You want season 2?

>You want season 2?
>Read the LNs!

Hahahahahaha White Fox btfo re:zero fags.

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Fuck you


At least they're honest.

Anyone who expects a s2 when they adapted all the currently released novels is a huge retard.

>anime nowadays is just a showcase for LNs

Quality dropped like a bag of potatos the second half


But they ended with an ending, not a cliffhanger, so it was quite a good and honest ending. Wasn't even original ending.

Everyone and their mothers knew that this show was a LN adaptation, so why the surprise the rest is in the LNs? Its always like that.

Endings like Bahamut (the IS clone) where you get a new character close to the end and then end or an ending like NGNL where literally a big boss shows up and talk shit then end are way worse.

>You want to know how the story continues?
>Read the source material!
Literally every anime ever that isn't a massive cash cow like SAO or Index

>implying Index will ever get fully adapted

It still had 2 seasons, OVAs, a movie, and a spinoff series that also had 2 seasons.

It's still more than most other series could ever dream of.

Shove that stick out of your ass, OP.

That's almost every adaptation ever, be it manga or LN or whatever.
>want s2/3?
>read the source!

People should be happy that it didn't got an original ending like most get.

>literally who anime adaptations of LN gets second seasons
>Re:Zero doesn't
At least we are free from this ride

It doesn't matter what the advertising says. If it sells really well, there will be a second season or an OVA.

And it need more because Misaka a cute

re:zero fags btfo

anime fags btfo

PV on Friday and author announcement on Sunday.

Problem is waiting game of the LNs to have enough content for a S2, see

>falling for the buy the LN meme
>implying White Fox isn't going to cash the fuck out of this cow
Re:Zero is basically a phenomenon now in Nipland. People will buy the LN and in a couple of years when nobody remembers Re: Zero and the LN doesn't sell as much as now, they will announce a S2. WhiteFox jewing the fuck out of people

Oh, I know. If we get it, it's two years away at the very bare minimum. I'm just saying the ad doesn't mean that there's no chance of it happening.

Your bait is too weak sonny.

They have enough material even for a S3. This 25 episode season got only to Arch 3 and there's currently 8 arches

Mostly every anime does this. Rezero at least didn't have a retarded ending where some Bullshit happens that wasn't a part of the source, like introducing a new character

>It doesn't matter what the advertising says. If it sells really well, there will be a second season or an OVA.
Not really, what happens is that if the author is really prolific and wrote a LOT of books, like with Durarara, then the publisher would be forced to make another anime season because the latest books that came out would be incomprehensible to newcomers and as such couldn't attract new readers. That's when we get cheaply made rushed sequel anime that try to breeze through as many books as it can to get new audiences up to date.

However, if there is barely enough books for a 2nd season, then there is no rush for a 2nd season anime at all.

I didn't say we'd have a second season within the next month if it sold well. I'm aware they'd be waiting years for the LN to catch up.

>Most successfull anime since SnK
>No S2

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, of course they will do when they see all that cash. They aren't that big to let escape this opportunity.

>new character

But reading is for faggots

>LN adaptation gets not S2

wow, stop the presses.
Most likely, even LNfags will never see the ending anyway.

Yeah but first at least they have to do something about this:
Interlude: A Moment in the Dragon Carriage
Fragment: Natsuki Rem
Interlude: Let's Eat
Chapter 6: Respective Vows

Not in the LN.

Kadokawa is the sponsor and Kadokawa does the LN adaptation, the main source is the WB that Kadokawa cashes nothing from.


Re:Zero BDs didnt even hit 10k on its first week.

Even UBW sold more. And dont forget thay fateshit merch sells like cakes too.

So, not saying it wasn't sucessful, it was, but its not "the big thing after SnK"

White fox made more money off of Hataraku Maou and you don't see that getting a second season

>>Most successfull anime since SnK

Well, time to commission $5k worth of Rem porn.

Thank God, I don't think I could stand another season of this anime.

>Guys who can't draw or write a real novel writes light novel.
>New volumes released in acceptable intervals.
>Barely through half the story it becomes popular enough to get an anime adaptation.
>Interval between volumes suddenly triple in length.
>Second season if you are lucky, anime is now catching up to the source material.
>Author loses interest in the story and writes an underwhelming third act if he even writes that.
>dead franchise.
How many light novels/adaptations can you count where the story flows well beyond the first act?

You seriously can't be this retarded, is your first day watching anime or what faggot?

That shit only imply that the next part of the story comes into the next volumes, especially volume 9 and 10 that comes out on october. White Fox CAN'T announce a second season without selling all the different volumes of the BD/DVD so they can get an idea if Re:Zero is something that can get them profit.

Jesus christ this board is full of fucking retards.

>Re:Zero BDs didnt even hit 10k on its first week.
>Checking Oricon chart


The anime sold better, but as I recall the LN didn't really get the huge bump they were hoping for.

>London Underground giant ads are "Brexit is good !"
>Tokyo Underground giant ads are anime characters

Godspeed user

Just like Tenbatsu Angel Rabbie.

Konosuba sold even less, and yet we have a second season confirmed in 2017

why do you have to remind me of haruhi?

Tell that to the devil is a part timer fans, they've been waiting for years.

First week it hit around 9k

That's because they've got more books to sell and it did well enough for the studio.

Re:Zero is going to need more LNs before they even really want to announce anything.

fuck , this asshole know what is a "Stand by" ending

next season will totally be made by deen at this point, White fox didn't even took the risk of putting it's face for the "who's rem" ending..

I wouldn't mind getting a share of that

Wait, its 11k now? Holy shit this isn't good.

Vol1 has been out for weeks now, 11k after all this time isn't good.

You people are retarded, the ad basically says that there are more content in the LN.
It is in no way confirming that there will not be another season.

Why don't you tell that to Hero Academia, Berserk and Konosuba.

I have honestly no idea how BnHA got another season.

9k was second week, first week was 5k.

BnHA is being pushed hard, its not that surprising. Same with Berserk, they're pushing it hard for whatever reason and as long as the producers say go, you pretty much go.

Konosuba is selling a little more than Re:Zero.
Deen make a lot more anime than White Fox, they can put out two or three shows a season while White Fox only make one or two a year.

11k the first week you moron, after that the sells still on 9-8k. The second volume reached 10k again and went down to 7k if I remember correctly.

Feels bad man, I really wanted to see where the story would go. The whole thing feels more a dream than a story

>11k the first week you moron
5,577 Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu v1 BD
769 Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu v1

6.1k in the 1st week.

You know the difference between having something planned from the beginning and a series that was planned to have only 25 episodes?

All of those series you mentiones were planned, every studio that decides to have S2 make that desition in the production comitee, in Re:Zero case is different because it was only 25 episodes without second season, before that the story was under the radar and White Fox found something amazing that can give them a shit ton of money.

If they want to do a second season they need to wait at least a year, there is only the Web Novel aviable to keep making more but they don't want to do the same trash as Log Horizon S2 which was based on the Web Novel and flopped hard as fuck.

>Anything but shit information
>Not using Oricon or Japanese rankings

*1. *9,193 Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Are you even trying?

Someanithing uses Oricon.

ReZero v1 has 11k total confirmed sales.

As long as a fan translator picks up the next volumes, I'm good.

Adn you confirmed this

Ebin thread m80.

Have fun baiting the little reddit kids.

Are you pretending to be retarded?

>6.1k in the 1st week.

Subaru already get his dreamy girl, so what the story will the hack author write next?

>tfw fan of hataraku, re:zero and S&W

Nearly a decade.

But it's not like it wasn't 90% advertisement for manga before LN's took over.

>Samefagging this hard after getting debunked

Oh so i hit a nerve newfag?

>in the 1st week.
not 11k in
>in the 1st week.

This. Those S2 fags are delusional

I know that feel my smug-and-totally-not-crying-behind-a-facade friend

>not Re:Shit
UBW is better than Re:zero.

What do you expect from EOPs? Especially from fanbases as cancerous as Re:Zero?

Konosuba AOTY no contest.

gg no re