Hasn't done anything good in 7 years

>hasn't done anything good in 7 years
What the fuck happened? How did they crash so hard?

Studiowar quota is still more than satisfied. No need for another shaft vs kyoani-circlejerking.

>Koe no Katachi blew both part 1 and 2 Kizu out of the water.

Dead studio.

Koe no Katachi grossed in 3 days what Kizu 2 did in 3 weeks. Aniplex must be raging on Shaft right now.

I just finished episode 23 of Nadia. God it was awful, can I just skip this Korean garbage?

>hasn't done loli fanservice in half a decade
There you go, it died for me when they lost their guts after Nisemono.

That 7 years has Madoka. Are you sure you're okay user?

Best season of SZS, best season of Hidamari and ef had some good moments. Has shaft even tried since 2007?

But Madoka came out five years ago.

Aniplex wrote them a blank check regarding everything Nisio.

No hurry, no worry.

Give me a SHAFT anime that looks as good as this. I'm waiting.

good triple but all oft hem because that's not anime's it's a instrtgram filter over a drama

>filtered photograph
whoa desu

That was Ufo with TM not Shaft. Shaft was chosen according to Iwakami because of their ability to perform on low budget.

oishi was stuck making kizu for 7 years


Even KyoAni's worst looking show looks better than Shaft's best.

Sounds delicious

remove generalfaggotry

Here user, i've made Kizumonogatari according to your visual liking.

Oh, you like that? You like that don't you babby?

where is the fucking lens flare
christ jesus

This is a movie? It doesn't even compare to Chuu2 which is a TV series.

looks better because it masks how fucking ugly the movie is

Yes, but now it finally proceeds with resolution.

KyoAni's graphic is better than Shaft's one? Are you even serious? Yes, KyoAni makes rather nice chardesign, but that's probably the only strong side of their graphic, in general it's average. No beautiful backgrounds, no unusual views, excessive elements... Shaft is really stylish and interesting in pictures.

>>>/irc/ generalfaggot
If anyone not part of this circlejerk has been tricked into replying, be warned. You are in a shitpost general thread.

This. KyoAni can't even compete.

Why is it that every time shaft is mentioned a bunch of you scrubs keep mentioning Kyoto animations? Madhouse is superior than Shaft. J.C. Staff is superior, HELL even Pierrot is better than shaft. There are literally a boat load of studios that sell and produce better shows than shit, why only use KyoAni as the standard?

I meant shaft.. not shit.. same thing really though.

madhouse should be compared to shaft, they're both once great studios that are currently ded.

It's just force of habit. Shaft used to be as popular as Kyoani on Cred Forums but they've been declining for years

It's about time to find a new opponent to fight Kyoani

White Fox seems to be the new flavor of the month. If their upcoming original turns out to be pretty good, I expect that the White Fox shitposting will only increase.

It's going to be KyoAni vs Shaft and White Fox next season.


pick none


This is just the warm up for Fall I imagine where the board will become literally constant shit flinging and bait threads between a daytime family friendly public TV station show and a mostly non-threatening late night music band show and their for whatever reason studios incredibly obnoxious Western fanbases and shitposters.

>Madoka was 7 years ago

But it airs at 23:00


I'm pretty sure it's better than your favorite anime.

Well, they are superior in filtering Instagram photos.

You mean Sony vs. Bandai.

Why are SHAFTS lesser known works so much better than their mainstream projects?


shinkai already destroyed kyoani on their own turf
shinkai is basically miyazaki already

But Zan SZS was 7 years ago.