There will never be another anime like urusei yatsura that changes everything

>there will never be another anime like urusei yatsura that changes everything
>the industry will never move forward

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What did Urusei Yatsura change?

>anime and manga haven't changed for almost 40 years
>everything old is good, everything new is bad

First anime to have such a large cast of distinctive, radiant personalities.

Pioneered animation techniques and shots never before seen, and used to this day, particularly in the digital era where it's become easier.

First anime to use synthesizer music for the BGM, which went on to become more prominent in shows like Dragon Ball.

First anime to use pop songs for the OPs and EDs.

Pioneered numerous character archetypes still seen today.

First mainstream /ak/ anime.


no because everybody eats the normal beta cancer up

>it's from early 17th century
Nostalgiafags never change.

Pre To Love-Ru.

First anime to use pop culture references?

just you wait for Despera my man



>First anime to have such a large cast of distinctive, radiant personalities.
I can think of one immediately apparent to anyone counterpoint to this.

>First anime to use pop songs for the OPs and EDs.
Macross launching Mari Iijima's career (rather than being classical advertising of an established star) is the bigger jumping point from everything being pop music.
The music industry begins to directly get in bed with production committees as a result of this.

>is the bigger jumping point from everything being pop music.
in your opinion

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 came over 30 years after Urusei Yatsura.

He's talking about the original.

Then why did he post a 2199 picture?

Even then, the original's cast wasn't nearly as big or as identifiable as Urusei Yatsura's. Background decorations don't fit the profile of 'distinctive, radiant' personalities.



The ensemble cast is in large part why Yamato was successful.
To the point they're all brought back from the dead.

Yes and?

Whoever is posting these clips is getting me interested in watching, i'm a huge animation fag and these are fluid and lovely

The show was clearly ahead of its time.
I like this one in particular where you can see how each characters is doing its own thing, not for a moment do the stop moving and it just makes you wonder how hard and arduous it had to be to pull the scene off.
It's like each character got its own assigned animator and were basically rehearsing the what they experienced at some studio party.

Here have another.

There's truly not a lot as culturally influential as Urusei Yatsura. It's a very small tier. But Yamato is one of them and its distinct ensemble cast is what made it popular.
>First anime to have such a large cast of distinctive, radiant personalities.
This is objectively untrue. It's not even the first but the first megahit with a diverse memorable cast is beyond any doubt Yamato.

But is kind of cheating. It's a cut from the film.

The director of the series went on to direct Ghost in the Shell, so make of that what you will.

>objectively untrue
>this is based on nothing but my own view
>i have no argument, i can only repeat my baseless claims

The original point stands with the key words being distinctive and radiant. Old Yamato's cast was mostly background decorations. Keep overrating the show though.

lum's face gets me every time

Subjective opinions.

>>this is based on nothing but my own view
I mean anonymous, this isn't even a nice try.

Yamato is objectively beloved and highly influential. It's cast so loved it was a sin to kill them off. That popularity and the dire reaction to their deaths is in fact, objective truth, not opinion.


>still using the terms 'objectively' and 'objective truth' while making entirely largely pointless claims.
You're only further proving your stupidity here.

>>still using the terms 'objectively' and 'objective truth' while making entirely largely pointless claims.
Moving the goalposts. You're redirecting being caught out and wrong about factual claims of a shows legacy by deflecting that now they're pointless, rather than factual.

I get you love your show. You shill it with the same handful of webm's whenever you get the chance. It was massively influential. Which is all the less reason you need to lie about it.

He's the same retard who calls everyone in the 2199 threads secondaries. Just ignore him.

Thanks for the confirmation, crossboarder.

Again, you keep claiming their factual and objective claims without explaining how or why; you just keep using the words 'factual' and 'objective' in hopes people will believe you. You're just an idiot buddy.

>First mainstream /ak/ anime
Probably correct.

Not an argument.

Neither is "i-it's an objective fact" "i-it's the factual!!!"


You get a lot of that in Lupins with Ootsuka though. He had an interest in them.

Forgot about Lupin. Really need to watch that from the start.

How were the tanks though?



It's a shit meme series that set the industry back and it has yet to recover

It gave a shitton of famous anime workers their name in the industry.


Ran best girl

>decides to catch one of the Cred Forums streams because why not
>binge watched the entire series after that

This show was far better then I was expecting it to be. Lum is a top tier waifu.


You forgot Lum as anime's first official sexy symbol.

Urusei Yatsura began in 1981, Macross in 1983.

While correct, the cast of UY is much bigger than Yamato. Like a lot bigger.

Daily reminder that Yatsura did nothing for the anime industry.

It invented haremshit and caused the industry to regress to cancerous shit for manchildren. Such a shame when we were seeing anime mature as a medium in the 70s with directors like Dezaki.

I like how the staff really loved western sci-fi.

It defined the industry faggot. If you don't like maybe you don't belong here.

Don't reply next time, he's the same asspained shitposter from above.

Watching those old OPs last night was comfy.


So is Lum the first yandere in anime?

What the fuck makes you think that? She's nothing like a yandere.

Clingy doesn't equate to yandere, being mentally unstable does.

I'm no turboweeb so forgive me

Tsundere then I guess?

No, but there are like 50 different interpretations for what a tsundere is, so who knows. She has an angry and a soft side, but the typical tsundere generally hides his/her softer side; Lum hides nothing.

Ataru is definitely a tsundere.

This show has so many god tier songs

Isn't Gintama the new Urusei Yatsura?

To Love-Ru is

No, Gintama is definitely the much more similar series. The whole idea of that show was even inspired by a UY episode.

To Love-Ru just poached the premise and made everything more boring.

Why does Cred Forums like to pretend that animation hasn't regressed since the 80s and 90s?

Would you rock out with Lum?

>the android from Metropolis

hoo boy, that's cool.

oc copyrght prodecded


Cred Forums sings when?

Is this worth a read?

Sure is. Both a classic manga and a classic anime.

>Pioneered numerous character archetypes still seen today.

I'm sure we could have done without a few of them

That doesn't make it any less influential, son.


Evangelion did a good job to move forward with tropes and characters archetypes that ruined the industry.

>tfw there will never be another movie like beautiful dreamer
Damn that was impressive.

Except you know, every other film Oshii has made.

None of which were anything like Beautiful Dreamer aside from the use of imagery.

Gosenzou-sama Banbanza exists though.


Have this raw?



Does Lum ever get Ataru by the end of the series?


What's up Daryl Surat?

Has this show always been popular on Cred Forums or is that a recent thing?

It's a new meme

The best film, too. My Mamoru Oshii.

They're easily distracted by moeblobs, lens flares, and filter effects.

But it didn't drive them into the ground or ruin them.

That took another 20 years or so.

Hey, memes are sometimes right.

It had a period of popularity about a year ago when Beautiful Dreamer and the last of the last portions of the TV Series came out on BD; some threads were even hitting the bump limit. Then things went quiet for a while until recently, when someone started livestreaming the series.

The 35th anniversary is coming up, so that's something.



Posts for blue whales?


Kill yourself

Where does HEAD CHA-LA fit into this?

>First anime to use pop songs for the OPs and EDs.
This is seriously an amazing change. I hate the theme music in western animation because the lyrics always state the obvious instead of augmenting one's view if the work and it's LITERALLY impossible to find full versions of the songs that sound good (not that I'd want to because of the aforementioned lyrics).

1. Why is this show getting so much attention lately? Did the one streaming fag really revive such a large following?
2. If it's so influential, why has no one talked about it like Eva, Macross, or Tetsuwan Atom until recently?

What is C3PO doing there with Spiderman?

That's the ladybot from Metropolis. Still doesn't answer what they are doing there besides "Western references"

That's hilarious. I'm officially sold

Made shitty harems popular. It pretty much fucking ruined the anime industry from a creative aspect.

Now give me one in slow-mo

So what do you offer as an alternative? Paint-drying solshit about cute girls doing nothing?

Oh yeah, idolshit! Yep, anime is infinitely better now than it was 30 years ago.

You clearly don't know what a meme is.

>implying Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea isn't GOAT animated OP
Krill yourshellf.

What a queerosexual.

While I can't speak for the other two, eva is an
Cred Forums tradition for shitposting/waifuwars and baiting rage-aholics into hating on it. If you see an eva thread, shitposting ahead.

>anime's first official sexy symbol
You sure about that, kiddo?

>Urusei Yatsura is Cred Forums's Abatap

What can change? Nothing. Besides CG everything. That can happen. Do you want that, Noisy Alien poster?

>I'm no turboweeb
So you're just a memespouter and yandere is the only word you know.

Oh boy I can't wait for the twitter meme club to start posting memes of a show they know nothing about.

>is fucking LUM popular among anime fans?

Yes, user, and leather balls are popular in Cred Forums. The more you know.

EVA gets more discussion cause of everything surrounding it.
Macross has like a zillion iterations including one that's currently airing.
And while Astro Boy is definitely popular you have to include the fact that it aired everywhere and has multiple iterations aswell.
I'd say Rumikos works as a whole are frequently discussed as opposed to just one or two of her shows/manga.

Lum never aired on tv in the US. Despite it's popularity it's older than most Cred Forums browsers. It's probably not on Crunchyroll so the kiddies have never heard of it.

>asking why Lum is popular
>asking IF Lum is popular


Why is she so perfect Cred Forums?

Viz did publish some of the manga. Apocryphally, Scifi aired Beautiful Dreamer once or twice and some local PBS stations played a few episodes of Animeigo's subs, but anybody claiming to have seen that is a fucking liar. It didn't get any traction off any exposure it may have received in North America, anyway.

>fluffy hair
>beautiful voice
>super powers
So many thing to love about Lum.



it's an old meme, if anything.

Why does everything have to be a fucking meme?

Ai nonaka would've made a good lum if the show came out today.

Ask the other guy, I'm just saying Lum isn't "new".

Kurama a best

Can't believe that Kenshiro was a part of their class.

C3P0 is here

Make that the first relevant sex symbol.

In that instance, she's still the second, because Cutie Honey was the first.

>you will never be an anime fan in the 80s, where anime was nothing more than a cool niche
>you will forever be stuck with a deteriorating Cred Forums

He always was.

>Urusei Yatsura takes place in the same universe
>Kenshiro going to school while training the Hokuto no Ken in his younger days of peacefulness before shit goes down an he gets his own story
>The ayy-onis had something to do with the state Kenshiro's world finds itself in during his show
Always liked to think that.


I really need to watch this and other Rumiko works one of these days. I hear Maisson Ikkoku is good as well.


>Urusei Yatsura has many cameos and the cast appeared in numerus shows like Ranma 1/2, Maison Ikkoku, Saint Seiya, Lupin.
>Shit happens and everyone of said series dies.

Both of those are way above fucking harem shit to be completely and utterly honest.

If you're trying to imply Urusei Yatsura is a harem, you're just further confirming your idiocy.


Ataru is the polar opposite of a harem protagonist, and the show is more of a comedy with romantic overtones than anything else.

I think most of these people just want something [popular] to hate. What's next, hating Dirty Pair?

>if I like it, it ain't harem
Nice try, retard.
Are we in the past again?

It's just a shitposter who's upset that Urusei Yatsura is getting some well deserved attention instead of his favorite old anime. Avoid replying to him.

>muh older is always better because they invented all the shit we see today! it's all about who's the first!

If that's all you need then why don't you go jerk to some 1940s western cartoons. Those resulted the whole anime industry. Far more influential than anything from Japan wasn't it?

Can't even have a nice Rumiko thread now with faggot OP like you.

>muh older is always better
Who are you quoting?

Why do you keep posting when you know you're an idiot?



I like her too.
Too bad she disappeared really early on.

Go Nagai's stuff was some of the first adult themed manga, but Honey wasn't nearly as popular or accessible to a general audience. UY has boobs here and there but no violence other than slapstick.

I miss when anime was a secret club.
Now even the normalfags spout yandere memes and fap to hentai.

Did you make these or get them from that gigantic batch that like 900GB?
The BD version of Only You I have has awful audio.

Kei and Yuri made cameos in Maison Ikkoku and Urusei Yatsura.

>that gigantic batch that like 900GB
Yeah, the ReinForce BD Box. Everything there is good except the file sizes are too big and the movies are cropped.

Still trying to find out how this guy got good quality 4:3 versions of all the movies bar Beautiful Dreamer.

>the industry will never move forward
Where exactly though?


>thinking idolshit is good

Kindly step inside a trash compactor. Your kind is the cancer slowly and painfully killing anime.

Would you let Lum pin you?


Don't know their about their fate.

They may or may not have survived it by leaving the planet or gone to another reality.

Only You also has some scenes censored. Like the little intro with Mendou and his SS guards. I really hope it's not censored because Nazis.
I guess it's just a good reason to hang onto the LRE versions.

This is by far the best version of Only You:

Time to work up a sweat with Lum.
Her Attitude towards Ataru when he gets fat is a great motivator to work out.

Many thanks friend.
So if the movies were cropped for the BD release then that means they were animated in 4:3 and cropped for theaters as well?

Yeah, but the BD releases were cropped versions of the cropped 4:3 releases made for television.

The distributors don't want to invest the time and resources required for a proper remastering of the original 32mm movie reels so we're stuck with crops and upscales.

At least the TV Series looks good.



wtf? what show is this

I want to fuck my beloved Ryoko-chan so hard!

I love how cartoonish this and lots of older shows look. Particularly their crazy facial expressions.

If someone here asked a question in the Cytube channel, I just answered.

I saw this scene in context and I still don't get why it was there

All of the show's staff loved Star Wars so they paid tribute a few times. There's a long list of people those movies inspired.

They referenced Star Trek too, and in return, The Next Generation referenced Urusei Yatsura (they had a lot of 80s anime fans in their staff)

Because otakus don't just love Japanese media.

That's okay but the scene still totally came out of nowhere

>censoring this

>Now I'm angry


Sakura is a mystery to me. She went from being one of the hottest girls to a super masculine non sexualized shrine maiden. And her voice actress did nothing else.

What are you talking about?

It was a rhetorical statement.
Nobody cares about your favorite series.

Someone tell that dumpire her fangs are showing.

Yea kinda, anime is trash these days, but Rumiko's writing is dog shit, don't get me wrong, I love UY and ranma 1/2, I even watched some Inuyasha, but overall her writing is boring, stale and generic as fuck

also blame the Cred Forumsutistic weebs for the current state of anime, because they are the only supporting pleb-tier shows

> say some critic about a anime
bunch of weebs start typing real fast on their keyboard about their ''personal taste'' and ''look at the board you are right now user'' these kind of shitposts and you end up with a place full of plebs who value their ''feelings'' towards the show more than any anything, and if you try to have a conversation about culture or actual quality of a anime you end up being shitposted to death, because nothing matters, but trendy animes, cute waifus, and huge hugbox toxic as fuck to anyone who dare to hold opinions with actual REAL arguments

What are you talking about? She started out as a handsome woman more than anything (akin to Oscar Fran├žois de Jarjayes) before changing her to more of a yamato nadeshiko in her redesign for movie 2.

It's "Dhampir".

The second movie isn't the end of the series you know.

>blame the Cred Forumsutistic weebs for the current state of anime
Thank God Japan doesn't pander to the foreign market.

Bunch of Dumpires. The lot of em.

Her design doesn't change much from that point.

OVAs and games.




>You forgot Lum as anime's first official sexy symbol.

Kei Yuki was the first Yamato Nadeshiko in anime tho.

I'm pretty sure Tezuka anime had them earlier.

Black Jack surely.

>black jack anime

The first black jack animated apperance was in the 80s.

>she doesn't know it's a work

>who value their ''feelings'' towards the show more than any anything
as opposed to?

I don't know dude, ,maybe they should value: quality, character development, writing, story telling, actual culture

people these days treat everything as culture, doesn't matter how bad it is, but if everything is culture, then nothing is culture, you can't have the cult/gold-tier without having the pleb-tier

Should people be god and try to objectively qualify things? No, every thing you list only has value because of the feelings they illicit.

I prefer the Swastika Figure Lock myself.


What's censored about it?

They cut the entire scene of Mendou's nazis intensely delivering a letter to him at the start of the movie. They didn't want to offend anyone.


In which version did they censor it? I watched it the other day from the stream (which I think it's from the dvd) but the scene was there.

>means quoting

are you fucking serious, newfag?

You watched the r2j DVD upscale, which is the best version.

It was cut in the cropped BDs. It's weird because none of the nazi stuff in Beautiful Dreamer was cut. I guess the whole start of the movie was too important.

Would you like 7 Lums?

Yes, all for me.

All at once? I'd dehydrate

and fibrillate

How about a thousand?

Are you sure you'd be able to take care of them all?

ahhh no

Things like story telling and character development are real, character design, relationships, story closure and quality are clearly mensurable with some degree of critical thinking

yea the emotion something can give to you is relevant, but you should be able to tell apart something actually made with quality than a shitty generic crap, and you can even enjoy the generic crap, just don't try to put shit shows on the same level as good or even game changing ones


Which one?

Oh, just what this thread needed, another artistic objectivist, so to speak.

Gonna go out on a limb here and say urusei is better than most of shat and kyoanus' catalog. A lot of times the animation was better too.

No, don't try to tell me making otaku degenerates the target audience of anime was a good thing.

I'd never noticed Lupin in that.

Something is good on the quality of me liking it alone, art doesn't have measures to qualify, I can say why I like something, but there isn't "oh this story was x percent good"

mothra larvae. fuck i gotta watch this now i'm a fool for not seeing this obviously great classic

>No, don't try to tell me making otaku degenerates the target audience of anime was a good thing.
You're an idiot.

>Rumiko's writing is dog-shit
>Insulting the Queen of fucking Manga and the richest and most popular mangaka in Japan

Look out fellas we've gotta a contrarian here!


>that crying face on Ataru's dad.

That was my reaction watching the end of Gojira too. ;-;
;-; ;-;

Fucking christ this is amazing. Thank you.

That's Megane. I think his father is offscreen to the left since you see ataru's mother there.

There's a lot of references in the series. That movie scene was from the second film. I remember there being a giant mothra larvae prop being constantly pushed around by the other students too.

>Rumiko's writing
Has almost nothing to do with the anime so I don't see why you'd ever bring that up unless you were talking from a position of total ignorance.



Not even a smile. Fuck this unappreciative sandal.

Would you say Rumiko Takahashi is a good writer?



I miss the 80's. Everyone was crazy and audacious enough to try and make its own thing instead of fucking copying the same successful formula over and over and over. True, most of those crazy premises faded away but it was amazing how much variety were back then.

Nowadays it's just waiting for the next bunch of 12 episode harem or LN adaptation with the ocassional "mysterious and deep" shock value filled show thrown in for good measure.

Fuck no.


Why else would she be the richest woman in Japan and the world's most famous mangaka?

Love her or hate her she has an incredible sense of humor that really resonates with people and knows how to do comedy right.

This. Even if you don't like her work her massive success in a medium where creators are discarded like used toilet paper at the drop of a hat means she did something right.

>Oh wow,its the fist show dedicated to waifu pandering
>It changed everything!!!!!!!!1!11!1

Watch it before making an idiot of yourself.

You came to the wrong neighborhood.


>tfw we're stuck in an endless loop of fucking MMOshit anime

I have watched it
Cred Forums is notorious for criminally shit taste and its no surprise given this thread

>I have watched it
Watch it before making an idiot of yourself.

>another reality

This one, they show up in City Hunter.

>tfw final episode featured EACH and EVERY character to ever appear in Urusei Yatsura.
I miss this show so much. Sucks to see less and less anime+manga reference UY over the years.

This is u

What's the general consensus on Satoshi Dezaki's run?

Okay, but why did Ten think Amaterasu was a dentist?

Thank you for further confirming your stupidity.

Thanks for making falseflag replies fag

>the kids in this show are old enough to be grandparents now


from what i have seen on this thread, it was just a show that had a ton of characters and made decent tech advancements.
>game changing
eh... really? idk. maybe over there, but disney makes tech advancements every time they do a movie, it's like their pride and joy. i guess it was just less common in japan at the time.
>made big cast harems popular
the show didn't make anything popular. the people, and by extension, the culture made it popular. you can blame your to love-rus and and your negimas on the culture and the people in charge of the industry. and let's be honest, something else would have popularized harem if yatsura didn't.
>the industry will never move forward
sure it will. just give it time.

The miraculous power of the Octopussy!

Lum the Forever was pretentious trash, and nowhere near the level of Beautiful Dreamer.

>it's just anime! there's more to life than anime! move on!
Then stop making said anime you faggot.

For them it's work. For you it's an obsession.

>i miss the 80s


80's magic.


this is (You)

>agreeing with normies and plebs

>falling for /r9k/ memes

anyway yeah, I could see how arcanines could hate UY. Ataru would be a "chad" according to them.


>Apocryphally, Scifi aired Beautiful Dreamer once or twice
That was how I watched it and probably the first time I heard about the franchise. I still haven't actually finished UY though. That block and Sailor Moon on USA were pretty much my introduction to anime. I still have this stuff on tape.

Here is what it was like:

>Ataru feeding Lum
That's adorable, I love it when they do cutesy couple things.


I don't know if it's true but I read somewhere that she wanted to end Urusei Yatsura with Lum going back home and Ataru and Shinobu getting back together. If that's true then thank God someone stopped her, that would have killed the whole series for me.

I still can't believe this guy was voiced by Amuro Ray. You never know what you're going to get with this show.

That episode has hands down, the best kiss scene with Lum and Ataru.

>the industry will never move forward

Nah, it'll have to happen eventually, I wager within the next 20 years the anime industry as it is will collapse, but animation studios will continue in some form, and it'll be interesting to see what'll emerge from that market

How do you feel about Oyuki?

She's too cold, I prefer Benten-chan.

Lum would be 55 now.

Isn't it implied Lum is from another galaxy?

If so, Ataru is far more closely related to Oyuki than any of the other aliens in the show because she's only from Neptune.

i especially love this one

Not that time and space mean a thing in this series, but is she from Neptune or just living there? Because there's nothing there but her own house and attendants and she attended the same school planet as Lum.

She's literally labeled the Queen of Neptune.

sexiest voice


I love that art style.

it's like listening to asmr

I want her cold hands on my icicle

So anime vise, Rumiko verse is alot bigger than we originally thought by having connection to other series beyond it's main reality.

Maybe UY is the central node in an anime version of the Tommyverse.

Of course, if you count the various anime characters mentioned in Star Trek TNG as linking the universes, then that would mean pretty much all anime also only canonically exists in Tommy Westphall's head.

To be honest, this is the first time I've heard of the Tommyverse.

I don't think there is any connections to Star Trek TNG in UY from what I've seen. But here is what I have gathered. More info would be helpful

>pic related


Best boy

I was actually alive in the 80s, unlike probably more than half of the people in this thread.

And again urusei still beats the shit out of anything in Cred Forums's studio war players. Respect your elders, kiddies.

Shaft should've rewatched this show before doing nisekoi. Mightve made that show almost tolerable.

It's been a long, long time since I watched UY when they were airing it on my local PBS station... uncensored and subbed. I know nipples were rare in UY, but was it only Lum's that we got to see or were Shinobu or anyone else's ever on display?

>Higurashi and Umineko

Im glad Cred Forums and most fans of anime are getting a sudden interest in this series. I know most elitstfags would want to keep it to themselves but this is gold. Specially when better quality is current out.

How are One Piece and Tezuka's works related?

Saint Seiya and Yu-Gi-Oh?

Urusei and Lupin?

Man this is bullshit.

>One Piece and Tezuka's works.
Luffy and Astro Boy appeared together here with Goku

Oh I should probably add Kochikame together since he also appeared there

>Saint Seiya and Yu-Gi-Oh?
Seiya and Shiryu

>Urusei and Lupin?
Lupin and Jigen appeared in the same episode as Kenshiro

The search continues

When did gegege characters appear in urusei?

This is head canon levels of dumb.

Yes. In the forth movie IIRC

Fuck off already

>I know most elitstfags would want to keep it to themselves
That's me. I kinda hate that guy for streaming it, but if I stop being a fag it's nice to talk about my favorite series with other people.
I'm not too worried, the popularity won't last. There's no new content and the kiddies will always see it as just one of those crappy old shows.

Here's a comparison.
This is from the recent BD release.

that's not great, fucking japan I swear to god

And this is the Upscaled DVD.
And if it's true that this 4:3 version was cropped from the 16:9 theater version then we're missing a whole lot of the original picture.
The TV show looks great and I'm pretty sure we're getting the whole thing, but the movies just seem lazy.

God damn it japan.

Video quality aside, has anybody else noticed that even on the BD for the t.v. show there are some audio problems? During quiet parts you can very faintly hear the audio from about five seconds ahead.

>you end up being shitposted to death

Well more reason to not buy it I guess.

You are what's wrong with Cred Forums

is there a mega or irc for the bd rips/raws?

Kakugari always felt like the most underused of the stormtroopers. Megane and Perm have plenty of scenes to themselves, and even Chibi has a few, but aside from making fun of Onsen-Mark in movie 2 I can't think of anything memorable Kakugari did.

Search in nyaa and you will see.

>Implying fame and money = quality
>Not capable of seeing her predictable patterns with no character development at all, repetitive jokes, and overuse of shitty characters

whatever you say, go back to your daily Love Live thread

Its funny because all the triggered weeb replies just prove this guy's point completely, its almost poetic

The stream resumes in 5 hours.

>Not capable of seeing her predictable patterns with no character development at all, repetitive jokes, and overuse of shitty characters
Sounds like K-On.

To be fair on the distributors back then, if they released the original HD theater version on VHS, it would be letterboxed, which would result in a really small picture frame on TVs like pic related.

They still could release a true HD version on blu-ray today, but it would require a frame by frame remastering of the original 32mm reel, which takes a lot of time and money.

He has the important role of constantly bullying Chibi.

Yes, they're on display for literally two frames in pic related.

Censored because it's too lewd for you.

You should probably specify where all these crossovers and cameos come from.

He's like a younger Onsen-sensei. He even fools them, but then real Onsen walks in and looks like shit because he's been tripping balls.

I'll do that when I'm finished, right now I haft to find more and take notes.

It is interesting that there is an anime multiverse which most roads leads to UY.

seeds are iffy on most of the box torrents
wish there was also a ddl option

The main issue is that Megane and Perm often stole scenes from the manga's Kosuke. Megane also gets a ton of original content due to being the "leader" of the group - like the rants about capitalism and proletariat under the 2nd director. Meanwhile Chibi and Kakugari only had original content and generally only in scenes where Megane and Perm were also doing stuff.

Nah, Fist of the North Star is just one of the frozen worlds from movie 4.

Haruhi is 10 years old

This, he keeps Chibi in check.

God knows somebody has to.

Wait, wasn't Mazinger Z the first anime who started the Tsundere archetype??? If that's true, then UY wasnt the pioneer in that sense.

Hard to believe pic related is voiced by the same VA.

>If that's true, then UY wasnt the pioneer in that sense
Nobody claimed this, unless you're referring to the retards wikipedia cites.

Jumping Jesus what is this autism.

He actually has a really nice voice. He sounds so romantic at times in Maison Ikkoku but then there's goofy Chibi.


There you go, doing the weeb thing again, trying to go personal instead of keeping focus on the topic

Anyways thats the difference between me and you, I may enjoy K-ON, but I know its flaws, its not god-tier, its generic but with some qualities, if someone calls K-ON crap I couldn't really care less, because in some way K-ON is retarded

But if you call Love Live trash which is true, some weebs act like you are attacking the most brilliant anime of the century

so at the end of the day Cred Forums and the anime culture in general is becoming more of a hugbox/safespace than anything, if you try to critic something you are just a ''hater'' or ''can't enjoy the anime'' and these kind of bullshit

We have movie reviewers, tv shows reviewers, but I never heard about anime reviewers, since anime became a parody of itself

but no man, you should ''turn your brain off'' and enjoy every copy-pasted crap they throw at you and ask for more


Find something better to do, retard.


Live stream thread up:

Live stream link:


>If it's so influential, why has no one talked about it like Eva,

Only anime Evafags ever watched was Eva.

Kill yourself

I totally read that as "The first Jack Black animated appearance was in the 80's" WhhhAAAAAAAAAa

That's a shame, I loved that scene.

>hmm... maybe when art can imitate life again instead of art feeding us fantasy and fairy tails??

naw, wouldnt make money would it eh?

As you can see from , and , this is the closest we can get when you consider that:

1.Same voice actor from the then airing show
2.Character is drawn similarly and is referenced by his name from the standard cast (hokuto-kun does count)
3.Character is almost acting as he did I'm his own show.

But Love Live IS trash. So is all idolshit.

It's sad to see anime go from UY to that in only a generation.

>which went on to become more prominent in shows like Dragon Ball.

I don't know, DB was still mostly orchestra/rock, I think synthesizers started gaining prominent use from Z, and not at the very beginning. Unless you mean DB's ED, which yeah it had some great synth going on.

What about Maison Ikkoku?

Wait, Ray had a crossover with the Tezuka-verse?

Ray sensai is Black Jack.

Why don't newer anime do this? Adds to the fun.

Where does Wendy from Peter Pan fit in?


He looks like hes having so much fun


UY is trash outside of the Oshii stuff

Not in the slightest.

UY is only remembered at all because of Oshii's anime, much like GitS

That's one way to admit you're an idiot.

Can you prove me wrong?

It did in the SF Bay Area, local PBS station KTEH had a history of running science fiction and anime on Sunday nights during the late 90s. Lain, Tenchi Muyo, Evangelion all got airtime, thanks in no small part to pledge drives.

That's where I watched UY and Eva for the first time. And Robotech.

You made a worthless claim. Try saying something thoughtful next time you stupid idiot.

>I disagree so ur wrong, u stupid idiot
Literally the worst argument you can possibly make.

I smiled like an idiot



But Kinky Momo did appear in UY

Does anyone have a scan of lum's appearance in futurama?

Based google-kun.

Welp, there's another anime to add to the connection chart.

Reminder that Rumiko Takahashi herself is part of Ataru's class.

Our world is also part of the UYverse.


What's up with the Urusei Yatsura posting as of late. Been seeing a lot of threads about it recently.

Anniversary, so lots of stuff involving and oldfags popping up.

Do you prefer the Oshii or Yamazaki episodes?

Is there an anime of Peter Pan user?

The animation really improves after Oshii leaves though. I agree that Oshii's original stuff was better, but there's still some great stuff under the 2nd staff, like the episode where Lum visits alternate universes, the one where Benten and Ryuunosuke go to a nearby city facing a biker gang, the one where dreams start appearing in reality and by the end of the episode everything is messed up with many clones and Godzilla attacking town, the finale with appearances of every character and some actual development for Ataru... Really, the 2nd team was still way better than the crew that would eventually handle Ranma's filler, for example.

>Pioneered animation techniques and shots never before seen, and used to this day, particularly in the digital era where it's become easier.

Elaborate on this one please.

This. I like both team since they together made UY as it stands right now. Tho I liked the OP better wehn Oshii was around.

Isn't this beautiful?

She goes from shocked, to disbelief, to realization, to anger in less than 7 seconds

Not entirely sure why. It could be because of the law that prevents character from other studios showing up.

The closest thing I've seen in recent years is in Gintama.

Coninuations, this time I added kategories of the verse so that it looks more organized.

Probably not.





>rumikofags are this delusional

Only the one from the film is somewhat decent
The clips from the TV version look mediocre at best

It's cause her VA is an actual actress

Is UY considered Rumikos magnum opus or is it Ranma?
I'm four episodes in so far and still not hooked yet.
What about Maison Ikkoku what's the consensus on that?

read the manga

While searching for more cameos, I found this interview of Rumiko and she seems to

>45. The 23rd volume of Urusei Yatsura has come out and you are in the midst of working on the 25th which I saw included the lines "Atatata!". Are you a fan of the "Fist of the Northstar" manga?

>Rumiko: I love it! I tape the anime every week.

>Rumic World Note: Kenshiro is the main character from "Fist of the Northstar", one of Takahashi's favorite manga series. Akira Kamiya, who played Shutaro Mendo as well as Shun Mitaka, also played Kenshiro. The Urusei Yatsura anime series takes the connection one step further by actually having a giant student that looks exactly like Kenshiro.

Interesting, consider that I then accendently found another images with Kenshiro (and Kamen rider) in UY.

>pic related

Ranma just has a large fandom in the west. Urusei Yatsura has always been far bigger in Japan.

Not going to be everyone's brand of humor, but it's worth persisting.

Those references have already been posted ITT. Here you go:

One of them posts is mine.

I'm just further confirming my own statement.

It's worth noting that Rumiko Takahashi and Tetsuo Hara went to the same art class.


Dude, what about the mutherfugging Doraemon?!
And Sailor sluts!

Now I have to look for a Lum drawn by Hirohiko Araki

I feel like every major artist has drawn Lum at least once.

Can you please fill me in on that part? Where and when did those characters appear?

Yeah sorry...
After posting that I looked it up to be sure since I saw it a long time ago and turns out it's fanmade stuff.

Maison Ikkoku wasn't as big as UY in Japan, however, it's still regarded as the prime love comedy there


Well it did atleast made me find this gem

Wasn't Kinnikuman also influential as fuck? Came out around the same time as Urusei Yatsura as well. Also why so much UY threads lately?

>Also why so much UY threads lately?
Use your brain, or have you not been paying attention?

I haven't had access to internet for a really long time so I haven't been up to date on current events. I'm sorry.

It was, but mostly on it's wrestling moves (Kinniku Buster/Driver/Docking etc.)

It came two years later and ended on the same year as UY, but it had another season years later. However it's anime wasn't on the same level as UY due to it was mostly aimed for kids.

The reason why UY is getting these threads:

Entire series is being livestreamed for the 35th anniversary. This has been going for over a month and there was literally a thread about it yesterday

>It was, but mostly on it's wrestling moves (Kinniku Buster/Driver/Docking etc.)
I mean I'm pretty sure it was the granddaddy of all shounen. Seriously everything you see in modern battle shounen can be traced back to Kinnikuman in some shape or form. Then again
>It came two years later and ended on the same year as UY, but it had another season years later. However it's anime wasn't on the same level as UY due to it was mostly aimed for kids.
Shame too. You had Ramenman tearing off Brockenman's torso in the manga, and yet all he did was turn him into Ramen in the anime.

That makes me feel good and warm on the inside.

>Then again
Ignore that part.

It is the granddaddy, it invented the power levels and friendship power.

As for Ramenman, I think the anime made Brockens fate even worse by making Ramenman a cannibal.

Anyway, do you remember any cameos from that show?

There was a Star Wars reference in some filler. Also a lot of the characters were based on real life wrestlers. That's it I think.

There was a Space Battleship Yamato reference in the special where it called Battleship Tomato

Why the ant-sized Ace wo Nerae picture?

Also didn't the Urusei Yatsura anime reference Kinnikuman? The toy brand in particular.

Urusei Yatsura is my favorite anime/manga. I'm really glad it's getting all this attention right now. I hope more and more people pick it up.

This time UY is resurfacing because of the 35th anniversary streams, but Cred Forums always has UY fading in and out of obscurity every so often.

>conversation about culture
This is tangible, valuable and is actually severely lacking on Cred Forums
>or actual quality of a anime
This shit, however, is nonstop and all over the place. How the fuck can this be determined and what use does it even serve? It will always boil down to the old "My Opinion > Yours" routine, not that it deserves anything better than that.

Show me.

And toys/cosplay doesn't count.

All I could find is a site talking about the episode:

Psst, it's a secret.


Interesting, it seems to be a reference to the toyline/rubber of Kinnikuman

There is plenty of Kinnikuman/Wrestling moves at:

However, what I'm looking for is a cameo of the Kinniku characters themselves.

With all that said, Urusei Yatsura is complete rubbish. Not sure why people are still bothering.

Sorry can't find anything like that. I guess the toys were more popular than the manga/anime.

Personally I'm not a fan but I wouldn't call it rubbish. It's just not my type of humor.

>implying anyone in Cred Forums was alive in the 70s

Fuck off idiot.

Are you sure you are quoting the right person user?

The cool thing about UY is that it preemptively mocked and parodied garbage romcoms and harems.


How does that damn alien fix her hair? It's pretty.

Pretty sure studios fear getting sued. The Keroro manga had some blatant cameos at times (like a bunch of characters from the game Darkstalkers in the background here), and they were generally toned down or removed in the anime.

Reminder that Ryunosuke's dad fucked a koala.

Later on they get more lax with cameos, but the designs are always tweaked enough to differentiate them from the originals.



It would be pretty fucking great if I could torrent the show without having to download 900GB for it

Alright Cred Forums, I want to get into Takahashi's work, where should I start?
>What is better to read?
>What is better to watch?
>What should I avoid
>any proper viewing order charts for her longer shows?


Thank you, I appreciate it. Should I seek out the manga first?

Just get the Kagura boxes, they're 260gb combined and look just as good.

It's optional. You'll probably get the same level of enjoyment out of the manga whether you read it first or last.

Whats wrong with her weist


>Pioneered animation techniques and shots never before seen, and used to this day, particularly in the digital era where it's become easier.

What do you mean by this?

>where should I start?

Don't 'start'. is right.

>What should I avoid

Almost everything. Take Ranma for instance. Watch the first episode. That's really all you need since nothing better is really done with the boy/girl concept and no further character development occurs. Inuyasha? Watch the OPs/EDs and imagine what the show must be like in your mind, since there's no way the actual series will come close to what you'll wish it was.

Watch the series, or at the very least, watch some of the webms that get posted.

Whether or not it pioneered them, I'm not sure (I'm not the one who made that post), however it definitely used a lot of visual techniques that were very rare, if non-existent at the time. Such techniques range from first-person view, non-linear dynamic perspective, 360 panning shots, among others I have to watch the show to remember. The first movie looked strikingly similar to Do You Remember Love despite coming out a year earlier too.

>this retard is still going
Remember to hide and ignore.

What a great image.

Watch UY, there's some minor changes to the anime I prefer plus the animation, voice cast, and music really elevate it. The manga is good too though, and has some stories not adapted into the anime.

I prefer the Maison Ikkoku manga to the anime but the latter is still good. After that I'd recommend her shorter stuff, like Mermaid Saga, One Pound Gospel, Rumic World/Theater and miscellaneous oneshots. Was never a fan of the rest of her longer works, but I do prefer Ranma to Inuyasha or Rinne if you're still hankering for more after all that.

Alright, starting UY, thanks!

He calls her Takahashi-sempai and it's adorable.
Don't forget that Toshio Furukawa voiced Shin too, so Ataru and Mendou is Shin and Ken.

Streamfag here, I feel exactly the same way, which is why I started doing this in the first place. Every time someone comes to realize the show is great and/or picks it up, I'm ecstatic.

I know the bubble won't last, but I was happy for the live stream to convince just one person to pick it up or keep watching, let alone several. If the UY threads increase in frequency in the future, even if only slightly, that would be sensational.

SAO changed a lot of shit, for the worse, but still.

How was Kotatsu-Neko able to defeat Kenshiro?

Rumiko and Anno lead the industry into oblivion. The industry in the mid to late 90s was in the process of becoming retarded. Then 2000s happened and digital made animation cheap.

That cat is the superheavyweight of the series. Only Oyuki has ever defeated him.

When did that happen?

Remember that this exists:

How does this

make you feel?


so close to the end I can't be happy

Such delicious legs!

80s and 90s were the decades that really kick-started today's degeneracy though.

Really though, It's easy to cherrypick good series from each decade. The trash:good anime ratio has always been the same regardless of what you say. Prove me wrong.

I have to wonder why Megane and Mendou don't get along better. They both love nazi germany and /k/ shit.

80s and 90s kept quality with it. After that they stopped caring with very few exceptions.


I forget Kagome being a fucking boring girl

>mfw Same voice

Hey! That is NOT allowed!


What are these? Ghost bumping?

You're right, they should be censored.

But with her hair they could be covered.

Well they weren't, so I had to censor them for you.

Thank you.

Isn't Lum basically Shampoo?

thats sad

Except she genuinely cared for her man, instead of simply wanting his dick.

Similar hair: yes
Personality: no

Good thread, Cred Forums.

good night.

Does Beautiful Dreamer have a good OST?

People who are pretending to be diehard fans of this series, acting as if they've loved it for years just because of a few streams, .webms and vaporwave Vines using Beautiful Dreamer scenes on loop are really annoying. I wish this meme would end, if only because it seems so fake.

Maison Ikkoku was better anyways.

There are like two Beautiful Dreamer webms that are being posted lately.

Just face it, you're a bitter idiot who's upset people are taking a liking to a series you hate. Sorry sunshine, nobody cares.

What makes you think I hate it? I've watched it since 75 mb anime files were the norm.

I just think it's become a meme that people pretend to like, when really they haven't even watched it at all. Which is silly since anime is one of the easiest forms of passive entertainment to consume.

>I just think it's become a meme
This is precisely why you're an idiot.

You sound upset that your sick memes are being attacked.

>You sound upset
People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. You are clearly as bitter as they come.

I kinda understand your sentiment.
The only reason I started browsing Cred Forums in the first place years ago was because I figured this would be the only place where I could discuss UY, but like everywhere else online, I was mostly let down.

Now years later after getting used to just a comfy thread here and there, it's kinda annoying to see it become a bit of a fad on here. Especially since that only breeds shitposting against it. Things are still pretty fine for now, but it's only a matter of time before this outstays its welcome, I think.

I am thankful that I get to see a lot more opinions on it though. Very interesting.

If I liked the Maison Ikkoku's anime comedy, will I like this?

Made by the same author baby.

Probably. Give it 3 episodes and see how you go.

The humor is definitely wackier so that might require some adjusting.

It's older, and you might see it as an immature step back, but you should appreciate it for what it is.

No need to try so hard like to make it more than it is though. It's like watching Red Jacket Lupin, some episodes are better than others but you can drop in any time and feel comfy, which is great. You probably won't feel as satisfied as Maison Ikkoku could manage though (Kimagure Orange Road would be the best spiritual successor in that regard).

Depending on when you came to Cred Forums, there could have been discussions. This place was better around 07/08, for sure.

I don't expect any new insights about the series, and I like being reminded of the OST now, but all these UY Generals just seem like the same posts reposted every thread. I guess I'm getting a little jaded at how repetitive it is.

>No Gun.

I knew thread cap would bring out the good opinions. I'm gonna watch this shit. Got it all downloaded and everything. Oldfags know real shit.

>but all these UY Generals just seem like the same posts reposted every thread
Do you make the same complaints in the seasonal 'generals'? The ones that are up 24/7?

Urusei Yatsura doesn't get many threads, and it's an old anime with no new material, so big deal if there's a bit of repetition. Complaining about something like that in a Urusei Yatsura thread of all threads smells of sour grapes.


>Do you make the same complaints in the seasonal 'generals'? The ones that are up 24/7?
Yeah, pretty much. /m/ doesn't do it, and while things like Shelf Threads threads on Cred Forums are also harsh offenders, Cred Forums definitely is the worst.
It's easy to be against the idea of Generals in general because everyone tries to keep the same (re)posts in circulation, which diverts attention away from anything new. They're not outright terrible, but they should be utilized as containment threads, not acting essentially as BBS forums in nature.

Make the same complaint here then: When the next non-stream Urusei Yatsure thread comes up in 6 months, feel free to save your breath.