Shippuden's final battle is being promoted almost everywhere in Japan.

Ready for 1 hour of movie quality animation?

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There's not much to discuss now since the episode airs next week. Anyway, it should be really well-animated.

>they're using english

Look at what you've done, America. You should be ashamed of yourselves.


will it make up for the two years of nonstop filler?

Why is Japan still obsessed with Naruto?

Because of the west.

But will it be better than Naruto Storm 4's version of the final battle?


Boruto did really well because it was very reminiscent of Naruto Part 1 (minus the last battle)

Is it really going to be black & white like the preview suggests?

>Boruto did really well because it was very reminiscent of Naruto Part 1
Nope, it was the last canon story in the Naruto series. It was nothing like Part I.

As in the kids weren't super-powered, Chunin exams, etc

The fight in the same was lame as fuck

Why the fuck is the anime still ongoing? Didn't the manga end about a year ago?

I get that they're trying to milk this shit as much as possible, but how can they get away with months of unneeded stalling while the source material is already finished and ready to be adapted?

>a year


What the fuck have I been doing with my life?

When the manga ended, the anime was still around the Madara Arc. The penultimate arc...or pen-penultimate arc.

They also:
> Animated the Itachi Hiden novel
> Infinite Tsukuyomi dream filler (which were generally good except for Tsunade's)
> Some backstory for she desperately needed some

>backstory for Kaguya
what was her backstory anyway?

Came to Earth, some human king got her pregnant, became an evil dictator, got sealed by her son

Do japs even understand what "Last Battle" means?

Well it is the last battle in Shippuden and in the manga

More like the rest of the world should be ashamed for being so shit that none of them are capable of doing a goddamn thing about it. Get fucked world, don't complain just because you're all losing.

More like because it was a well done homage to everything about the series:

kids going on adventures, promotion exams, showing off ninja skills in battle, rasengan training, homolust, smug villain with swirly eyes, chakrazord fights with the bonus of seeing the old characters as adults that have accomplished their dreams.

i watched the latest episode on a whim after not having been into it since i was a kid pre-Shippuden, and actually found myself enjoying it. Is it worth going back and reading/watching at least the shinobi world war arcs?

>watching at least the shinobi world war arcs?

Only the parts with Madara, Hashirama and Tobirama

So naurto and sauce are strong because AYY lamos ancestry? nice.

The world war was the end of a pretty substantial downward slide that started two arcs before. If you do pick it up again, I wouldn't really recommend that be where you start (and don't watch the anime of a long running battle shonen what are you crazy? Some of the early Shippuden is literally offensively bad, it offends me that people not only thought people would watch that garbage, they were actually right).

shit, at that rate maybe i'll just rewatch part 1 and skip the filler. all i saw when i originally watched it was the shitty cartoon network edits

Well, more like because they are the reincarnations of butthurt homo ninja God brothers. But yeah, the ancestry has something to do with it.

How is this our fault?

It's pretty good.

It goes downhill after the Pain arc (during the War), but it picks itself up again...

Unless you get annoyed with super-powered ninjas.

People are still going to shitpost about it years to come and say its full of Q U A L I T Y just like every other sakuga episode of naruto directed by yamashita and crew

i am looking at you pain


>"we're both gonna die" never came true

Would have redeemed all of part 2.

>2 week break
>1 hour special

I might have to actually watch this. I dropped the anime around episode 330.

Hell, I would've been okay if only Sasuke died.

Or if both Naruto and Sasuke at least lost their arms permanently. But only Sasuke was left without one.

They were gonna die but Pinkshit saved them.

Poor Sakura...

Sasuke probably couldn't please her with one arm, and exiled himself out of the village from shame

> Pinkshit

Well to be fair, Sakura is the strongest ninja besides the two ninja gods

You don't need to arms to make a woman cum so doubt it

Yea you also need the sharingan + rinnengan combo

Since they announced that the Naruto Hiden novels will be animated, the rest of Shippuden will likely go like this:

> Final Battle
> Manga chapter 699
> Time-skip
> Naruto Hiden novels
> Manga epilogue Ch 700

That is unless Naruto Hiden will be series of OVAs

Or Uzumaki levels of stamina

God i hope not. I read the Shippuden Director doesn't want the Anime Naruto+Shippuden to surspassed the Manga in number of episodes so thats why they will end it without fillers. After this one hour special there will be two episodes left. 699 which its confirm to have god tier animation and 700. The Novels will come later

Damn, just imagine handjob in her version

Who needs two arms when you got eyehax


Sasuke really is dbz level.

Will naruto get ever close to Sasuke in strength? The series is called naruto but in boruto the movie it was clear Sasuke was stronger hell even those 5 sec in the last showed Sasuke's chidori > a meteor

that explosion visible from space at the end was paying homage to the budokai tenkaichi games

I only watched part 1, but I thought the point was that Sasuke would always be stronger. Naruto's FIGHTING SPIRITO just levels it out.


They almost died but they were brought back by old man Sage of the Six Paths, right?

How come Naruto gets his arm back after this but Sauce doesn't?

>Ready for 1 hour of QUALITY?

Sasuke wanted his missing arm to be a reminder of his edgy days.


Well yeah that is true but even at the end of naruto Sasuke still is stronger


not really, Idolmaster and Pokemon are everywhere right now Naruto never gets much promotion

Do you mean Love Live? Idolmaster's dead except for the mobile game.

The fight has got great staff working on it. As mediocre as the show normally is, it does deliver on the special episodes.

They offered to reconstruct Naruto's and Sasuke's arm, but Sasuke refused and also exiled himself from the village

part of his "redemption"

They also apparently got ex- Bleach workers, so the quality has been getting better

No, the Sage has disappeared by then

Sakura saved them

Not really, the in-house animation supervisor that came over from Bleach actually hasn't been doing as good of a job on Naruto despite being one of the better supervisors on Bleach. Teruaki Tokumaru, who was one of the regular good Bleach animators did contribute to some good animation on Naruto though. Still, Naruto's best in-house animators never came from Bleach.

>movie quality

> villain kills your parents
> kills your teacher
> kills your friends
> starts a war
> kills countless of innocent lives


WHY? This guy doesn't deserve a "Sadness and Sorrow" death


Obito is and always will be my favourite Naruto character. He is just too based

t. Naruto

Being the best has its merits

I haven't taken the line in a while, but the advertisement in OP's pic is likely in Shinjuku station, and has a different game/manga/anime ad every week. Most are.. quite more spectacular than this one.

It's a bit sensationalist to say it's being promoted almost everywhere in Japan. This is the first I've even heard of it desu.

yeah and the mobile game is massive right now, posters, commercials and premium event spaces in tokyo are idolmaster or pokemon with a few other random mobile games like shadowverse.

console games are dead and PC gaming was never a thing here

Can't wait!