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Nami misses her beloved Sanji-kun so much.
Nami will fight Big Mom I bet.

the other thread isn't even at 500 replies you dumb fucking cancerous idiot


Pudding is CUTE

Her true form is better

Even the real life actors like each other.
It's happening guys. You can't stop it anymore.


so much delusion in one thread rn Lmfao


>posting 3d shit
you're part of the problem

Kill yourself.



Her body is fineeee. If she had bigger tits she would be perfect.

>year of sanji actually came
>it's shaping up to be fucking great
luffyfags so fucking quiet lmao

what's her endgame?

Luffyfags BTFO

dumping my one piece humor collection. Feel free to save.




She wants to keep Sanji to herself.







Stop. Is not funny faggot.

I find them hilarious but you're free to have your own opinions.


You're free to have your own opinion but try not to come off as a cunt and samefag while you express them.

is it killing you that I'm posting a few pics I find funny? You're literally free not to open them if you don't like them and share something else instead.

This thread is shaping up to be absolutely hilarious



anyway is 9fag really think that this is funny?


It has to be bait. Where the fuck are the new moderators?

He got triggered for some reason. Fuck that faggot


no, i mean are the people from 9fag really think this kind of joke/meme really funny?

>yfw there are people in this very thread that prefer the first one over the second

This post is the epitome of being a big angry baby yelling at his own screen. I'm sharing pics I liked and collected on an image board. Some people find them hilarious You're literaly crying for a magical hand to remove everything you don't like.


Grow up kid.

what the fuck does luffy know about leadership

Is there any tired OP meme that hasn't been posted yet?

Who will die during this arc?

>Le funny Cred Forums may may
I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed. Can't you please go back to wherever the fuck you came from? Cred Forums is already dying, we don't need you actively hurrying it along.

These are fucking awful

I prefer the old artstyle. The second somehow made him look like more childish.


This thread is why big 3 should be an auto-ban.


jesus fuck can 9gag pls go? memes are fine but this is some terrible attempt


he's trolling
report and ignore

. Take your shitty attitude along and stop posting.

Is that other faggot being butthurt no one went to his shitty thread so he is trying to derail this one.

Just report and move on

Yea I swear to god if it's not a loli vault or something...

Memes aside, I can totally see this happening.

>everyone has something to live for

>didn't include usopp, nami or robin
>included brook

Go post on your shitty thread faggot.

what can nami even teach?

how to be a slut

Sex sells. Make a lot of money.
Eat tangerines.

never take family for granted i guess



This you never know when a fishman might just shoot your mom.


So are are all of sanjis dads servants clones?

that's sanji's clone user.

my dad works in oda and he said yep

kek I love this humour, I'm a proud 9gagger

le 9gag army assemble

who's this cum clone

now stop sperging out

Thats Yonji. He will marry Pudding. Oda foreshadowing right there.

only the soldiers, the ones that have those goggles

>my dad works in oda

do they have anything else to teach?

Ah looks like there was a bug in Cred Forums or something. The posts got deleted and the poster was for 5 min. Glad it's fixed. Must be because of that one Janitor who applied specifically to regulate One Piece threads. He's quite clumsy.

Thank you Hack for giving me more material to add. You never disappoint

I thought that part when they got infrunt of the spear so sanji couldnt kick was cool. Yet scary that they were that loyal.

Cred Forums's dads all work in oda user, that's including your father

Should I dump back the posts that disappeared? I feel like newcomers would be missing on something great. :(

I guess I'm just gonna show the new ones. It's not like there's a shortage.

>gloves attach permanently to hands and can under no circumstances be taken off, especially not when employing subterfuge
dumb luffyposters

This collection is a bit funny but makes me cringe sometimes too. Not sure how to feel about them. If you want I can dump more.

Just loop back to them when you reach the end

Except Oda agrees with me. He had to change it.
How mad are you?

It's a bit cringey but at least it meshes well with the quality of the posts in this thread. ;)

They do it on purpose. For what reason, besides overwhelming autism, I don't know.

will do

there's a lot of blatant fanboyism in these threads sometimes. Thanks for being the voice of reason

>gets fixed

so they're actually swimming goggles?

These ones are quit spicy. I think you guys should like them.

Cred Forumsermin thread.
I can't wait for the day you're purged, generalfags.


Coming here every thread feels like watching the endless eight forever.

Every single thread I see the same goddamn shit... Why do I even bother?

Is funny how you tried to defend him saying it was not a mistake but when I proved you wrong you just changed the subject to something else acting like you knew already.
Why were you trying to defend him?


are you aware this is an anonymous board and not everyone replying to you is the same person?

maybe you should try lurking for a while before posting

Reddit is better. Reddit is honestly better.

My favorite one in this entire thread. Please rate.

>I-It was not me.




good thread


I'll wait till that spamming faggot gets banned to dump.

Best Ship

Just ignore him.

thanks vizanon

then just make your own damn thread or find another one, attention whoring twat.



>what kind of man beats a woman to the point that she's rendered unconscious?


>dumping anything in this cancerous thread

Save it for the next one.

That's the only episode that made me cry.



grasping at straws much?

If merry go hadnt died we wouldve never had sunny go so whatever im not even sad anymore.

Rampant autism, I see. Wew such a surprise.


probably all straw hats except sanji and franky

but I think he meant more like "a defenseless woman"

Reminder that Sanji could be drowning in pussy if he just stopped being a sperg

Im still patiently waiting for bonnie to join guy to show us with that damn jugo chavez picture.

dump it there instead :

Yeah but she was ugly.
nice tits, but ugly.





But that last part is wrong boobs only grow when oda wants them too.
See skypea arc namis boobs are a lot bigger and her ass got bigger too.


Don't engage with autism.






Bump for Vizanon

calling viz user

Remember blue haired nami's best friend from childhood? I cant remember her name.

you mean her sister nojiko?

Did she even get gassed or tortured like the other minks?

Comfyer thread.
Spam free, shitpost free, Cred Forumsermin free thread

Probably, I mean she did fight against the beast pirates.

Nokijo was her sister? Oh damn i thought they werent related. She looks better than nami because of that tan though.

Stop promoting your thread. That is a movie thread. Let the people that want to talk about the movie go there.
Theres no reason for you to be spamming it. Even if we went there all the shipost would go there. is this your first day here?


she is a spy from kaido, that's why jack has a vivre card to zou and she was left unhurt

adoptive sister

they toned in down the tan in new material though like they did for robin

Absolutely not. Some threads go well, others don't. Do you deny that?

There is a 95% correlation between a shit OP and a shit thread. Invite shitpost, you will get shitposts. Start the thread trying to trigger a discussion of some sort and you will get elaborate post. This rule works more often than Moore's law.

I saw this but i just thought that it was because of how light the anime has become its still no excuse to make her lighter. I have the same problem with robin and casca from berserk getting lighter too.

Funnily enough, the most suspicious characters are usually the least likely to be traitors.

blackbeard can steal haki
screenshot this

>post link to his thread
>there are no shitpost here
>they wont come here to shipost
>I go to check the thread and the Sanjidead shitposter is already there.
You were saying user?

>You were saying user?

Why are you so smug when none of what you predict is going to happen?

That's not even a shitpost. Oda purposely makes it look like Sanji is going to die.

OH so you are a shitposter as well.
fuckk off with your shitty thread

>Oda purposely makes it look like Sanji is going to die.

No he doesn't. It's just memes.

Kill yourself

my pants

how about you fuck off? It's pretty obvious you're the OP of this thread and defensive as fuck over the fact that you started it with a Cred Forums meme.

This thread started with 15 straigth spambot shitposts. My thread had none of this shit in it's pitiful 12 posts. That alone proves you wrong.

No shit. No one went there you retard

he peels it off whenever he gets really angry

>My thread

confirmed assmad OP of the other thead. bet you were the one spamming those memes too.

How's your anus doing

Yes he does. Just like how he tried to make it look like Ace was going to make it through, then killed him.

Oda plays with expectations which is why Sanji is probably going to live after an extremely tense close call. That should be common sense at this point but I guess we can't even get this level of discussion with retards choking threads full of stale memes.

I bet he has. He is so butthurt no one went to his shitty thread


When did I ever deny it after you called me that from the start? I think I even mentioned it before.


oh. . And don't come back.

>G4 against cracker mass production clones
>even gets sliced up

>bet you were the one spamming those memes too.
what are you even smoking? You think I purposely bumped your thread with this shit?

Sanji can't die until he leaves Nami pregnant.
That is FACT.
Unless he got her pregnant when they were alone in Zou or on the sunny going to Zou.

Nami was sleeping during the day.
She also did not party which means no alcohol.
If Sanji dies is because Nami has Sanji's seed inside her already.

>drink is as wide as her body
>expects her stomach to hold all of it

I don't think she wants your pants, user.

KEK oda would never kill off a main cast like this

>haki can't block sharp attacks fags

she wants to know what my dick feels like

Who's saying that? Everyone knows this already.

Haki also prevented him from getting his arm cut off.

That's an old argument. It has been solved, don't be that one poster please.

No it hasn't. Because Odafags kept deying he just made every non haki users completely irrelevant. Therefore reducing the number of relevant fighting forces in his entire world to a few individuals.

>muh world building
Great world building indeed.

I imagine Haki has a sort-of hardness scale depending on what you're made of or what you're enhancing, in Luffy's case he's basically his boxing glove-esque rubber punches in a metallic coating.

Zoro likely has better CoA than Luffy because he's got some crazy awesome swords to channel it through.

Luffy without haki wouldve gotten his arms cut off when he tried to attack mihawk.

who ever said it couldn't?

it just takes stronger haki to block them.

Litterally the only time hordy even touched luffy for damage

I thought the whole blood donation bullshit went too far.
Just to force the whole ''there's no difference between people and dindus'' message.
Luffy literally repairs damage to his organs by eating meat, see crocodile/lucci/more.
And now he's suddenly out of blood unlike zoro who's hiding a bloodbank somewhere.

Thoughts on "OPEN THE BORDERS"

Oda is always inconsistent with that shit. There's no tension in One Piece fights because you know any sort of injuries gets patched with magic bandages and sleep. Even when it's a major concussion with internal bleeding and organ damage.

Unless Oda decides to fill his quota of one death every 500 non flashback chapters for cheap emotional drama. In which case nothing suddenly works and the character dies in a few seconds because magma burns fire apparently.

It's even worse than Jojos and mangas with a magic healer. Because at least when that magic healer is not here you know shit gets dangerous again.




>tfw Paradise

Even the filler was comfy


Aight, will bite.

Speaking of which, you don't need haki coated teeth or blades to cut through haki coated people. Not even going to give off the Shank's arm example since it's old and you could use it against the argument.

Look at
or pic related.

No Haki, yet still sustained damage.

So you can easily come to the conclusion that Haki helps, but not so much. Train more and you can probably completely guard yourself against sharp objects. But that's probably something that the best Haki users can do.
And adding my own opinion, we won't see it with Luffy because he is a devil fruit user (and young).

Again, outdated argument, don't waste your own or our time posting it since you will be receiving the same answers.

yeah but you need to be significantly strong like Law, a schibukai to even injure someone using haki like that.

What this means is that any mid tier and low tier pirate at this point might as well not exist for Luffy and Zoro. They don't even need to dodge them anymore, it's like they're logias. Especially when combined with observation haki.

When will the New world finally be a challenge? it's been a walk in the park so far. Shit has been easier than goddamn east blue. Did Oda troll me?

>No it hasn't. Because Odafags kept deying he just made every non haki users completely irrelevant. Therefore reducing the number of relevant fighting forces in his entire world to a few individuals.

haki doesn't do shit against internal damage or really anything that isn't "punch/stab them hard". DF abilities haven't been "do damage" in years

It's also not been esatablished that haki helps outside of 1 to 1 combat, does haki work if you just drop an entire mountian on someone? Even if you harden yourself you're still trapped under thousands of pounds of rocks, and while you can say that zoro siced through a mountian he had to charge up and approach the right angle for that.

There's also the fact that oda has introduced "running out" of haki, which means it's very possible for a situation where the fodder ends up forcing someone to use most/all of it up and then have to fight without it or buy time to recover their kichakra or whatever the fuck

jinbe is going to join and reveal that his water-in-the-body soft style stuff to fishman karate just ignores hak by rupturing insidesi, like how he could just ignore DF by tossing seawater around avatar style, specifically to quell complaints like this

Luffy barely defeated Doflamingo and now he's struggling with Cracker while going all out, how is it not a challenge?

this has been the case since eines lobby a decade ago when luffy takes on 2K+ marines by himself

It doesn't look like he's going to die to me, not in the slightest Tbh

This. I can see this happening.

>What this means is that any mid tier and low tier pirate at this point might as well not exist for Luffy and Zoro. They don't even need to dodge them anymore, it's like they're logias. Especially when combined with observation haki.

The same way as Luffy was overpowered by Sentomaru and then Kuma where the whole crew was displaced. Back then, they were the mid tier fodder for them.
Later, you see them train for two years, just so they can overcome them. And that's good.

Remember when Mihawk fought Zoro for the first time? Zoro was less than fodder for him. He could literally not harm him no matter how hard he tried.

It's progression, you see them become strong and fight people who are stronger. There will always be people that are worse than them, otherwise the series would not go anywhere.

Magma smothers fire you fucking doof

It just makes armies pointless.

Why even be an Emperor when all you need is 10-20 good men and to rob a village once in a while for supplies?

Maintain order and other day to day affairs that your heavy hitters don't have the time to deal with? A problem that's made even worse by "wind and oar sea travel" being the only ways to travel anywhere?

That's like saying "why did feudal lords even have peasants with sharp sticks, they should just have a couple knights"

Literally nami

it's nami's mom. sanji is actually her father

that doesn't answer my question. It's circular logic. You need territories to maintain an army but if you don't need an army you don't need territories and therefore don't need to guard them with an army.

Medieval knights are not nearly as powerful as One Piece elites and you couldn't just select 20 of the strongest men to defeat an army of 1000 guys back then, like you can in One Piece.

im oda and am killing of sanji because he gay any objectins??


if you're ok with living like caveman bandits then yes you just need 20 really strong people that steal shit

but then eventually you get fucked because someone that has 20 insanely strong people (something they had happen because they had a functinal civilization from having actual territory to build up) comes along and wrecks your shit

Nami is actually a time traveler

how do you feel about koala?


could have been an interesting character but she turned into a generic female whore like most of Oda's female characters.

>if you're ok with living like caveman bandits
You can be so absurdly strong compared to the local law enforcement that you can rob a dozen bank and be a millionaire in this world.

Fuck get intel on the Celestial dragon treasure fleet and you can even bully your way into a schibukai position.

>female whore

You wish there was a single whore in this manga. Oda shies away from sex themes so much in his manga it almost look like he's some flustered 12 year old boy.

would be cuter with smaller tits

u wat

That's just cargo design. I dare you to quote me a single direct reference to sex in this manga.

Shakky slurped Brook's eyeholes, if that counts.


Please. Nami started making sex jokes since she was like 8

Think he wants to see a hopeless fight where they have to literally retreat and get the fuck out

I think sabo is a lucky man to get to pound that strange

Nami is a huge whore.
She literally said she was going to pay up with her body.

>Why can't I steal your soul?
>Because I'm a heartless bitch!
Makes as much sense as the Brook counter strategy.


Do they have any doujins together?

what happened to viz user?

Who is her child's father?
All we know is taht it's not Shanks

That's the farthest Oda ever went. You will never see a character mentioning sexual activity, in bed with another...

they don't call him Lucky Roo for nothing

But he's a big guy

Yeah you're absolutely right, as soon as i step out i hear about how people want to fuck each others brains out all day long.
Your logic is really warped.


for her


kid has blond hair and makino's dress pattern resembles the phoenix form's decorations

It's a topic that's quite often talked about especially after a few beers. Maybe you just live in a very conservative part of the world.

But that's our mundane real world, in a more adventurous setting sex is even more prevalent. Bordellos, whores, crass jokes, sexual tension...
Not asking Oda to make his story about romance but he could at least reference that fact more bluntly sometimes.

yeah let's attract even more shippers, as if it's not bad enough already

different user, but i'll continue


that's the opposite. Shippers flood prudish series with next to no references to love because they can fill in the holes with their non canon faggotery.



thanks user
it's amazing how much bigger the dialog in mangastream is sometimes




tamago's dialogue here clears up some confusion


Wow thx. Much needed. Much interrest


>le resistance

Glad Oda appreciates memes as much as I do



doing god's work user

Why doesn't Tanjiahdo just parasite Luffy?

Jesus, Sanji will end up hating pudding with all these shit he has to put up with his dad.
Probably not since pudding might help him too


Also reported to viz for serious copyright infrigement

he did

She will. She's a good girl.


thanks vizanon

good lookin out thanks man


No She a liar. A LIAR!!!!

>I'll never forgot
Nooo Viz why?

Man, seeing Sanji be genuinely afraid kinda hurts. It's weird how emotionally attached I am to chinese cartoon drawings.

Also, thanks for the dump

This made me cringe hard back during binge reading.

I know dude i was just spouting an old meme

>It's weird how emotionally attached I am to chinese cartoon drawings.

There's nothing weird about it.

thanks again bro

Faggots. I bet you fags are also shipperfags.

>i'll never forgot you

Wow... so this is the power of Viz's quality translations...

>Sanji with no beard


What sort of man demands his brother eats everything on his plate, then eats off the floor.

One who understands the value of food


Not me personally. I physically despise Nami. And Hancock. I just love some of the Strawhats a lot. Probably because I grew up with the series and have been following it for about 8-7 years.

Just reminding everyone that if Sanji hadn't complained she wouldn't have gotten injured.

Also Sanji wouldn't have cared if a guy was about to get injured.

So what's the cover about? Anyone know?

no one who reads one piece gives a fuck about little errors, you know why? because oda draws BACKROUNDS

I seriously don't understand why stream is doing this shit.

are they deliberate trying to slow down the pace of the manga? trying to make it sound super complex?

it is shanks

in an sbs someone asked about makinos child, and oda literally said "hmm, maybe it's that person. yep, probably that person" it's probably a false flag, but until oda specifies who it is in like a fucking decade, lets assume it is shanks

Honestly, I prefer MS sometimes. Like in this example, the gravity of the situation and actions being taken imply those panels happen over several seconds. Unless...they this...Viz sounds too succinct.

MS comes out first, too, and, as has always been the case, if you want to know precisely what someone is saying you should look to the original Japanese. So, I don't know why everyone gets so bootyblasted about MS. Just don't read it.

nice shit taste

they mess up the content, add shit that was never actually said, remove stuff that WAS said and make mistakes all the time. they're garbage.

reminder that buggy is roger's true successor.

Sure she is SANAfag


I want to cum inside Cosette

So is no one going to point out it's confirmed that Niji has lightning kicks in this panel?

no, because it's clearly wind...

Cosette is going to marry Sanji and become the next Straw Hat, calling it now.

I think that's just air rippl-
>zap zap

sound effects go a long way

Zap zap, motha fucka.

I actually don't know much about niponese sound effects but I'd imagine zaps indicate lightning. Besides, the guy is known as Electric Blue or something, no?

Niji - electric blue - lightning kicks
Ichiji - sparking red - probably fire kicks
Then wtf is Yonjis deal?

Sanji's element is fire

On G-8 filler i know Sanji and Luffy teamed up. I really liked their interaction. I suddenly just got really excited for him and Luffy to meet up again. They work really well with each other, like back on Drum Kingdom.


That's okay because he's the oddball. Germa gave Ichiji (probably the strongest) fire while Sanji developed fire on his own. The test will be whose is stronger, Germa's tech or Sanji's resolve.

they look so fodderish

Those lines that run from his boots to his waist are what supply heat to his kicks or something like that.

I think they look better in their casual clothes than they do in battle gear but I don't think they look like fodder.

There was one guy who went Chapapa who looked like fodder but put up an interesting fight

Sanji is that short?

He's the runt of the family.

yonji will help sanji

His smile looks real. I think you are right

perspective but it's possible he was the weakest of them all when he left

On one hand I can't see Sanji's entire family being nonredeemable with no chance of ever being allies but on the other hand every last one of them has behaved in a way that makes me want to see them get their asses thoroughly kicked

>Shonen Jump Issue 43 official releases on 26/09 (Monday) but 22/09 (Thursday) will be public holiday (Autumn Equinox) so the chapters should leak on 21/09 (Wednesday) due to earlier shipments with text spoilers on Tuesday (20/09) similar to last week.

Reiju has heels on, plus perspective.
Who knows with the brothers.


Stay on reddit faggot.

it's interesting

I can't see the sacrificial clone army issue being left in place at the end of the arc, so there needs to be some reform in the germa. I could see reiju and/or yonji taking command, and treating the soldiers with more respect... but then what would happen to the others? can't see them being killed off

it's also very likely that we'll see the vinsmokes at the reverie since the marriage will fail

I think Reiju will take over Germa.
Yonji will help Sanji too.
The others will get humbled.

I figure they'll go to North Blue and either try successfully or otherwise to take over or they'll just become another kingdom but still working as mercenaries. Probably being a bit more picky than siding with whoever has the most cash. Heck they might become the bounty hunters everybody has been gagging for

classik funy meem


How can Judge can be so delusional to think that he can invade the whole North Blue? I mean Akainu would magma their sorry asses if they ever decide something like that.

He already tried and either was usurped or failed. This is based on the portrait that Sanji was dissing and what it represented

Reiju i the worst

what would possibly humble them? I doubt even a thorough ass-kicking by anyone including sanji would change them at all

maybe the revolutionaries drove them out

Entire Germa Army vs Shanks, who would win?


Full skank Nami really just cements how much I hate post timeskip One Piece. She's just awful now. Awful.

shanks alone? germa.

Shanks would beat them all without even putting his sake down

I'm afraid there's no getting off this ride. Tashigi is the purest and she gave us heaps of fanservice in Punk Hazard. Only Tsuru is unsullied but who knows a flashback might change all that

No argument here but Oda has portrayed her in such a way she could easily be made a good guy

Are you forgetting how strong Shank's haki is

when will Ussop stop being a little bitch

She was not unconscious


Another manga series ended and this is Oda's homage to the author

haki only works if there's an overwhelming power gap. germa's soldiers train all the time every single day and have tons of battle experience. he might manage 50% of them or something but certainly not all.

>Implying the cracker made sword was anywhere near as strong as the real famed sword.

couldn't vivi solve this problem? She gets germa 66 back into reverie, and they no longer need to ally with big mom. That calls off the wedding and sanji can go back to being a hoodlum.

>le résistance

Thanks for dumping. Great job!

What are you talking about? Germa are allowed into the reverie right now.

It says right there that they are still a member state of the WG. They can attend Reverie. It's just that their right to attend might be revoked because they are about to make a deal with a Yonko. But they don't care about all that in the first place since Germa's goal is something else, something we still don't know (probably just retaking North Blue).

they are allowed there right now. by allying with big mom that right is forfeit

When Nami marries Sanji this arc will she be a princess?
Because if that's the case then Oda foreshadowed it with momo since he called her a princess

>posts from the other thread's OP deleted with the memes
so it really was him throwing a tantrum. that's seriously pathetic.

Nami has always been a slut. She just dropped the pretense after her 2 year development.

are franky and brook the only straw hats who haven't seen her naked?

I saw that too. His thread got deleted at the same time the spamming here got deleted.
It was too early to get Saged.
also I doubt anyone actually found those Cringe photos funny to actually save them

But brook got a up skirt

Brook has used his spirit form to watch her and stuff

Funny how those 2 are the ones Nami actually hates.
She never even talks to Franky.

On screen I think so. That's surprising that Brook hasn't already.

nah he is going to give her his secret okamakingdom super soup
mark my words

>implying Sanji would let him
If Sanji is not watching with him he doesn't let brook do stupid shit like that. Didn't he beat him once for that?

He was going to let brook take pictures while he was in Nami body. Stop with your head canon SANAfag

Sanji deserves all the misfortune that comes his way for being such an ass to his bros.

>doesn't know how to read English
Don't reply to me shipperfag. Let the normal people talk

Shanks easily
Luffy alone would probably be able to beat Dadji and his children

she's a piece of shit to fight against in burning blood

Yes, technically she would become a princess....


I want to go to Zou and fuck all the mink women.

next chapter better feature caesar

Either Oda is inconsistent because he pretty much initially described Germa 66 as a "legendary army" and yet they can't claim a single island on the ocean or Judge doesn't plan on capturing just any country.

He needs a Yonko to achieve his goal but maybe it's because his goal is to take Wano from Kaido, another Yonko.

Legendary doesn't mean most powerful.

I'm just saying, it doesn't make sense that a "legendary shadow army" or whatever has no nation island unless they intentionally refuse to, yet judge is marrying of Sanji just to control some random island? Makes no fucking sense.

It certainly should mean more powerful than Drum Kingdom or some shit. They are legendary for being weak?

A legendary army that can't conquer anyone is absurd, so they must be trying to conquer some nation that is absurdly strong.

For fucks sake Arlong was capable of capturing an island.

Yeah it sounds dumb as fuck. But maybe their goal is not what they say it is. Let's and see what the hack does.

leg•end•a•ry (lĕjˈən-dĕrˌē)
adj. Of, constituting, based on, or of the nature of a legend.
adj. Celebrated in legend.
adj. Extremely well known; famous or renowned.

I see no mention of strength, fighting power, or anything of the like. Please learn English.

did Oda give homage to Bleach when it ended?


Why would he acknowledge his inferior?

>Do you know why Women from cold countries have beautiful skin

When will this meme die? the darker the skin the better

they used to rule all of north blue but for some reason they've lost all their land and are now trying to reclaim it.

reiju says brook is "well versed in his history" so these times weren't just a while ago.

Are you intentionally being retarded? It's possible that they are legendary for being incompetent failures that can't take out any island in the world, but they were presented as being a legendary army in the scary kind of way.

It's nonsensical for germa 66 to be a legendary army if they aren't legendary for being a successful army. If their entire army is weaker than kuro or arlong that's really inconsistent on Oda's part.

Ugh there's going to be some sort of Vinsmoke/Kozuki interconnection.

hes coming up with this stuff one hour before it drops
you cant blame him too much

>yfw Roger pirates killed Oden to stop passing of poneglyph knowledge
>yfw shanks is priming luffy to preemptively take him out after his D blood triggers necessary plot

So then is it possible that at the same time Laffite was a sheriff in North Blue, germa ruled it?

Woah, don't get ahead of yourself boy.

>It's nonsensical for germa 66 to be a legendary army if they aren't legendary for being a successful army. If their entire army is weaker than kuro or arlong that's really inconsistent on Oda's part.

Even Yonji would take care of those two, they are by far stronger than anything we've seen in East Blue but remember Big Mom values them for their technology, not their strength.

I think the Marines under Akainu have just grown too powerful for pirates to control an entire Blue, the Vinsmokes realized only a Yonko could do that. I imagine someone like Sentomaru and his Pacifista were recruited and sent over to North Blue to crush the Germa stranglehold. Akainu did manage to recruit Fujitora and Greenbull, Dragon thinks they have grown much stronger.

I stopped watching the anime when GOD USOPP knocked out Sugar for the second time due to the terrible pacing. Now that the Dressrosa arc is over, is the anime pacing any better? Is it worth watching?

They're a legendary army based on past success and exploits. Being a legendary army has nothing to do with current status. In fact usually when someone refers to something as "legendary", it's based on those past successes and doesn't factor in the present. It's obvious Germa 66 are a long way from their former glory and are trying to reclaim it now to bring credit back to their name (see: rise of nationalism and imperialism with Nazi Germany).

Or to put it another way: the 95/96 Chicago Bulls are a legendary team. They're all fucking old right now and if they tried to get the band back together to play they'd probably lose to a high school team, but that doesn't remove their legendary status.

user the entire germa 66 is just a big jobber plot device. Judge is just trying to desperately reclaim some former glory his ancestors had, and looking increasingly more pathetic as we see more of him and germa. And Yeah yonji could probably beat them Pre TS, but we don't know how strong kuro or Arlong has gotten. Definitely with the invention of Haki. Hell gin would probably wipe the floor with everyone in germa. Germa really shouldn't be some legendary army.

You are dumb as fuck

reminder she's ace's twin and will be like a sister to luffy

I'm starting to think you're autistic.

I'm not even the guy you were talking to faggot. But you are retarded

Yeah it's official you're autistic.

nah she will be Garp's ally, turning him into young again so Garp will be Luffy's rival too.

>Vinsmoke tech is dials
>they invented them and dumped outdated versions at sea so no one else could
>end up on sky island

You sound like the autistic one fag. Just the way you type.
Are you mad that you are wrong?

Kuro wanted to retire and Arlong is under arrest while Gin is all but dead
I doubt any of them has gotten any stronger and I'm 100% sure none of them learned haki (except maybe Gin on the off-chance that he survived)

she stretches faces when mad but aside from that literally best

They're pretty much adapting 1 chapter in 1 episode, not sure if that's any better or not.

You honestly sound trigger user. Just stop while you're a head

Why do you type like a tumblrarina?

Do we know if she's related to Big Mom in any way?

watch one pace

Please don't let this be a continuous shitposting from now on

So Enel comeback soon?

>kuro wanted to retire
Well we seen how well that went and he clearly didn't get weaker after two years of not training,

>Arlong locked up
Ok doesn't mean he doesn't have to fight. I sure anyone could learn Haki even in jail

>gin is dead
I doubt it since oda doesn't kill people in the main story and wouldn't have a promise to meet again

>I'm not autistic

who gets BTFO in 52 hours?

we're getting spoilers tomorrow user

We get spoilers on tuesday now?

What changed?

japanese holiday

it's going to switch to something else like Carrot and Chopper or Pedro and Brook. No resolution for Luffy v Cracker or Sanji drama

it'll switch to one of the new crewmates, jinbe or caesar

Mutantsfags if the triclops doesn't tell Sanji his crew is here.

>he doesn't regularly go to r/onepiece for updates
pleb spotted

Are you a femanon?

What's your reddit name?

is she single

Your autism is increasing

I would kek so hard if Enel appeared and completely destroyed the Vinsmoke family and their supersoldiers

>Sanji loses his hand to fight his family after Gin calls him and tells him he's protecting Zeff.
>Sanji recruits Cosette into the crew to work as his hands in the kitchen.
>Franky builds Sanji cyborg hands with go-go gadget spoons and shit.

Why do you refuse to answer?

Germa dubs confirm

go-go gadget nami-swaaaaaaan

I doubt oda will even be showing that. Following his jump when it's getting good formula we will probably jump to jinbe or brook and pedro. And it will be another nothing happened chapter. Other wise if we do see both of them together then SANAFAGS are going to be BTFO

it's nami who's losing an arm this arc

user you're clearly refusing to admit that you're autistic.

He would have cared because its just plain wrong to throw food at someone, and also that someone who passionately made good food was being wasted and being tossed onto the floor

>Poison Pink
>Sparking Red
>Electric Blue
>Burning Black
>Winch Green

Holy shit Yonji is bad. His skill is fucking pulleys. What a fucking loser.

>installs weather sorcery rod into arm
>shoot lightning from palms

Is that how shipperfags are now days? Just by being on the same panel?
You need help.

You mean that dildo thing Usopp made? I guess it would be convenient.

I think you mean jobber black

So you are a girl. Haha I knew it.

fucking fast and has a bullshit heavy guard break

what are they thinking of in that picture????

insurance scams


user it's not just them being Together but what will happen when they do meet.

Triclops fags will be BTFO

What will happen?


So you are just saying BTFO just to shitpost?
Are you trying to fit in?
this is embarrassing

any one have the edit of this where everyone says "___fags BTFO"?

That's miss fatty user. He is a delusional Lunafag that likes to embarrass himself.
Just ignore

Don't reply to me if you are a shipperfag.
That being said that faggot does sound mentally challenged

They are clearly powerful.

They aren't trying to capture an island though... they want all of North Blue. They realize they don't have the power to do that quite yet.

And nothing quite gets people ganging up on them (which is likely how they were overthrown in the first place) like starting to conquer random islands when your name is Vinsmoke. People would remember them.

It's all or nothing. They are gearing up to take on a fourth of the One Piece world.

I like this

thanks i finished it up last night

Niji did nothing wrong!

Where does Vito's reros come from?

Ask Toriko's author.

Are you saying that Torkiko > One Piece?
Cause I havent checked out Toriko and wouldn't know either way

Oh yeah.

What the fuck is this guy up to?
He hasn't showed up in a while.

Is he allied with Beige?

Why am I just now noticing they have Rider belts?

Strawhats will leave a Sanji clone in his place at the wedding while they secretly peace out

We haven't had a fight with a devil fruit weapon in ages, and none of them have ever been good.

>He doesn't like Usopp & Chopper vs Mr 4 & Ms Merry Christmas

>I'll never forgot you!


That not even me but Good try. And what will happen is sanji will go to the dinner where BM and judge will be sitting at the ends of the table. He will sit between reiju and pudding, and the brothers across the table. Some talking, pudding blushing, and at the end she will tell sanji that the SH are there. Long story short It will be a chapter about nothing but oda will be further pushing the SAPU shipping

That will be Yonji. He will marry pudding

Are you sure about that? It will most likely be a chapter were they both agree to to marry each other. Sinking the sapu ship

Lyingfag you're still being delusional I see. You clearly don't understand what the words " no crew members will be shipped together" means. How about you go find a LUNAfag and both of yall can argue about who's less delusional

>Reread Going Merry death scene
god fucking dammit Oda

>they will agree to marry
>that will sink their ship
Im guessing your medication has ran out

Nigga you know I meant they will agree NOT TO marry.
Don't after stupid

>I-I meant they won't agree
Calm down speed reader, I don't know how many chapters you've sped through but that has already happened. Sanji can't marry her anyway as he has to finish the journey, but he will make a promise to see her again by the end of this arc.

>don't after stupid
I think you need that refill quick

>a promise
100% sure that won't happen. If pudding doesn't join she will be forgotten after this arc.

>If she doesn't join then she will be forgotten
1) only two people are joining. Jinbe and cedar the pharmacist. 2) once he makes the promise to come for her and tell her about all blue then that's all that's needed. She will basically be in the same position as Kaya at that point which is perfect for the story. With that he can still keep his stupid love for females gag.

>you will never EVER lick Perona's sweaty dirty sour lolita feet after a hot summer day


You are too retarded to be a Caesar fan. Kill yourself. If you were in one piece you would be the delusional soldiers Caesar fucked in the ass.
And no. That promise won't happen. I guarantee you

>tfw you will never hate fuck loliReiju

He was a pussy slayer before he met nami. she made him turn to shit.

That would be a waste of space like yourself

>one piece IS NOT on break this week

>do not cause any waves
I thought I escaped this...

shanks is on par or stronger than wb and wb nearly killed every single marine in existence

that's not even an exaggeration. I recall a scene of nami trying to use her loli body to get out of punishment from the pinwheel guy.

They can't write at all over there

Look at the utter mess that is the Hunter x Hunter when it came back last hiatus, particularly that chapter when Kurapika is laying out his strategy
found it.

he said that because her mother used to say that.. as a joke

and the whole thing was just a joke itself. Like Sanji putting blades on Zoro's food

you fags take manga too seriously

Sanji literally put blades on Zoro's food though. Oda confirmed it.
Nami does sell her body as well.

so what are some scenes that always choke you up?

hardmode: no backstory scenes/deaths

I wonder how many men have accepted her offer

the better question is how many men can AFFORD her prices.

He's from West Blue.

Just like Brook. Coincidence?

>Kuma and Sentomaru are mid tier fodder.
He trained so he could overcome someone like Akainu, who killed his brother because he was too weak.
On seeing an admiral post skip, Luffy Made a speech about how he wouldn't from and actually fought with an admiral.

The only good thing about this arc is Sanji officially getting kicked out of the ""monster trio.""

100% sure you are a Luffyfag

so was Kiyo's loss of his answer-talker ability the biggest copout in the franchise?

I want to live. Every single time I read or watch it I get choked up.

oh fuck, how did I forget that scene?

I really like the funi dub.

I want to rape the bunny


Why this threads are nothing but bullshit bait, edgy faggots and total retards posting?

Do you think Bruleé has underlings in the mirror world Carrot and Chopper has to face, or is it completely unguarded?

What were you expecting?

You just described the monstertriofags

Gonna be honest here, it's nice to see a female One Piece character TRULY get her shit pushed in. I know it's mostly just making a point of distinguishing Sanji from whoever, but Oda so frequently lobs softballs at his female characters, it's just kind of refreshing.

IS it me or is Kuma supremely OP? He fucking heals people, has an ability which is pretty much an insta-win if you dont know how it works, hes ludicrously jacked and is highly versatile and potent

Yea, I bet it's the MosterTriofags that keeps taking about Sanji's death.

Probably why Oda made him a Robot. Something something not gonna be able to fight to his full capabilities.

>is Kuma supremely OP?
That's why Oda killed him off :^)

not in that panel LOL

Kuma is stupidly OP. He has the most bullshit DF power in the series. I can't wait to find out his whole story with Dragon and about 10 years.

fuck off 4kids

Toriko's actually a lot of fun. I totally get the same vibe I get from One Piece while reading it and it's full of top-tier reactions too.

>4kids does thriller bark.jpg

So did Oda introduce Lucci in CP0 just to make him appear in the movie and thus make more cash? Is Oda such a faggot?

anyone have any more images like this? please post

it was to make him canon
One advantage of One Piece being so successful is that Oda never needs to sell out

Spoilers where

>inb4 another Vinsmoke chapter

>not liking post-ts Nami
Shit taste.

The anime will take a month to explain Mink tears. Damn Toei


Damn right it better not go back to "never underestimate the destructive power of biscuits".

A day has already passed and le very hard biscuit man is probably out cold by now.

luffy will defeat the biscuit man by eating him
screencap this

and wash him down with the juice Pound kept referring to.

Has Gold leaked yet? There's been fucking zero news for the U.S. release date since they announced international releases.

Nope, no leaks or camrips whatsoever.

Ty user you made me rewatch Flight of the Dragons. So much child hood nostalgia

fuck this gay earth

Not joining the crew, unfortunately.

I would like Nami if she was like this desu

Indeed, he's got one of the most broken DFs and he used to be a calm and rational guy no less. I hope we'll see his full backstory

I genuinely believe the marriage won't fail.

The germa are the true antagonists and Luffy will ally with Big Mom. Sanji will marry pudding to form an alliance between the Strawhats and Big Mom pirates, not on behalf of Germa 66.

Luffy can not and will not ally himself with a Yonko. Not in an active way, not in a passive way.
And precisely, BM neither. Because her concept is not that of an alliance on equal foot, but that of the SHs becoming her subordinates. And that's obviously not happening.

>implying she won't be grateful for saving Lola
>implying there aren't too many antagonists in the arc already

Sorry user but shonen 101 needs to have someone strong jobbing to Kaido, and it's going to Big Mom.

>this stupid headcannon spammed again
Jeez it's so painfully obvious that Yonji beat Cosette that your post makes me want to cry

Marriage will fail because it's success would remove a large chunk of Sanji's character.

As for Big Mum being an ally. It's not going to happen because she's a lot worse than the Germa 66 are

Germa 66 are the guys who will have their wills crushed/spirit broken

Big Mom is the antagonist that will scuffle with them to show Luffy's growth but not be defeated, at least by Luffy's hands, at this at this poiint in time

What's with all the deleted posts?

Fair enough those are valid points too. I love how unpredictable this arc has become

How can her gratitude end up with an ''alliance''?
Either your concept of alliance is wrong or your reading compremprehension is that of a fanfic-making pre-teen

The only working option for them to escape a full-confrontation with BM and leave with Sanji is:
>Germa trying to backstab BM to gain favor of the WG
>Luffy & co. thwart their plans
>Wedding crashed
>Revelation of Germa's plans + past with Lola gain BM's favor
>BM lets SHs leave w/Sanji and Jinbe out of 'gratitude'

mods are awake?

I think it's feasible anyone could have beat her excluding Dadji and maybe Ichiji because he didn't seem that fussed

there was another thread made and its OP got so mad people didn't use it that he spammed dozens of shitty 9gag meme images


Huh. What a bitch. I mean, I make threads none of you faggots want to visit too but I keep my "Super Cool Proper Thread full of sexy ladies and fun times HERE" to a minimum of one at most.

that'd be funny if he defeated biscuit man by pushing him in the juice lake

i always start tearing whenever I rewatch the going merry viking funeral. For some reason a fictional boat in my mango's makes me emotional where real life does nothing for me.

I wish the heart pirates logo had corazon's right eye makeup

why did she become a harpy? who did it?

she likes birds. law did it.

So anyone expect to see the Marines some time in this arc or was Fujitora our regular once an arc or two dose

there's no marines in the middle of yonko territory

Plot point, but Law did it.

why don't the marines just force vegapunk to invent a nuke and drop it around the yonkou

I want to see Akainu's new agressive stance by moving Marine HQ he basically declared the New World is no longer the Yonkou's playground. Having Mariones pop up at the end of this arc and attack a weakened Big Mom or simply arrest some of her crew and allies would be testament to that

If Akainu and Kizaru rained Magma and Lazers down on a Yonkou's island that'd be far more effective than a Buster Call. Then have Fujitora drop a meteor or three

why don't they do that

best trio

Fujitora could just sink the island on his own Tbh

Probably it's too heavy an allocation of resources. They need to start finding more logias and giving them to loyal Marines that can make good/destructive use of them

I need to see more Tsuru before I decided both her DF and her stratagems

We're going for overkill here. No survivors

Monetfag is right about a thing: there is still stuff unresolved about Monet & Sugar, teir past might be of relative relevance in the future

Bobbin revealed as strongest Three Sweet Commanders when?

never. his name isn't food related so he's fodder

>implying he isn't the minister of cheese

Why do people think he's strong? He looks weak af.

He went and burned down a country on Big Mom's behalf.
Was introduced to us early, and while doing so was talking to her casually while everyone else seemed afraid.

where're the early spoilers we were promised?


>for apples

That guy literally said he got that from reddit and not sandman.
He lied like a faggot.
Holy day being on Thursday don't mean shit since Shonen comes out officially Monday not Thursday. Your fault for being fooled

Yonji marries Pudding
Luffy marries Cracker
Big Mom marries Kaido
Chopper marries Carrot
Sanji kills himself

so you mean to tell me... someone lied on the internet?

Even if all of this happens in one chapter people will say "nothing happens - The Chapter".

Oda already gave out their backstory on the SBS since they are irrelevant

you forgot
Nami marries Pound

The real translation is Sanji pounds Nami

how long will this arc be?

>That guy literally said he got that from reddit and not sandman.
The shit on reddit was posted by that Yonkou guy who's a verified spoiler provider. Though he did just say the text probably won't be out soon.

It's ending soon, when Pudding betrays and kills Sanji.

He is a faggot.

Hard to tell anymore.

It will be 2

Nah, he just made a small blurb to explain their connection and why they act the way they do. If he was going to give out their backstory, he'd have explained MUCH more.

Nope. That's why you want to believe Jim but she is not relevant.

New bread

Why does yonji look different?
The glasses, the look. Does he hate his brothers too?

kill yourself faggot

There's a spoiler on onepiece-naruto but it's probably fake. So the early spoiler voices were a ruse

Post it anyway.

Yes, he will help Sanji

yeah they always have spoilers first

>made hours ago
>shitpost OP
someone make a proper new thread please

but they're always fake

Just go to it. We don't need 2 threads. Stop being cancer like he is.

>no explanation of what made her get harpy parts
>no explanation of what caused her and Sugar to devote themselves to Doflamingo
>no explanation of all the astronomical equipment and information surrounding Monet and Sugar, books on eclipses, telescopes, an eyeglass that only covers one eye (pirate symbol possibly, but astronomers also use eyepatches to both block out light from the other eye conflicting the image, and keep the other eye dark-adjusted to work with a telescope while the other eye can be used with writing notes in lighting) when we've had so many allusions to the moon, to celestial events, and more
>the note
>the heart
>the rabbits in the sea
>how one girl can be so cute and so nakama
Monet and Sugar have a lot missing that Oda has never opened. And no, a picture of her as a child is not enough. Remember how little Law's childhood picture told us about him?

He didn't give you all that because he doesn't care about a dead bird

This was, one of those episodes, where "they got me".
If was years ago, you know this moment was one of those where you're trying not to but then, they all start crying and suddenly, you feel even more like a faggot for not crying, then they zoom in on Zoro with his stoic serious "it was an honor to sail over the seas with you, Merry" and you feel like a huge fag back again.
Always found the design stupid and goofy but yeah so were the crew often, it suited them well.
Then the whole fall from Skypiea and again from that marine base into the Foxy arc Or was it the memory drain one? and I thought "damn, that boat sure can take punishment", although this is an cartoonanime, but it was that part where it starts talking and the fact that it auto-piloted all the way to the lobby to pick em' up, thought "now they'll all just get to W7, fix the boat with that expensive wood and continue sailing back again like nothing happened, as usual, afterall, nobody ever dies in this showyet that's not in a flashback or consistent to the show.
Was I wrong...
Also, nice trips.

He doesn't he was wearing glasses when they met him but took them off and never put them back on. Oda probably got bored of them


Is because he is making Sanji look like Sanji the most

thanks monetfag

Fuck off monetfag.
Kill yourself

>Criticizes shitpost thread
>Makes another shitpost thread

The fact that your shitpost is way older than the other one doesn't make it less cancerous

It's English but yet somehow it's not

Seniority is important to any heirarchy. Also I didn't criticize anything, someone asked for a new thread and I provided.

Saged. Newfags actually think this is good.
Reminder to sage monetfag thread

g00d thread

does urouge smile even harder when he shits?