Danganronpa 3

TFW those idiots made a new you

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Chiaki being an Izuru 2.0 would be the dumbest fucking shit.

I can't wait to see it.

Threadly reminder that Juzo saved DR3 from being a total trainwreck.
Press F for this glorious motherfucker. Tell something nice about him

Post yfw Chiakizuru at the end of Despair 11

Yeah, sorry.


He was our boy.

He was the most entertaining part of both arcs, and JUZOBOYS will live on forever.

Chiaki is "alive".

Those experiments they ran on her corpse?

She was the first person to have a fabricated AI uploading into her comatose body.


So the final fight is going to be Kamukura Izuru vs Dakimakura Izuru then?

Where the fuck is this Chiakizuru theory coming from

I watched 11 and there was nothing suggesting it

I don't get your point. Naegi made her suicidal? This episode proved she could have just cut her hand, that way both her and Naegi survive.

Kirgiri is alive. Otherwise she's completely retarded/or possessed by the ghost of Junko for not cutting off her hand to get the bracelet off.

If Juzo can survive getting brutalized by Munakata, anything's possible.

thats to cruel even for Kodaka he is not killing her a third time


>Punched Naegi so hard Rihanna playing sticks and stones
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag and makes niggers drop faster than the Detroit police department
>Went one on one with the Gozuboys
>Rekt Hinata so hard he turn Izuru
>100% accuracy rate in Olympic chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was just to flex his muscles and check dat ass
>Went full ham on the old man and crew just to get his kick quota fulfilled
>Roundhousekicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet
>Too busy punching manlets, so some mentally deranged kid blows up half the school
>Great try, but no normalfags died
Fucking reee
>Tried to kill the donut but jobbed again
>Survived 2 missile barrages by some random ass cripple in a wheelchair
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, declaring himself to be best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his friends no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Seduced by Ruruka's sweets, but who gives a shit, our boy definitely doesn't. Fuck candy and fuck that whore
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, both physically and literally


PS:Normalfriends and Chiakifriends need not apply to based Juzo
F, my friend.

Gonna miss this brilliant faggot


Something good?
You know what

Back in episode 5 Tengan mentioned a project other then the Izuru project. And so far we've seen nothing of it.

wtf i love juzo now
when did he all of a sudden become the best character

Reminder that Juuzo cut off his arm before the last episode which is why he didn't show up on the counter which is based on the bracelets. Kirigiri is alive.

If that happens I'll hate Izuru forever, can't you burry a person even though you're the Ultimate everything?

In the end he really was another musclebro, died for the greater good.

Episode 1 my friend.

>we all thought Gozu was the musclebro
>it was actually Juzo

Us Chiakifriends will always be bros with Juzoboys!

[Hope] when

Actually, how did Juzo cut his arm off without the bracelet suddenly killing his ass dead?

I don't care how cliche his death was, he was the best to come out of DR3. F, you amazing motherfucker.

Six players were in game last episode.
Poo haircut
Who is the sixth? Hagakure and Juzo don't count since they didn't have bracelets.

He's shit.

Save it from what ? he pretty much made it happen for been a closest faggot

> One switch could turn the killing game off
> Instead let's kill each other like retards! XD
Future Foundation, everyone.

Wait, there's no new episode this week?

>all false
>instead it's Chiakozuru

Oh man, imagine the despair.

Indeed, stay strong my friends.


My motives are too simple for you to understand.

Bandai would've been a bigger and better twist, I think.

Guys, Tengan isn't the mastermind! Tengan is merely a failed clone of the founder of Hope's Peak - the real mastermind is the original Izuru! We just couldn't see him because the camera was angled to not focus on him!

I read the whole copypasta again, laughing bittersweet while still having tears in my eyes.


The subs for the remaining episodes have been delayed

Oh we're going there.

Ryona is apparently another of Kodaka's fetishes, along with hypnosis and body odor.


Why are Funimation shills/apologists so stupid? They always defend them, but even if the delays themselves are not their fault, it took them over an hour after the episode was supposed to air to tell people that it was delayed. I even saw one of them claim that they only just found out. If the episode was due to air at 11am, and it's not out by 12pm, then they obviously must know it has been delayed, but only communicated this at 12:30. That's on them. They can't have only just found out when it's already late by over an hour. Why do people even defend them anyway? They're scrapping the subbing service, if that's not an admission that they suck at it I don't know what is.

Either all the waifus are dead or none of them. Chisa confirmed dead then so are Kiri and Nanami

Soon my friends, HOPE will be upon us.

That Funimation mark really tops this off.


Reporting in, brother!

Our boy died with a smile. He knew that Persona would regret his actions and through this simple, final gesture, forgave his bro.


Had to wait to copy the new pasta, but for real now: good night!

Jokes on you old man. I was the real mastermind all along that used you for my goals
But i'll explain it only in the Danganronpa 3 : Side Hope

Good night again, my friend! Stay strong and keep it going!

F Juzo. You can be my wingman anytime.

I think this anime's MINDHACKED me into accepting full despair with mystery themed anime that isn't Conan or Gosick

You're not HOPEing hard enough

>3 weeks of denial about kirigiri's death

How soon, Hopeman?

Is it how strong your HOPE is?!


Until the final second of the anime airs, I will continue to believe.

Where the fuck is Togami anyway? M.I.A. since episode 8.

Those two are alive, stay mad Chisafag.

He would have shown up on the counter because his NG code hadn't been activated yet.

So if the completed mindhack video is so good why did Junko kill Chiaki again

Forgive me, my friend. I can only HOPE to be as HOPEful as you one day.

I just think she deserves a better ending. She needs a long holiday and a cute hopelet, not half a fucked up face and a bracelet of poison.

So there is one final episode for this right?

you know why

Chiaki was the finishing touch or something.

3 more.


But counter changed after he was slashed with katana.

She foresaw her death and knew she would need a new body to spread despair with.

Don't tell me Naegi is the Mastermind?

1 for Mirai, 2 for Despair?

>off by one
I'm starting to feel some serious despair here

Chiaki hope was stronger than Naegi, that's the only logical explanation.


Fuck off chuuniboi

It isn't mindhacking. It's brainwashing/sublinimal messaging.
And Chiaki would have been useless as a UD. What would she do, play video games really badly?

2 more. Despair ends this week and future next monday.

He may have been a bitch that got controlled by Junko but he did one thing right.

Just for the fucking bottle.

No one could control our brillant fatherfucker, F.

so she could upload her AI into Chiaki's lifeless body


WHO IS DIS. I missed the goddamn stream!

Are you serious?
She can create despair including game.
It's much better than despair photographer.




Truly the best boy

The BluRays list 24 episodes.
I don't give a fuck about one random site that reported the 12th ep of Despair as some kind of a "special".

Here fix it for you

>both arcs have mindhack brainwashing
What if we are being mindhacked by both arcs?


>Monitor brainwashes people into suicide, there's no attacker
>Juzo was alive and cut off his own arm so he could fight/kill the attacker
>Finds the truth and saves manlet from suicide
>Then goes to control/power room, turning everything off and ending the game
>He bleeds out shortly after, meeting his lone death but saving everyone
>Tengan is the mastermind (??)

So why didnt Kirigiri just cut her hand? Juzo proved it was possible this episode without the bangle killing him.

She told me to keep hope. I will keep hope until the end, user.

Even if she isn't back by then I won't give up hope.

There might still be OVAs.


As a 2nd gen Juzoboy I'm glad this magnificent faggot went out like a champ.

The bottle doesn't mean jack fucking squat to me anymore. What matters is Kirigiri failing to notice the monitors.

I refuse to believe that she's that stupid.

I'm being mindhacked by that fucking QUALITY Nekomaru

I hope Munakata nurses Juzo back to life next episode. Juzo deserves some happiness.

He cut it off AFTER she died, she had no idea if it would explode or some shit probably.

Chiakifriend reporting in!
If any Juzoboys has trouble with him leaving us, we've been through this too! Feel free to ask for help!

hahaha no
It was:

how long until [Hope] delivers?

He's dead, Jim.

>What I'm trying to say is... DESPAIR IS BACK!

> Yeah, guys! Kirigiri is actually alive because she is totally smart enough to use Cure W to outplay the mastermind plan!
> Why would she cut off her hand to prevent the poison? This is retarded and will never work! She is a smart girl, after all.
> Check secret room? Nothing to see here. She is too smart to waste her time for investigating such a obvious dead end.

>I hope Munakata nurses Juzo back to life next episode. Juzo deserves some happiness.

Yes that's one way to ruin Juzo character

He is fucking death

>Then goes to control/power room, turning everything off and ending the game
Man, the Future Foundation are fucking retarded.

They're just retarded Chiakifags. Ignore them

> 22
He keeps getting away with that.

I still think he's an asshole but credit where credit is due.

>cut off her hand to prevent the poison
Juzo died anyway fag

Still better than not trying. She knew she was gonna die 100%

Stay mad baconfag

>"Maybe faggots aren't so bad after all"

I do not understand the relationship between this shitpost and this image.


So we were right for weeks, and the "attacker" really is just despair anime mindhack suicide.

This is bullshit.

That's why she took Cure W.

Thanks for the summary. Lol just turn the power supply off, fucking hell.

Chiaki isn't dead. Don't believe Junko's lies.

I tried.

So, uh, wait

If Class 77 isn't coming to save Chisa, then who are they coming to save?

Does Cred Forums like big boats?

Kirigiri is dead you retard


Naegi of course.

He was stabbed before twice and there is a drug that can regenerate hands.

Fuck off, I'm a Chiakifag and I don't want them to ruin her character any further.

The survivors. They don't know what they're getting into.

Oh! So this is the part where the red light hypnotizes people into suicide. Naegi was about to do it until Juzo ended it all.

sorry but he cried in this ep for juzo stay mad

He's not a faggot if he's dedicated to only one person. It's love, user.

You know who.

All he had to do was start cutting before it.
Munakata is retarded for not even attempting to search for a solution, I fully agree with that, but they had no way of knowing ending the game was that easy to begin with.
And they didn't know the cause of death was the monitors to think of turning off the energy in the tower.
And they had no idea that room existed, they thought they were at the above building.

They are pretty complex.

Don't put Chisa on their level

I want to think that the bottle means that she tried something even if it didn't work.

Hajime will upload AI Chiaki into cyborg Chiakizuru

Juzo was fucked up in multiple places besides his hand.

>sees file resolution
Fuck user, you got a good laugh out of me.

>there is a drug that can regenerate hands.

I haven't watched the episode yet
does Seiko really try to crush herself against the wall to stop the MINDHAC?

I like it

Chisa did nothing wrong.

>We will never have a DR1 anime that consistently looks this good, giving it at least one redeeming feature
I want to hug her.


Naegi, the guy who put his life into saving them from the brainwash?

Class 77 are retards, but I doubt they are ungrateful pricks.

Kirijunko has tengan phone

yes and i remember also how Cred Forums called it bullshit theory

Wait some members resisted the suicidal brainwashing by... err suicide too? Kinda cool. At least it's a final 'fuck you' to the Mastermind.

Post it

Who says this is the same video as that one?
Time has passed, this could be an improved version.

Hang on. I'm not him but I got a cap.

Why are you people implying that cutting your hand wouldn't lead to death either way?

They didn't resist, it was all according to plan.

Is no one fansubbing this? I can't wait anymore.

It's not the only long, thick object of Tengan's she has.

This episode make me feel like shit....


> Mind Hack Video Starts
> You Just Close Your Eyes
> Nobody Dies And You Win
Now I understand why Monaco was so bored about this game, easiest shit in my life.

At the VERY LEAST, the drugs could stop the bleeding.

Where can I watch the RAW anyway?

lmao well she did control FF as a puppet enemy so maybe

As if dancer or princess are much better.

>They didn't resist
Juzo stabbed eyes
Seiko crushed herself
Ruruka...well take a guess




For fucks sake stop using that shit excuse. Even if they didnt know about the monitors the fucking deadly bangles would stop working after turning the power off. Kirigiri is a retard.

It's hilarious at this point

>tfw people still think Kirijunko is a plausable theory

did they read out kirigiri's pocket notebook or what

And this is the second picture.

it begins...

Holy shit, you're right. Pretty much close your eyes. But hey, they didn't know the red hue from the monitor made them suicidal so it's kinda fair.

Juzo and Gozu are not the same. I have no idea how people can mix them up.

Oh, the worst part was when some of them started acting like it was a forgone conclusion and insulting people for not believing their feverdream.
There was even this bizarrely retarded individual who posted about Aoifags being BTFO'd in like, a Saturday.

So we stopped talking about this, but what about we bring up the whole different eye colors for Tengan again?

Yah know, its interesting.

So wait, Kirigiri could have lived if she just chopped off her hand?

He's with the mastermind

Monaca wasn't affected by that shit either.

And it's not like she's a despairfag. I mean she's pretty fucked up, but she doesn't get off on it like Junko or the brainwashed RoD.

>It really was Mind Hack Anime Monitors
I guess Kodaka and Uchikoshi really are Hacks

Dancer's dance is like a drug.
Princess has charisma. and an ENTIRE NATION WITH IT'S OWN ARMY under her wing.

TOWA GROUP was Right

Junko had control of the FF through Tengan (obviously new what was going on throughout the tragedy up to the future killing game) , Chisa and Juzo
FF was just ultimate despair's puppet enemy
The Reports in Dr2 were flasefiled by Chisa to make madame junko seem awesome and cover up the brainwashing
Everything was inplace for Junko to take over FF for her to make Junkoland.
Junko basically controlled all the factions
FF through Tengan, Juzo and Chisa
Warriors of Hope through Monaca, Kurokuma and Nagito the servant
The Remants of despair through Izuru
Haiji's adult faction and Komaru through shirokuma
What a feat of Ultimate analiysistic ability from Junko
The killing game is Chisa and the masterminds solution to naegi saving the DR2 cast by destroying FF

what a shitty tear now i see why you stole the Chisa one

How would Cred Forums react if the despair episode this week took place on the boat?

I totally forgot about this so maybe cutting off your hand is actually a good solution.

What about the shock though? What about the excruciating pain? The humongous blood loss?

I love Kyoko but she can't withstand that stuff like beefcake Juzo can.

Where is Mikan when you need her for once?

So in the end, Ruruka was a hero of her own by choking herself with her candies. Pretty ironic!

fight fire with fire

fight hajizuru with chiakizuru

Hey, we all know Junko's coming back for the big finale, the only real question on anyone's mind is how she'll do it.

It was Junko who did it, not Izuru. Bored man doesn't even killed anyone.


Two times seeing Nanami dying...;_;

Guess I was thinking about Juzo too much

Goddammit Kyoko can be beautiful at times.

Yes it works on people WHO ARE ALIVE

My cute boy, I'll always think of you foundly in my heart.

In DR3 or you mean both the game and DR3?

F, Juzo is amazing.
We need more HOPE

It's Hip to Despair

Still better than dying.

I'm a Chiakifag and I'll be fucking rectum ravaged if they pull this Chiakizuru shit, 2 deaths is enough, she's been through so fucking much already

To be honest. This little girl could've saved them all. If she had used her drugs and medical knowledge I'm sure she could've cured all the wounds and actually make the arms grow back.

Given how she could go beast mode with her pills, she probably had a lot of medical knowledge to do a lot of different stuff regarding medical knowledge. Sure it'll hurt and there'll be some blood loss, but hell it's a lot more viable than everyone dying.

Wait a second, if the despair video causes you to commit suicide, then who the fuck hangs up your body and where do you get the monokuma knife?

both man.. feels so fucking bad

Good version, my friend.

How would they know turning the power off stopped the bangles?
You are using stuff that happened afterwards as if it was a conclusion to them at that moment, the bangles were obviously not powered by the building itself, they had no reason to believe turning off the power on the building turned them off. Juzo himself didn't turn off the power knowing it would stop the bangles, he was trying to turn off all the monitors.
You are the one expecting them to see the future.

So I didnt watch the Episode but what implies a second Izuru?

Her hand wasn't cut

each monitor haves a knife

Yeah okay? I never even said anything about people being alive or dead. I just provided some pictures to help out the guy who was talking about drugs that regenerate hands.

So cool fucking post man, but I don't give a shit.



just retards posting faggot theories as always

>h-h-he forgot about sayaka guys

> Juzo was alive.
> Kirigiri was actually 100% dead.
> Chiaki was tortured physically and mentally for 12 minutes consecutive on-screen.

And people say that Kodaka doesn't have balls. Damn shame that KiriJunko is pretty much impossible now, unless the bracelet stopped counting her as 'alive' from the cure W or some shit.

So, who's phoning Mitarai with Tengan's phone? Who's the 16th participant?

Well, they had the same problem of the DR1: trusting issues


I'm assuming you didn't watch the episode.

The bodies were hanged by themselves while they were trying to resist the video and the knife is dispensed from the monitor that's playing the video.

Third times the Charm

Nothing, just Chiakifags losing it while the Kirigirifags are getting angry about her dying like they said they would.

Tengan said something about another Izuru. Hajime as Izuru probably saved Chiski from death.

I'm saying she would have bled out either way if she cut off her arm. They don't have the medical knowledge or the tools to deal with such an injury.

Well Seiko did but she wasted herself on Candywhore.


>Implying she isn't alive already

> We get to watch Chiaki die in incredibly painful ways three times consecutive.

Jesus christ.

Juzo literally cut his hand and bracelet off. Why would he still count as a participant?

I must clarify user that i am not defending funi.
in fact i am with you on this, why must people rely on funi? however, I would prefer a decent sub rather than a poorly but fast sub.

Why would they check the monitors?

Yeah she could have saved them but she pursued Ruruka instead and died for it.

A tragedy.

No homo right?


No. People commit suicide after seeing the brainwash video. Naegi sees it, loses his shit (swirly despair eyes and all), and is getting ready to end it. He's saved by Juzo.


Kirijunko will still happen

watch Chiaki be resurrected as a homunculus mindfucked abomination next episode and die a third time

kodaka pls

>So, who's phoning Mitarai with Tengan's phone?

Junko or Togami

>killing Chiaki 3 times
Kodaka is an absolute savage.

No time to check when everyone tries to kill you for you know why.


I'll say it again, trying is still better than dying. Kirigiri was a retard this whole anime.

It's kind of ironic as she always wanted to save everyone. She could've and she would've had she actually known and put her personal issues aside.

its not impossible its more confirmed then anything she's just fucking with everyone and had ultimate makeup artist do her poison makeup

the text message that tengan's phone sent Ryota is "Nice to see you again"

so it's someone Ryota knows personally
so junko, mikan, imposter

Mikan and imposter are in a coma on Jabbawock
so its Junko

Junko got out of NWP in Kyoko's body

The Future ED foreshadowing (the Valkriye is Kirijunko), The boy is (naegi and Ryota) the founder is Tengan

Blame the white EDGElord.
THIS is a fair criticism, Munakata downright impeding people from investigating the place or trying to find a solution that didin't involve massive ammounts of deaths by virtue of jumping the murder train immediately was the worst thing in this whole arc.

Why would they think it was an important thing?

>implying she's alive at all

>future 12 is an entire episode of Chiaki dying
>no mysteries explained, just "look at this cute girl dying again"

Anyone willing to edit Juzo's real dead body in this? I can't do it myself.

They literally had no reason to suspect it was fucking mind hacking of all things.

>who's phoning Mitarai with Tengan's phone?
It's Cred Forums calling him a faggot

Junko in Chiaki's body.

holy shit the despair


>"Why didn't you fuck us Naegi-kun? It's your fault."


yes the retard that is under rubble

I'm praying for [Hope].
I would honestly marry them for always delivering.

So I guess Junko really did lie out her ass for no reason, because breaking down each member of Class 77 individually by exploiting their fears, doubts and imperfections sounded a hell of a lot more compelling than an inverted take on the Ludovico Technique and an episode of Saw.

Oh fuck off

You'd think that the fucking SHSL Detective of all people would have investigated the fucking monitors, but apparently even Kirigiri was a retard for the sake of this twist.

Hajime will FUTURE cure Chiaki.

Do you think Sayaka died a virgin?

>more retarded theories

Are Kirigirifags and Chiakifags in the "BTFO Forever" category? I think today's episode confirms it.

>It's a Junko's going to comeback next episode and continue to ruin everything episode.

Chiaki. The game was being broadcast to them.

Except Kirigiri already knew about the suicide method at that point. If she had just checked the room she would have survived. She was a retard.





Junko is full of shit

Not just that. But what's also kind of ironic is that Kirigiri ran away from the secret door as she believed it was nothing. Had she followed Juzo into that room, they could've ended the game right there as she knew about the monitors and that if the power is cut-off they'd survive. She essentially doomed herself to die and it's been kind of ironic that she just told Mitarai to follow her and neglect the obvious clue of "This is the secret exit".

she fucked naegi tho

>Why would they think it was an important thing?
>They literally had no reason to suspect it was fucking mind hacking of all things.



How else are you going to grind the monocoins?

Characters are whatever the writer wants them to be.

If they wanted her to be ignorant, then so she was.

The retard we don't know what happened to. It's more likely than the retarded Chiakizuru and Kirijunko theories

that was Chisa would fake this file as head of FF information branch

Not as retarded as thinking Juzo is alive

Because his NG code wasn't activated.

Nope. She did sexual favors for rich old men to get idol advancement.

Honestly, with what Tengan said about there being another Izuru project, and Chiaki's state in the last Zetsubou-hen episode, I'm guessing we're getting mindbroken Izurufied Chiaki next episode.

I wonder if Izuru and Chiaki would find each other to be infinitely interesting, or infinitely boring. I guess it's the 'best' ending for them. I mean, the only way I can think of making Izuru's entrance into the last episode meaningful in any sense is if it's Chiaki.

That said, I'd prefer KiriJunko, since she really went out without a bang. She didn't even chop off her hand or try to do anything to survive, so it'd be a huge letdown for the SHSL fucking Detective to go out in such a shitty way.

Nobody thinks Juzo's alive. We just saw him die. Where are you even getting this from?

Nah she banged the manlet

How the hell would he still be monitored?

Naegi doesn't need saving

or She's junko and didnt investigate it cause she was the one that planned it

It's the problem with this sort of thing, right?
We get it's video-based brainwashing because we see them both back to back, but the characters themselves have no idea partially because of outstanding stupidity in their part back in Despair arc that kept Junko from being exposed a trillion times, but still.
They still mostly think the RoDs are fucked up people doing shit because they are insane

Kyousuke-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

So once again it all comes back to Nagito being a fucker and doing nothing right.

I went from hating this motherfucker to becoming a Juzoboy myself.


Who's even saying he's alive you moron? Stop trying to damage control the Kirigirifag/Chiakifag autism going on right now

Blame Juzo he was trying to kill them.

What's Kiri going to do if Juzo decides to punch her face off? Rely on Mitarai?

If Juzo survived, Chiaki did too.

>The characters themselves have no idea

Not really he knew shit

>Chiaki got a cinnamon roll edit instantly
>No Juzoroll too pure for this wolrd edit yet

Because he was still a survivor. Doesn't matter if he cut off his own hand.

Yeah, and that is Mitarai's sin and why he is not the uberhopelet.
He was willing to keep this damn thing a secret for all this time in fear people would blame him for giving Junko the tools to turn the world to shit.

friendly reminder that junko could be anyone at this point

she had enough information that she could convincingly act as everyone, including kirigiri

>trying is still better than dying
If she tried she wouldn't have time to investigate.

She wagered she could beat the mastermind before the fourth time limit.

It was an understandable choice.

Why? They use the bracelets to monitor survivors.


>tries to kill Makoto

>Makoto tries to kill himself
>Juzo stops him

He was an absolute madman until the end.


She likely fucked Naegi and may have fucked older men

With ALL these clues pointing to KiriJunko I'd be legitimately shocked if that's not the ending.

ryota's NG Code is probably snitching about the mindhacc monitors

How did Crap-o jump into anyone's body again?

Makoto definitely suffers from Survivors Guilt and that video amplified it 10 fold.

because the survivor count is for us viewers only


Juzo was already subdued at that point. He literally said "to hell with this game, I'm getting out of here". She could've followed and he wouldn't have done anything. Remember how he completely neglected Ruruka? He didn't actually give a shit after realising he was onto something.

Yep! If Nagito hadn't done any of this, a lot of trouble could've been evaded as Seiko could've helped out. I'm not a Seikofag, but finding these cute Seiko's in my caps folder is a blessing. Enjoy.

The two are nowhere near comparable in terms how much injury they suffer

I imagine playing video with another Izuru would be super fun

It'd be like Daigo vs Wong

Yeah but that's shit. I'm perfectly okay with the idea that Junko was boasting herself and lied to make herself seems more interesting but you have to explain that not that long after her character is established.
It just feels more like mental gymnastics to explain why it isn't animated more than a reall artistic decision.

>this delusion

>delicious brown
>bangin' body
>spunky and kind hearted even in the face of despair
>survives TWO (2) (t w o) death games
>dos juegos de la muerte

Is there anyone who can even DREAM of stopping our girl Aoi?

This is your only argument? Lol

They have cameras too you fucking idiot

Fuck this shit. Junko is MM again.
>In DR1 kills her subordinate as an example (Mukuro)
>In DR3 kills her subordinate as an example (Chisa)

Imposter! I would never say that.

And I will repeat my answer to that, Naegi deduces Mitarai might know something and asks him, he doesn't know about the despair anime because Mitarai was too much of a little bitch to tell people all this time.
Mitarai's stuttering at the end seem to indicate quite clearly he never told anyone.

>Danganronpa 3 turned out to be just one big gay love story between a boxer and an edgelord.

The only delusional one is you baconfags. Your girl is dead. Get over it. It's been 3 weeks.

>nowhere near comparable
You're joking, right? Both suffered pretty terrible injuries but managed to hold on for a while.

Well, really, this makes it even worse, because instead of choosing the more interesting option they just opted for laziness.

Wrong context. She was talking about the memory wiping, and this is DR1. Before all this other stupid shit was written.

Guys, think about things this way.

Remaining survivors as of episode 10:

> Aoi.
> Naegi.
> Munakata.
> Mitarai.
> Kirigiri
> ???

Juzo isn't counted because bracelets are what counts participants and detects a pulse. Kirigiri is A L I V E

Juzo was in-fucking-destructable.

Chiaki being alive would be a huge asspull. Izuru's SHSL Priest abilities wouldn't be able to save her, she was skewered with a trillion spikes and lost almost all her blood. You don't come back from that.

How the fuck are we related to tumblr you moron? Everyone with a brain realises he just died as a hero.

>Junko comes back through ass pull shit.
>Mitarai shows her his hope mind hack anime hidden in his phone.
>Junko becomes a hopefag.

That count is only for us, dude.
You never see it in the show outside the OP and the characters never comment on it.

Pure pottery

Who? Killing game's on autopilot.

what a timie to be alive

One is a heavyweight boxer the other is a high-school girl.

>Yep! If Nagito hadn't done any of this, a lot of trouble could've been evaded as Seiko could've helped out.
She may have died in the tragedy.

A lot of Hope's Peak students died and Seiko's SheHulk drug wasn't ready yet.

>Mikan got to live
>Seiko died

11037 raped here before killing.

>Izuru's SHSL Priest abilities wouldn't be able to save her,
What makes you so sure?
Besides that, what makes you so sure that Tengan didn't decide to use her for Izuru 2.0?

> she was skewered with a trillion spikes and lost almost all her blood. You don't come back from that.


Yeah, I don't understand why people think this episode confirms her demise. Juzo cut his hand off without dying and we didn't see the counter at all, so Kirigiri's chances of survival have at worst stagnated and at best drastically increased.


Confirmed retard

>now they're clinging to the bracelets

This is pathetic

First it was the cure w then the counter now the bracelets

I'm so embarrassed

While its funny seeing the fan theories turning out true, I havent been able to enjoy these latest mirai eps. The anime just seems so directionless and the lack of proper antagonists isnt helping.

Juzo didn't bleed out while fucking sleeping and passing out. Chiaki had the SHSL God next to her. Chiaki being alive isn't an asspull if Juzo being alive isn't.

What evidence was there to suggest a second Izuru Project

>It's the best love story Kodaka ever wrote
Pretty sure you could turn that into a greek tragedy if not the span of several years.

True. But she would've still had this fucker around to protect her.

Despite him being a complete tool in the anime, I'm more than sure that he was capable of going full unlimited blade works on whatever might've faced him. Guy's a walking bladestorm.


How is it a delusion? The characters never acknowledge it and it only shows up in the OP.

I think we should all just pretend Danganronpa 3 never happened.

Dr1 survivors are in FF and doing a swell job and Dr2 survivors are chilling on Jabberwock island and junko is fucking dead.
Happy end.

will he die for our sins?

>what makes you so sure that Tengan didn't decide to use her for Izuru 2.0?
Why would Tengan use swisscheese for his Ubermensch project when people with healthy bodies are literally next door?

tengan talked about it in episode 5

>ultimate blood donor

>Sato kills Kuzuryuu, upsetting Hinata and setting stage for some despair
>Juzo bullies Hajime, lies about Junko, blindly tries to kill Naegi and friends until minutes before he dies
>Nagito creates rift between Class 76 classmates by getting them expelled, convinces Chiaki and classmates to go to their doom, monologued instead of shooting Junko, trained Monaka, and tried to kill brainwashing victims so he could go down in history as an Ultimate Hope

Is the series' overall message that gays ruin everything?

>delusional baconfags at it again

Are they worse than Mikanfags at this point?

Excuse me?

>Juzo saves everyone in the killing game

>liking meme waifu of the month
You only have yourself to blame

but I like IF much better


Because she has the talent no other character has. SHSL waifubait.

Yes. Chiakifags are getting up there too though but Kirigirifags have been at it for 3 weeks.

I'm just starting to think they're shitposting.

I swear I will find a way to purge this anime from my memory once it's over.

I second this.

Kodaka is clearly not in the right mental health to be making the big decisions with this series if he thought this would be a good idea after the first anime.


Why would he waste healthy people when he had a near or total corpse he could experiment on with impunity?

AE confirms ghosts, and ghostly possession are real things. All bets are off at this point.

>more than sure that he was capable of going full unlimited blade works on whatever might've faced him
Yeah I bet that's right.

I totally forgot Izayoi existed for a second.

That's probably for the best. This whole anime adds nothing to the overall plot.

I don't think Tengen is alive but i think Tengen before he died sent a message to Ryouta but thanks but inference was blocking the message from going through and now with the monitors shut off and power two the message was now received by Ryouta

Junko is 2xDead, user. Stop being despair.

Yeah, Juzo got stabbed through the chest - maybe not the heart, it's hard to tell from the rear - but then you have people that rambled on about the possibility of Munakata's heated blade cauterizing the wound, though that's mostly conjecture. The end result was that he had enough vigor to stand, walk and cut off his own arm further adding to the blood loss that he already suffered from, among other things.

Chiaki was turned into a pincushion who somehow clung to consciousness long enough to have a two-minute talk with Izuru, during which she was a barely-mobile, bleeding heap.

I'm far from a Kirigirifag, I just don't see how this episode changed anything for the worse regarding her survival chances. Your misguided insults aren't exactly replacements for evidence.

But she sent Teruteru flying.

she did it in reality, though

you can't deny she punched the fuck out of teruteru before he raped hiyoko

Why didn't Junko ever just show Naegi the video during the first killing game to make him kill himself, frame Kirigiri for killing him, and execute her when the others voted for her, rather than doing that convoluted plan with her sister's corpse? This was the point where she was already willing to cheat.

Pretty much

I find it funny that now we are suppose to forgive him for been a traitor cuz h is gay

Is like Junko saving everyone and we are suppose to forgive her ?

he's like 2 feet tall and less than 100 pounds, big whoof.

>AE confirms ghosts, and ghostly possession are real things
Then Kirigiri possessing Asahina from beyond the grave and marrying Naegi is totally plausible right?

More like the opposite. both Nagito and Juzo are based as fuck.

At this point, definitely.

She was literally described as class 77's hope, on top of being their leader. Incapacitated girls also can't say no.

I actually like DR3 and am glad it happened.
Here's hoping everyone died at the end.

>greek tragedy
>implying greeks back then had the kind of problem Juuzo went through


Kodaka is a hack.

> Mikan
> Not meme waifu

I won't be here with you on Monday, so I won't know for sure whether or not she really died. I'm sure you guys are thinking the same thing when it came to that nightmare Naegi suffered, wherein Kirigiri appeared as one of the dead friends. I was so looking forward to gloating, you have no fucking idea. But right or wrong, I said I'd post it. So here you go.

This Kirigirifag was laughing at you all up until today, but I guess it's your turn now.

>It's gonna be all right...you guys just killed your parents and fucked some corpses, no big deal
to be honest, Naegi is rather cruel - how they supposed to live with what they have done

reminder that third time's the charm and the strawberry seed doesn't show its face three times

someone's going to die again and it's going to be either junko in someone else's body or a chiaki homunculus

I just pretend IF is canon nowadays

At least Kyoko is alive in that dimension


Same until I saw this screenshot. I'm not sure what his powerlevel is, but knowing that he's a walking armory I'm somewhat certain that he's at least on par with Munakata. It's pretty meh that we never saw him go full blade works.

When I heard SHSL Blacksmith and I saw him with his dumb kunai that explode out of nowhere, I was expecting him to go full haywire and actually do some fighting. Sad it didn't happen.

You're forgetting Mukuro who helped her sister end the world just for the chance to become scissor sisters.

Because she wanted them to suffer for as long as possible.
How fucking stupid are you people?

>next despair episode is Chiaki forcibly undergoing surgery to keep her alive and turn her into Izuru while conscious
>another 10 minutes of Chiaki suffering
I would laugh my ass off

Because Junko is a terribly inconsistent character. In DR1 and DR2 she comes off as a somewhat "fair" antagonists. Sure, she meddles and plays dirty at times but she doesnt go out of her way to mind hack people to death and instead rather incites them to self destruction.

But in Zetsubo she throws this character trait out of the window for some reason.

its junko that sent the message

Two reasons

1. Junko's autism labeled her Hope

2. Ain't like Tengan's gonna kill her, kek

> and the lack of proper antagonists isnt helping.

That's my issue too. 'Hurr we all killed ourselves' isn't an interesting twist, and it uses the weakest plotpoint in the entire series that retrospectively substantially weakens Junko's character and SDR2's story and consequences with din'du nuttin mindhack anime.

At least the KiriJunko theory could be stretched to reasonability, and we'd have an actual, tangible antagonist. Instead we have an old dead guy and a sheepish beaten and blue otaku traitor that doesn't want to be. Not really antagonist material.

They've resolved plotpoints in the most boring, obvious and inane ways, and spelt out people's guilt a half dozen episodes before it's actually mentioned.

Honestly, the show went to utter shit the moment Monaca (rightfully) fucked off into space.

It does though. It ends it.

>for some reason.
you know what the reason is

No she doesn't, she does not care about the means only the result

We learned that from this whole mindhack plot, she'd immediately turn the whole world into despair if she could

This. DONUTS immortality is the strongest force in Danganronpa.
And now that she is making Hopelet DONUTS, Despair stands no chance.

>Implying Tsumiki didn't have it much worse than her and suffered more
>Implying she will wake up, when she won't
>Implying she is a better character than Tsumiki, when she wasn't

> > Series that literally based on borderline retarded killing games
> muh waifu is dead, let's pretend that it doesn't happened!!!

Let her die in peace pls

He was trying to create Ultimate Hope. Of course he is going to use healthy bodies.

Do you think Tengan gives a crap about wasting healthy people?

Wasn't this Junko!Naegi?
Actual Naegi kept telling them they did fucked up shit but reassured them about keeping hope



At least she has staying power and has actually use instead of done absolute nothing.

Only games matter!

"How absolutely disgusting...an unfinshed version of myself."
"....boring, but I promised to save you Chiaki Nanami."

Possession was short term. At best Kirighost can watch Naegi pump Asahina full of cum every night.

Because Munakata would have simmered down after seeing Naegi dead. By keeping him alive, his friends have incentive to protect him, pitting them against Munakata's group. Keeping him alive foments distrust between the players, and obviously made things far worse than they needed to be.

Cry harder baconfag

>This was the point where she was already willing to cheat.
Read. Junko wanted Kirigiri and Naegi out of the game this point because they were mucking it up for her, and she broke the rules to do it. Why not use a simpler and more effective method then? Not to mention getting the others to throw innocent Kirigiri under the bus would be pretty despair-worthy.

what is happaning now is not that interesting you know
it's all rather silly

If he's aiming to create Ultimate Hope, no better person to use than the girl Junko killed for being too Hopey


People may have lost their waifus, but at least candy bitch died a horrific death.

> she doesn't go out of her way to mind hack people to death
Despair Decease could as well be Mind Hack

The events of DR1 were on live television, Junko probably planned on using the killing game to mindhack the planet assuming the last remnants of HPA would've all killed each other as opposed to in the end defeating her in the name of hope.
It may also be why lots of people started believing in hope again and saw Naegi as a hero, mindhacking can go both ways so when Junko lost to hope, that message was sent to everyone watching, causing her plan to backfire

Kodaka was probably drunk when Norimitsu Kaihō came with all of this bullshit and let it slip through.

If i remember right, it was because she actually cared about class 78 after having spent 2 years with them. So since she actually LIKED these people, she wanted to keep them alive for as long as possible rather than do away with them immediately.
You must remember that Junko isn't supposed to be that consistent, she's a lying cunt and consistency bores her.

>Honestly, the show went to utter shit the moment Monaca (rightfully) fucked off into space.
Exactly, they started going down the Monaca route but then had her fuck off. Ok, I think most of us new Monaca wouldnt be the mastermind but her not being a despair player already lowered the suspense alot.

Then there was the attacker who really turned out to be nobody because lelsuicide.

From what I understood we are focusing on dead tengan next or something like that but I also feel like that wont be going anywhere.

I just cant imagine how they can make a proper climax for the triology the way things stand now.

I was asking why Junko didn't use it in chapter 5 of game 1. When she was trying to kill Naegi and Kirigiri.

No, it's real Naegi. This is the screen right before it.

Kirigiri would die either way because the game would only end if a sleed time ended with no one dead

Juzo would still be mad once he noticed the escape wasn't actually there

Except Despair Disease wasn't a real thing. It was just their personalities reverting to before they were put in the NWP.

>In DR1 and DR2 she comes off as a somewhat "fair" antagonists.

That's because she basically gives up despite supposedly being a master manipulator and shit.

Yeah because im gonna see fucking monitors killing people and think "oh shit that is so cool and unexpected"

I lost all interest the moment mind hack anime became a thing.

Only for Mikan. Despair disease affected everyone differently

Wow, so this vid that some guy posted yesterday was so right:

Monaka was the smartest kid in the fucking series. She realised how retarded this display of Kibou and Zetsubou was getting and peaced it.

I'm glad she did as well as the entire animation and it's Kibou and Zetsubou concept has been dragged through the mud to a point where it's become a fucking joke.

KiriJunko's bullshit as it'd mean another Junko appearance at the end of it all, it'd have no relevance but to be an asspull, likewise for Mitarai and Tengan being behind it.

At this point I just want Kohacka to write something that none of us have guessed, something completely fucking retarded that makes 0 sense. Hell, let Killer fucking Killer be the one behind this all and I won't give a flying fuck anymore as it'd be better than the rest of the outcomes.

How so?

I was about to post this.

This is ridiculous. The original plot where Junko was a super genius and talked everyone into becoming Ultimate Despair was much better.

That was only Mikan because she had the "remembering symptom". And the four of them were genuinely sick.

> It just reverts their personalities to mind hacked ones
Yes, totally different from mind hack.

Despair disease not existing is one of the more disappointing things. Even if it has already been used in some media, in particular horror, I think its a decent enough concept to use as a premise.

I remember when anons here said the underwater base thing was retarded

I wonder just how different she would be if you could somehow permanently remove/disable her analytical abilities. She wouldn't be bored all the time, but she'd still have experienced despair. Would she change?

I really do miss Kirigiri. I'll never know if she survived or not.

Didn't she go off on some spiel in DR1 about killing her own "precious" friends meant even more/better despair?

> It was just their personalities reverting to before they were put in the NWP

Akane wasn't a shitty crybaby and Ibuki wasn't gullible.

It was never the original plot, brainwash existed since DR0

>Juzo would still be mad once he noticed the escape wasn't actually there

What? Did you and I watch the same anime? He neglected Ruruka and he went on to find Munakata. He didn't give a shit and he wasn't out on blood anymore, which was proven by this episode as well.

>Kirigiri would die either way because the game would only end if a sleed time ended with no one dead

What? No. If they shut off the power then what do you think would've happened with the bangles?

She would've saved herself by turning off the monitors, that also powered the bangles. You might have to rewatch the last 2 episodes as it's not what you think it is.

>Kirigiri could have ended the game if she had just investigated the exit (why would a detective not investigate everything?)
>Even then she could have saved herself by cutting her hand since Juzo proved is possible to do that without the bracelet killing you
Either she really is the bad guy somehow or she went retarded from too much hope dick.

It'll happen next episode, just you wait.

Mikan had the remembering disease, which is why she got her school memories back.
Nagito had the liar disease, Ibuki the gullible disease and Akane the crying disease.

Junko's autism wasn't completely fleshed out user. All this mindhack business is tacked-on nonsense.

>Hell, let Killer fucking Killer be the one behind this
well, FF killed a lot of peoples so he could do this

She'd just be Ryoko

How do you know this? We never seen RoD in action.




> Tfw we get Izuruified roboChiaki next episode.
> We get to watch her die in an excruciatingly painful manner for the third fucking time.

I can't think of any other reason for Izuru to be possibly relevant.

Please don't be this stupid Kodaka. This entire show has had the worst 'twists' in a media franchise to date. I'm almost as disappointed as I was by ZTD.

To her Despair is the best thing in the world so having her friends fall into Artificial Despair is probably a huge insult.

>the "fake exit" really was the true "exit" the whole time

I almost forgive the rest of Kodaka's hackery for this.

Ryoko has her analytic abilities, she just doesnt remember she does, and when she "did", she used them.

She'd probably be like Ryota form DR0.
She's dead user, it's ok.
And why not keep them alive to watch them despair as long as possible unless necessary?

As long as they kill Chiaki for the 3rd time, I'm okay with this.

>Monaka realizes things are going to shit and everything is ultimately pointless garbage
>Decides instead of staying to see just how much things go wrong to fuck off into space instead
>Don't have to see best girl get ruined by shit like DESPAIR ANIME
One thing DR3 did right.

Hajizuru will save Chiakizuru.

Someone needs to get a good ending. Right?

This is even more retarded, because Junko wasn't even able to talk one above average student in the killing game even with blatant cheating.

Honestly, I'm hoping for KiriJunko so that I don't have to believe that Kirigiri is retarded.

Juzo was a boxer and a bodybuilder. It'd hurt all the same, but I don't exactly think someone like Kyoko would cut off her arm and get away with it.

Doesn't make it any less of a cop-out.

Fuck off.

Despair is still despair user.

I am now highly convinced that ZTD and Danganronpa 3 are Uchikochi and Kodaka having a competition who can piss off his fans the most.

And Uchi is still winning. Can Kodaka turn it around in the remaining episodes?!

>spent 2 years
She was most likely lying once again since we can see in Despaor arc that it isn't important enough to show a single scene

But you'll never see her again.

KIRIJUNKO or A Bust The Manlet already forshadowed it

Ruruka was probably already had fled by the time Juzo stopped exploring the escape

I can't see him letting her just go away like that

>What? No. If they shut off the power then what do you think would've happened with the bangles?

Well, didn't the bangles fall of because Naegi (the mastermind's target in the 5th sleep time) survived through it? They "won" the game

I guess we should wait for the subs to be sure

How would Kirigiri know that Juzo would calm down?

How would she know that the power room would affect the bracelets, which were self-powered?

They're incompatible with each other user

Izuru will be there to explain how Junko got into Kyoko and how the remnants kept there game memories

The truth is that she was just lusting so much for Naedi dick that she forgot how to be a detective.

Juzo is a butch though who let Junko have her way

They never showed that in despair arc because despair arc is about the 77th class. 78th class sans junko and mukuro get referenced at best.

She'll live on forever user, in an airtight box in space shitposting on Cred Forums, she might even be here right now laughing at the bullet she dodged. And that's what matters most.

It's either kirijunko or chiakizuru or both kodaka you absolute madman it wasn't enough your waifus died now you're gonna make the husbandos kill the waifus

The thing is that Juzo was already wounded from a fucking spear and a katana to the chest.

Kirigiri meanwhile, was totally untouched. Why wouldn't you give it a shot?

>and get away with it.
Not like she had anything to lose. Now I really hope that the cure w thing is true or she's gonna look like a fucking retard.

>cop out

but it wasn't. It was foreshadowed in SDR2 and plainly shown in DR0

People who believed Junko made them becoming UD through he rmad manipulation skillz were just using headcanon

>character created specifically to be hated by fans
>turns out to be the most rational person in the franchise and peaces the fuck out because the Hope vs. Despair war is fucking retarded
Monaka is too good for this gay earth.

It pains me so much that so much bullshit could have been avoided if team Munakata hadnt been so beyond edgy.

Chisa's despair nightmare was Juzo and Munakata fucking each other while trashtalking her, right?

>She'll live on forever user, in an airtight box in space shitposting on Cred Forums
So lonely forever?

What a gay anime, literally.

May as well throw Chisa in there at this point.

Husbandos vs Waifus.


I honestly think it's understandable

Kirigiri had already accepted her death and the thing she needed the most was to find her manlet again. she couldn't risk it staying there with Juzo

I've seen a lot of retarded theories in these threads but Kirijunko takes the top spot.
I know its Danganronpa but you really think they are gonna pull a "JUNKO POSSESED A DEAD BODY AND BROUGHT IT BACK TO LIFE"

Kodaka may be stupid but he is not retarded.

>it was foreshadowed in SD2
>but never mind the actual manipulation plot point was foreshadowed the entire game in every single case and a majority of the FTEs
>no really plesse forget about that it doesn't make sense at all I'm a huge faggot please rape my face

I remember people complaining because Junko was a super genius, too.

> she will never have best boy on her side again

I mean does she really care all that much about being alone? Everyone she considered a "friend" outside of Junko she was simply using as some sort of pawn for her own purposes.

or all the kids that she killed and the Normies that she helped make sucide as the monokuma maid coming to get her so thats why she went for the high ground

I think the thing that annoys me most about DR3's Junko ruining is that it completely changed, or rather removed, Junko's entire motivation.

In DR1, her point of view was that despair was magical and wonderful. She wouldn't have mindhacc'd her precious friends that she loved so much, because she wanted to give them the gift of true despair.

Not crappy mindhacc fake despair.

>Cred Forums liking Monaca after she became what most of them are: a NEET


Are raws up yet?

If Chiakizuru turns out to be the mastermind I'm going to laugh so hard

>Kirigiri could have ended the game if she had just investigated the exit (why would a detective not investigate everything?)
Oh fuck, your right. I totally forgot how Kyoko just ignored it and since when exactly had she figured out the truth of the suicides? If she had already figured it out back then, that would be really retarded.

Hey user, stop shitposting

>Implying junko ever actually manipulated them
Junko is a fucking liar user.

>but he is not retarded
It's safe to say he is now though.

Brainwashed Naegi was extremely attractive.

so uhh... asspulls aside, what exactly would happen if, you know... kirigiri, chiaki and chisa are all actually dead and don't come back?

she wouldnt be dead it woulda been junko since the end of DR2 cause Izuru's bullshit allowed for junko to take someone who wasn't dead and implant herself in them like the memories of the remnants got to keep

No one can live alone. Seeking companionship is a big part of what makes us human.

>KiriJunko is true
>Naegi uses hopedick to bag both of them at once


Frankly, I might cum.

>Teenager girl destroyed the world
>Junko AI
>Mind Hacking Anime
>Kys brainwashing monitors
I think you underestimate how much of a hack Kodaka really is.

Okay he might be slightly retarded but still not enough for kirijunko.

It wouldn't be the first time a spirit possessed someone in DR. You are giving Kodaka far too much credit, this is the man that decided the plot twist would be MINDHACK ANIME instead of having Junko be genuinely manipulative.

Yeah. People seem to confuse bodybuilders with fighters due to their looks. Fighting is exactly what they shouldn't do without some fat protecting their organs.

We all pretend the series never happened.

Just a lot of anal pain and waifufag tears.

Well DR3 despair arc is a prequel. So if anything she went from brainwashing despair to genuine despair.

But they are all dead.



> No one can live alone. Seeking companionship is a big part of what makes us human.

I have no friends IRL and can't think of any other reason why I keep coming to these boards. Now I understand.

Hagakure still holds that title for me. Had to deal with this shit, wasn't a hopefag, a despair fag, a futurefag, or a spacefag, just a shit-keeps-happening-and-I'll-coast-through-it-as-always fag. None of the events happen to him, and he's probably the luckiest son of a bitch there.

People would just get bored and preorders for V3 would drop by quite a bit.

>telling the truth is shitposting

>but never mind the actual manipulation plot point was foreshadowed the entire game in every single case and a majority of the FTEs

Actual manipulation was never shown as the reason that they became despair though, it was just shown as how she managed to control them and turn them into her limbs

The FTE thing is headcanon, nowehere in the game it is said that Junko used some of their problems we see in their FTE to make them into UD

>no really plesse forget about that it doesn't make sense at all I'm a huge faggot please rape my face


Nothing they are death i here thinking that Naegi Munakata and Izur will have a awakening

>naegi gonna shoot his hope bullets at them until he's empty
and than a happy ending for all

Kyoko was a shit detective not seeing the chisa pics or investigating the exist its like she was controlled by junko or something




Exactly, the only thing I can think of that makes her vaguely rational is if she was Junko pretending to be Kirigiri, and wanted them to succeed or something.

I don't want to believe my waifu is that retarded.

Do you think we'll get to hear Munakata SORE WA CHIGAU YO in the last episode?

As long as she doesn't die again I'm okay with it.

I've liked Monaca since UDG, she was a great villain and even in DR3 it was fun having her take the piss out of everything before noticing shit was about to go full retard and bail.

Pretty much. I can't believe everything is mindhack anime.

It's ridiculous. We can't insult ZEfags anymore with Delta and C O M P L E X M O T I V E S

There was no reason for her to investigate that when her time was running short and she still hat to meet her manlet, in hindsight it was her mistake but during that moment nobody complained

>Oh fuck, your right. I totally forgot how Kyoko just ignored it and since when exactly had she figured out the truth of the suicides?
She had to have figured it out at that point. She never investigated any other corpse afterwards or took any other notes until the moment of her death. This whole episode makes Kirigiri look like a gigantic retard.

Honestly the best outcome. Just let him waltz into the fucking building and kill the rest of the retardcrew while we're at it.

That way this entire three way bullshit circus filled with clowns, asspulls, omega manlets and despair anime can finally end and we can move on to v3 and hope for no more bullshit.

It's just so fucking retarded. The second I saw that room I was already questioning why a detective wouldn't investigate it further.

One of the few things it did right. It made great memes, made a character that went from meme to a savior, it redeemed Monaca, it gave us tsumaranai man staring at a bunch of boats and that's it.

That's literally it.

>Ruruka was probably already had fled by the time Juzo stopped exploring the escape
>I can't see him letting her just go away like that

He literally walked past her when he left the room. She was standing right there in that room where Kizakura fell down. As I said, rewatch the episode so we're on one line without you shitting me.

Well, didn't the bangles fall of because Naegi (the mastermind's target in the 5th sleep time) survived through it? They "won" the game

What? No. You're misunderstanding it. Had she turned off the monitors she would've survived. She would've had the 4th sleeping period but as nobody died the game would've ended. Everything would've been fine if she had entered that room as Juzo went "cba attitude".

She's the SHSL Detective, who miraculously figured out that it's a bunch of fucking monitors in charge of killing people, yet you think she wouldn't have figured out that a fucking powerswitch and a door saying "THIS IS THE EXIT" would've solved everything?

Both of them were great. Both of them were literally useless in the anime and both gave 0 fucks about any of this retarded MUH KIBOU, MUH ZETSUBOU shit that's not mattering any fucking way.

That would be the only twist to save the series. Or make Naegi the final boss and dies for hope.

Same would happen if they were all alive; though. Reason to avoid Cred Forums next week.

But that's a shitty thing to do. The only thing about that is trying to explain why the scenario doesn't make sense
>Oh she's just a liar
It works but it's shitty writing. You know damn right that it's more about how Kodaka not really wanting to animate or write how she broke everyone.
Well that depend on the weight category. When I had to cut down to 77kg I sure as hell wasn't having much fat protecting my organs.

You know, thinking about it Imposter is sitting the same pose Izuru was in the boat

Delicious waifufag tears, shitstorms.

Stop shitposting user

>No one can live alone.
I'm not one of those since I have a lot of friends, but you definitely can. It's not exactly socially approved (and it's especially culturally inappropriate in the US), but the negative effect it has on your mind is way overstated.

DR3 was worth it, I got the canon despair Naegi I wanted


>They're actual bullets
>Last few minutes is KiriJunko getting HOPE'd by Naegi shooting her until she dies

"There was no reason for a detective to investigate"
>This damage control

>or A Bust
A bust, clearly.
And what a wonderful, Donut-filled bust it is


Because cutting off your own fucking arm isn't something you just do on a whim, and if you want to believe that Juzo's stab wound was cauterized then at least he had a shot at it.

No it wouldn't you faggot

They're already dead. Hoping the waifufags would kill themselves by now but sadly they haven't so we have to deal with their cancer for another week

>Mind hacc
It's fucking brainwashing and subliminal messaging. You're just deluding yourself into thinking it could've been anything BUT that.

Speaking of memes, I wonder if [Hope] is working on those subs seeing as Funi's getting delays for both Future and Despair Arc for the rest of the run


>I got the canon despair Naegi I wanted
yeah I desperately wanted this too

Yep. These boards are good places to socialize even if you have anxiety problems or aren't good at making friends IRL.

It's why I come here too. It's fun for everyone so if you ever feel lonely don't be a stranger user.

I'll have to watch the episode again for the Juzo thing but in hindsight, I'd say that getting away from a situation in which two people involved tried to potentially kill you was the smart choice for the moment

>What? No. You're misunderstanding it. Had she turned off the monitors she would've survived. She would've had the 4th sleeping period but as nobody died the game would've ended. Everything would've been fine if she had entered that room as Juzo went "cba attitude".

Ok, the game might have been won but the 4th sleep time would still happen and Kirigiri would still die

What caused Naegi to go full despair?

great end for this great ride

But that's the essence of the cop-out and what makes the writing slipshod.

>Oh, well, I'm gonna have this character hint at all these really interesting possibilities with what happened to the UDs to break them, but ho-ho and ha-ha, I've also written her as a pathological, incorrigible liar, so by that virtue I am free to resort to much plainer alternatives.

>Using my OC to post on me
Fan-fucking-tastic, I love it.

He probably is. With how incapable Funi is lately, I'm certain that the guy's working his ass off. Whoever he is, he's one hell of a trooper and I got mad respect for him.

>Ok, the game might have been won but the 4th sleep time would still happen and Kirigiri would still die

No she wouldn't. The way it went is that she wasn't allowed to make Naegi survive past the 4th sleeping period, but seeing how the 4th sleeping period had no deaths in there, the game technically ended at that time and the bangles would've dropped off the second the period ended.

DR3 Kirigiri obviously values her bond with the hopelet more than her detective work, she probably had already accepted her death and wanted to pass what she knew to him or hopefully she was already gambling with CURE W

His two dead waifu and dead classmates telling him to kill himself

>The FTE thing is headcanon, nowehere in the game it is said that Junko used some of their problems we see in their FTE to make them into UD
Although this is true, there is indeed one thing in SDR2 that confirmed that Junko used their weakness to bring them into UD and not brainwashing.
Mikan in chapter 3.
She literally said that she remembered how Junko was the only one who loved her, who forgave her and who showed her affection.
She didnt go back toher despair self as the illness only gave her memory back, yet she acted as her despair self again, which means that the simple memory on how Junko gave her what she wanted for her entire life was enough to bring her in Despair.
The brainwash literally retcons this, even if it doesnt retcon any of the FTE because, like you said, we were never explicitly told Junko used those weakness in FTE.
But Mikan did.

Not to mention her motivations and course of action made sense. She wanted revenge on the family that shunned her and used her natural intelligence and cunning to hijack their plans for Towa City through the Monokumas that she was hired to develop. Everybody got fucked and she basically won. Realizing Hope vs. Despair was dumb and fucking off to space was just icing on the cake.

Seeing his classmates dead again and being blamed for their deatth

Kyoko and Sayaka's in particular

I'd be alright with my waifu being dead, she's already been through so much shit and I'd say 2 deaths is already enough

>She's the SHSL Detective, who miraculously figured out that it's a bunch of fucking monitors in charge of killing people, yet you think she wouldn't have figured out that a fucking powerswitch and a door saying "THIS IS THE EXIT" would've solved everything?

Power switches would have made sense. The issue is that she didn't know the power room was connected to the secret exit. Why did she not investigate the secret exit? Because 1) She believed that the Mastermind was just trolling and 2) Right after running away from the room while Juzo was distracted, she ended up meeting Naegi and Asahina.

It's not that she was negligent, but rather she fell for a double bluff. She didn't expect the Mastermind to actually put something important right behind the troll door.

If anything it's just junko being in character.
Actually yeah, that fits the theme of despair pretty well. Kodaka had her lie that something some people would find much more interesting happened when in reality she used much more simple and effective methods. Classic junko.

>No she wouldn't. The way it went is that she wasn't allowed to make Naegi survive past the 4th sleeping period, but seeing how the 4th sleeping period had no deaths in there, the game technically ended at that time and the bangles would've dropped off the second the period ended.

We don't know when her bangle activated, it seems that it did when she was still sleeping so honestly we can't say that she would be saved with 100% certainty

Then at least someone from a past entry died for real. It feels dumb to have a bunch of new characters just for the sake of having death-fodder so no old characters have any risk of dying.

>"Every UD is the same"

No. Just because that's what Mikan said doesn't means the same thing happened with the others

The brainwah doesn't retcons anything because it was foreshadowed in DR2 and a plot point in DR0

Except instead of being despair-inducing it's just wasting potential.

What? It's not like he really had anything to do with their deaths.

That in and of itself is despair inducing.

For one, we saw Akane staunchly engaging FF. She did nothing but cry and be sad while she had Despair Disease even when it didn't make sense.

Out of all the people she should know better.

Remember the secret room in DR1? Remember how that was an important clue? Remember how she found her shit there and managed to solve it because of it?

It's irony at it's finest, really. What she did in DR1 to save her life is what she didn't do in DR3 and it caused her death.

It's like Kodaka bought a pottery set and labelled it motherfucking hope.

Well we saw how it works. The bangles immediately dropped off after the sleeping period ended. So for her to die it'd mean that the game was still going on, which shouldn't be the case. It should be a double activation at that point, which means that both are neglected and nothing really happens to her.

Sure it's not 100% certainty, but had it happened, it would've been awkward as fuck to have the game end and see a dead Kirigiri lying next to you.

At this point I can see V3's villain being completely detached from the theme, saying something along the lines that he doesn't want to get obsessed with it or anything. He'll probably stick the prisoners in the killing game because they were the only guys around and he just really wanted to watch people kill each other.

His dead classmates basically blaming him for their deaths

Well the ones that really impacted him see Kyoko and Sayaka who were the only ones who talked which is fitting since they're the girls most precious to Makoto.

And he let them die.

It's brainwashing. It's not supposed to make sense. That's not really them speaking.

Considering it's on the moon, prepare for aliens, snails, Delta, mindhaxx, complex motives and a lot more shit as Kodaka will bullshit his way through this.

If I don't get at least one glimpse of an alien, I'll take Kodaka for a genius and that he's actually capable of writing, so I'm sure the former will happen.

No, it's just frustrating more than anything.

That's your opinion.

It's seriously on the moon?

>SHSL Invader is the mastermind
>She's been masquerading as a human throughout the entirety of the Tragedy to understand despair and its applications
>She spreads despair across the entire universe after Junko 3.0 catches her and uploads her AI into the hivemind

so I prepare for the nazi mastermind

Yup. We're going to a prison on the moon. So prepare for asspulling and aliens.

Inb4 Junko reincarnated as a snail and is now inhabiting the mind of one of the kids.

I could see him do it, Kodaka's a madman and he has no boundaries anymore.

Kodaka Unchained, the Ultimate Hack.

Same, got my swastika goggles out and my edge sharpened.

Are you retarded? She was trying to prove a point, if she wanted to, she could have killed them all during day fucking one of the killing game.

Killing them wasn't her main objective, it was to show the world that they would fall into despair and kill each other.

>moon rocket kills Jin
>as ultimate mechanic, my life's dream js to build a spaceship!
>I've heard that the Earth is round..., ...but I've never seen it for myself
>Monaka going to space

As foretold in the legends.

>the moon

>funi delayed yet again

fucking kek

Come on, we have got boobies!

So how long until we reveal that Izuru was the Ultimate Esper and that his time spent on the moon base has been looped in order to finally cure Despair?

These delays are just a stepping stone to the hope that will spring from the final episode.

Your despair will never win

I've seen the HOPE!
No longer will Despair have a hold on me, my immortal waifu is always going to be there with a smile and Donuts!

I take the retarded part back, sorry, but goddamn to completely miss the point of the killing game, which was also the reason Junko failed is too damn much.

In DR2 she didn't kill everyone outright even through it was her main objective because she was hard coded against doing so, but in DR1, she could kill them anytime she wanted, but she didn't because she wanted the world to see the hopes killing each other, with no brainwashing, just to prove her point that despair is stronger than hope.

We also got a sexy nurse, join the DESPAIR side and it's all yours

I am referring to case 5, where Junko tried to kill Naegi in his sleep personally and frame Kirigiri for it. When that failed, she tried to frame Kirigiri with Mukuro's corpse and then switched to Naegi. This is the point where Junko was cheating to remove people from the game. Why didn't she use it THEN?

>Last trial throws Mahjong into the mix

My detective waifu is dead

but her final message was to hold on to hope.

As a Nagitofag I must listen to her final words

But I have no problems helping you become an even larger stepping stone for hope

I want to fuck Mikan until I taste her despair

3.6, he'll come crashing in with his spaceship out of the blue. Land in the middle of the trial room, say tsumaranai and then cure everyone and take them all home on a luxury starship cruiser he build in 15 minutes with a bunch of scrap metal and chewing gum.

I'm prepared for Monaka or Junko, it's going to be a massive shitfest no matter what happens.

If anything Mikan would convince people to exterminate despair.

So to kill herself?

Yeah no idea, she didn't have it set up maybe? Didn't think she would need to cheat? Kodaka hand't planned that far ahead?

>DR3 discussion before Kirigiri died

>DR3 discussion after Kirigiri died

Boy oh boy it's obvious who's met a change of heart.

I am not going to be your stepping stone!
The smile on my waifu is going to keep me in the right path! You are more than welcome to join, though

And if kodaka didn't kill off Kirigiri they'd complain that it wasted potential. There's no pleasing these people.

So what's gonna happen to naegi since he saw the despair video?

Shouldn't he be a despairfag now or was this anime only meant to make you kill yourself my man

I think at that point she was getting desperate. Nobody was actually off-kilter and nuts enough to kill each other anymore, and the only real unpredictable element there had a check to keep itself under control, being Genocider with Byakuya.

Nobody would really have a reason to kill one another at that point, considering Naegi is spouting off about Hope, Kirigiri is vigilant towards murder details, Hina is sad about Oogami and has been peaceful for this whole series, Togami is not really desperate to leave but mad at the Mastermind, Fukawa is too busy trying to slob Byakuya's knob, and Weedman is fucking worthless at everything. Who'd kill anybody at this point? It's a similar issue with the Fruit House conundrum. Literally nobody in the DR2 cast has a reason to kill one another, so you have to actively force their hands or they will just sit there peacefully and forget they are supposed to kill one another.

Naegi is too stronk for it

Juzo broke him out of the brainwashing.

Different sets of people would complain, really.
It's more like Bacon was borderline psychic and her failing to investigate something plot-relevant for the first time felt weird.
Although it's not like she never trusted hunches before or investigated literally everything. Hell, she never even opened the envelope she got from Monokuma, so there is distrust in the bear going for it too.
She never read the envelope despite Monokuma calling it a "clue" because, as she said herself, believing the bear 100% is retarded. That is actually consistent with saying "fuck-off" to a door literally labeled "EXIT."

He isn't redeemed but my opinion of him is higher now.

>tfw eventually Danganronpa 3V3

Requesting a shop of Munakata and Juzo with this picture