Now that it's over, what did you guys think?

Now that it's over, what did you guys think?

I didn't watch past the first episode. Did anything interesting happen? I felt like it was just advertising the game.

Probably the best videogame anime adaptation I've seen.

Which I know isn't saying much...but honestly I was pleasantly surprised.

A lot better than I expected it to be based on the first episode.
It's mostly just small origin stories for all the characters, but they're done pretty well.

Shitty and lifeless just like the game itself

> I felt like it was just advertising the game

It is basically...each episode focuses on each party member, and tells a backstory for them

It's nice if you want to learn about the team

>Anime series
>All before the game itself releases
Has there ever been this much marketing for a FF game before?

FF7 had a marketing budget that was twice the budget of the game itself if that counts.

i am hopelessly in love with gladio

It was pretty good. Didn't spoil anything significant and managed to include a lot of small backstory stuff that would have probably remained on the cutting floor otherwise.

>that delicious age difference
I'm looking forward to seeing their backstory.

More than twice. The game cost 45 million dollars (not adjusted for inflation), while its marketing budget was 100 million just for the US.

It's going to get really weird later, though. Thanks to Noct's crystal cancer, in a few years he's gong to look like her dad despite being younger than her.

FMVs must have been expensive as fuck to make back in the 90s.

3D was also a great deal more complex than the 5 pixel characters and copypasted backgrounds they had been doing before.

Better than most actual anime this season.

>solve your PTSD by dismembering and beheading the offender
Well, now. Talk about an effective therapy.

Sony paid for it, though. They had a lot riding on the success of that game.

FFs are large games with pretty big dev teams. Even FFVI had like 60 people working on it, which was very unusual at the time.

>everybody got a nice growth chart
>Prompto got almost nothing
Being a plebe is suffering.

2003 > shit >>>>>> Brotherhood.

>being an edgyfag

Didn't give a shit the second I heard it was animated by A-1 and assumed it would be QUALITY as fuck, gay and stupid.

No. They're even starting to use the characters to market other shit too now before the game is even out. It's honestly one of the most baffling marketing and release campaigns I've ever seen that feels almost deliberately design to get under people that have been anticipating it for a long times skin as much as it does to make other people aware of it.

Their marketing strategy has actually became one of Twitter's Case Studies for successful engagement. After E3 alone, they apparently boosted consumer loyalty by nearly 60% and purchase intent by 54%.

Smart investment

Sort of, especially once you get into the PS1 era. There were always stuff like coke tie-ins and gashapon for upcoming games, but never anything this elaborate. They're really trying to build up hype for this.

And rightfully so. The Japanese casual console market is dead, so for FF, which isn't an otaku series, there is no future there. Getting the rest of the world more interested is their best bet.

>They're even starting to use the characters to market other shit too now before the game is even out.

Like? I haven't seen them use XV characters for anything not XV related.