Miuna Monday and Nagi no Asukara

It's Monday!

I love you, Miuna!

Thank you, Miuna for protecting my smile.

Thrusting deep inside Miuna while gripping her hair loops

every monday til you like it

No lewd on the graveyard!

Too early

Why is Miuna so ugly?

Protect my Miuna, smile!

The love is deader than usual.

Miuna deserves better than this.

Uchoten Kazuko got a sequel

It means there is hope for NnA, right?

It's still Monday.

In my heart

I thought she had a donkey face from the thumbnail

You need glasses.

Miuna needs laser surgery and a haircut.

I need Miuna.

This show was bad.

You got some nerves posting this here.


Miuna love really is dead this time.

I'm so happy to see you Miuna.
My day will be full of smiles!

As long as there is a little every monday I'll be happy.

Just like you.

Good night, Miuna. See you next Monday.


Holy shit the dream is alive

Why didnt she win? God!


How do these threads manage to get worse every week?

>Miuna piss guy hasn't even appeared yet
How is this thread worse than the earlier ones?

corrupted love

Do you have eyes? Look at it.

Or better yet don't look at it and take my word.

Goodnight, beautiful sea.

Goodnight Miuna.

Good morning, Miuna!

Bye. Time for it to go.

Hold me, Miuna.

Let go.

Please help Miuna up.

why does she fall so much


Because she fails so much.

It's not corrupted, it's just soggy.


I want to ________ Miuna.

"bump the thread dedicated to"

Thrusting deep inside her hair loops while gripping Miuna

Good morning, dolis.

Every monday for the rest of our lives.

Why is Miuna so cute and beautiful?

Good morning Miuna.

Good night Miuna.

Goodnight Miuna.

Goodnight user.

Are we done now?This is getting embarrassing.

Never ever.

miuna will protect our smiles for 175 years!


Just when I didn't think it could get any worse.

This is not Miuna, it's Fake Miuna!

So just bad and not even worse is what you are saying?


shit show, right?


It's ok. Only watch if you can tolerate both mecha and SoL.



I want to pat Miuna!

I want to rub Miuna's cheeks!

I want to hug Miuna!

I love Miuna in all forms.

Even charcoal?

Why do you say that?

From the inside, with the tip of my penis!


What are these dolis doing with the rod, Cred Forums?


I want to be a rod.

Good morning Miuna, please continue to protect my smile.

Good evening Miuna, please continue to protect my dick.

Goodnight, beautiful Miuna.

Good night, Miuna. Please protect my autism in my sleep.

It's supposed to be beautiful sea.

Can't believe people are now proud of autism.

How many fans could Miuna pleasure in an hour?


Almost twice as many as the pathetic poster count for this lousy thread.

how many Miunas can her fans pleasure in an hour?

No one knows. No one cares.


Because no fans, right?