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End of the match.

Boku no Hero Academia

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Thanks a bunch user.

I want to see next week's
>everybody wets themselves for a piece of Big Canadian Horn






Am i the only who thinks that the
>I have seen this already once!
kinda is out of place?
Yes i understand the point that Yuma is repeating his stuff a lot, but he should be safe to use most of his moves a bit longer than once.





I wouldn't take anything Ikoma says too seriously. Him saying that the same move won't work twice means as much as if it came from a Saint Seiya character.




Takuan and Batsu's Daily Demon Diary

I wonder if they could ever rope Yuma or Chika into commentating a match.


Thanks for the dump.

First time we saw one Team get wiped but still win.
Nice match.

they didn't wipe, though; Chika bailed

It's more like they weren't the last team standing, but they still won despite retreating

It's Koge Stu

I want him in the app.

>Kuga is finally out!
It's like you were waiting for this or something

Probably soon enough.

Is Katori in, by the way?

Thanks for the dump, OP.

Will you dump all three new jump start series from next week on?

The proportions for everything in this pic are so fucked up.

I'll dump Red Sprite. I may dump Love Rush, but likely I won't.

I know lots of people like Promised Neverland but it's not my sort of series and it gets released by MS so quickly

Not yet. The last new character they released was Replica's Black Rabbit.

So the new popularity poll should come soon now that this round is over ?

Then pls provide a DDL for Love Rush as no one scanlates it. Would also be cool if you did one for TPN, but I can see why you wouldn't.


More or less Ikoma was basically saying he's already gauged Yuma's upward bounce distance.

I want Hyuse to impregnate me.

I'm slightly excited for next week, I want to see Hyuse fight in the rank battles but at the same time I want to see them go to the other world and finally see team members of teams that were introduced but never shown.

I hope so. But don't they usually announce these things ahead of time?


I think so. That's more or less why I asked.

So probably not next chapter, maybe the one after.
If it comes with some color pages, that could mean we will see some unknown-colored characters, like Katori or Ikoma.

Usually they say something like "Popularity poll results next chapter !!!111".

Should have made a second grasshopper above your head to fake him out.

Ikoma was shown too late to be counted

Or he could've feinted the vertical jump like what he did with Arafune. Of course that would require him to know that Ikoma would aim high and not right in his face when he charged, so I don't blame him for not attempting it

Doesn't prevent him from having the colors of his uniform shown.

You'll probably have to wait until Volume 18 to release since he will be the cover character

Did you post shokugeki no soma

didn't the guy stop because he didn't like the manga anymore?

shooters are cool

Thanks for taking the time with Love Rush. No scanlator picked it up and I was interested in it too

They totally are.
Also why does Kako have a cube in that picture?

It was drawn before Galopoula

Is Chika's bullet faster than an actual Lightning, or her reaction time just superior to Oki?

It's probably faster than real lightning

Can we get a DDL for Soma and OPM?

just wanted to share this cool pic

I don't think they are going to add characters past the anime

Ikoma will be the cover of Vol 19, Ouji will be the back.

You gotta remember Chika has over average BT trion output without having a BT.
So it's likely that even a lead Lightning is faster than an actual Lightning.
On top of that Oki didn't seem like he expected her to be so fast with aiming and stuff.
So it's probably a combination of her being faster than expected and Chika having way to much trion.

Volume 19 starts at chapter 161


Shinoda about to get fucked.

Maybe he gets a leg or something, but at the end Viza wins.

I meant 18.

I didn't, was waiting to see if anyone would ask for it. My enthusiasm is too low. Well, I'm pretty sure jump is still ripped in full every week and put up on nyaa

What non C-Rank agent do you think Hyuse will end up fighting in the solo booths?

Katori for maximum salt.

He's probably going to beat up the three idiots again

Probably, but I can't seem him walking off this without someone from the upper echelon taking interest and challenging him.

Did they mention what his fake cover name was?

If it starts with a K then maybe Kako will try to recruit him

Khronin, but that is if they are actually going to be that closely related.

Is Oji wearing a tie or is he wearing three layers?

Probably won't see that since we won't see matches other than T-2's.

Tie. You can see the knot at his kneck.
His shirt just makes it look really strange.

Someone should greenlight the Sakurako spin off then.

I want to see Osamu commentate again, but this time with actual commentary.

whats this from?

Viza stomps Shinoda. A better fight would be Shinoda vs. Gatlin since it was said they were on the same level.

I bet he could pull an Ouji maneuver and predict every move before it's made

Or he could commentate an Oji match where Oji predicts everything Osamu is commentating on.

No one, since hiding your potential from possible opponents would be a smart move

But he would reap more points from higher ranked opponents. Not to mention his main potential will come from team synergy.

I was under the impression that C Rank Solo was in a bracket of its own since they only have access to training triggers

If the agent accepts the challenge then a C-Rank can challenge an A or B Rank

Hyuse is in a hurry.

Defeating a single A rank to get yourself to B beats Hyuse shitting on dozens of C guys who will be terrified and unwilling to fight you after your first 3 battles.

What's his cover name?

I don't think it got revealed, but since his cover story is that he's related to Tamakoma's engineer he might be using Cronin as his surname.


Since its Canadian it would be a no brainer to use Hughes, I'm sure it even sounds the same in Japanese.

But Hyuse is fine, better than Hus.

Hugh Mann

Don't humanize the Canadians

I'm guessing most "Scorpion is OP" fags have dropped off after the Ikoma Senku

How am I supposed to scorpionfag when Yuma didn't do anything particularly new with it in this match?

What are Hyuse and Osamu hiding?

>One's an unathletic glasses
>The other's a glorified magnet wizard
Their terribly embarrassing physique.

Oh boy, look at all these currently manga irrelevant characters! We must give them swimsuit variant gatchas!

Look at Jin and Yuma, one is flabby as fuck and the other has a literal baby body.

In comparison I'm sure they've much better bodies, their hoodies are only half zipped.

I dunno, I'll tap them.
I mean, look at their collarbones.

Jin is skinny and Yuma's body isn't even real. To pull off the shit he did as a regular person Yuma's real body is probably at least hella toned. Jin just never works out and keeps his figure by eating low calorie crackers.

Osamu on the other hand has less physical stamina and runs slower than a short girl ( meaning short legs). Hyuse thinks the correct action in a fight is to stand around looking menacing while his trigger does all the work of attack and defense. Clearly doesn't work out and all he has is his height and his face to attract the ladies.

Incidentally I was just lamenting the lack of collarbone definition on the women while the men get it in spades. Also despite having her arms raised, Kumagai has very little axilla fanservice going on. This entire promotion is just a shame other than Konami's domineering pose.


Yuma was 11 or something when he nearly died, no way he could have been that toned, his current body is how he used to look like then.

And Jin is flabby here, look at the man boobs, and I think his shorts are falling off as well?

Osamu's body in the anime filler looked decent.