How has your taste in anime changed over the years?

How has your taste in anime changed over the years?

>used to dismiss Eva for 2deep4u, now I appreciate its excellent directing, aesthetic, narrative structure and finale
>used to dismiss K-On as generic CGDCT, really love the genuine care and artistic craftsmanship put into it
>used to praise Ufotable animation, can see the stiff character acting now
>no longer use internet buzzwords like style over substance, budget or QUALITY

>used to dismiss Eva for 2deep4u, now I appreciate its excellent directing, aesthetic, narrative structure and finale
eva has always been shit

>intro stage: shonen shits
>mid stage: deep shits
>late stage: moe shits
>end stage: cheery pick from each stage above
>current stage: having watched over 1000 anime, so I pray, unlimited boredom works


Used to exclusively watch 2deep4u shit and decided that I'm sick of it and only watch whatever I find fun. Flip Flappers will be AOTY.

>budget is a buzzword

>really love the genuine care and artistic craftsmanship put into it
And it's still awful CGDCT.

Same for me if moe and shonen are switched.

Yeah, that's basically me. I'm only halfway through the last stage, but I'm getting there. I don't know if "cherry picking" and "picking whatever looks interesting" are the exact same though. Probably close enough that I'm just being pedantic, but whatever.

Is this thread bait?

I've always liked comedy-based anime the most, though I'll watch anything unless it isn't pretentious bullshit like Mushishi.

I could never get into any of Ikuhara's stuff, but after picking up Mawaru Penguindrum again for no reason lately and loving it, I'm wondering what my problem was in the past.

>pretentious bullshit like Mushishi

Jesus fucking Christ. There's nothing pretentious about it. What are you even thinking?

so your taste has gone to shit over the years then

>Hetalia used to be my favorite anime

I watched it as well, but how?

Though I don't really have the right to say that, since I liked, and I still kinda like Kuroshitsuji for some reason. It's not because of the gay stuff, it's the atmosphere of the anime itself that draws me in.


>Bleach used to be my favorite anime
>now my favorites range from Hellsing Ultimate to Bokurano to Yuki Yuuna and Love Live

In retrospect, I'm not sure what happened.

It's the gay atmosphere

>was anti harem guy
>watched almost everything non harem by that point
>start searching for good oldies
>oedo 808, black heaven, golden boy
>huh what is this tenchi series? Looks good
>eww harem but its old and looks interesting
>tenchi happend
>started to carve harem animes compareable to tenchi
>GXP happend, isekai happend, paid for translation
>true harem is my new tag-god
>still think about how much i missed over the years.

Seriously, I love the victorian-era London thing they have going on. I'm likely going to enjoy the cruiser film adaptation that's gonna go out next year.

Kuroshitsuji isn't really that gay. Its a great show though.

I only started liking CGDCT after turning into a wageslave.

And after reading my quota of philosophy, I find deep shit more stupid than ever.

same here although i am sure i didnt watch even 500 animes yet... i like new ideas and nuace at the moment

Went from 2deep4you, comedy/parody and 'mature anime for mature aduience' through watching almost everything that airs to hit the point when I'm fed up with battle harem and don't even touch most manga adaptations. I started to read more manga and play video games (which I haven't for over 5 years) to waste time on something else
Most notable changes on the way was picking mecha, idols, sol and color wars. I still consider most of anime as mediocre at best but watch them out of habit. And I fucking hate low powerlevel scum and memsters that think one genere is better than other and cut their discussion to 'x-shit'


I hope I won't be the only one who scolds this guy.


Death Note --> "animes like death note" --> Elfen Lied (enjoyed it unironically) --> other edgy shit and 2deep4u

CGDCT and haremshit. Started watching currently airing anime during the summer.

>2013 - 2014
EVERYTHING currently airing, almost.

Lost interest since it was a very shitty anime year. The only great show was pic related, so I watched 4 anime in total.

CGDCT saved anime with gems such as Anne Happy and Sansha Sanyou. This season only has New Game but I watched a few others such as Meme:zero.




>implying you never searched for "animes like Death note"

When on a gateway drug i used to marathon naruto in 2 weeks
now i struggle with 1 cour series.

Literally me, also way more cynical.

Mostly mainstream stuff at the beginning but that's probably the same for everyone.
Now I love watching older stuff, my favorite shows now mostly consist of Dezaki shows.

2001-2003, grew up watching yellow subs .rmvb files (Hikaru no Go originally).
2004-2007, watched Naruto up until NarutoXSasuke fight just to fit in with Cred Forums, really only cared about Haibane Renmei, Masaaki Yuasa, Gainax and Satoshi Kon.
2008-2011, try to get into /m/ material in university because /m/ seemed cooler than Cred Forums. Only obsessed with shows that can make me cry like a little girl. Started watching tokusatsu and enjoying fun again.
2012-2013, discover Rintaro, fall in love with Harlock and watch Cardcaptor Sakura every night drunk for a year.
2014-now, moved to Japan, discovered Dezaki Osamu and fell in love with Ashita no Joe, Touch and Maison Ikkoku.

In general, I've learned to care about animation, and given up focusing so much on the literary quality of subs and instead focused on the strengths of the medium. I watch a lot less anime now (I've seen too much, and don't care for anything modern). I don't feel the need to justify my tastes as mature or highbrow, or feel the desire to be left emotionally exhausted. I go to comiket twice a year just to photograph cosplayers, and love all the otaku I can't relate to at all.

who gives a fuck?

I do.

so it seems, why?

>Is this thread bait?
>no longer use internet buzzwords like style over substance, budget or QUALITY
you tell me

It didn't really change. I mostly just watch random shit.

>watched Sailor Moon, DBZ and all the shitty card game based anime when I was a kid
>rediscovered anime at age 13, loved the big 3
>after running out of episodes started watching ALL anime except for Loli shit
>After 500ish shows realized most of it is repetetive so decided to give ongoing one's a try
>up to this point I though all manga is trash and animated version is superior in every way possible
>realized all seasonal shows are recycled old ones and there's no originality apart from premise but still watched them
>found Cred Forums, got convinced to give older anime a chance.
>loved some of them and realized that the ones I've enjoyed so far were shit and I was a self-inserting faggot
>stop watching apart from few shows per year hoping something good will appear
>visit Cred Forums for the good ol' memes
>Inb4 unsubscribed :^)
Still listen to OSTs, got to give credit to Nipland for their instrumentals.

>Hated K-On!, Lucky Star, and AzuDai (anime) back then and dismissed CGDCT anime as being garbage outside of Strawberry Marshmallow
>Watched more CGDCT and enjoyed the lot of them over the past few years
>Went back to watch K-On! and AzuDai
>Both are still shit
>Didn't even bother giving Lucky Star a second shot

I started out watching whatever was on TV so pokemon, monster rancher, CCS, sailor moon, YYH, code geass stuff like that.
When I finally got Internet I watched things the stereotypical "must see" shows like kyoani shit or angel beats, bacanno, whatever.
Then starting about four years ago I started watching seasonal.
Now for the past two years I've been watching seasonal along with mecha and "classics", so gundam, SDF macross, Lupin, Captain Hallock, Space railway 999, and The last mecha shows I've watched were Zambot and J-decker, in a week or so I'm going to start watching VOTOMS, Xambungle, and Macross 7.

>used to think shonen and harems were cool and funny
>used to think anime was original and imaginative
>used to think there was never a bad dub
>used to think there was never a bad story
>now every anime is the same shitty story with the same shitty moe characters and nothing is original or imaginative anymore
>now I need dubs just to finish a shitty anime I regretfully started
>now I only watch anime because Cred Forums told me this adaptation of a shitty LN would be good and so I can shitpost with Cred Forums for the season
Anime has gone so fucking downhill.