Amaama to Inazuma

Last dish today.

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Such a shitty adaptation.
OP and ED are especially bad. "KISS KISS" on a story with family values and a dad trying his hardest to cheer his daughter up? Who thought that was a good idea?

Anyone notice the animation getting worse?

Yes. I hope this last episode won't have QUALITY.

I wasn't sure if I was gonna be sad when this was over, but I'm tearing up just thinkin about it.

Half an hour boys, ride is almost over.

What a shit show it was

from what chapter should I pick up the manga after the last episode? or is there stuff that was left out and should read it from the start?

Probably most of the animation staff already moved to start working on their Fall projects.

I want Kotori to get some action at least


I liked the SAME episode.

They put everything on Mugi's haird in episode 1.


Cutest mom and daughter combination.

And they still butchered that episode because it's missing the integral scene of Kohei specifically telling Tsumugi to never leave the house alone. It makes his blow up seem uncalled for.

Finally this joke of an adaptation can end.

She is a kid and all but damn, this makes me angry.

>People hated this show

Well fuck, this was my favorite show of Summer '16

Don't become a parent.

>borrowing her daughter's clothes to seduce men and getting discharge stains all over them

She's so fucking hot. Looks like her daughters might be learning from her. Definitely looking like enjo kosai practitioners.

Another week another Yagi suffering.



i really liked the show I dont know what everyone is unhappy about

i do know but I still liked the show beyond its faults

Teasing little slut.

Just when sensei getting a praise.

Wait what, that was the last episode?
Why? How? I don´t want it to end.


>the show literally tells its audience that sexualizing Tsumugi is fine


This is one pretty okonomiyaki.

The author does this on purpose right?

Everyone wants to fuck Kotori's mom.


what did she mean by this?

Fuck off, streamfag.

The author literally never puts Tsumugi into those kinds of poses. She just dances.
The director is a lolicon with a hateboner for Kotori.

So Yagi is a fan, no wonder he is always around sensei cookouts

how else would i watch it? there's no sites releasing torrents of it

thats what the target audience wants

>"KISS KISS" on a story with family values and a dad trying his hardest to cheer his daughter up? Who thought that was a good idea?
It's good to know that this show triggered a few normalfags in particular all the way to the end.
Never stop being this way, Japan. You're the best.

He came to fuck. Can't blame him. Did you see her figure?




I'm Kotori-mama, and I'm going to fuck your dad and cuck my daughter.


prove me wrong

nvm i found the torrents, i was searching the english title not the japanese title. you can ignore my previous baits

bump for interest.


Series is heartwarming but this will be another one that I would say I'm going to read the mango and then forget about it later on.
I agree, you dont have to be a fan for that.

>hateboner for Kotori

This is a Japanese mama.

I just realized that Kotori mom, was voiced by Kuroko.


I looked at it and this episode adapted chapter 19.


Lurk for 2 years before posting.

Was going to say, Every episode had some pose that could be sexualized by lolicons.

Saori Hayami voicing the main female lead in a chilled SoL, I couldn't ask for any more. I enjoyed it loads even though the episodes were pretty much all the same "LET'S COOK AT KOTORI'S!".

thanks user.


I'd fill her with my affection if you know what I mean.

>takes out a large number of her scenes
>including whole chapters where the main focus is her bonding with the family
>just to put in more scenes of Tsumugi shaking her butt

Explain further.

Director loving Tsumugi's loli butt doesn't mean he hates Kotori.

if there's one thing i got from this show it's that kids are cunts

>including whole chapters where the main focus is her bonding with the family

You cant be serious, fucking pedo asshole.

When are they going to fuck?

Very young children are not rational, they simply emote. They know only that they need. They are still growing into complete sentience.
Parenthood requires the patience of a saint.

I want this MILF!

Why is Shinobu so fucking fresh?

Cutting literally all her romantic development does.

I could swear this 2 were siblings just by going for the opening at first, it surprise me they arent related.

>implying your cancerous tripfagging is any better

Fuck off you wannabe janitor


I want to punch this child.

>Kotori and sensei singing with Tsumugi like they are family
T-This is it.


...child's womb with my penis?

Is that what you were trying to say before you accidentally hit post?

I think that it is time to read the manga :_

Child's face with my fist, is what I meant. Guess I wasn't clear enough.

>her romantic development does
But that's even more creepy than the Tsumugi pedopandering.

Some of this days day she just tell him to go to the nearest government office at 4 o'clock with a passport and a pair of the rings.

There isn't all that much difference anyway.

Is the manga over? If not, we can all agree it will end with him fucking Kotori's mom?


>people think Tsumugi is annoying
>people try to sexualize Tsumugi

You people are dumb as fuck

someone go post the webm
you know the one

Not anyone's fault that she's a sexy little ball of fluffy hair.

When does Kototi get to slake her thirst?

You need Tsumugi out of the picture first.


Was this the last episode? It really didn't feel like a finale.


Don't worry pal, I got you.

Yuuka's outfit is lewd.


From what I've seen in anime he just needs to stamp/sign the marriage application.
She may already have done that for him.

Kotori and Sensibshoukd fug

I'd say start from the beginning.
There's a decent amount of stuff they didn't cover from the first 2-3 volumes that helps to flesh out Sensei, Tsumugi, and Kotori.

I did like the anime but I have to say I really was let down by all that was cut out Kotori wise



Actually it's true, application must be countersigned by tho withnesses, though.

Would Kotori and Tsumugi suffice as witnesses?

So is that what she meant by this?

>Boxer brief
Good taste.

ANN would use the English title.


Who's translating it?

Good for him. I like My Brother's Husband.

I want more.

Must be 20 years or older? sensei and Tsumugi's mom will do. Also, she need written parents approval, but I don't think obtaining it would be a problem.


Wasn't that if girls under 16 wanted to marry? Or you need approval between 16 (18 for males) and 20?

Latter. Girls under 16 (males- 18) can't be married.

She looks THICC. Imagine the smell of her cooking and sweat after a long day of work.

>Massive: Gay Erotic Manga and the Men Who Make It

Yes Tsumugi-chan, just like that

No it isn't.

She's a famous cook who appears on TV. It's like if they were learning swordsmanship instead and they had a chance to meet the famous master of the dojo.

Marry and reproduce.

That would be partially it, but c'mon, one look at this and everyone wants to scramble her eggs.

Tsumugi is literally the cutest loli in all of anime. She's so CUTE.

Shouldn't have to say this, but please do not sexualize.


>but please do not sexualize

too late

Holy shit, was Tsumugi always THIS autistic? I had to pause when she started sperging out in the restaurant because it was just too cringe-inducing to watch. I don't remember her being this bad in previous episodes.

She's a kid.

>Child acts like a child
>"Holy shit what an autist!"
Sasuga Cred Forums

An autistic one. And I don't mean that in the Cred Forums meme sense. I thought Japs were supposed to be obedient?

Kids act like kids? News at 11.

One of the few occasions on top of that. Most of the time when Tsumugi opens her mouth, she says things a childless single 40 something woman regretting her life choices would come up with.




Why did they remove the romance?

Anime director hates Kotori. Even took away her tits.

Disturbing and distracting.


The pessimist in me says they consulted with the author and it's a sign of things to come in the manga.

Just leave if you're going to be a normalfaggot. There's plenty of space for you on tumblr, facebook or reddit.

Why did her dad suddenly start calling her Tsumugi-san?

Or did I just not take notice before?

I think he calls her with both.

What a happy family.

Yagi gets the MILF and Sensei gets tight teen pussy.

I don't think the propaganda is working. I'm watching these shows every season but still not doing anything.

Oh, there’s more.

tripfagging is worse fuck off

Are you nipponjin? It not, then of course it doesn't work. Those anime shows urging nipponjins to breed have hidden subliminal messages hidden in the inbetween frames that only a true-bred nipponjin folded a thousand times over is susceptible to.
Gaijins are immune to it.

>Spent all series building Kotori as best wife for Sensei
>Last episode has Mom make a strong contention as well

Also Yagi was a cute this episode

>plan is to hit on the woman in front of her daughter, her daughter's friend, and a small child

Yagi has no shame.

>Well, I guess they say kids never realize how much their parents care.
Fuck, I was shitty to my dad yesterday.

Jesus, they've both got the tiny fang.

Why is Shinobu so lewd?

Nah, he just want to network himself into those japanese variety show.

>loli tries to be lewd
>it just comes off absurdly cute

>Brings a big thing of alcohol to spread those plump MILF thighs as her daughter sleeps downstairs
Yagi a smooth criminal

The MILFs the last couple seasons have been top notch.

Next, christmas OVA?


Tugummi a shit.

You mean Christmas Date?

Fried Chicken episode?

Is Kotori's mom single?

Christmas Enjo kosai

Yagi is sexy as fuck. Wouldn't mind holding his load in for hours.

>His nice suit and open collar this episode
Kotoris mom doesnt stand a chance

That'd be a bummer, but I guess not out of the question. There was that one chapter where Kotori said that she doesn't want her feelings for Sensei to be all lumped together as 'love' or something.


>tfw dating Yagi means free drinks and he makes you breakfast in bed the next morning after pounding your butt for hours

>Kotori's mum didn't even introduce herself to Yagi
pretty rude desu


Never forget.

I was dissapointed at the zero interactions there, it could have been cute especially with more Shinobu bullying

Kotori constantly has that, "I want to make a kid" face and I feel that if this anime were 2 cours that would probably be the ending of the second cour


here u go

Gonna need a new version taken from this episode.

what's up with that outfit?

She's a famous chef in Japan

put 2&2 together

Modesty doesn't sell in Japan or really anywhere


>no cooking with kotori-chan next week


Famous chefs in Japan wear school uniforms?

Tsumugi got the booty.

>Tsumugi's shy voice when she was greeting Kotori's mom

Yagi seemed weirdly fed up with Tsmugi this week, he's usually more adult. Fair enough when she spazzed out and knocked the bowl over when he was cutting, but even when she was just dancing he was kind of grumpy

he thought he was gonna get to meet a hot milf and was bitterly disappointed when it was just me, SHINOBU! and got jumped.

but he lucked out and saw a hot milf in the flesh anyway


sensei x kotori x milf hmanga when

Just waiting for a few more years.

>grown up

Fucking dropped

Why wait when you got a perfectly good one right now?

tsumugi ruined the whole show

would have been better if it was her black haired friend

Same episode formula for 12 episodes. wow what an amazing slice of life.

the hmanga will be better

Tsumugis doujins will be god tier

I want my teenage metabolism back!


What did they change about the anime?

when will they plow

Removed all overt traces of Kotori's crush on sensei and the resulting romantic development that stemmed from it.


I thought it was weird how she was always blushing around him,so I guess that explains it.

Nerfed Kotori's breasts.
Removed any chapters where Kotori bonded with the family (& Bento, Cold Special).
Removed any traces of Kotori feeling anything towards Kohei.
Made Tsumugi's dances pointlessly sexual.

the moms in the show were great

Mother-daughter threesomes are my fetish!

>Made Tsumugi's dances pointlessly sexual.
Not seeing a problem there.

I'm waiting for the oyakodon chapter.

>Removed any traces of Kotori feeling anything towards Kohei.

Were we watching the same show? They just didn't make her a fucking pervert about it.

Director-san likely wanted to emphasize the father-daughter bond and keep it purely cooking related with light lolicon fanservice

Nah. I'm going with my hateboner theory.


Ghost NTR is my fetish

Oyakodon is recommended.

I'm mad about the adaptation.

So after this point in the manga, does the MILF show up more? Or did they end the anime on the one off chapter she is in?


My God why???

This show reminded me of flying witch with worse animation.

Extremely comfy show with a novel concept that doesn't really follow a story and never really has a climax.

Will check out the manga now.

This is not right.

Says you

Kotori best girl.

Tsumugi is going to grow up to be a whore

It's even been confirmed that she's going to be a gyaru. Poor sensei, he might need to use drastic and risky measures to keep her from going away (which might not work if his dick isn't energetic enough).

>Tsumugi Twerking

Short hair mum is very cute.

I loved really loved this ED. The song was alright but those scenes and the story they told were always fun to watch.

PARTY HARD edit where?


So we getting any doujins of her getting plowed by her dad?

They completely underplayed her own sense of loneliness and feelings with bonding with them.

Saori Hayami did a great job with Kotori.
She out-Mamiko Noto'd the master.

What the hell...
Here's my stitch of the MILF, too.

I really like the manga, but it was pretty clear they were going to make the father/daughter relationship the focal point. You do get glimpses of a lonely Kotori when she eats alone and doesn't really talk to anyone but sensei from the side of the school.

Everything that's really overt in the manga is handled with more subtlety here. It does feel a little underdeveloped in parts, but I thought that dealing with someone's death was more compelling here. Especially when Kotori helps in small ways that help more than she knows.

Are there actually people who don't like Tsumugi, or who don't think she's a cute daughteru that deserves cuddles?

And a villain was born.


god i hope there's a S2, this was my probably my favorite show of the year

well that's the problem. It's not just about the father and daughter and dropping her removes at huge chunk of the appeal. They made her feel more like a third wheel

I like the manga, but this adaptation of it made me really dislike Tsumugi.


Why are all these sluts into old dudes? Shinobu in particular has been oddly chummy with a guy twice her age.

Traditional eleven values.

It would be better if they were brother and sister.

It's not chummy, it's bullying. She's bullying poor Nagi-chin because he's actually a big dork who is just pretending to be a cool older guy.

Not a bad ending.

She's seen his wallet bulge.

I'm going to miss her.

das it mane

im really bummed out that this could possibly be the very last amaama to inazuma thread that manages to get over 30 replies, that is unless we get a second season...

this is one of the rare times where i managed to not only keep up with a show while it was airing but also regularly participate in post-episode threads for a show.

how do i deal with this pain?


>manages to get over 30 posts
Youre just not around when its airing.

Yuuka-chan is my daughteru, I'm gonna daddy the shit out of her. I will also daddy the shit out of her mommy.

Well, this was a fun watch. It was nice of them to end on a scene with most of the main characters, including the mom.

I now require oyakodon doujins with this mother-daughter pair, it is one of my top fetishes.

See you niggas in the Udon threads.

see you in a month

They really fucked up her face. The lipstick looks terrible in motion for some reason. It was horribly distracting.

Not enough Yagi. I want just one episode of Sensei and Yagi having a drink and talking about life. There was a perfect episode for it, but I guess they thought it would be too good.

Son of a bitch.


>get out of here so I can fuck your mother

>Yagi telling Kotori to gtfo

Yagi knows what's up.

That's some good attention to bulge, how the dick is smashed and forced to go off to the side. Hope he alternates sides so when he shows Tsumugi his penis she doesn't get weird ideas about penises pointing off to the side being the norm.

Threesome doujins when?


Going by the age of their kids, Kotori mom is at least a few years older than Sensei... that just makes it even better.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Tsumugi's VA is amazing.

After a while this just becomes funny as hell

Sensei could still be in his mid 20s. Kotori mom could be anywhere from late 20s to early 40s. Wouldn't surprise me if she was a huge slut and ended up pregnant in her early teens.

He's 26 or 27 if I remember correctly.

That's why she's still wearing a school uniform. She never graduated.

Sasuga onii-s- I mean sensei.

Let's do seks

At least I can look forward to her in BB

Hayamin is a miracle of the universe.

How about a double oyakodon with Kotori+Megumi x Kouhei+Tsumugi?

What the fuck does Kotomom even do that she has to bail on her kid so much? She's a chef not a surgeon.

Kitchen AVs.

She's also 16 or 17 years old. Hell, I had my own car by the time I was her age.

To be fair, driving isn't as common in nipland.

well the implication is that none of this shit is recent. Plus if you promise your kid you'll be there for them you show up baring a life and death emergency. Fuck I gave up overtime to go see my nieces stupid play because I told her I would. A promise is a promise.

True, but she's no grade schooler either.

This is nipland. Missing a job is unforgivaburu!

She's a celebrity chef. Lots of demands on her time.

It can't be helped, feeding Kotori full time isn't cheap

well then she needs to fire whatever agent is springing jobs on her at the last second.

> putting family before work
Shamefur dispray

She isn't mega famous or anything, it seems to be more random variety shows that need someone to fill a gap

What the fuck, are you American?

why what's driving age in the rest of the world

Yeah, It was a rusted out PoS, but it was mine.

18 is pretty standard, like for drinking, marrying, and anything else

Drinking age is 21 in America and Japan.

The same here in bongland but I didn't have my own car until I was 20.

And you can fuck infants in parts of Africa since they have no functioning law enforcement, doesn't mean it's normal.

Except in Wisconsin, no drinking age limit as long as you're with a parent or guardian.

The drinking age is 20 in Japan. Which is also their age of legal majority.

yeah but that's Wisconsin.

It is 20 in Japan. And in many spic countries it is 18 but is not really enforced. I guess it is one of the few perks of living in a 3rd world shithole.

She's a pretty cool mom, letting her daughter find her own path and hang out with an older man.
Some say irresponsible, I say good wingman.

I stand corrected.
Thank you.

Oh yeah, Cred Forums... Fuck you faggot!

>simple conservative attire
>practical pony tail
>kind comforting smile

Why is Kotori so mom like

Why is Kotori so much waifu material?

>can't even cut an apple into slices when you're poorly

that's what papa's for

Tsumugi is pure.

I haven't read the manga, but the anime does very little to give the sense that Kotori is doing much to heal sensei's grief. Heck, if anything, he seems to get worse and his daughter being a constant reminder of her is no help. Which is expected because the real focus of the show is mostly on food porn and cooking. As in it takes up huge amounts of runtime so there's no way you could expect proper character development. I came looking for a less depressing "My Girl" and ended up with The Food Network.

Well if it makes you feel better the manga does address those issues a lot more. The bond between the three is a lot stronger.

Cutting chapter 4 is especially unforgivable.

Please tell me that they get married later on. They simply look adorable together ;_;

Kotori & sensei
Yagi & Shinobu
Sensei & hot mom
Sensei & kotori's mom
Doujins when?

Never, since Yagi is canon gay. Don't forget author did various yaoi/yuri works.

Same here. I definitely thought that they were siblings.

Of course I'm going to pick up the manga.

But I liked the adaptation as it was. I'm glad they chose to focus more on Sensei and Tsumugi, because the Kotori stuff was just too convenient and cliched. You could still tell it was there, but it wasn't a big thing.
It's just that I don't like it that he HAS to replace his wife with this new high school kid to be happy. Nothing wrong with being a single dad.

Tsumugi is cute. Would snuggle.


>they didn't end it on the chapter where Kotori's mom says she's gonna open the shop again so they can't come over and cook anymore until they realize they can just come over on the weekends

Well this adaption was a letdown.
I'd of been willing to overlook Tsumugi getting lost at the festival being combined with the Sickness chapter if they at least did that.

Which one would you hit on?

The regret after sleeping with two high schoolers.

Yagi you player.

Always bet on twintails

megumi is a famous cooking expert in Japan .

In Japan, there is a thing to wear the old uniforms in the quiz show.

Cave woman alert.

Front row center is a 58-year-old

Damn Kotori's mum is stacked!

OTP desu.

Back row middle is a man(drag queen)

You've got to feed a child as hungry as Kotori somehow.

It's good to know where all the food will go on Kotori when her metabolism slows down

Tsumugi is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Where am I supposed to get my cute girl doing cute things fix now that the show's over?

And on the flipside I came for the father/daughter dynamic and the cooking so I'm fairly glad that they didn't go into generic romantic development.

Different strokes I suppose. I enjoyed the anime a lot.


>sensei is younger than me

Fucking hell, what am I doing with my life.

Did you mean yagi gets shinobu

>Both have fang

He really doesn't look it.

What a cute couple.

>implying yagi will not fuck shinobu

Secret Brother and Sister.

Good lord my dick.

So many scenarios that could be have for doujins with this show but no.


I would rather Pianoman from fucking ReLife do the soundtrack than whatever fucking idiot was in charge of this.

I liked it. Whenever the song started up you knew a Tsumugi buttshake is on the way.

She's the perfect waifu.

Does this Okonomiyaki taste good?
Aside from what the show make it look like.

I will be mad if they don't. This author has done plenty of fluffy romance stories before so they shouldn't be adverse to it.

>tfw your mother looks better than you in your clothes
Being kotori is suffering.

manga Kotori > Anime Kotori

>manga Kotori > Anime Kotori
Nobody arguing that user.

>those giant yaoi hands will never be wrapped around your hand

Now that the series is complete, it would be great to have a webm compilation of all the scenes where you can practically see Kotori ovulating.

Is this yaoi?

>Lewd thoughts on Kotori
I understand you

so with this ending and having such shit sales can we finally say goodbye to SoL?

She's on permanent wet mode.

I would pet this wolf.

Show should've been about the blond dude and the girl with the messy hair instead.

Kotori is made of lewd thoughts.

Why not both.jpg

What do you expect? She's been eating all this fried food her entire life.

You prefer incest?

You don't?


I found her hair to be fluffy tho
>tfw no qt fluffy twintails hair with fangs gf
Why bother breathing.

The entire point of my post is that the father-daughter relationship is actually underdeveloped outside of a few scenes in the adaptation. "My Girl" is all about how a man is constantly reminded of his wife and his daughter does her best to become a good person so that she doesn't worry him in hopes he'll overcome his grief.

A lot of the relationship stuff in this adaptation is just dad-gets-slightly-mad-at-standard-preschooler-for-doing-harmlessly-stupid-preschooler-things-and-tries-to-be-ameliorating-about-it. Yeah, maybe that's relaxing, I admit, but it's pretty empty, and again the largest real chunk of the show is cooking process and and eating reactions. As a person who loves real life cooking, real cooking shows, and other cooking anime, this one just left me with some vaguely good vibes when I feel it could have been much more.

Something just aint right with this girl

why does it have be finished? what anime will make me happy now?

Never, ever.

Shinobu for life.

So.. it's over now. I sure did enjoy the weekly foodloli show.
I wish there had been more Kotori shenanigans though a bit.

Amanchu isn't ending until Friday, at least.

I really wish girls like Kotori actually existed

Because they would be bred constantly if such perfection actually existed