Rate Haruhi's design

Rate Haruhi's design

Simple yet effective.

LN: 7/10
S1: Same
S2: 6/10
Disappearance: 8/10
Yuki-chan: 5/10
2016: Perfection/10

Semen demon

That's 9/10. Movie design is 10/10, 11 with ponytail

Fuck you. S2 is at least 8/10.

Hair doesn't move like this, nor do people.

Haruhi isn't just "people". Besides it's a cartoon, of course it's exaggerated

Haruhi and Kyon have the exact same shade of hair color.
Mind blown when you realize what that really means.

Baffling how Kyon hasn't tapped that.



Even the author abandoned this mediocre-to-decent show, why can't Haruhifriends just let it go?

7/10 just like the series

Reminds me of this little moment when they notice that they're wearing similar clothes

I don't realize what that means

You got to really think it over, but it leads to a theory that kinda explains everything in the show.

just fucking say it already this series has been picked apart for the better part of a decade

It's the masterpiece of the 2000s. Nothing will ever fill the gap, sadly.

This, would have used the words bland but memorable myself but you get the picture


End of Sighs pt. 2 I think

Would hug and cuddle until the cows come home/10


Always wanted a webm of this

Praise Haruhi.


He's right though it looks really jarring

Well it doesn't for me.

I want to smell her feet after a long day at school.



I'm at work now, I'll post more later.

on a scale from 1 to 10 my hatred of this character and its series is 11

I assume he's referring to the idea that Kyon is the one with the powers and Haruhi is just something he unconsciously created.

If that is what he was referring to than fuck him for not saying it, it's not that complicated you don't need to wait until you get home to write a one sentence explanation you shit.

If that were the case then disappearance wouldn't be possible. Yuki says she used Haruhi's powers.

I think the idea is more that Kyon created Haruhi and transferred some or all of the power to her. You know how early on he's always talking shit and it's only in the movie he has the big epiphany and admits he loves having fun with the SOS? Giving Haruhi the power instead of consciously using it himself is supposed to be similar to that denial he had going on.

Not that guy but was thinking more of "two parts of one whole". As in Kyon can "unlock" Haruhi's powers or something like that. Doesn't explain why Sasaki has powers though

It's more complicated than that, just hang on bro.

I want make muh god happy

Haruhi's desing is top-tier in almost every entry in the franchise, but if you ask me, i would say that "Disappearance" and 2016 are the best ones.

Short hair saves it from being the blandest thing ever

The porn drought (save for haruhisky's output, bless him) is really getting to me

I'd say 8/10. Really memorable, defines the genre/era/entire anime industry.

It means Haruhi is Kyon's sister in the future.

That'd be slightly less ridiculous if you said that Mikuru is his sister in the future but still

I just rewatched s1 after a decade, it was pretty much how I remembered it but I found I liked Asahina a shitload more this time. Kyon still carried the show and Haruhi is a hateable, selfimportant, cunt of a character.
Other than legions of consluts latching onto her as the holy grail, I remain just as in the dark as to how this show is so huge as I always have.

Would permanently loosen her asshole/10

She's that average looking introvert girl you were curious to meet at some point due to her energetic behaviour. Except she gets hotter as high school progresses in the canon.

Kyon and nagato also have the same hair. Father and daughter?

>and Haruhi is a hateable, selfimportant, cunt of a character.
She changes a lot though. That's the point.

Stupidest fucking fan theory I've ever heard

>Even the author abandoned
Seriously, why the fuck is he not writing more LNs?
It's the literally the only reason why KyoAni is not getting more orders from Kadokawa to make more seasons.

Lazy cunt basically



That's from the manga adaptation.

They don't take orders from Kadokawa anymore.

Simple and iconic. The orange headband makes all the difference. Seriously, she's unrecognizable without it.

Also, I have to say, I've always liked Haruhi with short hair the best. 10/10


it's a high school girl in a school uniform. Aw shit, where'd they come up with that design? I've never seen that in anime!

Looks perfect

Sasaki is miles better.

As long as we have Haruhisky everything will be fine.

Pretty damn good.

wtf I love god now

he draws weird tits though, they look to floppy

Surprisingly hot.

Bit the headband, nigger.


haruhi is my favorite

What are the top 10 Haruhi Doujins?

I would also like to know this

She looks like a completely generic schoolgirl, always has.

hate it but obsessed by it/10





Why are her eyes so far apart?

Early KyoAni design. A holdover from the Clanned days




Even in 2006 KyoAni was good.