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So yeah, in this version U7's Kaioshin is off visiting Gowasu and they have Zamasu spar against Kibito. I guess because they're both in the "servant" role, so why not pit them against each other like Pokémon? Anyway, Gowasu congratulates U7 Kaioshin for taking care of Majin Boo, but U7 Kaioshin responds that it was really all thanks to Goku and co. Zamasu is disturbed to learn that there are mortals out there stronger than gods. Oh, and it seems Zamasu started out as U10's North Kaio.

Beerus and Whis speculate that Black "selected" Trunks' alternate timeline specifically because there were no Kaioshins/Gods of Destruction there to get in his way, which to them implies he must be capable of travelling between parallel dimensions. Also, only high-ranking gods are supposed to know about the life connection between Kaioshins/Gods of Destruction, so how did Black find that out? This puts them on the lookout for any gods at risk of turning evil.

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Chapter 16: “Future” Trunks’ Past

Page 87
Narration: “Several years ago, in my future…”
Trunks: “Ha!!!”
Kaioshin: “Excellent as always, Trunks! Such splendid swordplay!”
Narration: “Kaioshin trained me in preparation for Babidi’s arrival.”
Trunks: “It’s all thanks to you, Kaioshin. I never could have come so far on my own.”
Kibito: “To think that a mortal would obtain the Z Sword. I’m shocked.”

Page 88
Kaioshin: “Well Trunks, let’s put the finishing touches on your training! This is Katchin Steel, said to be the hardest in the universe. Let’s test the Z Sword’s sharpness out on this!”
Trunks: “Alright then! Throw it!”
Kaioshin: “Here goes!”
Kibito: “Kaioshin! Babidi’s on the move! Looks like it’s finally time!”

Page 89
Kaioshin: “Let’s go, Trunks! As long as we’ve got the Z Sword, we’ll definitely be able to stop Majin Boo’s resurrection!”
Trunks: “Right! Um…But before we go, could you put my clothes back to normal…?”

Page 90
Kaioshin: “Huh…huh…”
Babidi: “Hahahah! Serves you right, Kaioshin!”
Kaioshin: “It…It wasn’t supposed to be like this…”
Babidi: “Nice going, Dabra! Get ‘em!”

Page 91
Kaioshin: “Trunks, let go! You’ll turn to stone!!”
Trunks: “Uwah!”

Page 92
Kibito: “W-What?! The Z Sword…!”

Page 93
Dabra: “Hahahaha! Die alongside Kaioshin there!”
Kaioshin: “I’m sorry, Trunks…I never imagined that Dabra would have become Babidi’s servant. I miscalculated.”
Babidi: “Idiot! Pui-Pui and Yakon were just decoys! I’d never let you interfere with my plans! It took me over 10 years to gather the energy to resurrect Majin Boo!”
Kaioshin: “I won’t let him be resurrected…Even if it costs me my life…!”

That'd make sense, it doesn't bother me too much but still pretty lazy

Page 94
Babidi: “Da-Dabura!”
Kaioshin: “Gyah!”

Page 95
Kaioshin: “Gah…”
Kibito: “K-Kaioshin! This must not be! You of all people mustn’t die!”
Trunks: “Ki-“

Page 96
Trunks: “Kibito!”
Babidi: “Hahaha! Serves you right! Kaioshin, I’ll kill you right away too!”
Kaioshin: “Khhh…”
Babidi: “Heheheheh…”
Trunks: “Stop it…”

Page 97
Trunks: “I fought hard for this peace….You think I’m just going to let you take it away?!”

Page 98
Babidi: “Wah! H-Hey! Isn’t he a bit stronger now?!”
Dabra: “His species must power up through anger. Not to worry. At this level, he’s no match for me…”
Babidi: “D-Dummy…! Gyah!”
Dabura: “Damn it!”
Babidi: “Uguguh…”

Page 99
Dabra: “You miserable little…! W-What?! I can’t move…”
Kaioshin: “T-Trunks! Finish him off now!”
Babidi: “Guuh…”

Page 100
Trunks: “Be gone!”
Dabra: “Wait…!”

Page 101
Trunks: “Huh…huh…huh…huh…”

Page 102
Kaioshin: “T-Thank goodness…Now the world is at peace once more…”
Trunks: “Kaioshin!”
Narration: “And so the return of Majin Boo was prevented, at the cost of Kaioshin and co.’s lives. However…This was merely the start of a greater despair.”
Black: “Kukuku…Wonderful. The most troublesome one of all…Universe 7’s God of Destruction…How fortunate that there’s a world without him…”

will this finally clear the myth of gohan being ssj2 against dabura? since trunks ssj2 stomps him once transformed.

Page 103
Trunks: “A little while later, Black appeared and began killing people…”
Goku: “Geez, you sure have had it rough!”
Trunks: “Y-Yes…”
Whis: “It seems that in Trunks’ world you really have passed away, Lord Beerus.”
Beerus: “I guess this ‘Black’ knew that and took over that world.”
Whis: “However, very few people are aware that if a Kaioshin dies, a God of Destruction will die as well. Even among the gods, only fairly high-ranking individuals are supposed to know.”
Beerus: “Does that mean Black is actually some type of god?”
Whis: “What’s more, if he really was after a world without a God of Destruction or Goku and the others…then it’s also possible he can travel between parallel worlds.”
Beerus: “Hahah…! Don’t be ridiculous! That’s impossible!”

Page 104
Beerus: “Hey, Trunks! Are there really not any Gods of Destruction in your world?!”
Trunks: “T-That’s right. This is the first I’ve heard of them. So you’re one of them, then?”
Goku: “Oh yeah! I ain’t introduced you yet! This is Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction. And this is Whis.”
Whis: “Pleased to meet you.”
Trunks: “T-The pleasure is all mine.”
Goku: “Be warned, they’re way stronger than me!”
Whis: “Hohoho…”
Trunks: “Is-Is that so?!”
Bulma: “And they’re not very nice either, so watch out!”
Trunks: “Huh? What do you mean…?”
Beerus: “Wanna find out?”
Bulma: “OK, that’s enough talk for now! All else aside, we can’t do anything until we’ve charged up energy for the time machine!”

Page 105
Bulma: “Trunks, go change clothes for now. Hall No.29 is used to store clothes, so go pick out something you like.”
Future Trunks: “T-Thank you. Hey, little me. My how you’ve grown! Can you already become a Super Saiyan?”
Kid Trunks: “Y-Yeah.”
Future Trunks: “That’s great. Be sure and take good care of your friends.”
Kid Trunks: “Y-Yes sir…”
Future Trunks: “You…What’s your name?”
Mai: “I’m…M-Mai. How do you do?”

Page 106
Future Trunks: “I knew it!”
Mai: “H-Hang on…! A-Am I in the future too?”
Future Trunks: “Yeah…You could say that.”
Pilaf: “W-What about me?”
Shu: “Or me?”
Trunks: “Well…I don’t think I’ve ever seen either of you.”
Pilaf+Shu: “Oh…OK.”
Bulma: “Dinner’s at 6. Do you know where the restaurant is?”
Trunks: “Yes. It’s been destroyed in the future, but I remember where it used to be.”
Bulma: “I’ll be in the lab, so stop by if you’ve got time.”
Trunks: “Sure!”

Page 107
Future Trunks: “…Mai…”
Kid Trunks: “W-What’s the matter, Mai?”
Mai: “So tall, dark and handsome…He’s dreamy!”
Kid Trunks: “Huh?!”
Bulma: “For a kid, you sure talk like an old biddy…”
Mai: “Ahahaha…An old biddy! That’s a good one!”

Page 108
Narration: “The Future”
Black: “…He really has completely vanished from this world. The Kaioshins from outside this universe have all already been eliminated as well, and the Gods of Destruction no longer exist either. And now Trunks is gone from this world too. Does this mean there’s no longer anyone to oppose me? No…That’s not right…”

Page 109
Black: “It won’t end like this. Never underestimate a Saiyan’s stubbornness…I know that better than anyone. Guess I’d better check around a bit.”

Page 110
The Present
[the sign says “CC Restaurant”]

>He couldn't even hold on to it.
of course, he was out of stamina and hadn't mastered godki

he mentioned the same with SSJ1 when he couldn't at will

Doesn't make sense. Why doesn't just Black kill Old Kai?

Why doesn't Black kill the Kai in any universe? Clearly the God of Destruction doesn't care since Dabura killed one so easily. No God of Destruction stopped him

> Zamasu spar against Kibito. I guess because they're both in the "servant" role

Kibito was never a "Kaioshin-in-training".

I thought the Gowasu and Zamasu relationship was more akin to the relationship between the Elder Kai and Shin.

Page 111
Briefs: “So Trunks, you came from the future huh?”
Mama: “Hohoho…And here I was thinking you had just hit a big growth spurt.”
Future Trunks: “Haha…”
Bulma: “How is it? Tasty, right?”
Future Trunks: “Yes! Extremely! It reminds me of when I was a kid.”
Bulma: “That’s great!”
Kid Trunks: “M-Mai?”

Page 112
Whis: “Lord Beerus, have you tried the soup? It’s astonishingly good.”
Beerus: “Really?...It looks like Planet Gaspa dragon vomit, so I just left it alone.”
Goku: “So Trunks, you don’t have any allies in your future?”
Trunks: “That’s right…Black said he had defeated all the gods and so now there was nobody in his way. I imagine I’m the only warrior left…”
Whis: “…So the other universes’ Kaioshins have been killed as well.”
Beerus: “Wow! Delicious! …Geez, I guess that explains how I dumb jerk like that can go throwing his weight around over there. But then, this doesn’t just concern that world…Presumably this ‘Black’ will eventually show up in our world too and do the same thing…”
Whis: “Shall we ask Kaioshin if he has any clues?”
Beerus: “You mean ask about any gods who might turn evil?”

Page 113
Narrator: “Universe 10. The Kaioshin Realm”
Kibito: “Guh!”

Page 114
Kibito: “Mumumuh!”

Page 115
Kibito: “Hah!”

Page 116
Kibito: “Cheh!”

Page 117

Page 118
Gowasu: “The match is over! That’s enough!”
Kaioshin: “I…I can’t believe it…”

Where the fuck is Future Whis? Does he not care? Where does he go? What does he do?

Page 119
Zamasu: “Thank you, Kibito.”
Kibito: “Y-You too.”
Kaioshin: “As I recall, Zamasu used to be Universe 10’s North Kaio…”
Gowasu: “Currently he’s training to succeed me as Universe 10’s Kaioshin.”
Kaioshin: “His skills must surely rank among the best of any Kaioshin, no matter which universe.”
Gowasu: “Indeed. And yet…Sadly, his personality is a little too earnest.”
Zamasu: “Everyone in Universe 7 is indeed of a high level!”
Kibito: “No no, I’m amazed that a former Kaio such as yourself could be so strong.”

Page 120
Zamasu: “I really admire you two. I heard how you handled Majin Boo a few years ago.”
Kaioshin: “No, we didn’t do it alone. And besides, actions like that are supposed to be a God of Destruction’s role.”
Kibito: “But our universe’s God of Destruction is always sleeping, so…”
Beerus: “Ha-chew!”
Whis: “…Do Gods of Destruction get colds?”
Beerus: “Earth nights are chilly…”
Kaioshin: “Anyway, if it weren’t for Son Goku and the rest, we would have been killed by Babidi and his men.”
Zamasu: “…? Who is this ‘Son Goku’…?”

Page 121
Kaioshin: “A kind-hearted Saiyan who lives on Earth.”
Zamasu: “A Saiyan?! Hah…Hahahah…Who ever heard of a mortal with more power than us gods?...”
Kibito: “It certainly is pathetic, and yet…recently there have been many such mortals.”
Zamasu: “That…That can’t be…”
Kaioshin: “Still, none of them have surpassed the God of Destruction. I guess relying on the God of Destruction is the right decision after all.”
Zamasu: “I think it was a splendid decision. That which is unnecessarily should be eliminated at once.”
Kaioshin: “…That which is unnecessary…?”
Zamasu: “Going forward, let us actively protect our universes’ order.”
Kaioshin: “…Alright…”

Both being SS2 doesn't mean they're equal

that just means the eternal jobber gohan was so bad

Page 122
Kaioshin: “Well, we should probably be going now.”
Zamasu: “Thank you for the sparring match.”
Kibito: “Kai-Kai!”
Gowasu: “As expected, you’ve got no problems when it comes to the martial arts.”
Zamasu: “Thank you very much.”
Gowasu: “It’s what’s on the inside that still needs work…”

Page 123
Gowasu: “Zamasu, look at this planet, Babari.”
Zamasu: “…Yes sir. Why, such savagery…!”
Gowasu: “Recently a sentient race seems to have developed, but they are a little too violent…What do you think we should do about them?”

Page 124
Zamasu: “Why not get rid of them now?”
Gowasu: “What do you mean, ‘get rid of them’…?”
Zamasu: “Exterminate them, of course.”
Gowasu: “What?! Zamasu, weren’t we just saying such things are a God of Destruction’s job?”
Zamasu: “Then what should we do, Kaioshin? Do you really think we could calm those brutes down simply by talking with them?”
Gowasu: “We shall observe. How about watching over them for another 1,000 years or so?”
Zamasu: “I doubt they will become any more civilized.”
Gowasu: “We can’t be sure.”
Zamasu: “Yes we can! There are examples on countless other worlds of this type of mortal! Looking at them all, isn’t it obvious?!”
Gowasu: “…Alright then. In that case, why don’t we go see.”

Page 125
Zamasu: “See?”
Gowasu: “Look.”
Zamasu: “A-Aren’t these…Time Rings!? I’ve heard these allow you to travel freely through time!”
Gowasu: “Indeed. With these, we can see the people of Planet Babari’s future. Are they truly not worth protecting? We can verify it with our own eyes.”
Zamasu: “…Alright then.”

Closing text: “What future will the apprentice-Kaioshin Zamasu see with the Time Rings…?!”

Nah buu saga gohan ssj2 was just fucking trash he was weaker than he fought cell.

Right but doesn't change the fact that Toriyama mentioned SSG is his new base.

SS1 was never "absorbed" to become a base form. They're both fundamentally different.

My guess is that Whis dies with Beerus. If Whis can't do his job taking care of Beerus then why should he live?

Lads, I just noticed that Yamcha wears a Kaio symbol on his Gi during the Android Saga. I never noticed this before.

this all just confirms that black is zamasu from a different timeline while future zamasu is from goku's timeline (but from the future)

>Korean scan
>Umaru watermark

So was his strength comparable to Saiyan Saga Goku?

>kibito can heal people
>he never helaed the kaoshin

Kibito is a Black enabler

>using that telekinesis pull to set up a karate chop
and faggots be sleeping on Toyotaro's fight choreography

Toyotarō got you covered

damn when you thought wasn't based enough for finishing off goku and vegeta you'll find out that he already wiped out all the gods from his timeline.Only problem i have though is wtf is zeno doing?




Toryiama is a hack.

Glad I'm not the only one.


he was just along him on the first panels and dabura was busy with trunks

I want to cry, they look so happy

Maybe black killed zeno of his timeline.

Thought the same thing. POTTERY

I know Toyotaro is a Torifanboy but this is getting annoying

the pottery

that's what the chinese say nowadays when copying things?

>Android Saga Goku
"We can't kill Gero right now, he's done nothing wrong, even if he will do so in the future"
>Modern Goku
"Let our genocide spree begin, come Lord Beerus, let us destroy the Kaioshin's apprentice of universe 10 before he acts. Hahaha"
What happened?

toryiama is a hack.

he actually just wanted to fight him, but toriyama also put in some philosophy for the kids

Holy shit

>Let our genocide spree begin, come Lord Beerus, let us destroy the Kaioshin's apprentice of universe 10 before he acts. Hahaha"
What happened?

I'm not sure. Yamcha was stronger than Piccolo Saga Goku after training with Kami, so I figure people train quicker when there are stronger people to train with. I guess if Yamcha decided he was only going to train by himself and no-one else then he'd be about Saiyan Saga Goku level.

Like Dabura or Babidi would let him heal Kaioshin...

Black just likes to kill everyone, holy shit. (You forgot to mention that Black remarked he killed them all, and therefore all Gods of Destruction)

At this point I don't think even the OmniKing would intimidate him.

Why should zeno care? He once blew up ten universes himself. This guy isn't a danger to him.

>Where the fuck is Future Whis?
Probably doesn't care about Beerus, seeing how he's always looking for a replacement. I wouldn't be surprised if Future Whis made Black the new God of Destruction.

would you protect this smile

who wants to be the ruler of no one.
why even point god of destructions in the first place if he didn't give a fuck?



>King Piccolo Saga Goku
>Angry at the thought of Piccolo Daimao wiping everyone out, wants to avenge Kuririn and Roshi, hesitates to fight because it puts Tenshinhan in danger, even when he's pretty much lost the fight, puts his all into one last move and explodes through Piccolo's chest.
>Modern Goku
>"Haha, Lord Beerus. That fight sure was fun. Well, guess it's time to destroy the planet now, aww. Still fun, though. Lets fight again some time!"
>Also a massive quitter.
What happened? Did Kami really mess up Goku's sense of morality so badly during training that he's been reduced to this?


Wait and see, people were bitching about how Future Old Kai in the Z sword was a plothole and now those fags have been BTFO.

> Why should zeno care? He once blew up ten universes himself.

He erased 6 universes. Used to be 18, now 12.

I don't get it, why was the sword exploding?



Dabura's fire breath

Kaioshin was so dumb rushing in toward Babidi when Dabura was right next to him, he got himself killed like an idiot.

Kibito worst support NA.

Jesus christ, that's awful

it exploted because the kaioshin died

Did Dabura know about Old Kai in the sword?


buu saga gohan was shit, its like comparing goku when he went SSJ for the first time to SSj goku during the cell games

>would you protect this smile

Except Goku didn't quit against Beerus until Beerus forced him to say he quits (and in the Super anime he didn't quit period). He also screamed at Beerus for not caring about human life.

Not to mention that you missed the entire point of the fight, it's two bloodknights understanding eachother and becoming FRIENDS (Beerus says this himself) through battle.

Basically you're kinda retarded and you've already posted this once before.

>Of no one

Eighteen universes, and at least twelve time lines in one of those universes

Black wasn't ever going to be able to destroy everything. He just rules over one timeline in one universe.


>What happened?

Repeated dragon ball resurrections gave everybody a relaxed attitude towards life and death.


Old Kai was sealed inside of it.


Also, zeno can just create more shit


>Trunks training in Kai garb with the Z sword
>Those body shots in another panel lole Gohan
>Catches Dabura's sword like Gohan


Please anons, more.


even old manga is better quality (in that scene, I saw some QUALITY from toriyama like goku's frog neck during buu saga while he was turning and talking)

>when Dabura was right next to him
>right next
He wasn't right next to him and it was Trunks who sucked at drawing aggro. "Gets shit done" my ass.

this needs to stop. He can't keep getting away with this.

I don't have much respect left for the new guy

>Black: “Kukuku…Wonderful. The most troublesome one of all…Universe 7’s God of Destruction…How fortunate that there’s a world without him…”

So Beerus is the strongest God of Destruction?

This was a nice parallel

But now Goku is basically Beerus' bitch. So in the end he has lowered himself before an evil power at the hopes of getting stronger.


I hope not, maybe he is the smartest? imagine all the other gods of destruction having the intelligence of champa or goku.

Or he's the only one that'd care about what Black is doing. The others might be completely uninterested in the living world, while Beerus at least enjoys sampling their food.

Maybe he's just the most willing to intervene?

probably what a shame :/ i wanted the powergap to widen even mor but we can't make goku and vegeta look like complete tossers i guess.


Original's always better than the imitation. Toyotaro could probably do better if he loosened up and pursured his own style more.

Why is everyone surprised about Trunks doing the same moves as Gohan? He was his disciple after all.



Beerus is a God, it's not his place to judge his decisions.

Beerus is the one who's come to visit U10 and try scare tactics on Zamasu, so maybe that's why he's considered most troublesome


This is a trope fan authors or adaptors constantly end up falling into that's bad

"The one we know is surely the strongest one" like if he said "son Goku is clearly the strongest warriors in all universes, be cause we know him, so its bullshit if someone we dont know is suddenly stronger". Even though the exact opposite idea had more potential, since it gives you more guys to surpass.

Things like the Masenko are fine, but when he's literally fighting in the same way as our timeline Gohan, it's just dumb

Piccolo was supposed to have been a Demon, a race which is a part of the cosmic hierarchy. Zamasu is a god. Goku Black is a god. I don't see how "Beerus is a god!" is even an argument.


It'll never end

No, demons are a normal race like Saiyans. They're irrelevant.

And it's not like Goku wont try to stop Beerus if he wants to destroy something in front of him. He just wont care if he does it otherwise.

Manga >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Anime

Meh this one is reaching a bit.

bow before me you filthy jedi.



Dabura was right next to Babidi, and Kaioshin rushes in like he is Vegeta.

>Dabura was right next to Babidi,
No he wasn't.
>and it was Trunks who sucked at drawing aggro. "Gets shit done" my ass.

I don't know, Goku was prepared to watch Champa murder his team. And Vegeta, who had just wasted all that time with Tarble, was going to let it happen to.

Gohan is a bitch who doesn't train. His forms may be strong but his kung fu is weak.

Is he, dare i say it, perfect?


>Trunks: “A little while later, Black appeared and began killing people…”
>Goku: “Geez, you sure have had it rough!”
>Trunks: “Y-Yes…”

Toyotaro Goku>>>>Toei Goku


What else can they do? Intervene and get killed, too?

Is this what you're talking about?

>Beerus: “Hey, Trunks! Are there really not any Gods of Destruction in your world?!”


No teleport this time

Meh they look pretty even.

what is his endgame?

toyotaro is a fraud lmao

Well I wouldn't say that.He just needs to learn where to draw the line between paying a homage and straight up copying.

Not really

Have some of his old art


straight up disgusting.
seen better quality in dbz hentai's.

no gods no masters

That looks pretty great

user, that's not Toyotaro

isn't this youngjiji's AF

No, this is the guy who should have drawn Super.

Why can't Garland draw the DB Super manga?

The time lines are pretty much the same up until robo-Frieza

Shut the fuck up, Gohanfag.

Is he alive?


Yes, he recently posted sketches of Super's Videl. Cred Forumsnons summoned him.

You're next, you piece of shit.

>Cred Forumsnons summoned him


Can't wait to hold your hand, you slut

>but when he's literally fighting in the same way as our timeline Gohan
Except he's not. Show me where Trunks did all of this.
Seriously it's just a couple panels, he didn't copy entire sections of choreography.

There was a thread where some Cred Forumsnons offered their hand virginity to bring back Garland. Days later he posts sketches of Super Videl on Panda.

We were talking about him one day and then suddenly he reappeared a few days later.

Oh look, a talking corpse. You're done, allow yourself the mercy of a burial.

Once Gohan goes with them, you'll be eating those words.

toyble aka toyotaro created the db af manga though

I haven't seen you in awhile, Blackfag. Can't wait for you to die by Gohan's hands.

yfw Whis & Goku vs Future Whis & Black Goku
Truly the fight of the century


Whoops. This was meant to be a reply to

>tfw most potential

>So Beerus is the strongest God of Destruction?
He literally says in the movie that there are mightier warriors spawned in other universes

But for real, I'd love if Gohan were to become relevant again

Gohan's hands are made for holding.

Just like yours.

Videl can watch. DBZ Videl.


wtf i hate ningen now

Absolute madman. You can't cuck Videl like that!

>filthy monkey

I never understood this. A monkey is an earth creature. How the fuck would Frieza know what a monkey is?

>filthy ningen

We did it, user!


Translated when?

>literally wished for a Ningen

Isn't Brackku Goku-sa a ningen?

I never thought I'd live to see Garland return, user.

Still not a monkey. Also doesn't King Kai have a pet ape? I wonder if he's an earthling.

I like how someone like Kibito actually got to fight more than two pages

T-That doesn't count

>MFW he draws Trunks and Mai pics.

Soon user, he's waiting for the arc to finish.

There's still hope

It's the only way he'll learn his place.
Just like it's the only way you'll learn your place.
Get your hands warm.

Will DBS ever have a major time skip?

Just you wait, by the time of the finale, everyone will forget my bet and will be kissing my feet when I'm proven right.

>DBZ Videl
Too far, user.

Soon. Trunks and Goten will get a sudden growth spurt. Trunks, frustrated with Mai will have sex with her and impregnate her. Making them the youngest parents in the series like pic related.

>Teen Mai
Nice. I'm still mad she doesn't have blue eyes though. I'm not sure if Toriyama intended her to have blue eyes now that I think about it.

>tfw fusionfag

My man Vegito going to thrash Black and Zamasu.

Start practicing. You have all of Cred Forums to please.

It's not suffering if she just stands there with a dry, blank smile. Gohan needs to know how much of a disappointment he really is.

She had black eyes in the original manga. Blue eyes are a Toei thing.

So why did Toei change it to black?

>posting inferior smug

Can't wait to see you at the arc finale you damn Blackfag. This is gonna be a satisfying bet when I win.


There's two DBAF doujins:

One by Toyataro and the other Youngjiji

They just decided to go with the original color this time.


What about Future Trunks hair color though

You've already lost.


I can't wait to hold that Gohanfag's hand. I've been anxiously waiting for the finale.

Mai will be very pleased.


If only Vegeta met young Bulma


I wonder how Vegeta feels knowing Yamcha, Roshi, Oolong and Goku have all had a piece of that


>implying Vegeta knows
Let him be smug.



is that hot glue?


Where does it say Black killed all the Kaioshins/Gods of Destruction?



> Yellow
> Green
> Red
> Blue
> Rosé




four of these aren't canon. can you spot which?

>four of these arent cannon
oh user.

>tfw Vegeta would be a better dad for Gohan than Goku

> "four"
> not "one"

Everyone is a better dad than Goku.


>will this finally clear the myth of gohan being ssj2 against dabura? since trunks ssj2 stomps him once transformed.

Last chapter shows SSJ2++ Trunks as equal or almost equal to SSJ3 Goku, who won their spar by blinking into SSJB for an instant.
In the same fight in the main timeline, Gohan was a scrub nerd who had to get buffed by old kaioshin to get back on track.

I feel bad (?) for Mai's pussy...

>blinking into SSJB for an instant
Goku is such a fucking jackass.

Goku doesn't even see Gohan as his son. Toriyama said Saiyans don't really have the concept of "family".

I know Goku uses family terms, but that doesn't mean he actually sees them as family.

Goku sees Gohan as his friend, but either way Goku wouldn't want to see his friends hurt.

> Interviewer: The Saiyans [as a whole] appear warlike, but what sort of personality does Bardock have?

> AT: Of course, Bardock is a Saiyan, too, so he is warlike, but compared to other Saiyans, who are cold-hearted and of simple thoughts, he also happens to possess calm judgment and a small measure of humanity. Because of his actions of “saving his companions“, which is rare for a Saiyan, he is greatly adored among a portion of the low-class warriors.

> Interviewer: Since Saiyans are supposed to have no affection for family or friends, does this actually make Vegeta, who holds his family and wife dear, an even stranger (kinder) Saiyan than Goku?

> AT: Vegeta, whose pride had been deeply wounded, sought help from Bulma, and little by little, his ruthless personality changed. Nowadays, you certainly might be able to say that. On the other hand, Goku might not have a sense of family members like Gohan and Chi-Chi except as one of his companions.

Source: kanzenshuu.com/translations/episode-bardock-akira-toriyama-super-qa/

She'll be okay. nhentai.net/g/89397/

>Black: [Kukuku ... This is wonderful. The biggest problem ...... A world where God Destroyer Seventh Universe does not exist]
Excellent...time to fill that role as the god of destruction of universe seven...

the most logical reason is merchandising. they obviously changed his hair on purpose, i don't think it should be looked at as an inconsistency.

think of all the different trunks'
>kid trunks dbz/dbs
>teen trunks dbz
>teen trunks gt
>future trunks dbz (long hair, short hair)
>time patrol trunks
>future trunks dbs

it's getting to the point where they probably have to have some differentiation for merchandise (games, action figures, advertisement, etc.)

The only reason why F.Trunk's hair is blue is because his hair is supposed to match his mothers

Toriyama had Kid Trunks' hair blue as well, but Toei didn't go with it

Oh shit I forgot about this

It's also blue in a Toriyama BoG artwork

>Zamasu started out as U10's North Kaio.

So regular kais can go on to become supreme kais? Whatever happened to the whole tree fruit thing?


no canon

funsexydragonball is a goddess

Doesn't change anything. Just means that Zamasu was one of the golden fruits, meaning that while he was a Kaio, he could also become a Kaioshin if a position opened up.

TOEI is a joke

how they are going to justify Brakku in the future?

they fucked up

are they going to fix the anime for the west?

I want to see Trunks with Kaioshin

>Mai wearing Trunks's sweater only.

My boner.


The only thing "fixed" will be that they'll be dubbing the Home Releases instead of the Broadcast version.

Meaning the dub will look somewhat nicer.

this is sad...
the manga is better and more consistent...
I don't care about the dub

Black killed all the Kaioshins from other universes?

> manga is more consistent

Not really as it left RoF unfinished, and ignored Toriyama's comments on SSG returning.

>Partial nude female with nude male
>Wearing male's clothes
>It's a sweater
>Older female with younger male (Technically)
>Feet perspective after orgasm
>Pubic hair
>This whole fucking set
>That Launch picture
Where?! Where and how do I give this female money? This is the one instance on the internet where a female actually deserves money.

ssg is a legit transformation
goku used it against Hit
did I missed something

That camera is so spastic, Jesus.

I want to ravage Mai''s butt

She's putting out a Goku/Chichi comic soon that she plans on selling, so it may be worth picking it up to support her


another proof that Zamasu did nothing wrong

fucking ningens

Yeah, but that's mainly because his potential is retarded.
There's litterally no one who should be able to hold their own against him in a straight up power fight if he seriously trains AND he knows lives/the universe is on the line.

Gohan has to be the prototypical happy japanese salary man/good japanese citizen who's got a kid a job and responsibilities instead of a bad ass fighting hero.

They don't even let him do the super saiyaman thing in some silly throwaway gag stories.

>stop here out of curiosity
>see thread
>x is stronger than x discussion
>character gets shot by regular firearm
>instantly ded/injured

this series is just power level cancer

Black or happy coincidences like what happened with Future Kaioshin.

SSG was supposed to be Goku's new base form.

Goku did become SSG for a few seconds at the final moments of fighting Beerus, but only because of the ritual that happened moments before. He couldn't even hold on to it. It was just a desperate power-boost from the extra remaining ki he received from the ritual.

Beerus made a comment that Goku "absorbed" SSG. That's why we'll never see Goku use SSG again in the anime.

> Will Goku be able to transform into [Super Saiyan] God in the future?

> I think you’ll understand if you watch [the movie], but Goku has already absorbed [Super Saiyan] God’s power and made it his own, so there is no need for him to transform into [Super Saiyan] God. Goku basically only thinks of fighting as a sporting match, so borrowing the power of five people isn’t fair, and he resisted doing that; however, it seems his curiosity towards the realm that lay even further beyond him won out.

Source: kanzenshuu.com/translations/battle-gods-animanga-akira-toriyama/

I'll buy it and share it with you guys as soon I can.
>Tfw people making fun of you again
>Tfw jobbing
>Tfw an user yesterday introduced the term "Jobgeta"
M-maybe this will make you guys like me....

>you couldn't protect his smile

>le epic maymay the frog
Fuck off.

> goku used SSG against Hit

Not in the anime, user. However SSB + Kaioken was great


The BoG (movie) director handled that fight

Post your best Vegeta/Bulma stuff.

Back during BoG, Toriyama also intended for SSG to be a way to make it so he'd never have to bother with transformations aside from SS1 ever again.
Then in the very next movie he introduces SSB, and now in Super he's frequently making use of SS2/3, so it's clear he no longer thinks of SSG as the base-power reset he originally made it to be.

I agree
Hit is way better in the anime and the SSB + Kaioken was really well done. YOU COULD FEEL THE TENSION, also it was a good use of old techniques...my favorite episode so far of super

btw the manga is generally better, expecially in this arc

I want Vegeta and Vegetabros to be happy

I'll probably buy it just to support her work

retcon: the series
ugh, why do people like this again?

what a mess

>tfw we will never see this animated

Doesn't change the fact that SSG was introduced as a base-power reset

SSB was basically used to re-introduce god ki without the SSG Ritual


So does this mean Goku will one shot Black on the first encounter? SSJ2 FTrunks is already magically stronger than SSJ3 Goku, Goku wouldn't be fucking around with SSJ2 like he did in the anime anymore. If he goes Blue, then it won't even be a challenge, so might as well one shot him. Black getting Rose right away wouldn't make sense since that would mean there's going to be yet another transformation above Rose later on just so Goku doesn't surpass him so easily on the 2nd encounter.

Vegeta's happy, user. He has a wonderful wife who he very clearly loves, has a decent kid in Future Trunks, and gets to train hard every single day. He meets all of his needs.

the whole chapter won't be animated

toei fucked up this time pretty badly

if Black killed all the gods from all the other universes, probably he is even stronger that Beerus...


Hence the whole "SSGSS" naming before SSB

It's SSG (new base) going SS


so is this how trunks was made?


trunks isn't vegeta son

he doesn't job

Oh fuck



What if Gohan was actually Vegeta's son and Trunks was Goku's? They both fuck each other's wives but secretly never told anyone. That would explain....Gohan


>that entire post

Gohan defeted Cell
plus he was already born when Jobbeta landed

Thanks, user.

>Putting "Job" in Vegeta's name is starting to catch on
N-no, but I thought anons would forget about that....

His job is to show how strong opponents are... for a greater good

just accept it

The fruits determine race, not job.
U7 is just racist

in DB humans can control Ki way better than saiyans. Probably Hybrids have this innate characteristic to increase the Ki level with rage better than sayians themselves

Obvioualy Tori forgot and made pure humans shit with time

Its fine when you are literally being paid to copy the other artist with said artists blessing.
Another 2 years and we wont see copying. You gotta give him time to develop his own style.

Does anyone like how the anime is telling the story so far? It's showing less of Black's origin right off the bat while having some red herrings. It's not much, but this is the biggest mystery in the franchise since Cell. I liked discussing and speculating which is something you never really do in Dragon Ball.

The details about Black selecting a world without Kaioshin or Beerus can be inferred from the information that has been presented in the anime. Mangafags are gloating about how that information is already in the manga, but I think the anime will show the same just in a different order.

the manga is handling this better imo.

we know so far that Black doesn't really hate ningens like the anime is telling us
In the Manga Black kills Gods too.
He is a total fury. And I think this suits Goku better

Indeed ''Good'' Goku just wants to fight as well as Black

in the anime he looks more like a puppet

So the reason it took so long for babidi to show in trunks time was that no powered people and so small population slowed it down.
I wonder if dabura also got stronger. I did think about it but we don't know WHEN dabura joined.

Black is an uncle Tom ningen

>we know so far that Black doesn't really hate ningens like the anime is telling us
>in the anime he looks more like a puppet
Nothing about Black shown in the manga says that he will not be like that as well. How much of Black that we have seen in the manga is the same as in his first two or so episodes.

It was already animated 20 years ago, but with Gohan instead of Trunks.

I do like Black's theme in the anime.

And adding mystery gives him a different feel compared to other DB villains

They should reanimate it with a good character this time then.

>Black: “It won’t end like this. Never underestimate a Saiyan’s stubbornness…I know that better than anyone. Guess I’d better check around a bit.”
this line imo says more than anything TOEI is doing with the anime
Black totally sounds like a Evil Version of Goku

Is this poetry or is Toyble just lazy?

it will be as a special, they announce it long ago.
It is a story how he met Black after he defeated Dabura

I would say poetry, but Toyble has copied many other panels from the original manga before

it makes more sense than whole anime.

They should be
Goku SSG (red)
Vegeta SSB (blue)
Black SSR (pink)
Trunks SS (yellow)
Gohan SnS (black)


>gohan goes ss2 because some robot who likes birds got killed
>trunks goes ss2 because some kaio attendant who he knew for a few days got killed

feels weird man

It could just as easily be someone who lost to goku, or a saiyan in general.
Right now im wondering...
So when trunks went back in time the second time, to fight the androids, in cell's timeline, goku and them won, trunks went to his future, and found the remote that let them shut down the androids, and it was after that which cell killed him.
So there's a timeline where goku survived of the heart attack, the androids died, and cell went undiscovered until around end of z.
Thst timeline would have had goku surviving those 7 years, and likely majin buu would have been handled without many problems, as vegeta wouldn't have had a desire to become a majin.
So cell would have been vastly underpowered by the time he emerged, around the time of end of z.
I wonder what happened to that cell, and if he has any relation to black.
I'm wondering if at some point, cell decides the only one that can beat goku is goku, and engineers his body into a copy or something.

Are you implying that Black has no personality in the anime? That line could apply to someone who knows Saiyans as well as Freeza. Black speaks more sophisticatedly than most other villains and has a lot of flair. His maso demeanor and remarks of his body and comparison to Goku are also how he views himself as becoming stronger. All of this goes up as SSR.

>>Black: “It won’t end like this. Never underestimate a Saiyan’s stubbornness…I know that better than anyone.

What did he mean by this?

Is he actually a Tuffle?

Gohan I get because he was pushed over the edge



I still feel it's a missed opportunity that they didn't have goku with ssg as his main transformstion, and vegeta exclusively having ssb, a way of trying to match goku without the ritual, gohan staying as mystic, and gotenks being the ss3 user.
Then black having his own, different transformation wouldn't look weird, and we would wonder if trunks will get his own transformation.
Like how in the cell saga, vegeta had phase 2 ss, trunks had phase 3, goku had full powered, and gohan had ss2

You have to remember, Trunks is the sole protector of Earth in his timeline. Having that sort of assistance was a godsend. He's a good-natured man that doesn't want to see more death. Seeing an ally die meant he had to kick it up a notch and put an end to the threat before him. Besides, Kibito and the Supreme Kai elevated his power via their training anyway. It's not unfeasible that he only needed a slight push after that to ascend.

Let's not go there

Goku got ss2 while floating in the afterlife.
The stronger you are, the less it takes to push you a level.

has science gone too far?

majin vegeta is not canon and I think that Toriyama forgot about the multiple timelines during the android/cell saga
black sounds like a puppet in the anime, a total slave
in the manga so far he looks like a multiuniverse God of Destruction
not canon

>Majin vegeta is not canon
U wot m8?

well so far the anime told us Black is the results of a Zamassu wish

Yeah I agree, I wish SSB was Vegeta-exclusive. It would match my theory that SSB is """fake""" God ki from mortals and that's why it's not as strong as Rose (which is actual God ki)

is he?

But in what way?
His power?
His personality?
His existence?

>majin vegeta is not canon

are you retarded?

Time flows much more slowly in the afterlife

That's why Goku was able to push SS2 > SS3, when he didn't even have SS2 before he died

King kai sure made it sound like time moves exactly the same.

What are you smoking?

we still don't know

He is.
Do you think his two major fights were filler?

*leave the thread with a deep sense of sadness*
Actually I did

> "Majin Vegeta is not canon"

??? I suppose Freeza and Buu aren't canon. Hell, Goku isn't canon. Toriyama himself is filler.

Are you guys fucking serious?

Which DBZ movies would you all recommend for a fine, extended viewing experience?

Zarbon, you ugly as ningen

just watch the first 10 episodes of DBZ

>Toriyama himself is filler.

Meta Cooler, Gogeta, maybe Wrath of the Dragon and Android 13.

... You thought vegeta being dead for half the arc was filler too?

The first 3 movies, Return of Cooler, First Broly movie, Fusion Reborn, Wrath of the Dragon

And obviously BoG and RoF, since they were so much better than the re-tellings. Better fighting chereography, no bs filler, and are visually nice to look at

What if Black is the same race as Ginyu?
The swap/possesing bodies make sense this way

Vegeta actually did die user...

How is that filler?


Ginyu was a mutant
The whole squad was.

He thought majin vegeta was filler
He died because of him being majin vegeta.
So i asked filler user to explain if he thought all the time he was dead was filler too

Keep spouting lies, Zamasu, I'm sure someone will believe them.
And thanks for the recommendations, I'll get right to seeing them.

I don't understand why they used so much CGI in that movie. Couldn't they do it normally???

Man the Buu Saga was the best


>God Tier

Tree of Might
Broly the LSSJ
History of Trunks

>High Tier

World's Strongest
Cooler's Revenge
Fusion Reborn
Battle of Gods

>Mid Tier

Dead Zone
Lord Slug
Return of Cooler
Bojack Unbound
Resurrection F

>Shit Tier

Super Android 13
Broly Second Coming
Bio Broly
Wrath of the Dragon

oh shit, never mind then

Anime studios right now are trying hard to get better at cgi, since it's overall cheaper and well suited to a lot of anime (dance choreography, vehicles, massive group battles)
The onky way to get good is practice.
This is basically what early 90s movie cgi went through.
Japan is just behind the western world.

reminder that Toribot is more powerful than Zeno

Shit taste

Anime's future will probably be CGI. If they get in the same level as westerners then it will be amazing

>>God Tier: Broly the LSSJ


t. plebs

>implying Zeno won't become Toribot when he grows up
The 6 universes he destroyed were manga ideas that didn't go anywhere.

Is he going to rape Gowasu?

Don't blame us for your shitty taste user.

he's gonna plow that old ass with tea enemas

toribot is toriyama, the man that made dragon ball zero is toyble guy, that fucker

toribot can say whatever he wants and erase stuff as he likes

remember mystic Gohan, GONE

this sounds gay to be honest

I don't like it


Consider the following:

Future Goku died of a heart disease correct?

What if it was actually a heart disease caused by God Magic that killed Goku allowing him to be revived by the user aka Zamasu or some other equivalent.

Basically, Goku Black IS Future Goku that has been killed by magic heart disease and revived with magic and has been mind wiped.

hello pleb

that disease was pretty common in the future hence that's why Trunks has the cure

Zamassu just wanted an Evil fuccboi version of Goku
that's it

Seems about right.


What this stand for?

Excuse my Dokkanfaggotry, but when's the next Super Strike event? When Piccolo Jr. gets a super strike version of himself do you think they'll give him the 2 DB link skills? Why didn't Cyborg Tao get either of the DB link skills?

You're fucked.

why do people hype this chapter?
They just made every god of destruction look like fucking idiots. what are the attendants even there for? What about zeno? A fucking tournament between two universes draws his attention but chaos trough all the universes not?
the writing is fucking shit and makes no sense at all. Classic toryiama story where the bad guy gets his way cause everyone around him is a fucking idiot.


You too. Prepare that ass.

See this dumbass

the classic everything could have been avoided "if" lol. People expect way too much from a gag artist.

Can someone post that pic of mai asking if her pussy is pretty

Thanks in advance

Seconding this.

>what are the attendants even there for?
To make sure the gods of destruction don't go full Zamasu. They're just there to hold the leash, not to baby them. If they get killed, it's just time to find a new one.


Thanks user.

Toryiama been pulling this crap ever since the cell arc. I can accept the sayian being dumb fucks because they cam be hotheaded. But so many god jobbers is just ridiculous.

>flawed characters are unique to gag artists
wew read more than five manga kid.

>black killing off kais in tern killing gods of destruction in the process viva life link
Black is Ragnarok version of Loki.


as edgy as his design is meant to be, I think it looks aesthetic. and the pink doesn't exactly ruin the aesthetic.

You do know blu-rays only corrected about 2 episodes. Most of the shaky animation is still in it. Episode 5 and 24 the only one corrected.

>Black: “…He really has completely vanished from this world. The Kaioshins from outside this universe have all already been eliminated as well, and the Gods of Destruction no longer exist either. And now Trunks is gone from this world too. Does this mean there’s no longer anyone to oppose me? No…That’s not right…”

Why are people getting so retarded over this? We don't know how this happened, they could have used the Super Dragon Balls to do Stop getting your knickers in a twist.

shitty nordic deities

No problem

Why didnt zamasu just simply wished for being all mighty instead of immortal? The super dragonballs have no limits apparently.

Wait and see.


>it's been over a year
>it only takes days to travel to Zeno's planet
>They can literally peer into any planet and find out the history of it without moving an inch
Face it, Toriyama a hack.

Arent the dragonballs as strong as their creators? Since the super dragonballs can grant any wish maybe zarama is the true god of all the universes and maybe even above zeno.



>super shenron limitless
>can only grant one wish
chose one



I hope someone brings up wishing for more wishes.


>It is speculated by Whis that Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls to wish for a servant that looks like Goku, who is Goku Black

only that future zamasu had no chance in seeing goku in action since he was dead.
no wonder all the gods are jobbers their attendants are fucking braindead.

Get out of this thread, NOW



God this Mai and Trunks posting is cancer. Worst thing to come out of DBS.

t. butthurt pan poster

not as cancerous as canonfags,anti-gohan/vegeta shitposters,powerlevelfags,toryiama is a hack fags who talk shit before waiting until the arc is concluded.
worst of them all the zamasu zarbon faggot

Is that you buddy?

Waiting for the inevitable cum edit

Mentioning "canon" should be a bannable offense in Dragon Ball threads.
Nobody that works on Dragon Ball actually cares about canon, so it's baffling that the fanbase is so autistic about it.

And I thought my bet was ridiculous. This guy is fucked.

Welcome to the modern fandom, where shipping is wide spread.

That guy is a huge faggot, but don't act like your bet isn't bad, Gohanfag.


Every time....the feels

we all know bra gets with goten. much more direct than pan and trunks.

everyone is obsessed with what's canon and what's not, even outside dragon ball

Can't wait to fuck this user and the Gohanfag.

>toryiama is a hack fags who talk shit before waiting until the arc is concluded.
Jealous basement dwellers

user please, my bet will actually happen.

There's like three Gohanfags who've made absurd dick sucking wagers. I'm keeping track for when they lose.

>not going for the loli
character would be ruined for me

I'm pretty sure the posts in the pic you posted are from the same user.

Can't wait for the manga version of Goku vs Zamasu

Can't wait to be proven right.

>He still believes

I dunno why, but when I look at these two I feel like they're completely different Gokus. It's hard to describe, maybe it's the hand drawn art that makes him look dependable

Soon, user. We'll get his hand soon.

In due time brother

Gohanfag here. I'm not disillusioned that he'll be important again like the others though.

has black's identity been revealed yet?


yes, manga spoilers confirmed it's goten

He could be referring to Zeno's servants or the guy that is part of top 5 warriors. Or did he say directly that some of the GoD's are stronger than him?

no, but it's zamasu



>worst of them all the zamasu zarbon faggot
At least i don't make shit wagers.


You sure did when you didn't kill Vegeta


>tfw Future Trunks could've gotten a massive power up here and would stand up against black by going ultimate
almost there...


And he's already strong as fuck without that power up. Imagine how ridiculously strong he would be with it.

This. He would rape Black with no trouble at all unlike gohan trunks would still train even after gaining the ultimate old kai power up him and facing future beerus would be a sight to see.

>He would rape Black with no trouble at all
Jesus Trunksfags are delusional.

sure this is a trunks without any power up able to achieve now imagine what he is like with ultimate power up and years of training afterwards.

>sneak attack
>did no damage
Wow it's fucking nothing.jpeg

Are you new to Dragon Ball?

to be fair, it's probably like that just for entertainment because what fun would it be if trunks joined in, kicked black, and black blocked it with his pinky. either that or they're not really trying against trunks. I wonder what power level his sword's at to be able to block black's ki. folded more times than 0s in their power levels.

Namek Piccolo would rape Freeza with no trouble at all.

>Can already tank Black's Kamehameha
>Wasn't getting stomped when he and Goku fought Black and Zamasu
>Old Kai powerup turned Gohan from Dabra's bitch into the strongest character in the series


So the other unvierses know of Majin Buu?

Is Buu that infamous? or are there buus in every universe?

Gohan was always strongest lol

>Can already tank Black's Kamehameha
I don't think you know what that means. He got hit by it and was down for the count. That isn't tanking. Unless you're saying Future Mai tanked an attack from Black.

>Wasn't getting stomped when he and Goku fought Black and Zamasu
That's why they ran away right? Pic related

>Old Kai powerup turned Gohan from Dabra's bitch into the strongest character in the series
Gohan's potential was hyped up, Trunks not so much.

Also yes delusional clearly.


I don't know if they had time for that, Babidi already had the energy to revive majin buu. How much hidden potential Trunks has?

solve it with gay kai porn

Why doesn't Toriyama remember that every universe is supposed to have four Kaioshins, just like there are four Kaios?

>Why doesn't Toriyama remember

You just answered your own question. user

>Why doesn't Toriyama remember that every universe is supposed to have four Kaioshins, just like there are four Kaios?
Who says he doesn't?

Both Universe 6 and 10 apparently only have one Kaioshin (the one with a hat in U6 was actually just an assistant, like Kibito).


toriyama also stated that when a supreme Kai dies, a new one forms as a golden fruit from a tree on the Kai world.

And yet, despite the fact Majin Buu killed the other supreme Kais fucking MILLENNIA ago, no new ones ever showed up.

the other supreme kais also never actually showed up in the manga IIRC, Supreme Kai just mentions they all died.

So just because we have only seen one? We haven't seen much of the other Kaios except for King Kai doesn't mean they don't exist. We have enough characters runing around as is.

>dat art
Toriyama pls come back

slave away for us again.

Multiple Kaioshins goes against the fact that Kaioshin is tied to the God of Destruction.

And who knows how Dai Kaioshin fits in.

>Multiple Kaioshins goes against the fact that Kaioshin is tied to the God of Destruction.
Not really




I keep seeing these. For what purpose?

>Stop groveling at my feet, user. We're going to play.

>18 turns into a housewife in one reality and a murdering psychopath in another
Why didn't Krillin dick her in the bad one?


With Goku dead, they had an existential crisis and gave up hope. So they decided to just kill and torture. 16 wasn't there to keep them mellow, either.




SS2 Trunks or SS2 Vegeta?

Vegeta has been SS2 for so long, I'd think he would be stronger?


>m-mou dame

Vegeta is stronger. Trunks has to depend on SSJ2 more, though, so he'll probably get a bit more mileage out of it since SSJ2 is a thing of the past for Vegeta.

Vegeta. But we don't know when Trunks reached SS2 though, the new chapter only stated it happened a few years ago.

good ol godtube



>some bald noseless ultramanlet won this
what am I doing with my life

Not enough. Get out there, user.

this thread is dildos


New thread

>Hasn't reached the bump limit yet

ssb vegito would be ridiculous

I wonder how strong he'd be now given how strong Goku and Vegeta are..

Bardock movie?

Where is this from and does anyone have a non-cropped version? Please don't ignore this post if you have sauce, google gives nothing nor does archive.

No it's not. Remember Bubbles, the strongest monkey ever?

I feel like Bubbles is to Saiyans what a chimpanzee or Australopithecus is to us.

So, can a Saiyan cut their hair, and have it grow back to the way it was? GT Vegeta did this.

>his face when Yamcha height isn't the only advantage he has on him


Vegeta is probably better in the sack

I want to tear her black pussy apart to thank her for drawing such great content.

>professional baseball player
>world class fighter
>constantly hangs out with world famous Roshi
>fucked the richest girl on Earth for a while
>had fan clubs of girls he fucked while in that relationship
Yamcha is actually a fucking god when you think about it.

Ryonafags are disgusting.

>implying he actually dicked them

As much as I like Yamcha, he's still officially scared of all women who aren't Bulma. That's right, he still didn't get over that according to Toriyama (who contradicted himself years earlier by calling him a cheater) at the age of 47.

Just give Yamcha-sama a wife already...

It just seems like a few million years ago was the last time they had 5.
Maybe they phased it out. It didn't make much sense.