Boku no Hero Academia

Look how close Todoroki and Momo are.

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I think maybe you should have waited for WSJD user to post the chapter

>female japanese 15 years old

>making a thread on monday
Kill yourself. Today it's time for WSJD and your thread isn't needed.

There's always that girl who got boobs before the others.

Class B elaboration when?

Is Grapes about to suck Aizawa's dick?

>Traitor humping Deku
>Ochako feeling up that birddick
>Kirishima stroking the tail
>Momo smearing her ass on Todoroki's crotch

Senpais when?

And IIda is about to get blacked too.

God, if I was Grapes I would kill myself. That's way too fucking short.

Look, /fit/ overplays the manlet thing a lot but there are limits to how short you can be.

Why does Shouji hide his face?

>deku wearing his fuckhuge boots in the size comparison
So, is it just an art fuckup or is deku actually shorter than 166

The link for the vigilante manga spinoff first chapter, if anyones hasn't seen it yet.

Knuckleduster seems really cool

I absolutely don't like TodoxMomo
I don't see the appeal of it, one bit.


>the fist janitor
I fucking love it

Invisible yuri footjob

Asserting dominance against ochako in public.
That's my fetish

It's because he was teamed up with her during the chapters with her most significant development. And they both come from well off families. People have shipped for less.

>horikoshi will never draw uncensored my hero academia hentai

why even live?

A popular belief is that artists do have porn of their characters locked away for personal use, be it softcore nudes for anatomy references or straight up lewd porn.

>we will never see hori's lewds

>there isn't one of these with Class B

Tailguy is way shorter than I imagined. Momo is definitely grinding on Todoroki


>tfw taller than all of them

I just realized. He can't pull the I forgot the condoms trick on her because she can make condoms.

>Implying she would want to

>tfw 10 cm taller than the tallest of them

You're still shorter than Mt. Lady, manlet.

Yaoyorozu is pretty tall.

I like it

Curious newfag here.
What does Cred Forums think of the BNH anime?

You're right, she could be spending her resources on sex toys and other kinky shit. But could you imagine what Endeavor would do if Todoroki knocked up some girl?


>TFW I'm exactly bakugous size /and/ emotional range

>anal/scat hentai of Momo drawing by Horikoshi never ever

Masturbate to the fact that his eugenics uberchild knocked up a girl with a high class quirk and superior genetics?

Even if she's high class with a great quirk it seems like he'd be pissed because it wasn't his optimal vision for a grandchild or something like that.

He'd be happy. Fire/Ice + material creation has a lot of applications.

He needs to figure out how to get Todoroki to impregnate wind M.Bison

Nigga. The kids would be perfect.

What would their quirks be?

Creation of fire/ice materials, I suppose.

This guy is fucking awesome

Fairy tail Gray's ice make magic

Need more tall girls.

>Spinner doesn't even use his quirk, he just jumps around and fights heroes with his big dumb sword
why is this allowed
how can he stand up to them

You're angry because you're a manlet, figures.

There's no guarantee he does that all the time. Maybe he did it off-panel. It was a team fight and some of the heroes didn't have combat quirks. But if you're just proficient with weapons you could seriously wound many heroes since you aren't naturally more durable unless your quirk gives you durability. Stain relied on pure technique too at least up until they were wounded so he could make use of his quirk. This guy seems to be trying for something similar but he didn't really have anything planned beyond step 1. Makes sense in a way. He's clearly trying to be a second-rate Stain.

>Literally Momo's height
Why if it's tallest girl, it's always my height?

I guess I can say I am a pretty tall girl for a guy.

For people who are uptight about how tall/short a man or woman ought to be Momo's height is like the limit before you get typecasted as a tall girl with tall girl insecurities.

>that almost-rape scene
Fuck Horri I didn't expect you to cause this things to my dick.




Fuck. Out.

she IS is the perfect waifu.


the perfect woman

So far as I can recall Todoroki can only freeze and burn things along the ground. He can't throw ice spikes or fireballs as far as I can recall.

So that's the quirk. They can create actual tangible water or fuel and freeze or ignite and then throw it.

who's that guy?

Todoroki in disguise.

Maybe his quirk is the proportionate strength, speed and agility of a lizard.
Or his quirk was getting that piece of shit edgelord blade made out of a thousand pieces of garbage and BELTZ to stay together in the first place before Deku kicked it.

Well Mandalay managed to beat him when they fought so...

well mandalay is a fucking cheater and should've had her quirk stolen

because he was distracted by his boner

How that thing holds together is beyond me.

I really like these anime height charts because they remind me that I'm tall which is the only good thing about my body

>she will never telepathically dirty talk you all day until you come home and fuck her

Maybe it has something to do with his quirk?

straps and chains

Squid guy looks over 2m tall in some panels

Which squid guy?

>no invisible doujins



I was expecting WSJD is already done with, but alas, nothing.

She's been fucking Ojiro in at least 3 or 4 of the ones I've seen

I didn't know how much I wanted this until I fucking read it

When the hell do growth spurts happen for Japanese men? I get that they're generally short but most men aren't 1.66 at 15-16.

You're fogetting that the average male height in nipland is like 1.70 cm

Post em I won't believe it till I see it.

Why are all anime characters manlets? Is it so the nippons can self insert easier?

Why is it none of the female students are towering, monstrous mutants like Shouji or Monbo?

>they're still growing and you're stuck at 183cm

It's over.

Why is Deku such a manlet?

Great question. Try asking tumblr.

Holy shit Birdman is a fucking manlet.

The only reason he gets away with it is because he's way taller than the shortest guy there.

Probably because he's 15, shitposter-kun

>Second shortest boy in his class right after the kid with progeria

>being 5'4 at 15

Third, third shortest. I didn't see bird because he left absolutely no impression on me whatsoever. Bird is a manlet as well though.

Your family must be proud of you.

>teratophilia is tumblr now

and belts. do not forget the belts

why doesn't kurogiri just tele a bunch of villains into the dorm rooms while everyone's asleep

Stain approves!

We don't know all the limits and conditions. But that wasn't their objective either time.

To much risk for to little gain. These kids keep turning the tide on the league. They won't gain a lot of rep if they go "Anakin and the younglings" successfully, but they will lose HUGE face if they try and fail to kill sleeping kids.

who is best Pussycat and why is it Tiger?

Fucking Jap heights, I was sure shouji was at least 2m

Dude shit like that doesn't matter in BnHA world as long as you have a flashy quirk, I mean a fucking rat is the principle of the most prestigious academy in Japan

he could literally give oral standing up to most people he's probably short for that exact reason

Is this from the OVA?


This is definitely my kink but the fact that she's invisible makes it hotter. She seems to have that effect in general. Where did it all go so wrong that I find a gag character sexy?

Somebody notify the Quirk Registry Office, this bitch's quirk needs to be updated to include "dick control".

I like how it mirrored Deku and All Might's "You can be a hero moment" but the MC flat out refused instead. Still the spin off is pretty cool

>Tokoyami being in the middle of a solid block of short girls
>Momo being in the middle of all the tall lads

Any rips of the latest blu Ray release yet?

because the height scale is fucked, no way a 10 cm difference would look that much

>Why is the kid who never exercised seriously his whole life until a year ago too busy jerking to All Might youtube videos the shortest?

my heart

please call an ambulance

Looks about right to me.

Who will Mineta lose his virginity to?

we don't even know if he can after what Mt, girl did to him


A mediocre adaptation. Not bad, but not that impressive either.

The consensus is that soundtrack's great

But do you think he fucks anyone?

Pop Step is not for sexual assault, she is for tender loving compassion!

What did Ragdoll do for a living after her quirk was taken?

Thirsty as fuck.

Why is that book flying

More like what the fuck is that L thing behind her back.

Its a shelf for her book, which is filled with reference material for different things she can create.

The book attaches to it via magnet.

Why does it need to be L shaped then? Just have it as a single piece since it's magnetic. The shape itself holds no merit no matter how you look at it and just makes it even harder for her to squeeze through tight passages which she already has problems with.

You know in most cases it makes sense for men to make up 90+% of the warriors or soldiers.

In this series however I would have expected it to be a lot closer to 50/50. The only real deciding factor on whether or not you can become a hero is if you've got a good quirk.

If you have a great quirk, bam you're a hero without much effort. If not then you're never going to be a hero no matter how hard you try. No amount of hard work, dedication, or good genetics will change that.

You as such there should be an equal number of women who won the quirk lottery and became heroes as men.

>The only real deciding factor on whether or not you can become a hero is if you've got a good quirk.

That's a lie considering Stain could still do his hero kill shit just fine even without his quirk, he'd just no longer have the lee way to talk shit to them before gutting his victims.

So far while we've seen equal resilience in tanking retarded amounts of damage like Deku and Uraraka face smashing Bakugou's explosions, we've yet to see a girl not rely on a quirk for super human strength.

This is the same series where Deku manages to run while carrying a 250kg man on his back after merely a year of training starting from being a manlet. Who then afterwards proceeds to never show even half that amount of strength unless he uses his quirk.

It says a lot that slime girl currently holds the #1 female non-quirk related combat ability, enough to tool Deku with his full cowl albeit only in a situation where it's a game and not where Deku would wanna Virginia Smash her.

Things might change later, but so far this holds to be true. Even 'muh healthy thicc' Mina merely gets by with her slip and slide acid while Kendo / Mt Lady heavily lean on their quirks.

Well unless you count All Might's teacher, just the fact that she didn't explode the first time she used that quirk kinda proves what I'm saying wrong, but who knows? Maybe she was taught not to go all out and heeded by it unlike Mad Man Deku.

Stain vs. AfO when?

mah negro of superior taste

I want to commit a crime.

>not having boobs at 15
You probably don't have them even at 25, washboard.

You're not in India Momo, and you can't poo in public

She really is Symmetra after all.

nah, she needs to be at least 182cm to be perfect.

So where do you think Illegals' story us going to go?

I thought it was 10/10.

Probably still a Pussycat but in a purely consultant capacity.

remember when aizawa let his student with two broken arms run back out into the woods to fight villain who were intent on killing students?

Other than the obvious super drug cartel thing they're running with? Maybe we'll see a certified hero with a vendetta against vigilantes as an antagonist.

Pacing was a bit slow but it did give us this gloriousness.

I'm hoping one or two more members get added to the Protag team.
The three we have are great though, so I don't mind if it sticks with that number.

When will we see more froppy?

hopefully during the next noumu encounter

>almost all of them are manlets

Well they are like freshman so they are only like 14/15 years old. They still got 1 or 2 more growth spurts in them.

Could Monoma potentially be a relative/descendent of OfA?

What in the shit.

One of them is going to be Soldier: 76.

Please Hori, give me all of class A being mind broken by the sexual prowess of these lecherous old men.

We're all heroes now.

Even the guys?

Gotta love escort missions.

Boxing dapper man in the bak is my favorite.

Especially the guys.

her being invisible lets your imagination wander. she could look like amy rose for all we know

Look at his eye level.
Compare it to the skirt level of the girls.

It's the perfect height for him.

Same. It feels really forced, they don't feel like they have chemistry to me. It feels like the only reason people ship it is because Momo's development during the test happened with Todoroki and the fact that they're both recommended students from rich families. Just seems shallow, but people will ship any characters who have as much as looked at each other, so whatever.

I really want to see Froppy again. I wonder how long we'd have to wait for the Jump Fiesta OVA.

I need more IzuTsu delusions.

For a 13 episode season, it struggled due to having to cover the more mundane world building parts of the manga. Season 2 and on will probably be better received due to having more action sequences to really take advantage of the medium.

That said, sound direction and music were really, really on point, and I greatly enjoyed the VA assignments.

This OST is one of the stronger aspects of the anime. The art direction though could be better. There was some "quality" issues, but not to noticeable. BONES in general are great for the budget they get, and quality.

It didn't much to world building as much as it introduced us the characters.
The Stain Arc and the aftermath do a much better job at it.

Shut up, Tracer.

Solid 8/10 overall. Manga readers get more from it since it's a goddamn near panel for panel adaptation with some embellishment where necessary.

Really fantastic OST, good Japanese VAs, a handful of good picks in the dub (eat shit, Sabat is a great All Might).

It's all the slowest worldbuilding shit though and a slow adaptation since it was in planning from Volume 1.

Just use AFO's extensive resources and buy like 10 pounds of simtex and drop that shit with a detonator into the building with Kurogiri's quirk and blow it the instant he ports out.

Plot hole stuff typical to most stories like this- best not to think about it.

yfw you're just as tall as sadrock

Just fap to this for now

Don't forget the OFA sounds. The jet engine warm up, and weird robot technorgasm sound from the release are hype as fuck.

Meant to quote


First Bakugou/Uraraka and now Todoroki/Momo?
Spamming your shitty ships won't make people like them more, you know

Mission 2 is going to be villain capture. They're having kids and old people be the villains to force the test-takers to safely neutralize targets instead of brute force. (To counter crazy shit like Hurricane Boy sweeping the exams.)

This is implying he's ever fought a hero and isn't just acting out a chuuni delusion.

Is there going to be any interaction between them again?

>that look on Shouji's face
if they ever do interact again that tentacled motherfucker will go overfiend on her ass

Probably. It gives her a more personal motivation.

Tall and toothless is best jiji

Been a while since I posted this.

>can't wait for when she meets endeavor

>"thank you for the fine dinner this evening mr. todoroki."
>"anytime, you kids have fun!"

>"shouto, what's wrong? you've been acting distant after i met your father. he's really not that bad."
>"you should know...he only sees you for your quirk and keeps bragging to me about his future bloodline in private."
>"yes, i'm not going to be his tool in this. we should just break up and.....w-what are you doing?"
>"just loosening the threading material in my shirt. i forgot my breasts have grown yet again and i can't seem to figure out the right size."
>"oh, sorry for the interruption. what were you saying again, shouto?"

>endeavor laughs in the background drinking the sweet drink of victory

Japs are manlets in general.
He needs to appeal to the Japanese crowd so he is a manlet too.

Unless he suddenly grows taller. Maybe he is yet to hit puberty.

>Reposting a ridiculous copypasta that is out of character and not even funny

I think I lost my right to complain about women writing love letters to serial killers because Toga is disturbingly appealing, bloodlust and all.

Do you reckon the next chapter is going to feature the next test or are we going to see the rest of UA try to pass phase 1?

I think we'll have a brief rundown of who passed and who didn't then move onto the next phase.

Froppy a dumpy slut! SLUT!

I'm in the camp that believes Toga and the slime girl are the same person. The panel where she gets distracted by blood is what sold it for me. Love triangle shenanigans coming up soon, surely.

Ochako's pantyhose.

I wouldn't say that she was distracted by the blood so much as she noticed it. Still, I think Chekhov's Gun has application here so I'm inclined to believe that her noticing the blood has some sort of implication.

Think that it is implied that they've all passed at the end of this chapter.
Something about *the exam being hard on UA* smth smth *but students from class A are still standing* smth smth * will they stand in the next test* I think that this implies they all passed.


Jesus I would tower over all of them.

is deku going to plow the pink gyaru

>tfw 2 cm shorter than Deku

>being a manlet

it's also interesting how we haven't been given slime girl's name yet considering Inasa, Shindou, Seiji's names all came up really fast after their appearance.

>Tfw Momo is taller than you ;_;

>not being taller than everyone on that chart

Only 3 of the students are taller than me. Exactly 6 ft master race reporting in.

It's weird how she's the only one in class A wearing them

Who is your Class B waif?

I hope BnHA leaves a lasting influence so that in 10yrs we will have a new generation of jump manga artists who draw healthy legs.

With pantyhose

poltergiest girl, full stop

Shouji was a pretty good bro to Deku.

Man the principle has to be my favourite side-hero

Just having so much fun

I wonder if that happens

Like people with quirks use them to rob stores (like a levitation quirk stealing stuff) then just hang around until they get a chance to meet a favourite villain- who then arrests them


But Froppy is for punishment

I hope it isn't so that I'm taller than Momo

But it already happened

Shouji is an all round top tier bro.

Are the spoilers tonight or tomorrow night? I always forget.


Every wednesday user

>No reaction

Froppy is for transforming into an Artificial Human

From who? Deku? He figured it out a couple of pages ago and still looks mildly perturbed.

Well, that's one way to put it.

Illegals is really good, "Knuckle duster" is a really lame name, though.

You still have that right because Toga is actually fictional and has never murdered real people.

the old men did nothing wrong

Is it a translation of a similar moniker or is his name actually Knuckle Duster, katakana and all?

isn't a knuckle duster slang for brass knuckle though?

>Tfw I shipped them since the second volume
I hate myself for being a disgusting shipperfag.

Yeah, but either way its not particulary imaginative or original.

Then again, i can't think up a good name for him either. I wonder if he is quirkless?.

remember, he is the Fist Janitor. his punches clean, his knuckles dust.

I find the lack of Bakumom in this thread disturbing

>that pic
>implying that the only thing entering Bakumom isn't Bakudad


>Why does Shouji hide his face?

Assuming this part is still canon, it's because he doesn't like scaring/freaking people out.

He's too pure for this world, I wish he could be comfortable with his big freaky mouth.

Finished never

Any more pictures of Momo sandwiched between Todoroki and Bakugou ?

and Deku

Best Power Trio

Deku's tie is fucking retarded.

But I want more.

Now I can't unsee it. Why is it like that?

newfags can't /fa/

It has to be.
When there are two or more people with "Spot the Main Character" hair, it's necessary for the main character to maintain prestige by fucking up their dressing habit beyond any sense of decency. It is the burden all manga protagonists must bare.

That tie, and the fact that none of his friends offer to fix it for him, is still disgraceful though.

He doesn't know how to tie it properly.

I refuse to believe that's his real dad, He looks more like a stepfather


Shame there's so little to go around

tsuyu is cute

What does Tsuyu and noumus have to do with it?

Imagine being Dekumom and seeing your son show up on the news with that kind of tie.

On the other hand, "Gentle-Man" is fucking god tier.


I want to commit a crime.

It's part of his charm - he can't even make his own tie properly, always found that cute.

He also unironically likes Tokoyami's room.

I think he fucks everyone.
Also, I'm pretty sure hes an animal with a quirk that makes him more human like.

I unironically like Tokoyami's room.

It is a pretty cool sword

Didn't he say that his shadow becomes more powerful in the dark, and that consequentially he can't control it, and doesn't like that?

Before this, I always assumed he actually sleeps with a night light specifically for that reason.

It's time.

And it's a lot.

hate that fag

All that blood, jesus.

Navel doing his best.

Ingenium and Navel teamwork time.

wow you're so cool

psh... nothing personal... wink

Judging by all the balls being thrown at them. I'm guessing the those two got caught in wind guy's barrage.

Fucking grapes, always looking at her ass.

>die dice
>swords and shields

I think Tokoyami is a live action rpg player. The second cape is for Dark Shadow and they play together every night until they fall asleep because Tokoyami found out that Dark Shadow stays calm when they play.

Ketsubutsu or whatever their school name was is still in the game.
Chapter title is RUSH

u cheeky cunt

And people were shitting on Sadrock.


Last one.


UA crushes mad puss

All the commoner scum wish they could be this elite

I think no one's bothering to upload it part by part. Maybe they want to upload it as a whole. plays in the background

I want a clean scan of this with just Deku.

Are you me?

>Bakumom gets Sugar'd

Fuck yeah. Time for Aoyama to shine. Oh wait-


What did he mean by this?

Hori, I thought that your fanservice was better than this, tits and butt pose? Seriously?


>tokoyami's family reunion

I wonder if it would be against the rules to kill the birds, you know Kaminari could kill them all with a thunderbolt.

I'm gay and I couldn't be faggier than you.

What is he doing here?

Mah Niggas time to shine

What's he say?

I want Navelaser to eventually get his "I want this thing off my lawn" moment

What does he say?

>2 of the 3 most popular student traitor candidates got focus in the last 2 chapters

He knows.

I'd need more panels and the whole page for the specific context but from what I can guess from what little text there is and their history, he's essentially saying that the moves that Deku 'borrowed' from him are his own now.

So he's acknowledging him.

>Read left to right
The fuck is this shit?

Woops, means to quote

So invisigirl is the only one left?

That's cool. Bakugou best boy.

artstyel looks like Shiwasu no Okina

Looks like whomever it was that predicted all of Class A was going to pass spoke prophetically after all.

who could have seen that coming

After three weeks of "not everyone's going to pass, Hori's got to trim the verge", even I was starting to believe it was possible some of them would wash out. Guess baser instincts win out again.

not believing sweaterdad's quirk ties to his dickgame

Com on post that link!

Same height as deku and I'm 19

Let's be honest, anybody in class A who got knocked out in the first round wouldn't be deserving of anymore screentime. That person would be the butt of everyone's jokes both in universe and out.

I didn't really expect any of Class A to get knocked out at the first round. I'd be kind of mad if absolutely everybody in the Class passes on their first try though.

My asian brother

Moar spoiler pics

The same way you read a book you imbecile





Tokoyami looks cool as hell here.

Dem Momos

Arena got turned into a disaster rescue stage?

Seriously, how much money they expend?

When you have material shifters like Cementoss, fixing property damage becomes trivial.

From Mangahelpers:

Chapter title is RUSH!
>Shindou and other Ketsubutsu students are hiding
>Shindou: This test has become a mess! It's like a war!
[Aoyama and Iida fighting with other people]
>Aoyama: Merde (Shit). It's us two against them all in this war. How are the others doing?
>Aoyama thinking about the past: Papa. Mama. Why am i so different from everyone else?
>Aoyama: Hehe...
>[Mineta and Ojiro against others]
[Kouda and Tokoyami]
>Kouda called in a swarm of pigeons
>Other students: What is this? Where did these birds come from?
>Kouda: Now we can continue.
>Tokoyami: Special Move: "Black Ankh"
>Ashido saw the laser of Aoyama and rushed to his location
>Ashido: Aoyama! Good job with the laser!
>Mera: Seven left! Five left! We are at the single digits now and there are still UA students who didn't pass!
>Aoyama hits the targets of two students
>Aoyama: Thanky you, thank you,
>Mera: Zero!
>Deku and everyone else is celebrating that they passed
>Bakugou: The moves you borrowed from me, now they are your own moves, Deku.
>Seiji of Shiketsu didn't make it
>The name of the Slime Girl from Shiketsu is Kemy
>While everyone is still celebrating an explosion occurs and all buildings collapsed
>Mera: Test number two has started! The disaster is ready and bystanders are about to get hurt! Time to go rescue them!
>Deku: Rescue...!

And Grapeness comes to Ojiro.

>Invisible girl fails a mission that heavily rewards ambushes

Well, unconfirmed. But that would be ultra dumb.

Based Chuunibird is always looking cool as fuck.

If she hadn't passed we would know by now

This is like 9/11 times a hundred

>translator's note: merde means "you'r waifu"


I think this one was better

Hitman was irredeemable garbage.

I don't see invisigirl in any page.

twin(?)tails a cute

background waifu get

The trio is still cooler though

>Kacchan can create powerful explosions from he hands with no drawbacks
>Kaminari is useless unless he goes overkill and shorts out his brain

If I was a character designed purely to job, I'd be pretty pissed.

Bakugou gets hurt when he uses it too much.

That's not true. They knew how to wear formal clothes.

Poor soul

That's 9,1100, and that's horrible.

>Bakugou gets hurt when he uses it too much.
Yet we have not seen such repercussions of this. It is only implied by the story in a few bits.

Eh? Did you speedread through Deku/Bakugou vs All Might? Also, bakugou vs. Uraraka.

And good thing too

Well we've literally seen him with his hands shaking from the recoil, its why he can't do massive blasts like he did against Gravity Girl's meteor attack all day every day.

And part of the training at UA is developing your quirk so you can push it further and better cope with the downsides, like how athletes train their bodies

Its not like Icyhot's problems with regulating his temperature when he uses his abilities too much have been a massive drawback for him either, just something he needs to keep in mind.

Momo wouldn't allow cheating and Todo wouldn't need to


It's out:

To be fair, Todoroki was specifically bred to have the ultimate quirk, with his downsides cancelling each other out.

Is it speed reading or poor illustration? Try again nigger.

I seen more of Todo's drawbacks than from Baku's. So I can see where you're coming from. My point is it is poorly illustrated into the story, and more of an afterthought.

The fuck? Is that Invisitits quirk?


why do we get the chapter so early these last weeks? not that I'm conplaining or anything.

>She's a flasher

this would imply her quirk is related to light manipulation, rather than invisiblity

Light powers presumably, eg light refraction for invisibility

Well, she'd have to be manipulating light somehow to be invisible like she is...would make sense if she was able to modify to a light flash.

And also nicely compliment her skillset of an ambusher.

Shark teeth girl is kinda growing on me

Finally confirmation she has a light manipulating quirk.

I can't wit to see more of these girl later in this arc.

invisigirl really has no real reason to be naked in action all the time. She could be wearing some spandex and just remove it when needed for infiltration or surprise.

So invisibility IS par of her quirk. So can deflect light in general.

>invisigirl really has no real reason to be naked
Stop trying to tie down her free spirit GRANDPA!

It's tasteful nude you pleb

I wonder if she need external lights for this, or if she can store some and glow in the dark. That or maybe some unrelated source for the light, like dazzler and music.

Don't you nude-shame her.

It's easier to draw a pair of floating gloves


>It's comical to draw a pair of floating gloves

God bless Hori for giving us Mineta.

curse those mangafast faggots , is their fault we cant summon TLfag no more.

>Aoyama gets back story
Bout time.

So we finally got to see invisible tits quirk. I'm actually kind of disappointed.

>Finally have some idea of what Tooru's powers are
I feel like I just got off, feels good man.

>invisible girl DEFLECTS LIGHT
Surprise surprise!

Not mutually exclusive

What does Invisible Girl's name mean?

Guess this means she can bend light?


Which girl would you become a rape villain for?

>Pink semen demon best semen demon

the froggy rape Doujinshi was pretty good

You mean which girl would I be raped by when she turned villain?

Did anyone else see ashidos ass?

I hope there are more cameos in the main series and the spinoff.

>"Oh god, is this my son's future?"

And then he starts twerking

it was hard to miss

BnHA girls are for gentle love-making

No it's actually a shitty fashion trend. Look it up there's even a term for it. Notice how the tie itself is much fatter with a bigger width.


>yfw Meatballfag is the only guy out of UA/Shiketsu to not pass the first round and becomes the Monoma of the West

>The level 50 is acknowledging the former level 1

So what did Bakugou ask Deku?

I like that Baku is starting to soften, but I hope Hori doesn't go overboard with it.


It's been a long time since Momo got a panel where she could show off her goods.

Good lord did formal wear look fantastic in it.


Is this a real Japanese name? Doesn't seem like an English name.

Probably a nickname of sorts.

>old people were introduced so they could be bombed
pretty funny desu

Personal invisibility through the bending of light is functionally impractical though.

If the light bends around you then it never reaches your eyes, if it never reaches your eyes you become blind.

The only way to do that kind of invisibility realistically would be to have everything be invisible other than your eyes (or more specifically, your pupils, irises and the lens that covers them, all of which are necessary for being able to see properly.

So a realistic invisible person would be represented by a pair of floating circles at head height.

Also invisible girl can't make her clothes invisible, which would not be the case if her power worked by bending light (actively at least, it is possible that it's a passive ability brought about through the matter of her body being composed of a material that naturally bends light, however this would not be the ability to actively bend light).

Then again, this is a manga, so maybe I'm over-analyzing the situation. And I guess it's also possible that she has both the ability to actively bend light and a mutation that renders her invisible passively (doesn't explain her eyes being invisible though).

Sorry, what were you saying again? "Oops I dun goofed" was it?

It's probable that again, her invisibility is just a physical mutation like Tokoyami's bird head and her power is just light manipulation. If she was only invisible through light manipulation it wouldn't make much sense for her to constantly exert effort to stay invisible all the time and as you said, her clothes are visible which wouldn't really be a thing if she was using her powers to make herself invisible.

The fashion is literally designed for people who suck at it because it's more accessible for those who suck at ties, made by people who suck at tying their ties. Go outside for once.

Is that Spoderman?

It's just the combination of letters I guess. I've just never seen such a name in a Japanese fiction before.

That and the fact that YOU JUST CAN NOT make a 13 EP first season of a battle shonen.

We don't have anything for certain yet, and this can all be handwaved as "it's magic, I ain't gotta explain shit" but let's try it anyway.

Everything visible comes from reflected light. No matter how reflective something is, if it can't emit light it won't be the brightest thing around. (yes you can focus light like a magnifying glass to burn ants but that's clearly not what she's doing).
So to make that flash, she has to either emit light, or somehow duplicate all the light reflecting off her several hundred times.
Either way, if she can create light like this she can create a copy of whatever light is passing around her onto the inside of her eyes. This is convenient as it allows her to tone it down at will, incredibly useful given that her eyelids can't block light.

Bakugou would make a good rocket.

>mfw this is a quirk which allows the user to create older/younger clone versions.

More best OTP when?!

Has Uravity released the effect of her quirk on the baseball yet?
Or is she going to carry that weight?

Doesn't she deactivate all her floating objects when she has both hands touch? Or can she choose which ones to deactivate and which ones to leave floating? Either way it's still in space already.

It's possible that she is invisible because she absorbs light, rather than because she refracts it.

If her whole body absorbed light and did not reflect it she would be invisible while still being able to see. An example of something that absorbs all light would be any completely black object (darker coloured objects absorb more light, an object that was truly 100 percent pitch black would be invisible to the naked eye due to not reflecting any light but would also not hamper a person's ability to see because the light is still reaching them).

So basically what I'm saying is that Invisible Girl might be black, very black.

But if she just absorbs light and is a walking silhouette, where's the invisibility come in? Surely there's some kinda light redirection involved.

>Tokoyami and Hagakure could create Emperor Crow
The next step of quirk evolution.

Straight up both thier quirks, Endeavor is fucking ecstatic

At first you'd think invisiblegirl had a good deal with this format, but then you remember she has the targets giving her away.

>was 142 cm in august
>now 168 cm
very happy

underage faggot spotted.


>that yokkora momo doujin
good shit


Unless you're underage and literally just had puberty. That's impossible.

How the hell did Sugar pass?

We have seen all A class students in action minus Sugar lol

how does one even get into scat
most other fetishes i can rationalise, even golden showers, but scat just seems weird

You're blind

By teamwork and super strength? Ah-duhhh

for one, don't do that

and two, we have no idea how strong he can get. As far as we know he could surpass Muscular in strenght.

I'm not really into the scat part but I do enjoy yokkora's artstyle

fucking manlets, when they will learn!

>10g of sugar multiplies his power by 5 for 3 minutes
>There is no real limit to it, only the side effect of his brain getting slower with every gram of sugar he eats
>Literally the sugar version of Hulk
Nigga could kill All For One if he eats a whole wedding cake in 1 minute.

What if he just pours a ricebag full of sugar down his throat? Like concentrated sugar.

He would reach Toriko powerlevels.

Geeze I hope sugarmans quirk has a side-effect that makes him biologically immune to diabetes

Not believing

But would he be able to use it? How many brain cells would still be working?

Fuck off

im 33
I was just as surprised as you

>Personal invisibility through the bending of light is functionally impractical though.
>If the light bends around you then it never reaches your eyes, if it never reaches your eyes you become blind.
>The only way to do that kind of invisibility realistically would be to have everything be invisible other than your eyes (or more specifically, your pupils, irises and the lens that covers them, all of which are necessary for being able to see properly.
>So a realistic invisible person would be represented by a pair of floating circles at head height.
>Also invisible girl can't make her clothes invisible, which would not be the case if her power worked by bending light (actively at least, it is possible that it's a passive ability brought about through the matter of her body being composed of a material that naturally bends light, however this would not be the ability to actively bend light).
>Then again, this is a manga, so maybe I'm over-analyzing the situation. And I guess it's also possible that she has both the ability to actively bend light and a mutation that renders her invisible passively (doesn't explain her eyes being invisible though).

You realize this is fantasy, right?

Sure. Post a pic of yourself with a timestamp or MODS

>grew 26 cm in a month, regardless of age
Did you get abducted by Ayylmaos?
Did they probe Uranus while testing their enlargment beams on you?
Did everything grow proportionately?

Jirou and Ashido

>deku gets to reenact all might saving everyone in that video


user I don't think there's even 1000 'victims' it doesn't sound possible.

How about this: deflect light on the way out, rather than way in.

Light coming from other directions is warped around her body normally, so other people see what's behind her. But she deflects the light that reflects from her eyes after it exits.


That's hardly an obstacle.

1. Put all the targets on your weak arm and stand behind a rock. Nail people with your dominant arm.
2. Lay prone. There's just some stuff on the floor, nothing to see here in the middle of battle.
3. Partner with someone. Both people put their targets on their backs. Stand back to back, and she ambushes people who try to sneak up on her partner.

I don't think she's that smart user. I'd honestly rate her as dumber than debut Uravity.

how could mineta check her ass when this pouch is in the way

got you horikoshi you hack that's a plothole manga's ruined

>She's literally a flasher.


Maybe his body would move with instict only?

This sounds like Dark Shadow all over again.


When will all saucefags finally die? Fucking cancer.

are there any doujins of invisibitch

Every Doujin is of Invisibitch, if you believe hard enough.

Dude, All Might back allows him to take like ten people at a time, Deku can barely save two at the same time.

Dark shadow seems to be more like a being with his own mind, makes me wonder what would happen if AFO hypothetically steal it. Would Dark Shadow have the same form, mind and memories?

Wouldn't the quirk just give life to AFO's shadow?

So did Navel not pass? I think he sacrificed himself to make sure his classmates passed.

I wanted to say she wasn't perfect, but then I couldn't list a single flaw.

He passed as the last one of the whole 100 people.

Are momo's momos getting bigger AGAIN?

reminder if pierrot did the anime we'd have a based op

>tfw Mineta is not the worst of the class anymore
>mfw Navel just passed the bar

I believe the reason given was bleach ended.

Mineta was never dead last for anything was he?

No fucks given for filler hell pierrot produced cancer.

Laser-kun finished in style, Mineta not so much

Deku was below him during the start.

Nope, worst one is still Mina. 2nd worst grades, failed the teacher fight exam, was number 95 to pass this first test.
She is a failure.

Mineta passed high up in the written exams, he's smart, unlike all the remedial retards such as pinky and hardgay

If she can manipulate light, doesn't that mean she can turn herself visible?

Mineta has never been the worst and passing last is still passing.

9th out of 20 isn't really that high up, just slightly above average

Weird ears

She did reasonably well on the sports festival

Maybe she can't manipulate, it looks like she's just flashing it, o it could be a storing quirk

She was as fast as Sadrock in the first game by placing somewhere at 20 or 21, was in a team with Bakugou, Kirishima and Sero in the second game and defeated Navel in the third game but lost instantly against Crow.

All in all she was decent, but i expected more of the Alien Queen. Especially in the first game.

Technique 5/5 A
Intelligence 3/5 C
Cooperativeness 5/5 A

Technique 4/5 B
Intelligence 4/5 B
Cooperativeness 5/5 A

>Kacchan taunts Deku about One for All
>He acknowledge he is All Might's heir

Except that didn't happen.

Literally is.

Shit son.

That's contradictory to what we've seen so far in the manga ironically enough. Hagakure so far hasn't shown one instance of intelligence, she's just genki all the time and jobs all day unless it's a situation where all of Class A gets by.

Like can anyone even name a real achievement Hagakure has under her belt? Off my memory she jobbed to IcyHot, just hid the whole time at USJ, ranked in the 40s for the race, did jack shit during the cavalry match, got knocked out during the camp arc, and finally flashed people in this chapter.

This is the first time she's ever actually done something as far as I can recall, and it's only to the extent equivalent of using her quirk offensively which is what almost everyone has been doing since day 1. She has never come up with a successful strategy or tactic, nor even made any insightful comments that would warrant that +1 intelligence over Ochako.

Unless she's faking it of course.

>4/5 intelligence
>her default costume is wearing gloves when the entire advantage of her form is being invisible thus ruining it

I thought heroics was a job that could happen anytime, not a 9-5 gig. What's the point of wearing gloves that only helps people recognize you when it ruins your initiative against crime/villains/etc that pops up out of nowhere? Some nigger robs a bank with a gun and you're in it? Oh look floating gloves, that looks dangerous, bang.

Does it take you more than 2 seconds to rip off a pair of gloves or something?

Does it take you more than 2 seconds to shoot at something that looks suspicious?

Take them off before they see you

It's harder to hit something you can't see.

>and jobs all day unless it's a situation where all of Class A gets by
Like when? Hagakura was never in the spotlight that's all. We don't even know what exactly was her quirk.

I don't think you'll even notice a pair of floating gloves in the middle of a crowd if you only spend 2 seconds looking at it.

Try looking at a picture of a group of people you've never seen before and see how much you remember about it after that little amount of time.

You are overanalyzing shit.

Might as well ask why they don't just equip every hero and police with a tranquilizer gun and a taser and allow everyone to wipe out most of the villains problems they have in verse.

And in any case, let's be real, she has the gloves for meta reasons, but if you want an in-universe explanation, if I were a student I'd probably be paranoid about an invisible person if she didn't wear gloves most of the time. She probably does it for courtesy, and wouldn't use it by the time she actually becomes an acting hero.


Fucking niggastream just put out author comments before BnHA. Like we really wanted to see those.

That requires you to see them before they see you. I literally gave you a situation where that isn't the case. Nigger robs a bank she's in, meaning in 9/10 cases she's not looking at the entrance. What happens?

You are basically saying it's okay to lose her godly defense in the form of invisibility just so she can have a pair of gloves on duty.

This isn't even getting into shit like if someone like Stain was around, people with good vision.

Even if she'd be fine for 4999/5000 situations, that 1 situation where she could have been invisible and get the jump on someone who had her in his line of sight basically cost her not only her life but possibly other people's as well. Is that what you're advocating as +1 intelligence?

Yeah no shit, so tell me which is harder? Shooting a bunch of times seeing a pair of gloves or at nothing at all?

>middle of a crowd

Why does it have to be perfectly camouflaged? If she's in the middle of a crowd she can't take advantage of it anyways since she's surrounded. If the guy has a machine gun she's fucked at that point.

On the other hand what if she's in a position to hinder you and take you down right away? How would you not notice? What if she was at the front entrance? Why are you only thinking of circumstances that she would succeed at, but ignore the ones she would get shot at? Cause it's unlikely? Hello, it's heroics, it's not about "Oh 1% is good enough" it's about turning it into fucking 0% to the limit of your ability.

Or are you telling me fire fighters don't wear masks or take hachets cause ya know it's rarely needed?

I literally just listed them. Even grapes has shown far more achievements than she has. She has literally never taken a single person down in game or combat until this chapter.

When she's not a hero she wears a uniform or clothes, the entire criticism is that her hero costume IS wearing those gloves. As in, when she's on duty, when heroics is the focus and not making sure your friends know where you are.

Her invisibility is a mutation. Read the manga again.

Having a meta reason doesn't somehow justify she is smarter than Ochako despite making a poor choice on her equipment that should count as a demerit. Ochako has shown to improve and mature in her thought process, whereas Hagakure has not ever even chipped in on a plan before.

But your situation is one in which she'd not on active duty, are you expecting her to just be invisible all the time and never interact with people? It's retarded. She can just drop the gloves when she's on duty

Remember that experiment where they tell you to count how many times a ball has been passed around and then at the end they ask you if you noticed a guy in a gorilla suit walk by at the halfway point?

Do you literally have autism or is this some sort of bait? I wouldn't think the invisible girl really had the fans to be worth baiting

Who scored higher on their non-hero related exams?

Why do they do this?

I always think of the filthy frank anime opening when i hear this song.

>mha is first
>always top 5

Why should I even care anymore?

It seems like it'll be pretty good, Knuckleduster is the best

>author comments
>all before chapter
>last three weeks in a row


they have no competition for bnha so it gets translated last
last week it came out 12 hours after OP, so expect chapter in 6 hours or so

>in 6 hours or so
It won't take that long.

We know Niggastream is doing it on purpose. Nobody else is translating BnHA, which always results in Translation Hubris of "oh, we can take as long as we want! Nobody else will EVER pick up and translate fatser than us so we can just make them wait :^)"

It seems pretty interesting looking forward to what becomes of it. As well as hentai of Pop-step

Don't think Vigilantes have even been mentioned in the main manga yet. So it's nice to see that Vigilantes actually exist in the manga's world.

"have you made that quirk you borrowed your own"

>mha is first in japan
>mha is last in mangastream

BnHA getting a spinoff after just roughly 100 chapters is pretty incredible. Nice to see that it is so popular in Japan.What do you guys think, will it join the likes of Naruto/Bleach or even Dragonball as one of Jump's bestseller?

Why do people post the author comments page and claim something is "first" when it never is?
Am i missing some sort of secret ranking code in the numbers?


How fucking new can you be?

Read Bakuman that should help you.

Yes. Lurk more.

I've been ignoring it for like 3 years but it never comes up.

If it means faster translations, yes.

This thread is almost dead so I'll spoon feed you.

The ones that are at the very top and are bigger then the others are the ones with color pages, which are unranked as their placement was predetermined. The ones below them are the non color page chapters and are the the actual rankings.

Oh i see, that makes sense.

Thats basically it.Readers send in questionnaires with their rankings and depending on your place in the rankings your series might get discontinued.

The last chapter, the ball is gonna fall from space and knock the big bad out


What shallow powerlevel wank, there was no need for a 'sequel' to Gunbuster

>>Aoyama thinking about the past: Papa. Mama. Why am i so different from everyone else?

Is he an AYY LMAO? That would be quite the plot twist since Intergalactic Travel was hinted in the early chapters.

Might be because he's a foreigner in Japan or because his quirk forces him to shit himself as a side effect.

she could manipulate girl on top of being invisible as a trait. it's not like tokoyami being a crow has anything to do with his power besides the Tengu theme.

sure there is. its not like there are better shows to work with

Probably because of his quirk. How many characters are there that need a special gadget to use their quirk?

Niggerstream killed bnha threads

Are you sure she isnt wearing something? She can make the things around her invisible as well you know?

Wait a minute! So Navel Laser didnt pass??

He passed exactly last getting place number 100. Then throws out a wink as a one liner. Cool guy.

Does Mangastream hate Boku No Hero or something?

They had no problem getting Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach out while they all existed at once. Toriko is out and everything else is out, so what's the hold up with this every week?

I'm just curious, not being a pissy brat or anything, I just want to know if there are any politics involved?

>Niggerstream translated Illegals before the main thing
What the fuck are these mongoloids doing, Illegals was already translated anyway

I'm assuming that there's a color page insert that they might be redrawing (probably not but still)...
>tfw koreans are always faster

I'm guessing since Mangfast disbanded Mangastream can take their sweet time releasing MHA without any competition.

It might also be because chapters are being released so early. Perhaps there's a designated MHA staff that are unavailable on Wednesdays, so it can't be worked on until other staff have finished releasing the chapters they're responsible for.

This has been happening since Bleach ended. I'd like to know the real reason too.