Is Gintama best comedy?

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it's at least one of the most underrated ones out there.

Then again, how many people would give a show a chance of those 20 episodes for it to get really good?

>it's at least one of the most underrated ones out there.
What? How can you even say that Gintama is underrated? It's more or less the most popular comedy anime out there?

Becomes stale due to its longelivity

Yes I've said it.

>most underrated
what fucking planet are you on

You spelled School Rumble wrong OP.

been lurking around Cred Forums and many other sites for a good decade, plus obviously listening to filthy normies and casual animu/mango consumers. Compared to the Jump's "big tree"/ the Death Note/ Attack On Titan / fucking Dragonball, it's nowhere to be seen. Even Nichijou enjoys more popularity as a comedy.

I recall seeing Cred Forums going nuts about the show back in late 00s, but never picked it up myself until just recently. Hadn't seen threads about the show in years!

> Compared to the Jump's "big tree"/ the Death Note/ Attack On Titan / fucking Dragonball

What in ShigeShige's name did I just read

More like shitama

Checkd, also, check MAL, its the best rated and viewed anime

>check MAL
you really think I'm some summer new-friend, do you?


>calling gintama one of the most underrated animes
Yes, yes I do

>enjoying MALtama
Yeah definitely new

Not the other guy, but its highly "under rated" as in not watched enough, not talked enough, not popular enough.

Its well liked not discussed enough and not watched enough for sure. Compared to other anime of its size/age, at least in the overseas market.

And there's a magical place where you can discuss Gintama to your heart's content
Go there

Bamboozled again

You better start shilling for this series harder, in that case. Where the fuck where you in all those comedy threads? Why isn't this series ever mentioned in some top-10 listings? Why the living fuck has next to no "find a series 4 you" tests not including this series?

So yeah, it's underrated, and starting to disappear to history as we speak. I bet if you'd walk up to your HS' animu club elites, next to no one of them would even know what the show's about.

Yes they would

you got some high level clubs and consumers in general then.

You seem bit emotional friend. No one is asking for more Gintama discussion, but rather stating observations.

It's okay, it's jokes are very hit and miss and it's also been going way too long. There's some solid laughs to be had but a lot of boring shit in-between. Nowhere near the best but maybe it could eek into a top 20.

Hell I think Bobo-bo does the same humor but better because it commits to its humor while Gintama kinds tries to have it's cake and eat it too.

I found it boring and unfunny


Not really, because it's not only adds new gags, but it dwells on past and combine them.

Ending is shit though/

They are doing their best

You don't seem to understand the words you speak.

Not him but you claim Gintama to be underrated which is not the case. It is a normalfag viewed show with lolsorandom comedy and is highly overrated and praised everywhere.

What you're trying to say is that it is underrated on Cred Forums when that clearly isn't the case it deserves recognition here unlike anywhere else, None

funnier than the actual anime,i keked

So, have you got any actual criticism other then "It's rated highly on MAL" and "It's overrated" ?

You must be blind if you don't see the threads, as fleeting as they are.

Also comedy is hardly compareable to story driven shows like the ones you listed, except for Nichijou obviously.

It's nowhere underrated, just not talked about often.

>It's nowhere underrated, just not talked about often.
You know, that could be a definition of underrated

It's parody comedy that exists in various other comedy anime its pretty much the family guy of anime. It has done nothing different other than being one of the longest running shows.

Here's you're (you) just in case you're baiting

Hokuto no Ken is easily one of the most popular shows in existence and a pillar of the entire industry, yet we usually only have a thread about it 1-2 times a month tops. Is that underrated?

>Check MAL

Do you think MAL has even 2% of the amount of people that watch anime?

First of all it's an english site which means it's 80% burgers and britbongs.
AND then majority of people don't really give a shit about discussing anime in forums, in fact majority of people think that forums are stupid and not to mention boring.

Check pic related: Ranked 11. Score: 9(voted by 100k, ONLY 100k) members 300k.

See what i'm saying, out of millions and millions that watch anime all over the world only 100k rated Gintama. And let's not pretend there's not a couple thousand samefagging in there.

I liked it. Kagura the best oddjobs.


>its the best rated and viewed anime
Gintama has a small cult of fans who obsessively worship it on MAL. Its rating is extremely high, yet compared to other highly rated titles on MAL's top 10 it has only a fraction as many people who've seen it. Last time I did the math, it had a rating on par with FMA:B while having about 1/10th the viewership.

This. I forced myself through 80 episodes and couldn't handle it anymore.
The first anime I ever dropped.

Kinda, until Hinamatsuri or Grand Blue get an anime adaptation.

So what is the 'essential' Gintama, like I know the 'first 3' is actually the 'first 30', but when can I cut myself off before it gets too stale?

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo and Heybot exist so no.

Gonna have to agree with the Boboboposters here, not even dubbing could slow the Bo.

I'll leave this here for the faggots who cant handle a +300 episodes Animes

nah, but I guess it's okay

Also an updated version would be much appreciated.

Not while fumoffu, Seto no Hanayome and Sabagebu exist.

Its mostly great.

8.5 / 10

cant wait for the next arc, the last 2 arc (shogun assassination, goodbye shinsengumi) is going full serious though

Not hard to do. Just add a "don't bother with the 2015 anime, just read the manga. It's not worth anymore."

Am I blind, or is this list missing the Kabuki District War Arc?

Nice dubs


noice, also you are blind.

Noice sex

Why are gintama threads so rare?


Nice sexts.

Your eyes/brain has cancer faggot, go check yourself.

>wasted in another cancer general

>tfw I miss Gintama
I just want my weekly madao dose
Why do I have to suffer ?
Especially when the manga is about to end I don't know I'm an animeonlyfag

Came here for the hexas

anime is on hiatus

not an excuse

Gintama is an ongoing series with new content every weak though

Regular Kagura = Not for sexual
Older, obviously sexualised big tittied with her beautiful mother genes at her best Kagura = For sexual

After the first big arc, the Benizakura one I think

Its second best comedy after Hinamatsuri.

Protect his smile, Cred Forums

What episode does Gintama get good? Im already in episode 19 still meh

keep watching
when it gets good it doesnt stop getting gooder

>Best swordsman of the Shinsengumi
[Citation needed]

forgot pic

So the next season will be a real time skip?

25, then keep watching until the end

my niggaZ

>is going full serious though
Well, Gori-sensei is indeed tired, and now that his Jump-bestie also finished his work, is a good time to do it too

At least we had a couple of chuckles in the few gag chapters in between shit went down again in the manga, posting second best girl

yeah but you can use it as a comparions with other anime


>already on page 9

come on Cred Forums







MADAO is both, he is love, he is life, one day he'll finally bloom

MADAOnaire might be the perfect episode to introduce someone to gintama

Best ending

is there any anime everyone on this site unanimously likes, jesus


seriously, movie when?

>I will witness MADAO bloom in my lifetime
Shame it means it's the end of Gintama

Excellent choice.

I live as Madao. I hope my summer vacation comes to an end soon.

>not samurai heart

Best opening

ALL the openings to gintama have been quality, but PRAY is the most memorable

Whoops, here's the actual OP (not just the song)

Kill you're self


Shinpachi, get off the internet


never though i would feel sad when this fucking faggot died.

why u hatin

I'll probably get shit on for this but I really enjoyed Osomatsu-san. It was significantly different from its earlier iterations but was still damn funny.


I felt the same when that cunt from the Crisis arc died
>All he ever wanted was some family love and friends
Tama best girl
Second best

>gin + tama

user, we all know she's the best, but the one fated to win the Ginbowl is no other than Tsukki

Tama is best girl but Tsukki is best match

Sorachi better not pull out on us

That season might have been pretty fucked up by Sunrise, but if there's something they got fucking right, aside from the afro arc, it was the fucking openings, Know is the best opening by DOES hands down
>Sorachi is friends with Kubo
>Though, all the girls are just as popular
I don't really know men, as far as I can tell, Gin can even die and end up with that ghost qt from the stand arc, or the delivery girl

>delivery girl
I forgot her, she was hot

Know is pretty good too

Blu-ray best girl

>all those one-off girls you will never see again

I'm like 50~ episodes in. Are there any notable episodes or should I just say fuck it and keep going?
Show is really good though. I'm loving the comedy, but when does it get serious?

Is Gintama, Bleach done right?
>Swords fights
>Many characters but with enough screen time
>All the girls that can win are great
>MC haves weird hair and is GOAT instead of a special snowflake
The only part where they are equal is in Keikaku man villain though

No, because Urusei Yatsura is better.

You're about to get to the Benizakura arc, the first big serious arc, keep going strong user

there's a serious arc or two soon for you

More like Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) done right.

Give them time about 2 years for another 60 episodes of Gintama+

>Tuberculotic Homosexuality

Big announcement in this weeks Jump.

It's not Gintama though, we already got the live act

Gintama has it's moments but overall I did not find it very funny.

Saiki is the superior Jump comedy as of now.

you don't know shit

Then what in heaven it could be about?

its very hit or miss


I want to say its the best everything.

Sho-san a cute

On my 3x3 definitely, if I made one.

>le beginning is bad meme
I can't be the only one that got hooked into Gintama just on the first episode right? I loved how they introduced Gintoki kicking those amanto butts and Shinpachi joining him out of respect and admiration, boy that didn't last long.

No. Saiki is giving it a run for its money.

The first two episodes are literally trash

I have the feeling you are talking about the OVAs, which I'm not sure why they put them as episode 1 and 2. I liked them though, the message that even an ugly loser can face life like that was very moving

shameless bump

let's speculate how many chapters till the end. i say 15

its shit

except hot topic has over 3 gintama shirts atm, they sell like hot cakes

wtf i hate gintama now

>has over 3 gintama shirts atm

So 4?

Best couple.

Dumbest ship of all time, can't wait for sorachi to sink it