What is the best way to follow Patlabor?

What is the best way to follow Patlabor?
-Watch only the anime
-Watch only the movies
-Read only the manga
-Do all the three choices but in a specif order

First ova -> first movie -> second movie

Watch the tv series before, during or after, doesn't really matter.

Third movie never.


Chronological order :

Third movie > OAV New Files > 1st Movie > Tv Series > 2nd Movie > OVA

You can read the manga anywhere between the 1st movie and the OVA.

I watched the first episode of the TV Series and it was trash. Horribly directed and cheaply animated; typical Sunrise garbage. They probably wanted to get the mech out as early as possible to sell toys.

I watched the first 3 episodes of the OVA and it was really strange, but still far better than the TV series.

you would think an OVA series about cops would feature a bit more crime in it rather than being some sort of mecha superhero thing

What the fuck are you talking about? Did you even watch the show? As in, Patlabor, or did you watch something else by mistake?

There is no way somebody could honestly think this. Are you just shitposting? Have I been tricked?

>tfw to intelligent to enjoy police shows

>missing out on the greatest SoL ever

Your loss

When I watched the first episode, I distinctly remember being disappointed with how shoddy it was. It's not wrong to label Sunrise a pack of moneygrubbing shitheads either.

The Early Days OVAs were weird.

He's indirectly baiting those who really watched it to give him recommendations/merits/reasons to watch the show

>read the manga

when did it get translated?


Why is she so perfect?



I watched the ova, then the first 2 movies.

Maybe it's time to watch the tv series.

The TV series is pretty much garbage, only people who have no understanding of writing think it's worth anything. It doesn't really have problems with directing though, it's just a bland unfunny kids show.

Everything else is good though.

The first OVA, first movie and second movie make up the more serious timeline. Great stuff, especially the second movie.

The tv-series and the second OVA are the more happy and slice-of-life timeline. Also great stuff, if you want something light-hearted.

You'll probably want to watch both timelines seperately, but try them both because they're great for what they're trying to do.


Unironically the dumbest thing I've read all day.

If you're going to watch the second movie, make sure you watch the first ova and the first movie before.

And here's a big warning, the second movie may bore you but whatever you do, pay attention to the whole movie because honestly, there's real magic there and you only get to experience it on your first watch.

Fuck off. Noa doesnt have manface

No. It is great slice of life series

is there no noa in the new patlabor?

No, like the live-action it's supposed to be years after the original and labor use has greatly diminished.

Yes he does.

Then what is point? Whole cast in original was perfect, just make 2 cour series with original cast dammit.

TV series + OVA2 for slice of life cop show with mecha every now and then.
OVA1 + Movie 1 and 2 for political drama and glorious animated mecha fights.

The TV series focuses more on relationships between the main characters as they slowly develop trust and understanding with each other.

The movie focuses more on the role of labor police in society and the relationship of SV2 with other departments/organizations.

Dont call noa a man that is rude

It's just a short.

Show up for the /m/, stay for the best boss

>only people who have no understanding of writing think it's worth anything

Don't mind me.

Just posting best girl.

>third movie never

Don't you like giant mutated alien baby?

Sooo... can I just jump straight to the TV series, or would I greatly benefit from watching the OVAs and films beforehand?