What the fuck happened with sci-fi anime?

Everything is fantasy these days, Japan doesn't like any more advanced technology and aliens?

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scifi = mecha these days.

I miss guyver.
It was such a huge mess

>Everything is fantasy these days, Japan doesn't like any more advanced technology and aliens?
We get the opposite complaint too, of people complaining about a lack of old school fantasy.

The fact is you are both right. Traditional Fantasy and traditional Sci-Fi are dead. But that's as it always was. These things change every decade. Both Fantasy and Sci-Fi still exist, they just talk about different themes now. Themes change because themes are always meant to stay relevant to what the audience cares about.

Knights of Sidonia and Space Battleship Yamoto 2199 are 2 recent ones of 2-3 years. I'm sure there more, just gonna be on the look out. Gantz:O is out in October, so you have that next year.

>These things change every decade.

Well, in anime I can't deny it, in the rest of media traditional fantasy and sci-fi are still a thing.

Anime is the only media that "deconstructed" and combined both to the point you can't recognize them any more.

And notice I say ANIME, if we talk about manga there is still traditional fantasy and sci-fi that you can find, but anime (and Light Novels) is just a big technomagic highschool isekai mess. Not that they are not enjoyable, but you know...sometimes you want your cofee solo to enjoy the aroma instead of a capuccino.

There is gonna be an anime adaptation of a novel or manga series where mankind meets up with aliens and tries to uplift them for first contact.
I do have some high hopes for that.

gay shit and CGI ruined everything, take Sidonia for example

though i am hyping for the new Gantz movie
altleast it is not LGBT shit

Honestly most fantasy these days is actually Sci-fi TRAPPED INSIDE A GAME shit

halo anime?

No. There was a thread on Cred Forums about the announcement of an anime adaptation for that novel, but I can't remember the name of it.
I do know that the protagonist is a guy and he travels with two android girls.
I didn't read more than that so as to not spoil myself.

why can't he travel with boys?
I'm sick of watching with my dick

>halo anime?

that shit sound like Sidonia

or Blame!!

what the fuyck is this im going to puke

No, it's not. The thread for it on Cred Forums was like two or so months ago.
It's an anime that will come out in 2017 or so.

There's quite a bit of sci-fi, just not a ton of spaceships and alien invasions.

Plus a fairly large number of edge cases, like "trapped inna vidya" isekai, hero shows like Gatchaman Crowds, hell we even had magic girls in space.

>Everything is fantasy these days

I remember fantasy/adventure/slayersfags complaining that we got too many scifi anime for the last two decades.

Where were you user?

that should be the new Blame anime

>Where were you user?

What pains me more isn't the change in theme, but the attention to details and world building.

Isekai used to be good, it gave us Escaflowne and "Those who hunt elves". But those stories tried to build believable worlds that didn't rely on crutches like MMO logic. Granted those series had their own crutches but I consider it a better stick to lean on when it's LoTR rather than Maplestory.

only isekai with real mmo logic was log horizon and that was actually good.
You'd have to be brain damaged to believe SAO, konosuba, Rezero and all that garbage is actually mmo

SAO is explicitly an MMO setting with all the conventions and rules applied to it. Konosuba also relies a lot on RPG logic for it's setup (although it's a far better show than SAO). I haven't watched RE:zero because it's been hyped so much on Cred Forums I'm convinced that it's actually bad and people just watch it for the lulz.

Care to tell me why SAO and Konosuba didn't hop on the .hack train of MMO logic?

>Care to tell me why SAO and Konosuba didn't hop on the .hack train of MMO logic?
Because that would actually need for them to work a lot harder than just half-assing everything and getting ton of money for it.

You should remember that .hack wasn't about fighting or even action sequences so much as it was about the interactions between characters and their development, something that LN today are all about, LN as they have reached their ultimate form are all about the ultimate self-inser of each kind of person instead of writing good stories with interesting characters that you may identify with Also you're not wrong about rezero, its a dogshit LN and anime/manga

I like some of these shows, but SAO and stuff like Grimgar, Overlord etc. are game-y as fuck. For fuck's sake they have stats and classes.

Ok you seem to have misunderstood my point about MMO themed isekai. I was only talking about it becoming the new trend for fantasy/sci fi series to have this type of setting. Which is true there's at least one big one every year and dozens smaller ones floating around the LN scene.

Whether or not those series need the MMO logic to function is not my point. As I already stated fantasy of the past relied a lot on Tolkeins works for setting. We also had the small craze of DnD themed fantasy series as well.

As far as this relates to Isekai, it's not hard to see that current examples of the series lack the attention to worldbuilding that previous iterations had. Konosuba gets a pass from me because it's the comedy option and it's making fun of some of the cliches that have propogated in modern Isekai.

Instead of trying to act smarter than other people make sure you understand their point.

So, why did you even compare to .hack? I was going off based on that

Because .Hack is an isekai story themed around MMOs and one of the earlier example of such which can be seen as an inspiration for later series including SAO and Accel world.

You take fantasy worlds and break them down into classes and skills. Even Record of Lodoss wars obfuscated this even though it was based on a TRPG. This isn't inherently bad but the sheer influx of MMO themed stories as of the last 5 or so years has shown that the amount of effort put into this style of story has dropped significantly.

Stuff like Grimgar have no right having classes and it drags the whole story down as a result.

I could really use a good military sci-fi like LOGH or old school Macross

Ok, I'm now trying to grasp how .hack outside of .hack//Sign can be called a Isekai because the characters are literally playing a game and they log out to do other shit multiple times and they only really become trapped in the game during the very final part of each franchise and thats only to defeat the final boss

How autistic are you?

Don't forget all those anime that has magic but it totally looks more like technology like Mahouka, Bahamut...

Honestly I don't remember fantasy/adventure/slayerfags complaining about too many sci-fi.

I remember them complaining about the lack of traditional fantasy and the amount of isekai, highschool, mmorpg and other fantasy bastardizations shit, but not a single time I saw a fantasyfags complaining about "too much sci-fi".

Does Isekai require you to be trapped or just travel to another world? Because Gate is also considered Isekai and the cast can return to Japan whenever they want with no trouble.

Except they actually do go to another world that is alive, nothing outside of the characters and maybe one or two npc are alive in .hack, Morgana herself barely ever makes a actual appearance with it being only on the novel XXXX , and they do end up trapped in gate later

You need to be transported to another world.
The details like actual magical teleportation or dying and being reborn in that other world are less important.

So, stuff like Digimon S1 can be considered isekai.

We are living in cyberpunk world now

I'd rather technology that looks like magic like Trinity Blood setting.

Literally, "Isekai" only means "another world".
Actually, what makes a world? Is a videogame with lots of True AI characters another world? That would make VRMMO Ossan isekai.

>You'd have to be brain damaged to believe SAO, konosuba, Rezero and all that garbage is actually mmo

MMO, RPG parody, generic medieval fantasy world or whatever you prefer to call them. It doesn't matter.

The thing is that there is a virtual difference between old isekai with world building (El Hazard, 12 kingdoms) and actual isekai where they limit to just reference/parody other media.

Travel or reincarnate into another world

>So, stuff like Digimon S1 can be considered isekai.

And like most old isekai, they did a good job because they actually created a world.

I get that, I'm posing the question of whether or not being trapped in said world is a requirement of Isekai. I don't think it is at all.

I don't think the other world people go to has to be "alive" either user. Fact is Isekai is a broad genre descriptor and a lot of things fall under the idea of "transported to another world"

>Actually, what makes a world?
Having landmasses, a population, economy, stuff like that I'd assume. If it could be considered a livable environment I would count it as a world.

Can we all agree at least that we need more traditional fantasy and sci-fi? Without gimmicks or "twists"?

Depends. Gimmicks or twists are sometimes required to make the traditional fantasy or scifi-story stand out from the other stories.

Gimmicks are fine. What matters is execution.

To think we actually lived to see a traditional medieval steampunk Japan Anime with samurais and steam guns.

not even mecha is true sci-fi now, outside of gundam most mecha apparently means an anime of another genre that just happens to include mechs.
The settings are also never anything unique unless done by sunrise and xebec, it's just your normal high school but they happen to have mecha on standby.

That or pilot academy where 14yo kids from all over the world compete to break each others toys that each constitutes 80% of each of their countries military budget.