Mob Psycho 100: Episode 11

Are we finna act like episode 11 would not end at this moment?

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DUBS confirmed

Anyone has a working stream link? Neetball and terebi aren't working.

Nice, new cover

Fuck me. Nothing is working for me either.


>RWBY in a japanese tv


Best Fatheru


Nope it didn't.



Someone post short haired Teru


>salt coming out of his pocket.
Holy shit.







How far is it going, anyone? Gratitude next week probably right?



10000% hype


Haircut Teru is best Teru

No way.

what the fuck




It ended with death reigen







wtf I hate BONES now

RIP Reigen

So I predicted no gratitude + no season 2 confirmed. FUCK all of you.

>actually falling for it

Why are you faggots panicking over a flashback scene?


>no season 2 confirmed

I don't know, it fits fine here and it doesn't mean there won't be a season 2

shut up samefag

I menaged to watch a quarter of the stream on my fucking phone while I was on the bus and I regret nothing

What the hell BONES!

Episode 12 fag was right all along!

Why's the flashback happening now such a big deal?

They put the flashback from Reigen arc was in this episode.


we naruto now

Because it's an integral part of an arc that happens after the Anime's conclusion and acts as the moral anchor that helps make Reign realize he was wrong


Did you guys really think the best part will not be shown as the finale?

It'll certainly will be a weird episode with Gratitude + wrapping up + omake. Also, double "fake" cliffhanger.

>Mob narrating the episode preview

>Mob is the one that narrates the preview

They really want to fuck with animeonlyfags.

Because it sort of ruins the conclusion of the Reigen arc if they ever decide to make a season 2 (they won't). It could still work but it wouldn't be nearly as strong of an arc.

I know. So? If anything, it's foreshadowing. It's not like they cannot expand on it later on.

I keep saying this but Gratitude is only 2 chapters and wrap up is 1 chapter. That's 3 chapter + 8 pages omake. That is enough for episode 12.



Post >yfw no second cour/season

It's not, that user is samefagging. This means nothing regarding the possibility of a second season.

GRATITUDEFAGS on suicide watch.

BnA did it this way, so why not.

>less than a minute apart

They put the whole flashback in there. It means they won't do it.

He's wrong user, check the OP pic; no Gratitude either so everyone was wrong.

Could be foreshadowing, they could just reuse the animation. Calm down guys, nothing is confirmed.

I'll fucking commit sudoku
After the manga ends.

Depends on what the monologue was about. It actually fits in here really well if they dont plan on doing a second season.

BnHA have season 2 planned. This anime doesn't.

>Re:zero didn't include Rem
>Mob psycho include a flashback from an another arc and no Gratitude mode
Source materialfags on suicide watch.
Original ending confirmed.

You haven't seen Naruto, have you?

I said there was no Gratitude this episode though. I said the slash cliffhang or standing up cliffhang in the previous threads.

You don't know that for sure, and even then so what

Why do we compare with Naruto from Studio Pierrot?

If anything it is foreshadowing, and makes the episode hit harder casuse we have more background now about their past.

Please no. I wanted to watch MP100 to cope after Re:Zero yesterday.

>they skipped the "the hunt for the giant tsuchinoko" part of the title
Bones you crafty assholes

You posted a specific pic for this thread.

I was fucking right all along.

>Original ending confirmed.


best anime this season
>Masou Gakuen HxH
>ange vierge
>new game

anime is ded, anime is fucked

Well we will get everything we were promised in time. Re Zero Fans got fucked over hard though

Can't believe they actually went for the obvious cliffhanger no one thought they would pull.

Sasuga BONES.

Just 1 episode left lads, how will you survive?

Wow, I can't believe Reigen is dead!

>OST in 9 days

Now secondaries will be hyped expecting Mob to go ???% next episode

This is the real one. They changed the last episode. It's whether no 2nd cour or they put it in the 2nd cour.

There is the numbering until episode 24:

I thought they might end it there, but I assumed they wouldn't be so cruel since LEAVE IT TO MASTER is also a pretty good cliffhanger but without the suffering.

>not Teru and his stupidly long hair
Kinda disappointed desu

You believed in what? People said keep your expectations for a second low and they still should be.

Kinda reminds you of ONE doesn't it, do the most obvious thing when people expect it the least.

You didn't predict they would stop at the slashing scene either so shuddup!

You know, what? It sucks that we have to wait another week, but I'm also happy. I thought the hype would be over after this episode, cause next week would only be wrapping up + omake. But now next week will be hype too.

I really didnt think they would do that as a cliffhanger but it was either that or the whole fight.

Not even Reigen fanart will help me cope desu senpai

I like your attitude, user.

>forward button after ep 12
s2 confirmed

Second cour announcement next week. They did it with BNHA, they'll do it again. BELIEVE IN BONES.

I just said there would be no Gratitude faggot. Lots of retards keeps saying they will do it in episode 11 because of title.

There was no real Bones animator hype so i kinda figured it would all start next episode.

post yfw they don't do the tsuchinoko omake after all

>They changed the last episode's title

I believe

Episode 12 would wrap up the whole series by doing an original scene that will wrap up the relationship between Mob and Reigen. Eat shit second seasonfags.

You guys are more dramatic than Ritsu

HeroAca is a popular Weekly Shounen Jump manga and Mob Psycho 100 is not. Don't expect the impossible.

>that forward button

Its actually really good that they put in that flashback in here. Cause if we would have never gotten a second season, that scene would have never gotten animated, but it give so much background to the relationship both of them have. So its good that they included it here. Who knows what Bones has planned, maybe they go for a Mogami special with a manga Vol sale, similar as to what Prison school did.

I saw a comment on twitter that the opening was a bit different this week, wonder if that's true.


Mob Psycho 100 is made by ONE. Bones are very passionate about it, and Warner Bros wouldn't invest so much in only 1 cour.

Am I doing it right

>Episode 12 would wrap up the whole series b

>Post yfw BONES kill Reigen for an anime original ending

Everoyne said it would end before standng up if they would add in a bit of filler and they did.

Beautiful, now RitShou version please!

They also included a filler flashback with Mob and Ritsu. I guess they wanted to go all out with the feels this episode.

That would actually be worth a shitstorm.

you really are stupid


>pic related
Did Ritsu do the killing?

I love how everyone, even the non-fujos, have agreed that Ritsu is an incestuous brocon.

>that forward button
D-does this mean season 2, bros?

Man, fujos work fast.

Subs soon

Damn that's one lewd Shou

I have a non fujo male friend that's convinced Shou is a homo stalker too
I think I'm slowly turning him into a fudanshi

I always thought the Mogami arc would make an amazing couple of OVAs

Please tell me you're not actually that stupid.

See, this is why I told you to make a nicer thread OP. There was no standing up and no Gratitude yet there will be bitching for hours.

Setsuo Itou drew Reigen this week. C-cute.

I was off by a few pages because they want to end with an obvious cliffhanger instead of HYPE cliffhanger.

Guys... I hate to break it to you but that's not a forward button. It's just to show which episode is currently selected. I just clicked Episode 11 and this happened.


I'm satisfied because they didn't adapt Gratitude which would have botched the adaptation.

So season 2 never?
I guess it was too good to be true.

Season 2 confirmed dead

Tachikawa explains on twitter that the last scene is "from Mob's point of view, so they've cut Reigen's monologue". So season2 is possible. They'll repeat the same scene from Reigen's point of view.

It's there when you click on episodes.

Source page is still the the omake title.

Now they can go all out for episode 12, the final. That is fine. Make the anime onlys lose their mind for a second and then hit them in the face with the best thing ever this year, next week. Episode 12 will be a spectacle.

I wasn't expecting much from this episode in terms of animation, but that Teru vs Sakurai part was glorious.

This was cute

Faith in Bones: RESTORED

Never would've thought I would have to remain in a constant state of hype until the very end of the show.

BONES did well.

So who was talking during that scene from whose perspcetive did we see everything? If it was Mob than thats amazing, cause we never saw that scene from his perspctvie and its the perfect callback when a second season does come to see this exact same scene from Reigens perspectvie. Tachikawa is quite the genius.

>being this delusional
I'm a big mobfag myself but just... stop

Not that user but why would they not go all out with Gratitude next week?

Who else fag, there was no one else there

That makes it somewhat better. We'll see.

Teru's body is lewd! Lewd!

>mob sees it as a pep talk from the best psychic of the 21st century
>reigen sees himself on the golden road to killing himself when mob arrives

>ywn kiss his toned stomach

just look at the previous thread's title. it says GRATITUDE this week.

I love how he's not chubby anymore

Do you think the director specifically told the animators to draw 13 - 14 year old boys as lewdly as possible?

Twitter is redrawing Reigen as various silly images.

I will cry today, won't I?

they are drawing the boys perfectly normal.
it's your disgusting pedo mind turning it lewd

>we won't see ripped Teru animated

It hurts

Eat a dick.

I love seeing Japanese fans react to this meme. It's cute when they enjoy Western fanworks. It always feels like we take a lot from them but never really give back.

This would actually make repeating the flashback in Season 2 much more impactful knowing both versions.

Why do you do this user?

I've seen some Korean fans joining in too, it's cute when we can break the language barrier and have fun together.

So BONES is developing Mob/Ritsu and Mob/Reigen even further. Now we only need Boss arc adapted to see them develop the Suzuki family too.

Fucc you

You made me audibly gasp you fucker


RAWs are out

I hate you and I hate myself for falling for it.

And Kameda tweeted just yesterday he wants to do season 2.

I am not delusional, its easier for them like that. If they had ended at "tanding up" without the little filler from the reigen arc, i would have been a bit mad too. But ending on that clifhanger while also focussing on that emotional strain Mob had up to that point is a good thing. I am glad tachikawa saw how important their relationship is and put in that lil clip.

>Tachikawa explains on twitter that the last scene is "from Mob's point of view, so they've cut Reigen's monologue".
If they actually went out of their way to explain that, then season 2 is pretty much confirmed.


One more for the road.

url seemed too long and I was right

Did someone ask him directly? Were japs freaking out on Twitter too?

He also says to check out volume 9 to see Reigen's internal monologue if I'm not mistaken. I still believe though.

Tachikawa apparently liked the relationships in the manga and Mob growth throughout it. He described the series as "kind" which is supposedly a trait sort of lacking in certain manga nowadays.

>missed the stream
>now waiting for subs
You have no idea how much I suffer.

I hope I live long enough to see it happen.

Reigen version of the flashback is gonna be an obvious and really nice parallel with next week's episode if we ever get a season 2.

We have to believe.

>Tachikawa's twitter
He tweeted right after this episode ended, after thanking the viewers. Probably voluntarily, and not because someone asked.

That's fucking amazing

>This flashback of Mobs point of view makes Reigen look even greater than he already is and makes us appreciate and love him even more
>Same flashback from Reigen's point of view will completely break our delusions and show Reigen's flaws and how much of a human character he actually is thus making us feel even closer to him than we already did before
I'm really liking what Bones is doing here, if we a get a second season that is.

This is too good.

Where is muh subs.

>Mob's girly run at 1:15
I love it


>the anime version of Reigen arc is gonna hurt even more than the manga

I dont think I'm mentally ready for season 2, user.

At least you're not waiting for the dub.


2 mins

>[HorribleSubs] Mob Psycho 100 - 10 [480p].mkv

That was damn good, animeonlys shouldnt watch it though, spoilers to the max.

none yet



Reigen's body was literally built for sex

>dat ass
Bones saves anime once again.

>(09/19) Mob Psycho 100 - 11 480p 720p

So strong.

>Anime version of Reigen arc is being set up to be even more emotionally painful than it was in the manga.
>We'd also be getting that in the same season as the Mogami arc.

Heh, Ritsu acting like fag as always.

You lost cause, leave.


New meme

Welp, looks like I'll have to buy some popcorn again for next week



This episode was AWESOME.

>not organic puffed kamut
Enjoy your GMOs.

3/10 episode

>missed the stream
>going in blind
Feels actually pretty good senpai.

Wrong thread.

Why are you watching anime if you're blind?

An inspiration

>tfw only one Mobday left

>if everyone is not special, maybe you can't be what you want to be [gibberish]
>DIE YOUNG: [counting]
The OP lyrics make no sense whatsoever.

wait sorry


the 2 is for 2 many flashbacks.

Are you fucking retarded?

I think it's can


What did he mean by this?

Are we still getting it?

Holy shit, BONES elevated those chapters to a whole new level.

wait and see.

He's gay.


No, but whoever is singing the lyrics is. They pronounce "thirty" as "cirty", and they skip numbers leading up to 99 - can't even fucking count. There's no substance to the OP, just empty style.

But this episode had Nakamura, didn't it?

Did they? I havent touched the episode yet

that episode, oh my god
i think i'm a little hard, and not from men

>reigen can actually fight decently

He raped Ritsu while he is unconscious confirmed.


>Waited all week for [/spoiler]Gratitude[/spoiler]
>Didn't even happen

Not that I'm mad, though, because this episode was adapted so much better than the manga and left me satisfied enough with what we got

Just one more week anons

>guy flying at you trying to cut you in half with his sword

lol just run away bro!

>tfw one last mobday
I'll miss these threads.

Me neither. I loved this episode so much I didn't really miss it, and now I'm more hyped than I would have been for the final episode.

Will we ever see "Justifiable Self-defense Rush" animated?

But if someone is trying to kill you, escape should be your top priority.

fight is neither the usual nor the safest response to a deadly threat, user.

I really, really, really hope the show doesn't end. Please don't let the show end after one season.

Gratitude is literally next week.

I'm glad this plot wasn't tied up in this episode. Though it does mean no presidential election in episode 12.

I have no problem with the flashback being here, the Reigen arc is so good that it doesn't really matter where this flashback ends up, it will still add to it.

>only one mobday left

Better start praying for that Mogami teaser now, user.

rip rip

Why the fuck isn't it on any streaming sites (ノ ಠ益ಠ)ノ~ ┻┻

Reigen death confirmed.

We shouldn't forget about the other tragic loss this episode.



What are other good Anime by this studio?

Katsura-kun !

T-thanks Tachikawa

If they actually did a season 2 there's no way on earth it could just be 1 cour. Most likely you'd need 2, and then maybe you can make it all the way through broccoli if you do it right.

1 ep: Urban Legends
~4 eps: Mogami
3 eps: Omake/Reigen
~8 eps: Boss
Remainder: Broccoli

I don't know how else it could possibly work.

Bye bye haystack, welcome objectively best Teru version.

Death Parade. Parol's Future Island.

No spoonfeeding user. Just check the wikipedia page of BONES studios and read about the animes they have done.

This actually works

What if I told you that I missed the stream and have no internet so all I can do is read people panicking for season 2


it's not gone for good, right?

RIP best conman 2k16

>no music
>no beep

That really caught me off guard.

Henchwoman was a qt. Pls get art.

Of course it works, it's Reigen's power.

This user speaks the truth.

Kinda sad they didn't put this one in... or did I miss it?

I want a Claw Boss movie or movie series: I want the team to have all the budget necessary to go all out on the sakuga department for two hours straight and blow our fucking minds with the last fight. Also more focus on the Suzuki family.

He's still actually bald right?

satan confirms

>no internet
How are you logged into Cred Forums?

>no internet
>is browsing the internet nonetheless

Is this hashtag the best thing to happen to the fanbase?


to be fair, Naruto looks fine as hell

I made another one, Only one more 3x3 to go.

This was an excellent episode, I'm now again super hyped for GRATITUDE though I was expecting it this episode.

Also, whoever made the imgur album for the 3x3s, add this one to it.

Please please please please don't let the show end!

I'm really glad it wasn't in. I was worried they'd be pressed for time anyway and this scene added pretty much nothing to the arc.

Reigen is the best thing that happened. Period.

You guys should play more dota
when you know you won't escape death, running won't do anything so it's better to at least try to fight to weaken the enemy

>dat BOS TATO???!!!
I might even make it my message alert.


I love my fellow fujos.

>that murderous intent
>that "It's okay to run away"
>that flashback
>that cliffhanger
100/10 episode holy shit I already can't wait

>"Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-Hurry up and take the picture!"
>"Hurry up and take it!"

This shit better get a S2, it's just getting started. I at least want to see broccoli

Reigen is such a great character, what an interesting and genuinely likable person.

Lots of blues since the last couple episodes, I really dig it.

Get out of this thread right now. Avoid all threads for the next week.

>5/9 panels feature Reigen

>tfw you were pranked but relieved to find out the prank was a prank

You're right, desu

Agreed. Anime-only here; I thought he was going to be a likable scumbag character, but he instead turned out to be likable in a genuine way.

YEs. You can't go wrong with Reigen anyway.

>googles shot
>not the one with reigen

Drawfags pls make art for the hime cut esper girl with the green headband.

give me references

Shall the redraws never stop.

Shit, 100% Murderous Intent Mob would be scary.

That was a good episode in anim and content, but it changed the show's direction again for the 11th time. We still don't know what it is about or where it's heading.

they gotta have a second season pls

I didn't know this was a ship

>Mob is doing the preiview
>It's not even a preview
Make that 110/10

Reigen didn't want the kids to become murderers, it's not a game when you are fighting people for real. If Mob killed someone even in self-defense he'd have to live with that burden; Reigen wanted them to focus on escape instead.

Do you think there would be enough content before/after to be done in a satisfying way? Maybe if studios weren't chained to ~12 ep blocks now it would be easier.

Here it is.
Reigen in ever picture, it had to be done.

This has to be bait.

The song used in the OP isn't the full one, that's why the count is shorter. Also, no, there's no gibberish if you understand Japanese.

I knew it was coming, but it was still great
Hopefully it will get a second season

Does anyone have a link for the episode? I missed it.

From my phone

they wouldn't die anyway because shonen

Reigen miscalculated

huh? When did the show ever changed direction?

Are you having doubts about Gratitude?

Are you retarded?

Lucky Seven´s confirms it we getting a second season bois!!!


They don't know that they are anime characters in a show.

This show is very genuine, and kind of realistic. Reigen believes in non violence, or at the very least, non lethality. He knows that mob is very, very powerful, so he could easily wipe out anyone if he's unleashed. There's something quite nice and unique about that approach, teaching mob that it's better to run away. You don't see a lot of anime/manga preaching pacifism.

Anime-only pleb here, someone spoil me on the significance of this percentage. It seems to a recurring theme throughout the show, but I haven't been able to pick up on any deeper meaning behind it, nor what it even is a percentage of.

Come on dude it explains this literally the first time Mob ever goes 100%

Are you stupid?

They explained it in the Dimple fight.

It's his emotions he bottles up. This is why he is a stoic


bad shit happens
mob loses control for different reason

I wholeheartedly concur, Reigen is truly a magnificent specimen of a human being. Devilishly handsome, courageous, devastatingly intelligent, witty, yet also humble and remarkably pure of heart. Best character for sure.

You're a retard, rewatch ep 3.
If you still don't get it, consider suicide.


Everybody is able to recognize Reigen's greatness

Retarded fuck.

Is Teru still bald? Why is it taking so long for some hair to grow?

It's just a gimmick. There's nothing behind it. It's like the Christian symbols in Eva.

Did they show it? THE panel?

It was literally explained the moment he first went 100%.

Imgur user here.

No. Because he is an esper.


It's a percentage of how much Mob's emotion shows.

What the fuck is up with that beard?

His hair was growing back under the wig.

I was hoping to see 101% or something when they showed this again.

That girl is cute.

i like this picture will come handy in many situations

Fuck off reigen

But in the anime it's still a wig.
I don't like that.

I don't think that user was talking about the obvious meaning (i.e. his emotions building up to over 100%) but if there was some deeper significance behind it.

There isn't.

I'm on the claw arc where shou teams up with ritsu to fight his dad

Who/what is ???% ?

The plot's been going on in the span of like a few weeks. Hair doesn't grow that fast

Thanks, user.

>nor what it even is a percentage of.
No, that user is clearly just retarded.

you are ???% retarded


I thought Teru was already hiding after his battle with Mob for a couple of weeks? Or am I remembering it wrong?

Hasn't been explained in depth, I remember mogami mentioned something but you should remember that better than I

It's still a wig in the manga too.

dubs confirms it i will also save it..for a friend

If it was a wig it would have fallen off a ton of times. A gust of wind made him hold onto it the first time we saw it.

Hmm, it seriously should have grown by now.

I think Reigen is ONE's best Creation. No wonder he couldnt just abandon this idea and had to include him into his new work Mob Psycho. I can only imagine how he was laughing to himself, while thinking of what scenes he would put him, in like in this episode.

just when mogami was defeated he saw ???% and said something along the line of "so you're that evil spirit" or something, as if ???% was an evil spirit inside mob just like mogami with the girl. Maybe I misunderstood because english is not my first language

tfw the devil goes unnoticed

But a recall some threads back, around episode 3, where people were discussing that the powers and all are a metaphor of sorts, even going as far to theorize that the powers don't actually exist canonically, and are simply just a device to convey the underlying narrative. Basically, the show is in fact 2D4U.


She needs a name

Yoshimichi kameda has noticed the #redrawreigen tag apparently

Fucking glorious


The first half of the episode was absolutely hilarious, didn't laugh so much with an anime episode since Nichibros.



I didn't think reigen could get any cooler

I think it's been enough time for it to grow back

I was just getting used to his old hair.

Ribbon girl? Ribbon-chan? Claw Cutie? She seems to have nice plot too. I demand fanart of her.

I remember too. I'm usually not too fond of those kind of metaphors/allegories discussions though; there's no end to it and I feel we sometimes end up straying too far from the author's message as a result.

That being said overthinking things for the hell of it can be fun too.

I LOVE how it was a callback to Mob's "Forever Alone" scene from episode 3.


What if reigan actually has powers but supresses them because he doesn't want to hurt anyone.

From memory, and ignoring the fucktone of useless side characters/stories.

> 1 : It's about a psychic agency solving people's various everyday problems
> 2: It's about an awkward borderline autist trying to grow up
> 5: It's about a gifted kid learning self-control
> 6: It's about family and the bound between two brothers
> 8: It's about a group of talented kids opposing a secret evil organisation
> 11: it's about the friendship between the two MC one of whom hasn't been shown for 80% of the show.

There is no theme or plot line driving the show. Just a mishmash of ideas that, taken individually, could be interesting, but thrown together like this in a one cour show, comes off as incoherent and confusing.

Reigen's powers are his charm and ability to bullshit his way through nearly anything.

I hope it helps them notice how much people in the west love the series too

Hasn't it been like, only around two months in universe? Iirc the Boss was supposed to come to Japan one month after the end of the Scar arc, but I don't know for sure how many weeks have passed between the beginning of the manga and the end of the Ritsu/Big Clean up arc, nor how many weeks it's been since the start of Broccoli.

Did anyone ever make some kind of timeline for the series?

Nah, if this was the case he'd have shown his powers in plenty of fights before. If this happens in the future it'll be really bad.

Most everyone canoncially has some level of psychic potential. Reigen's is maximized after this arc, but all it lets him do it see weak spirits rather than just strong wants that want to be seen.

>what if
He's the greatest psychic user, who do you think you're talking about?

What if he really really doesn't want to hurt people.

>you will never have a Reigan in your life

Fucking anitwitter cancer, fuck off.

next step in Mob going all out is always ???%, there's no 101%.

How new are you

>Different arcs bring and work on new ideas and themes
No shit.

i thought it was supposed to be the qt inside the helmet, not reigen?

Wow, so it's about a lonely kid who makes friends and develops a better bond with his brother and master. Sure seems like a lack of direction.


That's bretty gud.
Maybe they are laughing at how dumb western memes are.

Do you understand what "themes" are? How about "storylines"? Can you know understand there's a difference between the two and that a story can have more than one theme and one storyline?

I drew this real quick before the references, but thanks. I think I'll draw another.

wait so this is not canon?

I'm fucking dying.

Woah, you're fast

o shit

nice work, my man.

Good job user.

What is not canon?

It's a reflection. I feel sorry for you

>he will never call you onii-chan

Jesus Christ this fucking episode. My heart skipped a fucking beat. Reigen is the best goddamn mentor figure.

And I can finally visualize what 18 Charisma look like. It's fucking Reigen.

I wonder if the animators were hoping for something like this.

No in the manga reigan beat them all up with his esper powers.

It was an adult matter.

Did Reigen just steal Shou's "meme boy" title?

Reminds me of Hey Arnold

Reigen best boy and now everyone knows.

reigen being cut down

Wait theres a cute red head girl inside that gas mask?

of course

It is


Yes. Best loli in the series.

It's canon, you'll see

doesn't look that much like him though, i thought it might have been her, considering the eyes were distorted like she seemed to be

Is she falling for reigan?


one more fucking week. I wish I didn't know what the plot would already be.


Ow, I misunderstood your post, then.

>There is no theme or plot line driving the show.
I completely disagree with you on this, though: the relationship between Reigen and Mob has been presented as a core element of the show since episode 1, and Reigen has, contrary to what you claim, made an appearance in almost every episode thus far thanks to the animation team including the omakes. It's not just in his appearances that his importances is emphasized, but it's also in how much he influences Mob's ethics and general outlook on life. His stance on the usage of his powers, on social interactions or societal pressure in general, even something as trivial as his attitude towards women. It's absolutely everywhere.
We're only really introduced further to Mob's emotional/teenage issues in episode 2, but hints of it are already present in the first episode, and it follows the same overarching theme until episode 5, where we're brought to a semi-conclusion to his struggle, which comes back into focus at the very moment whenhis brother's character arc reaches its climax.

I can concede that the transition to the 7th Branch arc could've been handled more smoothly (though there was some foreshadowing in previous episodes), I really disagree on the idea that there's no thematic structure to the show. All the themes that come back into play in the current arc have already been explored previously: it doesn't come out of nowhere.

oh friend

The only significant addition to this episode that didn't happen at some point in the manga is extra embellishment on the fight scenes.

ok cool



They always are.

Quick, someone tweet it to one of the staff members.

I was hoping it'd start getting messed up and for a second stuck at 1000%

I think Reigen is even more of a dad to Mob than even his real dad. That's kinda sad.



Going 1000% with no explanation

That would have been amazing.

Nothing wrong with other adults also being positive role models.

My favorite one.

> having 7 arcs in a 12 ep series
There is the problem.

It wasn't told as smoothly as that, unfortunately.

What makes you think i don't ? Do you understand what they are ?
I'm saying that the show lacks both a plot line and a central driving theme.


Reigen is legit, he even lifted my curse when I had an aching shoulder and waist.

I kek'd in this part

If Mob went all out and focused in getting them to escape, they'll escape. It was definitely an option. His massive psychic power doesn't have to be used to hurt other people in all cases.

teruki is lewd

> i'm too dumb and can't understand a show unless it spoonfed me over 9000 flashbacks and narration in over 9000 episodes.

it's not a qt girl then?:(

Mobs parents honestly seem to have totally dropped the ball when it comes to raising their kids. Neither of them seem to have any understanding of Mob or Ritsu beyond the most basic surface level. They're not outright "neglectful", exactly, but perhaps something adjacent to it. They could really stand to be a bit more attentive.

it's a trap a really cute one

The driving theme is Mob discovering himself and how to affect the people around him so they become their best selves as well. But I feel it's more obvious when you look at the anime as just an animated slice of the manga instead of on its own.

>massively disappointed at the beginning because reigen is not actually the leader of claw
>massively hyped for the next episode at the end

Post more pigeon toed Teru. That's the cutest quirk I've seen in an anime boy.

>You will never gift Reigen an ugly, hand-knit sweater for Christmas and receive this look as he tries to convince you that he actually likes it because he appreciates that someone actually thought of him on the holidays and put in that much effort to make a personalized present just for him.

>That smug mob

I wish these threads had more animeonly fags. I want to see their pure reactions.


Isn't the driving theme, "Psychic Powers ain't hot shit" and "No one is really special so you shouldn't treat people like crap because you have talent. This includes hurting them either by using your psychic powers or by conning them with your skill with words."

That's been repeated several goddamn times already in the anime. The OP is even about it.

Animeonly fags care only about the animation. If they were interested by the story they wouldn't be animeonly fags.

A lot of them bailed when people "spoiled" Reigen being Claw's Boss.

It's parents love their children but don't really understand them situation for sure. It's not really super sad or tragic, but Mob and Ritsu need to have a heart to heart with their folks one day for sure.

Or maybe they enjoy the show so much that they don't wanna spoil themselves on what happens next until it's finished airing.

Mob Psycho 100 doesn't really preach pacifism. A lot of conflicts in the series are resolved through violent means, directly or indirectly.

Ep1-3 were an introduction to Mob.
Teru arc was about his philosophy "don't point knives at people."
Ritsu arc was about how the brothers affected each other.
Scar arc puts him under a stressful situation and shows how he's grown under his relationship with Reigen.

> a story can't have more than one main theme

Thanks to Reigen i just bullshited through very important exam and even though I failed 5 times with Reigen in mind I still somehow passed it. Thank you based Reigen


in truth teaching us the harsh reality that power is the only thing that convinces all

So how are you guys planning to cope with not getting to see any more animated Reigen for however long it takes for Season 2 to be greenlit/made?

i swear i was 100% expecting reigen to be the leader of claw i would have not questioned it one second

Reigen's powers traversed the lines between fiction and reality to help you out. Congrats user.

life is suffering

Yeah that's me. When a show is really good, it's hard to fight the urge to just read the manga. But it's fun going in blind and then catching up with the manga later.

Reigen is truly the best creation of this decade.

I'll be just fine on the weekly drawn dripfeed until the manga ends. When that's over, all bets are off.

You're very admirable! Make sure when the show finishes next week that you re-read all the manga that's been in it since there's some bits and pieces they didn't have time to animate.

It's nice that you managed to hold off on reading the manga all this time. I hope you didn't get spoiled yet, but next week is gonna be really fun.

Well he lives in reality after all.

Don't know if someone mentioned this already,
but what if the reason they show the flashback this episode is because they want to show mob's perspective first and then plan to show Reigen's next season during reigen suffering arc. This would explain why we don't see Reigen's thoughts because they will be revealed next season when it'll be relevant. Right now, we only need Mob because it’s good way to set up 1000% gratitude.

reposting because fucked up first post.

Some anons did talk about it a little bit earlier.

sorry about that

Surprisingly I managed to to get spoiled about Reigan's part when he finally shows up again. All I read was how hyped manga readers were and that got me excited. It was only after last ep, that I got spoiled about the truth of Reigan being there before this ep revealed the reason. I cant wait for next week, I dont even know what's going to happen

If there is a season 2 what are you expecting?

Who was

Does anyone find it odd that only one character refers to Shigeo as Mob?


Up to claw's boss arc, I want to see Serizawa animated!

Thanks user-San
I just decided that Reigen is my only true lord and savior. I praise you OH BASED REIGEN!

Why? It's the nickname Reigen gave him, everyone else just calls him by his name or surname.

As much as I'm not a fan or youtubers, this is a quite nice reaction to see from an animeonly fag.

No need to apologize, m8

His parents: Shige-chan
His brother: Niisan
Teru and pretty much everyone else: Kageyama

Thanks for detailing you pov.
I think the fact that you felt any past presence of Reigen is due to you being a reader of the manga where the relationship could have been more fleshed out, and the story more advanced. As an anime only, the disappearance of Reigen since episode 2, as a character having a role in the story (not as recurrent 10-seconds-per-ep-skit comedy device) and his reappearance today as a supposedly a MC, was simply poorly executed.
You need to effectively build up that relationship for 10 episodes to make a credible ep11. Failing to create a build up will make revelations fall flat.

You're right, maybe I'm judging the show as an standalone work. But I think we can agree that it needed a few more episodes to build up, expose and adapt what's in the manga to be considered as a tightly written show.

Some of his classmates call him Mob too (Tome and the Telepathy Club, Mezato etc.)

If Reigen and Onizuka from GTO were to be in one series, I bet they'd be able fix and solve anything.

I mean *managed to not get

Haven't seen the episode yet. Did short hair teru happen?

I don't remember Reigen naming him Mob; post page or chapter number.

The scene is fine since it doesn't show Reigen's thoughts then, it's all from Mob's perspective and why he sees Reigen as a great guy.



They could reuse this whole scene and just put a Reigen monologue

who here /boobie-chan/?

Thanks, user. Could you also link his twitter handle?

>The risk of them doing another Soul Eater

Pls god no




>top left row has a different style from the rest
animators don't really care about the background characters, do they?

Mob's instant exorcism of those evil spirits really put Dimple's strength into perspective huh? He actually had to try q bit for that one and Dimple still lived.

Is this shitposting in action?

people are definitely going to call the next episode an ass pull. it can work in the manga but the anime didn't create a proper set up.

I take it you haven't noticed the fact that there are like 10 different drawing styles in every episode

>yfw dimple beat all the spirits in the jar

Well, Onizuka also had bullshit strength and durability, so Reigen is a little more realistic. Onizuka was able to just tank anything anyone ever threw at him, even almost killing him with a crazy strong fangirl, and once they were tired - he could use his charisma.


Did we ever learn how Mob got his nickname in the manga, or was it just left as an untold past story?

I hope that gives him enough juice. I've grown to like him. I want to see him try to be God. After all, judging from his cult and his care not to let his possessed body get too hurt, he really doesn't want to be a violent God.

I always thought it was that thing about reading moonspeak a certain way that sounds differente, kinda like josuke can somehow be read as jojo.

Only stupid autists who have no idea what they're talking about will call Gratitude an asspull.
Like that one guy from before.


Does that mean Mob is Mike. Or is he Kim

No man, I meant Who is right? I can't find it anywhere.


lol what a faggot

>Thanks for detailing you pov
No problem. You seem open to discussion so explaining my pov is the least I can do.

>I think the fact that you felt any past presence of Reigen is due to you being a reader of the manga where the relationship could have been more fleshed out
Not quite, actually; despite my inherent bias as a manga reader, I've tried my best to use only what the anime gave the audience. I can definitely understand than the mostly comedic tone of most of Reigen's appearances might mislead the viewers into thinking his role in the story is limited to that of a comic-relief, but I don't believe you have to look very far to see that there's much more to him and his relationship with the titular MC than what meets the eye.
Like I already said in my previous post, his influence on Mob can always be felt even when he's not here, because he played such an important part in shaping the kid's worldview. In episode 3, he's the one to bring Mob's emotional counter back to 0% with his words, even though he had been through his first explosion since the beginning of the show. In episode 6, Reigen yet again manages to calm down his pupil after their little talk on self-defense and what place should Mob's powers occupy in his life. To focus on Reigen alone, both the vase and the Himalayan salt omakes served to highlight the contradiction that reside between his shady line of work and his sense of ethics and inner values, and thus helped further fleshing him out (hell, the vase omake even shows his strong sense of responsibility towards Mob).

The build-up was there from the very beginning (at least from my point of view). If you're willing to look past the gags, there's barely any kind of inconsistency with this week's episode, and given the preview for next week the anime is going to go even further with this.

He's an esper! he's actually using his powers to keep his wig on

Those are from when they were outside, no?

It was several times larger and would definitely get caught in the wind. Now it's a sensible size.

It's like saying JoJo doesn't care about the backgrounds because they change color all the time.

> :(
Kill yourself newfag.


why is the sad face angry now

You'll be surprising how much nips are gobbling up RWBY

I mean why are you posting about RWBY in a Mob thread? Was there some reference I missed...?

>he's always using a bit of power to keep his wig on
>even during intense battles
Teru the best.

You mean secondaries right? because moon readers repeated ad nauseum Rem Who? happens chapters after that and that would mean WF would have to include Subaru killing himself out of despair.

I thought it worked fine, mainly because of the way Reigen reacts after Mob shows his powers, and that smirk, it made it seem like he wasn't completely sincere about helping Mob and just wanted to exploit him.

Adding Reigen's part onto it later on will clarify it more.

It was featured during the stream

Re:zero ending on a happy note was the best thing to happen to the series.

It was set up fine when they showed Mob giving Teru the psychic succ.
If power can be drained like that, it's no big leap of faith to say it can be given away as well


From episode fucking one, they set up that Reigen can absorb Mob's powers.

It might have actually created a better setup since the first episode adapts the omake where Mob pretty much transfers his barrier to Reigen to protect him.

Image source?


Did Reigen not get slashed in the manga?