TITAN! to whose immortal eyes

TITAN! to whose immortal eyes
The sufferings of mortality,
Seen in their sad reality,
Were not as things that gods despise;
What was thy pity's recompense?
A silent suffering, and intense;
The rock, the vulture, and the chain,
All that the proud can feel of pain,
The agony they do not show,
The suffocating sense of woe,
Which speaks but in its loneliness,
And then is jealous lest the sky
Should have a listener, nor will sigh
Until its voice is echoless.

Titan! to thee the strife was given
Between the suffering and the will,
Which torture where they cannot kill;
And the inexorable Heaven,
And the deaf tyranny of Fate,
The ruling principle of Hate,
Which for its pleasure doth create
The things it may annihilate,
Refus'd thee even the boon to die:
The wretched gift Eternity
Was thine--and thou hast borne it well.
All that the Thunderer wrung from thee
Was but the menace which flung back
On him the torments of thy rack;
The fate thou didst so well foresee,
But would not to appease him tell;
And in thy Silence was his Sentence,
And in his Soul a vain repentance,
And evil dread so ill dissembled,
That in his hand the /ai/ - Idle Activities trembled.

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I want to fuck Lala.




Quel terrible premier post.

The guide: pastebin.com/iDebHQu6

Sorry for complaining but please make shorter OP it's hard to find thread

I recognized it from the thumbnail. It smelled of best girl.

You can always use a filter to have /ai/ on top.

Even I think this shit is too long. Change up the lyrics if you want to use it.

Use the neet catalog.

Well, I was tempted to use only one stanza, and I actually tried to use all three, but the system complained it was too long.

Also, Ctrl + F works as well.


Why are Rola, Hime, and Yozora so perfect?

And the new Tundra diva rules, too.

Too loong

>no UHOHO NIKU this week
There's Ajimi at least.

The situation was homosex.

Remove Sumire
Rin best DanDiva

I feel like I'm finally starting to fall in love with the Stars characters as much as the OG Aikatsus. I love Yume and Rola and Yuzu and Koharu and Mahiru if she would get more screen time.

Why so slow?

It's not that I didn't like them at first, its just that I love the originals so much that it takes some time for me to grow as attached to the new girls.

I love the originals to death as well except Mizuki, but it's not like the new generation is replacing them or anything. Aikatsu Stars is a separate show.

I know, I didn't mean to imply I was unhappy with them as a "replacement," just that it takes a while for me to really get closely attached.

And Mikuzi is lovely you pleb


no more /ai/ for me today

I don't care for Mizuki's lovely aesthetic, I still don't like her.

I think Mizuki's main problem - especialy in S2 - was playing an antagonist in a show that didn't need one.

>except Mizuki
How can you not love her? Something must be wrong with you.

Same. I still need them both though.

I never particularly felt that way about her. She's simply in the lead in the race to top idol, but she's constantly reaching backwards to try and bring others along with her. She invited Ichigo to a joint concert after only four months of being an idol, and opened Tristar auditions to everyone in a fair competition, even extending the performance portion to allow future Soleil a second chance to make it. Her philosophy is similar in S2, where she simply plays a part in raising DreAca to challenge Starlight so that they both rise. Because honestly, with both Mizuki and Ichigo gone from Starlight for a year they were liable to fall behind without any incentive to improve. And her goals of finding someone who could stand by her side culminated with raising Mikuru for WM and the final battle of S2.

So she's simply another protagonist with her own goals and methods, rather than some antagonist for Ichigo. That's why when Ichigo finally sees her for the first time in S2 she calls Mizuki a friend, not a rival or enemy.

I'm making a "before you ask /ai/ for recommendations watch the following" chart featuring yuribait screencaps. Post the gayest moments in /ai/ anime.


That's not really what I mean. She's not antagonistic, but the narrative frames her as an antagonist.

Gorgeous Rola.

Fuck off.

Ok, i'm tired of her already.

Well I'm tired of you.

Extremely rude.

Have you learned nothing from WW2, the Napoleonic Wars, Rome, and the Medieval times?

>but the narrative frames her as an antagonist
therefore, she's an antagonist

Do it yourself.

But it doesn't at all do that.

I'm gonna write an essay analyzing Jewel Pet Sunshine from a postmodern perspective.

analyze kira deco instead.

Happy Rainbow's premium coord changed a lot.

Analyze Jewelpet as a whole.

Otome looks silly.

Analyse it from a "subs when?" perspective.

That's too depressing.

Could be worse.

There's nothing to analyze there, it's just one word

Please don't post your OC characters on /ai/.


Is the Aikatsu/PriPar brand of idol anime basically a subgenre of sports anime? I mean, it has all the sports shoujo tropes: training scenes, rivalries, competition. Hell, PR was literally a sports anime.

I've thought about it, and even though several of the things you mentioned are similar between the genres if you pare them down to a simple form, I think the underlying ideals are distinct. Sports usually have one goal: reach the top in whatever competition or tournament you participate in, and achieve glory through your efforts. The goal is the end, and it's a personal, inward-facing journey. In contrast, idols constantly better themselves for external purposes. It's not simply to be the best, but to develop multiple aspects of oneself and to both specialize and make up for your weaknesses. Sports are all self-contained, but there is no limit to idoling. More importantly, it's about inspiring and bringing joy to others. Sports bring you personal glory, but idols give motivation and happiness to their fans. And also along that line, fans are usually entirely separate from sports players, but they are an integral part of being an idol. Without fans, an athlete can still be the best, but an idol without fans is nothing. They have two-way communication, both on and off the stage. Aikatsu and PriPara take it one step further by making the fans participation visible during performances and making it directly influence the results. A technically skilled but uncharismatic idol will never be the best, no matter how good a singer or dancer she is.




I want to fuck Koharu.

Get in line.

Oh wait, it's empty. Go on ahead.

You can't fuck my wife.

I can, she's my daughter.

>having Koharu as daughter or wife
Sorry for your loss.

And I'm sorry for your shit taste.

Attack on Titan thread?

I want to kiss Non on the lips!

It isn't empty.





Koharu is a lovely girl.

Too fat.

Don't cross the streams.

Can't not, won't not, won't stop.

Nice butt.

Fuck off.

Fuck on.

Where's the Kii? I was promised Kii

I want to ez do dance

In hell.

She's in my bed.

Let's dance together.

Go for it, go for it!

Do you wanna dance with me?

Something something Mama's rogue
Something something Don't tell Papa

Something something high heels.
Something something otona mode.





>implying here is not /pc/ too

kill yourself

/pc/ is dead.

What is the PriPara sub situation how? How many episodes are still unsubbed?

Almost 60.

/pc/nee-chan is a zombie and lost cause.
We can only pray for her now.

Too many. Still waiting on Doki to catch up, and some kind /ai/non is subbing episodes starting from 91, bless his soul.

What is the opposite of otona mode and how can an /ai/non achieve it?

by picking his nose

You first.

Cotona Mode. You have to fall in love.

I'm in love with Mikuru.

So all of S2 and most of S3?

Most of S2 and most of S3.

Is that a carrier?


Isn't that Rin's girlfriend? Cute!

Only perverts wear trenchcoats.


Madoka and Rin are a happy couple.





I want to fuck Akari's armpits.

I want to be that dolphin.

Hinaki has a pancake butt.


What a dork.

post kokoro!

I don't post girls from bad shows.


I'd squirt my syrup onto that pancake.

Fuck off.


Fuck up.

I want to eat Sumire, if you know what I mean.

This is one of my favorite episodes.

It was fun.

Would fuck.

Idols have butts.

There's so much beautiful Lily fanart. The nips must like her.

Of those pictured, Rin's is the nicest.

Stop that.

Have another Rin butt.

She seems like the kind of girl the nips would like, and Dreaming Bird is beautiful.

I was surprised by the lyrics, they're very nice and deeper than I expected. I pretty much felt like the in-universe audience when the performance ended.

>Someone reads the lyrics

Lily a shit

Yurika + Takane = Perfection

I welcome all this Yuzu x Lily art we're getting now.


Not him but I always read the lyrics, a lot of Aikatsu songs have really pretty lyrics. I'm sad there's not better translations for the lyrics for full versions, aside from the wiki, which I assume is questionable quality.

>Yurika + Takane
It's Mikumo + Takane.

The lyrics are very fitting of Lily, and that's what I like about the song especially. I've liked a lot of the Stars songs, but I don't think we've had another one that fit a specific character as well as Dreaming Bird does for Lily.


Sumire was 400% sexier as a vampire this is undebatable


Nah man, Sumire is always really sexy.

The moment man devoured the fruit of knowledge,
he sealed his fate...
Entrusting his future to the cards,
man clings to a dim hope.
Yet arcana is the means by which all is revealed.
Beyond the Beaten Path lies the absolute end.
It matters not who you are, /ai/ - Idle Activities awaits you.

Start Line was written for Yume and 1, 2 Sing for you was written for Rola.

Juri with her hair down.

>drum major Falulu
Could it work?

Start Line's the only really comparable one, although half the time the shows used for Hime. Seriously, Hime needs her own song. I haven't listened to 1,2 Sing for You yet.



Fuck off.

How many songbirds have fallen for Sofía?

Learn spanish, pripara spic subs are 8 episodes behind.

If I'm too stupid to learn japanese after listening to it for half my life, what makes you think I'm smart enough to learn spanish?

You're not stupid, just lazy.



I'm not lazy, I have a stack of flash cards I've been running through every day and I just cant remember some things. I've written the kanji for distance 20 times every day for the last week and while I can write it from memory no problem, I can't for the life of me remember the word in either english or japanese.

The lyrics are definitely Rolaish.

Spanish has plenty more similarity to English, for one.


Great, can we have the 45% of this thread that is spics release english versions of these?

No va a pasar.

I could but
>Japanese to Spanish to English
I know it's going to come out not quite right

Lo siento, consiguete a alguien mas.

Somos tan flojos que ustedes.

>el pshuuuuuuuu ariba ariba vamanos vamanos

Doesn't sound too bad


Will /ai/ ever know another villain as amazing as Rosemary?

Juri es mi esposa.




Bird out of cage autograph.


En tus sueños solamente.

It's the same likely we get another mc as amazing as Kanon-sama.

PP got card sleeves, I hope Aikatsu Stars also get card sleeves.


Why did Pripuz give us a Falulu PR?

because Falulu

Sounds legit.

Will she brings a nice plot twist?, i feel like this is the point where the main conflict started in the previous seasons

>a boy want to be Alice
Why this is allowed?

There's nothing wrong with boys wanting to wear a cute dress and be Alice.


Well unless her pact have a blue teen Jururu she's probably a cunt just because "i want to be a Idol but can't betray papa's expectations" plot.

He got taste

I wonder how spanish subs translate Ajimi talk

Why don't you watch it?

male supporting cast got genderbent as well

[ruidos de Ajimi]

Why did they make Kira Pata Shining so slutty?

32, 33 later today
Subbed: 1-66, 84, 90-103

New Photokatsu event when?
Gothic Rock n' Rose when?

You're right, both rivals (Falulu and Hibiki) showed up at episode 17, in S3 that's the episode where French Meganii tries to stop the Kami Grand Pri and Garumageddon wins the skirt coord

List of threats that will never happen:
>Vocaldolls (wasn't there a tamagotchi toy where you could grow your own kami idol OC?)
>Meganii from around the world
>ProtoTriangle vs NeoTriangle
>Pripara Protoculture
>Pink Actress
>Cosmo reality warp

Toy exists I can't find my promo flyer for it.

>Meganii from around the world
It kinda happen, but Parajuku Meganii was based enough to save the girls.

>ProtoTriangle vs NeoTriangle
Too early to tell.

I want to try subbing a few episodes, but my Japanese isn't that good and I don't want to be bullied for making subpar subs.

Tomorrow. Stylish Thief Swallowtail.

>watched 14 episodes today
I guess that's good enough.

Please tell me Swallowchigo isn't the ranking price

You can always release it as [Duwang]

Pretty good, I almost did the same with Re;zero.

>>ProtoTriangle vs NeoTriangle
i think triangle vs Non sugar will be one of the main conflict of S3


I got some of the PP card sleeves, they are really nice and pretty.

Fucking come on game, I need at least an SR Shion for my Cool team.

Non is such a tease.

Non is one of the supreme achievements of all anime.

She needs more lewd fanart.

Sophie's knees are still exposed.



no bomb, please


>how about making friends?


All of Lala's friends love her, and each member of Triangle has its own rabid fandom.

She probably has a bunch of her own friends from school, too.

Non has mentioned [offscreen] friends in passing comments.


>waiting for Yurika to come and bite me
Oh, Akari.

>no Dorothy

I kek-ed pretty damn hard at that moment, I have to admit.

What kind of event is it? Please not medley

I wish that that Super Cyalume™ segment was longer.

pic related at the beginning of every episode is a waste of time

wow, almost meta

forced "100" everywhere is already annoying
animators must have been happy and sloshed

>immortal eyes
>The sufferings of mortality,
fuck you

write in the url : Cred Forums.org/a/idle and there you go

Tchout Tchout ~

You're so cuuuuute!

Read the filename

Please get back in the cellar

a-as long as you bring me food don't cry ainon

>Lady Mechazawa

That scene in the PP Opening where they're are showing the PP Nurses and Leona comes down and looks at you is so fucking lewd I mean it's like he looks at you and is like I know I'm hot and you fap to me and wow

I swear to god, if you don't stay away from my Train-kun I will slowly and painfully hurt you.

Good night, my swe- er, cool princess.

What does Mechazawa have to do with Mechanee? She's a director and, more importantly, a robot. Mechazawa's a totally normal high school student.

Is this snk thread?


Oh good grief, show has gone full Gintama.


Okay, I'll promise to bring you food and be nicer to you just don't leave me

>Is the Aikatsu/PriPara brand of idol anime basically a subgenre of sports anime?
I definitely don't think so.
Pretty Rhythm was a sports shoujo anime not because it had sports shoujo tropes but because it executed those tropes like in sports shoujos. And not only better than others sports shoujo, but than others anime in general, which is why it's a masterpiece.
For Aikatsu it's debatable, It's something I'd call a realistic sports anime, for s1 at least, can't speak for the other seasons. I mean with how a lot of it feels like Starlight Academy could actually work IRL, in a peaceful world without war. Whenever there's an episode on drama, or off time, or auditions, they show everything backstage how it works. They show you ton of staff people, like the movie's staff if it's a movie audition. They show the movie director's personality and how it will affect the audition. They say actual IRL facts like how scandals like an idol having a boyfriend/girlfriend will also work in their favor as publicity. Etc.
But PriPara definitely isn't a sports anime. There's tons of reasons why I think it isn't, but I guess the biggest one is how it lacks world building around the "sport" in the show, like an actual scoring system independent of the plot's whims like character introductions.
Basically this, though there's a few points I disagree with.

o lawd

Why is it on three lines there?

I want Lala ojou-sama to step on my banana!

Lewd /ai/ get bullied.

> Sports usually have one goal: reach the top in whatever competition or tournament you participate in, and achieve glory through your efforts.
That's not always true. That's true for a character like Bell but not Naru. Naru does start competitions seriously after some point, but it's for her own personal gain and because she admires people like Bell and think they're cool, not because she wants to reach the top at all costs.

I don't think idols are that pure and do solely things for their fans. Maybe I think like that because despite being here, and despite liking multiples ones I don't particularly like idols or idol anime. I don't think it's the best genre ever, nor I do with any other genre. I think there's just good shows and less good shows regardless of genre or target demographic.

>an idol without fans is nothing. They have two-way communication, both on and off the stage.
So yes, I think I disagree with you about the fundamental definition of a Japanese idol, male or female. Not sure how to explain it but some idols themselves might not think like that. There's some that clearly separate their work and private life and won't communicate off the stage, and for example will get in an intimate relationship. Maybe they're wrong because it doesn't fit the current way an idol should be and they won't sell or get more fans. But I think it's the system that's wrong, not them.
And in the 1st place there's tons of unknown idols who still do it despite having few fans. Of course you can also say they continue because of these few fans' dedication, but it's not like every idol started to be one because of fans. There's some idols who just wanted to become one for many other reasons, without thinking about stuff like fans, or not because their family told them they have good social skills or charisma or singing skill when they were young, thus acting as their first fans.

>sentai Making Drama
Totemo Naisu.

Kurumu a trash

Justice is served!
Suck on that bad karma, faggot!

How does she get to and from PriParis so quickly? Is the PriPara world smaller than the real world? They get to fucking Approval, the real-world Aprica, by taking a boat there or something and then leaving its PriPara, so I guess that makes sense, even if it doesn't make sense that Aprican kids are Asian and speak Japanese... This show is messed up.

What would be the point of throwing in real world distances and how the characters cope with them?
Waste of time.

The PriPara world is both a virtual computer simulation and a real physical world, as it suits. Why are you still expecting consistency at this point?

I didn't hate Hibiki until she was like we're geniuses we don't need to practice let's just adlib on stage blah blah blah.
That's not how genius works! That's not how any of this works baka
Granted, that 2D perfomance of MINA TOMODACHI had me kek'ing.

>hibiki takes Meganii's glasses.

It's medley.


>That's not how any of this works baka
My feelings about s2 summed up.

The Cocotamas sign their contracts with their asses. What if the humans did the same?

You'll need a Pixiv account though because R18.


>is a dumb
I must be falling asleep.

must be an error

this one definitely is

I'll see if I can get around to fixing it myself. Soon™

Nope, that one I fucked up. Was putting together a style and accidentally changed that line to it.

3-liner earlier is player-end, though.


Phoenix, you weeb.



Naruhodo Ryuuichi = Phoenix Wright in the localisation.


naruhodo = "I see now." / "I understand now."
Every anime ever, to/v/arishch.

>/ai/non learns the basics of japanese puns!

Excuse me for not being much of a weeb gamer.
Or much of a gamer at all, Cred Forumsirgin.

Yes, because I don't know any common Japanese phrases or words and really thought you were just mentioning a random video game character for no reason.

I honestly cannot tell if this is sarcastic or not.

Why do when people mention Cred Forums people suddenly start being dumb teens like if they were indeed on Cred Forums

Well, how logical is it that you would just mention a random video game character?

>"Hey, mate, how's it going?"

>"Good evening, may I take your order?"
>"Master Chief."

And since we were discussing subtitle display errors in a release I made, it can be reasonably assumed I would know enough basic Japanese to understand what "naruhodo" means.

tl;dr Yes, I was being sarcastic. Or ironic, at least. For the record, I've never played a Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban game; I only know of it from the anime that started airing two seasons back.


>"Hey, mate, how's it going?"

Pretty sure that's a direct quote from pripara

>>"Good evening, may I take your order?"
>>"Master Chief."
Surely this is actually from some Chaucer work.

Laughing Ichigo.gif


Garumaggedon team ceremony and song we're better than tricolore's

Garmageddon is better than almost everything in Pripara.

>Garmageddon is better than almost everything in Pripara, but only after 104 episodes, and Shion is stil bestest



>Hibiki can't play Typing of the Dead in peace because Fuwari and Farruru are once again arguing on who is the legitimate wife
It's Faruru

>Fuwari, let go! I'm trying to post "I want to fuck Lala" on /ai/!

In the first episode of Pripara a Pretty Rhythm song plays briefly in the background which I understand is StarLightHeartBeat.
It's catchy as fuck but I only managed to find a 1:39 duration version in the Pretty Rhythm Special Complete CD BOX.
Is there seriously no full-length version of the song in existence?

Hibiki is much more likely to be the "fuck off" ainon.



>Some knave has called my patrician taste in waifus shit!


Kind of looks as though she's ramming her hand down her throat.

So when's their wedding?

That was fast.

>I guess the biggest one is how it lacks world building around the "sport" in the show
That's one of the biggest problems with PP.

No, they're the best, just the best.

>cries about how she turns into a supercilious bitch the second she goes to PriPara and swears she'll never go back
>goes there next episode casual as anything

I bet she's evading everyone on purpose.

What makes Hibiki so cute?


I don't consider PR a full sports, it's more like an idol mix. But saying you can be an idol without fans is like saying you can play soccer without a ball. What I mean by necessary communication is that every concert, the audience will participate with their cyalumes/glow sticks, they'll chant to the song, they'll do wotagei and dances, and I've even seen video where they sing to help an idol who blanked out and is stumbling over the lyrics. This is a structured yet freeform way for fans to connect. The timing you do these things and the color of your glow stick have real-time meaning.

And off the stage it's not like I'm saying idols meet fans and go out to lunch with them or anything. Sending fan letters and gifts, holding handshake events, going on radio shows with live callers. Sometimes even high-fiving all the fans on the way out after a concert. All of these are part of idol activities that are unique to them. Even if a girl doesn't specifically start because of their fans, they can't continue without them.


>Stained with Andou's blood

I want Rose to fall in love with me.

>Gaarmageddon won again
Jesus fuck, Can someone stop them?

This is the result of bullying. Please do not bully Chilli.

>I'll just bring CelePara back!!!
What a sore loser, I love her.

She's only in love with literature.

She's a roses fairilu. They're destined to have a harem full of lovers and be intensively loved by all.

That didn't happen. Is this post meant to be a joke?

Why would you want to stop the best unit?

I miss Ichigo and Aoi and Ran.

She is going to be dedicated to Lip with her tsundere love.

I don't.

You can visit them anytime.

Lip can be her main best friend forever that she loves very much.
The rest can be her secondary lovers, who will love her for her looks and for her body.
And perhaps for sexual copulation, if adult fairilus are into that stuff.

But then they will get corrupted with lewdness.

>Be careful of tweets!
Honestly, everything related to Hibiki being traumatized of friends is hilarious.

That's okay. That's when they will have opened a new door in their life that is called adolescence.

Lip already has a husbando.

Should I start watching stars?

ho boy nice numbers

You should already be continuing to watch Stars by now.

She looks so happy.

I was waiting for S4 of aidorus (by bloatgirls), and then start watching stars. But is not coming ;_;

My god some of the kids on the pripara ED are butt ugly. Kinda makes you feel sorry for them, they're the magical stage of your life where you watch your idol cartoons and looks don't really matter.

You got to have a concubine.

Just watch them normally, then go for Stars, S4 is the shortest one after all.

user no, bad user.

Y-Yeah, you are right thanks user, I love you.

Akari, your butt is far too lewd. Please cover it!

It's a well known fact that Akari has a voluptuous figure

cover your eyes

>Gets everything handed to her so Tricolore can enter the Kami Idol Grand Pri
>Still can't even yuujou o shinjite
God damn it Hibiki.

One of the staples of PriPara is that there are always late entries allowed. I know it's been done so much before that I wasn't the least bit surprised.

>Should I start watching stars?
Go outside for like 5 min. Find a gazing spot with less building. You are in East Hem, right?

Remind me of Hikari's hair.

Everything in this image is great. All of Akari's buns, as you pointed out, Hinaki's fairy style, and Sumire's side braid with her flowing one piece.

I wasn't particularly surprised, although Meganee stalling the performances just for Tricolore still made it pretty bullshit. Especially when Hibiki still can't even properly say the Unit pledge.

I want to kushu kushu on Akari's bun.

wtf I hate unicorn now.


Meganii is a nice dude.

I want to bully Hibiki by making her wear girly clothes.

>I want you to smile and say, "That was lovely"
>As you pet my hair gently
When did headpat write Aikatsu song?

>live starts
>put random adds on screen
Fucking why?

It's a weather advisory.

I want to sexually bully Chiri outside of Pripara and be bullied by her inside Pripara.

I want to bully both Chillis with headpats.

Is Maya/Ayumi peak shoujo rivalry?


you go away slut.

I am not a slut.

Have you considered giving yourself headpats?

It's just not the same as receiving a headpat.

That's not very nice user, apologize or else...


Please respond

Headpats /ai/non is a slut who would take headpats from anyone whose passed them in the street. I'm not going to apologize for telling the truth.

No she isn't. You are just mean

I wouldn't take headpats from a big bully like you!

Headpats make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Aikatsu understands, I hope one day all anons will too!

>after the curtain call /ai/ smiles together and say, "That was lovely" As we pet your hair gently.

Angel Feather is filled with waifu materials.

Headpats from all of /ai/? It's not that I want everyone to pat my head or anything, but it can't be helped. I'll accept them all.

Text placement on SP card is nice

You might want to wash your hair afterwards, it could be full of germs from all the different people.

I didn't mean that many /ai/. Like a personified /ai/


She reminds me of Mia.

>Garumangeddon already sung so they can get axed from the real contest episode
Isn't like they even have chance but that's too mean.

Isn't it obvious that team Hibiki is going to win this one, and then Non Sugar will win the last one?

>Non Sugar will win the last one?
Maybe not.

Yeah i know, and the end of this arc is going to be like s1 when every one got the coord.

I wanna marry headpats /ai/non

Where's the guy who said that Tricolore voice's would sound like shit put together?

There you go again, accepting headpats from anyone.
And you have the audacity to say you aren't a slut. Be honest with yourself for once.

This thread has 73 IPs. I wasn't aware that that was everyone in the entire world.

Not him but I think the song is pretty good even if i don't like Hibiki nor Fuwari at all.
But Faruru and Fuwari overpower Hibiki too much, when the three sing at the same time is like Hibiki isn't even there.

I love Ichigo with all my heart

It was misunderstanding. Stop bullying her, or else.

Or else what? Don't make me start bullying you too.

And I love you


I wanna be with Ichigo every day of my life and make bentos

But since she is mine, she will never be yours.

What're you gonna do tough guy? Cry at me?


Fucking homos.




Can you tell the difference between all the different kinds of rice and their origins by taste?

I love Ichigo with all my heart but only through admiration, I can't think of her romantically at all.


A serious, dramatic Aikatsu reboot focused on the failures and broken dreams of the forgotten and unpopular sidles.

That already exists. It's called real life.

I hate it, how long until it's over?

You can always just drop it off you don't like it.

I'm like that with all the Aikatsu idles. I just want to hang out with them and hug them. I can't think of them sexually, they're too pure.

>they're too pure

>I can't think of them pure, they're too sexual.

I want to sleep in the same bed as Ichigo and snuggle with her all night.

But actually having sex with her is not right.

I don't understand this face. Please explain.

I used to think that too, then I read a couple of doujins.

This one in particular opened my eyes exhentai.org/g/680311/f1bc5db9ae/

I will do my ricekatsu everyday

I just want a full version of Amazing Castle

>actually having sex with her is not right
They aren't lolis son, they're fair game.
I'd kill you in your sleep if I had to to marry Ichigo.

Kill yourself, my man.

Swallowtail fucking WHEN?!??!?!

I like you, /ai/.

Is this the list of /ai/ approved activities?
>watching idles

Don't forget about crying. It's important to remember the crying.

What happened to mionfriend and marchen user?

They're with Ranflakes now.

Is playing video games /ai/ approved activity?

I don't remember "the ded and forfotten" being there last time i saw that chart.

I want Garuru to feed me cake.

/ai/nons who call Ito a boy should be criminal scum.

welp, at least they remove his shitty region lock, and im so happy in my first gacha i got my wife.
there are some place when i can learn more about the game?

I want Lala to feed me pizza.

I want Lala to sit on my face.


But he's a super cute boy.

I'm gonna play as the girl on Pokémon Soleil

looks more like Yume




I don't know why but i feel that hibiki team is going to lose Against triangle , i think something will make her to do a last minute entry and win

I would enjoy these activities as well.

While relishing (to the point of eargasms) in the beautiful voices of Aroma, Sofía, and Junon.

i'd say so

I've been really busy recently. I'm still here, but I need to rededicate myself to my Idle Activities properly still I doubt anyone needs to be reminded

Märchen~ is always with you./spoiler]

I hope the nonsugar song is edgy.

>What happened to mionfriend
I miss that guy. He loved Mion so fucking much. And all of us as well.

This performance seems less lazy than usual.
I also can't tell if the whole toriko roll thing is intentional or not.

Is this the /ai/nime with the weirdest background story?

>let's adapt a number crunching raising simulator in which you can marry your adoptive daughter or turn her into a prostitute into an NHK anime for little girls

Still the best little princess.

>Not having intentionall puns everywhere

Have we really not mentioned Ranflakes in a few threads now?
Ranflakes ;_;

Does anyone have the Ranflakes version of this?

Spamming the threads with "Ranflakes" won't bring him back.
You faggots chased him out in the first place.

She was the only true little girl among us.

[citation needed]

What if I know that because I'm Ranflakes?

Some of us has more Ranflakes in us then others.


Good riddance.

No user, you're the Ranflakes.

Sure, buddy.

I want to fuck Ranflakes.

A-Are we buddies?

Stop that

All /ai/nons are buddies, aren't we?

You're alright but I hate that other faggot

I am Ranflakes.

Please come back to us.

No, I am.


I am Kii.

It's official: YOU SUCK

I like Kii.

My wife.

Ranflakes never actually left. She will always be in your heart.

There's too much french even though Papa no Pasta is an Italian restaurant, aside from Meganii literally nobody else is from France, all the elite idols for some reason fuck off to France and then return and make a team using the color scheme of the flag of France, singing in french, also one of the movies plot is about France being in danger. Not that I complain, for once in an anime Japan is not the center of the Universe.

Pretty Rhythm AD randomly had Buenos Aires as an important place and the climax of DMF took place there.

Not satisfied with Train-kun?

Hibiki and Ajimi are from France.

I want to pay someone to make me some cute Kii fanart but I have no money.

I can't remember if they ever said where Hibiki was from.

Japan likes France, it's nothing new.

Sometimes is better just dream.


Hibiki is from France, Ajimi is from France, one of the most importants PP is PriParis, the second movie is about that, the only other important Meganii is the PriParis, some names of the brands are French, if anything, the show is too much about France.

Yet every foreign character has a Japanese name. Except the twins but they're haafus.

Who's pure japanese in pripara anyways? just Shion and Chili? i mean the main cast.

You do know there are japanese people outside of japan right?
Taiyou Pepper is clearly descended from apritheid era japs that moved to south aprica.

Lala and Non are haafus too.

Do we actually know the nationality of either of their parents? I guess Chili is presumably full Japanese because she comes from a traditional family, but have Shion's parents ever even been mentioned?

I think Mirei is the only definitely pure Japanese main character. I also forget if they've mentioned either way for Sophie.


Japanese women can't marry into a inferior household, so generally when a gaijin marry a japanese women he's the one taking her family name I think.

Sophie's dad doesn't look japanese, but who really does in PriPara?

That's why Ichigo's dad got Miya's Starmiya?

I want to make half-breed babies with Mirei.

Probably, wait Ichigo is also a haafu?

Vintage coloring books.

Lala, is so big.

Get in line.


Doubt it because of the way Aikatsu is, but given that she's a blonde, it's possible.

Sophie is also one of the tallest girl of pripara

>South Africa
Not the user you're replying to, but I was only aware of Japanese in Peru and the US. I figure there may be a few hundred in other countries these days.

I meant to say, a few hundred throughout other Western countries these days.


I saw Sophie kissing Lala puri!

Right, I forgot Hibiki's flashback.

cash coma

pics or it didn't happen
hard modo: no fanart

eye cuts!
eye cuts!
eye cuts!


Now I'm hungry.



kano pero

Good girls didn't eat pass 9 p.m.

Cash koma
Love you~
Is this really aikatsu?
Tension MAX
Tension relax~
Not odayaka
[incomprehensible gibberish with fruits]

I can't sleep. Come and snuggle with me.

Wasn't the idea behind that a myth? As in eating food at 10 pm won't "make you fatter" than eating the same food at 7pm? And going to bed hungry can be counterproductive to a good sleep.



stop that


It's about calories, I suppose.



That's what I meant.

She needs a better catch phrase



That's Aroma?


It's Mirei. I was confused at first too, it's weird seeing her without glasses and her hair down.

Dork whose only friend is an elementary schooler.

At least she has a friend, you mega-dork.

Shion and Sophie are her firends too.

You are my friend.

She also has Amamiya-kun.

lala x mirei is ded
lala x falulu is also ded

Is lala destined to be alone?

The true salvation is in Lala x Sophie.

I don't have any friends.

She has me. Just kidding, I'd rather have her sister.




She shouldn't take advantage of Lala like this.

She's not taking advantage of Lala, they both love each other.

Lala x Pizza

Fuck off.


>screenshots from the show
You're losin' it, man. If it was even possible to take you seriously before, I don't think it's possible anymore.