Anime RE:ZERO will get a OVA. In Akihabara station suddenly appeared a poster. HYPE

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>beach episode with Emilia, Ram and Beato


But that's not an ova announcement.

Please, no more.

Yes, I need more of this anime. Season 2 when?

This is LN advertisement, the date says that this 23 of September they going to release vol9 and this 25 of October vol10

What are the ways to save Rem again?

But in the corner it says TVアニメの続きがここに。.
In red even.

Imagine coming out of a station from a long day of work and seeing weebshit in public on the wall.

>in japan

Somehow by killing Batenkaitos.

You know what i mean fag, otaku crap if you're happy.

I wonder if shit like this will remain during the Olympics. Would be pretty funny.

New mayor of Tokyo is more pro-otaku than the last guy apparently.

You would be crazy not to be. Only real reason japan is a cultural powerhouse is because of weebshit. Fuck, it made them the most beloved asian country in the west by far

But user, it says "'TV Anime's Sequel' is in the Novels"

Kill Ley, maybe
Get some dragon blood, maybe
Find Flugel and see if he's got any ideas.

They're looking for general ways to undo the Authorities because at that point the Archbishops have made an absolute mess of things.

>Only real reason japan is a cultural powerhouse is because of weebshit

Yeah, it's not like there's any famous technology companies born there and are famous in the western world rifght?

>tech companies make you a cultural powerhouse
Woo lad.

Alright user tell me the last product you bought from japan that wasn't a playstation or 3ds.

my dick is ready

>In Akihabara station suddenly appeared a poster.
Why are all re:posters so bad at grade-school level English?

4k sony tv

>Tech companies make you a cultural powerhouse
wew lad

I buy a lot of food from Japan, like Umeboshi vinegar, kombu seaweed and nori seaweed.

'RE' in 'The story doesn't end here' is in Rem's color of blue.

These fucks know exactly what they are doing, and they are bastards.

At this point anything to erase the lack of suffering in the ending

Maybe OP isn't a murican user.

Why are you personally getting hurt?

quick someone fly over and do that emilia edit to the add.

Who said anything about me getting hurt personally or otherwise? That LN contains the Rem reveal, which is basically the only content from it the anime didn't cover. They want the anime viewers to switch over to the LN and get completely cold cocked.

They cut out all of satella's scenes, which is pretty major.

Maybe they don't make the last chapters to don't kill the cliffhanger of vol9, i hope that they released a episode 26 or a extended edition ep25 that cover the last chapter of vol9 in the last Bd or in Niconico around in October in the same time of vol10,

Okay? They also cut tons of other scenes from previous volumes? What's your point?

TV doesn't mean OVA

続き means continuation.

"Read the novel if you want the continuation of the TV anime"

Yeah it's Nihon pride

>7 anime
>1 video game (with an anime)
Video games confirmed irrelevant

You lie. It's just an ad for the LNs.

LN Emily actually looks like an half-elf

>which is basically the only content from it the anime didn't cover.

Never, according to news.

I get cutting other things, like al's story, exposition of the other factions, and random character shenanigans but cutting Satella scenes just cheapens the whole experience. Adding her as an involved character with Subaru opens return by death from a dues ex plot device to the chilling possibilities of manipulation to ulterior motives of this entity

But why? It sold better than most anime that get season 2.

In terms of chapters sperglord, there's tons of stuff they skipped around in the anime. The only chapters you get out of the LN that weren't covered in the anime are the interludes and the Rem side-story.

LNs need tp catch up to the WN. Not enough LN content for S2

Most of the technology in my home is japanese. Not because of anime, either - it's kind of a family tradition by now - japanese products have excellent design, loads of functionality AND they last a long time. Why wouldn't I buy them?

S2 isn't going to happen.
>They didn't animate the scene where Subaru tells rem that he will take her to be his second wife.
>They did this because they weren't planning on animating the scene where Subaru brings this up to emilla
>They never intended for the "Who's rem" as that would be a cliff hanger for a second season.
>They wanted to keep it so they can go with a cop out happy end that wraps up the story being told nicely
>They never planned for a second season.

Sequel is bad choice to translate it as. Implies the LNs were made specifically to pick up where the anime left off. To be more precise it should be "The continuation is in the LN".


Emilia in wonderland, we know that is that crap!
if they put "who's rem" as a bitter end, in the last part of the ova, we will know that whitefox got the balls to take the risk of sub announcing the season 2 and don't put this in stand by

>poster saw on AKIHABARA station

>even if the anime ends
>it doesn't end in the web novel
>and it definitely can't end yet on the 9th volume of the novel
There's also the subtle hint that Ren is important again in the latest volume.

Vídeogames are made worldwide. Anime is not.

>open the first episode with a flashback back to when they made that promise
>jump back to the present and have everything play out like you described
It's not even hard.

what? is subaru so hopeless to teach emilia how to play together like adults that he has to resolve with using a vegetablehuman as a sexdoll?
crepy as fuck Tomodachi-kun...

Koike is only pro safe accepted mainstream family-friendly anime.

Yamada Tarou spoke about this in his presentation before Kokusai Tenjijou Station during Comiket.

But I don't blame you for not being there.

>Literally ends with Subaru about to ask about Rem

Part 4 is longer than 1-3 combined. It's enough content. It's normal for there to be 2-3 year delays anyways.

This is white fox, see you in 5 years.

The studios are hired

Who the fuck are those shitters coming on Cred Forums to spout crap like this? You're watching anime, you're just as pathetic as those people. Heck no, you're even worse because at least those people are creating something and bringing entertainment to millions of people while you're just sitting on your ass and pirating stuff while the instant noodles you eat contribute everyday to your 300 lbs of NEET non-muscle corporeal mass.

I hope that when the author of arc2 finish the manga, start to adapting arc4

>yokai watch
>something procure
Japanese are full of shite.