Danganronpa 3

Next Mirai Episode - a fucking DBZ fight

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First for neat delays


RIP Juzo


>Punched Naegi so hard Rihanna playing sticks and stones
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag and makes niggers drop faster than the Detroit police department
>Went one on one with the Gozuboys
>Rekt Hinata so hard he turn Izuru
>100% accuracy rate in Olympic chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was just to flex his muscles and check dat ass
>Went full ham on the old man and crew just to get his kick quota fulfilled
>Roundhousekicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet
>Too busy punching manlets, so some mentally deranged kid blows up half the school
>Great try, but no normalfags died
Fucking reeeeeeeee
>Tried to kill the donut but jobbed again
>Survived 2 missile barrages by some random ass cripple in a wheelchair
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, declaring himself to be best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his friends no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Seduced by Ruruka's sweets, but who gives a shit, our boy definitely doesn't. Fuck candy and fuck that whore
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination, fuck bangles



PS:Normalfriends and Chiakifriends need not apply to based Juzo
This makes me even sadder, my friend.

Does that ep 11 this week is delayed?

Press F to pay your respects to our boy.

In the end, the only thing that could control him was death.

I'm sorry, Juzo...
And goodbye.

RoD when?

Sorry for judging you so harshly, Gay Boxer


Subs when holy shit funimation needs to get their shit together

It means all remaining episodes are delayed.

>"Naegi-kun why didn't you fuck us?"

So I have the feeling that it isn't Chisa.

So it turns out they saw the Killing Game. Which means Chisa saw Junko die. That grin, to me, is implying she's planning something sinister. Like, she got inspired by watching Junko so she pulled this shit.

I haven't watched he latest raws but from what I've read Junko did mindhacc absolutely everyone through monokuma theater and the killing game world broadcast like most people here were predicting?

I mean, it would be fucking dumb having such a weapon and not doing it.


There's still hope!

Miaya could appear!

I have a different power...

Shouldn't Naegi go with Juzo looking for the power switches just in case he succumbs to his mortal wounds?

Why did he do it?

> SDR2
> Chapter 3
> Final Tutorial Text
> "You should be able to find it beyond this point. What you and I both yearn for..."
> "True despair."


What could've driven Great Gozu to commit suicide after watching the monitor?

>Watching the RAW after the stream
>Had to close the episode towards the end when Munakata is running to Juzo
I want my Juzo back, at least he's gone as a hero.




This is why he wanted to kill himself. Not the mindhacc anime. It was because he missed out on all that prime pussy.

An AI at best.

She's going to meet Izuru and get her hairclip back, isn't she?

F, and a salute to you, you fabulous motherfucker!
You will not be forgotten, your boys will always remember you.

Does Cred Forums like boats?

>2 Chief Animation Directors, 10 Animation Directors
Lerche is most likely behind on schedule so they can't send the episodes to overseas on time.

I summon [Hope]man

An episode of RAW centered around Roman Reigns

Repeated sped up footage of him losing title matches against John Fucking Cena.

So someone can finally deal with Izuru. He must've injected his oldman hope into Chiakizuru so she would be controlled by FF.

Whatever unknown guilt he had.

im not a juzoboy, but fuck, tears down on my face jesus ;-;

How will the survivors, ex-RoDs and the FF now work to rebuild the fucking world because all sides literally killed themselves, even internally speaking (DR1 survivors killed each other, DR2 despairs killed each other, Mirai-hen's FF killed each other)

Not Miaya.
No, Chiaki is something... more.

16 hour-kun please

white guilt

Why is he so handsome?

Needs more [Hope]

Why the hell not?

Missed episode due to work, what happen?

Where is FUTURE arc on the happening scale?

The Final Deletion match

>Kirigiri has Tengan's phone
>Animator-kun, it appears my face is bloody.

>people falling for the obvious "Tengan is the mastermind" red herring

It's too late/It's happening.

Why didn't Junko just brainwash everyone?

trump winning

Reporting in, brother, and prouder than ever!

Once again: I cannot even begin to describe all the respect I have for our boy. He stayed loyal until the very end, and had a hero's death.

I am sad, but glad, my brothers: may him find peace, for we shall stay strong.

How does it feel for your beloved Ultimate Gamer to be tainted by Kamukura project?

>Naegi and Munakata doing the Romcom "you need to go after her" kind of ending
>Unfortunately, it was too late
Well, let's look on the upside.
Next episode is going to be rushed as all hell, isn't it?


Close enough

absolute HOTNESS

I swear to god guys I'm not in denial I swear. Her grin is telling me she's the mastermind.

At least we know why he was an asshole


Summoning [Hope] with my 16.

Juzo was our HOPE

Feels great man. Now they can challenge each other on all sorts of shit and not get bored.

And the sex must be amazing

i cried



Kirijunko or a bust She has tengan's phone

Cool, episode summary?

We, Juzoboys, were right all along,. We knew our boy would die yet we also knew his death would be heroic and SAVE EVERYONE.

He was only an asshole to Munakatana, so I figured it was just his way of getting back at the asshole killing him.

Yes, the mastermind used the Monokuma theater together with a I HOPE improved version of the MINDHACC to get the participants to kill themselves after giving them Monokuma knives

>Tengan took Chiaki's corpse
>revived her and turned her into Femzuru
>then uploaded his own memories into her so he would be reborn
What the fuck, old man?

Why are you so invested in this dumb theory?

Thing is she won't be herself that was the mistake of the last one she'll be control by Tengan.


Too boring

Why people haven't expected this since it happened for the last six months is beyond me

It's over.

Juzo got confirmed to be alive, at least until the end of this ep.
They need some other delusion to hang on to


I missed the episode. What happened?

>mondo butter mixed with sayaka's menstrual blood

oh fuck

what does celes look like?

>Kirigiri barely awake, fucked up from the poison but alive thanks to cure W or some shit
>Clutching a phone
>Tengan's phone
>Using it to shitpost at Animator-kun for being such a useless pussy

>Hajimeme and gang beat up Chiakizuru
>Hajimeme pulls out Kingston 8gb flash drive
>Inserts Flash-Drive into Chiakizuru USB4.0 convenient located in puncture wounds from Ep. 10
>With AI Chiaki OS installing, he puts the hairclip back on her head
>Fades to black
>"Hinata-kun, let's play geimu".

2nd gen here
I was annoyed at him at first but started to love his antics

>Hanakana talking like an old man
Oh man.
Oh man.

Someone do CAN'T WAKE UP with Despair Naegi

I want to die. It's not fair.

Naegi asked people to tie him so he won't kill himself but how did they know Naegi would be the next attacker?

why aren't you invested it makes sense with all her dumb moments aka not seeing the pics on chisa's body or not going into the secret room and stopping the game

Chisa got wasted.


We have 1 sodding episode left

Tengan not being the mastermind would be an asspull.

She was standing there on campfire menacingly

Who made the suicide brainwashing anime?

Likewise, my friend. He stuck with the loyalty till the very end and he was able to save everyone. What was once him trying to kill Naegi was now him saving Naegi.

I don't think I can fathom greater respect for him, may he rest in peace as he was one of the greatest, my friend.

Thing is, Juzo cut off his hand. He might have been already dead as far as the Killing Game was concerned.

She's hot.



>Monitor brainwashes people into suicide, there's no attacker
>Juzo was alive and cut off his own arm so he could fight/kill the attacker
>Finds the truth and saves manlet from suicide
>Then goes to control/power room, turning everything off and ending the game
>He bleeds out shortly after, meeting his lone death but saving everyone
>Tengan is the mastermind (??)

burnt with hellfire

That's Chihiro.

I'm gonna miss this magnificent faggot


Mukuro is still best girl

that's chihiro

>implying it's not Chisa
>the Chisa who died was the 13th Branch Head

why do the super assholes always end up the biggest bro in this shitty series?

>Naegi despairing.

He looks even more Squall now.

All else aside, even ignoring the secret room, how did Kirigiri not notice that the monitors held knives?

Can't the target be chosen through their proximity to the nearest screen? It seems to work for everyone who's been targeted.

So Chiakizuru is the final boss right

She's a cyborg with Junko AI, and it gets replaced with AI Chiaki

> Should I investigate this clearly suspicious secret room?//
> Nah, it isn't like there is way to stop killing game or anything. XD

It's not like he'll have eyes for anybody outside of Persona 4 though

What else user?

Ask Kodaka.

He was the closest to a monitor, which was common with all the other victims.

>Naegi just killing himself straight-up
>others got themselves busy setting their suicide up to look like murder

HOPE will come!

Chiaki got Izuru'd?

I think we can remove the "Raiden/Love not allowed" bit, the katana wound did fuck all to stop him and he stopped the game in the end

Jokes aside, I can see her doing something like that to fool Mitarai and to make him confess or some shit.

That's the only thing that matters.

>yfw you realize the sole purpose of this anime is to mindhacc more JUZOBOYS into existence

It's may be a shitty series, but Juzo was an unironically great character who didn't rely on dumb gags/gimmicks like the SDR2 cast (or at least how they're presented in Zetsubou-hen)

In all fairness, Juzo did try to stab her not a minute prior.

everything that occurred here helped create kirigiri-kun and myself

I don't want Chiaki making weird faces, no thank you.


I meant it wasn't fair that he's dead. I've accepted that he wouldn't love me but he'll always love me in my fantasies.

They all went to a room with no monitors and left Naegi in the hallway to make sure the next MINDHACCed was him.

Kirigiri can't notice EVERYTHING
she's just one girl

>Even Naegi was mind hacc'd.

So, why didn't Junko brainwash her class if even the Ultimate Hope isn't immune?

So how did they predict that Naegi would be chosen as the next attacker?

>he's finally dead

Its about time. He ruined everything. He gets no "F" from me.

why did raiden stab juzo

Was thinking about Naegi all the time.

juzo x reader fic that isn't obviously written by someone with a vagina when


Why luck so OP? It's like you can beat anything, immune to death with sheer luck.

you know why

So, how long until HOPE SUBS gets the episode up?

That feel when Future Foundation couldn't even pull a one switch off without killing 10 people.

Because she was trying to make a point rather than just kill them. Mindhacc or not she could've easily just killed them in DR1.

So why did Junko kill Chiaki is mindhacking works on everyone completely

>Only 1 week left until thse threads disappear
How does that make you feel user?

He was the only one in front of monitor.

>next is the last despair episode

Consider it done, my friend. It'll help with the character limit as well! Thanks a ton!

She set the DR1 event up and broadcasted it to give the Earth despair. Mindraping is very efficient but not entertaining.

Goodnight sweet prince.

Good. You'll get Femzuru making a single bored face and you'll like it

She wanted the class to lose fair and square cause it would cause the most despair. Everyone around the world has probably grown accustomed to seeing murder, but seeing people who don't know about that kill each other is probably something else.

so it wasn't enough just killing kirigiri and chiaki

now they have to go and make them the ultimate bad guys?

holy cocksucking motherfucker please leave the waifus alone

I feel like this episode made up for his ridiculous choice to actually cover for Junko just so Munakata wouldn't find out. Simple as it is, he's the only one who thought to go back to the power room and shut everything off, and he saved the few people left as a result.

16 days

I'm ok with being a JUZOBOY.

I hate funimation

Butter entire crux of her ending the world uses mindhack, so that argument doesn't work

They had the perfect chance to properly set up a good finale this episode and they wasted it. Unless the last episode is an hour long it will be terrible. My hype is in the negatives now.

I'd kill myself too if it gets me a threesome with those two

Proximity to a monitor. The target is always the closest person.

What if
What if the underground complex doesn't actually exist but rather there's an underground laboratory with a copy of NWP and Chisa put them all there to get bodies for Junko AI yet again?
>why did they feel the shockwave then
Their real bodies felt it when the building went down
>how did they reach Togami
The same way the game was broadcasted to FF in 2
It also explains Chisa in despair ep 1, she isn't actually participating in the game.
rate me, faggots

Just in case the anime is not strong enough.

>if you want to discuss about Danganronpa it's either Cred Forums or /drg/

Hey, nice.

Add "single-handedly stopped the killing game"

Yeah I was wondering too. If Junko managed to easily make the whole DR2 cast and Naegi brainwashed why didn't she do the same in DR1 when she's losing ground?


What would the pics even mean to Kirigiri? She'd probably rightly think Monokuma put them there to fuck with Raiden.
How would Kirigiri even know the breakroom ended the game or that the break room was even there?
Even knowing the monitors were the cause, what was to stop the mastermind from turning them back on and showing someone else? Or rigging them to kill whoever attempted to end the game early? We know these aren't the case now, but how could she know that?

I've heard worse, I guess.

>Their real bodies felt it when the building went down
Doesn't explain the bookcase. 0/10.

I'll miss all the memes it spawned
>16 Hours
>The gun
I know there's more but I forget.

things to cover:
- reserve course mass suicide
- remnant of despair shenanigans
- academy turned into shelter
- junko trapping and killing the headmaster
- junko trapping and mindfuccing the DR1 cast

We still have our memes, also I'm sure we can meet in Cred Forums at least once a week.

And consider it done as well, my friend! I've got us all covered with this pasta!

Chiaki pls be the mastermind. Please be Chiakizuru.

Everything about personaman.

Dr0 stuff too
and junko saving warrior of hope

I'll just go shitpost about V3 on Cred Forums whenever threads show up.


She was thinking about her manlet

Just another name for plot armor.

Oh, be BTFO'd and butthurt somewhere else.
The boy lived and saved the day in the end.

Single-handedly stopped the killing game while on the verge of death. Why is he so great?

Raiden Punished Persona in general

episode will end with class 78 taking shelter inside the academy

Fuck why did she have to die like that. She's so cute.

I actually cannot believe she got wasted like that

>through bullshit she got brainwashed again

God I hope she's the mastermind after all this shit.

Don't worry, when the V3 anime comes out they'll be back.

>Just bruised and missing teeth
The discretion shot made it look like his face would be nothing but a pulp of blood and bone

Too good to be true, also I don't want her to be despair.
Give us something like Ultimate Future or something.

Did everyone forget about Togami? We still didn't see him.

Don't forget Punished Shadow Persona, a man deprived of his waifu, with nothing to lose, who's left it all behiiiiiind.

fucking perfect m8

She looks like a cute dog here.

Why are you going off on the feverdream that they are the masterminds as if it is confirmed or a forgone conclusion?
And getting angry for it?

So will there be a Despair 12 or not? Supposedly "episode 24" is just a VA special or something but Funi keeps treating it like a full episode

Just make it into powerpoint slideshow with fast-forward.


>couldn't even resist despair
He truly is a hopelet

>Juzo gets meme'd into homosexuality and being the greatest savior in the series

I'm proud of you, Juzoboys

>Credits music while Munakata runs to help his bro
I'm amazed that the death of a new character is way sadder than the death of an old character that had lots of screentime

>with Tengan and/or Junko's memories uploaded in her
>Chiaki has pinkish hair like Junko

It's a special about how Chiaki and Chihiro meet up.

Nips work fast

Once again, that was awfully fast.


M-Maybe Future 12 will be an hour long?

Meme magic. Always trust meme magic.

Damn, this is fast.

Or it was already there before?

>yfw Hajizuru will be the only one to get a happy ending

>yfw when Togami is connected to the mastermind

Who knows.

Japan's TV schedule is listing Despair 11 as last episode and a special next week but the BD/DVD is listing 24 episodes.






They aren't going to cover any of that. Expect a time skip.

>Juzo and Mitarai helped Junko.
>Chisa and Class 77 has fallen into despair.
>Chiaki is dead.
>Hajime is Izuru and Izuru still has hidden Hajime feelings.

Everything else can be inferred.

Leon's such a pussy. He doesn't even look that bad

> people falling on obvious red herring
Y-y-y--y-es... It was, eh, Tengan who created, em, killing anime... He was... the only one, who could do it. Yeah! Totally right, guys.

Weedman pls your our only hope

1st gen here. I was surprised that I never felt annoyed with him even after 2-3 episodes into the series. Maybe it was because Suwabe's voice. But I'm glad I chose the best character as my fav


>Hajime and class 77 use friendship to make Chiaki delete the Tengan personality from within.

It probably will, but split into 2 episodes.
There's no need for 12 eps of Despair anyway.

That's because Kirigiri and Chiaki are alive



>next episode, Naegi and co leave the building only to find all the FF staff with their necks twisted
>they find Chiakizuru using Togami as a chair and tell him with a bored face ''For someone who used to be at the top of the world you don't even serve as a good chair''

You mean the secret room? It makes no sense either way, why would mastermind leave such an easy way of ending the game? At least Junko kept headmaster's office and her room protected in 1

Nigga do you realize how fast those baseballs were smacking him per second? Especially at headshot?

Reporting brother. I knew our boy Juzo will pull through gloriously in the end.


>Chiakizuru remembers everything after Hajizuru gives the hairpin back

Come on Chisapals we still need to believe she's alive and well.

Believe with me, she can't be wasted like this.

Jesus fuck, I didn't like you, but you redeemed yourself in the end Juzo.


Literally outplayed by an older despairfag

I can understand no OP because of plot reasons but why no ED? All to make that scene sadder?

> the class to lose fair and square

Then she shouldn't have used mindhacc at all. She cheated around rules a lot in the games too so the reason doesn't make sense.

I'd be down for that.
They need a lot of time to explain everything

>She wasn't the mastermind so her entire character was wasted and she might as well not have existed

Man, Chisa's fans are the worst.

Stop this meme

>implying Hajiizuru wont FUTURE the shit out of Tengan controlled Chiakizuru.
>old man, I remember when you said it was ok being normal. Well how does it feel to be dead for real now. Nothin' personnel kid....


Well, no point in developing her if she was just gonna get brainwashed again and killed herself.

>did nothing and died for nothing except to make Munakata go batshit for a couple episodes.

Let it go, man. She went out in an unfair way. Not a third Junko or anything like that.

Because they wanted to prove a point about how FF would destroy each other instead of work together.

Look how quickly shit hit the fan

No but seriously though, what happened?

ok so uhh...

new head count?


Naegi-kun, how do you like my new body?

Don't worry, we are getting a happy ending full of HOPE! In the form of wonderful swimming brown hopelets with ahoges

Naegi vs Togami was basically confirmed especially with that last scene

To be fair, her getting brainwashed again is really weird. I expected her to be a red herring, but I didn't expect it to be this stupid.


I wouldn't mind being Chiaki's chair.

where's the RAW

>She spread despair even after her death

Sounds like she was pretty successful to me.


Tengan's dead, so is Kirigiri.
There's still the 16th participant who hasn't been revealed since episode 2.

Chiakizuru???? maybe Kirijunko????

xth for gentle and weedmom

Many Japanese viewers are apologizing for hating Sakakura at the beginning. Their reaction is pretty similar to ours for the most part; that is, Juzo is being recognized as a hero (or the heroine of Munakata's love story).
I saw one person who said she was beginning to dislike Chisa more and more.

Is it true there's a rumor the last episode might be a hour long?


??? - unknown.

He was a faggot but died a hero

16th participant

At this point I bet the "special" is just episode 24 : Side HOPE and the conclusion of the story line. People probably were being too presumptuous about the "special" unless it specified it was about VAs or something


>"Stay alive until I get inside"
>yfw when he wasn't talking about his fellow 78th survivors

The counter has been overcounting since episode 2 and Juzo was stiill alive this week.
Bacon is a goner

People saying KiriJunko NaegiJunko and is going to be TogamiJunko?.....I buy it. Did they made us think that those blue eyes in the knife from the op where Junko´s eyes but it was Togami´s¿

what happened bros

NO, I still believe she's alive, I refuse to believe she got brainwashed again.

>Mind hacc is real
>all the victims killed themselves
>Naegi was next and nearly killed himself
>J U Z O B O Y S
>Mitarai gets a message from Tengan




>ep 11 never
The wait is going to kill me

So based on how Juzo was able to get up after he PASSED out and face another sleep session, can we all agree that Izuru saving Chiaki and comaing her is not out of the question?

So kirigiri is alive after all?

> chiakizuru is 16th
> his motives are complex
> he pretended to be dead
> you know wyo
> you know why
> mitarai did nothing wrong
> kirigiri was raped off screen

they're going for a gurenn lagann ending

Chimondo confirmed.

Takafags BTFO

Only one more week.
I will miss so much this threads.
Damn i don't want them to leave.

Chisa got wasted.

chisa is dead as fuck though

As expected from funishit.

>Kirigiri shown ded in Naegi's head TWICE
Is he really want her ded or what?


You forgot Sayaka and Chisa.

I'm going to miss gunposting and Raiden the most.

she is dead it was already confirmed in the lasted radioshow

But it might not be what you thought.
It could be that when AI Junko talked about uploading herself to somebody's body, SDR2 wasn't the first time she did it.

Fucking saved

Until the confirmation, she is still ded.

>You mean the secret room? It makes no sense either way, why would mastermind leave such an easy way of ending the game? At least Junko kept headmaster's office and her room protected in 1
Perhaps because the mastermind doesn't absolutely want to win. The character themselves said that.

>big DBZ match in the last episode.

God help me please let this happen.

No, I believe who we saw was the 13th Branch Head.




Luck is a broken talent

Kirigiri and Tengan are dead and Juzo just died by the end of this episode so

>Togami or Mastermind

>believing shit-talking VAs

I think she's dead, but again, what the VA say means shit, they're not gonna spoil things like Kirigiri being alive if she ends up being alive.

Despair is a hell of a drug.

Nicest guy you'll ever meet and a twisted fucking psychopath

You can't rape the dead user.
>inb4 Chiakizuru install Junko AI on her body

>Not Tengan.

Cant wait for Hajime to mindfuck him out of Chiaki's body.

The bookcase fell down due to the shock of the rockets.

Kirigiri is alive, Chiaki is alive this anime will have a happy ending. I am literally grasping at straws now

She's dead.

Mikan was brainwashed two times

>Yfw he had COMPLEX MOTIVES since the beginning
>yfw he intends to eliminate both Hope and Despair in one fell swoop.
>yfw Togami is the captain of the greatest ruse cruise since Persona 5

Just like how they said Munakata killed Juzo right?
Fuck them.

Is it really their fault though. I mean you might not believe them about the production delays(which might be considered libelous by Lerche i don't know) but the official French subbers have talked about the same thing. A studio having some trouble putting out two episodes a week makes sense/

How are Juzoboys right now?
Are you guys ok? Do you want to talk about it?

Did anyone actually find this episode acceptable? The pacing was attrocious and the only positive thing to come from it was Juuzo getting closure.

The 16th Participant was Hagakure. Who's been outside this whole damn time.

>Junko not being the mastermind
This always happens user

Probably having a party right now

Besides them and these episodes. Just give it up. She's dead.

It's one of those two. Either way
>Mindhacked Chiakizuru might really be happening

No she was happy everyone was falling to Despair.


You know who else has blue eyes?

Did Junko Mind Hacc Tengan or was it the other way around?

>He's a participant
>Without a wrist band

Sure, bro.


Well, she's not Chiakizuru.

Juzo's death was sadder than Chiaki's or Kirigiri's.

Look at her eyes

I don't give a shit about anything but Juzo.
Also, the monitor thing was expected so I don't really understand anyone acting surprised at a "bad twist".
9/10 from me.

Juzo died a hero and saved everyone.

We're doing fine.

> People really believed that Future Foundation wasn't secretly controlled by real Ultimate Despair

I don't feel so well brother. I think I'm gonna lie down on my bed for a while.

You saw her swirly eyes in DR1.
She dindu nuffin, it was all Tengan's idea.


haha no they REALLY want to make you believe she's dead

then she'll show up alive and you're gonna get meme'd hard, kiddo

Don't speak nip, what are you talking about Chisa and Chiaki?

>Juzo's death was sadder than Chiaki's or Kirigiri's.
faggots aren'r real peoples


Wait, was she crying because I didn't take notice,

Only for faggots

Is there ANYTHING that could possibly happen in the last two episodes which would save either arc?

Gimmie your best ideas.

>Nicest guy you'll ever meet and a twisted fucking psychopath

the text message that tengan's phone sent Ryota is "Nice to see you again"

so it's someone Ryota knows personally
so junko, mikan, imposter

Mikan and imposter are in a coma on Jabbawock
so its Junko

Junko got out of NWP in Kyoko's body

The Future ED foreshadowing (the Valkriye is Kirijunko), The boy is (naegi and Ryota) the founder is Tengan

Wasn't the same thing apply to JUZOBOYS too?

I miss Kizakura

>Last week Despair episode has 16 Animation Directors
>Today Future episode has 12 Animation Directors
Lerche is most likely behind their schedule.

Yes and her eyes were all swirly too

>being this much in denial


I'm having a blast but also in despair, my friend. It's alright.

>positive outcome
Our boy is dead.

Change Juzo for chisa retard

Seeing him go hurts
But we have to be strong because that's what Juzo would have wanted

So what causes the delays to happen?

>TFW Kirijunko might actually be real

Holy shit Kodaka

>That small bit where she actually sounds serious and tells Naegi not to stop her from pressing the button was her gaining her sanity long enough to commit sudoku.

Not a chance. It was a good scene, but it was a weaker death.

No it wasn't. Nice try though.

>mu-muh cute w
>mu-muh 6 survivors count

Episodes being finished probably less then an hour before air time.

As it was meant to be.

> so junko, mikan, imposter
It's Tengan, user.

It's still fucking weird to me. Why bother developing Chisa to be an UD when she was just gonna get brainwashed a second time.

He was a disgusting piece of shit thank god no happy end for that fag

All of these gay fucking delays ensure that I always get spoiled.

Anyone got that long line of guns with Junko and an Axe thrown in. I love that pic.

>Munakata was not fast enough to have one last talk with Juzo and hear his confession
My heart

I'm fine my friend. We'll stay strong till the end, we'll pull through and no matter what, our boy died like a hero. He was a savior and I'm awaiting the days for the anime to end and my figurine to come in, my friend.

I expected a great ending for him, but this, this was better than anything I could've imagined.

Stay strong, my friend. You'll carry through, we'll be here and we'll stay strong together, no matter what! Remember, that's what our boy would've wanted, he kept on carrying on and so shall we!

Juzo already saved the arc

Do you think Kodaka made certain to kill all the waifus/husbandos just to be sure he got all his audience to fall into despair?

did you do this

To make Munakata go crazy.

A video where he rip offed someones mask in anger. The ultimate insult in masked wrestling


>Keep your eyes on the founder
Could Izuru Kamukura (the original) still be alive?

Ok dude, this is just pathetic now.
I was even going to post the Aoipasta just to shit a little bit more on the Kirigirifags but I changed my mind.
Get help.


You know why.

He died a hero, brother. Be strong like our boy and remember him as a hero!

That's the way! Bear the despair and never forget him!

I don't understand how can I feel so sad yet so happy and proud at the same time.

>people sucking Juzo's dick when he literally let Jnko do whatever because she found out he was gay.

Nigger was a bitch that did unnecessary shit to Hajime and violence in the game.

Why not?

It was clear she wasn't the most important UD in the FF

It was founded by one

But don't worry, you'll still get more of Chisa next despair episode. Hopefully we can see her as the Monokuma maid

>"Nice to see you again"
>Chisa met Mitarai before she went into Junko's lair


No, saved it from these threads.


Welcome back Junko. We totally weren't expecting you to come back.

>Kiri might actually be dead for reals
>Juzoboys save everyone
>The Final Boss is someone Ryota knows

He had a fucking katana plunged in his throat. He's dead

Damn, I think that Junko from Rise and Komaeda from Yusuke would be pretty easy to make

Juzo will live on with us.
Let's give our last Hurrah at the Juzo-cave

Best boy

Juzo survived worse.

cry more

if DRv3 is a reboot then that means everything in this timeline will go to shit

no happy ending, bros

theres 3 founders it could be talking about the orignal Izuru as the founder of Hp or Tengan as the founder of FF or Junko as the Founder of Ultimate despair

myself thinks its tengan that its talking about

source: your ass

F-fuck off! Leave me alone! It's not my fault!

>Tengan has a twin brother, the real Tengan is hiding somewhere

Let's do it, my friend! For our boy Juzo!

Stay strong as well, Chiakifriend. Don't forget to stay strong no matter what the possible outcome is. As they might be dead, but they aren't gone out of our hearts and that's what matters!

Honestly that's the worst thing about this episode.
Chiaki gets to see her husbando before dying but not Juuzo?
Fuck you Kodaka, fuck you

Thank you brother, I'll try.

But it's true. Juzo is one big bitch.

Can someone update?

Can anyone explain to me what's this about a special episode? Is that going to end the story? Because sure as fuck there's no way they can wrap up the series in the next 20 minutes.

Kazuo Tengan, the real Chairman, hiding somewhere in this building. Watch out for him.


She's been dead for weeks

Ugh I missed the episode airing, but it sounds like Tengan is behind it all? That vague as fuck answer he gave to Munakata was super suspicious.

ok butthurt dr2 cuck

I'm not a Juzoboys but this episode made me tolerate him. He's still an overly violent dunce.

> chairman

>We'll get to see Hajime fight I hope.

Oh shit, this is going to be great

>picks life or death when facing Junko
>picks living
>ends the game
Yeah ok bud.

I'm okay being a JUZOBOY. It's a lot better than being a Chisafag at this point

Goddamnit, that one got me.

>Juzo cut his hand off with the bracelet
>The bracelet is registering him as dead so the survivor count dropped for him

Basically there's no Despair 12 but a DR3 "special" instead. Most people thought it was a VA/cast special but Funimation and the BDs are still saying the series is 24 episodes. So now people are thinking it might be an epilogue or conclusion instead.

Heh, I predicted he wouldn't survive the anime and he died a hero. I'm fine.

Junko didnt threaten his life, Junkofaggot. She literally just said if he keeps quiet, she wont out that he's gay.

kirigiri is ALIVE you'll see

our ultimate detective waifu will pull through

You just watch, DRV3 is going to be an alternate timeline where the disaster never happened and HOPE won so hard that the world became a Lawfag dystopia revolving around it.

There's only so much bullshit I can take.

I don't know if counter actually works like that honestly, we might just give up at this point.

Is death was something greater than I could ever have expected. He was a true hero.

It hurt, yes, but alas: I am fine and will carry my title of being a Juzoboy prouder than ever. For we, as always, shall stay strong and carry through no matter what, brother!

This is what hit me the most, brother. But worry not, I am sure our boy knew. He had faith on his bro and knew what would happen.

Sadly ordering figurines from where I live is almost impossible. I am playing to do/get something related to Juzo so I will always remember you all, my brothers.

>Saves everyone
>Foils a majority of the masterminds plans

I'm not really sure what to feel. I accepted him being dead in Future 9, so getting more screen time and contributing something very important before dying for real gives me a mix of pride and despair

>laying on the floor
>she blackmails Juzo
>surrounded and outmatched
Gee, retard, what do you think would've happened if he said no? You think she'd walk away and let him run free?

Kodaka is enough of a hack that I could see him pulling it.
Come to think of it, we don't know the mechanism that the bracelets operated by. Were they manually operated by the mastermind or just automatically triggered?

>Didnt tell Munakata when she got away.

Juzo is a bitchboy that got controlled bad. Own it, nigger.

No, it didn't count him as dead from the beginning, before he chopped his hand off.

Don't forget Chisa "Cradle Robber" Yukizome

>Naegi falls into despair because of a shitty video
>The secret exit actually was a secret exit and people just didn't bother
Jesus Christ this anime

He did more than Hajifag could ever do on his own.

i tried

> ultimate detective
> why even investigate secret room? XD

I can't say I believe in Kirigiri's survival anymore, but I will have HOPE.

What about you, user? What are you hoping for in the next episode?

No we won't. There are 20 minutes left, the entire thing will be talking heads with giant exposition dumps and a vague ending.

secondgen juzoboy here

> not "I've got two personalities.jpg"

an attempt was made

What if it simply registered Kirigiri as dead since the NG went off but cure W keeps her alive anyway?

>Own it, nigger.
You must be 18+ to be on this site, kid.

I watched the raw but didn't understand most of it.

What was Ryota's deal during this episode?

I hope that when Naegi gets all retrospective about Kyoko at the end, they don't force Sayaka in there too. She's had her moment but I can see them going all noncommittal at the end.

A satisfying ending and Kyoko surviving but both hopes are in vain.

We might have 40 minutes if the final despair episode is actually the finale of it all.

Nice deflection. Juzo is a big bitch that got reamed by Junko.

>See no DR3 on nyaa
>Come here expecting funishit
>delayed again
I can't wait for [HOPE] to deliver us from this evil.

you know he helped her when she was ryoko right Juzo gave her the monokuma pin and guided her to the old building where she killed Yuto and Matsuda

I'll never forget these threads and all of you either. This has been a magical experience, my friend. I've ordered the figurine and I might do some other stuff to keep it as a memoire to what happened here.

But the ride isn't over yet, let's stay strong and together in this all for the last weeks!

i've only played the games so far but is Junko the main antagonist again somehow or is there someone else now.

2nd Gen Juzoboy reporting in, brother!

Eh they'll just name the daughter Sayaka after her and that'll be it.

No, Chiakizuru needs to happen.

How long does [HOPE] usually take these days? 16 hours was just the first one because it was unexpected and took time for someone to decide on doing it right?

>Tengan might have actually experimented on Chiaki's body

He was afraid of everyone realizing his techniques were used for the suicide video.

Naegi guessed he is responsible for the videos but he still blamed Junko for it.
Then he received a message from Tengan through his cellphone.

>painfully obviously Togami is working with the mastermind.

I knew that faggot didn't change. I hope he dies for real this time

I'm sorry man, I've already accepted this despair

You didn't even adress any of the points I made, you retarded underage kid. You just went "muh control, own it nigger xdd".
That's exactly what you did, hypocritical idiot.

Collagefag here. I'm not going to be around for the final episode, so I may as well post the autistic boasting image later. Look forward to it.

Worst part of the episode. After finally becoming a man last episode they have Naegi aka Ultimate """""""Hope""""""" fall into Despair just to prove a point. He didn't even resist that much compared to the other victims.

Also who the fuck tied him up? They did a shit job and almost got him killed.

We don't know for sure yet but it's not ruled out

holy fuck why did NO ONE think of cutting off the bracelet shit?

> no sleepy time
> no NG code
> no poison shit

they had munakata's sword RIGHT THERE

How did they know that Makoto would be a next victim?

Really, the stupid one was Junko for just believing Juzo would never tell Katanaman without any sort of real insurance.

the ending also talks about getting outta a prison only to face a trial so that would be talking bout Naegi getting out of the NWP and his trial before the killing game started

The fact they put Sayaka in with Kyoko means they'll do it again

Yeah Naegi and Asahina will name their daughters Kyoko and Sayaka

Luck/being closest to a monitor

They aren't sigma

Juzo had the entirety of DR0 to own up and tell everyone. He didnt. Because he's a little bitch and you cant defend him properly because he deserves no defense. Instead you just call people underage.

He was the only one in a room with a monitor

stay mad baconcuck

Keep feeling that way Juzoboy!
He died the same way he lived: being the best!

He is violent, but for the right reasons!

You need to feel happy Juzoboy! Our boy would want you to be happy!

Juzoboys showing that they can't fall into despair is always heartwarming! Keep it up!

> cut bracelet
> now personaman can just kill you
Munakata was a retard.

Final despair episode is this Thursday and unless it takes place in the Future arc timespace it won't be much help. There are also two BD specials (one for each arc)

>junko again


ai junko from 2 was already pushing it

There goes what little respect for Naegi that Future Arc had given me.

For fuck's sake. Ultimate Hope my ass.

>Thursdays episode starts
>It's Hajizuru getting off the boat at the FF HQ
How hype would you be

It's going to be Junko

>KanaHana doing a "bored superior being voice"

My dick isn't ready

>He is violent, but for the right reasons!

He is a fucking bully

for greater HOPE

Nobody can resist mind hack, user. Mitarai was just that good.

It's going to be Junko.
We all know it is.
The only question is how she'll be back.

So... what was Ryota's FA?

Not that it matters anymore

Can someone shop Nagito's head on Yugi?

That only makes the DR2 cast and Chisa even more innocent if the ULTIMATE HOPE could be mind hacked

So you're also an ESL, fucking fantastic. Great to see an underage ESL trying to bullshit.
>Juzo had the entirety of DR0 to own up and tell everyone.
I don't think you've noticed, but we've gotten 0 from DR0. A cameo from spy and Matsuda and that's it. We don't know what's going to happen so what you're doing is just projecting about what will happen. You're also forgetting that in this anime, class 77 was already running wild during DR0, which also ruins the entire point of DR0 as DR0 started after the killing game, which it didn't. DR0 actively got retconned by Kodaka.
>Because he's a little bitch and you cant defend him properly because he deserves no defense
But I'm giving a proper defense, check the previous posts and instead of going "xdd own it nigger he got controlled xd", make some sense instead of being some retard that can't formulate a sentence without showing he's an ESL.
>Instead you just call people underage.
"Own it nigger"
Yeah, you're definitely not 15.

Was she stupid when he didn't say anything? Guy was shitting his pants because boohoo people might realize he's gay.


I loved this episode (especially Juzo) and am looking forward to the finale.
Anybody else?
Who am I kidding, I'm alone/

Think Sayaka might have been brought up just to lay that stinger "you promised me it'd all be okay".
Which collage? The one about Kirigirifags and the incessant "muh CURE W!" or the people saying they were retarded?


>bu-but he's the Ultimate Hope guys! He'll never fall into despair!

Well getting haunted by your two dead waifu and friends does that to a faggot.

I think something with his phone. He turned it on immediately after the bracelet dropped.

How do Juzoboys feel now that his glories time has come and went?
From start to finish, you knew he was a hero, even though it was through his dying moments

>Juzo cut his hand off so the bracelet wouldn't affect him
>Kirigiri didn't even though she knew she was going to die if she didn't get the bracelet off, long before she actually died
How dumb is Kirigiri? I still believe that she's alive because this is a huge fucking plothole otherwise.

Indeed, brother. Thank you for inspiring us and making it all possible!

But for now, I am dead tired and can barely type anymore, so good night and enjoy the threads!

I believe I am a 1st Gen Juzoboy, brother. I didn't participate much on the beginning, but as expected: it grew on me!

I couldn't have asked for better bros, brother! No amount of despair can stop us!

>He didn't even resist that much compared to the other victims.
We didn't see the other victims, this assumption is baseless.
Also, the movie messes with his brain functions, it'd be much more bullshit if he just resisted it with no explanation

> being useful
He had it from birth.

your retarded the anime basically showed us who the monokuma maid (chisa) and the security guard (Juzo) from Zero is and explained why there helping her by mind hack and black mail


Well, Kirigiri really lived up to her "Ex SHSL Detective" title.

Emphasis on "Ex".

>DR0 actively got retconned by Kodaka.
No, it didn't.


>It's a plothole for a character to act in character
Christ, Kirigirifags are the worst now

Tengan is merely a failed clone of the founder of Hope's Peak - the real mastermind is the original Izuru! We just couldn't see him because the camera was angled to not focus on him!

Dude, they had no idea Monokuma wouldn't just flood the place with gas again and just put more bracelets.
Rather, that is quite an obvious conclusion to reach.

she's Junko's vessel as the mastermind its the only reason that she can be this dumb at detective work even though her talent is detective work

>Chiakizuru in general

I don't think any of us are prepared desu

The counter recognized the bracelets. Juuzo didn't show up on the counter because he cut off his bracelet before the previous episode in which his corpse never showed up. Kirigiri is the 5th person in the counter and the 6th is the mastermind


He met with Nagito and Chiaki too.

>it's in character for her to be suicidal


>I don't think you've noticed, but we've gotten 0 from DR0.
That's because it hasn't happened yet you tard. And you know Juzo didn't say crap because Ryouko was running around willy nilly. You're really defensive about my "own it nigger". Are you the under aged one here? Juzo didn't say anything.

>class 77 was already running wild during DR0
Running wild? How come they can't just pretend to be sane like Mikan and Chisa have done and wait for Junko to enact her plan?

Gozu stabbed his fucking eyes trying to stop the video
Seiko smashed herself against a fucking wall repeatedly
Ruruka tried both eating candy and hurting herself trying to break free

"Ex" as in Naegi is now fucking the shit out of Donuts. Good one user. :^)

Hit them where it hurts.
Kyouko is obvious, but not sure Aoi would be okay with naming one of their kids Sayaka

Why horizontal? It'd be better as vertical split

doesnt know them personally he didnt even say anything relevant to them same with chisa

It's funny because they have the same voice.

Chiaki is death leave her rest in peace she is not a fucking Izuru

Why didn't they ALL cut their arms off and then had Seiko give them some of her regenerator drug?

I'm glad Junko's coming back probably maybe i don't know.



No, I meant "ex" as in "She's a fucking moron who couldn't detective her way out of a paper bag".

I don't suppose so.

so hope peak academy was despair peak academy since very beginning? It make sense, old ultimates were ussles too - like Ishimaru grandfather who was shitty prime minister

Junko's Alter Ego personality uploaded into someone.

Chiaki's comatose body.

She was the only one not in Jabberwock Island, remember? The experiments they ran on her was uploading fabricated AI.


If Juzo survived, Chiaki survived.

How is in character for Kirigiri to just let herself be killed? After all that bullshit she spouted in DR1 about surviving no matter what?

counter is for us viewers only
Kirigiri is dead and that is coming from a kirigirifag

What the hell is wrong with Naegi?

Fucking this, give her a damn break already she had enough.

>your retarded the anime basically showed us who the monokuma maid (chisa) and the security guard (Juzo) from Zero is and explained why there helping her by mind hack and black mail
Great projecting and backing up my point, ESL-kun.

Nothing is proven or explained as it's just you bunch of retards projecting and thinking you're right. This is what they call projecting, ESL. It's when people insert a character to fit a narrative without having any proof of them being like that. It's retarded how you people don't seem to realise that.
ESL's shouldn't even be talking, really.
Yes it did. DR0 starts at the reserve course riot, where Matsuda finds Ryouko and they watches out of the window. In this timeline we see nothing of that. The Reserve Course riot has already begun and there's nothing new to it, Kamukura isn't hidden and Class 77 will already run wild. The entire school's a mess, whereas in DR0 it was still peaceful up until the end. Kirigiri was already at the school for a year, yet no investigation, whereas in 0 she arrived and instantly asked Jin to investigate what was at hand.

>What is character development

I don't get this, if he had resisted this simply because of "MUH HOPE" it would have been the hugest asspull and would just confirm what people complained about him for years.
The idea is that he is a smart kid who thinks positively and doesn't give in easily. How is any of that supposed to get him to resist a mind control device that gets people to kill themselves?
Were you seriously expecting an end where he just resisted it due to plot armor with a Disney ending?

>she's coming back in the body of the girl she tortured to death
Would you still be glad?

>skirt and leggings
Get this shit out of my face

your retarded

Retard. It should've happened already. You're just being an inserting idiot with no clue but to project your bullshit.

Another anime heads towards a sloppily-written conclusion.

Can't say I'm surprised, really.


Fuck this anime

Nope,I'd hate Junko more.

nothing is proven cause chisa's ultimate isn't Housekeeper which is a fancy way of saying maid
she's also despaired
Her hair is brown in future Orange (chisa's normal colour) + black (monokuma maid colour) = Brown (chisa in Future's colour) you dumb fuck

it's fag anime now

>being this delusional

This is just pathetic

I seriously hope you are right user.

>sloppily-written anime for a sloppily-written game series has a sloppily-written conclusion
Who could have predicted this?


God damn you're retarded or haven't read DR0 at all. Class 77 is going to pretend to be sane, retard. Juzo is the security guard and Monokuma maid is Chisa.

DR0 starts when the riots are going on. Well the riots are still going on.

Juzo is a bitchboy is what I'm saying.

It felt satisfying and it felt saddening at the same time. I saw it coming and I expected it, my friend.

I just didn't expect him to go like this. It was better than I could've imagined! I'm glad it happened and I'm glad it was done like htis.

I'm glad I was able to make a difference, my friend. That's all that matters.

Good night, my friend! Rest well


>Naegi fucking lost to despair
This will probably sound weird, but that was the camel-breaking straw. Opinion on the anime has gone from "It's okay" to disappointment. There's other things fucked up here, but this is the point where I lost it.

>I keep thinking people are dumb getting upset over events in despair arc
>When MY buttons are finally pushed, no one else is bothered by that thing
That's what I deserve, I suppose. I'm not saying he should have shrugged it off, but I'm pretty disappointed he completely lost and was getting ready to end it. He just seems like a bitch now, and he's supposed to be the hope idol.

>God damn you're retarded or haven't read DR0 at all. Class 77 is going to pretend to be sane, retard. Juzo is the security guard and Monokuma maid is Chisa.
Projecting. Again, you're inserting what isn't proven to fit your narrative.
>DR0 starts when the riots are going on. Well the riots are still going on.
It started directly after the Killing Game, read you retard, read.
>Juzo is a bitchboy is what I'm saying.
So, what you're saying is that you're grasping for straws to fit your narrative. Now it explains a lot.

I'm saying that nothing is proven you fucking idiot. Thanks for backing me up.

your dumb as fuck

Thanks ESL-kun, glad there's always people like you to prove me there's a stratum of society that I won't ever have to face.

and now I want it

You're retarded.

And you're projecting everything to fit your narrative without proof to back up anything. Keep believing in your headcanon though, it makes it obvious who the real retard is.

If it consoles you at all, I was never bothered by the class 77 people falling to Despair immediately because of the brainwashing because that was somewhat foreshadowed. No one had been noted to actually resist the damn thing. Only that the incomplete version only seemed to control people, not change their mentality.
This is a version made years after that, so it being more potent is pretty much expected.
I was bothered by the overall stupidity and all the shitty writing leading up to Junko's master plan.
And hey, Naegi snapped out of it after Juzo just came and bumped the knife out of his hand. Gozu fucking stabbed his own eye and still killed himself. If he had just resisted it without reason it would have been weaker to the show overall.


Naegi is just an average guy whose only good point is his optimism

He is the Ultimate hope because of that but that doesn't means he is unnafected by the despair brainwash

>It started directly after the Killing Game
>only survivor pretended to be a vegetable for months
I found a contradiction in your statement!

great students

>only survivor pretended to be a vegetable for months
It wasn't for months. Read the novel again and you'd see that he was barely brought in and said to be in a coma until Matsuda brought up Junko.

>Kyouko and Sayaka
You forgot Sakura, you shitter.

Although given how fertile Asahina is, they could very well name a kid for each and every dead classmate, co-worker, family member, and lost housepet.

>Got fooled by Chisa
>Got floored by zombie normies controlled by Junko and her bat
>Got humiliated & shamed by Junko + her entourage of normies for his faggotry
>Lost his way due to the shame of being called out as a faggot and shitty security guard he ended up betraying his beloved Persona4
Which later on bit him on the ass anyways since Persona4 found out and gave him the cold stab
>Junko polished her boots on his head when all he did was take it while dreaming about Persona4 like a MAIDEN
Yeah, fisting a bunch of faceless normies was nice and all, however, when dealing with real characters, other then sucker punching Mitarai, he always jobs.
juzoboyos are finished, it's over.
Maybe if you fanboys shill him hard enough to Atlus, he could join Persona4 in the Arena game as dlc or something lmao.


>How many future foundation members does it take to screw in a lightbulb
>All of them, they're not very bright

Here's your proof. It's from the first book's 4th chapter.

what next? ultimate rape victim, ultimate air guitar player?
what a madman

>a month
You do know that a month passed between the first chapter and the part where Kirigiri comes in, right? The first chapter where Matsuda shows up, meeting Jin was right after the Killing Game happened as it needed discussion and Matsuda was the only one who could help the survivor of what happened.

If by Kirigiri you're talking about Kyoko, then you're wrong. The Kirigiri in this paragraph is Jin, and he's asking Matsuda's help here. Also, Matsuda is not on the first chapter's discussion. Only faculty member's were present.

I know it's Jin. Check again, Matsuda was asked to join that meeting, he was the sole student that ever even met the faculty members.

He even raised his voice and told them to shut up, which even surprised Matsuda himself.

Not faculty members, but the Steering Committee. Matsuda only met the 4 members of the SC and Jin.

That still doesn't really change this. That directly happened after the killing game. I got faculty and SC mixed up, I can't keep up with all that crap.

How it doesn't change? Jin asks for Matsuda's help a month after the Killing Game. It isn't months like the other user said, but still proves that Zero happened more than a couple of days after the Hope's Peak Tragedy, so you can't use that as an argument for it's retcon.

The initial meeting was directly after it. He asked for help, but Matsuda didn't instantly go there. There were a few timeskips in DR0. It did get retconned in a way that the committee kept Izuru safe and sound after the killing game. Izuru's just wandering off by himself. It'll all depend on the last Despair episode to see if they retconned it or not. I had my hopes up for it not being retconned, but it's looking grim.