Tell me about the last anime movie you watched

Tell me about the last anime movie you watched.

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Marta! !

Patema Inverted, very nice movie.

Macross DYRL. It was great to see the guy who spent an entire series in the friendzone like a beta turn into a total alpha in the movie

The Legend of Crystania

They made some interesting budget choices; none of the art has any detail, but the framerate of the animation is very high mich of the time.

Sheru doesn't look a goddamn thing like Pirotess though

Jin Roh
The animation was amazing for it's time. The story is pretty simple and well executed.
I loved watching giant metal soldiers going around fucking shit up

>for it's time
Not really necessary to add that. The animation is amazing. Plus it's not that old

I wasn't trying to make it sound dated, just that it blew minds at release

Yeah Production IG was truly top tier in the 90s.

Samuel L. Jackson

When Marnie Was There.

For all of its pretty background art and very good animation, everything else about it came off very bland and just generally uninspired. Beginning with the moment where the main character departed, I started feeling like I had already seen all the coming of age components that were In Marnie in other movies. Hard as fuck to relate to the main character when she never questions her sanity after her visions. I think any normal human being would be nearly frightened to death if the mansion he/she had a party in the night before was found to be abandoned for decades the next day. She never ever questions in the whole movie that she might be fucking retarded, which puts her at an insurmountable distance to any viewer that isn't ready to suspend that disbelief. The direction wasn't there either because every scene lacks interest and engagement.

Furrybait yet deliciously made. The animation is great, the story is well paced and written and the characters are all very likable and well done.
Also the whole country introduction was really touching. I'd write more but I'm tired.


Great idea, poor execution.

I'm watching Humanity has Declined.

Honestly not sure what to think thusfar.

I loved that movie but the ending wolf shit made me very angry

It was good. Now fuck off.

Tekkonkinkreet. Animation was really great and the story was good enough.

The Tamayura movies. Loved them.


Rewatched the Cowboy Bebop movie after having rewatched the series. Not only was the series not even half as good as I seemed to remember (or as good as people seem to think) but the whole movie felt like a directors attempt at making a generic american style action thriller with Cowboy Bebop characters pasted in.

Not a fan

>(or as good as people seem to think)
I trust that other people know what they think better than you do.

>what is common opinion?
Do not reply to me or my posts again you fedoraific little faggot

Not that guy, but can't you make a goddamn point without resorting to memetics?

If they're using memes they no have no point.

Akira, and it was boring as fuck.
Nothing actually happens and by the ending they start introducing paranormal shit that only makes everything even worse. There are no likeable characters and i was hoping that the bike had a greater role in the plot. I didn't care about anyone by the end.

Decided to rewatch the Animatrix because I was in an anthology mood. Honestly the 2nd Renaissance is grossly overrated, there's some powerful imagery but it has some of the worst writing I've ever seen. Beyond and Kid's Story were my personal favorites. I'll probably watch Robot Carnival next.

Boruto movie is actually pretty good. Can't say anything for the manga though,

A mediocre movie with a good first third, but quickly fell apart through the use of non-linear storytelling that was nothing more than an attempt to mindfuck the viewer, even though I could see through the gimmick early on and see exactly what the end goal was.

Legend of Crystania took a cool character like Pirotess and turned her into a hysterical little bitchlet whose moment to shine (i.e. attack a tough bad guy) ended with her getting swiped aside in a single move and then she gets rescued by the other characters in the film.

All that bloat and there's still banding and artifacting in that screenshot. So worth it.

The first mobile suit gundam movie. I liked the opening colony animation changes and how the newtype kids didn't get any real screen time. I actually really liked the pacing changes.

Fuck me, Crystania makes me so mad.


First exposure to vintage, unedited Gatchaman. Pretty decent, though it might not be up everyone's alley

I watched the series first, but I prefer the movies to it now.

The Little Norse Prince. Fan-fucking-tastic opening sequence but I felt it lost its way a little down the line. Certainly a good movie though, and it's easy to recognize its historical worth. I think this and Orochi, the Eight-Headed Dragon are the two greatest films from the early days of anime.

I liked Patema a lot.

The last anime movie I watched was that Glass no Hana movie that came out recently.
Garasu no Hana to Kowasu Sekai was the name. It was nice, a kinda interesting premise and spin, comfy too.

The newest Berserk

I was laughing too much at the frying pan Guts was bashing around and being disappointed with all kinds of individual details to sit through it for long

The ending is the only part I really enjoyed, the video and song were great

Rewatched Spirited Away for the 4th time, always makes me feel younger when I relive the excitement and immersion from it. Thinking of watching Metropolis soon, is it good?
The animation is absolute dogshit but god damn the ending bit felt 100% Berserk at it's core, and that beautiful shot of Puck with this music was god-tier. is the OST out yet? This is the only track I need from it.

Tamako Love Story. Actually really fucking good. Especially considering Market was so boring that it made me want to blow my brains out

One of the Doremi movies, It would've been Madoka one but I decided to drop the series right there after the TV series.

Rebellion was pretty shit desu. You're better off

Me a friend had a Yoshiaki Kawajiri night recently and since we've both seen Vampire Hunter D and Ninja Scroll already we went with Wicked City and Demon City Shinjuku. Wicked City was alright, Demon City Shinjuku got a bit boring nearer to the end, but both are still watchable. If you like Kawajiri's style then I would recommend them.

The whole point of the Akira movie is that it's meant to be the best animated movie of all time in terms of animation. The movie cuts out about 70% of the story told in the manga, which is excellent.

Kimagure Orange Road: I Want to Return to that Day. Was pretty good because it actually gave conclusion to the series. Also, felt pretty bad for Hikaru (and for everyone involved, really).

Bad taste.

Sakasama no Patema. P cool concept

ANE just uses the raw video stream from the blu ray since they said they couldn't improve the size without causing artifacts.

It came out a year ago and was subbed over eight months ago.

The cat returns.
Its a pretty good lighthearted non serious movie.

That's pretty recent.

Rewatched Akira.
Still has amazing art and really hasn't aged that bad at all.

Resurrection F.

I liked both latest DB movies and see no fucking reason as to why Toei shouldn't have continued DB as a movie franchise, it made 12 fucking times its budget in the box office.

>wathing Akira for anything besides the animation
what a mistake

>Wanted amazing fencing
>Got car chase
T-thanks, Ikuhara!

No one told me when i first watched it T_T

I've stopped watching anime movies for anything but art.

But there are so many times where a mediocre anime movie could have been propelled to "good" if they had invested just a little into characters.

Flanders no Inu. It was fucking brutal.

>Thinking of watching Metropolis soon, is it good?

Yes. Plot and characters are nothing to write home about but it's more than worth watching for the visuals and the soundtrack. Had to pick my jaw up off the floor after the climax.

Kokosake or the Love Live movie.

patema inverted
it seemed like a childrens film that was decidedly that
almost disney tier
the ending was also fucking stupid
I found it sort of boring desu