Is there any reason not to just use Horriblesubs for everything these days?

Is there any reason not to just use Horriblesubs for everything these days?

Yes, uncensored versions.


Not really. Fansubbers who still sub shit do it for their own reasons anyway, rather than to provide a service.

Bluray releases.

Bluray releases
And if another decent group happens to be subbing the show, its usually better thanks to less idiotic localizations and OP/EDs subbed

I download BDs for most things I watch. I only use Horriblesubs for airing shows, and this season I only watched Re:Zero and that art club anime. Next season I'll only be watching Hibike.

For any of their Funimation releases I'd rather wait a few days than tolerate the hardsubs and banding. The CR originals are alright.

Video quality.
Uncensored video.
Accurate names for things like Jojo.
>Really? My sides!

Avoiding funimation


HorribleSubs is like fastfood. you know its bad but its so easily available and it does the job so its tempting.

Also this

I want Horriblesubs devs to go and stay go

Well the thing is most Cred Forumsutistics are also contrarian in nature.

So they don't need a reason besides CR being popular.

Came here to type these very words

>thread with at least 5 good reasons not to use horriblesubs
>claims Cred Forums doesn't use them just because it's popular
Get out you fucking normies

> using normie instead of normalfag

You also must get the fuck out.

I used HS for Jojo part 4 for a while, then switched Somestuff. Also they may be late for some odd reason, but that's usually on Funi's shows, and not Crunchy's. In that case, either hope for someone like based MPT when Dandelion was airing, or hope for memes when HOPE subbed danganronpa those few times.

It's obnoxious how they butcher Stand names in Jojo, and they sometimes get the technical stuff wrong on Fate shows (and sometimes the non-technical stuff too, like calling Archer "the white man" in UBW episode 1).

And the fact that they don't TL the OP is awful.

Anything pre-2000s

Superior Video Quality.
Off chance of superior subs.
You might want your subs memed up.

Won't be a problem after this season.

>Is there any reason not to just use Horriblesubs for everything these days?
English dubs exist.

wew lad

I've yet to see a good dub this year.

Deadly Queen has already touched that door knob

OPM? 7 deadly sins?

>HS while it's airing
>whatever group does BDs for archiving shows I'll rewatch

It's fine not to use HS if you think the quality of other groups is worth the wait. I find it usually isn't but that's up to you. However, there comes a point where refusing to use HS gets retarded. There are people on this board who still haven't finished Rinne no Lagrange because Underwater stopped subbing it.

If I'm not impatient, then which fan subs should I go for?

At this point literally anything but HS.

Gyakuten Saiban

It all really depends.
I only really use HS if I want to keep up with current shows as much as possible or there is no other option.
But I do enjoy binge watching 12ep. series in one night so I usually get a fan sub group for that.
Like recently I binge watched Erased from start to end no stops.
But shit like New Game I use HS to stay up to date.

Yes. They're horrible subs.

Guilty. I'm also still waiting to finish Chaos Dragon, even though it's shit.