RE:Zero 'TV Anime's Sequel' is in the Novels

>RE:Zero 'TV Anime's Sequel' is in the Novels

so, season 2 never ever

animeonlyfags btfo

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That's fine, the anime ended on a decent note.


I wish White Fox would milk some of their successful productions harder. Re:Zero and Devil is a parttimer more than sold well enough for second seasons.

Anyone who thought they'd make a S2 while not including the clifffhanger ending is dumb as fuck.

Was clear they're done with this show.

Even if they planned a second season, it wouldn't be ready for at least a year+ so this doesn't preclude a S2 happening. Just that if one did happen, it wouldn't be directly following the events of S1. Most likely.

Who cares? The anime sucked balls, I don't give two fucks about learning what happens to Rem in a coma.

Delete this


Re:zero sucks balls and every other LN

Just let it go

Glad WhiteFox did this, but people will still be in denial about season 2 never happening.

Will it really kill those faggots to pick up a book in their lifetimes?

Who the fuck reads LN

People who don't waste their whole lives waiting for Spice and Wolf S3.

Don't worry. I'm sure it'll come out eventually, like Index 3.


>eventually, like Index 3.
It's ded, jim.

sasuga gg

eat that happy ending faggots, no s2 for everyone now ya retards

>pick up a book
>light novels
These really shouldn't be allowed to be called books. Books are associated with a kind of quality. Light novels are garbage.

Why would I read light novels when I could real proper novels? I watch anime and read manga because I like Japanese cartoons and comics. I don't do it because I like the "fantastic" source material.


What did they mean by this?

I'm not picking up shit. Fuck you and fuck this never ending trend of half-assed adaptations that don't finish shit and expect you to read whatever source.
I'm here to watch anime, I want a complete anime.
You faggots shit on Aniplex for milking Monogatari(which is true in regards of the movie bullshit), but at least it didn't stop at Bake.

If you're going to kill off anime originals in favor of adaptations then at least put effort into it.

This is more interesting to be honest

Light novels are like film tie in games, why the fuck would I read anything but Spice and wolf.

/qa/ncer btfo.

> trend
TV anime was always a glorified ad for novels, lns, manga, toys, vidya, mobage, locations, cup noodles, or even fucking zippers.

Anime is dying.

Its rare to see a series to get more then 13 episodes for get a season 2

>the anime ended on a decent note
It ended on a happy note, it was still mediocre as fuck.

>animeonlyfags btfo
I hope it doesn't get S2. After watching the first one I already feel like I've wasted more time on it than it was worth.

I'm aware that it's always been there but it feels like there was a lot more anime that were made to be anime then than now.

Its only the tread now.

It wasn't that uncommon back then to see a complete anime adaptation. Studios only care about pumping out as many series as they can now

The show was mediocre as fuck. It has been shilled enormously.

feels like a gut punch

Buy them goy

The intention of the anime was to promote the source material, like all other adaptions, meaning it has successfully accomplished its mission.

>pick up a LN(teenage targeted shit)
>pick up a book
Pick one

dont say shit like that it might happen

I'll take incomplete but satisfying two cour over those old anime that were 100+ episodes and had subpar animation quality.

Index/SAO all over again

>Advertising the two volumes coming out this month and next
Are you guys stupid enough to believe that implies no S2?

Fuck I feel baited for even checking the link

I'll take complete and satisfying anime over anything.

They're not even translated you fuck.

SAO is getting a third season. Cry more.

>tfw even Subaru forgot Rem this time

At least the manga is on par isn't it?
I'll get back to this series when it's over. I like to binge read/watch. But I ain't touching the twilight tier LN. Japs aren't good at literature, they're good at anime and manga.

The volume coming out this month starts exactly where the anime left off. Nice bait though

>it starts with Rem going into coma
>sales drop into oblivion

No, the manga is way behind

Nips already know what's going to happen to her and still love her and support the series

Afaik there are three mangaka who've done the three first arcs.

LN versions > Manga adaptation

Every time

You may as well just say you can't handle a page full of words.

Are you pretending to be retarded, or are you retarded? We are watching anime and reading manga because we want to watch anime and read manga, not because we want to read shitty Japanese literature. If we wanted to read literature we'd read superior literature from our own country or from classics or whatever.

God weeaboos who adore their shitty LNs never fail to amaze me. Anime and manga is interesting, but your shitty LNs are not. They're garbage. Keep your shit in /jp/. There's a reason we have a weeaboo board for shitty weeaboos.

Because before it had more originals if compared to today.

>or from classics

PV FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, this is domination.

Shitty YA books < pretty much everything else

A-1 promised to continue animating SAO for 20 more years as of 2015. They later clarified that they would continue to adapt it for as long as Reiki continued to write the series. No matter how long that turns out to be.

Literally, I am not even exaggerating. Season 3 comes out soon, they're going to start adapting Alicization.

SAO isn't going away for a very, very long time.

>Making us suffer just like subaru only to announce season 2 later on

They've got nothing to make a season 2 of. If they don't decide to make it of atrocious web novels.

>Tampen 2 zip or epub never
Even then I'm still not buying your shit as you cut the last episode short.

Don't be a filthy EOP, you fuck.

>Don't be a filthy EOP, you fuck.
English Only Policy?

peasant, you fucking newfag.

I'm not even him, but not knowing the acronym is worse than just being an EOP.



what they're saying is that they expect you to learn moon runes to read a shitty book on a shitty series

well good for you faggot

sry, but I don't usually hang out in filthy weeaboo threads.
take your shit with you back to /jp/

well, i'm not reading any fucking novels, so you can fuck right off!!

Anime is a long ass commercial for the source material. Every anime has that purpose. The main purpose of anime in the first place is to get you to go out, buy the manga/LN/whatever and get invested in the series from where it started. The animation studio doesn't give two fucks if you want another season or not, they already got their money to promote the series.

>learn moon runes to read a shitty book on a shitty series
Yeah, no I'm not going to that. Purge weeaboos from this board. I hope the rules change so we can get rid of all the LN fags ruining the board.

>I don't usually hang out in filthy weeaboo threads.
Then get out of Cred Forums, you fucking retard.

This is Cred Forums, not /jp/. This is a place for Japanese cartoons and comics, not moon runes and shitty picture books.

Do I have to read moon to be able to read the web based novel where the anime left off? Is arc 4 translated to read anywhere?

Thanks man.

Idiots like you are a riot. You are too dumb to learn a new language despite listening to it several hours a day, yet you still try to feel superior by name-calling the people who were actually able to learn Japanese. You're worse losers than the losers you're making fun of.

But for Aniplex, they clearly care more about BD sales than source material boosts. That's why you should hope they do LN adaptations, it's very easy to see if it'll get another season. If the discs sell well, there'll be a S2, and if they don't, then bye-bye.

annoying weeb

The problem with light novels is they don't translate well. Everything just sounds kind of awkward and strange when you translate to English. You lose a lot of the nuance.

It's missing the chapter right after anime's end though

Your shitty meme show is over. Stop talking about it.


I don't want to learn Japanese though.

This is a whole new level of shitposting, on a fucking animated Chilean mineral excavation board and calling people weebs. What the fuck?

What the fuck is wrong with light novels, you twats?

Yen Press will gets there hands on this shit anyways.

They are either not translated or the translation takes years.

I guess.

1. They're not anime and manga and don't belong on this board.
2. They're for weeaboos. We're here for anime and manga, not for Japanese literature.
3. They're shitty literature. We'd be much better of by reading real literature and not shitty 2. rate Japanese kiddy literature.

They have already translated the 1st volume.

The prose sucks. Anime adaptations save you from the awful prose and present the storyline in a watchable visual format.

But LN adaptations suck balls.

Yen Press can suck my dick. Shitty ass translations.

>Playing guitar hero is my hobby but I don't want to learn to play an actual guitar
It's not wrong to think that way, it's just sad.

They're on average very shit.

there are plenty of good LN adaptions

>Spice & Wolf

Those are a few good ones of the thousand shitty ones like Dungeon, Rokka, Overlord, Grimgar, and now ReZero.

Only battle harems are unconditionally shit.

Good, SAO is better than Re:Zero

S3 never ever

I'm pretty certain you can enjoy listening to music without being able to or want to play an instrument..

All isekais LN are shit. I thought you knew user.

1. Many anime and manga are adapted from LNs
2. You're calling other people weeaboos while posting on the anime board on an already weeaboo site.
3. I don't really disagree with this aside from pointing out that you're missing the disclaimer "on average". There's nothing inherent to the medium that makes it shitty, it just happens that most stuff on it is shit.

how long does it take to learn to read jap assuming you're an idiot

Yeah, and they are still better than their LN. That's how bad LN are.

Isekai as a genre is shit. Steins;Gate, the biggest one so far, is 6/10 at best thanks to the first half of the anime being SOL and the second half running in circles (giving people what they want because you can go back in time and then taking it away because some autistic bitch dies in every timeline? Fuck you).

>You're calling other people weeaboos while posting on the anime board on an already weeaboo site.
You can perfectly enjoy anime and manga without being a weeaboo.


The equivalent of that would be enjoying anime and manga without wanting to learn how to be a drawfag. Don't randomly change the metaphor.


Are you so new that you only know five IN stay adaptations? Some of them are at least 6/10

This is not an isekai.

The fact alone that you take that word this seriously is enough for me to realize that you don't belong here.

Surely it's now worth it to read children's books

This is what happens when someone who doesn't learn Japanese attempts to discuss Japanese media.

You're right. It's shit.

I guess I am the cancer here. Well, it's hard to refrain from browsing Cred Forums for two weeks. I guess I should get a netbook.

>reading and watching translated manga and anime is equal to playing guitar hero
>reading and watching raw manga and anime on Japanese is equal to playing guitar
you sure showed me. Man I don't really have a retort to that. I guess it's your win. Slash sarcasm. That's the shittiest metaphor I've ever seen. Comparing playing guitar to learning Japanese is pants on head retarded. Learning Japanese is useless knowledge you can't use for anything, and won't give you any better enjoyment of the medium. I'd rather watching paint dry than learn Japanese. At least I'll learn how paint dry, that'd be useful in some occations at least.

I'm tired of the smug readers looking down on me

How about Madoka, that's a pretty cool isekai unlike Steins;Gate.

i already knew from the start the anime's sole purpose was as an advertisement for the LN's

I've been doing so for the past 4 years. I know about only 200 kanji characters. There onyomi and kunyomi. It's a fucking mess too. Memorization is key. Plus took 4 semesters of Japanese courses at my uni. Can still barely read ln and vn. Only good thing is that i can find some nice doujins, translate easy shit with the basics down. If you are willing to keep it up, you will be fine. At least get down hiragana and katakana. Those will help ya lot with manga because there are yomigana next to the kanji in most manga.
Got 1 A and, the rest Bs in all my moonrune classes

that's what all anime is for mostly. only studios who make anime that isn't commercials are PA Works and KyoAni I guess.


Madoka is just terrible as an anime alone.

Why haven't LNs and games been purged from Cred Forums yet? There's literally a whole board for that shit.

Anywhere from 6 months to an eternity depending on your dedication and brain.

Could be bait, but i'll bite. The fuck nigga? Do you even know what an Isekai is?

From the Rules thread it seems like /jp/ doesn't want LN fags either.

Did Emilia win?

Make a thread about it, loser.

The metaphor is that you're enjoying a watered down version of the real thing and refusing to learn to enjoy the real thing. Which like I said, is perfectly valid, but sad.

>Slash sarcasm
Kill yourself.

>Learning Japanese is useless knowledge
So the language of the third largest world economy and one of the technology and entertainment powerhouses worldwide, and the 9th most spoken language in the world, is a useless language? You're retarded.

Where can I find an english translation of the light novels?

I'd rather play guitar.

so they wont make a second season fuck

Because LNs are big part of anime, my little crossboarder friend. You can't discuss anime based on LN/manga/game/VN without mention original. Like for example your post is offtopic, it's not Cred Forums related

>entertainment powerhouse

Please in that case there are 8 other languages to learn other than Nipponese

Not him, but almost all translations are shit and even the good ones lose some meaning, puna, fluidity of prose and so on.

I'm not saying that is worth your time, but don't pretend to be a retard.

>but almost all translations are shit
EOP pls

4 years? I can learn how to fucking doctor in that time frame

Japan is the biggest worldwide exporter of media aside from the US.

Then do that?

Most medical doctor programmes are 6 years.

>Learning Japanese is useless knowledge
So the language of the third largest world economy and one of the technology and entertainment powerhouses worldwide, and the 9th most spoken language in the world, is a useless language? You're retarded.
Still about 60% of the country are still virgins. Still suffering from a crisis. Chinese is way more important to know in the next couple of years or so.

People learn how to read VN in year or half. You don't even need to know how to write shit. It's calling passive learning. 4 years? You can learn how to draw in 4 years in good fine art shool.



I've already had German in school, and I've not used it in ten years.
I'd much rather learn Spanish than Japanese. I'm still a bit mad we didn't have Spanish in my school.

Most of the people becomes fluent after 3 years. He's more than slow.

>Still about 60% of the country are still virgins.
Please explain to me why this is relevant at all, if true.

>Still suffering from a crisis.
Pretty much all first world nations are in some sort of crisis right now, you know.

>Chinese is way more important to know in the next couple of years or so.
Sure, if you really want to deal with Chinese conmen. I mean, businessmen.

Chinese media is worthless. Anything good from them came from thousands of years ago.

You also need to be an intern afterwards, but you'll make money then at least.

I'm a medical doctor btw.

If you're not retarded (and you shouldn't if you're trying to become a doctor) you would be able to learn two languages while also becoming a doctor.

>Most of the people becomes fluent after 3 years. He's more than slow.

You know not everyone on Cred Forums has 130+ IQ like most people here and can learn superfast

Normal people with iqs in the 90s have a more difficult time

Ok I just finished watching the final episode.

Yes I obviously know about the spoiler. But I really honestly think that they ended it in a good part.

It's like this, if this was an original anime, that would have been one of the best endings we would have seen for a show. But it wasn't. It was an adaptation. Which means there are obvious things that still needs to be addressed, and it shows.

Still, with the spoiler, it WAS STILL a great ending, it's just it was marred by people knowing what will happen next and wanted that. Very understandable.

Let's face it though. White Fox and Kadokawa didn't know it was going to be THIS big of a deal. Yes Kadokawa bet so much on it, but they didn't wholly bet on the series. Pretty understandable on a business perspective.

Now though, they really got the attention of a whole lot of viewers. I saw what the JPs are saying and the majority of them are saying "We are expecting a season 2." Not "waiting", "expecting". They must know that they can sell fuck loads of merchandise with this now or even the books. THEY SURELY MUST KNOW.

It was a good show. 8.5 something / 10 for me. For me, it would be kinda dumb for Kadokawa not to greenlit a second season in a few years when the LNs have enough leeway for a new season to be adapted.

Really guys, let's not fight anymore about this. At least we finished a ride that didn't dangle stuff in front of our faces that may not even happen.

Maou has a bunch of novels they could make a second season from.

re:zero does not.

No, Kadokawa would not pay to make an anime of the web novels.

>These really shouldn't be allowed to be called books. Books are associated with a kind of quality.
Not really, no. By that logic, Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey aren't books.

I have an IQ right over 130 (in my country, it's probably a bit higher internationally), but I'm not that good with languages. You need to have a bit of talent to learn languages too.

EMILIA WON OH HELL YEAH now i can watch the series and know rem is shit

>Please explain to me why this is relevant at all, if true.
Virginity is strong argument in discussion between 20years old. He probably trying to insult someone

>You need to have a bit of talent to learn languages too.

It's just not fair. What' the point of us untalented people existing

>It was a good show. 8.5 something / 10 for me
Stopped reading here.

Check out DJT and stop wasting your time.

I'm pretty good with other things. I had top grades in physics, mathmatics and chemistry. I even started on my doctorate program during med school.

That kinda ended up as a failure though.

I know you ate that shit up Jebus.

You don't need talent. This guy talk out of his ass

If you honestly spent these past 4 years actually studying and you're still not fluent, then you might be beyond help.

That's literally just an ad taking advantage of the anime ending to sell more LNs. I can't believe people are saying that it's definitive proof of never getting S2. It's fine if we don't get one, but this ad is not "season 2 never."

Fuck off you fucking spic.


It not as easy as it seems you fucks. It takes along of time and plenty of practice. You have to consistently use the language everyday and be exposed to it. Plus, I got more important shit to do. Not eveyone got time to fap and read animu all day.

I ate it up like there was a old nanny telling me I couldn't leave the house until I ate all of her 3 month old cookies. Now i'm at the mall throwing up from food poisoning.

You're just mad about me not acknowledging that learning Japanese is essential to watching and enjoying anime, because that would ruin your effort of learning Japanese.

why are you such a faggot?

after watching the last ep, i wanted to feel better but GG made me fell sad again

>Now i'm at the mall throwing up from food poisoning.
Food poisoning is no fun.

I keep reading web novels this and web novel that.
What's the difference between the web novel and light novel? aren't they the same story but one has pretty pictures and the other no?

>but this ad is not "season 2 never.
Is this is your first anime based on ongoing manga/LN? Anime based on something is trash most of time. It's only exist for advertising superior material. Sure WhiteFox like making Re:zero and put some soul in it, but they can't do anything. Sponsor decide what to do. Anime based on LN and there is no LN material.

>Jebus Matoi

Thanks, ReZero.

He doesn't have the same trip.

I think WN's are usually self-published while LN's have official publishers

I guess it's kinda like when they made an anime of of Kirino's Imouto-web-novel. It had lots of emoticons and shit in it.

I don't know for sure though, I don't read WNs and LNs.

don't worry, everybody knows that tripfags are faggots

Why is there so much Rem foot fetish art floating around? It's not even like she really exposes her feet in the anime.

What? You're just retarded. You don't even need talent for drawing. Talent only speed up learning process. Here for example great art teacher talk about self education, talent and other shit.
Stop posting

LN is more polished and condensed iirc. Dunno about the exact contents.

>Stop posting
you'd like that wouldn't you

Asking this again

Will there be actual novel threads for Re Zero after the anime discussion dies down (2 weeks at most given the ending)?

WN = draft of the author for his stories. This is where he does his trials for the story and sees what works and what doesn't. Self-published.

LN = the edited form of the author's story. Basically this is now the "true" version of his story, he saw what works in the WN version, sees what the people are criticizing about it and worked to make it better for release.

>Hard work will never beat a hardworking genius


Yeah I understand that.
But some people here treat the web novel like it's written different or the story is worse and I don't understand that. Aren't they the same story?
>It's not even like she really exposes her feet in the anime
Well, if the anime doesn't shows someone has to do it.

If the chapters come out fast enough


Re:zero translation is dead. Look for axample at Overlord translations

>tfw it could have been 2 years with the suffering ending

Ferris is the best. He deserves just happiness.

Thanks for the summary.

If someone translates the novels, then yeah. Index LN threads used to be a thing.

Ok I'll be honest for me and the people that are mad like me. We don't want to read a fucking book. Half of our affection for manga and anime is because of the style, and half for the actual story.

So now go on and stall calling me name because I don't give a single fuck.

What happened to spfag or the other moonreaders
>no more theory discussions


Spfag didn't even read arc 6. He's probably don't know japanese good enough. His speed is ridiculous. You don't read like this

>animeonlyfags btfo
what do they think will happen when the OP is like this

I like reading so I'm more than happy that the translators make it possible for me to continue following the story.

>Banner is Rem
What am I getting myself into

I just think it's kinda strange. I know Rem in general has been pretty popular on pivix, but she (And Ram) seem to have a disproportionately enormous amount of foot art despite not really having done anything to stigmatize themselves with feet. Priscilla on the other hand would make total sense if she had a lot of foot art.

Please kill yourself.

>any of those things
>signs of intelligence
>not qualified to live
>not qualified to die

Is this yours? Most adaptations of ongoing LN that don't belong to Dengeki get second seasons/continuations if the anime sells relatively well and the author is enthusiastic about it. The most recent examples are KonoSuba, Saekano and Yahari. In Re: Zero's case, they just need to wait for more source material. ~2 years between seasons is practically nothing.

Emiliafags blown the fuck out

Makes me wonder why studios even bother animating anything from light novels anymore.
Not that I liked this crap, I'm just tired of seeing anime end partially finished because they're too pussy to come up with an original anime or animate the rest of a light novel - or the light novel is too long because the authors don't know how to end a good thing instead of dragging it to it's death.

translated the part where she encounters the other archbishops

>Emiliafags blown the fuck out
why? Emilia won and rem's not there anymore

By "talent" I assume you mean "being a NEET with autism", because that's the only reason an average Cred Forumsnon has accurately memorized 20,000 kanji while remaining utterly incapable of pronouncing "gochisousamadeshita".

I'm ESL, though, so I know how abysmal all translations are.

Even when it comes to the most popular books, movies and games that get the best translators there is a pretty big difference between the original and the translation.

Anyways, yesterday I spent sobering five minutes comparing the official localization of Kino no Tabi with the original. Before that I thought the Polish translators were bad, but now I know that nothing can compare with you chucklefucks.

Removing and adding whole sentences, changing what Kino says and does to make her seem more "cute". It kinda feels like the translator was a failed writer, trying to better the source material with his asinine ideas.

annoying illiterate


>The prose sucks.
No. It's just different. Japanese prose is different from western literature standards.

Arc 3 manga will adapt the epilogue right?

They are still a thing every time a new volume comes out.

That's getting somewhere. When did they start this and how regularly do they post?

There's an apparently popular belief where 1:1 translations are a bad thing and everything should be localized even if that means replacing the whole sentence with something basically made up on the spot.

It might have hurt but your glad you ate your nannys cookies.

Careful with all that projecting, you might blind some passerby.

>wants to learn Spanish
>gets accused of being a spic
Retarded as always I see.

Can someone explain to me why these types of series that are really famous both, outside and inside of Japan don't continue for more than 12-25 episodes?

I mean, I get that they need to take a break but why do they instead go and make another school harem or wannabe [insert good anime here]?

I'm sorry if that is a newfag question but I started to watch anime some months ago and always see the same thing.

Spanish is my first language, I really don't know why someone should want to learn it. The only good thing we have is spanish literature, but other than that we only have shit tier music, movies, and don't even mention games (the good ones are translated).

Anime is promotionals for the source material. As long as this anime makes the light novels sell, it has made it's purpose.

Anime is more or less dead. Only a few studios make original anime that can stand on it's own.

Costs way too much to make a show. You get good deals making shows to advertise other stuff, but you don't get much gain from actually following through and finishing it, considering the source often goes on for years on end, if not decades

So, unless the show ends up selling like hot cakes to the point that a sequel would be a sure-fire hit, you move on to the next one.

Because there's a lot of nice coutries that speak Spanish? Only German language country is more more or less Germany. Only French is worse to learn.

Money don't grow on trees, and after the initial sellings, its quite rare for a show to sell more, so its safer to invest in a show with fresh merchandising and will sell more volumes than the former would have in one increase.

You need to shill your other products too.

>we avoided another entire season of pure uncut cancer on this board

Feels good man.

>I'm ESL, though, so I know
How the fuck does this line up? If anything not having English as your mother tongue is going to make it harder to notice when writing feels like shit in English. That's why like 90% of fan LN translations read like shit, the people writing them are esls with no sense of English prose (or sense of what a spoken conversation between two native English speakers sounds like, for dialogue).
That said the official Kino translation was a mess with the random lines added in. I have no idea why they did that. Just retarded.

>Only French is worse to learn.
There's a bazillion languages less useful than French.

That's a non-sequitur, and you're just trying to validate not having learned Japanese after all these years. Sour grapes, right?

Learning English as a second language doesn't mean being incompetent at it, you're just biased because most people who learn English as a second language (which is most people, period) happen to have low proficiency at it. That's just normal. Most native English speakers also write like shit too.

I had to google this.

did you know you can hide threads you don't like?

What is so outlandish about less cute and more serious Kino that requires "localizing" her as a more cute girl?

How is adding a small subplot where Kino and Harms are slightly afraid of ghosts, because the city they entered seems to be empty a " localization"?

How is making egregious mistakes like mistranslating スキンシップ and ナイススタイル anything else than an argument in favor of eugenics? (It doesn't even make sense in most cases. Why can't all those chucklefucks hit a dictionary when their "translation comes out as gibberish?)

What did they translate those terms to?

Also, you're like the fourth pole I meet who's learning Japanese. Do you happen to be majoring in Japanese too?

I have a question a bit off-topic while I'm at it.

I know jackshit about Re:Zero, I'm probably planning to watch it with my big brother for shits and giggles sometime, but for many weeks every Re:tards were hyping the fuck out of the last episode, saying what happened in the original novel was batshit-insane. And I don't know, judging from the reactions I gathered it seems it didn't live up to the hype. Am I mistaken?

I think they are used to it by now.

>tfw literaly torn up about this anime
>tfw thinking back immediately good thoughts come
>then I remember all the shit parts

Fuck, I haven't been this conflicted in a while.

Also, I absolutely loved the OP/ED

The last episode cut off right before the "insane shit" that happened in the novels in favor of a "happy" ending.

The ending didn't get to the point people expected it would.

I read Japanese two times a week at my uni for one year and I know about as much as that. How fucking bad are your uni courses man?

god damnit I was hyped for more Subaru and the rest. It was such a good anime

>Reading LNs

I rather pick up a real book desu.

I have yet to see a piece of fan LN translation where I couldn't immediately tell the writer was an ESL. It's way more fucking blatant than you think.
The majority of ESLs being shit writers in English, as you say, does nothing to counter my point that not being an English native makes harder to tell what shit prose reads like in English (and thus make you more prone to writing shit prose).

Damn, that sounds pretty lame. Now I understand people feeling ripped-off with no S2 in sight.

I mean from comparing English various source materials and their translation into my native language, I know that even the best and highly regarded translators can't give justice to the original. Needless to say, Crunchy and Funimation probably can't afford the best translators.

Keep reading both source and TLs, you'll see that shit so often you'll want to gouge your eyes out.

Also, if even an ESL can see that the translations of anime are shit, then they must be really fucking it up.

I usually notice that my own sentences are pretty shit often.

What's the correct order of the If Rem chapters?
Do I begin with Natsuki Rem or Natsuki Rigel?

>Season never ever
well... you got it right, if whitefox didn't had the balls to make the "who's rem" ending it mean that they wouldn't take the responsabilty and the annoyance of everyones asking "so that mean we will got a season 2?!"
they literally washed their hands off

>Necessary tier (don't even think about learning anything else if you haven't mastered this)

>Mainstream tier (a shit ton of people speak these and most people agree these are pretty useful, no particular order)

>Recommended tier (somewhat useful/widespread/important but not as widely learned, mostly in order of usefulness)

>Hobby tier
Anything else

let me explain with his same words


Depends if you mean "translation fuckups " in the vein of not transliterating wasei eigo 1:1 or dropping honourifics (this is the majority of complaints), or actually making translation fuckups like adding whole new lines that weren't there originally, writing while clearly not understanding the meaning of the sentence in Japanese, or going off in a completely different tone from the Japanese.

I think you're the one who's completely missing the point. The point is that learning language as a second language doesn't mean being incompetent at English or being unable to tell when English is badly written. That's just called being a shitty learner.

>The majority of ESLs being shit writers in English, as you say
That's not what I said at all. If anything, my point is that most people are shit writers in any language they try to write in.


Most people have shit prose in any language, writing well is hard and requires lots of deliberate practice to master like any other skill.
I don't really get native speakers who think ESLs in general have lower proficiency in English than them. Your expectations are colored by stereotypes Indian call center people, poor Mexican immigrants and the like. Most affluent, educated people in the world who are under a certain age have English proficiency comparable to that of a native, at least in writing.

Yep. Though that's a pretty strange coincidence.

>learning language
learning English*

Translators mistranslate スタイル like 99% of the time.

I've been learning English since second or third grade, and I have been actively using it for like almost 20 years. Still I'm not that fluent in using it, even if I post around and use it everyday.

I don't think you can learn to use a language completely unless you use it verbally in a native English speaking country.

It depends on how you use it.

If you use a language to shitpost everyday, you'll get better at writing in that language.

If you listen to it every day, you'll get better at listening comprehension.

If you read it every day, you'll get better at reading comprehension.

If you speak it every day, you'll get more fluent at speaking.

This applies to your native language too.

Meant for
All of them were majoring in Japanese? Pretty strange, though I guess this is Cred Forums after all.

Don'tsell yourself short, you probably wouldn't even make many mistakes that natives make all the time, like confusing their and they're, it's and its, and other similar mistakes that stem from not having proper compartmentalization between written and spoken english. Ultimately, native or not, most people are not Shakespeare, if you can communicate with native speakers without significant obstacles on any medium, you're fluent.

>their and they're, it's and its
I'm pretty nazi about faults like these, but I'm nazi about faults like that in my native language also.

>Ultimately, native or not, most people are not Shakespeare, if you can communicate with native speakers without significant obstacles on any medium, you're fluent.
Please refrain from using comma splices while pretending to be an authority on English fluency.


I'm not an authority on anything. But native speakers butcher the language just as much as non-native ones.

I met two of them irl though. It really is a strange coincidence.

Because mistakes are so blatant and so frequently done by ESLs that the only conclusion I can reach is that ESLs are just generally inferior writers of English than native English speakers. Personally I think this makes sense because even more advanced ESLs are going to have less exposure to the language than most natives. When natives make shit prose it's usually because of redundancy or blandness. When ESLs make shit prose it's usually because of hilarious word choice errors, choppy sentence rhythm, mindfuck grammar, phrasing that simply doesn't sound legitimate, no sense of tone. I'm sure natives can manage the latter type of fuckups too but not without being drunk, being actually uneducated, or trying for it if they want to stand on par with ESLs.

I'll give you choppy sentence rhythm, phrasing and tone since those are actually issues with how a sentence "sounds" in your head when you read it. Grammar and vocabulary are however, assessed rather harshly in any reputable ESL exam, I don't think you'll find many ESL who have a high IELTS/TOEFL/Cambridge score who suck at grammar or vocabulary.

The thing is that most native English speakers don't have a reason to write something that you would like to read. They're unlikely to be translators because most native English speakers are monolingual, and they're unlikely to be published unless they have actual writing skills. If you want to read shitty English by native speakers, go look up random fanfiction or the like.

By the way, you underestimate how learning a language can give you a better grasp of a language's grammar, or how much exposure to English there's on the web.

There's also the chance that many translators may not have a good grasp of English but still be motivated to write in it due to the larger readerbase that it would entail.

Just to chime in on this: errors common among native speakers typically fall within the category errors in formal standardization of the language, which is to say that they are writing in a colloquially valid voice that's only incorrect insofar as it deviates from the standard.

Those kinds of "mistakes" are common among native-speakers of any language, and are most typically the product of a conscientious style-choice rather than a generalized ignorance or failure to grasp the language. Subtleties, like the tonally appropriate context to write in a conversational manner, are the sort of thing that can tend you be lost on non-fluent readers who are a little too eager to justify their own lack of linguistic competence.

The fact that some teenage girl makes Facebook posts in ebonics or that your father doesn't bother to distinguish their and there when texting how disappointed he is in you aren't grounds to excuse non-fluency as aneeded acceptable standard.

Especially so because only like 200 a year are allowed to major in Japanese in the whole country. And most fail the first year, so there aren't a lot of us.

As an ESL I agree whit what you've said. But I must said that when I'm in an environment were I only listen, speak, and write in English I tend to be more smooth in my word choice and I also tend to notice errors more easily. But right now since I'm visiting my parents and friends which only talk Spanish my sentences probably don't sound as good as a mediocre native speaker.

I hate weebs too but you sure sound like a shitty 12 year old

Grammar and vocab are important but so are how you actually use them when writing prose. I don't know how english exams assess vocab, but using a word with the wrong nuance can make or break a sentence. Unless the exams assess you so that you're familiar enough with the word to consistently use it in harmonious contexts or sentences, even if you know the word and what it means, you're in danger of making a hilarious mistake.
Grammarwise, I don't doubt that advanced-level ESLs know their grammar. Thing is I have to wonder if they know it too well. Personally, I find breaking grammar important for getting across your tone, but when you have Cambridge exams slammed thick into you I have to wonder if it's difficult to be confident about breaking the rules. So then you can come off sounding robotic or generic in text (this can super-fuck character dialogue). Then on the flipside you have low-level ESLs who just don't know the grammar and so make fuckups different from the natural-sounding fuckups a native would make.

Good, now we will have much less animeonlyfaggots with attention spam of 2 seconds asking stupid questions and shitting on the threads and the series all the time.

>it's a buy the LN ending episode

Wait, can someone tell me why this means there won't be a season 2. I'm sort of new and don't understand

Huh, I guess it's no wonder both of the ones I met irl completely owned my ass in knowledge of the language, then.

I'm also not that surprised, given the extremely biased sample due to meeting them in social circles related to Japanese learning.

It's advertisement for the light novels. If they will adapt further or not it depends on the higher ups decision, but they'd need more light novels to come out to adapt arc 4 to a reasonable spot, so they can adapt it.

People going about "no sequel" are baiting. It's not clear in any way if it will get one just yet though, too early to tell.

Cambridge english exams can't really be done at the C1/C2 level like some sort of grammarbot, they know asians that have memorized the Oxford Dictonary of English Grammar by heart but can't actually use the language take the exam. The speaking section weeds those people out, since a simple misunderstanding or awkwardness can be enough to fail you. You're teamed up with another candidate and basically have to fool the examiner into thinking you're not an ESL for 30 minutes. The smallest fuckup can make you fail the section, and you have to pass all sections to pass the exam.

Advanced level ESLs might not be able to write the most natural sounding conversations as composition isn't really tested that harshly, even at the highest level the writing section is focused on a few kinds of formats like letters and opinion essays instead of being more free-form. But if you come across a LN that not only seems to have awkwardly written conversations, but also has shitty grammar and words used with the wrong nuance, the person writing it is probably a nip that isn't very good at English translating it for some ad cash and not some non-nip ESL who also knows nip doing it.

Too early to tell, wait for the LNs to have more content, give it 2 years.
We need more Kadokawabucks

>in the novels


It's okay user, first step is denial.

No user, I wil never give up!



>go read the LN ending
you do realize that EOP are not the audience of this show, so you should stop complaining about these kinds of endings

It's more like it's a shingeki situation.
It performed extremely well for them but there's just not enough material for another 25 episodes yet.
Expect movie adaptions that cover 8 episodes each, a couple of chibi spin off anime, and a slice of life side series that focuses on the queen candidates :^)

webnovels dont have editors so its usually pure unfiltered garbage, most of the shit that happens in WN get edited out when they become LN

anime made from webnovels almost always are terrible.

How long do you wager it'll take for the manga to catch up to where the anime ended?

that's because making anime is expensive, and animator don't even get paid the amount they should get

Does anyone remember when the second OST disc is supposed to come out?

I never said it will happen, i'm saying it's too early to tell.

>The novel series is also inspiring a video game for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.
What are they going to do, make Dark Souls all over again?

Re zero is a lot more gruesome in the WN then the LN. Also, Re zero as a novel is surprisingly good. Honestly felt chills reading the interlude when Regulus the archbishop of greed just lifted his arm and cleaved the ground and air in 2, while also severing Crusch's arm. There is tons more blood too; a carriage full of wounded people turned into a mist of blood through the absolute defence and offence of greed. Ley the archbishop of gluttony is pretty batshit like Betelguese, but he's definitely more formidable than he was. I wager if it was Ley they were facing Subaru would lose a lot more. If it were Regulus it would have been impossible even with millions of reinforcements; you'd need Satella/Reinhard tier characters to beat him.

Its a VN.

that's not how a foot works

>tfw deleting every Re:zero folder and mkv files

Glad this shit's over.

im glad its over


He has brain cancer from all the Asuka vs. Rei threads. Go easy on him.

Re:Zero just got BTFO'd

>Posting Youtube shit
Isekai yourself m8

Editorial will make him write Rem back into the story by volume 10. Screencap this

this guy need to lurk... wait!
why the hell did i even watch this ?!

Doesn't matter. Ended nicely, without any cliffhanger, which was surprising since everyone was just waiting for a fucked ending.

I was waiting for the despair ending. I didn't like the anime ending. Fuck it.

I rather have Katanagatari Prequel animated which stars Shichika's father.

There is source material enough for it

Well. I think it's time to learn moon runes.

Last episode in one scene

They going to animated as extended version of episode 25 in the Bd or as the first episode if they make a S2.

Why would anyone want S2 of this? It all ended on a very good note despite its background and the usual spoiled ending the sourcefags give. There's no cliffhanger, which should be appreciated more for a series that's probably already a hit, based on how there's always a lot of threads and shitposting on it. I was imagining this being milked so hard with massive cliffhanging, more despair, and even more Toyota despair.

Anime flopped and source material got just a decent enough boost. They don't want to risk it with a second season. Very smart move.

Nothing. EOPs and animeonlyfags love to bitch about LNs and say that they all fucking suck, meanwhile they beg moonreaders to spoonfeed them spoilers all the time while said moonreaders are reading whatever LN they happen to enjoy with no fucks given.

>He considers Twilight and 50 Shades books
It's garbage fanfiction that caught on to a retarded following don't kid yourself

You can also say the bible is a shitty fanfiction.

You're just grasping at straws now.
But believe what you will.

Eh. It was a wild ride, but I'm sure I won't be missing it. Certainly not worth picking up the LNs. This show was enjoyable in a melodramatic spectacle kind of way. Bad pacing is bearable in an anime, but it's a nightmare in awkwardly translated prose.

Yea I feel the best option is to cut losses and pretend the end of the anime is where the story ends.

>has a beautiful demon maid absolutely DICK WHIPPED for him
>cute cat traps flirt with him aon the daily
>is one of the beautiful and powerful Crush-sama's best mates
>insulted a proud knight, but he still joined the harem
>hero of the battle against the white whale
>the main antagonist schliks to him every night
>defeats beetle juice by cucking him into eternity
>sealed the deal with Emilia, a beautiful elf girl
>can use Return by Death to-

is there any MC more alpha than Subaru?

>Anime flopped

The hype kind of ruined it for me. I thought it was average, but the amount of shilling and massively exagerrated amount of threads kind of ruined it for me. How it managed to become so popular is beyond my understanding. I can't figure out any other reason than that it was massively shilled.

A book is a physical object, the quality of its contents have no bearing on whether the object is classified as a book or not.

Subaru can appear alpha because he gets as many do-overs as needed.

Exactly my thoughts. I'll be glad to keep watching if they make another season, but I don't think I liked it enough to spend time reading the LNs.

Westerners love fantasy. And they love shows that have deaths in them, because that way, they can pretend that it's more mature than normal mainstream anime that is for kids.

Letting Cred Forums ruin your enjoyment of a show is pretty ridiculous sempai.


>the noah flood is a rip off of the epic of gilgamesh
>the exodus is a rip off of sargon of akkad
>the jesus myth is a rip off of egypes horus, krishna, dionysus and a few other deities
Stay mad, Christianfag.

It's even worse on /r/anime.

Thank god the anime had a satisfying conclusion then.

Eh typically if you enjoyed the story, and know there's a ton more of it to come, you'd like to see the rest. The ending was good and gave some closure, but knowing there's 6 other archbishops to be fought, and very little is still known about Satella, and why the MC has his power, how he got to that world, or why Satella wants him is still a mystery I'd like to find out. Not to mention Roswall's part in all of it, how he's using the MC for his own gain, what Betty's part in all this is, how the royale selection will turn out, etc. etc.
Really this anime could have over a hundred episodes easy, and it's unfortunate that the anime was pushed out before they had enough materials to start additional seasons, else we'd probably have them.

Appearing alpha is pretty much being alpha

I really don't see how that confirms S2 never. Hyping up the novels means they've given up on adapting them? You guys are just overreacting and making massive assumptions based on very little information. As per the usual with Cred Forums.

>These really shouldn't be allowed to be called books. Books are associated with a kind of quality. Light novels are garbage.

user, I've published two books on Amazon. There's no quality needed. Just about 40 bucks worth of purchasing ISBNs. It's cheaper than 40, but you can buy them in bulk for less.

That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever from a buisness standpoint. Why are they giving up on something that would just print money for them?

>And they love shows that have deaths in them, because that way, they can pretend that it's more mature than normal mainstream anime that is for kids.
There's a kernel of truth here.

Western entertainment suffers greatly from the fetishization of conflict. If your main cast isn't constantly suspecting, betraying, and back-stabbing each other then your show can't be complex and mature. There's no such thing as camaraderie movies anymore, where the good guys are actually on the same side and don't have to constantly have over-the-top conflicts with each other. There used to be war movies where the good guys worked toward a common goal. They may have butted heads, but they were on the same side. Compare Star Wars, where your leads grow to be friends by the end of the first movie and then just spend the rest of the trilogy supporting each other, to The Avengers, where your leads are artificially thrown together and then gradually tear apart. Yes this is cherry-picking, but it's been the general trend for the last twenty years.

Honestly I blame the whole brony debacle on the west's fetishization of conflict. Friendship is magic? Maybe if our media had more positive portrayals of friendship and camaraderie then young men wouldn't be driven to pony cartoons for tiny little babies. This is why stuff like Avatar:TLA became so popular, and why the sequel didn't. This is why something with a bunch of bros like Stranger Things feels so novel. And I strongly suspect that it's part of the reason I often find anime so refreshing. Because it isn't a slave to those banal Hollywood fads.

I feel like I got on a wild ride that stopped entirely too soon. No way am I'm gonna read the books, I don't have time for that.

The bible is shitty fanfiction.

>Normalfags and remfaggots BTFO in one fell swoop

What a time to be alive. re:zero is a solid 5/10 and nothing more.

>You guys are just overreacting and making massive assumptions based on very little information. As per the usual with Cred Forums.
Truer words, Cred Forumsnon.

Yea, no where does it confirm there won't be a season 2. They're just using the hype/fanbase created by the anime to try to get people to buy the novels. That does not mean they won't make another season once there is enough material.
It'll be at least 1-2 years.

While I somewhat agree with you (the last point is a half truth) I don't see why you're bringing this up out of the blue.

Pointless arguments like these are tiring enough in /his/, don't bring them to Cred Forums too.

Did create some fantastic memes though.

Yeah, ruling out an obviously valuable marketing tool for no reason is totally nonsensical from a business perspective.

IIRC, the anime covers vols. 1- 8 of the LN?

>knowing there's 6 other archbishops to be fought
I thought there'd be only 5 others, given that MC is supposed to be Pride.

that was pretty clever

It covers all the way to chapter 5 of volume 9, after that i needs 2 interludes and 1 final chapter to finish arc 3.

>I don't see why you're bringing this up out of the blue
I'm trying to piss off the Cred Forumsfags that post on Cred Forums. Some of them are religtards

Longest meme in history desu

That will only make them crawl out of the woodwork.

Tell them to fuck off when they appear, don't go out of your way to provoke them or you'll just derail threads.

The book makers want to ride the wave of success of the anime. That's all this is. They know there's a multitude out there wanting more of this story, and they have what is now the only means of getting it. Why not flash your teets and have them suckled?

This however does not preclude a season 2. A great hit always gets a sequel. Mark my words you heard it here first. Be sure to thank me in 2018.

That's true, even so they could easily go another 3 seasons.


Subaru might not be the Archbishop of Pride. Al is a plausible suspect; as he does have a special looping power like Subaru but it's way different. Also there is no Archbishop of Envy, just saying that it's not possible.

>Tell them to fuck off when they appear, don't go out of your way to provoke them or you'll just derail threads.

Like this thread hasn't derailed a couple of times already..

>There will never be a villain as good as Betelguese ever

How do I cope with this loss? Is all anime downhill from here

The archbishops of Gluttony and Greed will be fine replacements, trust me.

>akame ga kill-tier villian

They can never beat this
He was the most enjoyable villain in along time

>anime joker
>good villain

Why do I keep seeing retarded shit like this? Tryhards trying to adopt the 'LN are shit' thing, even though those who originally said that include the adaptations too. I guess adding pretty pictures magically makes it worth it

That fucking manga.
>look at me i'm edgy as fuck
>watch me kill this village in the most horrid way
>oh you thought the last guy was bad?
>watch me torture these lolis
I wanted to protect these smiles.

I'd say it's more a fetishization of conflict. Doesn't necessarily have to be backstabbing and murder, but those are both high-stakes conflict things that are exciting to read about. You could have a story conflict without backstabbing but the backstabbing adds another layer and ups the stakes more. Point is the story always has to be escalating until you hit climax and those kinds of things make good escalations. Well unless you write them shittily.

Is he Monkey D. Luffy or something? Has he been eating forbidden fruits lately?

but do they get to meet dog?

>Every single sin archbishop has a name related to the stars in some way or another
>The witch Pandora is a reference to Pandora's box the one implied to be running the show for the witch cult
>Shaula is also a reference to the stars and a riddle inside the tower is a reference to her name
>Flugel has a strong stench of the witch and is implied to be from earth
>Many others have come in there from earth, Kararagi's founder was a man named Hoshin, who founded it by uniting different tribes and establishing the place, giving it Japan's customs, politics and some events from earth like April fools and Christmas
>Betelgeuse knew Flugel and was safe keeping the witch genes of sloth before he used then to protect Emilia and her aunt in the past
>Most likely he had some strong connection to spirits just like Subaru, Betelgeuse was a spirit too
>Most bishops have been around for ages, implying they may not be human at all much like Betelgeuse

Now, i don't know about you, but this is all too much of a big coincidence. What if bishops are creations from Flugel, and the reason their names coincide with the stars is because he liked stars? And Subaru gets the powers from the bishops because they're returning to their "rightful" owner?

The villains in this series get more development later. We find out in the next arc why Betelgeuse turned into a raving madman.

Yes the juju fruit

Betelgeuse has a reason to be crazy and evil, akame ga kill is just edgy for no reason

hey battle royale and 1Q84 are pretty good, they're not LNs though so that might explain it.

Regulus is literally Cred Forums. It's quite funny to hear him say how his rights are violated, but then when he wrecks shit's quite a sharp contrast.
Ley is also just as insane as Betelgeuse...actually no. Ley actually listens...until you say you're a merchant; he will then fly into a rage as he despises merchants.

>so, season 2 never ever

Thank god

So regulus is Cred Forums and Ley is Cred Forums

Please tell me Ley meets Otto

Only one met dog. I'm still mad what happened to them.
Exactly. Made me wanna drop a nuke on their world.

I think you're right. Maybe not that Flugel made the bishops, but he was involved in giving their names somehow. That's how I read it. What if Betelguese was an artificial spirit made by Flugel? Regulus has actual parents so I doubt Flugel could've made him.
Also, the only bishops that gave been around a while are Sirius, Regulus, and Betelgeuse. Others are newer. Source on that one is buried his ask FM somewhere.

There's a difference between derailing an anime thread to talk about the usefulness of learning Japanese and derailing it to talk about religion.

Unless someone wants to talk about the seven deadly sins or some other religious motif or theme in the series, in which case they would be welcome.

>regulus has parents

God I feel so bad for them

Ley does meet Otto.

Holy shit, anything translated like that?

It's probably better to say that Regulus had parents.

It happens in arc 5. He wants to kill him as soon as he finds out he's a merchant.

He has a reason to be crazy. Would you believe me if I told you he was kind, stern and upright and a family man?
Well he was. He was also a close friend of Flugel's
Not yet, but there is a web novel translation where the anime stopped and they managed to cover the part where they appear.
Here's the link

Why is Pandora such a super cunt

We don't know what her deal is yet, aside from apparently it being super taboo to talk about her in the cult, even among high members.

The essence of vainglory is to be a prick.

I think it's pretty funny that despite all the fucking problems and trouble Rem gets into that Subaru thought it would be a good idea to leave her and go off on his own. Guess that elf puss was clouding his judgment again.

Weren't all the witches absorbed by Satella or taken by Ekidna? How is pandora still around

Joseph Conrad and Vladimir Nabokov were ESL, yet they're considered to be some of the greatest writers in history.

She is a minor sin. Also she can avoid death with her power, she's super slippery.

The idea of the IF story was that they found happiness but they have to leave everyone they cared about for it, it wasn't a complete victory.

They post quite regularly, but only started a few days ago.

The essence of vainglory is your power is delusional, not real. Pandora's is real and god-tier, though.

But I don't know Japanese well enough to say if vainglory is a complete translation of 虚飾 (kyoshoku) or not.

Since it's a sin motif the real question is whether 虚飾 is a complete translation of vainglory

Ok, maybe not prick. It's just fabrication of achievement, but I do agree with you Pandora is too much.

Vol.10 is coming out next month. So whatever is written has already been written in advance before we even got to the anime ending.

I'm planning to watch it. What am I getting into?

may someone explain why SAO is so popular?
watched the first season, Kirito is a faggot nu male and that shit plays like a Twilight VR teen wet dream.
kids are th ones eating this shit?

Why does even the unreleased song for it turn out so good?

I wonder where they planned to include it.

>kids are th ones eating this shit?
Obviously. It's targeted at tweens.


Any translated lyrics yet?

Spanish is for shit tier countries though. Took it in high school though, forgotten 50% of it by now.

Tfw rem in the last episode ;_;


It's going to be used in the epilogue.

>mfw it's shit

Yeah, Spanish isn't necessarily useful.
>Took Spanish in high school.
>Never used it once.
>Japanese never offered in HS/college.
>Laughed at weeb friend in college who taught himself Japanese.
>Eventually develop software with a primarily Japanese demographic, travel to Japan.
>Manage to speak in dank animemes, can't read anything.

>i learnt a language but i never went anywhere were said language is spoken, therefore is useless
come to latam or spain and try to speak in japanese, tell me how it goes.

I want to learn Mandarin. Is it hard?

Never said it was useless, just that it wasn't necessarily useful. The mantra in the US educational system is Spanish is always useful and students don't have a choice to learn Japanese at all, at least in my state.

And thus the EOP's collectively gasped in despair upon the realization that they are actually completely irrelevant as to whether or not any particular anime gets a sequel or not. Up until now seemingly oblivious to the fact that they exist only as some sort of parasitic abomination living off of the whims of japanese consumers whose purchases actually drive the direction the anime industry takes.

glad they made this decision not to. now all the normie secondaries can fuck off back to their meme punch man and sword art onlines

Why was Felis sad when she -bonked- Subaru in ep 23?

Your sentence structure is atrocious. If you're gonna try flowery prose at least have some idea what you're doing.

Will Rem ever be loved again?



Well. Emilia never even fucking knew what the Witch Cult was, even though it's common knowledge.
>[Emilia: But um… Even though I don’t know much about the Witch Cult… The Witch refers to the “Witch of Envy”, right?]

Seriously, I don't think Roswaal was ever planning to teach her to be a real leader at all.

>most popular girl of the series is killed (and removed from the universe) off-screen
>anime adaptation conveniently ends 10 seconds before that's revealed
Did they wimp out because they were afraid that would hurt sales?

I love 2001 things about Emilia!

Are you guys seriously still talking about this show?

Who was this again?

>people are angry about Rem
>I'm angry about Crusch getting her arm severed and losing her memories

Fuck that.

Cliffhanger would have implied a S2 soonish which they cant do due to not enough LN content. From reading previous threads, some anons mention that jp viewers already knew about that whos rem ordeal so sales was not the issue here

Rem should really be the amputee. Waifu status times ten, guaranteed sales.

Eh, not super impressed with what I've read. I'm pretty sure you could cut arc 5 in half if you make both of them shut the fuck up.

>Will it really kill those faggots to pick up a book in their lifetimes?

A surprising number of people dont like books, you see how the popular Hollywood movies are book adaptations? Harry potter and Game of thrones?


Such a lust for Rem....


>Rem is starting to look far better than Emilia in every aspect
>Have to make everyone forget her, and make it impossible to get her back off screen
>Crusch is starting to look far better than Emilia for running the country
>Have to make her a gimp, and take away all her memories off screen

Crusch has both her arms, Felix can fix that shit. She's doing okay for having her memories taken, give it time.


In a few years if the series is still popular and there is profit to be made.

Funny thing here. Emilia literally doesn't even know the history of the country or anything about Satella and the Witch Cult, despite common villagers knowing all about it, other than that people don't like her because she looks like her. It turns out her ignorance goes way deeper than not knowing what sex is.

Is symphogear worth watching? I like the expressions the character you posted makes

It's worth it user.

Haruhi is HIGH ART!

S1 is full retard and stupid. Only yuritards like it.

S2 is better and actually decent. Still stupid but reasonable.

S3 starts off pretty good, with the
antagonists of the post replied to. It quickly turns generic however, think first half of arc 3 in Re;Zero and then the generic shounenshit after episode 18.

How does one go about capturing Crusch's heart?

Thank fucking god

Anime died when they moved to a model of "blueball anyone who wants to see the plot conclude in the same format it started in"

Why do you guys watch anime anyway? Seems like if something is an adaption of something that isn't finished you shouldn't start watching it in the first place, because it will inevitably not ever have an ending.

/r/ing the episode length/presence of OP and ED chart

If you want more Re:Zero, guess what? We're definitely NOT making any more. You gotta read the light novels now. That's right, a high budget, animated product with movement, pictures, voice acting, music, and all that. Now you will transition to words on a page. WORDSWORDSWORDSWORDSWORDS.


If there was ever a reason to learn moon, this is it. Get on it, fags.

From a business stand point, I wouldn't be surprised if Re:Zero didn't get a season two
From an artistic stand point, I wouldn't be surprised if Re:Zero didn't get a season two

I think some people are misguided about how sequel business works.

a) Kadokawa paid them to do this series, not the other way around. They decide whether there is a sequel or not.
I would even go as far as to say that BD sales doesn't matter much unless it is gigantic (which is not, even though 8k-ish sales means they at least got their investments back and made some little profit).
b) The anime was made merely to promote the sales of published and future LNs and mangas. It didn't answered most of the important questions intentionally so the viewers have to buy the source material if they want to know how the story continues.
c) As anime is based on light novels (not web novels), and there is not enough source material right now. Also, don't expect you'll ever see any closure in the tv series as it would take at least three more two-cour series to even got to the point where WNs are right now and even then, nothing is really resolved or close to the end (in fact, it's quite contrary - with the boost from anime, it's very unlikely the series will end anytime soon.

And... even if they decide on the sequel.. White Fox have too much in store to make second season right away -- right now, they are already doing Soushin Shoujo Matoi, not to mention full sized Utawarerumono Futari no Hakuoro sequel (even though it was a flop but they would get paid for it so it

Translation: Blah blah, more suffering in the novels.

When did anime start going in the direction of not making anime original endings and season 2 baiting? I remember it was very surprising Code Geass went with a s2 rather than ending, but that was an original anime series, so...

Emi is alright
Ram is good
Rem is adorable
But who I really want to get fucked by is Elsa
>immobilizes you and whispers "yukkuri, yukkuri, yukkuri~" and "ara ara" into your ears while edging you until she doesn't even have to touch you to cum

>Subaru loves 2000 things about Emilia
>Satella has 2000 hands

I think a split between anime original endings and open "follow the source" ending was always a thing. What made it become really common though were all these late night 12-13 episode adaptations which always seem to end with open endings.

We still get original endings once in a while when they go to 26 though.

By 2000 things did he mean her hands? Puck said it before that Satella could grow out 2000 shadows.

Say that after you read Utsuro no Maria, faggot.

Well guys, I've been doing some thinking and what if Rem is Satella?

Everywhere I look it seems like more evidence pointing to it.

For starters, who has more reason to be envious than Rem, who is eternally second to Emilia in Subaru's heart? The author has also stated on twitter that Emilia > Rem in bust size, thus another reason to be envious.

And I know that Satella is described as looking exactly like Emilia, but what if that's just the thing. What better way to take revenge against your love rival than to use their appearance and ruin the reputation of everyone who looks like her forever?
Also, from this excerpt of the cut conversation that Subaru has with Satella in Arc 3, we can see that she calls him
Who else calls him this? Not Emilia. However, Rem does.

As you may or may not know, Emilia's name comes from the Latin "aemulus" meaning "rival".

Satella's name can thus probably be traced back to the Latin "satelles" which means "attendant", kind of like a maid.

Re:Zero = Re:Mu = Remu = Rem

Oh and in which episode and with whom was the title dropped several times? Episode 18, with Rem.

The signs are there. Expand your minds.

Oh and also, this would help explain why Satella killed Emilia that one time Subaru tried to explain RBD.


Fuck their lazy ass for not animating 2nd season.

Seriously fuck them.

I'd also like to know this. What did Puck mean?


>actually believing there's not eventually going to be a S2

my fucking sides

Why exactly did rem disappear again?

>Last episode in one scene
Just no.

user you're making me cringe

>season 2 never ever
Absolutely Slothful

How will Subaru and Emilia's first time go?

Re:Zero would be Re:Rei


>moves that makes authors poor and nobody care about their work anymore

I saw some legit looking anime portraits of Frederica and her fuccboi brother.
Guess that's fake.

No, you guys don't get it.

They made an ending to close it up and not to let it up in the air with a "read the LN" cliffhanger like, for exemple, NGNL.

But because they didn't end like that to promote the LN, they have to advertise in other way, and thats the reason for those banners.

Wise magical negro was cucked to death.

What a way to go.

Thank God it won't happen at least for 2 whole years.
We will move on to something new at the time anyways.
Mahouka too sold like 10 and still no s2 news or anything at all.

I'm just starting this show right now.

Please do not spoil anything for me.
Thank you.


The article posted doesn't say anything about it, faglord.

Get out of the thread then silly user.

rem dies

Echidna tells Subaru that Satella gives zero fucks about Rem.
Satella existed before Rem was born, and Satella exists after Rem is erased.
Half-elves aren't oni.
The clear parallel to Rem/Subaru is Theresia/Wilhelm. If anything, Pandora will turn Rem into a zombie and Subaru will have to kill her. The author already all but spoiled this would happen.

Not fake

Ferri is bullying Emilia

Put French in mainstream tier.

>The clear parallel to Rem/Subaru is Theresia/Wilhelm. If anything, Pandora will turn Rem into a zombie and Subaru will have to kill her. The author already all but spoiled this would happen.
This would trigger ____us____ Remfags
Tappei would get slaugtered with his own chopper.

rem cucked

Subaru dies

No one knows much about the witch cult, since the people who do know end up becoming part of them.

Jesus Subaru is such a faggot. Sperging out when ferris falls Emilia out for being ignorant

Mahouka is getting a movie. It was announced ages ago.

So with shitty anime industry we'll never going to see the light of Index 3,HOTD 2, Botooom 2, Angel Beats (a prequel at least) or Overlord 2.
Feels bad man; but hey at least in some cases we have LNs (if that helps) and in the case of Angel Beats we have an upcoming VN.

Good thing I packed up all the Overlord volumes to keep me warm during the winter.

>tfw we will never see Ainz-sama animated again
Why even live?

We're going to see him in a poorly dubbed english version if that helps....

>Overlord season 2 never
Did i miss something?


>Mad House
>Season Two

Pick one

>Emilia: But um… Even though I don’t know much about the Witch Cult… The Witch refers to the “Witch of Envy”, right?

This idiot wants to be queen?

There is more than one witch...

There are two idiots who want to be US president. I'm glad that our worlds is so similar.

There is more than one witch....

well of course: White fox don't know hot to spell season 2. jormungand was a split season

Steins Gate zero will be their first sequel/prequel

There is more than one witch. Emilia knows more than most of the people who refer to Satella as THE WITCH.

You're a troll, a bitter asshole, or both


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