Does anyone hava a summary of this? Please

Does anyone hava a summary of this? Please

Afaik he marries his oldest niece.


No one? please. Apart from the pregnant niece did anything else happened to the other harem members.


Papa no Iukoto o Kikinasai! But this is a new novel that takes place after the series end.

>impregnating your niece
retarded babies I guess


This was just wrong

>pregnant niece
What the actual fuck?

Wait... What the... But... Raika.. Why? I didn't actually read the LNs I just read the Manga and watched the anime... But... Why?

I just discovered today there was a 2nd ova with the volume 18 from last year and then found this.

I cry too that this didn't come true.

Weren't the parents confirmed dead? There was an OVA with their ghosts visiting and MC and Sumipe's character were already in a romantic relationship at the time, was that canon?

>Yuuta didn't pick Horie Yui waking him up everyday

Raika confesses to faggot MC and he decides literally out of fucking nowhere and with zero foreshadowing he doesn't actually love her.

He then hooks up with the oldest Niece.

>picked Sumipe before she got big

I'm sure he'll be fine

Does this also happen in one of the many manga out there of this series?
Sumipe was a gamble but Horie Yui man...

I'm never going to finish this show because this is beyond retarded.

Why did he do this? Fuck you Matsu.

>Tomohiro Matsu
Didn't he die at May this year?

did that really happened?

>age 43

People sure die easy and young in Japan

Oh yeah shit, I forgot he's dead. Still mad about the ending though.

But why?

>dies of liver cancer
That's what you get for marrying your MC of to his niece I guess. Divine Retribution.
Jokes aside, he probably had hepatitis B or C or something. You seldom get primary liver cancer without a cause.


Nani? Is she pregnant? Who is the father?

Her non-blood related uncle who's commonly known as the MC.

Yuta onii-chan. Even engaged she calls him that.

>timeskip afterstory

Holy fuck



I know...

Seriously, why would you not choose Horie Yui...

Family have to stick together right???
So whos next to get pregnant: the blonde or the little girl.
What his sister will said to him in heaven

Because she's old and busted?

I love her actually.

I'd choose the mature woman over inexperienced schoolgirl any day.

Jokes aside, I didn't see that ever happening. Maybe I was just retarded but last time I checked there weren't even any flags that Sora set with Yuuta.

>the little girl
The is prohibited by Tokyo Law though, they're blood related.

Tell that to him. They can move to another country.
"Family always have to stick together".
This is really what the author want after death????

I don't think his friends and family will support this.
Wrong in many levels. WTF just happened.

According to ova they supported marriage.

His best friend wouldn't mind and the same goes for the prez, whilst Raika is left brokenhearted.

fucking dropped


I don't believe it.

Meh they're not blood related, but the autistic titty monster was best anyway.

>mc didn't pick raika

You know, the reason authors NEVER want to get anywhere with their plots, let alone finish stories, is because people will get angry no matter which girl wins.

I am a bit disappointed he didn't end up with the cutest one, but the eldest wasn't a bad choice I guess. Way to go, non-faggot MC.

1-Papakiki anime happens.
3-.Sora ending.
Pretty much.

>writes novel with fantasy scenario plot for self-insert purposes in which relatives die off with regularity as a plot device so that lolis from many varied sources literally rain down onto your crotch

>you die instead

>no lolis for relatives to take in as foster parents

Divine retribution with M. Night Shyamalan levels of twisting.

How'd his other series end btw? The one with the cats and stuff?

Which one would you fuck?



I just remember the anime with the ping pong battle.

All of them. The blond one is best though.