Show By Rock!!

Down to the last two episodes. Who's it going to be tonight? More Critis?

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>More Critis?
Fuck no. No more pink shit.
But I would like more frogglet.

Last short episode airs today.
I hope it's gonna be the Plasmagica-oneesans.

If Shitty Pink Cat episode again I kill myself.

I just want more Tsukino.

Only half an hour before it's over.
Watching the Active Raid repeat right now.

>More Critis?
Anything but that.

It better be Plasmagica.

Tsukino's full moons look really delicious, if you know what I mean.





New CM

>manly Shuzo
What's going on here.

Oh snap, that PV

She looks great.

He use to fight a lot when he was Shu.







This short looks fun.

>last two episodes
Today is the last Short episode.

Anime then
Anime now
What happened?

Shorts with Shinganz are always fun. Shorts whith Critis on the other hand are always boring.

Last CriCri-episode was the best of them three.

>[HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! Short!! - 12 [720p].mkv

They got Rin's Rins down.


I want to watch this show.


Why is this a lie?

So handsome

HS didn't include the PV. Anyone know where can get?


You'll have to probably wait for the official twitter site to include them.

Got to wait for the official upload. I think they don't want to spoilt it for those who are watching on other channels.


They should have included as OVA on the BD/DVD then again, no one does the BD/DVD for Season 1.

Why am I being punished?

Why still no proper shirtless Crow after all these years?

>/u/'s face when I guy enters a scene

I can relate.

Because sexualizing children is evil.

Crow is a legal adult.

They're hiding his cute tattoo.


I want Retoree to go doggy style on Cyan's pussy.

Legally yes but he still has the maturity of a little kid.

Show By Rock is about bands. In the place where music is everything, Midy City, bands aim for the top in this classic band story!
This is why it's about dark monsters trying to abduct animal-eared pop rock musicians, and the power of music makes soul crystals manifest in your heart.

This is as good as you're going to get

They keep lying to us.


Am I the only one who likes Rosia? Her whole character trope is funny and endearing and her design is cute. I get the feeling the joke is going over a lot of people's heads. Then again the only people in these threads are fujoshits who tune out whenever a girl is on screen.

Don't miss the AGF comic this time.

Nah, I like pink CriCri too.

Only catgirls can really love catgirls

Lots of people are like that, there's a phrase called young at home.

Fuck me, this could have potentially been very hot.

It's Be-Bop High School + Crows

What an egghead.

>Then again the only people in these threads are fujoshits who tune out whenever a girl is on screen.

You must be blind to the yurifags and waifufags/moefags.

Only scans I did from pulupulu69 this week. Got a haircut so I didn't want to scan stuff and deal with that

I like her but my reason is that I'm a lolicon and I want to fuck her so much.

Fujoshit here, I like the rest of the CriCris except her. BUT, I do really love CriCri songs for some reason.


that's all

>Only catgirls can really love catgirls

Not true...

Thank-you for Black God.

Thank you very much.

plz no bully


The cutest.

>Crow, plz
>no bully the new guy


Hey guys there's gonna be a nico stream on the 22nd about season 2.

It's gonna feature Cyan, Roger, and Titan's VAs plus DOS lead singer.

Size doesn't matter after all.

I want them to fuck.

With our luck, it's gonna be one of those region-locked nicostreams again.

Oh snap.


Bikes are too rough.
Bicycles is where it's at.

I like her, but I prefer the others CriCri.

They look great.



Looks like I need to track down another book

Any spoilers from the prescreening?


>Her whole character trope is funny and endearing and her design is cute.
I disagree. She's annoying, fake and a bitch plus ugly.

There will be CG in the first episode which should be expected
Ailane appears
Episode is considered quite dark

I want to shove my cock into Cyan!

Oh fuck... I need that.


Good title.
Very good title.


That's how bromances start.

Remember episode 2 of the shorts?
It's pottery.

I want Rom's barbed cat cock shoved into me!

Quoth the raven
I mean, Crow.
Never could distinguish both types of birds anyway


Anything about Ninjinriot?


I doub you had one
probably just a little chick

Still hoping for Studdo Ban Gyasshu to appear in season 2...

Youth is non-stop.





Can't stop the pandering.


Game gave me like, 3 of their URs in a row, so I guess I'm their fan by default now.

Thank you, fans of Show By Rock!!, for making Season 2 a reality.

they are all so cute


Chuchu's body is a crime against testicles.

>shilling their own show in their own show

This is disgusting. I almost threw up right here.

Well, seeing as the top suits at bones thought the show was gonna flop hard I can see why

>top suits at bones thought the show was gonna flop hard
Where's this from, an interview?

It's hard not to be a fan of a band that has a character who makes every girl wet within a 5 mile radius.

animatetimes article of the pre-screening yesterday.

>SB69 was only supposed to get one season, because nobody believed in it
>Ikezoe burned out on working on the show's first season
>it was a hard struggle
>working on season 2 was a lot more enjoyable

Isn't this nice?

Also, in another pre-screen event for SB69short, Inagawa said that she was supernervous when voicing the anime character of Cyan in seaon 1, and she even got stomach cramps during recording.

Must have been quite harsh.

The decision to include CG was considered very risky.

Damn. How much did season 1 sell overall? It must have been a success. It was definitely a success for the mobile game, which I assumed it was advertising.

>>SB69 was only supposed to get one season, because nobody believed in it

Well, it's an AD for a mobage. No one would think it would get more or even sell BDs unless Sanrio want to advertise again.

I remember it was a surprise hit and was among the top sellers that season.
Something tells me about 9k but can be wrong

>Show By Rock!! Volume 1 of 6
>Show By Rock!! Volume 2 of 6
>Show By Rock!! Volume 3 of 6
>Show By Rock!! Volume 4 of 6
>Show By Rock!! Volume 5 of 6
>Show By Rock!! Volume 6 of 6

The crow as drawn by art director Tomokatsu Nagasaku.

I wonder if S2 would sell as good.


Season twos never do, though..

that is cute

Symphogear says hi.

Probably not. That's just how it is most of the time

Blu ray sales and whatnot are important but how it affects the game is even more so. If it does really well on either front we could get a season 3

Probably not, because they tend to be much lower than the first season, since by then, everyone will have jumped ship to the newest show.

Still, just getting a second season is already fantastic enough.


I got her nendo.

Right? Rest of plasmagica when?

Her other two figures coming out look nice too

I hope the upcoming Retoree and Rosia figurines will look good. I need cute twin-tailed girls.

But that's the joke. She is that way on purpose.
>she's the bad guy REEEE

I just want a Chuchu

And? I know she's acting like that on purpose, that doesn't change the fact that she's annoying as fuck and that I want to beat the hell out of her.

plz no bully Roger

Same here.

Based on the other figures bell fine have done don't expect anything good. From what I've heard they are expensive and have really bad paint jobs

The cyan swimsuit figure from Q looks ok, and based on the crow prototype the amakuni cyan should look wonderful

Sounds disheartening. The Aqua figurine from KonoSuba they have posted on their website looked quite good to me, but I admit to being an amateur who doesn't know the ins and out of that whole business.

bell fine are more mediocre than outright bad. Terrible value.

>SB69 delinquent short
>No Plasmagica sukeban
Sanrio pls.

They are good girls.

I want it

Fuck I'm excited for them. I hope they get decent VAs.

I haven't read the Ninja episodes yet, does anyone have the hots for Tits Ninja? Will we finally have a straight pairing in this show?

Good girls can be sukeban.

>Marimari and her delinquent youkai gang never

I think Kamui the drummer likes her but he's a ninmachine so no idea if that straight or not.

I really gotta watch that Jewelpet show.

And when are the fucking Fairilu-subs coming out for episode 27? I just want to continue with that show, dammit. Reeeeeeeeeeelu rilu Fairilu.

The Jewelpet seasons are fun. For different reasons. Fairilu subber went back to school, so I don't know if he's likely to catch up any time soon.

I wonder if Arashi will be voiced by his game singer. Hirose is a seiyuu, but so was Shuuzo's old singer.

That's cute.

I don't know about liking but I really, really want to fuck her.

She is totally a ramped up sexappeal-character.

I like her.

What other stuff has Shuuzo's original singer worked on? I don't think he 's a seiyuu.

Not really. Ninja episodes revolve around them trying to find the scroll they came back in time for, Arashi being too enthusiastic about this and it turning out what they thought was a scroll was an egg roll or similar. Their episodes are very pure and cute, although Rin does have moves like 'sensual running'.

He's not, he's mostly done vocaloid covers from what I've seen.

He is, even his twitter page says he's a seiyuu.
Here's his profile:
He was in some drama CD recently


He's better at singing. His voice suit Riku or Kai more.

Well, he got to work with Crow and Kai's VAs in the end.

I mean Riku's VA.

Arashi is BEST SHIBE.

When will S2 air?

October 2.
22:00 Japan Standard Time.




Don't bully him!



>Trichronika bicycle gang

The only thing that could improve it would be support wheels.


Don't be a bully, Crow.

See you when S2?


Should've used another character, Criticristas will be irrelevant in S2.


>those cute thighs
wanted to see more butt

i want to cuddle her


Was this the last short?
>tfw no weekly dose of Show By Rock for 2 weeks

Yup. The end for now

>for 2 weeks
Things could be worse.

Yep. Short is over. Sharp is in 12 days.

Sanrio should make more of these shorts.

I'm still bewildered that those have official English subtitles on the Sanrio-website.

I wish the newer ones for the Sanrio-popularity poll 2016 also had them.

Aw shit I never even saw this one.

This one too.
It's hilarious.

On your knees.

alicebeans or bad virgins in the background?



nice catch

Here's a few storyboard sketches from director Ikezoe.




Badass bicyclers.


Apparently, his anime voice is the same as his ingame singing voice.

That's great news.



So will we actually get Rom vs. Shuzo for real in season 2 or was that just the staff cockteasing us?

The staff keeps teasing. Like some of the VAs(Crow. Riku, Shuzo) say in their comments that they are interested in their relationship. Maybe expect some but don't hope too much.


Go away, space angel, you're dead.

I spy a Tenjou Tenge.

> Inagawa said that she was supernervous when voicing the anime character of Cyan in seaon 1, and she even got stomach cramps during recording.
Has she just not done a lot of anime work? I know she voices a character in [email protected] Million Live as well.

> Retoree glancing at Cyan
> Moa staring at Chuchu's ears(?)

Oh hey, Crow and Cyan were on clean-up duty that day.

She only voiced minor characters in anime or games. Never had a main role before.

I need them to just fuck already.

I liked how they redid the second Shinganz one in the anime.

They did it in the musical too, but I can't find a clip of it.

Well, this episode was a ton of fun. Makes me wish more of the shorts were crazy alternate universe stuff.

show by rock shorts season 2 when?

only with more plasma

It was weird that Plasmas were in only 1 short?
Maybe they'll get huge focus in s2.

Well they are the main band so it's only natural.
crits and tsurezurenaru are probably gonna take a back seat for the new bands

How many times is that furry wolf gonna get a UR dammit? Give other blues a chance.

Moa wants to use the facefuck handlebars.
She and bunny should get porn together.

I need Shuzo's bicycle.

Haha that's actually neat.
The clothes too.

Haven't started watching this yet, but I'm excited. They introduce any new bands from the game?

For the shorts no, but the new bands will show up in S2.


How popular is this wolf

>nobody believed in it.
I still don't. they mixed so much shit together, I'm actually surprised it's working.

How can anyone possibly hate this angel?

But I like her because she's not an angel.

But she can pretend to be one.

Because nobody believed in it, the staff was allowed to do whatever the fuck they wanted with the show, and let their ideas run wild. It helps that everyone who worked on it liked the cute girls, the cute guys, and the idea of a cyberpunk music-setting.

He always look so sad, I want to pet him and protect him. Don't bully the furry wolf, Cred Forums.