Animation Webm Thread

Post webms that showcase good animation.

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There's a lot of animation going on there, but their movements are kinda choppy.

Well ok

What is it about the word good you don't understand?

>that awful background animation at 49 seconds


Onegai, user-kun, janakatta, Anno-san... stop posting your graduation works...


Every frame is just so good.

There's nothing there though. Just some character animation, 3D model of a guard rail, and a cityscape with lens flare. There's barely any secondary actions on her, no clothes or hair moving when she's outside.

>software tweening

That's awful.


Now this, this is amazing.


Do you know where I can watch the full movie?

Choppy McChop.

The 10-second boost in animation quality in every Shaft anime.

The timing is still good enough to give the movements a believable sense of weight though. Norio is brilliant at delivering realistic motion with limited animation.



Your normal computer chair will do fine.


Utsunomiya Satoru sakuga

Getting it from the usual place would suffice.


Holy SHIT! Detail like that is why I got into anime



I'll be the first to say it, Naruto sucks but every now and then there's something pretty cool that comes from it, like this fight.


Anyone with an interest in animation definitely acknowledges that as fact. The series has been grounds for animators flexing their muscle in action animation and even proving grounds for up-and-coming animators.


I think some of the best animation has come from the anime, like the fight of Kakashi vs Hidan and Kakuzu and Kakashi vs Obito was awesome. too bad the story sucks and the likable characters are barely involved.

Check it out from your local library.



It's actually on netflix IIRC

Nine months' work, boys.

>That sprinkler hits the smoke
God damn, why have I not watched this yet?

Nah, they might've at one point but I missed the chance

There's Redline, though I don't have any webms of that unfortunately

Is this Yuri Norstein?


Yeah. His animation wouldn't really belong in an Cred Forums thread, but since it was in Fuyu No Hi it's fair game.


>Kirby Must FEED!

It's a shame Otomo had no talent as a writer.


Not sakuga I think but I like these little animations. I don't know what they're called. Quick little reactions.





Aww yiss.



Fuck yeah my nigga. Remember catching this subbed on Film4 circa 2004 and getting massively into anime films as a result. Really underrated gem with crazy good animation.

I remember watching the DVD years ago, when I was just getting started on anime. I could never forget that scene where she falls.





Huh i don't remember this scene, or the shows animations being this detailed. Guess it's time to rewatch it.

The framerate is made higher, not sure what the technical term is

Motion interpolation.

What is this from?

I see, thanks.

it's from the movie

I could easily believe that this was rotoscoped. damn.

user please, my dick can only get so hard.

>being so new you don't know the name of the threads

Lurk for 2 years before posting.

Magnetic Rose

Nice non-fluid animation. It's shit.

I agere.


Holy shit my dude

>Urushit Yameme
Fucking die

The music in that scene, holy shit.

it doesn't count if they're doing it as a joke



Shame the writing was awful.


iirc this show's director died halfway through, or it was Gundam 0083 that had that problem.
Either way both suffered from the story changing in the later arcs.

Ping pong S2 when

>Being this new

is she wearing germany themed socks as well?

It was 08th. Even worse, they'd taken him off of his previous project mid-way to put him on it, so his final two anime both had to be finished by other people.

So... who's the German here? I only see two spooks.

you can post that, just takes some doing


the chink.

This was a joke... not a part of the actual series.





I couldn't find a webm but I found an mp4
>7 years

Wheres that Paprika animation webm when you need it.

that didn't make it into the movie, even. How much did they end up cutting? I'll see if I can squeeze it into a webm.

don't have it on me.

in the meantime


Thanks user, that scene was hype


got some hot anime for you


that's about all I got.

I don't remember this looking that fucking crisp.

Shit episode ended on such a high note. Music throughout the whole show was great.


"And then this giant hand-thing with multiple guns comes out, and he's so big he actually catches Haruko in a gun barrel and shoots her while she's inside."
-My excitable pre-weeaboo friend

"Ha ha, okay, whatever man."
-Me at 12, before I knew what FLCL was.

Too bad Dennou Coil flopped and Mitsuo Iso left the industry. He had such good work.

What is this?



Yeah, what gives?

what is it with old shit and random english titles?





It's not called Honey Mayonnaise, but the real title is Honneasmise which is a bitch to spell or even pronounce off the top of your head. and Honey Mayonaise is kind of close enough.

Japs have always loved infusing their shit with

Fucking auto-post.
Meant to say Japs love injecting random English(or Engrish) words and phrases into their songs and titles.
Like what South Park was making fun of with Let's Fighting Love.

Also what this guy said.



Not Cred Forums, but one of the more impressive pieces of fighting game animation out there.




That's still very common

on your mark
old miyazaki music video

It's a Hayao Miyazaki short. Should help narrow it down.


Inaka Isha, an animation of A Coutry Doctor by Franz Kafka.

No, not really.
Fuck off Cred Forumsermin.




Yeah, I found it. Thanks user.






>not even well-animated cape shit
is that way.


guys come on now.

I actually found that a really unsatisfying ending sequence to the show for some reason.


What is this? Looks badass

better than all the old shit being posted

that scene too, is complerely illegible a lot of the time.
I wonder if the BDs helped any.

Boku no Fuck off.



the problem is that it's like three frames each. at least post a decent pantyshot.

Why is Heero taking shit from an office lady?



Just pointing out a funny bit of animation reference is all.

Toya Oshima's cut in that sequence was awesome, it's always great to see an Ohira style follower's work.




What Conan is this?

Genos got great treatment.


Is the DVD release, your dirty evil dub localizators put effort into restoring it.

Dumb memeposter


I think that's the clock movie


thanks senpai




i'm not clicking that


Concrete Revolutio, right?






I stole it from some other user.

The action is a bit hard to follow, but that's still the best part of the new footage for the Star Driver movie.

Great shading for a tv anime.

Will Kyoani top this with S2 or Violet?

light effects =/= animation

Any got the foreign animated one with the girl making out with a dude in the middle of the class room?



I can't tell whats going on


That's not anime m8


>Animation Webm Thread
>Post webms that showcase good animation.

Neither are you.

But this is the anime board.



Is that collage stoop-motion?


>good animation thread
>fagtron supreme starts dropping horrible ecchi
wew lad thanks im out


>good animation thread
>fagtrons posting old shit

That window crank gets me every time

>old is bad
You have to be 18 to post on this website, lil' nigger.

then why are you here?



that's dumb

Pure blind luck conan wasn't shredded.


Why does Japan always draw the bad guys as the most ugly and evil looking people possible?

Didn't check if this was already posted.

But it should be posted twice anyway.

That looks fucking awful.

Get the fuck out.

is there any animation on the 3's that IS good?

Your post is shit

As long as they're not making more Haruhi, they'll never top anything they've done.


oh, I forgot I posted that. thanks for showing me an example of

westin always making the worst possible choice

I do hate the fucking remaster with all the shit edgelord CG

The Spiderman grip!

image search turns up Saikin imouto no yousu ga chotto okashiin da ga.

Love this. Best Naruto animation by far, and one of the best action sequences I can think of.

This is so bad you can count the fucking frames. Stop it.

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor


How much of a beta cuck do you have to be to tell a girl that's grinding on your cock to get off while having a face that says "I really wish I had a dick inside me right now"?

then don't count the frames, look at the cute imouto waking up her onii-chan


"Time" is amazing.


Yes but I'm pretty sure we're looking for quality animation, not QUALITY animation.

Post Jin Ruh Roh


no u

HxH? looks generic enough to be.

It's really a fucking shame that the newest Scooby Doo is such a massive downgrade compared to Mystery Incorporated.



It's obviously just layout. The layout and key construction/timing is good. 2nd key probably got thrown to someone with almost no time, and almost no AD on it.


>psh nothing personel kid

The drawing style looks pure Utsunomiya though.




That's because it is his rough layout that the 2nd key guy traced without cleaning up the forms or without the AD getting it on model. That's why it looks like Utsunomiya faces minus proper balance, and shit like the crotch position ballooning in the first cut. Wasn't he action director on that show too? All the more reason to conclude that he didn't have time to do 2nd key on the scene.




Stuff like this makes me wish Miyazaki did more "hard" or "gritty" action stuff.



Fucking disgusting.







honestly this looks cool but I absolutely hate how they don't look grounded at all because of how the bg swings around


This looks better without the interpolation. No idea why this version keeps getting posted. You can't just fill in frames like that

Poor can


HAHAHAAHAHAHA what the fuck is with her movements


Are you kidding? It looks great. Are you one of those plebs on Cred Forums who tries to defend console limited 30fps?


Anyone got the webm's from Dragon's Heaven? Great stuff, one of a kind art style.

Also, any from California Crisis: that shit is nuts.

DH OST postin:



Personally I don't believe they topped this fight at all. Especially how clear the movement is compared to other fight scenes in the anime.





thats pretty fucking cool. you got anymore like it? or can i get some sauce?



I think it looks really good, all of Disappearance looks incredible at 60.
There were only two awful scenes in the whole movie, where Kyon was walking in front of a fence, and it got distorted.

Maybe I just cant look hard enough to see the couple frames where whatever looks like shit, but in motion it just looks phenomenal.


SHAIAN is such a fucking bro; his personality was the next best thing in the OVA after the designs. And the music.

yikes. That man was thoroughly japed at the end.

Richard Williams a shit


I don't think I've ever seen a Scania truck in North America.


can someone pass the sauce please?
nice dubs btw

Bullshit. I hate plot armor.

How the fuck?


dont think i saw this, but i should have

It's in the metadata.



is there an anime character that could defeat shaggy?


underrated post

you're going to have to watch my top 10 list to find out

The Japanese are rarely ones for subtlety.

>people posting scooby doo
why not something actually good from the west?

Looks like it.

I WANT to cum, but I can't.

The choppiness is forgivable by the outright quantity here, somehow, which wouldn't usually be right. I'm not usually a quantity over quality guy, but here, somehow, it's charming ya know?

You a shit

>60fps anime
I want this so bad.

I love Kino and all but the animation sucks, why would you post this here

I just wanted an excuse to post Kino, that's all.

that part where she gets the slavers is well directed though.

I don't, it looks weird.


How do you go from this to Hotel Transylvania?

something that should have just been porn
instead of a really bad lewd series

what is this from?
Looks like tsukihime but they never made an anime of that.

i can see why that was the next logical step for him - he made a buncha generation defining shows and then moved on to something new. i really hope next season isnt edgy garbage now that its no longer a kids show

you silly user

is there any japanese family like this in modern day?

What is this mediocre fanart?

wouldn't you like to know you weeb

See this is what happens when you don't animate shit on 3s

oh my christ

Magnetic Rose was pretty amazing



man this is cool as fuck thank you

Wow there's a Metropolis anime? That's great.

The sake making ritual dance scene in Kimi no Na wa was extremely well animated. I think it was animated by Hiroyuki Okiura. Very much his style of hyper-realistic movement.


Source please.

no it's soul eater retard

god that ending made me cringe and clench so hard

what the fuck this is retarded
also anyone else hate that dumb repeat the action shot 3 times thing?

nice combo


Does this count? It's the highest FPS this shitshow had at any one point.

rip jackie chan

this and the flamethrower scene hit me hard when i was like 8 or 10yo

Three-times repeated action scene from different angles is fine. The scene is dumb because a killer with a machine gun doesn't manage to hit a dude in the back (his bullets only hit the rails) or a little kid right in front of him.
But aside from that, on a technical level, it looks nice.

Jack no bouken: raw vengeance

it popped much later than I expected


>Can only find extremely censored versions
what's the point in making a lewd anime if you censor shit?

One of my favorite pieces of animation.

Too bad it was the only new scene on the movie.

What's the point of porn if you censor it?

Well, if they censor half of the screen, we are lucky to see only half of the QUALITY animations.

This is real nice. What show?

>still better than most of the 2016 shows


KKK vs jews?

Still one of my favorite animes after all these years. I'm pissed we never got the blu rays over here.

Real the file name mate.

Are you baiting or pretending to be retarded?

But the source/artist name, though?

this is awful, I know that shitty camera movement and those flashy punches are supposed to give a sense fast phasing and powerfull movement, but abusing that thechnique just makes it plain bad.

The cameraman was just shaking from cold.




Damn i would mate the hell out of her.

>Video too long (video: 210.704s, max: 120s)

Jesus Christ.

>he dosn't know about the tsukihime remake.

Kill yourself

So many perfectly drawn women in this series... How did she do it?

Humans eyes can't see above 5 fps anyways

Fuck this entire series.

>Dead on arrival anime
>Translated manga doesn't even cover up to the part where the anime ends
>last translation update: 2014


I love Yoshinari


how is this even remotely good animation? even though it's in space and should therefore be piss easy to animate this one still manages to fuck up

That's one way to admit you're an idiot.

did the truth trigger you?

japanese animation sucks in general. the west does animation much much better with CGI so good people don't even notice it most of the time

this is a simple fact. if you watch anime for the animation you are legit sub 80 IQ

Sorry, you're stupidity doesn't trigger me.


This isn't a QUALITY thread

I know, but that hasn't stopped a good number of posts itt.

Why can't anime be like this all the time?

What show is this?

Yeah, I fucked up the metadata somehow.

Bungou Stray Dogs

Aaaaand this s how anime with actual budget looks like.

Because webms like OP related require a shittonne of time and effort, especially when hand drawn.

Even with digital animation, that would be really time consuming.

what anime is that?

>dieselpunk mechanical porn: the movie
Too bad there will never be a sequel.

What kind of panneling nightmare is this?

and there shouldn't be.


Yar. Thar be a simple solution to yer problem, matey.


Same guys, more budget. Star Driver.


Why not?





How do you make a soundless webm? I keep trying to make them but they have sound and I can't post them here

You don't make sequels to stories wrapped up tightly, idiot. People like you are why so many good series get ruined.

They always said that a "sequel" would be a different story settled in the same universe, which would be great.


How are you making yours?

Yeah, it was planned to be set 50 years after Shiro's space flight and follow a team of fighter pilots dealing with the political fallout from the first movie.
Gainax has been teasing it off-and-on for over 25 years now. They said they were working on it again a couple years ago, but I haven't heard anything since.

Inazuma Eleven did it better.


Why is Conan so good at dodging automatic fire?

More importantly, why isn't that M230 chaingun not tearing up Tokyo Tower into confetti.
30mm should not make some weak ass sparks like a regular old machine gun.

>people posting the shitty yuri trash from this show
The action was the good part of the show.

Does anyone got that scene of Scar vs Wrath as well as Mei dodging all the zombie things while keeping Envy in the air? or Shooting Star Dragon's summoning sequence for the first time.



Newsflash: The Conan movies are complete garbage


God I fucking hate modern anime fights.
So much unnecessary twirling and horrible flashing light effects and shaky cam.


I remember when Conan was about murder mysteries
then again I only read like 50 of the manga


I don't know why, but the posing shit ruins it. IF you have time to stop and pose, kill more shit, dammit.

I like they use the flashy effects to mask that Assassin litterally vanished for a frame and reappeared trying to pull a Behind you on Archer. It's as hilarious as Lancer vs Saber's clash being the same 3 frames just rapidly sped up. God Eater had that same problem yet Pita shitting all over Alisa and Lenka looked great.


You mean this?


Pretty sure that's ironic


You're cheating.


I'm surprised there's not more Mob in this thread.
I really should've been making webms this season, but eh.


Also, I'm autistic as fuck but you can see Assassin jump above him, he does not just disappear and reappear behind him.


Yup, same three frames just sped up so it looks like they're really going at each other. A real swordsman would of immediately tried to close the distance on Lancer while advance and a spearman like him would of been backing up to keep them within the stab zone. This just looks like they're horsing around, which I could buy with Lancer, that's in his character, but Saber should be going for his head here, she's usually no nonsense when it comes to combat, the only time she wasn't is when she tried to have a dick measuring contest with the lancer of fate zero and we all know how well that ended for both of those chunni motherfuckers thanks to the edgelord.


what is fucking wrong with that loli

If you can actually count you can clearly see these are way more than just three frames on repeat. I get what you're saying with how they are going at each other but you also have to think that Lancer is an incredibly fast and deadly lancer, as an experienced swordsman you don't just close the gap easily, especially since the VN explains that each swing from Lancer was aiming towards all her fatal points so one wrong move means death.

>he doesn't know how difficult it is to portray true zero-g using cel animation

Nothing; it's the textbook definition of "talk shit, get hit."







nice bait retard

what toothbrush brand did Ara~aragi san use?

Why couldn't we have gotten more of these glorious designs instead of the piss ugly fuckspittle designs from the hideous manga?

Love the distorted background in this


Is this the current pecking order?

>inb4 ufotable doesn't count because they have good cg too

S-so fluid and life like!

No, because that Kyoani CG looks terrible.

Also, Old Standards > New Standards. Old Madhouse >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kyoani.

>No, because that Kyoani CG looks terrible.

Bet you're one of those faggots who posts one really nice looking cell animation webm from the 90s (probably from a movie), despite the fact that most series looked like ass 99% of the time with stilted movements and horrid disparity between cells and backgrounds

>tfw kyoani will never animate anything even 1/10th as good as

Feels good man,

they could if they had the production time and funds of those movies. Koe no katachi was made in only a few months and it looks bretty damned great. Just look at Redline, of course it took them seven fucking years

>Just look at Redline, of course it took them seven fucking years

>they could if they had the production time and funds of those movies
No they couldn't, not unless they hire animators talented enough. None of the contemporary Kyoani animators has animated anything nearly as impressive as perfect 3D space without 3D backgrounds or perfect zero-G.

Well-animated SoL trash like K-On and Hyouka isn't anywhere near the level of Akira or Magnetic Rose as far as technical skill goes.

Spoonfeed please?

Learn2read metadata, fucking cancer.

haha you sure showed him!

>and shaky cam.

You might just be making a statement about fight scenes in general, but there was no shaky cam in that particular scene. Now, in that scene, barring the flourish in the beginning, there is nothing that I would label "unnecessary twirling". Are you perhaps talking about the point of view spinning around the combatants? Because in that case the movement is slow enough and the fight is centered enough that you can clearly see what is going on the entire time and are aware of your position without having to think about it. As far as the "flashing light effect" goes, I'll agree with you there that in this particular scene it is a little much, but my first thought on the matter is that it was exaggerated here to emulate the VN for fans of the series, where fights scenes were ONLY a cg or two, words, and some pictures of flashing lights with a sound effect.

I'm not saying that I necessarily disagree with your point, just that linking it to that particular webm is something I don't agree with.

I've always loved the animation when Accelerator gets his fingers broken, you can really feel it.

It jitters at every point of contact, which makes the whole thing look terrible and shaky. It was an old technique to jitter the camera to emphasize a blow or a hit. Now, thanks to the ease of digital, it's overused to the point of nausea by bad animators who want to try to make their shitty fight look more impressive than it actually is.
It also does have twirling, not only of the idiotic weapon spin, but the fighters themselves and the camera, made worse by the lazy lighting effects that obscure the action.
It's just a bad scene that's just so typical of modern anime fights.

The lighting effects are part of the key animation though. Nozomu Abe is known for packing his scenes with lots of effects animation, his work in Accel World is similar too.

>it jitters at every point of contact

I'm not seeing it, buddy. Maybe it's just because it is a webm, but I have the thing fullscreened and I'm watching it on repeat and not seeing anything of the sort.

>It also does have twirling, not only of the idiotic weapon spin, but the fighters themselves and the camera, made worse by the lazy lighting effects that obscure the action

I already talked about the camera circling around and feel that I expressed my point clearly, so if you feel that way that is just a point where we are going to disagree. Ignoring the flourish of the weapon at the start by Archer, Assassin never "spins" but simply turns away from Archer after the first attack and then turns back in the opposite direction in which he originally turned. Archer spins, yes, but this is a fantastical battle between two supernatural entities and he's got two weapons, so I never really considered that spinning to be over the top even if from a practical standpoint it might have just been better of him to keep trying to stab with them over and over.

>lighting effects

Again, I talked about it a bit and feel that I got my point across that I think it was to emulate the VN. But, again, I do feel it is a little too much and wished that it had been toned down slightly to make the action more readily visible.

Also, you are a lovely person and I hope you are having a good day.

You know, people have been saying that to me for over a year, and nobody has actually explained it. So instead of gaping your ass on your high horse, why don't you just explain what the fuck you're talking about.

Then fucking fix it.

They're shilling for Cred Forums X.

Thanks for clarifying.

The source is literally in that post, it took me 3 seconds to find it and no one had to explain anything to me. Stop being retarded.

Show me where it is then.

Figure it out you fucking idiot.

So, you can't provide evidence at all. Right.

You don't even need Cred Forums X to do that.

The true answer to the timeless question: Can the Chinese make better anime than the Japanese? Yes. They can.

Also proof: Diatron 5:

It's so hard to appreciate Hidetsugu Ito's effects animation with that low bitrate. Might want to lower the resolution of the Steamboy clip for higher quality instead.

Care to explain then?

I'm not the one who wanted source, so too bad for you I guess. Maybe someday you won't need to beg other people to do things for you.

>didn't know what you were talking about
>learn to read metadata

there it is


learn something new every day

1. download file
2. run ffprobe on file in terminal
3. read

now fuck off

Jesus Christ. Show me a more underrated soundtrack than Urusei Yatsura 2.


what movie is this?

>academy ratio
It's the Plot of the Fuma Clan OVA.

Thanks, haven't seen that one yet.

This looks like the same studio that did Midori.

OPM and UBW are both animated by freelancers.


I understood that reference.

Among the top animators for UBW, Nozomu Abe was the freelancer. Masayuki Kunihiro and Go Kimura are in-house.

Yes and that particular cut in that image is Abe, isn't it?

Right you are.


Mitsuru Hongo is fucking underrated. OK, Candidate for Goddess sucked by all accounts but outlaw star and shamanic princess had some amazing choreography.


>those frozen particles falling of the cryogenically cooled liquid fuel tanks

Of all the shows to get something like that scientifically right.

The film of the Apollo missions were well circulated by that time. Any good animator wanting to show a rocket launch would have seen them.

Better compilation.


That a shoop or something?

Hamburger wasn't ugly, though.

That's not remotely a Japan-exclusive thing.


patamon got a buff