Danganronpa 3

TFW a fresh gamer cadaver is graciously deposited right next to your secret Izuru lab

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Press F to pay your respect to the sacrifice of a self less hero.

Press F for JUZOBOY

ryota or tengan


>Punched Naegi so hard Rihanna playing sticks and stones
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag and makes niggers drop faster than the Detroit police department
>Went one on one with the Gozuboys
>Rekt Hinata so hard he turn Izuru
>100% accuracy rate in Olympic chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was just to flex his muscles and check dat ass
>Went full ham on the old man and crew just to get his kick quota fulfilled
>Roundhousekicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet
>Too busy punching manlets, so some mentally deranged kid blows up half the school
>Great try, but no normalfags died
Fucking reeeeeeeeeee
>Tried to kill the donut but jobbed again
>Survived 2 missile barrages by some random ass cripple in a wheelchair
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, declaring himself to be best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his friends no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Seduced by Ruruka's sweets, but who gives a shit, our boy definitely doesn't. Fuck candy and fuck that whore
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination, fuck bangles



PS:Normalfriends and Chiakifriends need not apply to based Juzo
I'm excited, my friend!

>actually cuts his hand off

Most intelligent character in the series

It is either Chiakizuru or Nagito

There is no other person that would get Class 77 to come over in such a hurry.

Well, maybe Chisa, but she's dead lol

Dicks out for JUZOBOY






Wait so Munakata loved Juzo?

Didn't someone in the radio show supposudley claim Kodaka himself confirmed Juzo to be dead in episode 8?
Kirigiri can still be alive.

>Stabbed in the shoulder, stomach, and missing an arm
>Still has enough guts to save Naegi from killing himself and save everyone else

Kirigiri could've saved herself if she wasn't such a dismissive bitch.

Time to play geimu


Reminder that Kirigiri could have stopped all this.

>Impaled through the shoulder
>Stabbed through the gut
Fuck it, who needs blood anyway?
>Cuts his own hand off
No fucks given.


Jesus christ animator needs to fucking die already.

Reminder that you could have called both mastermind and "killer" all the way back from episode 5 if you just paid attention to the relationship charts.

She was forced to come out and contact Ryota because the power got cut.

>implying he didn't die for it

Fuck off retard

What the fuck? J-Juzo actually looks hot as fuck here.

It doesn't end
the end is in V3

Yes, Naegi's VA said as much.

fuck you kodaka piece of shit writer

Kirijunko stole tengan's phone

Just imagine it. Hajime, a literal talentless nobody, was already great as Izuru, so what would it be like if somebody who had a genuine talent of their own got the same procedure?

what a qt

Chiakizuru makes the most sense at this point
>Second Izuru is almost confirmed
>It doesn't make sense to make them a totally unrelated character at this stage in the franchise
>Class 77 rushing off Jabberwock probably to go to the killing game
>Brings Hajime and Real Chiaki's relationship full circle
>"It's not a game"

DR3 was a mistake.

juzo and animator are like at the opposite ends of spectrum in usefulness

Now, I wonder if the old man got some AI for personal use.

And every single day, I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

No one can't stop a bully from his duty of beating weaklings left and right.

>Episode 5
We had the relationship chart since EP1.

>implying she isn't the mastermind
KiriJunko needs to be real fuck this shit

Is Tengan's Phone the new Cure W?

You can't blame her, she wanted to go back to her manlet

The two anime are so bad and a big waste of time that it fills me with despair. How is that a good conclusion to HPA and Despair/Hope's story?
Truly befitting of the name 'Ultimate Fan Item'.
Sasuga Kodaka.

quality villain

Yes. He loved him as a friend.

Chisa in Mirai hen was a fuckin waste of character...well i don´t care anymore.

God I really fucking hope that's the case.

Because it's one thing to give a character a bit of development so you feel bad for them. But considering the fuckton of development Chisa has gotten, it's a massive waste for her to be the first to die.



No, because Tegan's Phone actually works.

Believe in Weedman.

Yeah, but ep 5 confirmed Tengan as mastermind 100%. Who did Tengan personally scout again?

>Episode full of Juzo being awesome

>Kirigiri didn't expect the Mastermind to be this dumb

>Juzo got stabbed and passed out and still survived the blood loss.
>People think Izuru didnt save Chiaki.
>mfw Chiaki was turned into Izuru2.0 who will be saved by Hajizuru.
>Get married and have SHSL ultimate super sex.



Fuck off, her being the mastermind would be obvious as fuck

He's cute even with QUALITY.

Why was Tengan a Despairfag?

>Mitarai's NG Code
>Is the unknown participant actually an unknown participant, or is it just Hagakure?
>How did Tengan manage to move EVERYONE down the building? Did the 16th player help him?

Unsolved mysteries.


What did he mean by this?

He's an old man in Japanese media about teenagers


Nice to see you again!

We did but it was too obvious people hoped for something better.

whose to say Kirijunko knew

The mastermind is holding Tengan's phone.

>It's Junko using Tengan's phone

Why am I not surprised?

He gives us new despair faces every episode. It's very useful to me.


Eh. I was expecting Naegi to resist despair. Wasn't that pretty much the only thing he could do?


>YFW if the FF did what Naegi asked them to do in episode 2 they'd all survive
>YFW the manlet was right all along

The other HOPE project.

>yfw Despair 12 is a Jabberwock special

But it's the same as Nagito's

She could have. We know from DR0 that she can hold her own against a single Madarai brother, and I doubt Juzo is that much more effective.

Aah, I want to taste a dick

Is anyone else still waiting for the Animator to do something?

God please let Chisa have Tengan's phone. Please let the body be a switcheroo again
For fucks sake don't let it end like this.

>>Is the unknown participant actually an unknown participant, or is it just Hagakure?
Unknown participant, we know that he isn't counted and we still have to see 7 characters in future according to the site.

Could be somebody else finding Tengan's phone dropping around the building and using it. Maybe Byakuya, maybe Weedman.

My Motives are Complex.

fuck I just realized you can read this as being about the Kamakura project


So is Kirigiri for real dead then


Not literal brainwashing though. His luck still got him out of that, at least.

it will be Kirijunko who has tengan's phone

Take my F best boy

They're late again huh

Please let it be Chiaki. A Chiaki vs Hajime Izuru battle. My dick would fall off.

I will buy his figure.

>mind hacked twice

>It isn't out on Funi
>No mentions of a delay

even this pic is qt

Can mindhacking actually mindhack someone to commit suicide AND arrange themselves to look like somebody else do it?

>yfw tengan uses key words to trigger izuru to delete hajime


But it came out of Naegi, who's been looking extremely handsome in DR3.

Why didn't Junko just brainwash everyone?


Juzo is love.
Juzo is life.
Juzo is a real hero!

Fuck off I refuse to believe she got all that development for nothing.

>Tengan is actually Junko
>mindhacked the entire world so that they see and hear an old man instead of her


Would you really want to see this cutie turned into Chiakizuru?

>Chiakifags coming back out with even more delusional theories

Just because the Kirigirifags got BTFO again today doesn't mean you can come out

See that one armed man, lying in a pool of his own raygo over the power switch?

His name is, well, it was - Juzo Sakakura. Juzo Sakakura was a boxer, and like a boxer, he liked to punch things.

Hot tempered, angry, and violent, tons of cats didn't like Juzo. But there was more to Juzo than just being a violent World boxing Champ.

He had friends, Yukizome Chisa, and perhaps a friend who was more than a friend - Munakata Kyosuke.

He failed to protect Yukizome, and he betrayed Munakata. Course, "betray" might be a strong word - in reality a suspect Munakata was looking into blackmailed Juzo - telling the boxer that if he didn't cover up for her that she'd reveal the secrets of his heart.

But though he did wrong then, he did right today. Hell, he saved you, didn't he, Naegi?

Folks ain't just Hope or Despair. They're a mix inbetween. Course, Old Drebin don't need to tell you that.

Anyways, things are looking like they're coming to a close. Hold on tight Makoto. Not to Hope, or to Despair, but to yourself.

Both of entire animes was a fuckin garbage user

So who was being manipulated here, Junko or Tengan?

I read about some cases of weak people suiciding for subliminals videos. DR is just being exaggerated as always.

A lot of people called the monitor thing, but who expected Togami dying and the whole Tengan deal, especially the end with the phone?
I was legitimately surprised and have no clue what's going to happen next episode.

I'm guessing Mitarai was helping Tengen because he was guaranteed a spot for finally being a Hope Bro like he always wanted?

It's asspull of the highest order.
Goddamn you can feel the laziness in the writing here seeping

>Nice to see you again!
Thanks Kirijunko

Fuck off, Chisa as the mastermind would be obvious as fuck, she is fucking dead

Subs where? Is it delayed again?




>Kiri is Naegi's mindhack sequence
That was her in his head.

Is there the scene of Kiri killing herself in the episode?

Remember when Kohacka made a teaser for Jabberwock Island on the sixth episode only to have them appear in a 30 second cameo in the last episode?

Future arc was a mistake.


how so?

They're both garbage I know. But Chisa dying like that is just an entire fucking waste and you know it.

She could still be cute post-transformation.

They gave him straight her at the end.

Literally a roided up squall

Nah, your whore is dead and useless

I thought Despair arc was a mistake but Future arc is too.

>Togami dead
Was this confirmed?

She died by poison. ;_;

Future arc isn't about the DR2 chumps

What does it say?

What development?
She was the same until EP8 when she was brainwashied and do a 180°.
How is that development?

Of course he was. FF was full of tards.

Hey, if there is a second Izuru project, she's pretty much the only viable candidate for it.

Come on, how can you hate this cutie?

Those people would just only kill themselves. Why bother doing anything else to waste time?

Future has always been worse than Despair.


> Tengan is alive
> Juzo is alive
> Kirigiri is DEAD

>Despair gave us MIND HACK
DR3 was a mistake in general

>mfw jabberwock is bluray exclusive

No different because the original personality is destroyed.

That's why HPA faggots used a normie.

junko, mikan, imposter are the only ones Ryota knows personally that would send a message like that

Fuck off we know from Despair Arc Class 77 are useless pack animals

Well, yeah. Despair Chisa is still a cutie and I'm sure that SHSL Hope Nanami would be cute, but it would make me feel kind of bad, you know?

I'll miss these

What if the mail sent by Tengan came from the future?

The person who say that gay were a mistake

Why on god's sweet earth would Tengan make ANOTHER Izuru?

Mastermind relied on the FF sperging out and trying to kill each other because it's a fucking defective organization

Turns out Naegi was the only one with the right idea, if the cooperated together they could have finished everything quicker

If Junko can kill everybody in Dr1 and DR2. Why bother doing anything else to waste time?
for the despair.

>"H-He totally forgot about Sayaka guys!!"

More like bacomfags getting BTFO

Cause he can't do a thing.

I know,but this hack likes ruined everything


Fucking despair typo

2ND Gen, He was sort of a retarded cunt at first, but it eventually became hilarious, and then he was based. Also his character arc is probably one of the few not-shit things in the show.

The fact she was the MC. The fact we followed Despair-hen through her eyes. The fact she was a genki teacher.

It's fucking development user, if you were always intending on killing her first then don't fucking make her a secret UD.

But that was just 1.0. What about the potential 2.0 could hold?

>the VA got called back to do one line
Such a dedication.

How does it feel to know that head of future foundation was a mastermind of killing game?

Tengan is original Izuru Kamukura


Not even Raiden or love can control Juzo, he pulled through in the end

>tfw Tengan was Junko all along

Damn I wish I had compiled these or something

>everyone liked Chisa at the beginning
>now everyone hates her
>everyone hated Juzo at the beginning
>now everyone likes him

Kodaka does it again.

What a twist huh?

Let's forget that he literally sold out the world for being in the closet.

>Junko, Komaeda or Togami using Tengan's phone.

>Mugino is also a fujo
Wow, who knew?

>tfw your girlfriend kills you off screen.

Murder is not suicide though.

That's irrelevant he shouldn't have teased it if he wasn't going to do shit with the plot line.

Again, how did Juzo cut his hand off? Did he steal Munakata's first sword out of Chisa's dead body?

Fighting Ultimate Despair with Ultimate Hope 2.0?

>Folks ain't just Hope or Despair.
Except Junko, she's a cunt

It was predictable, so, meh.


It's probably not true and they just had it to throw people off until next week's true reveal

It's also a really shitty red herring

>oh yeah Chisa was also a despair lol
>yeah she killed some kids, but they all did that lol
>whoops I forgot to mention she actually died for real lol

Juzo was OUR HOPE

>Tengan was actually a hopefag like Komaeda
>He did this to create Hope and weed out Despair
How mad would you be?

No, Nothing changed about her until she was brainwashed.
That's not character devolpment.

We know one thing that controlled him in the end, not remotely, but fully and completely.

>we have the money
>Let's try one more time

He punched it off.

>tenganJunko is the final boss
>with his/her SHSL Hope cyborg Chiaki having her AI
>Naegi vs. KiriJunko and Hinata-kun vs. Chiaki

Yeah she got the chance in the first fucking episode.

>Togami died

This was never confirmed

A better question is WHY NOT?!

Even if it is Chaikizuru its gonna be huge gigantic asspull if future foundation lets her live peacefully with her husbando and doesn't execute or at least lock her up for killing off 80% of the future foundation leadership.


> when they found about killing anime

Just end it

Why the fuck does Naegi even still love Sayaka? The cunt took advantage of him and tried to frame him for murder.

Learn what "character development" means.

To copy his memory into the new body as Tengan is original Izuru Kamukura!

Idolslut hasn't been relevant in ages. You get one scene with her and your pants explode automatically. Remember:
>died first like a traitor bitch
>died to fucking Leon of all people
>whored herself out to older men in order to move forward with her idol career
>hardly spent any time with Naegi at all and didn't move past the crush phase
You're allowed to love any girl you want to any extent, user. Just don't go dishing out any shit you can't take in return. You Sayakafags spend too much time being salty when you could be spending it being happy.

Isnt there a document in UDG that says that FF was run by the remnants or something like that?

>Feels massive guilt over Kirigiri and Sayaka
>Cared about DR1 deaths
>Literally nothing for Junko or Mukuro
Apex kek.

>ignoring all of her character development because you don't like it
She was the MC of Despair Arc, she was a genki teacher, that's character development user.

He learned his mistakes from the current Izuru and made a better one.

But it got you to watch it faggot

The Future Arc wasn't about your irrelevant cast

If they can use corpses then yeah sure

I agree

for her body

Hmmmm... If you rearrange the sentence you can get [Together with me, we are sixteen], but it's not perfect
There are some extra letters that I can't fit in

>implying it wasn't all Tengan's plan
>implying they can do anything against ChiakizuruxHajizuru

You missed the point.

This show is off the rails and not in a good way. I don't see how they can pull it together in just one more Future episode.

She didn't develop at all, plot relevancy doesn't create development

Because he could

Maybe they can.

Junko's would be a bottle of pink Ragu, with boobs.

You're both retarded honestly.

But the point is they fucking wasted her character if they actually killed her off for real.


Being MC or genki is not character development.

Imagine being a scientist who works on the Kamakura projects and then Tengan just drags in a fucking swiss cheese gamer girl corpse and says "Get to work."

Watch it be actually having emotions, so Chiaki can become the ultimate waifu.

>These are the people that defend the Future arc.

Bitch's hot yo.

Character development =/= characterization

No, she had character development and you're choosing to ignore it. She was the MC, we followed Despair Arc through her eyes and she was a genki teacher. That's character development. Don't just ignore it, acknowledge that it's character development.

Stay mad and shitpost all you like, faggot-kun. I won't stop you.

>Despair arc is better than future
nice meme. Despair arc was a meme and now future is nearing it, but despair is and will be far worse than what future is.

It was a ruse and you fell for it, get fucked

"You've received a message from Tengan-san."

> Tengan wasn't even despair
> He did this for Izuru 2.0 to be success

monokuma dagger

>that's character development
No, It's not.
Character development is when a character slowly changes.

I have lost all hope of then remotely mentioning Naegi's parents in the finale. AE made a point of making it ambiguous and the games don't do that shit if it doesn't mean anything later, but by this point i find it really hard that they'd wrap this up in a decent manner.

So now we know why Kirigiri was killed off. She couldn't upstage Sayaka so both girls need to be dead so Naegi can move on to another girl entirely.

why did naegi think so much about idol girl? they spoke with each other like 2 times

>brown girl survives again


This is a new type of shitpost and it's catching me off guard

Everything is animator faggot's fault.

Subs where?

Like, sure seiko could've slammed herself on the wall, but how would she
>move her hand
>get a dagger
>stab herself in the heart
>move her hand back to the crucifix position

It's literally impossible, not joking or anything, it is literally impossible. GG's hands are in a weird position too AFTER the stab, but at least you can make something up, but you can't for Seiko, her hand AFTER the stab position is impossible for a suicide.

What the fuck

>Would've run in a hallway for Kyoko
Neat, cool dude
>Would've stabbed himself to death because of despair hallucinations of Kyoko and Sayaka
>Ignoring Kyoko's final works to not feel bad and keep hoping
>Ignoring that he's the Ultimate fucking Hope
Not so cool.

>Defending Despair the Mind Hacking Anime

Somebody please tells me that Juzo is only sleeping and Munaka doesn't want to wake him up... Our boy cannot possibly die, he will be fine and kicking the next episode, right ?


He liked her for the longest time, did you forget?


It'd be nice to see what Despair Chisa could do

Oh wait. They just did that for nothing.

>inb4 kill kids

nobody remember about them


No it's junko and tengan fault.
The deaths of class 78 are Juzo's fault

Cause Junko stole the first one, duh.

Should I feel bad for Ryota after all the shits he has had to endure since he met with Junko?

Kirijunko is the one that texted Ryota with tengan's phone

>its gonna be huge gigantic asspull
Juzo living is a gigantic asspull.


Who said anything about Despair being better? They're both two turds that need to be flushed from the franchise's history.

Why is she so cute when suiciding?

>give yourself an NG code specifically to fuck with people

Man, I wish I saw this coming
Guess I'm so use to cute and/or sexy masterminds
DR spoils me with that

I'm sorry. She was no more than a framing device for Side: Despair

Fuck off, the DR2 cast is irrelevant and you know it

Because she was his first crush that was returned

Wouldn't be surprised that they were a thing before the memory swipe

It is character development, she developed as a character. Do you think she was a genki teacher for nothing? That was character development.

what's more, this time she survived her own death!

How long until "Subs delayed" tweet?

>kill kids

>Not crushed

>literally having everything handed to him
Kirigiri's death was pointless as hell

Despair brainwash too OP

> btw, sorry for stabbing you bro

No, he didn't try to fight back and even now blames everything on Junko.

Every show need t&a. Future arc would have unbearably boring without her and Candy girl's (who showed her goods way too late) tits and asses.

I fucking hate Kodaka after this episode.

I honestly want to believe that it was just someone disguised as Chisa.

>escaped the mindhacc by using fake dagger
Is she the mastermind?

If you think Despair Arc is better than Future Arc you're brain damaged.

The DR2 cast are irrelevant. Just accept that only Hajizuru and maybe Komaeda will do anything substantial and move on

>Despair 11
>Woozy eye drifts around white room
>A shadow in the shape of Tengan comes into view
>"Have you awakened, Nanami-san?"

Why didn't Juzo just cut the power earlier?


>someone actually wants to see dr2 shitheads instead.

Get fucked 2fag HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. dr2 will forever be irrelevant.

I'm now trying to work out why she wouldn't have just told them. There has to be a reason, hopefully beyond Kodaka being a massive hack.

Naegi does give Celes a little respect. That was how she wanted to go.

No, that was characterization.
Learn the difference.

He lost 2 of his best friends, he's going to end up just like Ruruka.

Tengan just wanted a daughteru

The mindhack is probably so strong that she can levitate through the air

>All they had to do was work together and shut off the power
Tengan did nothing wrong, FF was literally formed by incompetent retards

If mitarai wasn't a dumbass that wanted to literally mind control people to give them "hope" and didn't once stop to see what was wrong with that or how it could have been abused the entire plot of the series couldn't have happened. Without him Junko would've probably just been shot and killed at some point.

It might've been a switch to kill them all for what he knew. If you don't know what it does then why do it?

>retard not understanding the point of her development

>run over by car like a fuckin normie she was

>I was always too slow
Did he realize?

He remembered their school times

>you didn't know why ;_;

Why didn´t Kirigiri told them to BREAK THE MONITORS??

>hey Munakata I found the power roo-
>gets fucking stabbed with a lava sword

2ND here too, but since he's the only decent character I don't know if that counts as much.

Asahina finally gets her Naegi end now that Kirigiri is dead

His memory was erased

>Asahina wins the Naegi

I be real i never expected it

You know why.

>play the ED while chasing down his bro

God damnit
I didn't feel shit when Chiaki died, but this got me?

The mastermind coming in to set up the corpse later?

>He doesn't know why.

>implying there is such thing as a 2fag?
Is this some new retarded meme?

No, it was character development. Her being the MC, Despair-hen being through her eyes, her being a genki teacher, it all developed her as a character.

sorry sweetie but what's everyone care about are yours tits and your brother hairs

I think that's the point, they all let their grudges dominate them rather than working together like Naegi asked them to do

Maybe because the person connected to the mastermind was around them.

Such a nice guy.

Why is nobody focusing on the most important thing: Kirigiri is 100% dead now.


> Naegi can move on to another girl entirely
And nobody suspecting Hina for organizing two killing games to woun naegibowl

>Best episode so far
Thanks, Funi.

I think I now know how people who like Miaya feel.

No, The entire plot could have happened anyway since Junko had Monaka and her Robots and mindhacking helmets.
Ryota had good intentions, Is not his fault that he met a crazy chick with a sharingan.

I don't get how Naegi knew he would be the person to wake up in sleep time #5

juzocucks spamming and wont let us mourn our girl

but there was no non stop debate

They're more competent than the DR2 autists though

Komaru thighs

This. And she was with the mindrape anime maker all the time for god sake! The clue was beside her!

So wait a second. Juzo cut off his hand so the bracelet wouldn't put him to sleep, is that correct? Then, if he was awake, why wasn't he affected by MIND HACC monitors?


No, it's characterization. Like you being a fucking idiot.

He was in front of a monitor

>best episode
More like worst

At work so I haven't seen the episode yet

did Juzo ever tell Munakata how he felt before he died?


She's not all that much deader than before.
Maybe only the monitor closest to the person getting DESPAIRed fires up.

The mindhack made her believe in herself so hard she became Naruto and learned how to fly.

>In every single Despair episode
>Had a decent part of the first Future episode

You will never understand my feelings.

The mindhack process only targets one person at a time. It wasn't target Juzo.

He wasn't in front of the monitor.

we know that already from the radio show nothing new
nope bittersweet ending

>Juzo actually succumbing to his wounds like a real person

I thought you threw realism out the window, DR
What the fuck?

Until they explain the bottle, she's only 99.99% dead. I know it's denial, but I still hope.

She could atleast have saved one person. Or atleast pull off the power, that way Juzo wouldn´t have cut his hand

Yes, that's the only possible situation.

>Kirigiri has Cure W
>Chiaki has Tengan being a fucking mad scientist
B-but what about us Chisa bros?

>maybe Komaeda

>best episode

>Juzo episode

No, it was character development.

>Munakata killed the mastermind back in episode 5

Kyoko killed Chisa in the sprites
Tengan's Sprite is facing Kyoko

Has Togami's death been confirmed?

but muh cure w

Of course. He's the realest nigga in this show after all.

Remember Juzo died thinking Munakata hated him for being a fag

user, Stop being a retard and learn the difference etween Characterization and character development.

>Chiakizuru vs Hajizuru final battle.

Get your dicks ready. pls pls pls

Chisa can just rot in hell.

But he still is

>2fag got rekt so hard can't recognize himself anymore.


Kirijunko is almost upon us

Yeah, especially consider he never got chances to confess to Munakata. Munakata will never know.

user just let go. I was one of the people fighting hardest for her to survive. This episode truly confirms it. She's gone.

>developed to be an Ultimate Despair
>got brainwashed again and killed herself first

No, I'm pretty sure I know how you feel. Pretty pissed off right?

Only good for him, but everything else was absolute shit.

A-user, it's not looking good, the only thing we can hope for is that the Chisa who died first was the 13th Branch Head.

I can't stop crying brother ;_;

Meaning only one monitor activates at a time? Then the mastermind must know where everyone is at any given time so he could activate a monitor in front of the attacker he's assigning (otherwise, he'd risk a situation where he activates a monitor in an empty room/corridor).

Gonna go with and say he wants to be ultimate hope jesus with a sexy young new body and hax powers

Guest starring KiriJunko because why not fuck this anime

Nagito, please, contain yourself.

> Junko would've probably just been shot and killed
She literally exploded two cars first day in the city and wasn't even suspected. The bitch is mary sue as fuck and would destroy the world even without mind hacks.

"Let's play a geimu, hinata-kun"

>Kirigiri has Cure W


she is fucking dead even her VA confirmed it read the radio show

Juzo was the only good part of this episode. It stings, I'm sad.

No he is dead and would ruin Juzo character

Was Kiri's suicide method shown along with others?

If not, her death is not confirmed.

>Chisa should have been the mastermind!

Fuck off fag, it was too obvious

Just like how Juzo was dead after episode 9, right?

Isn't that what he wanted though? God damnit, Junko ;_;


subs late?

>people keep trying this kirijunko shit even now.

No it hasn't. I would not be surprised if he was in on what was going on.

Same radio show confirmed Juzo as dead in episode 8 retard
What ? No. Kiri died by the activation of her bracelet

Her Va only said that cause she's voicing Junko now in kyoko's body

>believing VAs

> just turn off the power
Easiest killing game of my life. Why so many people died? Future Foundation made of retards.

Naegi in despair was pretty good too

>that komaeda like laugh

oh man

Adam and Eve symbolism. Two Hopes "colliding" to make an even better Hope.

{spoiler]Yes, I do mean double Izuru sexytimes.

Holy shitballs.

So the theory that it was all Tengan trying to protect a secret project was right on the money?

Not trying to atracts memesters here, but what was the point of the animated bottle rolling off if Kirigiri is truly dead?

post youtube link with timestamp

September 19, 2016 – We have been notified that the final two episodes for Danganronpa 3 Future Arc and Despair Arc will be delayed due to production delays in Japan. We are sorry about this but will inform you about the earliest launch time for each episode as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

You. Yes, you over there. You have ten seconds to tell us what went right from Future arc before I slay you like that gay boxer.

I'm counting.

>Easiest killing game of my life. Why so many people died? Future Foundation made of retards.
I'm mad.

They said they would explain why Munakata had to kill Juzo. Never said he was dead.

I'm more so pissed off.

No you fuck off, I'd rather her be the mastermind than have her entire character wasted like this. If she's dead now then there was no point to her fucking character and you know that.

Only Asahina got a happy ending

I already know she's dead, but I can't move on until they explain the bottle. Even if it was just a red herring or something they put for shit and giggles, I need to know.

What the VA says mean shit. Or do you believe she's gonna say "Don't worry, she's alive" and spoile everything?

And like the others said, last week they said Juzo was dead. It's true now, but not then.

this was ogata speculation and here we have now kiri VA

>Tengan just appears out of nowhere
>How does it feel to know that everything was just a prank?

awh does it hurt user kun

Not really unless I misunderstood the scene. It felt like everything was playing out inside Naegi's head and the video didn't actually show anything personalized, intended for him. He thinks Kirigiri's dead, so naturally she's going to show up there.

We got no hints either way in this episode. The counter could've easily gone down through Juzo cutting his hand off.

You know what.

Fuck, she really doesn't deserve it.

She also explicitly said that Juzo was dead. Everybody forgets that bit.

It didn't even roll off it was just there.

Give viewers hope that will turn to despair.

She died of her NG Code you retard

but Izuru has literally done nothing wrong

What? It's a retarded theory.

Juzo is dead, my chest is tight, and my tearducts are hot.

She was only with Naegi, Hina and Anims before dying, and already picked a room without a monitor, no?

She knew she would die anyway, so she just found a safe place and left the notebook. I don't think much would've changed if she has tols them before.

Can't explain why she didn't check the "exit dead room" though.

See, that's the main problem. Chisa actually got development. She got to be a CHARACTER, and a pretty important one at that.

Miaya was just a corpse with a vague description of what she was before being a corpse, all of her screentime was a single .jpg.

No shit
If you aren't SHSL Genius, you are basically a retard in this show

>Started hating Juzo because he was a fucking dick punching random people
>The Juzoboys copypasta appears and the meme magic makes me even like Juzo a bit
>This episode made me feel like crying
God I already miss him so much...

At least I got to see my waifu Celes one more time.

>Ogata speculation
They already finished recording for both anime. She knows the ending.

She never said that though. People just misinterpreted what she was trying to say


Turns out they hated each other so much they needed only slight push to start murder.

>both have SHSL Escort talents
Imagine the wild and raunchy sex they could have.
SHSL Vanilla kissing and hugging with leglock

1 millions hour is paint

How they're gonna explain and condense that in 18 minutes is hopelessly beyond me

We have two episodes to find out. If there's ever a time for her to show up and be relevant, it's now.

You know why

>Juzo died before Munakata got there and cried for him
>Juzo died believing Munakata stabbed him because he was gay
Why is this so sad?

its happening though

What was his NG?


user please, she was never important. She got developed to be a red herring which is fucking annoying

>everyone with a black look on their faces
>Yamada looks happy

>why couldn't you kill yourself Naegi? >Junko wanted you not us.

autism speaks, it's time to ignore it

naegi is kind of cool since previous episode

>no Mukuro

I'm sure SHSL Sniper could've shot and killed her despairing ass.

Got to see my boy, Ishimaru.


nagito will finally get his wish hope vs hope

"Explain others about mindhacking"

Yeah Juzo is definitely the best DR3 character.

How can they explain anything AT ALL in only 24 minutes. They have to close the RoD, they have to close the Komaru reuniting Makoto, they have to close Togami being fucking useless.

To be fair his face is too fat too really have any shadow around the top

>No, I'm pretty sure I know how you feel.
No, it's completely different. Chisa got screentime and characterization. Lots of it, in fact, as a major character. Even if it got thrown to the wayside, that's infinitely more than Miaya ever got, doubly so since we don't have any explanation as to how she could be brainwashed twice.

Being a red herring doesn't change the fact that she was important and took up a ton of screentime up until this point.

aye hope man lets get dem subs

literally who

>Naegi actually withstood the despair mind control
>He was actually about to stab himself because he was reminded that he missed out on not one but two of the hottest chicks he would ever know and were totally DTF
Deepest lore.
He looks good without the suit's jacket.


Juzo can't be that retarded. He knows he got stabbed because he helped Junko.


Same, brother.
And now we will never see Juuzo again.
This is too cruel.

Naegi doesn't count her among his classmates and friends.

Well, if the anime was good at anything, it's that it made you like and feel for characters before killing them off
Except for Chiaki. That was terrible

She didn't know where is power, because why even investigate secret room, am I right? XD

I don't know, it was pretty disturbing to see everyone standing up, dead.

She looks good in 3's style. Wish we could see more of her.

Glad she didn't show up. Even Naegi knows she's irredeemable scum that deserved to die

finale is apparently an hour long.


Sucks, but does this confirm there is a Despair 12 once and for all?

"losing the phone"

An extra episode via OVA coming with the V3 game?

What did she mean by this?

Quite easy to rig proximity triggers between monitors and bracelets.

I wanted her to be the mastermind. I want the theatre scene to have significance.

At this point we're looking at another DESU2: The Animation

This is all fucking Seiji Kishi's mess too

>Deepest lore.
true art
I never saw that coming


so uhhh next despair episode has to cover the mass suicide and junko killing the headmaster after he turned the school into a shelter, right?

>They have to close the RoD
They can do that in Despair.

>falls into despair by himself
>not because of mindhack

Best twist.

"When hope and hope collide, I want to be there, to see the moment when those brilliant sparks fly!"

Could he have meant those two after all?

They don't have to explain shit.

This animu is off the rails!

So Chisa just killed herself for fun?

Yeah she could have saved Juzo, Ruruka and Gekkobot just by doing that lol

> now
What? She was dead weeks ago.


How long until [hope] subs?

She's laughing at the 'Chisa is mastermind' theories. Man, I can't believe it wasn't that.

Not enough evidence

Nothing. Because she got wasted.

U-Unless we're hinting she's still alive.


>hijacking the body of a young maiden like that
If it really happens, I'd be amazed at how my opinion of Tengan managed to drop so dramatically after liking him so much when he fought Munakata..

She was mindhacced by monitor.

excuse me what


Naegi doesn't really know the real Mukuro, just a "Junko".

I'd pay for a bonus episode of the future foundation's reactions to the final trial

In all honesty, even given the way DR3's gone thus far, I think it would've been too simplistic for her to be the mastermind. It doesn't change how weird it was to see her be brainwashed again despite already being a Remnant though.

>the city of Mukurofags

So why couldn't this have been a game with class trials and shit? Suicide Mind Hacking Anime is the worst fucking thing ever


The monitors probably showed her images of her murdering children and Chiaki's death and she offed herself.

It better be a 20 minutes long beach episode about with Juzo and Munakata because I don't feel like watching anything else.


not enough evidence or Im junko so I don't give a fuck

> Juzo
> Literally saved eveyone
> Munkata
> Practically killed everyone
And people said that Juzo was useless and Muhkatana is a genius.


but didnt people just watch it raw?

>naegi's original looks being so fuccboish and stupid they had to retcon him into mini-hajime

For the best, really

Oh fuck you

It's going to be split into 2 episodes probably.
The 12th of Future and the 12th of Despair.

Where'd you get that from?

he only killed tengan that was a despair


>It doesn't change how weird it was to see her be brainwashed again despite already being a Remnant though.
This is another thing that is bothering me. Because Mikan didn't get brainwashed a second time. She was just happy her classmates were falling to despair.

Oh come on we were mocking Raiden since he took out his katana

At least Munakata managed to kill someone who was in on it.

He got his memories back. He definitely remembers her now

They have to wrap up
>RoD stuff
>Komaru wanting to meet up with Naegi
>Naegi actually getting a moment to mourn Kyoko
>Why Kyoko didn't immediately tell them
>The mastermind
>Any fucking thing that Animator is actually going to do
>Final DR Hope v Despair fight
Anything I'm missing?

So Junko asked Mitarai to make all the Monokuma Theater animations? Even the ones we see in-game?



>Chiaki with ridiculously long hair
>is controlled by old man

Shit, I want this

September 19, 2016 – We have been notified that the final two episodes for Danganronpa 3 Future Arc and Despair Arc will be delayed due to production delays in Japan. We are sorry about this but will inform you about the earliest launch time for each episode as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Rest in piece, beautiful prince ;-;

Why are we sure that Chisa was brainwashed again? She was despair already, maybe Monokuma only said to her "Kill yourself to start the game" and she did it with a smile.

Of all the people who the mind hacc anime shouldn't have worked on, it's Naegi. Him being the ultimate hope and still getting absolutely fucked by it takes away from the whole point of being called that.


New thread

Even if he is a scumbag, I can't help but love him.

Are people seriously surprised by this?

Yes we did, but they probably send the episode to Funi too late.

>Anything I'm missing?
16th dude? or is he the mastermind?

>All remaining episodes will be delayed

I hope there'll be an adequate explanation for it in the final episode, but sadly I don't see it happening unless that rumor about the final episode being an hour long is true.

Yes, but I guess they mean that Funi doesn't get the script (or rather, late) for whatever reason.

I doubt that. Next Thursday is the last real despair arc episode, the one after that is just a VA special. Wrapping up RoD's involvement in future arc before the final episode of future arc itself would be weird as fuck.

She literally says that her reasoning for not doing jack crap sometimes is that she doesn't have enough evidence

It's Kodaka's way of explaining why she couldn't solve x in time

He didn't
Naegi told Juzo the truth


We don't even know what happened to him. He's been M.I.A since the end of Episode 8 and then you have the scene at the end of this episode of them pulling out injured FF members but no Togami.


He managed to kill Tengan who was one of the traitors though.

Honestly people should be used to this judging by how it's happened for the last six weeks or so


Fuck off. Hajime was good for nothing. A literal nobody.

Reporting in, brothers!

I-I just finished the raw episode, so I have missed a lot. either way: I couldn't be more proud of our boy, I... I don't even know what to say.

Cause she's junko

Kodaka is a hack.

there was Mitarai next to them, he could have become suspicious if she left knowing her NG code being an ally to the mastermind

2nd, started making Juzocrops around the middle because he grew on me

Time for some [Hope]

He was smarter that the majority of the DR 2 cast.

What a stepping stone, guys!

did they show some soldiers at the end of this episode? or I remember it wrong, I hope they show some operators because those guys in suits everywhere were kind of weird

>Practically killed everyone
He failed to kill anyone except Tengan(which now his status is unknown)

I honestly STILL think Chisa may be the mastermind to be honest. That grin is telling me something.

Drebins talent, gun launderer/ storyteller

Still got the looks the pay for the books

if nothing else

Why the hell would you carry around a belt like that juzo

How will the survivors, ex-RoDa and the FF now work to rebuild the fucking world because all sides literally killed themselves, even internally speaking (DR1 survivors killed each other, DR2 despairs killed each other, Mirai-hen's FF killed each other)

>yfw they casually mention that Togami died in the building just before the final episode ends

We already know why Kyoko didn't tell them

Mitarai is there, he is obviously involved

I really don't see that happening. What show is willing to give up their time slot for another, especially at a time where most anime are at their finales?

Kirijunko has Tengan's phone

Munakata is fucking hope tier since his only kill count is Mastermind and a robot controlled by another mastermind

> Tengan is mastermind
> Killed his boy Great Gozu ASAP
> Went to be killed by fucking Munakata
I don't understand his plan.

Summon [Hope]
lets do this

Yeah I don't believe it either, but it's gotten me curious either way.

He probably didn't plan on getting killed by Munakata, which is why he fought back and tried to drive a piece of rebar through his head

The last future episode is going to be a disaster. They left too much shit unsolved in this one. Why the hell is the pacing so slow?

>1 off

If the supposed mastermind Tengan died this easily, he probably just wanted to drag everyone else down with him.

Well duh he was his friend.
Only that though, regrettably for Juzo.

i felt bad for juzo but his death is the redemption of his character its a shame raiden couldnt return those feelings and fucked up by stabbing him im guessing raiden will die to avenge them or something

I'm the same brother, my chest is tight, I don't know what to do to feel better.

Welcome to a Seiji Kishi-directed work.


>He probably didn't plan on getting killed by Munakata
well duh

Rolling for [HOPE]

What a waste of a character. Can't wait for the end of this mess

It's slow, but also rushed as hell

There was always going to be a Despair 12.
It's just going to be a talk show of the seiyuu talking about random BTS tidbits. They count those towards the episode count even if they're not really episodes.


Welcome to "Any character voiced by Mai Nakahara in a Seiji Kishi directed anime"




Wait, isn't he the same guy that directed the DeSu 2 anime?

Sleep tight Chiakers, you cutie.

Yes, also the Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace anime, which also, had a fucking wasted character in there.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how shit will the ending be?

Memes out the ass/10


Sleep tight, Chiakers. Here's hoping Kohacka doesn't turn you into the fucking mastermind.


So why hasn't he lost his job yet? Do nips have shit taste?

People liked Jinrui. Including me.

>Do nips have shit taste?
oh silly user
you know answer to this question


>The awkward moment when your current meets your ex

>Here's hoping Kohacka doesn't turn you into the fucking mastermind.
Just let it go, user.

He created the masterpiece known as YuYuYu.

Don't mind me, just paying my respects to Juzo, the true MVP of the show.
Munakata should've given him a lick at least.



It's fairly likely that it's going to happen now, I agree, but that's not an argument. They use entirely different words, Funi just translated them the same way.

No because he is not into fags

>Tengen downloads himself into Chiaki
>To be with Izuru
>Turns out original Izuru and Tengen were bffs or lovers

Yes Kodaka
This will do

>implying that Tengan wasn't the original Izuru Kamakura
I'm not even sure Kodaka could make the anime any gayer at this point. I nearly burst out laughing when Juzo was flipping the switches, and Naegi told Munakata to go to him, and he takes off running to see Juzo. Holy shit, for being a trainwreck ending to the series, at least it's funny.

>that filename

anyone wanna give a quick summary of what happened? I'm not gonna be able to watch it till later tonight

All the deaths were suicides, the monitors play MINDHACC video and spit out a dagger when someone wakes up, and they off themselves.

Makoto is about to kill himself due to MINDHACC, but Juzo is alive and saves him from his death-trance.

Tengan is thought to be behind everything.

Juzo is near death, and goes to the breaker room inside the hidden fake-exit room. He cuts the power, deactivatin the monitors and the wristbands all fall off.

Munakata runs over to him, and finds Juzo dead, happy that he saved everyone.

Makoto questions Anime about the brainwashing, and it ends on Anime's phone getting a message from Tengan.