Who would win in a fight?

Who would win in a fight?

>SSB is stronger than SSG, the form that nearly destroyed the universe while fighting with Beerus
>SSJ4 Goku struggled to carry a bridge on his back, and Vegeta couldn't achieve it without machines


SSJ4 Gogeta curbstomped a entity that almost destroyed the universe

Yeah but that's not Gogeta in the picture.


Prove me wrong

You can't

SSJ 4 design looks pretty cool here. I fucking hate Super.

Objectively: goku ssj blue

>SSJ 4 design looks pretty cool here.

Nah it looks goofy as fuck.

If we're taking time into account, doesn't GT take place long after the events of Super? Even if GT isn't really canon, theoretically wouldn't SSJ4 be stronger than SSB simply because so much time has passed since then?

No. SSJ4 is a non-canon transformation. Just like the false super saiyan in Lord Slug. It's the strongest transformation in its own universe.

I'll give you that one. SSJ4 Gogeta is probably stronger than SSJB.

It's overdone and fanfic-tier. I'm not sold on Super yet but it's hasn't been anywhere close to as painful as GT was so far.


God ki > ningen ki

So if you are a SSJ3 you have 3 choices of getting more power: following the tail route and becoming 4, doing the god ritual or reaching the unknown blonde-haired form that succeeds the 3. They're all at the same level tbqh.


SSB's power alone is enough to beat SS4.

But even if it wasn't: SSB gives the user god ki which is undetectable. SS4 would have trouble detecting and anticipating movements against a SSB user.

Not to mention god ki's "calm nature" which allows the user to combine the form with risky power-ups such as Kaioken.

The power button on my tv.


Next time Goku uses Kaioken + Cyan hair he will become unable to use ki.

>SSJ4 is just added on chest hair
>"It's overdone."

Nice meme.

proper response to this type of thread

SSJB as a design was ruined for me when I seen pic related in every 13 year old's Youtube profile.

Your pathetic.

No, your.

Don't forget the magic pants and eyeliner


Learn to use grammar before retorting random insults, Underaged-kun

> I-I don't like it cause kids like it!
> Ignores that SS4 is loved by furries

Don't worry, now it's Black instead.

SSB doesn't feel as mystic as the first time we saw the original SSJ, so completely underwhelming. I'm liking Black's SSJR though, everything about it is aesthetically pleasing and cool as fuck.


I don't give a shit about that form as much I don't care for all these Super Saiyan Rainbow forms.

Super Saiyan 2 was the last good form, since it wasn't even given a name at first and was merely referred to as "the perfected Super Saiyan".

Both are shit, but I would choose SSJ4 since it at least has SOMETHING to do with Saiyan culture, with the whole Oozaru infusion aspect.

Why is Vegeta so short?

SSB is supposed to be simple though. It's merely SS + God ki

See above. "SS Rainbow lol" wouldn't make sense.

> Saiyan culture
SSB has to do with gods, not Saiyans

>there will never be a SSJ4 Vegeto
he didn't eat his vegetables

One of them dies to a shitty laser gun, the other one doesn't.

Anyone else pissed that the non Saiyan characters are pretty much sidelined? They basically can't do anything anymore, at least in DB and DBZ they were semiuseful, Tien even managed to take down Cell nearly that one time. I just wish they'd get giving more badass moments like that but it's nothing more than a Saiyan wankfest now.

What do you think the humans could do to receive some sort of spotlight, power up or something? Super Human sounds slightly ridiculous but I could see it working. Even Freeza managed to get his equivalent to SSJ but I wonder what the humans version of it would be like.

> Anyone else pissed that the non Saiyan characters are pretty much sidelined?

Welcome to the Buu Saga

Tien's Kikoho is one of the attacks that never really got shrugged off by someone.
But since Toriyama forgot about him so I guess that's goodbye to the human characters.
Say what you want Uub ending was superior.

Buu saga had some interesting concepts but was incredibly silly a lot of the time. Why don't the humans just learn magic or something like Babidi had?

They should introduce Uub

Why didn't Tien use his kikoho to take out all of Freeza's men or at least most of them?

> le laser gun meme

Doesn't matter how strong you are.

You lower your guard, you're fucked


wasn't Tien absent from the Frieza saga mostly?
I mean they use Poronga's wish to bring Piccolo to Namek, but can't do the same with the others right?
It's been a while since I read the manga.

Would anyone else love to see Krillin just step in and arrest a big bad at some point when it seems like he's about to claim victory?

I was refereeing to the Freeza Rebirth saga. Tien could've used Kikoho to take out a shit load of Freeza's men when they were surrounded by the thousands upon thousands.

He did

I don't know, I really don't watch Super.

SS4 couldn't even handle two Android 17's

To be fair fusion is extremely broken in Dragonball. It's literally multiplying powerlevels with each other.

If that's the case, then Super 17 should really be around Gotenks' level

>posting anime filler that never happened
Come on now, you're right but you're just hurting your argument posting that shit.

He absobed ki as well, so he got stronger every battle.

But it has the idea right.

If you need to see canon, see

> EVERY battle

What? The two whole battles he's ever had?

The whole idea of God ki is that only Gods can compete. Even ssj 9001 could not touch a ssjb. At least that's the idea. But then we have ssj2 trunks fighting ssj Rose Black...

No it's not. It's to give the user god ki, and therefore HELPS them get their strength to the realm of the gods.

But then again, SS2 is already stronger than gods like the Supreme Kai.

> But then again, SS2 is already stronger than gods like the Supreme Kai.

And SS1 is stronger than King (North) Kai

Didn't someone high up (it might have been Toriyama even) ssy that SSJG alone is stronger than SSJ4?

But the kais dont have God ki.

SSJG because anyone who isn't retarded knows it's the more powerful form. Even if you knew nothing about DB, the name alone is a giveaway. Aside from power, SSJG is just a better looking design as well in my opinion. The simplicity of it manages to keep it traditional and not over the top like SSJ3 and SSJ4 which look like retarded fanfiction. The flamboyance of SSJ4 is absolutely hard to look at with their red eyeliner and Goku's pink fur. They might as well be in a hairy 80's rock band. It really is a disgusting design only furfags can love.

he didn't learn

The animators would.
They'd make so much dosh from this.

> gods don't have god ki


They really dont, even kami was suposed to be the God of earth. Yet he's probably weaker than raditz. Supreme Kai cant even into buu, while beerus could one-shot everyone he wants to.

To be fair. King Kai is more powerful than raditz.

Also Beerus could curbstomp Omega Shenron with 1 hit honestly. Don't know why this thread was even made.