.

Best soldier. She just kicked Levi's ass a moment ago

No! You're being silly. I am heartbroken by Erwin's death.
And no, I do not want Armin.

That's just internet posturing, if a naked Armin showed up in your boyfriend's bedroom at night with his sweaty sixpack & erect 9 inch dick, we both know what's gonna happen next.

That is disgusting.

She probably masturbates to the though of Armin bending her over and fucking her on Erwins grave

This, definitely.

Thanks for making me want to vomit

What's the big thing that this volume is going to end with in the next chapter?

Mikasa's execution.

Zoom-in on Armin's beautifully hairless pits I hope

I do no such thing. What a vile thing to say to a lady!

A note from Carla how she thinks that Eren and Mikasa would make a great couple and are made for eachother.

You're a man.

Can't wait.

EM shit machine soon.


Calling yourself a 'Mrs' on a Taiwanese tapestry board doesn't make you a woman any more than shoving a sword through a horse's skull makes it a unicorn.

Annie a cute, a CUTE.

Who is that handsome guy standing next to Hanji

>you will never ruffle her hair and have your fingers broken as a result

Why even live...

She wouldn't break my fingers.

>not using pic related

How can you be so sure? To accept the risks of approaching her is part of the beauty of loving Annie.

I thought, who better to use the image as you? I knew you'd post it when you got here.

Little Annie would never hurt me. I wouldn't force her to train all day long.

It's a different story if it's Lolinnie we're talking about. I adore her as she is now, but had she not spent her entire childhood being trained for such a horrific purpose, there's no denying she'd have grown up to be less jaded and learn to use something other than training/violence as an outlet. I want to hug little Annie and give her the love and care she deserves.


What about it?

I'm going to adopt a child and name her Annie. I'm going to raise her to be a lovely little woman. She will have the life that Leonhart never had.

i could do better than that ugly face

Prove it

Stay away from irl kids you fucko




I will have my Annie. Hopefully within 2 years.

to draw you need motivation
but i dont even have enough motivation to live


What will you do if she doesn't end up looking like her at all?

Hanji already confirmed.

I wouldn't go that far myself, Annie is Annie and real children are real children, they'll never make up for her inexistence in our world or ease her suffering in hers, but good luck if that's what your heart's set on.

She will be beautiful

I'll never understand suicidal freaks. Get outta your room once in a while.

Thank you user.

Does anyone have nudes of this slut? I want to beat the meat

Yes but she'll be a real person, not your fictional animu character and considering what you're like she'll become a turbowhore. So stay away from 3d reality and stick to 2d.

why tho

Get out and never speak to me again.

give me one second

Annie will be beautiful, smart, kind and well liked by her friends. If you're a turbowhore, then it sucks to be you, but my daughter will know better.


I agree with this. Annie is Annie, an anime character user.


if you actually adopt a kid and name it annie i will come over and break every bone that kid has

A freak who likes to abuse other children will only make a child's life miserable.

Stay away from kids

You too


You would very quickly come to regret so much as touching her.

Annie will live a life of the utmost comfort and love.

Make me.


if i have to i will kill you and the kid

Uh-hu, sure.

>ill fite u irl >:(
Now I remember why I stopped lurking these threads



The fuck is wrong with you autists

Psychopaths can't adopt

You never stopped lurking, faggots like you never stop.

fuck yeah try not to cring comp on yt amirite kiddo? XDXD

I'm clinically broken but trying to do my thing.

Hence the two years. I need to show reform.

You know they won't let you have a kid if you show up with a picture of a fictional character and say, "I want one that looks like that".

Someone needs to draw or animate that.
would be fucking hilarious

I'm not stupid.

Maybe I will animate it if I have time in between my 'real' animation. Will probably be cut-out/stop-motion though.

You are stupid enough to adopt a kid because it looks like an animu character. 2D =/ 3D you retard.

How's MinIRA today?


If you think that's my reasoning, then it's pretty clear your neither smart or attentive.

>says a literal pedo from inbreeding island

Armin is love
Armin is life
Armin is the hero we need but don't deserve
Armin will make the walls great again
Armin may not be as physically strong as others, but he makes up for it with his intelligence, empathetic nature, and the hope he brings to others


I want to lick that vomit.


And then vomit it baack up into Armin's mouth like a mama bird to her baby!

Nice comeback. I'm going to show reform. I'm going to get a child. I'm going to love her and raise her. I'm going to buy her a kitten. She will be beautiful.

Please dont.


Armin Arlert, baby boy
I do love my ma and pa
But not in the way that I do love you
Well holy moly, me oh my
You're the apple of my eye
Boy, I've never met someone like you
Man oh man, you're my best friend
I scream into the nothingness
There ain't nothing that I need
Well 3DMG, pumpkin pie
Killing titans and all our time
There's nothing that pleases me more than you!



Their bond is really sweet and cute.

SnK would be 10 times better if Armin constantly wore his bunny outfit. To bed, during training, during battles...bunny outfit 24/7.

That picture is so beautiful.


One of the animators working on the anime drew this. You're welcome.


Their twitter.



That butt is too round.

They both dead AF

Does this look dead to you?


Leave and stay gone.

Kill yourself.

Suck a dick

Nah, they're both going to return in a big plot twist. Thomas will be there too.

Oh my fuck.



Armin is gonna be Mikasa's new Eren from this point on. Just you watch. She's gonna become extremely protective of him, more than usual. Eren will too, but even after their falling out, Mikasa (who is implied to be staying with Armin) will refuse to leave his side.

LM soon.

In this case he will be her new Armin. I think she will never leave him. It was implied since the beginning.


Annie is a huge shit

Not Mikasa, no care.

But at least she apologises to the friends who's heads she gets bitten off.

I'm sorry you feel that way.








I want to abuse Annie forever.

I want to love Annie forever and protect her from the likes of you.

You're a fucking monster.

Annie will never suck your dick anyway.

This fact affects me about as much as tropical rains affect polar bears.

Annie was a side character, I really don't get her fanbase. T B H

>trying to make sense of whoposters
don't bother m8


Annie stopped being relevant ages ago.

What are the most relevant characters in your opinion?

>I don't get why best girl has a fanbase




EMA sadly.


Mikasa, according to Isayama.

As for the survey corps probably Erwin and Eren
Armin a shit

B I G N O S E,
Who knows?

>double trips
>Armin a shit
Nothing but the truth.

>As for the survey corps probably Erwin and Eren
Erwin is dead.
Levi and Hange are important, he's the strenght and she's the brains.

>B I G N O S E,
>Who knows?


not levi,hanji and floche

fuck you

Settle down tripfag.


>even after their falling out
Why do people still think this is going to happen?

Isayama said it will happen and that EMA will all be on different sides and battle each other

I can't wait. Wonder if it'll lead to them trying to kill each other.


ok im off fuck this shit

Thank god.

Are ye gay?

Of course, since you're disgusting.

Armin a shit.

He basically just said they'll have differing views on something and oppose each other in some capacity. That doesn't necessarily mean actually separating and/or fighting each other. It could just be a disagreement of some kind.

Also in general Isayama talks a lot of shit in interviews. It's pointless to take his word as gospel.

Just fucking filter his posts, its not hard.

EML, but mostly L.

It totally means separating.

He literally said they're going in different directions. Don't start with this delusional shit again.


EMA and Levi, pretty much the 4 characters I like the least. But my favorites keep me reading.

Why does manlet have woman boobs?

BRAfags have issues.

Because he's actually ftm transgender. Yeah, sorry you had to find out like that.

Source: Tumblr.

And EMAfags clearly don't have a sense of humor.

EM is VERY CUTE here. 10/10


Here is the accurate version of Mikasa.

Just like their characters.

Also just like their characters.

Mankasa indeed

Can't come soon enough.


Hes ruining her godlike face with his dirty manlet hands

Is this better?

very CUTE.

That is adorable.

Post manlet with boobs

So canon it hurts.
Show powerlevels.


Mine is low. But objectively the best.


SAYA A SHIT. Go cowtits or go home. This is true power.

Someone post that pic from the dj with all the ruined faces she does.

More canon.

Over 9000

Over 1000000

My master piece.

Which shingeki will be cucked as in pic related? Will it even happen? Isayama pls cuck Mikasa.

Can someone edit this with any other shingeki as well?


Obviously Mikasa. The two kissing are Eren and Armin.

>knockoff Asuka Shiki
Why though?

The "knockoff" is actually pretty deep and isn't just another tsundere bitch though.

Eren when he sees Reiner and Annie.

What is Levi's canon eyecolor?

Eren no longer cares about Annie.

>just another tsundere bitch though.

Grey, which is technically blue.

>pic related
Exactly user.


RAr revenge-rape when?

Your bad taste and lack of character comprehension offends me. But honestly I'm too tired to argue with you.



>I'm too tired to argue with you.
Yes lets agree that Rei is best girl.

Very soon.

But no.

Is Bert going to rape Annie using coconut's body?

I want Bert and Reiner to take turns on Annie's body.

I'm also too lazy to argue but blue is indeed better than red this time.

And then Bert letting Reiner to rape Armin's body while Bert finally detaches himself from him so only Armin would remaining in the body with the memories of Bert raping Annie, Annie's look of disgust, and then Reiner raping him while Bert laughs one more time.

Red > Blue.
We will meet again, Reifag.

Don't cut yourself on all that edge.

>Bortfags seriously think Bort will take over Armin's body
Please. You're being almost as delusional as EMfags.

Wait, I am writing my fanfiction.

So, we can agree that Armintards can't take a joke.

Of course.


>can't take a joke
>what is the BRAfag who thought I was serious when I said I wrote a 60 page essay on why Armin is the best shingeki
Please kill yourself. I was being fucking sarcastic anyway.


>replying to yourself
Bortfags are pathetic.



And we can agree that Arminautists are too paranoid to think properly.

dubs of truth.



I am so sad that even Historia and Eren got more development than Eren and Mikasa. Why Isayama is such a hack?

Reminder that EAr is only possible in Arminfat delusions, and that EH and EA are far superior ships with far superior blondes.

I am happy.

Nice deflection, Bertfag.

>these delusions
EMfags, EHfags, and EAfags please.



Arminfat, please fuck off. Nobody except your friends on Tumblr cares about this shit ship.

EMfags btfo.

Pretty much this.

We can also agree that Arminfags lack reading comprehension.
A few more replies and we can make an Arminfagsfacts.

Post yfw is the beggining of the end of EMA


EA > EH > EM

>implying anyone wants to read more of Shitmin related shit
I had enough, thanks.


That's pretty cute.

Isayama should kill EMA, and then let HELM+Moblit alive so we can have real adventures of Scouting Legion going to the ocean.

Eren looks pissed about that situation. EM BTFO again.

Why do Erenfags pair everyone up with that piece of shit and spam every thread?

All of these are deluions in Erenfats minds.

How's it any different from shitletfags?

THIS. YH is clearly the canon ship.

Because they are delusional and cancer.


Fuck off.

I know. He is going to die anyway.

Can I suck yours?

There's quite literally no dick to be sucked in YH.

Bert plz

EHfags on suicide watch.

In your dreams.

Only if we cum swap and I suck yours after.

At least they showed they cared for each other. Which is still so vapid, that if YH goes canon is going to suck. When you go to mangaka school, do they teach you the basics about narrative?

To be fair, it's the Arminfats pairing him with Shitmin.

Okay. It's a deal.

And dumb waifufats with their favorite.


I honestly have no idea what your point is.

Eren is scum. Nobody deserves to be stuck with him. Jean, on the other hand, deserves his own harem.

Fun fun fun

Jean is scum.

They are both scum.


Now this I can get into.

Still better than being an arminfat.

Jean pls.


Being both is pretty shit. At least if you ship your waifu with trash like Eren.

Nice try Arminfat, but some of us like Eren not just because of shipping.

Nice try Arminfat.

He wasn't just a underground criminal. Kenny deserved a better death

And yet Armong survived with even worse injuries.

Disgusting. All of EMA are shit. Also you are still delusional shipper cancer for shipping your favorite with shit like Eren.

Jean did nothing wrong.

Eren isn't that bad. He is fine when he interacts with literally everyone but Mikasa and Shitmin.

Not really, but you are just a retarded delusional shipperfag anyway, so of course you get excited when Shitren interacts with your favorite.

So salty. Why?

>Kenny deserved a better death
Agreed. Here's to hoping we're compensated with a Kenny OVA.

I'd say Eren is fine when he interacts with Mikasa. Only Armong deteriorates every other character.

So delusional and shit taste. Why?

Nice try EMshit.

Butthurt Arminfat. Just ignore.

Kenny OVA, YES.

So tell what's good taste for you then.

Definitely not EMA.

>Eren is fine when he interacts with Mikasa
They barely interact. And when he does he's usually angry/annoyed at her.

Let it go. Shippers are annoying but your meta is too.

Typical, they are petty whales after all.

We deserved the Ackerteam defeating MT.

Armin is just as shit as Eren and Mikasa, but Erenfats are too retarded to realize this, because muh shipping.

Historia should have eaten Eren.
Annie should have crushed Armin.
Jean should have married Mikasa.

All true especially pic related.

>Historia should have eaten Eren.
>Annie should have crushed Armin.

If Annie just squashed THAT LITTLE CUNT ARMIN then we would have been spared a lot of nonsense and some great characters would still be alive.

Traute deserved better

Just Erwin actually.

Best Whofu

This. We would have been in Titantown long ago.

>Kenny OVA.
Would pay money to see it
Also i still haven't seen the Levi OVA. any good ?


So Isayama already revealed Hange's gender to the anime staff.
She's officially best girl.

I'm fine with Bert being dead but Erwin should have been chosen.

>Erwin, Bert, Traute, Kenny, Nifa, Rod, Moblit, Gelger, Banana the list goes on for miles
>Just Erwin actually.
Get fucked.

Who but Rosa's ghost would want Rod back?

Bort a shit and he was the only one who died, because of Shitmin

Neither Erwin or Armin should have lived
Sasha should have got the serum

If you're mocking Hot Rod then you can just go dive in front of a bus.

>Implying anything after Armin being sqaushed would go down the same.
Shit would be crazy different if Erens little bubble/fart/squeak friend died there and then.

Rod was a good guy.

Pukeworthy. He let his family die.

the foreshortening on mikasas leg is so awful, i cant look away

>He let his family die.

>Shit would be crazy different if Erens little bubble/fart/squeak friend died there and then.
Armin a shit, but if you really believe all of these wouldn't have died without him you are just as dumb as his fags, especially during Utgard.

Not just Shitmin suspected her.

No, what does Grisha have to do with that? Rod was a vile shit and a poor father, he also wanted to keep humanity in the dark.

>Annie crushes Armin.
>Her identity is never discovered.
>When Zeke transforms Ragako, she volunteers to join the MP who are going to help investigate to find out what's going on.
>Hears that BR captured Eren and Ymir.
>Joins the Scouts who are planning to save them.
>Transforms and backs up Reiner when the Scouts catch up.
>BRAYH all escape with Eren.
>We get to Titantown by chapter 50.
>BRAYH slice of life for the rest of the manga.

How Shingeki should have been.

>Erwin's dad didn't die
>Erwin grow's into a confident guy who is his dad's right hand
>Erwin's dad recruits Kenny and Kuchel
>Kenny still tries to kill Uri but fails, and they end being secret tomodachis
>Uri supports Kenny and his friends
>Erwin's dad gets into the SL
>Erwin's dad meet Dr. Yeager and team up
>Kenny doesn't kill Alma
>Grisha and Erwin's dad manage to get Historia
>She lives with Eren
>While Mikasa is being trained by Manlet, who was also trained by Kenny
>Armin is a creepy boy who is helped during CT first attack by Eren and Historia

Thank god Armin was there to stop that

>Armin spuds out
>Gives Reiner clue to Erens whereabouts
>Reiner informs Annie
>Story unfolds

Alternate non shitman asspull storyline

>Armin gets fucking pancaked.
>Annie just wrecks her way through the scouts
>Events unfold in a completely unpredictable way

Present evidence and I will refute it

Grisha had his own plans that involved Eren who would have acted differently should shitman have been pancaked

Boring as hell.

That'd be kind of interesting.

>>Events unfold in a completely unpredictable way
LM would still have wrecked her and Shitren suspected it's her, because of her fighting stance.

The manga would honestly be better if Armin never existed.

No, Grisha killed Reiss for his own reasons and this was before Annie even got revealed a few years later.

The only good thing Shitmin did was killing Bort.

>LM would still have wrecked her
LM might have wrecked her. Yeah.

>Shitren suspected it's her,
He's dead though so fuck that. There's your first branch in the story.


I thought we were talking about post-armin pancaking. Of course pancaking the little shit wouldn't have altered what Grisha did, it's literally fucking impossible.

Geez you lack reading comprehension.

Will Annie ever reunite with her father, or is that just a dropped plot point like Mikasa's tattoo.

They definitely would have. Shitmin has nothing to do with her jobbing.

Arminhaters are so triggered. Go back to dumblr you hypersensitive fucks.

I want to lovingly stroke Eren's cheeks and kiss his temple before he falls peacefully asleep on my lap.

Armin please.

How so? You just brought Grisha up out of fucking nowhere.

Annie might not have been there without Reiners tips. So like I said, LM might have wrecked her. It's an objective might, because there's no reason to suggest that she would definitely end up there.
In short, suck a dick and pay attention.

>Arminhaters are so triggered.
That's what happens when you need to look at and read about shit.

>Go back to dumblr you hypersensitive fucks.
Sorry bruh, it would be illegal for me to break into your motor home.

Armin should've died
Isayama a idiot

Wew lad, not only are you a never ending fountain of sodium, you also have shit taste.
>my motor home
Why did you give me your deed? I don't want your meth lab. Go home, Billy Bob.

So at the end she still would have jobbed. Maybe you should stop sucking dicks and actually get some reading comprehension

zeke pls

Jean still can marry Mikasa.

Fucking this.


>she still would have jobbed
I never said she would have succeeded you cunt. Stop trying to put words into peoples mouths to fuel your love of shitman.

>get some reading comprehension

>Stop trying to put words into peoples mouths to fuel your love of shitman.
I don't like Shitmin, but I'm not as retarded as you to believe Isayama wouldn't have killed most of these without him.


I thought it was good. The series isn't just ErwL pandering like everyone says. The 3DMG animation, titan battles and worldbuilding was pretty good too. I think the manga and VN was better though because they didn't water down important bits like Erwin's speech near the end.

What does
>down to the eyes

But you're fucking retarded for assuming he would have with no good reason. You plant.


You are even more retarded for assuming he wouldn't, especially the redshirts, Kenny and Rod.


EXPLAIN. How the fuck is it retarded to say that the future of indeterminable factors is NOT certain based on an entire series of fucking unknown quantities? You fucking plant. You actually make me fucking livid.


I just want her to be okay. I just want to know what the fuck is going on and why they feel they have no choice but to do the terrible things they do. I want answers. I want resolution.

Everything is just so fucked up at this point that I don't even know what to expect any more.

>The Arminfat arguing with itself

Probably forgot to take her meds.



Kill yourself.

Suck a dick and hang yourself.

This thread is going so fast no will notice that i actually liked armin prior chapter 82

I still like him desu senpai

Only butthurt fujos and BRAfags hate Armin.

So did I. Too bad he's now irrevocably shit after the last few chapters.


I didn't mind him until this arc.

Yeah, no.




At least there's something we all agree on.

Reminder to hug your Armin


Vomit inducing.


Nah. He will marry Hitch if they survive. Mikasa with Armin.

Nah, Hitch will marry death

That's Sasha ;_;

Who will live and who will die by the end of this all?

Hange, Jean, Historia, Mikasa and Armin.

Hange requires semen for healthy hair growth.

I like her hair short tbqh fampai.

I hope Moblit left her some bottles, just in case.

Daily intake? This is something I hadn't considered. I like it.

Levi has enough stamina to give her a long, beautiful mane over a few months.


I am glad he is there to take care of Moblit's child.

Hate dumblr art.

What beautiful trips, too bad Moblit is dead and Hange lost the child.

That pic looks just like Isayama artwork, just less chicken scratchy

That's decent art, actually.

Yeah he does :^)

They can marry each other

Moblit left some in other places too. She'll be showing in a few months time.

Who is the cutest shingeki girl in your opinion and why?

Manlet. Cute face, funny attitude, independet, waifu material, strong and male

Mikasa, sometimes I wonder what her butt smells like after a workout.

This question keeps me awake at night

Armin a massive heap of shit. He's the only character who is as bad as his fanbase and that's an achievement. I'm not sure who's more disgusting, Armin or Arminfats.

Annie when she's depressed and upset


People who never stop complaining about Armin are the worst

So is Hanji gonna be wearing an eyepatch and joking about being a pirate now?

Late response because I was having a life outside of Cred Forums but here. I'm pretty sure the faggot I was BTFOing is Disgust Man without his trip.

It was my first post in the thread but your sensitive response proves my point.


>still proving my point

I want to lick Armin's donut hole.

Mikasa has best tasting butt, according to Isayama.

>what is being a different user from the one you were talking to
I'm , not whoever you were talking to. I'm not proving shit except that you're assblasted. Show us your post number, faglord.


You shouldn't be able to taste anything when licking someone's clean butt you sick fuck.

Spoken like someone who's never tasted a butt

Yes, because I'm not a goddamn degenerate.

It's almost impressive how they've become more cancerous than manletfags. That takes real effort.

>Show us your post number, faglord.
What? Isn't the date and part of the post enough to see which post is in the screenshot?
>I'm , not whoever you were talking to.
Who cares? I didn't call you a samefag, just another retard. All Arminfags are and evidently you are no exception.


W-What does ass taste like? Shit? Isn't it gross?

At least manletfags have the excuse of being too many, so more bad fags among them. Arminfats are obnoxious by rule. Also paranoid and edgy.

Arminfags are all braindead. No exceptions.

And Arminhaters are whiny cunts with too much time on their greasy hands who like to finger point and shitpost constantly about how much they hate Armin instead of actually contributing to the thread.

adderall, oxy, and ass, those are the holy trinity of my fetishes.

I can't believe people still generalize that bad.

>on a shingeki thread
>full of whiny Arminfats

It's all thanks to Allahfag. Retards still don't recognize him.

>on a shingeki thread
>like a respectable fucking poster should
You are the cancer that killed these threads. Not Arminfags.

user, it isn't degenerate if it's a high quality butt.

there are obnoxious genuine arminfats but its so obvious when its allahfag. wouldnt be surprised if he's one of the anons who keeps spamming armong a shit over and over.

Like this?

Obnoxious is the two EArfags and Allahfag undercover. Still people don't recognize him.

Like this

Ew. Armin's is way better.

And so damn easy to bait that it's not even fun anymore. It's just pathetic.

There's only one EArfag. Except slutty. AMfag is average annoying and LArfag is weird. ComfyArminfag is comfy.

What are you looking forward to most in S2? For me it's Sasha's going home chapter.

I want to protect this boy.

Zackley's beautiful piece of art. UriKen goodness, of course!


Both have an egual level of cancer.

And whiny.

>It's all allahfag I swear.

>AMfag is average annoying
>While keep butting heads with EArfag about who's more delusional through a entire thread.

Sasuga EMfag.


No one is more delusional than EMfags.

Hisu but sometimes I hate how isayama draws her.

I actually agree.

Honestly? Hanjo. She's got the most beautiful eyes out of the whole cast and her vibe is the absolute best. She also looks wonderful with her hair down can't wait to see that animated

My nigga.

The first ED of this fucking anime is glorious.

Would you kiss Mikasa?

I will love her.

Id kiss her butt


Petra's voice is fucking ugly

Ymir is my favourite Shingeki.

I hope she's okay desu

>Look at this photograph.
>This is imprint of the subjects' reflected light onto a special kind of paper

nigga you lot gay

So does anyone else finds this scene sort of hot? And im not even a vorefag. Which is sort of frustrating in this case since i feel like i could fap to this somehow. Maybe it the tongue was tentacles.

>Trying this hard.

Mikasa a shit.

I read in an interview that Isayama had a lot to do in the production of the anime and he was helping and supervising the screenplay.

I believe Zeke's going to return to homeland, to the harmonious existence in which he lives and declare war on the humans within the walls.

Humanity will gain victory with help of Eren's and Armin's abilities.


Kill yourself.

EH is canon



After you.