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Ruby Pre-Birthday Thread

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Kurosawa Ruby is a giant Baby!

I only see Akarin~

She's very cute with her hair like that.

>get told Ruby is the best character in the show
>she's actually the worst

Wall sex with Riko.

Chin in hand wall-sex?

>believing whatever you read on the internet
You only have yourself to blame.

Even if she's not on You's level she's still pretty good.

That's cause she's not Riko

Wall in hand chin-sex

Chin in wall hand sex

I'll change Ruby's first birthday diaper!

Where were you when Dia get BTFO?

Hand in sex chin wall

Me second from the left

What are these Tokyo girls doing with their long skirts

Sex with Yoshiko would feel normal, compare to what you have to do with Riko.

Awyes Ruby's birthday soon


Ganbaruby? More like Gangbang Ruby.

But sex with Yohane should feel outta this world.

Chika the most pretty

Hanamaru, that's not something you should talk about in public.

Ruby is for headpats not for fucking

But its still her birthday!

Would Mari still love Kanan if she didn't have big titties?

Is Riko looking at chuuni butt?

Chika a shit

Rubyfags are retarded.

Those aren't necessarily exclusive.

Wow, no way user.

Good question

>tfw I pass by those stairs everyday on the way to work

It's surreal seeing this city in an anime

Her ugly bangs are even worse as a kid

Who isn't?

Would anyone?

Headpats while banging my Ruby?
why isn't there a doujin of this yet

Dia and Maru?


I want to lick her under her boobs so badly.


Because you're here shitposting on Cred Forums instead of making it.

Don't do it, it would hurt her.

Mods will report you if you shitposting

You work on a tree?

i'd rather draw DiaRuby wincest because i can'r draw men.

They don't even hide it.

Dia confirmed irrelevant.

Butt sex with Yohane should feel outta this world.

People are only joking when they say they like Ruby right?

How is hearing Rubesty over and over entertaining.

No, I just bike pass it. The stairs don't actually lead anywhere, it's just a pair of stairs in the middle of a pond.

For stating the truth?

Go back to your basement, faggot. Of course someone as obnoxious as you would be a Youfag.


People are only joking when they say they like You right?

How is hearing Yosoro over and over entertaining.

i've always liked Ruby since the moment the AQOURS characters were first shown.

What are you waiting for, then? Do it, now.

It's detachable!

Why are Youfags so annoying?

Because i need to buy a new drawing tablet first.

>responding to tripfags
>being a salty rubyfag
one more strike and you're outta here!

>answering to kanannigger
>answering to tripfags
10 Days left to vote for which Aqours should be the cover girl next February. Vote ends at 11:59 JST.

Wait, Lelouch is still alive?

Easy there Youfag, your blandina princess already got her redeeming episode last week so there's no need to fling shit at others.

You will win anyway.

i gave up on these damn polls
my Ruby isn't popular enough at all to compete with You and Hanamaru

I believe that's 3 Rubabby

>replying to tripfags
>replying to Lelouch of all tripfags
Pure cancer.

What's wrong with being a Rubyfag?

It was more about the "salty" part.

As expected of Youfags, once her little borefest darling gets attacked they get all defensive trying to wash their hands from this mess.
Besides, as cancerous as Lelouch is, he still isn't that different from your typical Youfag.

When the younger girl you like is in love with your little sister.

You can keep forcing that Youfag bullshit, won't make it any more true. Just deal with the fact that you were stupid enough to fall for a tripfag and save yourself any further embarrassment.

I wonder how old her sisters are since normally people from the age of 19-25 don't exist in anime.

As expected of Rubyfags. Just jelly You always wins. Ruby might win one some day

isn't that chika's sister who's always at the inn's cashier? what a weird ship, was it only because of the episode 2 scene where she said "You-chan is cute as always"?

Bitch fuck off, Youtards are the ones who started shit, rubyfags are innocent.

Happy Birthday to Anya of Cinderella Project, Riko from Aqours and Jedah of T7s.

Put your trip back Ledouce

>it's still Riko's birthday
>Ruby Pre-Birthday Thread
>rubyfags are innocent.
Fuck off.

I'm not jealous



Thanks for shitting up another thread, Youfags. I guess all the bitching you guys made after episode 10 where your fragile You got the short end of the stick (for ONE fucking episode) wasn't enough to satisfy all of you morons.

>Every thread calls Ruby a giant baby
>This image
Crap, I think I'm developing a ruby giantess fetish.

Ruby was pretty popular to start with, just not as popular as You. Now her rank has been falling with almost every poll.

Best girls. They are my favorites of each respected series

are you the guy who tweeted this

Is Ruby mentally handicapped?

>giantess fetish
That's one way to look at it.

It's PTSD.

It's probably less of her falling than more of everyone else rising since they've finally gotten their own episode.

Nope I don't even post on tweeter

Which trio would you choose?

1 - Chika, Hanamaru & Mari
2 - You, Riko & Kanan
3 - Dia, Ruby & Yoshiko

why is this more cute than insulting

She's young and innocent with a childish side nothing wrong with that.
if it's about the PIGII, Dia did the same as a kid, is she mentally handicapped? no.

Gimme trio 3.

I like that trio 2 are all related to Chika though. The Chika lovers.

I NEED an episode of these two sisters punching each other after a big argument.

I'm not the user that you were talking to, but no offense, there's not being a normal-fag, and then there's being so completely ignorant of the real world that you somehow not know how to spell Twitter. I mean, I don't use Twitter and even I know how to spell it. It's either that or you're covering your ass so hard, you've accidentally gone full retard.

The kurosawa sisters are too cute.

So dorks

>Doujin about Ruby and Dia getting into a fight after Ruby fucks Dia's boyfriend

You and Riko since one likes to fantasize about performing a kabedon while the other fantasize about getting one.

whoa there, no violence against Ruby and Dia.

Yes they are.

>smile from llsif
>autistic dorks

The third trio is basically by top 3 so easily them.

It isn't "violence", user, it's tough love between siblings.

I'm fucking losing it over the Chika Force. They come together because of their love for Chika but they always undermine each other in their advances for her.


Since when does Kanan love Chika?

>love for chika

please, don't put that delusion into your head.

Me on the right.


More You and Riko friendship when?


That feeling when you get NTR'd by Michael
or is it Steve

Christ alive I wish I was a cute anime girl and had cute anime girl friends

Would you sexually fuck your friends?

Should they not have similar hair colour?

guys I miss muse girls

Having the same eye color is enough.

Prim and proper ojous with a quirk or two just do it for me.

Send her out to the big city for a comp and she's itching the ditch to these kabe don books.

I feel melancholic whenever I see them post a new photo of them meeting up

Loli Honk Clone passing through.

Riko comes off as a compulsive masturbator with that quantity of books

Afraid of getting molested in the train obviously

Obviously they got their hair color from their parents.

*wink* nicomaki *wink*

Kanan sure had a lot of childhood friends. Chika, You, Dia and Mari to name them all.

I'm not sure about it.

I like how Chika seems like the craziest of the second years at first glance until you consider that You jumped off a balcony after a uniform and Riko apparently bought dozens of books of a very specific fetish during her trip to Tokyo for a piano competition

Ooshima Tomo pls


Going with Chika force.

Dia is could pass off as a NicoMaki daughter but Ruby is too insecure


I just hope season2 stops it with the muse references. Godamn it, it's about fucking time aqwhores makes their own path and not just rely on their predecessors.

They just confirm something that everyone knew, Riko is lewd as fuck.

She still has that shyness from Maki. Not all personality you need to copy it from your parents.

Can we all become idols too?

You think it was maybe just a little joke?

If you believe in yourself and you know shit like that, why not?

Only if you are cute, like this guy.

Maki's is not really shy she's just tsundere

All the µ's stuff became the worst part of S1 once it was made clear that they'd never actually appear. I guess I might be in the minority here, but I didn't enjoy an episode of Sunrise trying to squeeze out one last wave of µ's nostalgia while reminding us we'll never see them again. The least they can do is fully let them go now.

Looks like everyone is saving their rubesty comments for the actual birthday thread

Stupid rubyposter

Definitely group 2

The µ's left nothing behind thing was kind of depressing. I thought the Nico Idol Club would still be a thing and considering how big it was at the end of the movie should have been something to consider for LLS2. I wonder how µ's club dissipated over time

Ruby is still Maki's daughter, though.

I'll do my Rubesty to Rubypost as much as i can just for you, user.

Riko is a pure maiden

Did you guys scan the QR code yet?

What the hell, watched the movies twice at theaters and twice at home but I never realized, is that Riko on the middle of second row!? The hair is too identical.

Never mind Ruby's birthday– It's still Riko's birthday!

That was yesterday, but keep going.


I'm sorry user but you were late to the party. Better luck next year.

She is too young unfortunately


Not everyone is in Japan's timezone. It's her birthday in America.

Everydays her birthday Inot my eyes. One should always celebrate the birth of a goddess

I was here yesterday. I guess all the shitposting must have fucked up your memory.


but her birth was in japan's time zone

How come he doesn't have a dick?

So is Riko a lesbian or not? I don't get this kabedon meme.

>Riko wants to be Kabedon'd
>You wants to do Kabedon


That was dumb too. The use of µ's in the show was always controversial and I was holding out hope that there would be some fulfillment. In the end, µ's was there for hype and nothing more. After a full season of adoring them, Aqours made a spur-of-the-moment second trip to Tokyo and magically came to the obvious realization that they can't be like µ's, they have to be their own thing. And even though µ's became legends and saved their school, there was nothing left behind. Uh, they wanted it that way, their hearts will always be connected, don't ask about it. Remember that group you loved so much, they're gone, but please love the new girls the same way.

I should probably just shut the fuck up about it so I can forget about it (and spare the thread my negativity)

That doesn't mean the rest of the world can't celebrate her birthday when it comes in their respective time zone(s).

The self-insert books all have women on the cover and we also have the ED picture of Chika satisfying her fetish, but yeah retarded hetfags will say she wants to fuck the wall or that she self-inserts as the wall

Is it even possible?

smart use of angles.

The kabedon fetish doesn't contradict all her pandering scenes with Chika. Walls don't have a sex. She just wants to smack them or hold their chin.

Maybe she did know that I look at it.


I'm sorry that you misinterpreted me but Riko's birthday has been officially over for more than an hour.
You CAN post Riko but the celebration is over.

And please don't be so rude over facts, it makes you look like an asshole, asshole.

I'm not joking Ruby was and is my favorite member of Aqours

The writers did such a good job burning down bridges during the first series and movie but what they forgot was

1) µ's was Honoka's project then Rin's
2) Idol Research Club was Nico's project then Hanayo's
3) Arisa and Yukiho continuing the club and the idol group
4) The number of people wanting to join and be idols

µ's and the idol club were two separate things with Honoka begin the leader of µ's and Nico being the president of the research club

Dude, I don't know what is going on with Riko and You's Chika infatuation. I don't want to call them gay but there are times where I am beginning to think that they are.

QR code is invalid due to one of the big corner squares not actually being in the corner.

Same here.


Sexy concept with Riko.

>Gather around fallen ones and let me tell you a story
>Once upon a time in a small ocean city there was cute little girl named Ruby
>Ruby was physically quite small and fragile, a bit short for her age, but was mentally tough and assertive
>When she saw children fighting on the playground, she would step in
>When she saw kids stealing, she would turn them in
>When she saw kids lying, she would bring the truth in
>The young little girl named Ruby was a natural born leader, a strong moral presence, everyone would chant "ganbaruby" as she ruled her school
>Yes, she had a high moral ground, so one day when she saw her older sister doing something naughty, she threatened to tell their parents
>"O-Onee-san! What are you doing touching your no-no area!"
>The onee-san looked over at Ruby at first with shock for being caught, but that shock soon turned into anger
>"If you tell Otou-san and Oka-san about this I am going to hurt you"
>The young Ruby was not afraid of her elder sister, even though she was weaker than her older sister physically, she knew her sister was submissive and weak minded, someone she could easily put into place
>"I won't tell them this time but If i catch you being naughty again I will!"
>Ruby walked off as her sister put her kitty panties back on
>Her older sister knew she was going to get caught again, she had to do something quickly
>That night, Ruby woke to the sight of her sister, naked on top of her
>She wanted to scream but her sister was gagging her with a cloth
>The elder sister ripped Ruby's clothes off, eyes filled with lust
>Ruby resisted but her elder sister was simply too strong, she cried as she felt her sister suck her cute little nipples
>Her sister slobbered all over her body and then began to run her hand down Ruby's hairless pussy
>She could not understand what was happening, finally her elder sister spoke
>"Ruby, you're a really naughty girl for letting someone touch you in your naughty place"

>"If you tell anyone about this, even Otou-san and Oka-san, everyone is going to know you're just a dirty little liar and an impure girl"
>The idea of being so impure struck fear in Ruby's heart
>Her identity as a hero of justice was being torn down with every finger that entered her body
>She passed out that night and fell asleep
>This continued for years, and as it continued Ruby slowly lost her moral high ground
>She knew how impure she was, she knew she had no place being a hero of justice
>Eventually she began to fear everything, especially her sister
>The trauma eventually got to her, and she began to enjoy her sister handling her tight body
>Eventually Ruby's breasts grew and hair started growing on her pussy, her elder sister quickly lost interest in her
>She was simply a husk of her former self now
>Her life was meaningless, only finding solace in the friendship with her best friend at school
>One day she came home to find children's panties on the floor, she knew she had never worn these and that they werent her sisters. She walked up into her room and heard whimpering as she passed her sisters room. She looked through a crack in the door and saw her sister molesting a different little girl
>As soon as she looked over at her sister, her Elder sister made eye contact with her and made a devious smile
>She grabbed the little girl and whispered to her and laid her down on the bed
>She walked towards Ruby and opened the door
>"Ruby. I heard you had a cute little friend at school. Hanamaru was it? I hope nothing bad happens to her."
>Ruby understood what she meant. If Ruby told anyone about this, her sister would go after he best friend
>Tears filled her eyes and she nodded, she knew what she had to do
>She lived constantly in fear that day on, putting up the facade of a cute little sister, as her elder sister molested small children
>All too protect her best friend, she knew she had to stay strong

I want to marry her

Me wit hYou

>NTR artists have moved on from You to Mari


I want to make her guzzle my cum in a public toilet stall then never see her again.

I'm still digesting the last episode but there's something about it that rubs me the wrong way I think. Even after we've been told Aqours have moved on from trying to copy µ's they're still 9 girls with 3 in each grade singing the same type of music and the name of the show is still Love Live and they were added to the same cell phone game and doing the same seiyuu activities and concerts and it's all the same. The message just felt like bullshit intended to fool the audience about the franchise moving forward when it really hasn't.

I want her and sister to pee in mouth.


The other groups got more popular than they did. they can't ride on µ's fame forever and it was a matter of time before corporate sponsored school idol groups popped up (Think King Music, aka the company that runs the 48g.) and managed to even push UTX out of their usual top spot as Saint Snow struggled (but not as bad as Aquors).

Why is Dia a pedo?

Love Live is incredibly yuri pandering. Since there are pretty much no guys, it goes further to yuri pander. Pretty much gay until proven otherwise.

I want to do things to her. They are all going to be lewd

I thought sponsors were illegal for school idols but not for pros.

Well rules can change and no one can stop the AKB48 mogul, it all starts harmlessly, like maybe a talent scout on behalf of the 48g scouting the winners from the Love Live Tournament and then you got them picking the cream from the crop and eventually the whole LoveLive changes. We haven't even seen number one yet.

The only final blow it needs is someone coming out of the closet and tell the audience she is indeed gay.

Little sister needs to be spanked

what was she saying before 'fayah' 1 week in and im still curious


But if they go pro then the anime will be like every other idol anime out there. I like the concept these girls are doing it on their own and with the resources given to them. If they go pro then we get staff, producers, TV, movies, CMs, bosses, less singing and lots more drama

Thanks user, I needed this

Ruby is the best girl

Also I don't think Sunshine will ever be as popular as the original feels bad man.

Something something Engrish, something something OH MY GOD

What did Muse have different?

They were fresh.

I just hope they're popular enough to keep the franchise going.



What happens after Aqours' runtime? Will they spawn another group? I bet that will get extremely repetitive.

I like your yoshimaru story. Hoping you'll bring more.

You has some big cheeks

I don't think I'll ever get bored with Love Live thighs desu

Yup if there's one thing LL gets right is the character design, compare it to the skinny bitches from [email protected] they get completely destroyed

she sure does have some big cheeks.

Maybe, they are in it now thanks to the precedent that µ's set. What I hope they do is not forward time skips but maybe something like Saki and do a concurrent timeline where there are other idol groups of 9 who are idoling at the same time as Aqours/µ's. We will just have to wait and see.

You two. You understand.

Other schools also competing at the same time would be interesting

>Skinny [email protected] bitches
I'm just now realizing how skinny they all are compared to the thick raibus

Kanako Mimura exists.

We've been watching Sunshine for a while now so it's easy to forget only 3.5 of the original muses weren't totally anorexic.

It also leaves the door open for cameos and protects ratings

Some Japanese guy pointed out that the Tokyo Metro map from Dia's childhood shows a metro line which was opened in 2008, suggesting that Sunshine current time is at least takes place many years after Love Live.

>Since the Fukutoshi line existed in Dia's childhood, the story takes place after 2026.

Presumably he added 2008 with 18 (Dia's age as a third year student) to get 2026. It's a bit off since that would assume Dia to be 0 years old in her childhood, but it does tell us it's been at least almost a decade since Muse. Little wonder we see nothing of Muse in Sunshine.

But [email protected] girls are pros, normal is considered obese

I tought it was like 4-5 years later?

I see, the tumblrwhales are here.

I'd rather fap to a LL character than a [email protected] one how is that tumblr

Either that or they slipped up on their research. If there is anything I notice about Love Live fans, its that they pay attention to detail. I really hope we don't get anymore timeskips.

I can believe it, the new WTC was completed in 2014 and our girls visited around that time

Who said that and where are you getting that from?

We need more fat idols like the rice gobbler from muse.

Please no, I can barely stand Hanamaru as it is. Her body might be great but she's annoying as fuck and so was Hanayo.

You likes jumping over others doesn't she?


I'd watch a Saint Snow or ARISE story. Or something about Honoka going solo after Muse breaks up, with a new set of more mature themes and a less idealistic worldview.

I hope you shit a lego out of your butthole.

It's almost like she's using others to catapult herself because she can't do it on her own!

Calm down, Yoshiko.

Chika is for _____

>Mari not taking advantage of her perfect view

I was incredibly impressed with how accurately they depicted NYC in the School Idol Movie


>Chin in hand wall sex

Please put out figures so I can look at their panties already

Mari's face is making me giggle.

The key is what age Dia was as a child. Some people speculate 10, around P4 age, in which case Sunshine would be 2016. But it's extremely unlikely for Muse to have just totally disappeared in two years' time (since confirms Love Live to be at least 2014) so I'd say Dia must have been younger.

Who are we kidding, though? Muse's total disappearance is more symbolic than plot-based, since the idea behind the group was them shining the brightest they could within their limited time together. Muse wasn't supposed to last.

I find it ironic that in an episode about Aqours moving on from Muse we are still treated to a barrage of references to the original Love Live series:
>Kid Honoka
>Everyone saying "arigatou gozaimashita" to the school like Muse did in S2 ep 13 to the roof
>Seaside and train station where Muse broke up in S2 ep 11
>Chika catches a white feather just like in the S2 EDs

I do like the references, though. Sunshine wouldn't have as much of its emotional power without the constant references to Love Live.

her face reminds me of someone else

They only have busts right now, but still no figures

She finally got to do ass-2-ass with Kanan

I wonder if they share a double ended dildo some times

She was a muse idolfag though. So she had to have been old enough when they were still relevant to care.

Has Love Live or anime seiyuus in general made anyone here a Nip loving fag? I can't see myself marrying any woman who isn't japanese, and I mean ethnic japanese, not those dumb Americanized japanese girls I always run into

Only Aiai has managed to trick me back into 3D so far.

No it's just sucked me further down the 2D rabbit hole.

I want to marry Mari

About 8 years ago, but I got out of that phase pretty quickly when you realize IRL japan is not like 2D japan

Their competition is going pro I mean to say, for them they are sticking with themselves for support

Their next big opponent wont be only Saint Snow but some heavily sponsored group from overseas who is recruited Japanese girls with the intention of taking them away from what they perceive as a stale industry to go somewhere where they could expand.

Like Momo Hirai from TWICE who became a KPOP because her choreo doesn't match the energetic but "untalented" idol choreo here

I appreciate a seiyuu's work and even understand some with talent or charisma getting a cult following, but that's it. As far attraction goes, 3D trying to look cute is still PD.


I can't decide who I'd rather be.

if i was the animator i wouldn't pass the chance to rickroll everyone curious about the qr code



Did the pace of LLS just slow down?

It is still summer vacation right?

It had to, I doubt they'd have two love lives in quick succession again.

The pace is so slow it feel like a 2 cour

Aqours will loose the Love Live to some other group that isn't Saint Snow. Then Aqours will proceed to defeat them in the next Love Live in S2.

it's gonna be like LL

they'll rescue the school in s1, win love live in s2

Shh, Ruby's sleeping


Maybe we will get 26 episodes next cour or even a 3rd cour. I can only hope

I wish I could believe that Sunshine might get more content than the original but I just don't see it.

Don't let her out of bed.

Bad Ruby!

Please... not this piss again...

>Rescue the school
They'll just change the "0" students attending the open house into a literal "1." It'll be the girl from Otonokizaka, from the top ranked idol group from Tokyo, whose influence will save the school rather than Aqours themselves. Even with last episode's conclusion, they still live in µ's shadow.

Shitto is Japanese for jealousy apparently

Allow me to wake her up with my dick.


Ruby is the one girl I'd have to marry before I could lewd her. Too sweet and innocent. Or even if it's an act, it works on me


I've been to Tokyo in the late spring and they mostly wear their skirts that long. No idea if they're usually shorter outside of Tokyo though.

This guy understands how treat Ruby.


But does he understand Ruby treats him?

What about peeping on Ruby while she dresses herself?

That wink
what are you implying

Can we talk about good raibus and not this Ruby slut that tries so hard to be cute?

That is the frustrating thing about Love Live franchise in general. There's always a ticking clock. Sunshine already established graduation for the third years isn't far away.

Do you want to talk about Maki? Just say so, we don't bite, well the Rubyfags do.

You can either:
a) Fuck off
b) Kill yourself
c)All of the above

This would be hard to resist, I can't lie

Stop replying to yourself.

Wow, fuck off man.
If you want to talk about anyone else then do so but not need to insult Ruby.

Why does Ruby trigger the shitposters?

You missed

It's her fault for being so bullyable.

How come people still do this? It just makes you look new and stupid.

Slutty Chika

Kananfags are cute CUTE

I don't get this wall meme.

She has nothing left after Yohane took over Zuramaru. Also, her meme isn't that good.

It's true, and we all like haggu's.


My biggest problem with this is cropping the leftmost poster just above her delicious thighs

What about Kananfagfags?

>background girl that will never appear again is adorable as fuck
Why do they do this to me?

Am I retarded for not understanding how Riko's hands left dark marks?

I see you took the advice someone gave you in the last thread about sex and violence selling.

It should be more of a red color, but those imprints are what happens when someone grips your skin really tightly if your skin is pale enough.

Speaking of, how are Chika, You, and Kanan not already tanned all the time? They spend plenty of time by the ocean.

Would Mari be the jealous type?

I normally don't ship the characters but there's two I can actually get behind: Rikowall and KananKananfag.

Truly this episode gave us much to enjoy.

We just have to cope with it.

I want them to put double-ended anal beads up each others ass. Then have a contest where they try to pull the opponents beads out.
Who would win?

There's no way Mari's soft butt can contend with Kanan's toned ass muscles.

I feel like Kanan would win. She's /fit/ so she's got the advantage.

Respect the Ruby, or else.

Or else hagu

I want a hagu from all sunshine girls.

Or just Ruby if everybody else are busy.

I want to respect Ruby forcefully.

Would hagu Ruby every second of my life if i could


Is this heaven?

What if Chika bruises easy? At first I thought it was a lighting thing or she was wearing something but this funny


Gyaru raibu when?

Nukes aren't enough for people who disrespect Ruby.


Chika look like cute cat!
Thanks for photo user!

>or she was wearing something
Corpse paint Chika when?

I thought she wore a shit ton of makeup, something like Yohanne

>Worst girls have back to back birthdays

No chika is only wearing makeup when on a performance.
Lipstick is makeup?


Spotted the Youtard

Obvious shop. 4/10

As a guy I just assume it is

I want to feed the Chika also!

Fuck you and your bait.
Even if Ruby ends up #9 on these damn polls one day, she's still #1 for me

This all that matter user, only matter who number #1 in your heart!

I want to feed on the Chika

The shippers are getting out of control

We need more of this.

Cover her armpits with tangerine juice and lick it off


That's kind of how I react to people offering me food too.

Kurosawa Dia is also a giant baby!

Are you an animal?


I can never see Noppo pan the same way again


Nah, I'm just poor, really really hungry, and few people offer me food anyway, so it's always a nice thing when they do.

How the hell is a girl like Dia so lazy, along with the rest of them group?

See this, what to do?

What is going on here?

Take her to my studio.

Who are you again?

Take pics of Dia in erotic positions

You have something on your chin girl.

Uranohoshi will close. But the school's soul will choose to forward in time in order to be the brightest and happiness and merged with Otonokizaka

Saint Snow's school who loves µ's too and will want to be close, but since Uranohoshi is becoming one with Otonokizaka, they will move close by and merge with UTX instead

Is it too late?

>Outright groped You
Not really, she just likes Kanan's air tanks more

Riko pls, we all know where it's going.

Nah it's still her birthday in some country


Chika is a pure, innocent girl!

Dumb Re Zerofag

Dumb YoshiRikofag

Dumb redditshitter

>That Riko scream
Chika is not allowed to look at Riko's porn collection.

Arigato user, buu buu desu wa.


Get the fuck out Nozomi


I don't even use reddit or watch re zero

>Not "my wife's daughter"



we shouldn't enable /u/ fags, not even on memes

I'm ruined for marriage to anyone but Shukashuu now, thanks Love Live.

Thanks for reminding me,

No no, not fat

You have been waiting to post that, haven't you?

But this is a /u/ thread.

how can one girl be so hot?
please explain to me Cred Forums

LLS onsen episode when?


Higher fat percentage stores heat better, it's quite disgusting really.
She NEEDS a dietician if she plans to see 30m

the secret is in the parfaits

Plz don't sexualize Nozomi. She is surprisingly shy.

I want to lick Nozomi's feet

This is America you pleb, speak standard measurements!

Why was this allowed?

>defending shit measurements

For shame

Her non lewd side is pretty cute

Then should do so, user.

nozomi is sexy and she knows it: a dangerous combination

Why is she perfect

Shy Nozo is high test gap moe.

You know what is funny, I thought Umi would try to revive old Japanese measurement systems. Considering her strong nationalist tendencies and hatred of the dark ones.

>Yoshiko doesn't like to show her stomach and wear mini shorts.
>people in pixiv still keep drew her that way.

When will they learn?

I've cracked the code.

>For months we thought the ED represented the OTPs
>When in actuality, it was the OP


Because she's a shrine maiden, she's blessed by the idol gods

>you're too old and grumpy for a nico-nico-smile


rat butt!





>Third wheel
I'm okay with this.

>nips hate rin

how dare they
the girl just want to look cute in a frilly dress

>Even without Daddy, I’m always going nico nico nii with a smile on my face, just like he wanted!
>Sometimes I would look up to the sky and ask myself, if Daddy saw Nico now, what would he think?
>Even though he’s not here anymore, Nico’s family still smiles just like he did.

why she does that?
someone should teach nozomi a lesson about personal space and tell her to fuck off

They all belong to Nozomi so it's okay.

They can't keep getting away with it

Sexual harassment isn't wrong if you're a cute girl doing it to other girls

I want to squeeze Kotori's breasts as well. With her consent of course.

Rin tried to washi washi Nozomi Silly Kanan, you can't sue the rich

Didn't kotori grope Nozomi instead?

Only one woman for the job

Because Eli wants to get washi washi by Nozomi.
That's why she lets Nozomi do her thing, hoping that she will get some action.

I thought Nozomi has gotten everybody, I don't know if anyone got her

>tfw Rin taught You how to beat people up.

Papa sailor probably teach You how to fight off perverts.

Only in the school idol diary.

This pretty much sums everything up

>Sexy dynamite
>Not sexual harasho
Worst writing fuckup in OG Love Live

>Nozomi never tries to washi Eli
Really makes you think.

Nozomi knows how to seperate business from pleasure. Her disciplinary washi washi is her group business and she washi washi's eli in private for pleasure. They weren't actually heading out to get parfaits.

Looks like she's gently rubbing her nipples rather than groping her boobs.

Why is she on a bed with a boy?

Then what were they doing? They said they were eating parfaits.

Does anyone actually watch this? I just fap to the doujins

She's a slut.

If it weren't for the mobage I wouldn't watch it.

I want to cuddle Dia-san too, but I'm afraid society won't like it. Damm there's no such thing as free country.

I am totally invested in the anime, not so much the games or 3D stuff. Also this was the last doujin I got off to

It's too late.

What is the best LLS doujin so far?


This one was good. I hope it gets translated soon.

Anyone else like not being in Tokyo?

There is something comfy about shows that are not in Tokyo.

Burd doujin.

>First it was greasy otaku
>Then it was old men
>Then we got used condoms
>Now we have date rape drugs
I guess this is the new thing

There are no good Aqours doujins yet. Waiting impatiently for Yuran or the guy that did the UR the Best doujins to get on the train.

I notice You, Yohanne, Hanamaru, and Ruby are the big ones

Actually "Ore No Kannojo Ha Ruby To Hanamaru/My honey Ruby and Hanamaru" was pretty nice aswell.

What does zura mean?

Regional variant of "desu."

Something picked up from a book or TV

>muse sing about feelings and her own insecurities
>a-rise sing about being sluts

so why people like a-rise again

What does "desu" mean?

Because they are sluts and I don't have to feel attached to them

Because I want to cum on Tsubasa's forehead.

Because plebs only care about th image. Seriously, you can't really say A-RISE is better than Muse. They're are only more professional.

Fuck when is the Burd and Maki doujin going to get translated I'm tired of fucking waiting.

bootleg nico is kinda cute

Hanayo would make a cute Nico


I hate this shitty character so much. Rice isn't even that good.

Hanayo looks so soft got damn. I was to find out how soft her puffy 14 year old pussy is.

I want to like Hanayo but she looks exactly like my mom.

She is pretty bland, she and Rin are the absolute bottom of the barrel for idols.

>sisters have sex while imagining each other as guys

For what purpose?

Guess I want to fuck you're mom, sorry bro.


Practice, obviously. Japanese lesbianism is something girls grow out of once they leave high school, not something that ruins them for life like in the west.

Would your mom rap?

Why would you need to practice for sex. How is lesbian sex good practise for straight sex.

Sounds like a social expectation, people expect you to do it then get out of it just like earlier stages of childhood

Am I the only one who likes this retard? I dunno mane genki tomboys are my soft spot.

>Rin adds nya to the end of her sentences occasionally
>dumb cat
>Hanayo brings up rice during one episode and the movie
>annoying, fat, muh rice
>Hanamaru is canonically the new Rin, can't open her mouth without saying zura, constantly eating/advertising junk food
>so cute
What happened?

Everything is the same until penetration. The initiation, the kissing, the embracing, the striping, body movements

They can use the experience to teach men how to carpet munch.

She has a good singing voice but the genki tomboy and catgirl archetypes just kind of sit on top of each other and don't fit together in any meaningful way.

She's in my top two for the OG cast so no.

I named my cat after this retard, come at me.

King happened. No matter how irrelevant she is, Hanamaru will always have the best voice in Aqours. Same reason anybody likes Eli.

I like to lewd her tight body.

My only critique is that Rin is way too common a name in anime and it would be obviously weeby to anyone entry level enough for Type Moon shit.

Do you pronounce it as "reen?"

No, I'm not a fucking weeaboo.

She's co-named after FSN Rin because she's a cute tsundere in addition to being a hyperactive dumbass like LL Rin.

Honestly it took time for me to digest her stupid cat trope but now it feels natural.

Honoka and Nozomi are common too

Which Aqours members would be most likely to enjoy the movie Creed?

Probably ufufu desu wa

What is Snow Halation about?

>the spreading of light beyond its proper boundaries to form a fog around the edges of a bright image in a photograph or on a television screen.
Freezing to death from cold until your vision starts blurring, probably.

In other worlds, who will like sweaty man?

I thought it was a regular love song at first, and then I thought it was about having a waifu, and now I'm not sure.

Spiting in Nico's mouth

She should've stuck her tongue inside Nico's mouth right there

Which Aqours members would be most likely to enjoy the band Creed?

sometimes I wish I was a cute 2D idol and Cred Forums would love me and make me their waifu and draw lewds of me and make silly memes about me

It's a love song.

LOOK AT THIS __________

One day user

>I was a cute 2D idol

no thanks
imagine all those doujinshi about you getting gangraped by faceless old men

Which Aqours members would be most likely to enjoy the game Assassin's Creed?

I doubt any of them have taste as shit as that.

At least I could make Cred Forums happy by providing fap material. And it wouldn't really happen to me, it's just stuff people draw about me

the eyetalian one

Will You ever be loved?

Next season for sure

You giving Riko the kabe don when?

Does that mean that nozomi is used goods?

Yoshiko loves video games, it's obviously her.

She is already loved.

reminder that Nico is a dirty food thieving poorfag

Yeah, by me.

I have that card its pretty good.

I say (You) don't
Wanna fuck with Aquors
(Cuz why?)
Cuz Aquors
Will fuckin hagu you

I was so happy when she stopped wearing those fucking MC Hammer pants. She still had a bad personality but like another user said she has a nice voice.

I named mine DIO and (Kuchiki) Toko, and bought them custom art tags of DIO posing and Toko's painting Azure. You ain't got shit on me.

maki a slut

does that count as a dab


I would lick her delicious flat chest, but that's it

I wish I had a delicious flat chest that anons would want to lick

I don't want to lick your chest user but if you're in the area and got money you don't want I'm sure we cold work something out.

You will never be loved by anyone.



He means by actual characters, not dirty weebs who would rape her if they had the chance

They're all loved, unless you mean romantically in which case none is. Fuck you and fuck your implications.

Call me a dirty weeb if you will, but raping a Love Live is worse than murder for me