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Shit anime.

I want Art Director Kou-chan to sit on my face.


Yun is not fat at all.


WE DID IT, Cred Forums

What are they looking at?

I'll miss her.

Me too. So much.

I want to do bad things to Aoba's cute little mouth.


Someone has a link to the lewdified video?

more Aoba x Hifumi plz

Like this?

My wife Aoba's mouth is so erotic.

Umiko is beautiful

That it is.


She should start wearing lipstick.

And ruin the purity of her lips? No.

My precum already did that.


The beautifulest.



I will miss you

Holy shit are those men?
I thought they were extinct in this universe.


>I thought they were extinct in this universe.
There's been men in the background since the first episode.

wait was connor the dude trying to protect sophia?
then he failed and became uber evil?
wow fucking spoilers and what a faggot

Aoba likes guys.

what kind of relationship is this?

shiny, sparkling with some hearts floating around
looks like budding friendship



My AOTY is still Flying Witch but this is a very close second.

Purest form of love.

What kind of relationship is this?

That is a relationship between my wife Aoba and her colleague

>i hate all of you pasta.jpg

Well that was fun, cant wait for the next episode when Aoba start reading the horrible things people say about the game and start getting depressed and starts drinking and doing drugs. and then she finds rule34 of her beloved Sofia and ends up committing suicide.




The Chang.

The only thing I want is Aoba to read all the fetish stuff we wrote about her and her butt.


>she only shoots me because she loves me
>she doesn't let me hang out with my friends because she knows what's best for me




What happen if you combine Magical girl power, the force, and moe?



>hey faggots, my name is Aoba and I hate every single one of you

I want to show Aoba my penis.


Is this hifumi housebroken?

I respect your opinion

>almost teared up
Stupid emotional bomb at the end.

Hajime + Hifumi new OTP

they see Kou's dick

Threadly reminder to pirate Fairies Story 3!
Crack soon!

I guess it's time to read the manga

I believe that the recent introduction of this red hared bitch is designed to make Kou realize that maybe it was not entirely her fault that that girl quit after six months.
In addition to apparently making Aoba reveal her inner bitch.

Wait for that cop scene after credit, I don't disappoint.

you will never ever touch her flat belly.

You won't regret it.The flashback it's in right now is pretty boring though.

FS2 was so shit. I hope three is better.

what is it with lesbians and impossible physics?

Season 2 when?

>It's all over.

>Hu hu hu

The fuck is wrong with her?

RIP Nenechi.

Shot dead by the police over a fake gun.

Why is that elementary schooler so smug?

But the police doesn't have real guns either.

She happens to be born without eyes, user. Don't be rude, shes doing the best she can.

I meant Hifumi.

I read somewhere that jap law is very not officer friendly.

In fact, it's so strict that police are too hesitate to shoot.

What? then what is stopping me from taking an assault rifle and spraying bullets all over Tokyo?

Quick say your top 3 girls
1. Hifumi
2. Tomboy
3. Yagami

new game sucks .the girl aren't even cute do you guys watch it for the character designs becuz that is the only good thing about it

Guns are so controlled in Japan that most people have never seen a real one in person. They are very rare.

Im so lonely someone save me.

Americans, everyone.


airport security, probably.

1. Hotaru
2. Hifumi
3. Kou


Would you work under Kou as your boss, 12x6 from monday to saturdays?

so? its not like it s completely impossible to smuggle in an Assault Rifle/SMG

Like just say for the sake of argument someone does go gun crazy in the middle of Toyko are you saying that the police cant stop him?

Not even an American.

She happens to be an extrovert with crippling social anxiety. She wants to talk with others, but can't bring herself to do it if the conversation doesn't go even slightly off expectation.

It makes every day suffering, pretty much.

Aoba, granny, Hifumi the ones that I want to top me, but I would only prone bone the tomboy.


Border security. Getting a gun into Japan is pretty difficult unless you have mob connections and even they don't press their luck by bringing in heavy firepower since it would only cause an escalation in police enforcement against them.

I'd love to be under her if you know what i mean.

1. Yun
2. Hifumi
3. Aoba


1. Nenecchi
2. Nenecchi

I can already see it. Aoba and Kou will like each other more and develop a serious relationship in secret as they work more closely than before.

Rin will get busy and depressed by her job as the producer, gets less time with Kou and then she'll find out about her "cheating" despite them not being in a real relationship ever.

And when she confronts Aoba about it she'll get totally blown away because unlike all the other nerd girls, Aoba is fully capable a sociopath.

Sakura-san, stop shitposting and get back to work.

Shit poster.



I remember Kabaneri too bro.


I know that feeling.


I want to eat out her asshole while she's talking with Aoba on the phone.

1. Hifumi
2. Aoba
3. Hotaru

Why are they afraid?

She got fired. She also failed all her exams, now she's just a NEET.

Bring on the futa doujins.


1. Rin
2. Rin
3. Rin

Aoba won't do that, user. She have long distance girlfriend.

Eat a dick, Hifumi.

>so? its not like it s completely impossible to smuggle in an Assault Rifle/SMG

It is though. Not every country is a shithole like the united states.

what is this anime about?

any lewd? any qt things?



>The ride is over

But we still have the manga, right?

Shoutout to all my Hifumifags

Who exactly is this guy?
I've been curious for a while now.

Cute girls developing a videogame.
Sometimes some lewds.


>not knowing THE Jonathan Stern
I don't know either.

The New Games are so fashionable~


Third sister!

Sento 2.0

RIP Nenecchi, her butt wasn't ready for prison.


they dont send kid to prison.

>Kou takes poles to the face when she's drunk

>you will never watch kid action shows with hajime

>you'll never browse tomboy gangrape doujins on sadpanda with Hajime

Why is Nenecchi so shit lads?

I couldn't take this scene seriously because of how their hair went full fucking super sayan

1 2 3

>tomboy gangrape, doujin only
>no hits found

1 - My wife, Aoba-chan
2 - Rin
3 - Hifumi

If only we could have sound.

>Announces in the public release event that you're part of the staff
>Talk loudly about major spoilers and ruin the game for literally dozens of fans
Actually made me mad

Hotaru - I actually thought I'd hate her but she's great in volume 5

I told ya.

Nenecchi should be shot.

It's Nenecchi's fault.

Ahagon has prepared her.

Man that shirt is awful, I wish I had one

Hifumi is so cute holy shit


Who is this?

I hadn't realize it was malpractice-chan

What are you waiting for, Cred Forums?

What makes you think I'm wearing pants?

I just checked the archives. Holy shit, Aoba rival. I thought it'd be Hotaru or something but a new girl works too. Guess they're going for a hard worker rival instead of a genius rival like Hotaru.

I want to shoot my wife Nenecchi!

Hotaru is not for rival. Hotaru is for protecting.

>Good thing there are no KOllateral damages

>red hared bitch
You shut your whore mouth, you mouth-shutting whore.

Well, Aoba's jealousy at Hotaru already being an LN illustrator was there as well as both of them already working hard for their dreams. They were already sort of competing and urging each other on with regards to their dreams.

Thinking about it though, Hotaru being outside the company is also a good idea. Makes those moments when they get together much more special.

Much better way to translate that line. Doki a shit. Crunchy a best.

>giving a weapon to this creature
We're all doomed.

Jealous her own wife? Such a bad girl.

You fags will never suffer a Kou通事故.

Ahagon just wants an excuse to spank Nene. If she makes trouble with an airsoft gun, she's got it.

>no more ganbaruzoi after today


This is the face of suffering.


Wordplay should be translated as wordplay. Not as nothing.

I will snipe her from distance!

>Why there are only girls here
>Whose is this cat
>My feet hurts
>I wish to be at home playing Fairies Story 3

Just misread, my bad.

I feel like competing isn't a good word for it. Rival definitely isn't.

It's emphasized that they want to support each other and even Nene gets drawn into this.

Man all the girls likeable. How the hell did they do it


Not me, but


Just pick Nenecchi.

I always thought of it as rivalry. It's not the shounen rivalry where both of them are at each others throats. More like a friendly rivalry.

It's sorta like how Aoba and Kou have competed against each other. They're more of a mentor-student pair but they also had this sort of rivalry going at times. Aoba and Hotaru are best friends but also have a friendly rivalry that challenges the other to do better which is another way of supporting each other. The new red haired girl is more the usual rival where they're at odds with each other and openly compete.

Why are they giving out PZ4s at the event if they're not backwards compatible with PZ3 games (Faeries Story 3)? And why is Hobundo providing them? They make the WⅡn and Hobundo 355, not PZX's.

>Nene is fired




Why does it have to be over ;_;

This was great, the threads where fun too, i was expecting fun but not thins much fun.

For the upcoming FS3 HD 1.5 Remix International Remaster Version.

I just have a hard time thinking of Hotaru as being a rival or competitive.

I'm so weak that I almost cried there.

Is this a parody of some Japanese television show?

Which is why I'm glad Hotarun is the friendzone and not the coworkerzone.



It's one of those "caught on camera" shows.

At which chapter should I start reading the manga?

This episode was very lacking in Yun.


is it greedy to want to have sex with all the New Games?

Why not just read all of it?

But you can start with volume 5 which is the spin-off that takes place when they are in high school.

It isn't completely translated yet though.

Vol 3

Umiko wants to give you a gun. What to do?

The first one.
It's a 4koma, it goes by really quick.

Where did the wind come from, and which direction was it blowing?

I want to decapitate her but in a sexual way

Use it to shot Nene




Like the entire series, then?

Graciously accept her gift.

What I'm going to do without my weekly dosis of Nene?

Learn English?

Wait until the next season starts. You'll find someone else to latch onto then.

Oddly enough, this would be illegal in America.

Fake/toy guns are required to have a florescent orange plastic muzzle to let the cops know it's a toy.

More like wifezone

Seconding the English course.

Nenecchi is a piece of shit who needs a cancerous death along with every one of you who idolize the fucking bitch.

They'll shoot you anyway.

>it's all over

I would commit sudoku, thank god for Hibike next season for giving me something to live for.

See you next week, guys!


Only if you're Black.

I need an updated webm of nenesounds



The greatest love story ever created.
Time to commit suicide I guess, I don't think I'll be able to live without the nyugeemus anymore. SAYONARA

Your tears are delicious.

Only if you wave it around in public like a nigger.

Hifumi sure does like the Suntory Time.

I will stab her with my sword in return.

>tfw this is the IRL equivalent

I don't wanna watch it
I don't want it to end
Not yet

I'm so gonna miss Hajime, can we start posting her and her physics? I might've missed some cool stuff

Hi Jill.

2 Hifumi
3 Aoba

I only like nene in a sexual way though.


Best girl.

I can't believe I got stressed when Tomboy and Nenecchi spoiled the game.

Ill miss Hajimes tomboy tits

Oh God, why can't all women have bodies like that?



That segment made me feel a deep hatred. Not only did they spoil a major twist, but also the final boss of the game.

It's not even real, but it still felt awful.

Truly the Snape kills Dumbledore of our generation

The show needed more Yun, other than that it was good.


Great show, surprised I loved it so much. Thanks for the ride Cred Forums you guys in these threads made it so much more fun.


Don't care about any others.

I guess we just have very different ranges on what can constitute a rival. The easiest example I can think of (if you've read Eyeshield21) is Panther and Sena. 2 of the kindest characters in the series and very friendly with one another so you can't even imagine them being at each others throats but they did become rival while also urging each other on.

It's like how at first you'd never imagine Aoba thinking of her idol Kou as a rival but it happened at times. That feeling of wanting to test yourself against someone. For me, it feels more intimate when that someone is someone close to you.

The perfect chance to bring back ganbaruzoi and they blew it

1. Hifumi
2. Ahagon
3. Yagami

>tfw I also paused it because I was getting emotional
I'm bad with this stuff.


Those Hifumins are out of control. Aoba is a lucky girl to have such a varied harem.

The way she is portrayed in chapter 4 of the spin-off is why I said it.



Went in expecting it to be this season's guilty pleasure. Got out a little more attached to it than I'd like to admit. Good game, New Game.


Why isn't the PZ4 out?

Coincidentally, the way Hotaru lashed out at Aoba for the talent thing is why I thought of my idea too. Hotaru's a cute sickly girl but I also liked how she became stronger and more open as it went on. Definitely one of the best characters in the series although some people really hate her.

It is out, you retard. They were giving them away for free because it was such a flop.


>although some people really hate her.

Why? I honestly think this is the first time I've heard this.


I'm surprised at how few Nenecchis there are in the answers.


Threadly reminder that Hotaru is a disgusting French slut, don't fall for her tricks.





I can't believe I laughed.

1. Hifumi
2. Hajime
3. Aoba

>guns are so controlled in Japan that most people have never seen a real one in person
Well that''s true pretty much anywhere unless you're american.

Hajime best girl



How likely is season 2?

Kou's clothes make her look cool while Rin looks so girly. Loved it when they were standing side by side reminiscing.


that entire final segment was amazing

1. Rin
2. Hifumi
3. Ahagon



>ctrl+f Game Over
>0 results

As likely as this getting dubs

I haven't downloaded any image reaction this season, so please someone tell me there is a nyaa or mega link or something where I can dl everything I missed.


That's going to be the sub-title of Fatalpulse's Victim Girls based on this.

Were they really acting childish because the wanted to make aoba feel comfortable? Really weirded me out.


No it isn't.


W-why does it have to be over?

Season 2 when?

Yes. Hifumi is actually a genki extrovert and only pretended to rely on Aoba for social interactions so Aoba could feel in charge of something.

Suicide. Nice get.

Of course not, they were just bragging, Hajime's boobs bouncing as she played with her toy swords and wands should've made it obvious

Why might get one, the material is there - we'll just have to wait for the sales figures.


The BDs selling better than everything (except Love Live) right?


It'll happen... Right?!

Are people really surprised about Conner?

I mean honestly. He has a dark color pallet and is the heroes rival.




Holy shit HAHAHAHAH why the fuck is this picture so fucking funny!

Can you get me Yun's number instead?

>So this is truly Game Over
>Don't worry, we only need to make a brand New Game!
Bravo DogaKobo.

Can someone translate what Hifumi said?
Also, who is the spooky above her?

>That fucking ending.
10/10, God bless Godakobo this show was great, All cute characters and solid animation, Not more you can really ask for in a SoL.

That doesn't always mean they'll become a villain. Even less so that they'll be the last boss.

Also now that I think about it this image may be a hint to what some people were hoping his relationship with the MC would actually be.

Conner's a faggot
Cruyff is best guy

Back to work, Hifumi.

Probably Yun.

Hifumi is the one posting the emoji.

A cute girl show ends
Nene was always the best
Fall is here again

Please translate.

>Kou doesn't even put a picture on her profile
Neat detail


It's Yun

It's 5AM in nipland. She should be sleeping, not working.


But I love them all, really.

>Can someone translate what Hifumi said?
I think she's saying ∠(*^ー^*)o

Naisu haiku user.

Translate that to male now please, what the fuck is that supposed to mean?


>they pitch-shifted Nenecchi's chipmunk voice even higher
truly hell

Rin + Kou

╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭


>Translate that to male now please
( 〇´艸`)ぷぷぷ

Who gives a fuck you dumb-accented bitch?



Oh shit. Last chance to post granny edits.

Yeah, right.

I have no fucking idea what this is supposed to mean, are those bears?




Masturbate to it, user. You know you want to, deep down.

>That time when I finally get the balls to buy my own clothes
>Go to department store
>Walk around for an hour first before entering clothes shop
>Try to act casual by walking pass by all the racks
>Finally pick a few things
>Try it on
>Look in mirror and get depressed immediatly
>Get dressed, walk out
>Cute girl 8/10 walks up to me instantly
>"Hiiiiiii~ I saw you looking around for clothes. Want me to help youuuuu~ We got some nice stuff that would suit your style"
>Freeze up, mumble something and NOPE the fuck out and take the first bus home.



I assure you I definitely don't. I prefer this.

You can stop now.

Don't worry. Last one.

This is why I only buy clothes online

I'm oddly okay with this one. But you're still a fag.

How will Godakobo even top this masterpiece?

season 2

Definitely not with fujoshit swords.

S2 when?


They were talking about their husbands that donated it.

Isn't their next show Gabriel DropOut or something?

Conner being the final boss was such an asspull bullshit move, it was melodramatic and added nothing to the story, fuck Eagle Jump for releasing this B-team garbage

>tfw they'll never animate volumes 3 and 4
>volume 4 was GOAT with a perfect season ending feeling to it

Feels bad man.

My cute wife Aoba will always be cute.

That's next year, trips-san.

1. Hifumi
2. Kou
3. Shizuku



Hifumi is a cosplayer, yet she doesn't do characters from her own game? Missed opportunity.

Ahagon and Nene had really good chemistry. I felt actually sad when Ahagon said that they wouldn't be working together anymore because they hired a professional company for the debugging.

Karen > Sofia

There, I said it.

I hope my cute wife Aoba will be a quick enough learner to not get a second black eye!

>there's no mention of soundtrack anywhere on the anime site
Don't do this to me.

More or less, yes.

Don't worry, they'll keep in touch.

It stopped being funny after the first time you posted My wife Chino is so cute.

You can stop now.

>Main heroine > side character who dies in the tutorial
What the fuck is the point of your comment, faggot?

>Nenecunt spoiling the entire game
Sasuga worst bitch.


Have patience. I bet they will even release character songs.

>he doesn't know all the shitters who latched on to Sofia while shitting on Karen

No user, you just don't understand what it means to be a cosplayer.
You cosplay because you're a fan. You cosplay to connect with other fans. You cosplay to get just a little closer to something seemingly far away. Sure you can cosplay your own work, but then that's just self promotion. There's no fun in that.

>hurr I couldn't see the obvious betrayal coming from 10 miles away

Full-sized Yun:!kBZh3RwZ!k7_7JJggc7dTY5j31owVVQ

And B-project, though it'll have massive drop when v2 comes out
New game will probably end up with 5-6k
>***,*63位/***,*73位 (**3,536 pt) [*,*28予約] 2016/09/28 NEW GAME! Lv.1( イベントチケット優先販売申込券付 ) [Blu-ray]
***,499位/***,499位 (***,853 pt) [*,**9予約] 2016/09/28 【限定】 NEW GAME! Lv.1( 全巻購入特典:「アニメ描き下ろしイラスト使用タペストリー」引換シリアルコード付 )( イベントチケット優先販売申込券付 ) [Blu-ray]
>**2,370位/**2,294位 ○ (***,483 pt) [*,**0予約] 2016/09/28 NEW GAME! Lv.1( イベントチケット優先販売申込券付 ) [DVD]



Two can play this game

jesus cocksucking christ

>Full-sized Yun

Yes, more Ahagon and Nene shenanigans.


Good job user.



No, it didn't.

t. retard who doesn't know the difference between accent and dialect

So what has this so called "Aoba rival" done so far to deserve that title?

Her autograph looks like shit.

Dumb crossboarder

Armed criminal at large around Tokyo, supported by two drunks and a kid. Alert local law enforcement if sighted.

She traveled back in time to kill her only to kill Aoba's mother and framed her father for it.

Changed her Photoshop and tablet settings, flipped her skirt and stole her lunch from the freezer.

t. person desperately trying to fit in

Shit gets real in V5

She appeared in numerous same panels as Aoba.


Time for some vigilante justice.


>Changed her Photoshop and tablet settings
Over the fucking line.

The faceless people.

She also idolizes Kou and got jelly of Aoba.

Receptionist a cute

Will Faeries Story 3 have multiplayer?

Random background girls.
The drawing was rigged, they traded sexual favors for winning tickets with Hazuki.


Delete this

That is actually the producer

Christina is cute. CUTE! tfw she makes Aoba cry because of business reasons


Did she purposely hire the girls in order to make a bad game so she could scam investor money only for the game to turn into a major success?

She is.

>signing the plastic of the box instead of the fucking sleeve with the cover art



why does the producer sit alone at the launch party?



On today's episode of Fashion Game: the autumn-weather collection


>tfw you remember that if things went according to the manga, Hazuki would have made her first appearance this episode

If Doga Kobo doesn't announce a second season I will kill myself.

Can you kill me first?

Why does Nene have a closet full of bright orange?

And how does she still manage to pull it off?


I am the angel of death

The time of purification is at hand


Seeing Yun once was enough of an experience to make the rest of my life worth it.

damn I thought Kou was an aspie not /fa/ as fuck. Even more /fa/bulous than pic related.

I know all those feels nenecchi. Those who can't do anything cool go to college to try and make money instead.

Great, I am a Nenechi

Shit in her mouth, just like the gun she's trying to give me.

>Doga Kobo
>Second season

Not gonna happen broseph

QA testers BTFO

Perfectly suited to be a programmer.

you are my hero

that shitty mspaint edit on their bags

Kou played Aoba like a fiddle from day one.

>study graphic design
>be like that

Doga kobo really outdid themselves these last two seasons

Why did she go to university if she wasn't smart?

Isn't CS a relatively hard degree to get?

>We've raised a nice family, haven't we?

yurifags BTFO.

>all those rapists

To get a sociology/women's studies/psychology degree like all the girls that are not smart.

To get educated.
Or because she had no idea what to do with her life and continuing education would mean putting off choosing a career for a few more years.


Why does she have an orange in her hair?

I want to do lewd things to these thighs.

1.- My wife, Hifumi.
1.- My wife, Hifumi.
1.- My wife, Hifumi

It's cute goddamnit

>people shipping Aoba with Kou when she's supposed to be Rin and Kou's daughter

Back to sleep, Aoba.

Surprised it took this long.

But the music and fight were cool as fuck, and I didn't even like him anyway so it's fine anyway.


weird, normally I don't have a thing for blonde grills

Only if you find calculus-level math difficult. Dull, uncreative types rarely struggle with math because below the theoretical level it's just varying degrees of following directions. It's more a test of your patience and attention to detail than anything else. This should be making it clear why boring autists are always the ones who do well in CS courses.


Lesbian incest is good. They should just have a threesome, with Hifumi watching and filming.

Rare leaked footage of New Game S2

1. Hifumi
2. Yun
3. Kou

>madoka and homura grow up together and get a happy end in an alternative timeline

Is this the best MAD?


So out of morbid curiosity, what would you consider a hard degree?
I'm a first year on CS, and some of the concepts definitely seem hard to grasp, but it's a bit too early to tell.

>That second panel

Great, now I won't be able to unsee that as Moon Ranger's girlfriend instead of just some random background chick standing next to her. Thanks a lot, Anonymous.

Background girls have no eyes in the first place.

Oh, there they are again being gay.

Why do you care if one staff signed it? Sounds better than some limited edition crap to me.

That make Aoba a bislut.

Could be worse user.

You could be a graduate like me and be like that

Bad choices were made.

You're walking down the street when Nenecchi comes at you with an assault rifle. What do you do?

That guy's a jealous fucktard. Learn to ignore certain posters on Cred Forums. There's a reason why CS has a high wash-out rate.

Refunding Aoba's game!

A CS would be hard for most people in college these days because most people in college are nowhere near calculus-level math anymore. It's fairly standard for most freshmen to be put in courses than 20 years ago would be labeled remedial maths, and 20 years before that would not even be offered at college level because you should have learned it in high school.

Most of the hard sciences would be difficult degrees. What I personally consider extremely difficult are theoretical math, electrical engineering courses, and applied anthropology. That last one sounds out of nowhere but I had to take some "off the major" courses to round out my BS so I picked anthropology. I did not realize the teacher was a national-level expert in his field. His standards were murderous, I think he was disappointed it wasn't a graduate level class and he could have us out at his dig sites sifting through 10,000 year old midden heaps.

Yun's surprisingly popular, I found all this fanart of her the other day in all these alternate costumes.

>Dat gap

You can have this for the time being.

Oh, she's still a magical girl in this timeline. I forgot about that episode.

shoot on sight even if she didn't have the gun

Shoot her and rape the body.

I KNEW there was something about Yun!
She's totally a 2hu! It finally clicked.

Who Dutchfag here?

Why don't we ask the author?



Hajime thinks of Nenecchi more than Aoba does. Why is Aoba such a shit friend?

Aoba only gives a shit about Ko.

Aoba likes older women, and now that she has access to some, she's stopped caring about children.

Really not a fan of shit ship.

So you support Aoba x Kou instead?

They are like sisters.

You'll get over it eventually Rin.

No, it was Knight the whole time. I don't remember seeing any other characters before this episode.

I don't know how I managed to type "shit" instead of "this".

That's just some quality mother/daughter bonding.

Freudian slip.

>he doesn't know
Author doesn't give a fuck. Get ready for Hifumi x Yun, Aoba x Hotaru and Kou x Hifumi if we ever get a 2nd season.


Man, this reminds me too much of the shit that happens in Yuru Yuri.
I don't like having my heart played with like this! Just make up your mind already!

They're supposed to be father(female) and daughter mate. You even had Rin and Kou looking at their "kids" and reminiscing in the same episode. It's also why Rin was the one who welcomed them back like a mom does.

Don't think it will get a season 2.
At least I don't remember any kirara mangas except Hidamari Sketch getting second seasons at all.
But the sales are alright, and it was a nice adaptation, so it may be possible.

You chose the yuri path and all that it entails.

>At least I don't remember any kirara mangas except Hidamari Sketch getting second seasons at all.

>don't remember any Kirara
Kinmoza and Gochiusa

Thanks for the spoiler fag

Why is Nenecchi so shit? She ruined the whole release.

>being onto 4ch
>complaining about spoilers
Are you some kind of special faggot or something?

I'm surprised this took this long to be posted.

Hey man, I used to be exactly like that, in my case one of the reasons for that behaviour was that I was going in without much knowledge of what I wanted/needed, only very vage ideas.

To get rid of that feeling first go to any fashion board/blog/whatever and research the basics, won't take more than a couple of evenings, by basics I mean different types of fits, what are the different styles for pants and shirts, basic color combinations and how clothes should fit you.

Once you go in you have the confidence to ask for whatever you are looking for, and you can then build up your knowledge on how to dress well. And know that just by following the basics you already dress better than 80% of people out there.

>This ending
What do they mean by this?

Theres going to be a season 2 right? New game for some reason was popular

Whens the ova



>for some reason
Memes and likeable characters in a good story.

OVA of the ski trip please. It won't mesh well with a possible 2nd season anyway based on the events of volume 3 and 4.


it means she can't believe what happened was on tv

They better call it New Game Plus

>not newer game

>It won't mesh well with a possible 2nd season
I thought this, too.
But the ski trip is so good, I wish it didn't have to be pushed to an OVA.