What if someone would bring him back to life and he would train for 5 months?

What if someone would bring him back to life and he would train for 5 months?

Platinum Cell

If Frieza training for a mere 4 months allowed him to reach a level of power that surpassed gods of creation and approached that of gods of destruction, why was he ever afraid of Beerus?

Nothing would happen because he already reached his perfect state of power and form.

because he thought beerus was on a unreachable level.
also frieza is an idiot that doesn't bother training a new form.
his brother woudn't have made that mistake.

Did'nt cooler actually train though, and thus lacks the potential that frieza had?

>because he thought beerus was on a unreachable level.
He didn't seem to think Goku was at an unreachable level when he resurrected. He must have had data. Literally, 4 months. If he'd trained a year he'd have far surpassed Beetus.
It's fucking stupid.

frieza is stupid. he reached the golden form and then didn't bother getting used to the form.
goku even pointed it out to him.
it's the same thing with his 100% bulky form, it drains him quickly.

Sapphire Cell.

Also he'd create more Cell Jr's and one would survive. He or she would become Pan's rival and eventually would become her friend, joining the Z Fighters in the future. He or she will also be the mentor of Pan's first child.

Yeah, Cooler obtained his 5th form through training, so he doesn't seem to have Freeza's potential. Cold apparently does have Freeza's potential too though if we go by Toriyama's interviews.

maybe frieza thought that beerus is asleep

Gold Frieza v Platinum Cell v Uranium Buu

Nah, Toriyama has said that Freeza wouldn't be able to surpass Beerus by just training more. The one thing from Super's remakes that really stand compared to the movie is the new large gap that exists between Goku and Beerus.

We don't know how strong Beerus is though. Even at SSJB, Goku and Vegeta still can't match him or Whis.

He can't be that far off.
He made a mark about how he used 80% of his power on ssjg goku, which was probably a mistake seeing as by this point kaioken supercyan should've been enough.

Would watch

Di you just copy my thread from the other day?

you already have

>People still believe training would help Cell

The difference between Frieza is that he isn't an artificial lifeform, Cell and Buu are.

Isn't Buu some ancient demon/mutant that was awaken by Babidi?

>Cell comes back stonger than ever.
>Everything seems dire at the beginning, even Goku and Vegeta are defeated.
>Gohan steps in, as he did when he was still a kid.
>Fully determined to save his friends and family, he powers up.
>Cell bitchslaps him like he did to Mr.Satan in the first Cell Games.
>Goku and Vegeta end up saving the day.

Cell would be smarter than Frieza; he would train for a year at least.

Also, what if he shits out five Cell jrs and does the Saiyan god ritual?

And then he blows up again and regenerates stronger than before, just for good measure.

Being an artificial life itself form doesn't mean he can't improve himself beyond the limited design of his creator. If there were other androids perhaps he could absorb them too, to mix and match.

Cell was made parts of other fighters and was bio engineered to be able to absorb certain androids after maturity to improve. It's feasible he has the right Saiyan DNA parts to be able to improve like they do. Or perhaps transform into a Gold form like Feeza (and presumably King Cold). Or even his own spontaneous improvement like when he gained the ability to do instant trans locations after exploding as his imperfect cell mode.

If Cell was smart he'd overcome his arrogance that got him killed last time. If he's smart he'd act in such a way to avoid going back to hell just like Frieza.