Rules, Regulations and Moderation of Cred Forums

Official New Rules
1. Cred Forums won't split into Cred Forums and /ma/ nor will it merge with any other board.
2. LNs are allowed on Cred Forums. Gookshit isn't.
3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced.
5. Bring back visible Sage.
6. Move /kancolle/ to /jp/.
7. Keep the captcha system as it is.
8. Ban People asking for Source right away.
For the mods:

Other urls found in this thread:

Stop this shit faggot

I'm waiting for the moment when OP gets banned.
Remove all generals starting with OP's.

Oh hey the "rules" have changed since the last thread I saw.

Fuck off retard is what I meant with that.

Requires login:

Requires no login:

> LNs are allowed on Cred Forums.
Faggot, at least follow your own polls.

Stop posting these fucking threads. There will be no changes to any rules, no matter how many threads you post.

call lolispammer or dubs guy, this isn't getting anywhere and you know it op stop for fucks sake

Who are you and why are you allowed to post shitty threads? Reminder that Hiro stated that he only wanted one thread per board.

>4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced.
And you're going to accept that moderation will become even more sporadic than it already is?
What is the point of this?

OP is not a mod
This is a shitposting thread
If the mods won't remove it we have to fill it with spam

>general tier amount of threads spawned with posts always linking to a new one
>i-it's just one thread separated into serveral segments!

You revealed in the last thread yourself that you were using proxys to up Manhua and they were on 1 before you did it, so its ignored fag. Also Manhua is not gookshit.

But None of that trash! is above LNs.

fuck off faggot

Welcome to the shitposting general!
OP is a faggot edition

Last threads:
Useful links:
>>>/random biased polls/

- OP is still forcing this thread

That sounds surprisingly decent. Just misses the part where mods rampage trough generals.

Some crossboarding mods are strange people with strange views on what should be allowed on Cred Forums and it would be nice to have mods that know what they're doing.
Although you're right that we probably don't have enough mods for this to work.

Nice try, you obviously upped that as well after

does this actually work?

Just need a pastebin for something and some stupid meme image and it would complete the cancer.

>There are now two threads up at once
>Has turned into a general


Is it time to post?

Didn't Hiro literally say he's going to outright ignore all strawpolls?
So what's the point of making these "official" rules when they're derived from those strawpolls?


Fuck off retard

This isn't the JoJo general

>2. LNs are allowed on Cred Forums. Gookshit isn't.
This would be even more cancerous than shounenshit like Naruto or Pokeymen. If anything I'd be up for an LN/VN/WN containment board.

LN fag can't admit defeat so he accuses everyone of using proxys.

See, this is a good fucking poll.

You literally admitted it in the other thread. Nice try.

16 threads late, but whatever.

Keep Cred Forums gay anons

The OP wants to feel important and thinks he can achieve something.

How about now?


I'm not the same guy. Nice try

>lying on the internet
Nice try

>faggots can't into sage

I was monitoring while shitposting in the Overlord general. I always get my priorities wrong.

Welcome to the shitposting general - /spg/!
OP is a faggot edition

Last threads:

Useful links:
>>>/random biased polls/

Thread pastebin: (read this before posting)

- OP is still forcing this thread

>being this stupid
Nice try

What? I voted in the botnet one and the results are nothing like that.

>being this stupid
Nice try

As in assburgers?

>being this stupid
Nice try

How do I sage?

it's easier just too bump

That one has less than 21 unique responses. That isn't even 0.005% of the population in Cred Forums. It's shit.

Reverse (You)



>being this retarded
Nice try

How fucking retarded do you even have to be to think gook or chink shit belongs on Cred Forums?

Go read the front page.
>Japanese Culture
>Anime & Manga

Then stop posting and go beg for a separate board on /qa/.

Nice try

Bad try

No really

What the FUCK are the mods doing?

Fuck off Baka Hentai


>porn posts deleted and thread left up
Why? This thread is shit and needs to go. There is no discussion here and nothing will change after having 15 previous ones with no consensus and shitflinging.

Cred Forums X should support this
OP is one

Hiro wills it.

Hiro is a faggot.

He said one thread. Not a general.

But he doesn't. Not like this anyways.
He didn't want feedback, he wanted one thread for people to discuss and make a consensus.

At least those gay shit are gone
How funny that guy pushing for the proxy poll was also the guy posting gay shit

>guy pushing for the proxy poll was also the guy posting gay shit




>doing anything

He doesn't give a shit about Cred Forums. He pops in every now and then but I think the language barrier is too much for him to get directly involved.

>How funny that guy pushing for the proxy poll was also the guy posting gay shit
Not really, all of the proxypoll posts are still here and the gay shit wasn't for nor against the poll.

>Cred Forums
>able to make a consensus
These threads should be deleted and the OP should be banned.

Hentai poster is gone

Trap user is still here

I think new episode threads the day the episode airs should be banned. Too much spoilers for those of us who haven't watched it yet because of time constraints etc. Especially those of us that can't afford a premium crunchyroll account. We need to be courteous to each other.

Phone posting now?

>but I think the language barrier is too much for him to get directly involved
He has to be pretending as he went to a US university.


Please don't post 3D pigs, crossboarder. At least post something I can look at, like .

We spam the shit out of this shit thread..

Why would anyone want to ban a specific general? They work as containment for a specific demographic which is a good thing.

Yup, here it is. You nerds can stop fighting proxy poll wars now.


They wouldn't need containing if it was banned or curbed so it wasn't up 24/7. They can still make a thread just they wouldn't be able to make it in to a general as it would be removed every time.

>On a scale of 0 to 10, how is the quality of the current moderation?
Oh wow, that nearly normal distributed graph

I'm not sure you understand my point. I rarely post so I have no idea what's like to contribute to a general but why is there a need to get rid of them?


fun things aren't fun anymore

They are boards within boards. Safe space and chatrooms for off-topic discussion for a group of people.




Nice, checked

You are asking the wrong question. You need to first ask why they exist. Why do generals need to be up all the time even when there is nothing to discuss? Why would you want to encourage a thread to stay alive though any old shit being posted be it on or off topic?

That still doesn't answer my question. Why would there be a need to remove them as long as they're not taking over the board? It would make sense if the threads dedicated to specific airing series were to be seen as generals, but otherwise I don't see the harm in having a buyfag thread, an idol thread and so on.

You cried out for help...................
................................. But no one came

>merge Cred Forums with Cred Forums
I'm glad no one wants to touch that Cred Forumsntainment board.
We need to ban those fuckers on the same scale we ban /mlp/ from the rest of Cred Forums.

Go look at the Madoka general. There is literally nothing to discuss anymore, it's just a tripshit circlejerk. There is no excuse for the threads to exist.

>8. Ban People asking for Source right away.

Ban people who remove source from images they post in OPT.

>trying to shitpost in a mods approved thread
Simply ebina

They themselves don't feel as part of Cred Forums. They feel as part of their general. That's why I said they are boards within boards. Such people belong only on the general board.

>Official New Rules
>1. OP is a faggot
>2. OP is a Prancing Lala homo faggot
>3. Op choked on dicks as a kid
>4. Op was his two dads little princess
>5. Op is retarded.
>6. Op love it in the ass
>7. Op is a newfag
>8. Ban People asking for Source right away.


>mods approved thread

>hiro actually said that he didn't want feedback

this thread needs to be purged

>It's a "quibbling over rules like an autistic fa/tg/uy instead of posting anime or manga" episode.

Seriously, get a life. "A bloo bloo bloo he's posting weeb shit, but not the kind of weeb shit *I* like! Rather than ignore the thread I'll start a fucking constitutional convention to change the rules."

Generals have been banned since 2010, retard.

>Ban People asking for Source right away

This is 100% about simply feeling superior because you know the name of something and somebody else doesn't. Pathetic NEETs need that because they have nothing else, I know because I was one for 5 years.

Reverse image search doesn't always work and 99% of the time when threads are derailed when a person ask for source, it's because autist flip that somebody doesn't know something and spam a dozen (you)s.

Because board quality is important. Offtopic discussion breeds offtopic discussion and ignoring doesn't solve the problem. There are more than generals that need to be cleaned up but they also stick out quite badly and need sorting out. The general threads relevant to this board might not need to be removed entirely but they need to be stopped from staying up 24/7 to keep their circlejerk going.

>I'm retard and can't use google

So what if it is? What will you do about it, you little cunt?

Go back to MAL

Check 'em

Considering the porn was removed along with mention of certain mods, it seems pretty approved to me.

>I am so pathetic i cant even get to be the in-crowds of Mongolian cave painting NEETs


Threadly request for every non-retarded person who sees this thread to report it.

Spam or rule breaking. It meets both criteria.

That reminds me of /pc/, in a way.
They're threads dedicated to people with specific anime/manga related interests. Surely, there are generals that don't feel to me like they belong here, like the "it's time" threads, but those could be filtered.
I see your point, but I also believe that balance is important. You see, things just wouldn't be as fun without a boogeyman.

If you didn't ask to be spoonfed, they wouldn't have flamed you. If you can't google it for whatever reason, why not just save the image and repost it on /wsr/? That's what that board is for, after all.

Thanks for turning Cred Forums into the new Cred Forums.

>this shitstorm

When is posting cropped unsearchable manga pages going to result in a ban?

I meant to reply to


How much longer are the IRC Foolz faggots going to be allowed to dine out on this shit?

Only these threads and their OPs need be banned to make Cred Forums better than it was before.

This so much this. board culture are built upon unspoken informal rules and buyfag/djt//ai/ can stay because thats the way it was

Why do we need a meta general? You already know what to do mods stop trying to act like ignorant newfags.

>They're threads dedicated to people with specific anime/manga related interests
I posted an example of the posts from KanColle general in the last thread of this meta general. They discuss off-topic shit. It doesn't matter that the theoretical topic belongs on this board.

Reminder that this a work safe christian image board

Read more manga, casualfag.

Why this?

how many IP's do you fucking have?

Cred Forums is becoming the thing they hate.

Google isn't the only tool to find a source. There's Yandex, Tineye, iqdb, WAIT, Saucenao, the archive and the metadata for webms. You can ask for the sauce after every single one of those fails. You're not entitled to be spoonfed just because you're a lazy fuck.


I bet Hiro did this!

Likely a dynamic IP, not like they are a rare thing.

I did that once and then got range banned for 2 weeks. Funny times.

Get good or fuck off to /wsr/
If you can't find what something is then you're obviously not qualified to discuss it so don't even start with that "argument"

>All those fail
>Including going to the archive and viewing all the same images hoping to find someone that replied with a source or left source name in file name
>Ask for source politely
>You being the turbo autist you are still freak out and derail the thread by shitposting

Got 4chins gold. Have to pay via bitcoins to get unbanned every time. Hurts my wallet a bit.

Fuck off.

No. 2 need to happen.

Is there point to making these threads? Because all I see it is as a concentrated zone of shitposting, autism, faggotry, and pointless meta shit that is what turned boards like Cred Forums into such a shit hole a few years back in the first place.

Did /wsr/ fail you too?

Hiro wills it


Are the mods letting these threads up on purpose just to laugh at people expecting something to change?

Useless fucking mods won't delete this thread until the CP spammers come out so they can save it for new fap fuel before they finally do their damn job.

not anymore,

fuck off

They fail me fucking constantly. /r/ fails me constantly. /wsr/ fails me constantly. I've resorted to posting an image I want sourced to a thread, and then scouring the archives for some semblance of source because those boards are complete shit.


>expecting change
>expecting Hiro to care
>expecting other mods to care

Kill yourself Ruggarell you stupid fucking nigger.

You and your foolz faggots trash friends.


you know that you can just drag the image into the archive's search box

Thought they were horse fuckers. My bad.

What will it take to get this thread deleted?

Lurk more.

For what purpose?

>tfw new T.90 chapter with bestiality
2d bestiality is great.

How new are you ?

>Into the archive's search

I noticed that a while ago, but it didn't function properly when I tried to use it so I never thought about it again.

>meanwhile I'm still a virgin.

That's a good start.

educational purposes

So the mods only come out when I post loli? I see you horsefuckers have your priorities straight.

Here's actual proof why spoonfeeding is cancer. Instead of spending the ten seconds it takes to go to gelbooru and search for this picture, it turns into a needless clusterfuck of retards begging for source over a cropped image that anyone who has lurked for more than five minutes should know how to find simply by looking at the picture and searching specific keywords.

It's like people turn into fucking animals and lose all common sense when confronted with an image that slightly arouses them. That entire thread is just another worthless daily "post ur fetish" template thread but those posts and replies are a prime example of why saucefags are looked down upon. Encouraging this behavior makes these people believe that they can get whatever they want WHEN they want because people are too stupid to tell them to lurk more.

He needs to know more

Can we have a recommendation general? /wsr/ sucks. A single thread for all genre would do.

Don't worry, some day you'll find a boy.


You forgot
>someone replies with sauce
>he replies with something like "thanks nerd/weeb"


Like a trap?

>Thought it was some raildex
>It's just loli
I feel ashamed



>>It's just loli
It's Miria and Rika, faggot.


I'm starting to see why 2channel hates Hiro now.

Because pretending to be retarded is universal?

I don't keep up with [email protected] I only watched the Mecha anime.

He doesn't even pretend that anymore, he just does not give a shit about us

Based Mods.

He stopped nipplemod.
Now he just wants to know what would make the boards better.
What the fuck is wrong with you?

Why don't we autoban "animes" and "mangas"?

>ONE thread for meta discussion.
So why have you made 15+ threads for this shitty /qa/ discussion that no one but a small minority gives a shit about?

All you want to do is destroy board culture with your shitty meta threads trying to make rules that are pointless.

Let Cred Forums moderate itself like it always has and fuck off already.

the mods would be based if they purged these shitty threads

Mods actually exists? Why haven't they banned these threads then?

Because nipmoot okayed them

OP is a mod.

>OP is a mod

new faggot alert

If they let us moderate ourselves, we would have no fucking generals. But no, they ban me when I try to spam the generals.

report and fucking sage

This thread would die if you would just stop posting, faglords

fucking proof
Mods do your jobs you faggots

Or if nobody bumped it.

We still didn't reach the consensus though, so this actually proves you're wrong.


stop using that as a fucking excuse to shitpost

And we won't.

This only proves that we need visible sage back, to see which retards bump such threads. It was stupid to remove it in the first place.

How is that an excuse? That's literally what he wants in the link you posted.

Well, that might be true.

does he want feedback threads to be spammed? fucking no


Not really, it should be up to every poster to post as they like. You should judge them on the quality of their post not if they bumped a thread you don't like.

He wants there to be threads discussing whatever until we have a consensus. Which we don't have. You literally proved that this thread should be here to the mods. Good job.

You don't know what he wants.

>on Cred Forums
Are you retarded?

>Cred Forums agreeing with anything

nice fucking joke


Stop trying to move the goalpost. You're the one who supported this thread by posting a link to Hiros trash opinion.

Fuck this trap, Apocrypha, Nasu and you.



Their knowledge of the system is included in the quality of the post.
If someone complains about a thread, yet bumps it, I want to call them out on that.

I want moot to return, hiro is clearly too fucking stupid to run this site

You'd need to get rid of the catalog, kill the "one thread per subject" mentality and at least halve the bump limit for saging to matter again.

>people seriously expecting Hiro to come into every single board on Cred Forums and read all the meta threads there

Where's Cred Forums Teller when you need him



>kill the "one thread per subject" mentality
Mistakes were made, I'd argue that board with a permanent sticky should be culled too

You mean meme master?

Can I please get the source for these animes? Thanks gaiz

Actual discussion.

Can we have a recommendation general? /wsr/ sucks. A single thread for all genre would do.

Look, I like moot, but he made retarded decisions, including:
Fucking up the e-mail and subject fields (fuckign up noko and sage functionality is included in that)
Changing it so you can't post threads without text
Adding IP counts
Extending post cooldown - Fucking pain to dump any manga
Making it so OP can't delete their thread
Adding in-line catalog and extension for the newfags
Sending raids to /jp/



Boku no battletoad

Fuck no.

fuck off

>Can we have a recommendation general? /wsr/ sucks. A single thread for all genre would do.
Go to MAL

Why not? I'd understand if the catalog is filled with shit load of threads but Cred Forums has good taste and it should be shown.


Don't we already have a reccommendation wiki in the sticky?

Plus there are always some "what do you think about x" whenever a new season comes out.

All generals are getting removed by the end of 2014.
RIP [email protected] general. It was pretty much the same shit as all the other idol generals which are here, but it was the oldest so it had to go to /vg/./

>Cred Forums has good taste and it should be shown.
No, you have Reddit for that.

Kill yourself.

All me.

>"what do you think about x"
Yeah but it's like you said, it's only for the the current season. Some old, overlooked but good anime should be recommended. I don't think /wsr/ can function perfectly for that.

Fuck off.

It's (you)

Forgot about that one for the list




You will get your recommendations if you lurk fucking more.

You didn't get all the gay and furry porn posts. Fucking imposter.

>le leddit and MAL meme
Why not include Gaia as well?

C'mon anons, this board is filled with generals already and one more wouldn't harm.

There's a recommendation general. Several, actually. They're called Google, MAL and AniDB. Recommendation threads keep getting made because people like you haven't lurked enough to understand that websites already exist to answer their dumb retarded questions.

>Why not?
Taking the loose, free-form nature of a general and applying it to a subject such as anime recommendations would muddle discussion to an unbearable degree. Instead of having one single topic to focus on, a general focusing on ALL anime would be a clusterfuck of opinions, requests, recommendations and saucefagging all crashing into eachother from every direction. It would just be taking the cancer of a regular general and amplifying it to a greater degree.

>Cred Forums has good taste and it should be shown.
Nice joke.


Harm yourself, trollfag.

Generals are cancer, MAL is decent if you just use it to find old anime.

OP is actually a good guy. He is just trying to show us why generals should be banned.

Again how is this thread still alive?

Why is every other general still alive?

Why I'm still alive?

REKT, herofags on suicide watch

Stop posting manga pages without giving source or you'll hurt a redditor's feelings!

why is this cancerous shitposting general thats fucking off topic still alive?

I agree that it would be sort of a clusterfuck but wouldn't it then be a containment thread of sorts? Any other thread resembling slightly like a recommendation thread could be deleted on sight then.

How is /vg/ still alive

Trust me you'll love this, what you're seeing now is singles.

Or we just ban the rec threads like it's done right now and tell the newfags to lurk more/fuck off

You forgot to ban generals you stupid fuck.

There is nothing 'official' about that.

>herofag literally begging for mercy

The cake is a lie

These are doubles.

You can't seriously tell me that there aren't any stealth rec threads. Those could be deleted in favour of one single recommendation thread.


mods are faggots.

All me.

Bring back moot


You're still describing every other general.



Generals attract the most cancerous posters. Just look at every other general.



>tfw this cancerous general showed up

>the quality of the other threads on the board increased

I feel conflicted.

The only one that makes me mad. Keep posting, but no megane or I'll start posting gay and furry porn again.

You fucking monster


Sick doubles m8

The only thing Euphoria needed was more ryona.


Sick triples m8

stop posting NSFW shit. This thread is about rules and mods. You're provoking the mods and they'll nuke this shit.


Man you guys are autists.
There are literally TWO BOARDS where this can be done, and you still want another thread?

Thinking that people putting sources in filenames will solve everything is retarded when this bullshit is still happening.

Don't post euphoria spoilers please, I still haven't finished it.

You sound like a faggot.

Fuck off faggot.

Why do you have to criticise my sexuality?

Why the fuck is this thread still alive? Mods, do your fucking job.

Am I gonna get banned now?

That's the whole fucking point.


The mods won't give in you autist.

>porn game
Don't worry I didn't post anything relevant to the plot.

Love the censored shaft.

I hope so.

I enjoy the porn just as much as the plot.

>LNs are allowed on Cred Forums.
This really belongs on /jp/. All the LN talks attracts weeaboos and shits up the board. Can't just weeaboo stuff be on the weeaboo board?

It's time.

Hi Cred Forumsermin.



LNs have been allowed on Cred Forums since its inception you newfag retard.


Let me guess your general of choice - JoJo, DBZ, one piss or Hero Academia.


But they shouldn't be allowed anymore, they should be on /jp/. This board would be better if all the weeaboo shit was moved to /jp/ so we could discuss anime and manga, not LNs and VNs and Kyoto's architecture and religion and weeaboo shit like that.

>wapanese young adult novels
they are as shit as they sound. LNs are cancer and even if they were allowed on Cred Forums its because they didn't show up on the radar


Cred Forumsermin pls go


I give people source when I can just to piss off people like you who thinks Cred Forums is their own personal board and everyone should confirm to their tastes.

What is the moral of this story?

>ask for source
>samefag and give source
>thread derailed

This place is too easy to bait.

Never invite old men into your house.

but that's the video game board. What do I have in common with gaymers?

No one on /jp/ wants to discuss LN, and people on /jp/ don't want crossboarders from Cred Forums.

They want to sit and circle jerk with 40 useless threads about Touhou, 1 thread for 3DPD jav, and 1 thread for untranslated VNs.

girls are stupid


They want the JAV threads to leave too.

Its amusing, but I think people need to realize there is a difference between someone posting a new rec or sauce thread and someone asking the question in a thread in reply to a post with an unsaucable cropped image.



>Cred Forums and /ma/
What is /ma/

Who is your favourite rules general tripfag?


/ma/nga, a new board.

It's a retarded idea.

/ma/ - Mods and Admins

>someone asking the question in a thread in reply to a post with an unsaucable cropped image
Only if this was always the case, but some people are literally retarded enough to ask for a sauce when it's in the filename.

>Only one of the threads i made is listed here
Nigga, i made like 4 threads when thi topic turned into a general.


What is going to be discussed there?

Not really. /ma/ would be pretty nice when all the shitposters are contained on Cred Forums and manga can be discussed in peace.

Even so, I still don't think the boards should split.


Gookshit etc.



im loving this. I already fapped today so I'm reading this for the hell of it


That buyfag thread goes to /jp/ too. They don't even post manga or anime collections, it's all toys. The daily Japanese thread really shouldn't be here either.

Do NOT bring back visible sage, otherwise there will be trolls posting nothing but "sage" in threads they don't like.

Instant ban for all meta threads, including this one and threads complaining about too many threads for an anime, especially if the anime has some big event/plot point occurring.



why's she crying?

While now sage is meaningless because there are always retards who bump. Fuck you.

Tears of joy.



Sage is meaningless because of the catalog.

Are we finally back to the good old days where this wasnt fucking safe for work reddit and more of a place where anything goes?

Nip censor bars ruin everything.

The best part is that they will then spend magnitudes more effort complaining about someone asking for a source than they ever would have spent simply telling them the name.


I hate the catalog too. Never should have given it to the masses, moot. When only oldfags had it, it was cool.

You can still sage your own post, you don't need to advertise that to others.


I used to open up all the tab from 0 to 10 (or 15) and check out all the topics. It took a while before I noticed the catalog, it came between a break watching anime.


At least this old man have taste. Pantsu hanging off leg is the hottest shit.

who is this fuckboi?

did you even read the thread?


It's worse when the image has been deliberately edited or cropped so you can't get the source any other way except for asking. Those shitposters are clearly making it as difficult as possible who just want the damn source.


I sage pretty much every single post. I'm just saying it has no effect on the thread.
Explaining the rules is not meaningless. It's the difference between one saucepost per thread or one saucepost per every image like you can see on the normalfag boards like Cred Forums or /gif/

Look I love harcore hentai rape and shit but fuck this loli h-doujin for having a realistic approach.

Shit's fucked up.

there we go, now she's damaged, used goods


Or you could actually go and search for the source instead of being a retarded lazyass whining about muh elitism.

>did you even read the thread?
Thats like asking if I ate my way through a sea of shit to get here.
Fuck no i didnt.
I soared across like a shit-eagle gazing down upon the shiteaters and the shit-boats trying to get over.

I think that's the point of that hentai-manga. It's to make people understand that this is not okay.


Lurk for 2 more years before posting.


we need a board for rape doujins. I love that shit


but it's totally okay. I love the tears and look of anguish on her face. The old man should lick them as fucks her.


Good news user, it exists!


there's a lack of rape content on /h/.

I bet she enjoys it.


Okay now this is funny just because it triggers Cred Forums shitposters so fucking hard.

stop ruining my immersion. It's only fun if she's hating every milli-second of it


finally he's licking her tears

make a thread and start dumping faggot

How do you feel about new manga board happening?

Look at her face. She clearly wants more.

All women enjoy it. Fucking whores.

Ch. 2

it's shit


How about you leave and never come back.

Mods, please ban this stupid fucking faggot.


I don't really find the need for it.

Like vg except with little girls

>3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
>8. Ban People asking for Source right away.
Kill yourself, fucking underage trash.

I also have rape fantasies like ntring beta harem boys, conquering women and forcing them to submit to me by using bullshit magic, defeating a heroine in a battle then rape her afterwards, etc..

But fuck, I can't jerk off to this loli rape that user posted.

But still, in the end it's just drawings and not actual kids are hurt. Different people just have different fetishes.


>5. Bring back visible Sage.
What a shitty idea


>all these porn and loli dumps

and I thought mods wouldn't stoop a new fucking low.

>But fuck, I can't jerk off to this loli rape that user posted.
Maybe it's hope for you after all I guess.



Asphyxiation is just the best.


what is going on here


Mods don't care so I'm posting porn.

is there a way to download all images in a thread? or something. I want to save this image dump but I don't want to do it individually. I am using Cred Forums x though

>newshits wants to ban LNs from Cred Forums because they're a bunch of dumb children who can't read a book
Top fucking kek
Do that and I'll spam every single board of this site with Spice & Wolf pages until I'm done posting the entire series.
You'd need a region ban larger than the state of the fucking Texas to stop me.

Screencap this shit. Will deliver.


what was the point of this thread again?


Showing that loli rape is now allowed on Cred Forums.

Why would you want to save this dump?

I don't really care that it's a loli rape, what bothers me is the realistic approach.

>can't even read the OP
Are you retarded?

rape doujin

Look, she looks happy.

I knew this fucking slut enjoys it.

>can't even read the thread or the topic in question
Just because I quoted OP doesn't mean I'm only addressing his post.


pretty certain it's on sadpanda

DL it from panda.




>wanting to save loli pics
This is illegal.



>living in a shitty country


Is britland a shitty country? I'm actually not sure whether it's legal or not.


Geiger would be obscene and thus illegal to download in the US.


Like I said
>living in a shitty country



Are we turning into Cred Forums? I don't want this.





That's lewd.







>this thread hits bump limit
>new thread gets made
>loli dump becomes meaningless


There's always more loli porn to dump.



We can always dump Rec or some other stuff.

Remember to report illegal content!!!


>posting edit

I'm pretty certain this has been reported to hell and back.
I'm not reporting because last time I reported something, I got a ban.

I haven't used that option in months.

Fuck yeah glasses.


>art is now illegal

You guys realize Hiro isn't going to change anything and just wants meta threads to increase his post counts, right?


>Move /kancolle/ to /jp/
About fucking time

We've been Cred Forums for a while now, user. Just accept our fate and watch the fireworks, pull up a chair and roast a marshmallow

That's retarded.

It's still not nearly as terminally whiny or bitchy yet.

As long as we never get our GG we'll be fine I think.

He make manga board.

>He make manga board.

It will happen when they push to ban moe for 2020 olympics.


>loli is illegal
In your shitty country maybe

What is a non-shitty country where Geiger is legal?

He runs the site based on increasing the number of posts. If you didn't notice that when he told mods to start warning shitposters instead of banning them then you're the retarded one.

If another thread is made I might start dumping this.

The problem is that even if they ban moe it change nothing. We don't have "anime" journalist to say we are dead and even if I say sankakucomplex, people who know what I'm referring to will laugh

Any country which sees glory of loli like
Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, France

Why would he want to increase the number of posts? Is it to win a bet?

A single meta thread is a retarded way to increase post count.
If he wanted a some artificial posts he would post more with capcode.

I don't know which was worse, barrel girl or Mai-chan

Ugh, definitely being a while since I last saw this one posted.


I think I started reading that one once. And stopped.

>Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan,

Japan is the last stronghold of loli.

To make the site look more popular, to get more ad revenue, and to get more of his user's data.

He's probably hoping for one on every board eventually. He just started posting with a capcode more on /qa/, so he's probably working on that one.

>to get more of his user's data
You're not really getting much extra information from a meta thread.

>Producing and distributing pornography which realistically or factually depicts a child is illegal
>Realistic and factual depiction of a child appearing in sexual acts is defined as it having "been produced in a situation in which a child has actually been the object of sexually offensive conduct and realistic, if it resembles in a misleading manner a picture or a visual recording produced through photography or in another corresponding manner of a situation in which a child is the object of sexually offensive conduct"
Drawn loli is perfectly fine.

I guess loli porn is now okay to post on Cred Forums.

Way to go Finland.

mods hate these threads so they leave it up

poor thing.
She did nothing wrong.

Where? I don't see it.

These threads are wild west of Cred Forums.

Are you one of those 8gag fags? Don't you have a dead site to revive?

so is she used goods or is it okay?


they waited till the dump was over before deleting. Common curtesy

>mods delete the dump after having fapped to it first

They probably just don't care anymore.

that's the true spirit of 4chins

Ripp dump user.
Hope you were behind 7 proxies.

It does a pretty poor job of it, then.


I'm fine.

But Tower of God?

Here we go.

Can we just stop this already, please?

Nope I'm out

I'm waiting.

Will continue posting tomorrow if these shit threads still not banned.

Is gookshit and therefore doesn't belong on Cred Forums. Fuck off to Korea if you want to discuss bootleg shounenshit.

>wasting 4 hours of your life on this

Tell that to the mods.

It's even based on true events

>wasting 4 hours of your life on this
user, most of the people here waste their best years on this board

Nope. I'll be waiting for you in the next thread. See you soon.

Why do webtoons have such crappy art?

>caring about rules whatsoever

just continue to shitpost, nothing will change

>2. LNs are allowed on Cred Forums. Gookshit isn't.
Factually wrong. Manhwa has always been allowed and always will be.



You have no power, you impotent faggots.

Cred Forums has spoken.

mods have spoken.

janitors have spoken.

Manhwa is allowed on Cred Forums .

You will be banned if you keep spamming


Sorry to disappoint you, but I can't.

Only in your dream.

I don't even see the difference between Chinese, Korean or Japanese cartoons. I really don't understand why people care. Why just not just fit it all in a bag and call asian comics and cartoons manga and anime? They've got more or less identical form. Only difference is that Chinese cartoons have sillier names.

>Cred Forums has spoken.
>mods have spoken.
>janitors have spoken
huh? what the fuck is this gook talking about?


Take a look at webtoons
Shit that looks like manga is allowed anyway here

>the same gook who keep samefagging about his imagination policy about gook shit
It's time to stop breathing, cockroach

>Why just not just fit it all in a bag and call asian comics and cartoons manga and anime?
Because that's not how words fucking work. Unless it's a scientific/academic term with a governing body, you don't just decide one day to change the definition.


Gook and chink shit are just low quality bootleg

The throw Belgian-French comics in a bag though.

keep trying gook, gook trash goes to

Okay? That has nothing to do with my point. Manga means Japanese comics, and "why don't we just change what the word means" is a completely pointless contribution, because that's not how language works.

>Fucking wall of image that never finish
pls no, we'll get The gamer threads, Isekai are already bad enough

All of you Cred Forumsermin need to fuck off from my Cred Forums and kill yourselves.

Wait, what?

Lurk more, nigger, everyone should know this one. Or just fucking google it.

Of course I know it, you dumbfuck.
I'm surprised about the true events part.

That's what I meant by "this one," retard. It's a very famous case and comes up literally every time anyone discusses that manga, as well as occasional other times. And if you'd google the manga you'd find it in five seconds.


now that the dust has settled, can we agree that these threads are cancerous?

Yes, just like you.

Yes. Thinking anything will come of them is retarded. Autists like op should keep to

hehe this this this! Upvoted le amirite?


probably one the worst threads so far

>discussing what's bad about this board

literally everything.

Every IP needs to be banned here if you want to fix this board.

Fucking cancer.

>Every IP needs to be banned here if you want to fix this board.
But then we wouldn't be able to post, anyone of us.

Pretty sure you haven't visited snk generals if this is anything remotely close to cancer to you.

Hiro wills it?


>over 20 bump limit threads in 2 days full of dubsposting, doujin dumps, and retards arguing that Cred Forums should be split, that webtoons are better than manga, and that we should put all ongoing series into one giant general
>not cancer

God, please don't.
No this one.

lol kys, cuck


We need Lelouch as a mod to make Cred Forums great again.

No, we just need Trump to buy the site from Hiro.

Trump doesn't like loli.

it doesn't make you any less of a pedo though

>3. Underage Bait like lol, kys, cuck and so on will result in a ban.
No. This is the worst reason to ban someone.
>4. Board Based Mods have to be introduced.
>5. Bring back visible Sage.
>8. Ban People asking for Source right away.
No. This is stupid.


1. Improve consistency of guidelines from board to board and loosen the range of allowed topics. Inconsistent application of guidelines leads to confusion and resentment, especially when sneaky moderation tactics like "auto-sage" and "wait an hour, then delete inexplicably" are used on threads that have not yet hit any bump limits.

2. Mods should stop abusing short bans and should take ban appeals more seriously instead of having most bans be impossible to appeal and having a blanket denying/blocking of all appeals with no transparency.

3. Bring back ability to delete own OP on all boards, eliminate requirement to delete posts before they become "too old to delete."

4. Bring back OP's ability to bump own threads. The unique IP meter is a good enough indicator of samefagging. Sometimes people need to bump their own threads, especially on fast boards.

5. Bring back visible sage and educate people what it means.

6. Bring back ability to announce reports and sages. So important.

7. Mods should stop micro-managing conversations by deleting short shitposts (like "kys cuck fgt") that no one cares about and which don't actually disrupt the thread.

8. Bring back a /z/ board where people can go if they are banned for infractions other than CP and post with no rules or post-timers.

9. Bring back /l/ where we can post lewd loli images. Trying to make /l/ threads work on Cred Forums is like being marooned on a desert island. Spam and non-enthusiasts filling the thread make for a bad environment, and the speed that Cred Forums moves means that threads die quickly and few /l/olikons hang around long.

10. Eliminate SFW requirement on Cred Forums.

Most people agree with most of these ideas.

Thanks for correcting the record.

>implying I'm wrong


Pretty good recommendations I think

>3d images not allowed
Add this rule

>Ban People asking for Source right away.

That's absolute retarded, considering the person in question complies with giving evidence that every search engine hasn't given him a hint.

Yes, but only then. Most people who say
>google gives nothing
are lying cunts.

. Ban People asking for Source right away.
>No. This is stupid.

Into the trash you go

>issuing bans for Things I Don't Like with no discretion whatsoever
Do you mod on reddit too?

Enjoy saucefags replying to every single image. The retards can't use the resources they've been given.

Kill yourself

Since 2004 in fact.

>not knowing that is how things already are
Have you even read the rules? Mods can ban anything they feel like.

Just let me have my LN threads.

Mods have a stick up their ass, it seems.

Not all images, especially webm, are saucable using reverse image search.


>mods banned me for something I didn't understand at some point in the past
This is what you sound like.

I want to have three children with Mami.

Let the webbum play, stop it when something obviously searchable shows up, screenshot it and then reverse search it.
Many of the images which are not searchable by google are searchable by IQDB, saucenao, exsauce. Sometimes, it will lead you to chinese or korean blogs, where you need to use google translator and find out the original japanese title. But you have to fish. Do not expect handouts, you lazy bitch. Do not bullshit me. Do not fucking bullshit me that you can't find it if you haven't tried.

So.......... repeating digits thread?

>has no argument
I thought so. It is right in the rule set, so if you don't like it fuck off back to what ever safe space you came from.

I just saw this on top and knew I had to post it here.

I've done it all before, bro. Not all images are searchable.

>>has no argument
Wait, are you implying that you had one in the first place?

We've had Hiro for a year already? Jesus.

Nice strawman, you sure showed him.

>Not all images are searchable.
If you download it and search with it without using the sideways triforce, google usually works. It's just Cred Forums that's bad.

You're 485 posts to late


>not all images are searchable
>b-but google usually works

Do you see your own bullshit or can you at least smell it?


When you don't actually make an argument, it's OK to strawman back at you until you fuck off.

That is because different resolutions produce different results. Most extensions search by thumbnail.
I, for example, sometimes get source by first searching with IQDB and when there's no results, pressing the search with google button on IQDB's site.
Give me any image and I will find source. I will bet you anything.


Just try downloading the image, go to and upload it yourself and you'll see. Don't take my word for it and try it out yourself.

>>That is because different resolutions produce different results. Most extensions search by thumbnail.
This hasn't been the case since at least 2010.

Seems like someone has some anal retention problem.

My image earlier proved mods can ban anyone they feel like which you argued was a reddit thing. Also source faggots have always been told to take it to /r/ or /wsr/ as it doesn't belong here.

This thread is stupid

>Give me any image and I will find source. I will bet you anything.


I'm using a 4chanx Mayhem fork from 2012. I searched for source on 's bateman pic.

new thread

No, for the love of God stop.



Thorgal. Yandex has it.

Appears to be from Thorgal by Jean van Hamme.

>anal retention
It's *anal retentive, you third-grader.

Yeah, it was uploaded by somebody on Cred Forums. I didn't think it had spread yet, I should've checked it first. Or used a newer page.

>It's *anal retentive, you third-grader.
Thanks for correcting the record.

>Mayhem fork from 2012.
You're still basically proving me right. A person would have to be deliberately using an out-of-date or deprecated extension in order to have this happen to them.


>correcting the record.
You don't actually know what that means, do you?

I just used google image, and translated the russian page I got.

Google found it posted on some Russian forum over three years ago. Also, fuck off, Cred Forums.

>I didn't think it had spread yet
Well one of the links on Yandex has the image from over 3 and a half years ago.

This only proves that you don't search for images you want sauced.
Faggot. Try again.

>Yeah, it was uploaded by somebody on Cred Forums.
>august 2013

You lost me. How does that prove that up-to-date Cred Forums extensions search images by thumbnail?

I'm not previous "thorgal" user. Try this.

My 4chanX does.

Like I said, using a deprecated fork of Cred Forums x to get these results only proves me right.
>implying mayhem is still relevant
Holy fuck, you are dumb.

AppchanX was updated this year though

Samurai Champloo.

>updated this year
If you're not using ccd0's fork, then you are doing it wrong. Do you still Opera too? What's it like using an extension that isn't updated at least weekly?

>Having to keep up with all the forks
If it werk it's good enough for me.

Use %IMG instead of %TURL.
This is with the latest ccd0 version of 4chanx.

I don't need shitty updates with shitty UI. Mayhem or bust.

>If it werk it's good enough for me.
Literally contradicting yourself

>I don't need shitty updates
Except Cred Forums is being updated constantly, so it's possible for your extension to break overnight when a change is implemented. If you've been here since 2012, you should know that much. God you're dumb.

>8. Ban People asking for Source right away.
I certainly hope you mean in OP.

Must be confusing not having those usernames to help you here, huh?

>Implying I need to image search animu and mango
I'm confident in knowing anything made in the last 3 decade that was worth watching.

>anything I don't know wasn't worth watching!

No, anything I don't know can be extrapolated from a database.


Not anime or manga. Irrelevant on this board. Nice try, Cred Forumstard.

>Give me any image
>any image

If you gave me an image of your cat, I wouldn't be able to find it either. Think a bit, moron. We are talking Cred Forums rules here. Most of the tools like exsauce, yandex, saucenao and IQDB are for anime and manga. I am not telling you that you can't be a saucefag on Cred Forums, but don't come here and do that shit.


Ore wa Mita
You know that we have archives, right?

>8. Ban People asking for Source right away.
Luckily OP is retarded and his rules litteraly don't exist.


I still have e-mail fields and subject fields and nothing's broken. Captcha might be broken, but I wouldn't know since I've had a Cred Forums gold account since its introduction.
The important thing, archive database, gets updated automatically.

Sorry to break it to you user, but Pepe is a popular and widespread meme. It's all over the news.

Are you part of the racist group known as the Alt-Right? My Leaf master told me I shouldn't associate with them and that the frog is their mascot.

Make like your fellow redditors and kill yourself.

>posting DUMB RIGHT-WING frogs

>they discuss off-topic shit
Powerlevel threads are riddled with "check out these dubs" and iyashikei often has h-doujinshi discussion. In August and December Cred Forums hosts Comiket threads. And Punished Chiyo has seen 19 threads.

Stalker, Cred Forumsnon, and chinkfag translate the most LN, non-h doujinshi, and 4koma than all of Cred Forums through those threads.

>Zuihou LN: 6tZvP3AD (pastebin link)
>23 of Yumeno Owari's non-h doujinshi
>23 of Koruri's non-h doujinshi
>3 of ichi's non-h doujinshi
>chinkfag's translation: /rhaa4/d6e4063bc2.png ( link)
>8 of gumichoko's non-h doujinshi
>5 of odawara hakone's non-h doujinshi
>3 of honjou masato's non-h doujinshi were translated by Cred Forumsnon
>momoi ryouta's manga: Fubuki, Ganbarimasu!
>shishigami's manga: Maizuru Chinjufu Hen

I've only been frequenting the KanColle threads since last January so this is by no means a full list of what they've translated.
If I could get the attention of one of the three a more comprehensive list could most likely be made.

pic related: one of the four images Stalker just translated in the current thread.