Cred Forums! I challenge you to a duel!

Cred Forums! I challenge you to a duel!

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f u meecrob

What? You forgot your duel disk?

Don't worry, I brought a spare one.

Now...bring forth your best duelists!

I play my 5 in face up attack position then end my turn

Fuck it, I'll post in this thread. The sub is a considerably different show than the dub. I get that card games aren't supposed to be taken seriously, but the jokes and constant puns weren't needed. And Pegasus is a literal mirror of his dub self. The scripts and editing were stupid, but good voice work is good voice work.

I summon three Blue Eyes White Dragons at once.

I'll take torrential tribute for 500, Alex.

was yugi always this jacked?

I summon Killerqueen and attack your lifepoints directly

Of course he was. Playing card games is very strenuous you know.

Why do you think Rebecca wanted him? She knew what was coming.
Fuck Anzu. Annoying waste of space.

This show was so stupid.

No problem.

it's time

I know literally nothing about Yugioh. Did they just win in a single turn?

>level eater

Well, there's a lot of baned cards, so this is expected.

Yes, on the very first turn.

How? Isn't there a rule or something to keep that from happening?

I haven't played in ages but I used to own half of the cards he used in this clip and I assure you I could pull some long ass combos back in the day.

The problem isn't the rules of the game but there are so many cards that some combinitions are bound to break the game.

There are some infinite combos you can do in ygo you know.

There's a list of forbidden cards and he is using a lot of them.

They weren't forbidden at some point in time you know.

Streaming season 1 battle city finals right now

Got a chat?


Player 1 played a monster that would let him special summon another.
In response, Player 2 activates a monster's effect from his hand, allowing him to draw one card every time Player 1 special summons a monster.
Player 1 then proceeded to special summon so many times that Player 2 ran out of cards to draw, winning the duel.

Are there YGO manga scans in good quality online? Or should I watch some anime series?

>I get that card games aren't supposed to be taken seriously

>good voice work is good voice work
Too bad 4kids didn't have any.

No, the scans are a clusterfuck still.

Both Season 0 and Duel Monsters are worth watching.


Why do Jojotards have to bring their epik references in every fucking thread holy shit.


Because they're anime-onlys. The mature people who read the manga don't do that shit.

[spoilers]Wait, did you just summon a bunch of monsters in one turn?[/spoilers]

Yeah. So?

what about Arc V? I heard it's pretty fun.

Bring it on, manlet

For about 50 episodes. Then it crashed for no reason.

Oh please. He has to have an insane draw for that to happen.
I can do it with red eyes fusion and three inferno fire blasts.

>He has to have an insane draw for that to happen.
How is that contradicting what I said about him winning on the 1st turn?

I'm agreeing with you.
It wasn't
>well, he can only win with insane draw, so it's ok
it was
>nigga, I can win with ma much easier one

>For about 50 episodes. Then it crashed for no reason.

This is every Yugioh past the original plo(Season 0 excluded).

Get rekt Yugi

I don't duel anyone who does not get 5's

some of them arent forbidden any longer.

But what does Pot of Greed do?

Does anyone here actually want to duel? I'm Himiko Toga on ygopro, if anyone is interested.

How does Pendulum Summoning work? I don't understand it.

Me neither but I still win against people using it.

>the only 5 in this thread

I try my best.

What are you doing

I forgot my password and exact username haha.

He won by decking out his opponent. His opponent activated Maxx "C", which makes the activator draw a card every time the activator's opponent special summons. With 30-some special summons conducted in that turn, the opponent could draw no more cards, and lost.

>Both Season 0 and Duel Monsters are worth watching.

lel I don't understand why people recommend Toei's Yu-Gi-Oh series. It looks so ugly and its storylines are so watered down from the manga.

Fuck Level Eater. It deserves being banned. Hope the TCG bans it too.

>>How does Pendulum Summoning work?
Shitty explanation incoming.
Circled in the image are Pendulum Zones. Pendulum Monsters can be played in these zones, acting as spell cards, where their Pendulum effect, the effect listed on top applies, and also allowing for Pendulum Summoning when there are Pendulum Monsters in both zones with enough of a difference in their Pendulum Scales.
Monsters that can be Pendulum Summoned must be in your hand or face up in the extra deck (Which is what happens to Pendulum Monsters that get destroyed), and their levels must fall between the Pendulum Scales. For example, if the cards set in your Pendulum Zones have scales of 1 and 8, you can Pendulum Summon monsters from levels 2 to 7. But if you had Pendulum Scales of 4 to 5, you wouldn't be able to Pendulum Summon anything. Also, you can only Pendulum Summon once per turn.

I'm sure someone else can explain it better than me.

Like hell it does. Synchro spam is hardly a major issue in comparison to other bullshit in the game, not to mention it's not a mindlessly single-combo play every duel.

None of Yu-Gi-Oh! is worth watching unless you're a fan if the manga.

>Fuck Level Eater.
Don't drop Maxx "C" against somebody running a Synchro Deck. A lot of Synchro players will take it as a challenge to deck you out.
Run more effect negation. 90% of Synchro-centric decks will die the second you flip Breakthrough Skill at a bad time. They can't roll you with Double Quasar if you cockblock even one of their monster plays earlier on.

>Wanting to bully a deck that is completely ineffective unless the opponent does absolutely NOTHING to stop the coming of their endgame board that can STILL die to sufficient grinding and effective play.
>Wanting to nerf Synchros when Rank 4 Spam STILL exists and every deck INCLUDING Synchro-centric decks are considered bad if they can't drop Castel ;) or one of the other many Rank 4 Toolbox members on a whim.

Stop playing casually before you decide to complain about game balance.

DM anime is better than the manga.



Maybe I don't like my opponent getting rid of my hand turn 1 and taking 20 years to finish their turn.

Prepare for trouble.

Then stop playing against masturbatory decks?

[new]your post[new]

Hey Yugi, can I see your deck for a moment?

I refuse.

It's time to awaken him again

Alright, I'll go first.

I'll play one Island and tap it to play Sol Ring, and end my turn

Fine then, I accept!
I draw.
I'll special summon Photon Thrasher from my hand with his effect. Then, sending Sunny Pixie to the grave, I'll special summon Galaxy Soldier from my hand. Activating Galaxy Soldier's effect, I'll add Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon from my deck to my hand.

Then, I'll Normal Summon Junk Synchron from my hand. Using his effect, I revive the Sunny Pixie from my graveyard. Because a monster was special summoned from my graveyard, I can special summon Doppelwarrior from my hand.

I'll tune my Lv 4 Photon Thrasher with my Lv 3 Junk Synchron for the Level 7 Clear Wing Synchro Dragon.
Then, I'll tune my Lv 5 Galaxy Soldier with my Level 2 Doppelwarrior and my Lv 1 Sunny Pixie for Stardust Spark Dragon. Because Sunny Pixie was used for the Synchro Summon of a LIGHT monster, I gain 1000 LP.

Then, I banish Junk Synchron and Galaxy Soldier from my graveyard to Special Summon Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning from my hand. Using his effect, I banish your 5, but he can't attack this turn.

Then, I attack directly with my Stardust Spark Dragon and my Clear Wing Synchro Dragon, for a total of 5000 damage!

It's funny how that used to be a joke back then but it's more than possible in one turn now.

Hell, you can summon FIVE blue-eyes in a single turn now without breaking any rules.

LK wasn't expecting his bad jokes to become reality.

No one can seriously be this stupid, right?



What time is it?


I don't think so, Jim.


This is now a shadow game Cred Forums.

It's my turn now and I play pot of greed!

But what does that card do?


Not so fast, I activate my face-down card.

it sucks when a card becomes useless because it counters a card that was banned




I XYZ 2 of my blue eyes to summon Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon dragon and go into the battle phase and attack your dragon using it effect it attack rise to 5600 your shit dragon is no match now.

After the battle phase I XYZ it forth to summon Galaxy-Eyes Dark matter Dragon and use it effect to throw the following cards into my graveyard: Divine dragon lord felgrand, white stone of ancients and Arckbrave Dragon.

At the end phase my white stone of ancients activate allowing me to summon a blue eyes from my deck, I summon Dragon spirit of white which allow me to remove from play 1 trap or spell in the field, and in your stand by phase my arkbrave dragon effect activate allowing me to summon a monster in my graveyard I summon divine lord felgrand and with it effect I remove 1 card of my choice in your graveyard or your monster zone.

get rekt scrub


hi there

Crazy pharaoh fucking with punks isn't as cool as card games.

Im going to fuse my Mammoth Graveyard with the Living Arrow card.

How will you respond Cred Forums?


I heard you guys were playing some card games.

Someone make me a Chrono wearing a duel disk image for later.

I invoke the permanent card, "The dignity of the retarded."


Go back to /who/ faggot

I'll begin cheating as well and start summoning as many monsters as I want onto the field out of my deck, occasionally placing down spell cards though i ignore their rules and just having them mean whatever I want . Your move!

>Dimensional Fissure and Macro Cosmos will never be not limited again

I activate Jar of Greed, which allows me to draw 1 card from my deck!

Oh look.

Anybody else remember this card?


i summon muh dick


I want to pendulum summon my dick in Yuya's ass and make him ahEGAO


Get out, you nor your homolust pairings are as good as Aichi's. Also please go cuck Kamui some more




what the fuck is this supposed to be

Nothing in particular.

Eric Stuart was great as Kaiba and Pegasus was fantastic, exactly on point with the seiyuu. The script was always the problem, ALWAYS.

Half the shit in there is banned.

>Solemn Wishes
Good to see I'm not the only person in the world who likes that card.

I summon Han Solo!