Any oldfag around here? How did you watch anime in the 90's? Could you download your anime from the internet?

Any oldfag around here? How did you watch anime in the 90's? Could you download your anime from the internet?

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borrowing vhs tapes from anime club

>you had to walk
Wow user that must have been a hard time.

In the late 90s/early 00s you had to either buy expensive VHS tapes from Suncoast that only had two episodes on them or find an anime store that sold fansubs. I remember the one I went to in high school was shut down because, surprise surprise, selling fansubs was illegal as fuck.

Rewind your goddamn tapes after watching them. Are you some kind of heathen?

Bought a small amount of tapesubs back in the day. Kodocha Anime's purple barney tapes, etc. Mostly rented from an anime shop about 30mins away. Later on he used to burn fansubs to DVD and rent those—seems kinda shitty now, but for those stuck on dialup it was probably a better alternative than hoping you stayed connected all night to download one episode.

I watched animu on TV

I bought vhs from the back of magazines because I didn't know about fan subs. I had almost the complete collection of DBZ vhs tapes up to the buu saga.

Also a bunch of random series and episodes from flea markets and libraries.


There was a very comfy thread a couple months ago check it out, OP.

I watched anime in the 80's

What that makes me?

>only linking the last 50 replies

I had to watch Spanish dubs my cousin in colombia would send me


I didn't even know what anime was back then.

My brother rented some VHSs of anime in the end of the 80/beginning of the 90s. We watched Kimagure Orange Road as I can remember, and some fantasy stuff but I don't really remember what it was. Mysterious Cities of Gold and Moomins aired on television. We had some old VHSs of Choppy and the Princess and some fairy tales anime. Buying anime was and is super expensive over here.

I didn't really start watching until I was about 13-14 and started downloading from the internet in the early 00s. My friend downloaded first, and I watched a lot of Western friendly shows such as Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, but also Evangelion etc.

Afaik older than 80s anime has almost not been translated. I tried finding Princess Knigt (Where the movie Choppy and the Princess was hack and slashed from) and only the first four episodes are translates. The raws are lying around though. I really think some old the old classic works by Tezuka should should be seen by Westerners.

video card discussion goes on Cred Forums

I watched anime on betamax when I was younger, although it was Ghibli. Our family didn't have laserdisc so I never watched animu that way. I've seen Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon on cable of course.
I didn't watch any anime from anime club though.

You mean Cred Forums

Oh. my. fucking. God.

>Video card

underage, l/a/dies and Cred Forumsentoomen.

>tfw seeing a comment from the time i started coming here

Not an oldfag but my father was quite into anime in the 80's and 90's. He got into anime because of shit like Captain Harlock that had a few episodes air in english in NY at the time. My father and his brother eventually got really into anime and collecting (Gundam and Godzilla mostly) so they would go to all the local toy shows and what not and buy fan subs there and from people they met there.
They eventually started going to japanese toy shows and cons to pick shit up to sell in the US at shows and, their store later on.


AS a frenchfag growing up in the 80s, animu was aired on TV on a daily basis - except everything japanese was edited as fuck to westernize the lot. So yeah we weren't aware of anime until early 90s when Akira and Ghibli stuff were released in theaters and later in VHS.
As far as I'm concerned I discovered those through paying TV channel, then I borrowed from video clubs or ordered VHS in anime magazines which we pirated the fuck out etc.
Of course when I finally had internet I dl'ed like a motherfucker. Still do obviously.

That was my favorite store. They had everything and they were the only place in town that sold anime. I spent so much allowance money on 2-episode dub-only tapes from there. Your only other choice was just hoping something would get a shitty dub and make it onto Fox Kids.

I remember finding a shitload of anime VHS tapes at my local goodwill store once and snapping them all up for $2 apiece. That was when really got me into anime instead of just being a kid who watched Digimon and Escaflowne on TV. Also my parents let me watch all of them regardless of rating even though I was like 12, and pic related was the first time I saw boobs.

I had to either watch it on tv or buy cassette tapes second hand because except for special sales with a magazine or something else it was impossible to get them in my country.

Does anyone know the approximate year when people could start torrenting/downloading anime online?

Laser discs

somewhere in the early 2000's I guess

We used Kazaa in the early 00s, and IRC. Torrents came a little later.

+ emule

I remember my cousin downloading DBGT episodes in the early 2000s. I don't remember how he did it, but I remember it was rather difficult to download and took several hours just for a single episode.

Oh yeah Kazaa, that's what I meant to say here It's been a while.

I'm only 28 so my memory of this stuff is very foggy, I was only allowed to go to my town's anime club when I was 10, pedo scare and all. Before then, I just watched it on TV. Neither were optimal since I had to either keep my TV on a really low volume or sit right next to it with headphones, or walk something like an hour to the club. It's genuinely much better now, although like modern video games it's lost its mystery because basically everything can be at least read about with ease online. You could do that then too but it was much more limited in its scope.

In a lot of ways I wish that novelty were back.

Youtube come around 2005/2006 and toreent very a bit earlier than that.

I actually never used emule (or edonkey, I think that was something too) or napster. My brother is a jackass and wouldn't let me and my brother use the internet connection, even if our parents paid for it.

Downloading was popular even with dialup, if you wanted 30MB realplayer episodes

Hate to break it to you user, but there were quite a handful of streaming sites before Youtube's creation.

I used it a lot before switching to torrenting.
From what I remember pretty much all the stuff was upped to emule/donkey, but batches were rare so you had to dl episode by episode.
But I think fansubbing groups used to torrent from the beginning of torrents and users shared the files on emule or something.
I don't remember clearly, but I first used torrent to dl batches of anime from fansubbing groups.

not to mention seeding was pretty random

You bought bootlegged fansubbed VHS tapes from a shady Korean guy named Kevin who worked at Starbucks.

Always a Korean guy named Kevin. Always at Starbucks. God bless you, Kevin.

Didn't even know anime existed before 1997 or so.
Then I watched translations of the English dubs on my local TV channel.
Downloading anything on a 56K connection was out of the question and there wasn't a place to do it from anyway. Then I kinda lost interest for a while.

>tfw had to make excuses and practically beg to go to my friends house each day to watch Pokemon and Digimon on tv because my parents wouldn't let me

And that's why I'm still here, probably.

shame fansubs keep dying

You can get airing anime from Horriblesubs, and for older shows you can just download BDs. There's not really any place for fansubbers any more.

What about those without BDs? Namely pic related 2

I don't know if fansubbers do many old shows. I know some did moomins a while ago. I'd like if someone would do some of the old Tezuka works, since he's Japanese Walt Disney and all, but I guess it's not happening. I saw the raws for Princess Knight were even lying around.

Rented shit from the children's section of Hollywood Video

I remember as Betamax was more popular in Japan, most of anime was available only in Betamax tape - and I only had VHS deck. ;_; There are a few other groups I found translating old stuff on wordpress that I could add to feedly to see when stuff was getting released. Just look at related pages or friend pages.

Bless you user

>In a lot of ways I wish that novelty were back.
Like finding a box of vhs tapes and not knowing what you were going to see that day.


Yeah, these days if that happened I'd search everything up.

>no kingmenu
wow sounds like someone isn't on top of illegal underground anime

I know about the Big X episode which is sadly ruined by shitty encoding and shitty hardsubs, not sure if there's anything there that you can't already find elsewhere raw.

Recorded it off the TV onto VHS
I remember purchasing the gundam wing VHS set as well

I think you can drop Retro Beat, it was dead for months already before the last episode went up. Script was already translated but I finished it myself long after the other guy who was working on it (and the translator afterwards) dropped out without a word.


I'm not particularly old but I watch chink picture shows in the 90s.
I grew up in a college town, and there was an independent video store nestled between hollywood video and a blockbuster (that quickly folded leaving only these two). I'd walk a few blocks to them and rent a few tapes and walk back home. They had a bunch of official dubs and stuff but it was like 3/4 fansubs in awful packaging when I was little. They started liquidating fansub stock as I got older though and by the early 2000s it was filled mostly with long running franchises taking up entire shelves instead of the hidden gems but by that point I could grab early digital fansubs from the internet so it mattered a lot less.

We used to watch it on all on vinyl back in the day.

I rented evangelion in vhs, and watched 1 episode each saturday. until I finished the series, then I started downloading shitty hentai on kazaa.

My mother was so angry, when she found out I recorded hentai over her wedding vhs.

yeah vinyl is the best, quality authentic analog video

>I recorded hentai over her wedding vhs
was she maddest about you recording hentai, or recording over her wedding?

I would have beaten you retarded

You seriously couldn't find any other tapes?

So did I.

I remember watching some Yu-gi oh and pokémon movies downloaded from Ares or Kazaa around 2002, that was when I realized Japanese Openings were superior as fuck in the case of Yu-gi oh for example.

Trouble Evocation by any chance? I swear that same clip of the demon girl getting fucked went by a million different titles.

I had an older brother over a decade older. In the late 90s I was entering my teen years, and he'd show up with his nerdlord friends with a bunch of anime in VHS and we'd watch that shit into the night when my father wasn't around while they got drunk and I drank soda. First show I ever saw was Evangelion.

Was great times.

I'm so old the very notion of "subtitles" brings up that piss yellow font with the bold outline.

My mom sold our dual deck vcr via the classifieds when I turned 11 to undo my ripping of certain rented materials.
We had more than one vcr though, and she didn't realize the tv had a composite out. I'd just drag the old one out of the garage to rip tapes.

Too bad about the quality though, ripping from composite was nowhere near as good as the dual deck machine.

Designed to burn your fucking eyes out
Anyone got that pic handy?

General question, could people stop jacking off to NGE when it came out as opposed to now?

It was even worse to be honest, especially with that clip of Rei getting fucked floating around Kazaa, which the NGE staff produced because Anno wouldn't pay their asses. There was less porn but more Mania around it, a time of discovery for sure.

People will still be jacking off to NGE long after our deaths user

I never understood the hate for those

>clip of Rei getting fucked floating around Kazaa, which the NGE staff produced because Anno wouldn't pay their asses.
What? This actually happened?

I once had an internship at a company that producers industrial sensors. While being shown around the building on the first day, one office had self drawn animu pics on the walls and a stream of kawaii radio was on. It was the workplace of an indonesian guy in his 40's. After getting to know him he turned out to live around the corner from where I lived. He had a collection of laserdisc animu movies, like akira, memories, etc. He also had shitloads of vhs tapes.

But as far as NGE in general, it was just another 'cool' show about robots with an emo touch. It hadn't been discussed to death yet and the whole deconstruction idea made it stand out. I'm sure the ending got a bad response but I only ever saw out of order episodes/tapes before the net got big.

Borrowing VHS from the library. Then DVD.

Also watching shit streams online

I even have it lying around somewhere I think

If you actually have it you gotta upload that shit, sounds hilarious if they did this.

correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought you'd get super shitty quality if you ripped VHSs because of copyprotection or something? Or was that just me when I tried? Been years since I did that.

tfw i remember buying bootleg fansubbed dragonball gt vhs tapes at the mall

Torrenting began around 2002-3, but it was unreliable. No such thing as a seed host back then except for the few cases where people were able to run it unmetered on a campus backbone. Most people were faggots and capped their UL speeds at like 1-5k/sec so it usually took all night to torrent one episode.

I still preferred XDCC bots, and in some ways they're still a good source of episodes with searchable botlists and gigabit connections these days.

>vinyl authentic analog video

This really was a thing:

recorded VHS tapes with acceptable german television dubs and watched it over and over again

In France it was sold as THE great DEEP show from Japan.
The nips chimped out at the ending which led to the movies - I remember Anno kinda shat on the movies back then

It's probably lying around on a backup CD somewhere. God knows where.

Nigga you better deliver asap

I had to use XDCC bots last year, because my internet connection in the army wouldn't allow me to torrent.

>How did you watch anime in the 90's?
same as in the 80s. VHS
>Could you download your anime from the internet?
realplayer RM files distributed on fserves and ftps was the earliest format I came in contact with
a piece of shit format and a piece of shit player..

I first watched Evangelion as VIVO files where each episode was split into 12.5mb halves. The free player for Netscape only had Play/Stop, so if you missed a part you had to start over. The video was also maybe 2 inches square in size.

First real fansubs I remember though were the Love Hina 300kbps Divx3.11 files at ~50mb. And there were RMs for some stuff as well floating around at ~35mb while Divx notched up to the 500kbps range.

Some where supposed to be protected, but I copied a shitload of vhs and never had any issues FBI warning or not.

VHS tapes with two 20 min episodes on them costing like 20 bucks.

I still have a bookshelf full of them. It was dark times, young user.

>Love Hina 300kbps Divx3.11 files at ~50mb
I think I have these lying around too. At least I have some Love Hina episodes my friend downloaded of Kazaa.
He even downloaded the whole of Vandread, Trigun and Cowboy Bebop from Kazaa. Absolute madman.

Oh yeah, and I went on usenet a lot still. Had a subscription to EZnews or whatever so I could pull down episodes from alt.binaries.anime

PAR files are still black magic if you ask me.

you can be as sarcastic as you want but NGE is still THE great DEEP show from japan

I was actually the one that did the encodes for Vandread 2nd season for Elite-Fansubs back then, if you had that version. I believe our only other competition back then was Anime-Fansubs. Although nowadays I'm sure the more common version is some sort of DVD rip groups.

I got so low quality it was more or less unbearable to watch. I played it with an VCR and recorded it with another though, I didn't have high tech tools to do it. I was only around 10 at the time though, so maybe I did something wrong.

Then I've probably watched that one. I can't remember which fansubbers it was, it was such a long time ago. I think I have them lying around still though.

I wasn't being that sarcastic, it was hyped up here. The show aired on french TV pretty soon after Japan and vhs were released soon after iirc

idk mate I was in my teens too and did the 2 vcr thing, only a handful were impossible to copy out of hundreds.

>Card Captor Sakura (Pro 7)
>Cowboy Bebop (MTV, VOX)
>Doremi (RTL II)
>Golden Boy (MTV)
>Hamtaro (RTL II)
>Lupin III (MTV)
>Neon Genesis Evangelion (VOX)
>Pretty Cure (RTL II)
>Ranma ½ (RTL II)
>Saber Rider (RTL II)
>Sailor Moon (ZDF, RTL II, ORF, VIVA)
>Samurai Champloo (VOX)
>Shin Chan (RTL II)

plus all the other stuff everybody watched, pokemon, DBZ, etc. there was actually a time when german television was really good

yeah, I found it dubbed in spanish. all I remember is "en el culo nooo"

Still had it in my storage closet. Tapes are back at my parents still. 6head svhs, although dvd came out like two years later so I didn't get much use out of it.

> My older cousin owned every single episode of DBZ on VHS that he recorded when I was around the 4th grade, so he gave me every single episode.
>He then gave me about 60 VHS' to take back home.
>Went through about 12 of them in a couple of days with my mom occasionally in the room.
>My cousin changed the channels every time there was a commercial break.
>mfw when he switched to porn and kept watching
>mfw when mom was literally in the next room
>mfw when I didn't find out what happened to the children when kid Gohan escaped Piccollo's training.

I remember a specific point where .rm files started to get replaced with .wmv files, the quality jump felt enormous but the filesize was still reasonable. Couldn't have been more happy to uninstall Realplayer and all its bloatware. Of course if you wanted a .avi or an .mpg you were leaving that shit on all night, if not all day as well.

I Watched all my anime in open TV (Canal 5 and Canal 20)

Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, Captain Tsubasa, Dragon Warrior etc

VHS tapes from blockbuster/rental stores as well as borrowing some from my Uncle who got me into anime.

>he switched to porn and kept watching
bad priority, why would he watch porn instead of Dragon Ball? Bet it was shitty porn too.

I had one just like that. I remember the all the debate when those "ET" models came out recording SVHS on VHS.

Never? RM gave way to DivX .avi unless you were watching pleb cancer shit. Then Xvid .avi and eventually H264.mkv that is still the majority today.

VHS Rings mostly.


Yeah, that was honestly a pretty nifty trick. Resolution was about halfway between VHS and SVHS, but of course you could only play them back on those decks then. Certainly was a better alternative for general viewing than shelling out like $10 a pop for SVHS tapes. I only bought like 3 actualy SVHS tapes, rest I recorded in ET.

I finally got entry into "le sekrit anime klub" Animebytes. Having a private tracker is nice, some things have become pretty hard to find.

There were channels like Manchete and Locomotion in my country with several different titles, so I didn't need to search for subbed VHS like amerifat anons. Both channels broke in late 90's and then a dark era began, I used to download .rmvb from fansubs during early 00's. My first broadband was in 2004, 100kb/s, what a bad boy!

I also remember trying to claw episodes out of Hotline servers way back in the day. Usually though you needed to have stuff they didn't have to get access, but most people had the same stuff unless you ripped it from VHS yourself. Dark times.

I was downloading 20 second realplayer clips of dragonball GT back in the late 90s

worst part was that couldn't seek in an incomplete or damaged file
>Buffering ...

>unless you were watching pleb cancer shit

I was a dumb kid on the internet, of course I was! For what it's worth I remember it going RM > MPEG > WMV > DivX > Xvid > mkv/mp4. There was definitely a holding period between DivX .avi as that was the standard for ages, god only knows how many times I reinstalled all those codecs.

I dunno, I still do this more or less

A local game shop also deals in DVDs and VHSs and I grab random, low priced stuff I've never heard of before and watch them blind with friends.

That's how I found Ruin Explorers, which is now a favorite of mine.

And due to the fact nobody ever fucking seeded incomplete files were practically the norm, I think I just accepted any episode I downloaded was going to jump a few times.

I miss #lurk ;_; I even miss stoptazmo. Mangahelpers is dead. Batoto is probably dying soon.

Other than Toonami, I bought VHS tapes of mostly Dragonball Z until DVDs came out. Then I started collecting pretty much anything anime from FYI, Samgoody and Best Buy. I remember paying 150 for gundam wing, 100 for Trigun, 200 for Escaflowne, individually buying GTO as they were released here. I collected shows like Yu Yu Hakusho as they were released and eventually ordered box sets off the internet. I live in the Deep South on a farm so dial up was all I had. Fortunately after highschool my friends moved into town and got cable internet. From 2005 to 2008 they downloaded all the stuff coming out like Naruto and Bleach, put it on discs and brought them to me during LAN parties. Eventually went to college where I could download and stream all I wanted

>And I lived happily ever after.
What a nice story.
I've never spent a dime on manga or anime, I've downloaded everything I've watched. I mostly delete everything too, except the things I need to seed on private trackers.

>From 2005 to 2008 they downloaded all the stuff coming out like Naruto and Bleach, put it on discs and brought them to me during LAN parties.
Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway.

Stayed at college 7 years, came home because I couldn't find a good job (spent all my time playing WoW and watching anime while taking easy classes), work on same farm, managed to put up a 70 foot tower so I can get wireless dsl, slowly paying off huge college debt, growing neck beard, all my friends are adults with careers, no future, pathetic loser etc., too much of acoward to end it. Someone stole the puppy I got when I came home, had him since the week I came back last year. Was the only bright spot I had left.

On the bright side I've lost a lot of weight I put on while in school.

If it helps I'm unemployed and living at my parents. I've been studying for almost ten years.

>tfw i'm in college and i'm afraid i'll be a jobless neet
this post didn't help things at all

If it helps the American economy is probably crashing in the next couple of days because of FED.

>How did you watch anime in the 90's?
>Could you download your anime from the internet?
What internet?

>mfw I started watching anime in 2014

Sorry but it's the truth, I didn't prioritize my future over anime and wow. I was so focused on staying away from the hellish place I grew up at that I didn't really have a long term strategy in finding independence, just used a lot of loan money.
Now I work 12 hour days in the hot sun, building fences, driving tractors, loading scrap, other exhausting shit.

I managed two bachelors degrees but they are both worthless it seems.

I'm just saying have an end goal or you'll fuck your life over like I have.

I inherited some land from a dead relative so I'm attempting to sell it to pay off the 60k I have left to pay in student loans.

My household got internet in '94, but we were probably some of the first to jump on the consumer internet wagon.

What degrees did you get?

Neat. I didn't even get a computer until '97, and even then I probably didn't get on the internet until the AOL boom around '98 and '99.
Not like there was much to do on it then.

Dumb phoneposter.

I'm not an oldfag, I watched my first anime in 2014. It was Kiss x Sis and I thought it was very good.

posting from a laptop, don't know what you're talking about

>posting from a laptop
I bet it's a touchscreen.

>don't know what you're talking about

Originally got psychology degree (lol) then after graduation with no job prospects I got convinced by this ridiculously hot career councilor to go into criminal justice. Did a 6 month internship with local PD during last semester. I could be a cop I guess, just gotta go to academy when it starts again.

Who even thought touchscreen laptops were a good idea? I have one and I turned off the function after 2 days because it was so irritating.

Ive been here for like 10 years and have no idea what youre talking about either
Not coming around to Cred Forums much anymore, new thing you got going on?

>Designed to burn your fucking eyes out
They're designed to be legible on a blooming shadow mask crt.

It's also a work around for for ringing caused by composite recording sources.

It really just depends on your hardware.

Most people recorded TV over RF (inline with their cable/ota tv) which produced absolutely fucking disgusting results. If you had a dual deck vcr you could rip commercial tapes at nearly (its still analog afterall) 1:1 quality. As soon as any leg of the recording is composite, vhs goes to shit.

That's what you get for being duped by 3DPD. You could have just not done college altogether and freet. But nope, you bought into the college meme and badly too. Twice, even. It's one thing to buy into it and go for something outside of a liberal arts degree but you went the full 9 yards here. At least the second time wasn't for a completely worthless degree.

Did you even consider a trade? Though even now with how hard it's being forced it seems dicey. Two years ago didn't look so bad.

In the US there was toonami in the 90s, Along with random shit getting shown on network TV, mostly DBZ, Pokemon, Yugioh, and the butchered of CCS, but other things like Escaflowne had short stints on air during kids cartoon blocks. For me at least, the blockbuster my family always went to had random anime on VHS, and DVD when that became more of a thing in the early 00s before good internet was common.

I remember downloading the outlaw star hotsprings episode overnight on dialup, then watching it in block-as-fuck compressed to hell real media format. I probably still have some VHS tapes in the garage or basement where I recorded random episodes of pokemon and gundam wing off the TV. Not even sure I still have a working VCR.

I know, I'm completely fucking retarded. I have some skills like welding and mechanic work from working on tractors but not to a dependable level. I'm in good physical shape now at least oh and I have really good credit. Zeke Zeon

Anything useful? TIG, MIG, or are you just soldering shit? The type of backbreaking work you described earlier could be making you six figures if you want to underwater weld, or so I've heard.

All degrees are useless, if you want to work in healthcare or something you can get placements but other than that they won't get you a damn thing. Not even connections, as half the people teaching couldn't get other jobs.

t. another old user who wasted far too much time studying.

Not really , my dad taught me how to use an arc welder and an electric one. I'm actually right in the middle of welding a gas tank up for this truck we use to haul soybeans. Was sandblasting it before I took a break and found this thread. I'm good at manual labor haha, never had the ambition to merit a job with air conditioning.

Would you upload that for us, please?

I'm a medical doctor. Try working as a MD without a degree.

>being an MD on Cred Forums

That's literally what I said buddy, healthcare is the exception. In fact the success rate of students in that sector is the only thing propping most colleges up these days.

I've been watching anime and reading manga since I was kid. I just never stopped.

>Could you download your anime from the internet?

Only if you had a lot of patience, it would take an entire night to download a shitty quality episode on dial up.

I remember playing games on my Amiga 600, you had to change floppy disks during games and everything took so much time. Even copying floppy disks took forever.

I was much more patient when I was young I guess. Now I want everything at once.

I remember as a kid in the 90's going to Mexico and finding out they got better shows. I remember watching Saint Saya and Dragon Ball in Spanish and loving it. The English dubs made my ears bleed.
When I was deployed in Iraq, we had 20 kB/s at the most. Also, we all shared the same IP, and it so happened some random dumb fuck got it banned from Cred Forums for cp. I had my suspicions who it was but he never admitted it.

1996 or so:
>Click on an image thumbnail
>Go do something else for 20 minutes
>Come back to mostly loaded image

>click on thumbnail
>Nothing happens for three seconds
>Lose my shit, wonder if internet is down

Patience was pretty much required back then or you'd drive yourself nuts. Just starting the computer took a while, especially if you hadn't defragged in a while. I don't miss the "good old days" one bit.

>Tfw had terrible internet so had to ebay the fansubs DBGT
I've still got the disks somewhere and the quality is super crappy

Broadband has killed out attention spans I bet.

I have kind of a shitty wifi, so everytime now something stops loading I wave my wifi antenna around. I bet it looks kinda stupid.

Usually helps though.

Same, I still have some VCDs somewhere. My dad was a penny pincher so we didn't get off of dial up until around 2006 I think.

It was the best for raws, luckily I burned everything I downloaded off of them to DVDs before they went under. That was several dead hard drives ago.

Not an oldfag, but I know something.
Before the fall of Iron Curtain some Japanese cartoons were bought for soviet cinema theaters (like Flying Phantom Ship of 1969).
After Perestroika the first pirated anime videotapes became available. At the same time the japanese cartoons have found their place in the TV schedule with dub (Grendiser, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Robotech).
The real anime hype have started only with the DVD and DSL era in 2000s.

It makes me glad being a hoarder for anime especially if I have a constant fear of somehow the internet's speed going back to what it used to be in the late 90s/early 00s.

I remember having to buy each individual Evangelion platinum edition DVD as they were released, just so that I could watch the series with everyone else. As a kid, that was all you could do; either you watched what was on Toonami or Adult Swim, or you saved up your money and bought individual DVDs (or, if you were lucky and could afford them, could get to a place that would sell them, such as FYE, and assuming a box set had actually been released, then you bought box sets.)

There will truly be no more "loved" an anime than Evangelion for this very reason of lack of availability. Because of the time it was released, its primary fanbase grew up rewatching it over and over. It was the best thing we had that wasn't readily available on TV, and it was absolutely awesome for its time.

If your family was well-off, you could also watch it On-Demand for free sometimes, depending if you had a cable box. That being said, for as crucial as these services were to the people who could afford them, they tended to offer some pretty bizarre/ obscure shows, and featured very poor written descriptions of what you were getting into before you actually watched the show. This made watching each new show something of a surprise, since you couldn't really go online and expect to find reviews and a mountain of concurring/ dissenting opinions at that point in history. Furthermore, you were considered lucky if you were able to start from the first episode, or even follow any sort of chronological watching order.

It was as a result of these services that I wound up exposing myself to a lot of shit like Elfin Lied, Shadowstar Narutaru, etc... at a fairly young age, and without having even the slightest semblance of what I'd be watching before it was already too late. Puts some hair on your chest.

There was also an "Anime Network," but most cable box providers didn't have it when it was first being advertised, and I've never met a single person IRL who had it.

Internet speed will be fine, access to it and enforcement of copyright laws may make us glad we're hoarders, though.

Time will tell, but I don't expect the internet to remain wild west forever.

How do you get parent to watch anime

I had anime network for a brief time, it was all on demand stuff.

It introduced me to some of my favorites, and even though we had to lose digital cable when I was midway through a bunch of shows, I bought most of them on DVD later

Show them a well produced anime of a genre they already like

Or show them something that requires zero weeb quotient to enjoy, like Tokyo Godfathers or something.

>not blocking thumnails in with your host file
Do you even dial up?
I was stuck with it until 2006, which was well into when I started lurking here.

I'm pretty certain my dad wouldn't watch anime even if I pointed a gun on him.

>dial-up until 2006
Is this even possible? I'm pretty certain dial-up went extinct in the mid-90s in my country.

Television was fucking filled with anime

DragonBall, Lupin III, City Hunter, Kenshiro, Captain Tsubasa, Lady Oscar, Sanpei, Zodiac Knights, lots of good stuff tbdesu

I was fucking six when I got internet user

I didn't know what a fucking host file was

I barely knew what a computer was

My uncle got me tapes from japan. It was fun. Also watched some DBZ in spain, not sure if it was in the 90s though.

>I barely knew what a computer was
My brother tricked me and my brother into getting an Amigo. I thought he meant the cartoon Amigo.
He never let us use it until he got his PC. Then he never let us use that either.
My brother's an asshole. I'm never going to do anything for him.

I didn't get internet until I moved out of my parents in 2007. Shit sucked.

>Show them a well produced anime of a genre they already like
This. Cowboy Bebop is always a good sci-fi gateway anime, Moribito's good for fantasy, Baccano's not a bad choice either. Try something with a serviceable dub in case they don't like reading subtitles.

It depends on the parent, my dad will watch whatever and never had the opinion that cartoons were for children. He grew up when cartoons were shown before movies and they weren't aimed at children. I'll catch him watching random stuff on Hulu, he likes Ghost in the Shell and Lupin.

Don't forget Outlaw Star and Trigun.

There was still places in the US where dial up or slow DSL are the only options.

I remember my parents hating anime back when they had to buy it for me, and thinking I'd grow out of it eventually.
That was 20 years ago.

Mostly out in the boondocks where nobody wants to live anyways.

Yeah my home town. It's $220 a month for 30 mB/s. Fucking comcast.

Downloading anime didn't happen for me until 2001 when I got a DSL connection. The first series I got to download was Initial D, I remember. And I also downloaded a (very shit quality) Street Fighter Alpha movie from Kazaa.

In the 90s, it was all VHS. I guess some people had DVD player in the late 90s, I personally didn't got one until 2001 also, my first DVD was Mononoke Hime, followed by the Evangelion movies (D&R and EoE) which I imported from Japan.

I clearly remember my dad telling me in 1998 or so how he was 100% certain that Pokemon would die and be entirely forgotten within the year

Shit's hilarious in hindsight

>tfw born in 93
>tfw not born in 73
>tfw not able to experience all the cool advances in technology that people take for granted nowadays

>wanting to die before the singularity

That's wuen I got it as well. Fall 94. Found irc early on by accident via telnet shell.since ppp and shell time were separate back tuen and only had 20hrs. Wyen I found a ppp irc client it was like Xmas.

I was really fucking happy when I was able to get off of DSL.

I love living in the middle of nowhere Wyoming, but man do I miss out on shit like that more than I should.

>It's $220 a month for 30 mB/s.
That's really expensive. It's like four times as expensive as my parents are paying for 40 mb/s.

>MFW I bought NGE all on VHS in dub because it was just cheaper that way

$24 a pop sure beats $29 a pop... I still have a box of VHS because I can't bare to part with them given the cash I spent on them.

Oh my God, they really do exist! user, you are one lucky bastard. I was always so worried there was another treasure trove of anime that I was missing out on! It's good to hear that I wasn't missing out on all that much.

And yeah, I definitely agree that on-demand introduced me to a handful of my favorites. Vampire Princess Miyu, Blackjack, DNA^2, Boys Be, and Negima are all pretty great series in their own right, and I've got an especially fond place for them in my heart because of how I found them and how they helped me to pass the time (even if the Negima anime wound up being shit.)

But seriously, there was some weird shit available on-demand. Does anyone else remember a show called Colorful? I was always happy when they'd cycle out new on-demand anime every week, but the chances always seemed high that you'd end up severely shocked or disappointed with whatever you'd get.

In retrospect, it was a lot of fun.

I haven't watched Green Green, but I've heard that it's pretty terrible?

I remember seeing trailers for Colorful on various DVDs. It looked quite strange. An abstract kind of fanservice.

>he thinks 20 years make a difference

You could die tomorrow and someone born in the 70s when he's in his 100s.

That sounds nice. I'd love to get the fuck out of the city and live in the woods.
It's in a ghetto in northern Illinois. With a TV and phone package, it drops down to 200 but the speed drops to 5 mB/s if someone calls. I moved back in with my parents for two years before I moved out of the state. I was the one paying and using the internet. Since I left, no one used it and they turned it off. If you lived on the other side of the highway, which I lived next to, you'd pay $50 for the same deal. It was retarded.

Poor unfortunate you grew up with the internet and incredible access to all forms of media as well as the ability to find out and read about these advances easily

I'm just sayin that it must have been pretty damn cool to grow up with all that shit improving around you is all.

People always talk about a "golden age" or whatever and we're in it. You can get almost everything you want with only a few clicks of a mouse.

>If you lived on the other side of the highway, which I lived next to, you'd pay $50 for the same deal. It was retarded.

That sounded really retarded. We've got fiberoptics, but my parents don't want to pay for a faster line, and just pays for the slowest line. I'm just freeloading, and 40 mbps is enough for me though.

At this rate our grandkids will still be into it.

It is a pretty smart concept though.

My dad got pirates VHS movies somewhere, some had subtitles, some doesn't. I still remember how the pokemon 2000 movie had a very poor translation, like Charizard was called "Chorazard".

Is that from Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga? That was the first manga about manga I ever saw, back in the days when manga was still almost always published flipped.

It's the seniority that's cool though. What did the younger kiddos pioneer? Jackshit, that's what. They aren't going to be or were ever on on the cusp of anything, much less the fucking arcade age in all it's glory. The younger you are, the less exclusive animed tends to be as well. They'll never know anything like Anipike, Usenet, IRC (well maybe today's IRC but nothing like warez-hawking havens and shit like that much less let alone something like Netscape Explorer or even Win98. Says what you will about ease of access but I don't blame younger individuals for having a sour taste in their mouths for not growing up alongside the media.

Don't let the non-believers fool you: Green Green is absolutely hilarious if you've ever been to college and/ or have a lecherous group of guy-friends to whom you can relate while you watch this show. You know, that one group of guys that you always go around carousing for puss at different parties, but never actually get laid with. You've got your standard super serious MC, the token hilarious fat nerdy fuck, the sort of angry guy, and that one kind of awkward guy that always complains.

It never tries to be anything more than Animal House in anime-format, and I think it succeeds greatly in that respect. It's also a fantastic stoner anime. I rate it a solid five blunts out of five, because that's probably how many you'll want for optimal viewing.

I got Love Hina (anime) off Limewire in 2001. To keep the filesizes down the opening and closing credits were cut off the episode and they were encoded at 320x240.

Love Hina was also the second manga I ever read scanlated, but I don't remember where I got it. The first was I's.

As an addendum: I have seriously never understood where this anime's bad reputation comes from. I think people knit-pick it too much because of the highly-contrived and somewhat discordant reincarnation sub-plot that goes on midway through the show, but IMO, that just makes the show even funnier if someone in your group of friends actually believes in that shit. Everyone else that gives it bad marks tends to be upset because apparently being an ecchi comedy means that the show promotes rape.

"pokemon is a fad, it'll be gone in a year or two"

18 years later..

I bought bargin anime tapes from Virgin Megastores.

My roommate and I are paying $60 for 100 mB/s. We both play games and I use it for studying. We both can be playing games, have videos loading/buffering and I can be torrenting BD's all at the same time. Shit's nice. I'm also this fag: It literally took me a week to DL a episode of Kore wa Zombie as it aired in Iraq.

I remember buying bootleg DVDs of one piece in the early 2000s because my friends and I didn't want to watch the shitty 4kids dub. They were awful quality and I'll never forget the godawful Chinese subtitles where Sanji was called Sunkist for all of season 1, everyone referred to Chopper as a palm civet , and Crocodile was called Clock Dell.

I guess I can check it out. Bakabt has 34 seeds on it, so at least it's still popular.

I didn't watch subs or English dubs, but Nijiya market used to have a video rental section and I'd beg my parents to rent anime every time we went there. Also, we'd copy gazillions of vhs every time we went to Japan.

>bet you never saw shit like Roots search or Zegoy

I can't have 100/100, but 150/150 is 78 USD here. I could have 1000/1000 for 180 USD. Prices have changed since last I lived at home.

It did seem like a fad where I was when Digimon came in and then Yu-Gi-Oh

The games are really what kept it enduring and ease of access later with the internet let it flourish

I guess it's like for those of us who were born after cable was the norm. Before that it was the over the air channels or you had to buy a crazy expensive satellite plan with a huge ass dish in your backyard.

Definitely give it a shot, but make sure that you're sufficiently stoned first. For as genuinely funny of a show as it is, it really is best enjoyed with some kind of enjoyment-enhancing substance.

Incidentally, thanks for letting me know about the seeds, as I'm now actually considering rewatching it after having been through this thread. I have no reservations about saying that it's actually funnier than the majority of modern "comedy" anime, with respect to the true exceptions such as Nozaki-kun, Cromartie, etc...

i wish, in 3rd world countries like mine we went and bought illegal VHS with a movie or a few episodes of our fav anime in a park.
this era is fucked up in a lot of things but god bless internet.

I used this one.

I think many comedy shows in newer times have been good, like seto no hanayome, nichibros, hataraku maou-same, hayate, school rumble. I'm not watching much airing shows this fall, so now I'm checking out older gems. Only show I'm watching is Hibike.

I grew up with a tape of some Shonen Mowgli episodes that my parents bought at a flea market and that was pretty much it until Sailor Moon hit TV.

That takes me back. I use Nyaa exclusively now.

Not that old myself (22) but I have fond memories of the years of anime-viewing before the internet came along or when it was still a small thing. For me it began in the late 90s when anime was starting to become a thing because of Pokemon but even before then anime shows had playing in Peruvian TV for some time. Im from Peru, and for some reason or another shows like DBZ and Sailormoon played on the local channels, and then there was this strange Latin-American network called Locomotion which was basically an all-animation channel but with an edge to it, kind of like an all-day Adult Swim. They would air all kinds of stuff from classic golden-age American cartoons (Looney Tunes Woodey Woodpecker etc) stuff like Ren and Stimpy, avant-garde Eastern Euro animations, adult American shows like South Park and Dr. Kats, and then of course a shitload of anime, it was basically THE channel for animation, and thats were most anime fans of Latin American tuned to. When I emigrated to the US, it was of course Toonami (back in was on CN) and then the Saturday Night Adult Swim blocks, I stayed away from the Saturday morning 4kids blocks, they just seemed cheap as fuck and of such low quality. There was also a lot of good anime at my local Family Video
Also theres this anime from local Peruvian TV thats a blur in my head its a magical girl one about this girl who turns into a magic pig or something, anyone remember it?
Just for kicks I've been shopping at thrift stores here and there where I score some anime for cheap, got this a while ago.

You can download bakabt even if you're not a member. You just have to use one of their white list torrent programs. I use Deluge.

I use it too. Why is it so unstable?

And I meant Netscape Navigator. Mixed it up with IE.

I rented a lot of stuff from Hollywood Video, they had a fairly good selection. Stuck to movies and OVAs though since they'd only have a few tapes for series. I remember they had the Tenchi OVAs, Ninja Scroll, Tales of the Dark Master, Kite, GitS, Macross Plus.

I haven't had any problems with it, but I've used it for less than a week. I had to use it to use Animebytes. I tried first with the other torrent programs, but this was the only one I got to work properly.

It freezes on me constantly. Sometimes it out right crashes and I have to reload it.

Haven't happened to me so far. Then again I haven't really adjusted it that much.

I tried out older versions of utorrent, which only autoupdated even though I turned autoupdate off, and Vuze 5.5, which was bloatware to the extreme. I kinda like Vuze, reminds me of good of ABC torrent, which I used to use on bakabt. Though using a 12 year old torrent program is probably risky I guess.

Geezus, were they Amish?

>ABC torren
That gave me an ulcer remembering those. As bad as deluge is sometimes, at least I get DL when someone decides to seed.

>I kinda like Vuze
should've been Deluge. I'm starting to get tired.
ABC torrent wasn't that bad, I used it for a very long time until magnet links became more or less the norm.

100mbit was like 72 here on contract 100/5 that is. Then charter eliminated contracts and raised the price so its 115mo if I wanted it still. Fuck that. And if I want it back at some point, they charge a 200 install fee to flip a switch even if you uave previous coverage. They want the prestige of offering it while making nobody want it.

>try to dl something with 30 seeders
>would not dl
I think it was around the time the Strike Witches movie came out and I needed my loli butt fix.

>Seto, Nichibros, Hayate

All great!


Never heard of it.

>School rumble.

Never got into it. Is this one actually good?


My fucking nigga.

I remember being giddy every time netscape had an update. Still remeber going from netscape 1.1 to 1.2 and that 10mb dl being like 90mins. The wonder of connecting to a website halfway around tye world in Europe! I thought it was by satelite tyen, but I think they already had a fiber cable in hindsight.

in the 90s mainly rented VHS and watched on TV.

Also friends with fast internet lent me a bunch of anime CDs too (this was back in early 2000s)

Yeah, probably. I mean they had fiber when Kevin Mitnick was doing his thing, so it's probably safe to assume.

I think it was pretty good, but I've heard that others don't like it too much, If you watch the first episode or two, you kind of know what you're getting. I really liked the jokes and the timing of the jokes.

>School rumble.
I think so, but it's probably 6 or 7 years since I watched it, so I don't really remember much of it. The ending is awful, but you watch it for the comedy anyways.

Bakabt is okay, but they've been removing more and more shows. I have to use the private tracker animebytes to get a lot of shows now.

I might check them out, thanks!

And may I just say... guys, this thread is comfy as fuck.

Back in the early 90s, before I had reliable internet access, there was this 'Japanimation' block that came in on, like, channel 33 at 2am on a Saturday. It was one of those no-man's-lands where it wasn't clear who owned the station and the lineup seemed to change from week to week. They'd show stuff like Wicked City, Zillion, Robot Carnival, etc. Suncoast was in business and had their anime section, but that was my first real exposure to the genre.

Blew my damn mind as a kid (DUDE IT'S A CARTOON BUT THERE'S TITS AND GUNS AND PEOPLES' HEADS EXPLODE) and piqued my interest going forward. winmx was my first real adventure in filesharing, when I could get the damn thing to work. From there it was following whatever the cool kids were using. Didn't start actually buying anime until work made it practical - Blockbuster had a decent internal catalog, not that anybody else ever used it. The rest, as they say, is history.

>how did you watch anime in the 90s

I didn't. My mother said there was too much nudity in anime and wouldn't let me watch it.

Why didn't you just watch it at a buddy's house or something?

May I just say... go back to Re:ddit

Only had a few friends and I don't think any of them were into anime.

I mean I still watched all the 4kids anime blocks just nothing outside of that.

Go back to Gaia.
(I still don't really know what Gaia is, though.)

Nge sucks just burn them now.

Consider yourself lucky.

>Look guys! I'm trying to fit in!

Fuck off.

Got into anime in college (So. Cal.) in 92 with rentals from Tower Records, Blockbuster, Suncoast. Early favorites were Ranma, Project A-ko, UY, AMG. Was big into Usenet and followed rec.arts.anime.misc, Hitoshi Doi's website, Got some Chinese subs from Taiwanese friends, and went on finding trips to Little Tokyo & Chinatown. The Asian channel in LA (18) showed some stuff on Saturdays, along with TV Tokyo on cable. Downloaded a lot of old OP/ED's onto some Zip discs that I still have.
In ~1995 a local comics store started carrying anime VHS, and I rented everything they got it in as they got it in. 1st EVA watch was memorable.
After getting a job in 1999 out of state, I became an early catalog/online patron of TRSI, ADV, CPM, etc. Got my first DVD player in 1999 and got the 7 discs at a time plan from Netflix when they still have the neon green oval logo.,, until moving here in 2003.

My dad's loved watching anime since the 70's I think he picked it up because he was in the Navy from 78 to 92 and went to Asia a bunch, brought home tapes and everything.

I bet a lot of older guys got into anime that way.

The deluge gui eats up memory like crazy, might be because of that. Try enabling thin client mode (Edit - preferences - untick classic mode) and exiting deluge when you don't need it, your torrents will keep seeding / downloading in background.

W..w..wwhat is this black thing?

I had it already in classic mode, and it goes to the thing in the right lower corner when I close it. But I haven't had it on for longer than a day, since I shut down my computer when I'm sleeping. It makes a bit too much noise.

It's a floppy disk.

Rent it from a video store, or find a channel on TV with it.
Internet speeds definitely would have made it difficult to get anime even if there were a website for it.

It's obviously a external hard drive.

You have to UNtick it and exit via file -> quit or ctrl+q. Though a day isn't enough to make it take up too much memory. Does it freeze later in the day or in the morning too?

I haven't had any problems as of yet, there's another user with problems. I've only been using it for less than a week.

>How did you watch anime in the 90's?

Awwww yeah Space Ghost!

I didn't get into anime until ~3 years ago, but I'm still pissed that my parents never showed me movies like Totoro or other Ghibli when I was younger. Hell, we didn't even go see Spirited Away in theaters. I do find it a bit odd I never got into anime. I watched Gundam Wing and DBZ religiously on TV during Wing's original US run. Hell, I was so into that show that I even went to the roadshow they had and got a "limited" shiny Wing Gundam trading card (I still have it along with other Wing trading cards). Then later (this had to be ~2002-2003 when I was 9/10) I was super into the Yugioh tv show as it was broadcast. Still didn't know it was anime. However I guess my interest kind of dropped off. I remember seeing an episode or two of FLCL and FMA when they aired a few years later, and while they interested me I never really followed up and got into them. I think the main reason is because I thought Naruto was really fucking gay and wanted nothing to do with it or anime. It didn't help that I had a kid at my middle school who would act like a ninja.


This show is pants on head retarded.
Yes I'm watching it and browsing Cred Forums at the same time.

Many of us didn't know that Japanese cartoons were different from Western cartoons though. I didn't really know the difference until I was around 10 I guess.

How did people do fansubbing in the '90s?

I imagine it must have been hard as fuck to actually edit it onto VHS tapes.

>I mean I still watched all the 4kids anime blocks just nothing outside of that.

I'm sorry, user.

There's an ANN article about that, I think.

I can tell you that fansub groups were very prevalent back in 2002, every group had an IRC channel and you had to do some crazy command shit to download stuff from bots.

It took 12 hours on 56k but I downloaded Rockman EXE episodes every week.

Just finished my torrent for the rewatch. And yes, yes it is absolutely retarded.

>crazy command shit to download stuff from bots.

wasn't it just something like /xdcc botname get something something? You could even get the whole thing from their homepages.

I checked on Thora, its /msg THORA|Arutha xdcc send #1

>yfw Space Ghost's Coast to Coast VA who was also Moltar just passed away the other day

College equipment.

Bought box sets. They were cool since they made a picture with the side of the box.

Ah, the fun of poking through every fast bot's available files in hope that they also had another group's releases.

Wait really?

On TV, Ofcourse. There's no internet back in the early 90's from where I live.

Or rent some VHS tape from the shop if I really liked that series.

bruh I was on dial up until 2010.

I remember borrowing a VHS with some of the last episodes of DBGT, it had no subs but I watched it a few times.

Is this show any good? I watched Harvey Birdman but it wasn't very funny IMO

The old school 60's/70's is a classic in animation.
The talk show is fucking hilarious unless you don't understand who the guests are but they usually do a good job of explaining who they are.

It's good, like a weird talk show where they get distracted and forget to interview their guest.

Taken from Cred Forums

>Continuing the remembrance and mourning of the sudden passing of C. Martin Croker (voice of Zorak and Moltar and animator).
>Watch the marathon on Adult Swim right now:
>DL the episodes:!3Iw0xDhL!fWIe0o9UTbPdLwR6FCMW7g
>Words from I believe Croker's S.O.:

Cred Forums mods are so shit anything cartoons related don't get stickied at all but if its a cape shit movie trailer, expect multiple stickies. 2nd cartoon related death this month and still no stickie.

>it's a Tad marries Bjork episode

>Cred Forums mods are so shit
All modes are shit.

A USB flash drive from 1987. They had a bigger form factor back then.

Anyway, the kid me back in the 1980's didn't get to see much anime unfortunately. No Internet, and Japanese culture was relatively badly known at the time. Sho Kosugi's ninja films were about as good as it got.

But some individual titles here and there managed to find their way here on VHS tapes. The one that I remember the fondest is a mecha show called Chojin Sentai Balatack from circa 1978. Basically, a kid called Yuuji has his mom and brother kidnapped by captain Goldeus of the Sajsak-people, an alien race from planet Yipsilon. Yuuji is then hired to a group called Balatack by it's leader Mac to help him get his family back. Their weapon: A giant robot Called Balatack, which they control trough telepathy. Robot battles ensue.

There were other shows: Space Adventure Cobra, Juugo Shounen Hyoryuuki, and most famous of them all, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, a show about attack dogs that organize themselves to a battle against a giant killer bear called Akakabuto. The original VHS release of that one was infamous for it's piss poor dub and numerous edits for violent content that made the latter part of the story borderline unwatchable.

But they all stood out from the usual Disney-fare. Many contained scenes of realistic violence almost unheard of in any Disney cartoon. I was left interested, but it wasn't until early 00's when the Internet finally made it possible to explore anime further, as the 1990's didn't offer me any chances to dig deeper. The avenues simply weren't there, since no internet and even TV stations didn't show much of anything, apart from the occasional Chibli-film.

There was a several hundred dollar card called a genlock that was used. Amiga was the preferred system, but windows was also used. Virtualdub or a variant of it was used in digisubbing for many years as well. Hence the opd yellow Arial as the default subscript in most tapesubs.

Used to do a lot of fansubbed vhs tape ordering. It wasn't quite as easy to research a lot of the japanese titles either, so sometimes I'd just pick up tape/volume 1 of whatever sounded weird and see what I got.

There were some lemons, but I got introduced to a lot of interesting stuff this way, like Berserk, FLCL (that was definitely a "what the fuck is this" kind of pick), YuYu Hakusho, Ebichu, etc.

Hell, the site for soyokaze fansubs is still up, though obviously inactive. Just browsing through that is like a blast from the past.



This makes me wonder what anime of the future will be like. We will look back at all the shows from 2006-onward with longing or disdain?

Thanks, I always wondered why the bordered yellow subs are present on nearly all subbed 90's anime.

It's worse over a Cred Forums. Cartoon threads get treated differently than comic threads. Cartoon threads just get flat out 404'ed for no reason. You could open 10 cartoon threads and 1/3 or more will be 404'ed by the end of the day, no rule breaking or anything. Mods don't even touch comic threads, so if you only went to Cred Forums for the comics you wouldn't know how bad it was for cartoon threads and it shows by how little people knew about this. It's one of the reasons why the board wants a split from comics into /ca/ and Cred Forums.

It'll all move to VR and we'll all get to live with our waifus until we die.

You tell me. Are there any shows from 2006 that are still remembered?

Also this chart lacks Fate/Stay Night, and some shows like Mushishi also aired into 2006.

Afaik auto sage after 1 hour or something?

Arguably any thing thats mainstream shonen shit will survive the test of time, but real gems that only get a season or two will probably be forgotten and only talked about by a small group of oldfags.

That's why I like to stay on Cred Forums.

Yeah but how many of those old shows still hold up with out nostalgia glasses? Probably not that many. Same will be said 20 years from now. Whatever the state of anime is in, its probably going to better than what we have today.

2006: Year of the Trap

Give it 20 years and people will be complaining about how the new 10s was the last good decade for anime and how seasonalshit doesn't hold up to the classics.

This makes me mad.

/o/ mods are nonexistant. We have a shitposter who shows up everywhere, every once in a while he'll fill the board with g fur threads.

/o/ is one of the few boards that has had an objective drop in quality over the past few years, and hasn't just become a new flavor of shit.

Ergo Proxy, Aria, Haruhi, School Rumble, Ouran, higurashi, Gintama, Holic, Black Lagoon, NHK, more black lagoon, death note, negima, GEASS and negima i sitll see discussed

meme boards like /o/ doesn't deserve mods, it would be a waste of resources

At one point in 1993, I had literally visited every site on the World Wide Web. NCSA Mosaic browser. Just a few sites in Switzerland and the NCSA at U. Illinois.
It was a big step up from Usenet and Gopher.

You used a motorized vehicle or other manually powered conveyance to travel to Suncoast and Sam Goody to purchase your desired Japanimation videos for the manufacturer's suggested retail price. With the VHS options, if there was a choice in the first place, you had to decide between the dubbed and subbed tapes, usually that only contained one to three episodes, and you paid full price and liked it. Otherwise if you belonged to a club you would be watching imported fansubbed tapes that could be 6th or 7th generation copies and opined about the superior quality of the storylines present in Japanese cartoons.

>We have a shitposter who shows up everywhere, every once in a while he'll fill the board with g fur threads

I'd rather have that than 'go 'za.

>road-tripping to Mexico pre-NAFTA/pre-9/11 days to pick up the local anime club's last fansub raw request, for the price of a bunch of blank VHS tapes and a case of Corona as payment
>road-tripping to a university six states away to pick up fresh fansub tapes so that they didn't have to pay postage
>showing up at a youngling anime convention's dealers room on a Sunday with $100, announcing that you've got $100 in your fucking hand and having dealers get into a bidding war for your bill
>knowing you could go to an anime con and not get swamped by tens of thousands of unwashed fucktards, gaping normies, and asshat cosplayers occupying several square feet of space at any given time for photo ops
>hotel room backdoor deals at cons for fansubs, Hong Kong knockoff OSTs, and all that counterfeit merch that would get a con shut down today

Fuck, I miss the '80s. All gods curse mainstreaming.

>crazy command shit
Yeah !find and /msg BOT xdcc send # is fucking hard

Furfags are the worst.

I followed Gundam Seed Destiny as it aired and back then, I had to find all the episodes as DDL. I think shortly after that, I started torrenting and noticing torrenting becoming a big thing.

I just saw w/e was on the tv

>I watched anime in the 80's

join the club

tfw I'm in business major and have already lost sight of the future. I've been studying for 4 years ago and anime is one of the few things that sorta kept me alive. What's in for me anons Am I going to waste money with this major.

As for relating to OP post, I used to live in the 3rd world country, so the only hope was to wait for a tv program or if I was lucky enough to get a shitty bootleg. Other than that I read manga more than I watch anime

>Fuck, I miss the '80s.

Don't we all, my friend? As far as I'm concerned, humanity peaked in the 80's.

>No Fate/Stay Night
I know DEENs Fate anime wasn't that good, but it was the main reason why I got in Cred Forums I was searching for F/SN porn when I found this site

>How did you watch anime in the 90's?

on my tv set

>have dsl
friend said he had gundam vcrs recordings on computer and he can email me them
>fuck yeah
>he sends them to me via email
>30 minutes still no message
>call him again he says he'll send it again
>what ever i'll check in the morning
>its 7am before i go to school
>realize the internet isnt working either
>call my shitty company to tell them my internet is working
>"we're sorry sir but one of our servers has been having issues all night"
>I just want to get my email from my friend who sent it to me yesterday night, might be my fault my friend sent me a video
>guy on phone stops talking and then responds "...How large was the video?
>sounding suspicious as fuck
>I use my beeper to get have my friend call me
>friend joins call with shitty phone and I have the tech guy ask him the question "how large was your attachment?"
>my friend checks
>"uhh its 2gb"
>me and my friend clogged an ISP by sending gundam through the virtual world in 1998
>we used gundam to almost destory the internet

>Wait for the new episode of Dragonball Z every week as a kid.
>About 20 years later, Redownload and watch it again for old time's sake.
>Now got the feelings that they really stretch things out. At lot of talks before fights and commercial break.

Somewhat related, when I first got into porn at all I would always have the occasional fap to this website that had anime looking sex pictures on them.

Almost a decade later I found out those pics I was fapping to were the sex CGs for F/SN.

Did you read the VN or have you remained a secondary?

>Nostalgia glasses

Jesus, am I that old?

The only Nasuverse I care about is Prisma.

I really think that adaptation gets too much hate

It gets way better in the second half

Reminds me of when I filled up my 5gb HDD at the time and just bought a brand new 13gb one—and managed to fill it entirely in one week on campus with usenet and hotline.

Torrents really saved the fansubbing scene in the long-run, I think. Even in 2002 things were getting rather out of hand. I remember managing release nights for Elite-Fansubs and we'd have over 3000 users in the channel. I would have to leave the channel +m moderated and only go -m for like 10 seconds at a time because the bots would get flooded with like 50 list commands in that time. Any more than that and they would get flooded offline and everyone would have to start over again.

Can you imagine given a few more years, trying to manage an IRC release with 10-20k people? Some of the torrents for shows get over 100k downloads, for example.

Ouran is PURE!

I only watched ninja turtle on VHS when I was kid

Super cerdita

By buying the VHS, original or pirated. There was piracy back then. My father was a VHS pirate. He pirated a lot of anime in the 90s He got some serious money doing it until he got caught.

Surely I'm not the only mother fucker here who downloaded tenchimuyoep13.rm and watched that shit on real player back in the day.

What happened to your dad?

He dieded

It's off-topic, but...

Nothing. I think they couldn't prove he was doing it for money. He had a legit small video business doing VHS copies of weddings and shit. Movies and anime were more of a side job.
I'm not American, and people here really don't care that much about copyright infringement. He stopped doing it for a long time, tho'. My mom got really scared.

Before the internet got popular, he was downloading and selling anime and movies DVDs.

You used to have these video tape rental stores, think of them as libraries for VHS tapes (and DVDs, although by the time DVDs came along they already started dying out). You'd rent a video tape from there, watch it at home, and then return it after a couple of days (but don't forget to rewind it, or else you'd pay extra). I wonder how many people on Cred Forums are too young to even remember these. It's been like what, ten years since they all died out?

Also, in the seedier part of the town, in this one decrepit looking apartment building lived a one armed pirate who would sell you pirated media for absurdly low prices, you could get e.g. a video game for the equivalent of ~5 euros. I never bought anime at the dude's place, but I think he probably had that as well.

Time sure flies.

The anime equivalent of "Hey man, I got the goods, you got the cash?"

Cell was creepy af as a kid. I was surprised they got away with that scene intact considering how disturbing it was.

You talking about stores like Blockbuster here in the US? I remember that store vividly, but it was mostly the videogame section. I don't ever remember looking through the anime section much at all as a kid, and by the time I was old enough to wander off on my own, the store was closing down.

Not like my parents would've let me get any of the good stuff anyway.

I think it was pretty good when I watched it. But then again, there has been made a whole lot of franchise anime after that.

Damn thats fucking OG. There was so much more shit you could get away with back then.

What about oldfags who read manga then?

You can probably talk about old manga here, but I don't think there's really a lot of manga that's been released overseas before the 00s. I might be wrong though. Only one I know of is Ghost in the Shell and Ranma maybe.


I was watching cartoon network in dubs.

There were a few others. Dark Horse has been in the manga game longer than people think. They just released stuff in monthly comic book format back in the day.