Occasional reminder this is the most complete team in all of anime&manga

Occasional reminder this is the most complete team in all of anime&manga

>no Hanamichi Sakuragi
>no loli basketball players
>no Tetsuo
>no Ginga Bishounen
>no Yotsuba

I could make a much stronger team just from the players that you didn't add to the roster.

shiteaters these days...

Going to have to disagree with that assessment.



>the best player

They're onto something here

Excuse you.

No it's not, this is.
Me fourth from the left

Sorry m8 best team reporting in.

Thanks OP, I never read those specials

>a team that isn't even regarded the best in its own show and clearly has faults and scrape wins and loses too thinks it's complete

Get real best boy teams should have won

My Nigerian.

The most retarded team. They're not even NBA superstars but have god tier skills never seen in history.

Kuroko is not in any form realistic or supposed to be taken seriously.

Just battle shounen with basketball as the main theme and setting

Extremely poor drawing skills. What's with those retardedly lengthy bodies and those short legs? What's with those small feet for supposedly very large basketball players? What's with that inconsistent height gap in foreground and background? Why is everyone wearing shirts 6 sizes too big?

>that goat jordan shoe.

Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm really glad I don't notice shit like that. It must be miserable.

You are blessed since 90% of manga artists are complete trash.

Oh please, Guts could dunk way harder than any of these faggots.

I have never seen Berserk, and I like Kuroko no Basuke. Seriously OP, what is wrong with you? Do you just not watch any anime?

Please tell me how I'm wrong?

This is literally the most perfect team where every person covers each others weakeness while having all individual crazy abilities.

Most teams or groups in anime manga just have that 1 or 2 people who carry the entire group.

I didn't notice any of the stuff you pointed out on my own. Even looking at it now it doesn't really bother me. Having low standards makes life easier I guess.

That's pretty boring though. I bet the mangaka needs to asspull pretty hard to find a challenge for them.

But you're wrong

Kagami has always been a poor man's Aomine.

A team of 23 of me. that would be the perfect team.