What sort of man is she into?

what sort of man is she into?



A man like me, handsome and can satisfy her in bed. You see those boobs? Yes those melons in front of her? That's right. I own those. No one can touch it but me.

Old men with big wallets.

For a second, I thought a a man was holding her from behind.

A big black bull with American Dorra.

Hopefully beta losers with small dick like me

I forgot, was Galko book smart?

If not, I look forward to being her 10th costumer of the day at the soaplands.

Let's go MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmotorboatinggggggggggggggg!!!

irl this. In animu reality, probably some twink faget with technicolor hair.

Considering she's blonde and white, most likely big black ones

Lil dick niggaaa


IRL a nigger. In anime a fat ugly nerd with glasses


You know the answer to that.

She likes horses and thinks a black actor is handsome. Let's do some math here.

She wants to be a housewife to a working husband, so that automatically excludes black people.

That just means that she'll got knocked up by a black guy, and the white guy will raise Galko's son.

Probably a rich white guy, considering as they are considered fashionable to date in Japan and most people that live there are afraid of niggers.

>this will never be you

Thanks Satan for that, I'm unemployed and providing for at least 3 would be my worst nightmare in this situation.

shota or yuri

Not (You)

Pretty sure she likes Otako

I'm sure she would help you get the money



I can see it.

No she wants to be a mother to her husband's son not her son

She'd be into any even-tempered dude with a stable job who'd make a good dad and husband.

you mean black men and guys who fucked black men?


Daily reminder gyaru is a slut, sluuuuut

one who will satisfy her unquenchable thirst for kids

Guy that will be able to provide for her and her children. Rich beta with NTR/hotwifing fetish.

whats going on here?

One that could be a good father. So (you) just got destroyed, black guys can't be good fathers. Discussion is over.

Galko is pretty smart, she's just not a morning person.

Terry Crews is a good father who loves his children. Boom. I just destroyed the destroyer. Discussion is over, again.


If that is true then why anyone would be mad about Galko liking a hollywood star?


because they're racist bigots just like you

Because they want to be Terry.

Small, insecure shota she can teach the ropes and take full advantage of without getting in trouble. Even better if they younger than 75% of her age and can father children with

Because they have small dicks and are virgins.

Sauce porfa.

>what sort of man is she into?

You could cut the sexual tension with a pair of scissors.

who is this 3DPD gyaru goddess?

She's going to end up with some really kakkoi guy who's actually quite friendly and approachable.

>tfw everyone forgot about the OTP

haha, nope.


He's a faggot. He'd be a terrible dad.

inverted nipples

He's already got a flatty gf.

Please, Charao knows deep inside his precious childhood friend is the one, and Galko too.

i miss tan and shark, also smug mom

more hmanga when

image says it all
Galko's not interested in beta white cucks

They're both Japanese though.

>inverted nipples
>wants to be impregnated

The dough-kneeding geek has better chance, he is a manlet and looks almost like a shota.