Utawarerumono futari no hakuoru

Someone already has the game and is posting spoilers.
Vurai is alive, emperor is in the crystal bal tube in the lab, there is a 5th mask and Raikou uses it.

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For people who doubt me.



Someone had to put him in the tube

Honoka is in the lab, perhaps she did it. Kuon has rejoined the pary when they are in the lab.


Guess thread is to dead for me to dump spoilers.

I would like them. Maybe some people will show up in a few hours after they get home.

Im lurking.

might aswell post the link where people dump spoiler images, perhaps someone else can take over the spoiler dump. As I need to go somewhere.

Whats the status on kuon?

She has joined the party as she is with party when they meet the emperor and fight raikou.
So personally I think she already knows the truth.

Ive heard something about a Kuon kissing cg, plus something about Haku becoming the new god.

Can an user confirm this?

So I guess our protagonist never abuses the orbital laser?


Dont know all but something about woshizu being a biological child of the emperor.
Wish someone who could reap nip confirm stuff or spoil some stuff.

How do they react to the Hakutoru reveal.

reverse rape

I hope

Read something about kisses, sadly i cant read nip so im not the best source.

Meets the emperor?

I can't tell if Haku or Oshutoru is getting cucked here.

See they meet the emperor who is in the tube inside the lab.

Hoping Kuuya and Sakuya live and are happy and in the game as well although they're probably dead because the devs dont care

The shit? Hope Haku reveals himself to him.

Is that Nekone in a school uniform? And who does the hand belong to?

I thought that was Kuuya dancing in the game OP but the ears aren't right.

It says Oshutoru is talking.

Also, I think that's nekone's normal clothing

It says Oshutoru is talking, so Haku. And that's Nekone's regular outfit.