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Can someone post the link to the pastebin and delete it after a minute, please?


So, just wondering - did Shonen Jump even try to explain the whole eyebrow tribute thing, or are they just going to pretend Kochikame never existed?


there's no need for me to do that, you can find it yourself in the archive

What would Viz readers know about Kochikame? Most of Cred Forums probably doesn't know about it, myself included. I only know that it's an old, long-running gag manga.


>What would Viz readers know about Kochikame? Most of Cred Forums probably doesn't know about it, myself included. I only know that it's an old, long-running gag manga.

You'd think that since every manga has the same eyebrow in this week's issue, they'd at least try to explain the reasoning behind it. Even something is small as "this long-running series ended this week" or something like that. I dunno.


Viz chose the best possible translation for this name. Company redeemed.

Sadly the only reply regarding the pastebin I find in the archive is 'You can find the link in the archive.'




If you're using desuarchive then that's not the case.





To be fair like half the eyebrows are kind of subtle. Only One Piece's was like HEY THIS IS A FAREWELL TO KOCHIKAME thing on it's front page


I assumed we were talking about the Cred Forums archive that only saves threads for 7 days.


Reminder that Kaminari is fucking awesome


the announcer gets on my nerves


They picked up Red Sprite and Love Rush

World Trigger That's pretty much never the archive anyone talks abouut.

Good. We need more harem and battle shounen in our lives.

Of course we do, gramps.
Now, take your meds and go back to your containment zone.


>The only reason Shishikura didn't get rekted is because Baku held back.
I want him to pass and get rekted by a serious Bakugou later.

What. Did they? Hmm

Thanks for the dump.

fuck of

Makes sense. With Nisekoi and Bleach done, they need as much series as they can get.

This quirk is just cheating. He can transform humans into meatballs with just skinship and he can dematerialize and control his own flesh to the point where it can fly under a bridge and hit someone from behind. Just put this guy into a special quirk police force and he could take care of literally every villain.

Yup. His power is better than tomura's too. Can make them useless with a simple touch not using all fingers.

Can easily kill them in blob mode.

Can use his abilities with an absurd range flinging random meat bits at his enemies.

If he become a licensed hero, his quirk will be known to everyone including the weakness of the quirk.

Every villain will attack him first using full strength unlike heroes who hold back.

If pain dispels his powers as long as you make a run for him you can counter his power, can't you?
The meatball thingy was not instantaneous after all.


I hope Star Oji-san from the first chapter makes an appearance.

The Quirk has one hell of a weakness to it

His weakness is pain, the weakness of 99.9% of the world. And if it needs an electrocution, a steel fist or a fist full of explosions to cancel his quirk it ain't a weakness, that's normal.

Takuan and Batsu's Daily Demon Diary

When you punch someone, he doesn't magically get healed back when he hit you back. In Meatball-man's case, all his victims get healed the moment he received too much pain.

It's borderline broken if there are allies to protect him, but he's retarded enough to go solo against a mob.

>It's borderline broken if there are allies to protect him, but he's retarded enough to go solo against a mob.
Should have asked Bigfoot for help.

Can someone tell me what the problem is with posting the archive link? I got flak for posting it once before, never knew why.

Crawlers get links, the link gets reported, I get in trouble.

The last time I freely posted links all of them were taken down. I want as little trouble as possible.

I get what you mean,but whats to stop them from finding the links in the archive too?

Also, pretty sure you are missing a page between

It's a matter of letting the thing sit somewhere else that crawlers don't even look at, as opposed to posting it repeatedly and making it known, thereby creating more opportunities for it to be notice.

With it on the archive it's never posted again, so nothing can automatically grab it. A human would have to go looking for it and report it on their own.

And, let me rip that again, I don't know how that happened

I posted it. You're blind, mate

I refreshed and scrolled back up. Chrome mustn't have displayed it properly, cause I checked like 3 times before saying it was missing.

Use the superior browser, Firefox.

Ice cold

If it was not for his UA hate boner he would have passed already. He underestimated the trio.

Is this dying?


That would be a fair statement if say AfO deactivated in teh face of pain. Or stubbing his toe made Baku unable to send out explosions. But in this case, having your entire ability deactivate because of a minor electric shock is a huge weakness and villains are less likely to care about collateral damage and such in a fight.

His ability will put him in the same camp as Eraser head, he'll be ambush primarily.

Looks like they're focoused on the crows that just got free from his quirk, if he wasn't knocked out and was sensible he would've escaped and quickly taken out two contestants to pass.



>His ability will put him in the same camp as Eraser head, he'll be ambush primarily.
No, his quirk is more powerful and more versatile. He turned all these people in meatballs easily. Bakugou was the only one stronger than him.

Hate this guy who's asking for a free pass. He does not feel ashamed to become a hero who wants a first year student to give up for him?

From what I see in college after every exams, a lot of people will do this type of thing despite how humiliating it is.

They are just desperate to negate the lot of time they spent on something going to waste due to their own decisions and actions.

And yet, people like this are the people who cannot allowed to hold any important positions. Imagine if the doctor who is holding the life of your parents is a lazy incompetent dull person who is prone to making mistakes.

It's better the they learn this fast than let innocents suffer due to their behaviors.

And a single punch or errant ability and all his work is undone. He needs to suppress a crowd or individual quickly otherwise he risks all his effort going undone. His ability works better as an ambush tactic as we've seen this very chapter.

I just realised the guy with the drill banchou hair in the background was at the U.A entrance exam

>all his work is undone
All of them got freed because Baku and Kirishima punched him.

And those two got free because shocker hit him with an electric charge.

Now imagine if he was subduing a bunch of villains and one guy got a hit in. He has to re fight an entire group who are all aware of how his quirk works now and it's limits.

He either takes everyone down quickly or risks his enemies coming back endlessly.

The only good new characters are the wind madman and the temptress. Squinty eyes and Nicekugo were some big let-downs.

She is fucking shit. Her only good features are her body and skills so far. Saying that these new characters who only got introduced in this arc are disappointing is retarded in the first place.

It's super retarded if they're planning on filtering out even more people after going from 1500 to 100.

But of course, we have to get more UA vs Shiketsu.


Worst girl.

Isn't the whole point to avoid a large influx of new heroes? There are enough heroes stepping on each others toes as it is and having 100+ more would just make new problems instead of solving them.

Part of me sort of hopes we can see some of the spin off characters in the main line manga.

Can we talk about the first chapter of the spinoff here?

Specifically, this semen demon.

I hope she gets a ton of porn.

Can we get DDL for Soma and OPM?

It was breddy gud.

Pop Step is pretty cute and I sort of like how the spin off is already getting to, a villain of sort with the last page.

I wonder if the spin off and the main story will tie in or influence each other. Obviously they can't use information exclusive from reading the spin off if they do.

Is the spinoff a weekly too? I'm jazzed at the idea at doubling my BNHA fix.

BTW 10/10 heroine, would save from rape again

I was kind of hoping her whole damsel in distress thing was an act and she was going to fuck those thugs up.

I think the idea is that she and the MC are clearly unqualified for hero work.

Deku's mom already made a cameo in this chapter so they might have more connections latter on. What I want to know is if it takes place before or during the main series.

Unless she has a non-consent fetish, I'm not seeing it.

With Deku's mom I wanna guess it takes some place During the Main series. Plus there was also the Promo Chapter of sort that showed Aizawa talking about vigilantes in class, thought that might not mean much.

I know it wasn't an act. I'm saying that while I was reading it I was hoping that what I said would happen.

Wasn't chapter 0 just a comedic non-canon intro to the series?

>Try screaming "Save me, All Might?"
Imagine if he had actually come.

I sort of why I have my doubts about it.

Knuckle Duster was hype

>Chick in an alley about to be assaulted
>Hero shows up
This really is like my western comics.

>MC's power is shit tier
If we go by capeshit rules, in around 8 arcs that shit will become reality bending.
The question is: how will it manifest?

He's going to realize he can travel on any surface

He train hard on his shitty ability and become the flash.

Attack technique is to build up speed when sliding and give a strong tackle

Also jump girl become Bruce Lee and use her jump ability a.k.a leg power directly on the person. Since the momentum need to propel someone so high is pretty huge, her kicking ability is more or less Deku level on 5%.

It will probably take some time but I really look forward to seeing the Illegals' reaction to All Might's final fight.

WSJD-kun did you upload Shokugeki this week? I can't find it in the other WSJD threads in archive.

At first he'll be able to slide faster and faster
Then he'll find out he can slide off enemy attacks and he'll become nigh invulnerable
Then he'll be able to fly by sliding on the air
Then he'll be able to slide between dimensions
And then he'll discover the power of drifting and become the embodiment of Eurobeat

Being able to instantly move freely 360 degrees and change momentum on a dime without any way for your opponent to read which direction you're moving in is pretty damn good.

That's how he managed to tackle Spiky, dude never saw it coming. Gentleman would be the ultimate Eyeshield 21 character.


here, if you really want it

Thank you very much.

I love the alter all might.
Imagine this spin off becomes popular enough that they meet.

Any bets on what his quirk will be?

inb4 he has no quirk



Why you do this Viz, just use Quirk or Ability. Are you secretly telling us that Quirks are magical?

Dude, quirks are fucking magic no matter how you spin it. Hori can dress it up and justify it as much as he wants, but at the end of the day we have people that fire laser beams out of their stomachs and generate explosions from their palms.

Are you telling me the punch dimension doesn't actually exist?

It can't be, say it ain't so user!

Magic is mainly unexplained. Some quirks more or less have been explained to some extent.

It does but you have to only after you're punch from two people at the same time, with the same force and feeling.

Either he's quirkiness or those brass knuckles of his are his literal knuckles

I think we should really appreciate that the art for the spin off doesn't suck

I just figured Quirks were basically mutations

>Are you telling me the punch dimension doesn't actually exist?
Only a Summers can access the Punch dimension

I think we should really appreciate that we got a spin-off that didn't suck.

I didn't see anything to imply it was an alternative universe.

Depending on the setting magic can have codified explanations.

First he realize it's not sliding but manipulating friction
Then he learn that he don't need to touch 3 points and can use it freely all across his body
After he can make anything slide past him with 0 friction he learn to manipulate it, and at distance too as everything is connected if there's no void between.
By the end he would be able to send people out of the planet, galaxy or even the universe limits with just a single breath because they won't be able to stop their momentum or reverse it and render them absolutely unable to move even breathing, stop their heartbeat movements or even the information sent by the brain cells


Is this series funny or not?

So his final form will be [Multi-Track Drifting]?

Is that the zero point robot?

I'd like to see the illegals run into stain. But he's in another town so probably not.

Stain wasn't exclusively operating in that area. From what I suspect is that he was moving between cities to clean out the trash.

>1 written on the arm
>says it's the 0 point robot

Do we get the poll results this week or nah?


Don't take him so literally, user. KD is set up as street-tier All Might, he even pulls the "I am here" line.

Man, Stain would fucking hate these guys.

I think the same guy who's drawing Illegals did the art for the card game. Either that or two different artists draw All Might identically.

Ochako's VA is cute! Cute!

Oh, she really is.

I wonder what the characters who haven't appeared in the anime sound like.

I dunno that nose...

>Eyeshield 21

I miss this. Anything to fill the void?

>sort of like a generic anime cute grill voice but higher-pitched and scratchier
>All For One (dunno if he appeared yet)
>deep, rich voice like melted chocolate
>low but not deep, kind of hoarse
>the announcer
>last mumblings of a dying man

Ah, did they start full serialisation this week?

I hope Red Sprite will be good.

Grating voice though

It's not.
It will probably be cancelled by volume 4 it's that bad.

Will Bakugou ever not job?


Maybe eventually.

Bleach lasted like ten years and was absolute nonsense. A manga doesn't have to be good to run for a long time.

It has to sell good at least for a bit to be given a chance to last that long.
This series is even more badly written than iron knight.
It's already dead.

I think the world it's showing is neat, and I always like electricity powers, but I don't see it lasting very long.

I feel like the main problem was the pacing. It would have been a lot better if the first three chapters were stretched over ten or more, then we get a chance to get used to the MC and start to understand him before shit goes down.

Do you think any BnHA characters will be relevant in the spinoff?

You have to kill off ONE class 1-A student for the sake of drama.

Who do you pick and how do they die?

Shouji gets killed trying to protect Grapist from a villain attack. Grapist gets his shit together and tries to become a real hero, stops being a little shit and perving on girls. "Shouji never liked that." He never forgets him and does his best to be a person worth saving, because Shouji sure thought he was.

It messed up the start in a lot of ways.
The pacing is probably the second biggest problem, the biggest is there's nothing to ground it.
A good story needs to have something for the reader to hook into so they can empathize with the characters, a shared interest, a shared world or even just motivations that are simple and understandable.
Red Sprite went too far with the world building and made the characters inhabit a world we know nothing about except what was explained through exposition, they were in a unusually unprivileged position from the get go and the motivation for this story arc seems to be the main character recovering his friends we saw him speak to once.
None of these things would be bad on their own but with all of them along with the pacing issues it's created quite the irrecoverable mess.

Shouto, hopefully by a giant toothpick

... Good analysis.


But why a toothpick?

Shinrin Kamui and Mt. Lady is my bet.

Huh? Why?

This would be good, but Horikoshi is afraid to make anything dramatic actually happen. Even All Might is alive after pushing himself over his limits, which usually means sudden fucking death.

I dream of the alternative universe where Horikoshi actually makes Kaminari the traitor and Grapehead becomes a serious hero.


Fuck my ass, user, I didn't think about that at all. Stain would really like GM and Knuckle-san wouldn't he.

You can't have Kamui and Giantess Fetish without that third forgettable guy in their group. The buff one.

Red Sprite had an awful first chapter but the third one was pretty good.

Absolutely Kirishima. I already have the death flags on him already.

Alternatively, Iida

>Something's only dramatic if someone dies

I want edgefags to leave

Kirishima is either gonna die or go the same way as Havoc from FMA (get unfixably fucked for a more important character's angst, show up for the finale with a wheelchair and a truck full of guns).

Ah i forgot him. His name is Death Fist i think?

There are hardly any consequences for anything. The biggest thing so far is that Deku has to not bust his arms every time he punches something, or they will never work again. This, however, is just another scare that will never actually happen.

Iida's brother is the person with the worst fate so far, now that I think of it.

Hinomaru Zoumu is probably the only thing running I like about as much but no one is as cool as Hiruma.

That's a lot more metal than I expected.

Hori is not perfect in terms of delivering consequences, but he's a hell of a lot better than most shonen writers. Most would have given Deku some arm-fixing asspull or just had him break his arms over and over again with no repercussions.

All Might may not have died, but he's terminally ill and now the whole world knows his secret. That's kind of consequential.

>Consequences are only physical things

Again...door is right there


1. Because he's actually a nice and really likable character so it'd hurt.

2. Because it might actually cause Bakugou to emote something other than some form of anger or frustration.

I'd have him die like a MAN tanking some sort of massive attack naturally- maybe Piccolo style. Make it seem like he's alright- standing upright with his armor up; then it all shatters like glass and he falls over dead.

Whatever it is it'd have to be badass because he deserves that much at least.

Alternatively: Todoroki dies at the start of the final act of the series when he comes to understand the heroic value of self-sacrifice in the face of an enemy he can't beat. Complete his arc as a proper hero, take a super-powerful ally away from the good guy side.

Both of these would be great deaths, and I even like the guys.

Oh hey, thanks for your participation, shit-for-brains. You really made it clear what those mental consequences were.

This is how you should've answered, you perfect example of a Dunning–Kruger effect.

My problem with this manga is that it is far too predictable, and afraid to do anything actually out-of-ordinary. Force someone actually important to the story to make actual decisions, have him/her thrown to a situation completely out of his/her control and such.

What comes to deaths, one would have a great impact on the story since so far it has none. It doesn't necessarily need to have one, but when you hype up a battle between the most powerful human beings to walk this planet, have them exceed their limits and after that they just brush it off and go home... is a bit of a letdown. Sure, All Might got revealed, but overall it didn't do that much. He still mentors Deku and the other students. His illness was there from the start, so nothing new on that front. Granted, his era is over, but the outcome is far less dramatic than what was promised. We all knew that Deku would take the mantle eventually.

Killing people just because is just being edgy but outside of the adults there really isn't much in the way of actual consequences for the students.

They've had what you could consider close calls but it's all magically healed off-screen. Momo gets hit in the head with a fucking chainsaw arm and is unconscious for 3 full days according to the manga and um I guess recovery girl or something healed her because she's up without so much as a tiny scar.

Deku will never lose his arms, but at least you've seen him suffer real, agonizing pain when he breaks them. Like, seeing his arms after the festival fight and muscular fight I don't think, "man, he got off easy!" which is to Hori's credit.

Everything else though is pretty "well, why do I even care anymore then?"

Bakugou walks away from being kidnapped for 2-3 days without a scratch. Despite being poisoned with gas bad enough to put them out for 2-3 days (being unconscious without assistance for even an hour is really, really bad) the other students all bounce back with no complications.

The parents (with Deku's mom being the most reluctant) let their kids go back to UA after they all nearly get murdered.

The only people who seem to pay for anything are the adults- which I guess fits in a student/teacher focused series. All Might not dying despite his zillions of death flags was a good twist IMO.

You don't need to KILL a student to get it across, but Hori needs to do SOMETHING to make the reader mortally fear for the students during further attacks or there's just no reason to give a proper shit- it'll just become a Fairy Tail gag where "Oh, I wonder how Natsu will punch his way out of this one" regardless of what happens because you know everything will always be 100% okay in the end. He needs to put the fear of god in us basically.

> Force someone actually important to the story to make actual decisions, have him/her thrown to a situation completely out of his/her control and such.

What manga have you been reading where this hasn't happened?

>but when you hype up a battle between the most powerful human beings to walk this planet, have them exceed their limits and after that they just brush it off and go home... is a bit of a letdown

Who brushed it off and went home like it was nothing?

>Granted, his era is over, but the outcome is far less dramatic than what was promised.

The major effects of the outcome haven't even been addressed yet.

This is my problem with you edgey guys who with these predictable criticism of "Oh nothing happens" or "these guys don't suffer enough" "CONSEQUENCES". You guys miss the entire aspect of making a good story is having characters the audience cares about and wants to see succeed, want to see come out of whatever struggle they're met with. Especially early on in a story even in dire situations the good guys will succeed even if by the skin of their teeth, but it doesn't mean they'll always win or get away scott free. I feel more so than a lot of manga Academia is good at balancing the cause and effects of the events that take place and they do it in a more organic way than "let's kill off this guy who we don't know how to use anymore".

It's very annoying when we finally get a refreshing battle manga that does use age old tropes and cliches but due to the great writing of the characters that endears you to them, manages to make those tropes feel fresh. A refreshing series that manages to please in all the ways the classics were able to, while actually making it more down to earth. It's not 100% perfect and it's not the best series ever made of course not, but this kind of criticism completely ignores what makes the series good by demanding it do things it either doesn't have to do yet, or at all.

You both are retarded and can't accept other perspectives that directly oppose your own.

Again why do we only look at physical damage as consequence? Why do we ignore how it affects the hero association, how it effects the way the villains move, how events effect the way the society looks at the heroes. All of those are consequences of the events that have taken place.

Why do we need to fear one of these characters to die? Why is that essential?

Here's my question to you, let's say Deku loses his arm(s), let's say momo got brain damage, let's say bakugou has psychological depression or some shit after being kidnapped...then what? How would that enhance the story? Because it's "real?". That type of realness is phony and forced, and it's ironic because this series is one of the few that actually treats being damaged realistically even if there are supernatural ways of healing in the verse and some damage is permanent...just not enough to retire these characters who have absolutely no reason to be retired yet.

Good thing you're so above it all user.

>le better than others face

Naturally. You two being butt hurt to this degree already proves it.

A. Toga licking blood off of a naked and severely damaged Deku
B. Toga carefully cutting Deku to ensure maximum blood but not death and masturbating while covered in it
C. Toga riding Deku dick because she wants his "blood", i.e. Plus Ultra Erection
D. Give me some fucking ideas.

It's a figure of speech, sir.

>D. Sucks the blood straight out of deku's rock hard madman member

It's still a poor idea to use a magic term in what is essentially a genre leaning more towards sci-fi.

Momo having brain issues after getting her head opened up would be interesting because her whole deal is being smart and her having to struggle a bit to overcome it would give you more insight to her if it was done well.

Bakugou having PTSD would really be interesting because he's the dude with the biggest front in the whole series. Watching him try to play off a panic attack and deal with people "pitying" him would do a lot to humanize him. It fits his character arc too.

OK think about what you just said for a second

Momo already struggled with her issues with her intelligence and managing situations in a natural way. Even if they wanted to take that route...the likelyhood of overcoming BRAIN DAMAGE is damn near 0. You'd be the same person calling bullshit if that ac tually happened. The story with ehr we got was FAR better without having to force drama.

Bakugou already has this complex...having ptsd wouldn't do anything but force a dramatic response from the diagnosis. Bakugou is already slowly growing learning from his experiences. PTSD would just stall ironically enough his character development. This is all not to mention again, getting over PTSD is an incredibly difficult process one that as far as I know people never really get over. If bakugou got over it again the bullshit fairy would show.

Not him but Momo overcoming the shortcomings of brain damage would work so long as this series has Momo as the MC and it's not published in WSJ. Kinda like how in Song of the Long March the heroine MC is very smart, but uses her knowledge all the time, but her deteriorating health and penchant to take on more than she could chew ends up coming back to haunt her.

That kind of thing really isn't what MHA is going for though, and any tragic ending is usually reserved for side characters like Ragdoll.

That would literally be asking to make it a different series which is another good point on why these request for "MOAR CONSEQUENCE!" is silly to me.

I do agree that sort of story isn't what MHA is trying to tell and it doesn't need to tell that kind of story and it's not any less of a story for not telling that kind of tale. That's another story's job.

>That would literally be asking to make it a different series

I didn't deny that, just saying the idea that user gave could work, if you heavily stretched the conditions.

Both of those things sound fine and good to me, not sure where any of that hurts their characters.

Also with this logic nothing should ever really happen to anyone. Deku's arms should just be fine because the threat of his arms failing will obviously never pay off, so it's all false tension that distracts from proper development of his character.

Don't be stupid. The point of deku's arms constantly getting blown tf out isn't to fear that one day he'll lose them entirely.

The point of them getting fucked up is to show how deku needs to change his thinking, both on how to properly use his quirk, and on what kind of hero he's aiming to be. This is why it bothers me when people say they're no consequences. Not every consequence comes in the shape of permanent damage or death and not every consequence has to be entirely negative. it's just the result of something happening.

Deku's arm is fucked up that's a consequence but it led him to establish a new style, specific to him, and not mimicking all might. This is what we call good writing.

Not really? He's the mc. He isn't going to lose his arms, so why do I care about dire warnings that he will?

He does change his style because of it but we'll duh- we know he has to because he is the main character and can't actually lose his arms.

There is no tension in that subplot as far as direct consequences.

The tension that hori established for the arm thing is that it limits his power and ability to save people. Which is good, except there isn't much consequence to him failing to save people because nothing really bad can happen to his friends.

If he had not broken his arms maybe he could have saved Bakugou and All Might would not have fought AFO.

But All Might was always going to run out of gas sooner or later. What's sooner matter?

If nothing can really happen to anyone he can't save because his arms, why do we care if he breaks them or not?

He can't lose a friend because of his lack of control, and he also won't lose his arms because we know he's the mc and he's narrating his own success story.

The only real curveball he can throw at us is what happens to the rest of the cast. We know they're not really at risk, so why care?


students won't die. Maybe adults but at least in this world adults care about the well being of students.