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I can't to see the last few volumes in colour


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meme daddy-o

First for Nose user

Fat JoJo girls when?

Cred Forums here.
What's the appeal of JoJo's? I watched the first episode and it was just a couple of homos posing at each other. Is that what you guys are into?

Do NOT summon him!

>Is that what you guys are into?

Stand: Heaven Ascended Killer Queen, baptized Queen Over Heaven
Bomb Cast (evolution of Bomb Transmutation): when QOA lifts his hand and aims toward any kind of target (living or not) in the timespan of 2 secs, the target is charged as a bomb, the number of charges set is limitless and a detonation can be triggered by wishing it if the target is charged
Hot Space: a more destructive, more intelligent and a faster form of Sheer Heart Attack in the shape of a ball but quite similar to SHA, it has the ability to distinguish temperatures and identify targets based on the average temperature of that specie/matter. Also has the ability to fly, and can cause a nuclear explosion (with all the nuclear aftermath effects and whatnots) and a radius of 2km
Queen Forever: by power of intent, Kira can link a trigger to a certain idea, a thought or an intent concerning his person or his stand, when this idea/thought/intent is made by any human being anywhere in wthe world, Kira is notified and can trigger the detonation of that individual
We Are The Champions: Has the ability to detonate by mere act of wishing so, any space of any volume anywhere, that is to say Kira can blow a whole nation up to dust, even further he can blow the entire planet, or any other planet

Fuck you guys I had to see this pile of horseshit and now you will have to as well.

tomorrow for sure

Stand: Heaven Ascended King Crimson, baptized God Crimson
Hyper Strength: the power of a finger flick can disintegrate a living being on a molecular level, God Crimson can get as far from Diavolo as 1km without his strength diminishing, beyond that radius his power decreses gradually to the point of coming back to the original King Crimson's strength
Erase: not exactly an evolution of erasing time, but an expansion of its effect, God Crimson can erase an time frame with no limitation, further more, he can erase objects, living beings and even concepts from existence, as if the erased target never existed in the first placed, being erased consequently from people's memories, the impact of the erased target and its effect and any action made by it from the moment of its birth until its death or deletion is erased in itself, thus rewriting history from the point of the erased object's birth to its death or deletion
Nuages: this ability enables God Crimson to produce with his hand a giant cloud in from its hands that become a crystal clear screen of any point of any future Diavolo wants to see, the choice of the future is determined by Diavolo saying: "show me the future if action x is produced" and the screen would automatically show indefinitely the future wanted until Diavolo implicitly or explicitly orders it shut, Diavolo can also pick exact periodes and dates in time to go to and see
hope you enjoy it

But whose him?

>All this missing the point of Kira's entire character

reminder that part 5 would be better if diavolo (not doppio) was a woman

Aya a best

Joubin is too suspicious to be main villain. He'll become a Bro-Jo and die.

>no Mariah
I take issue with this.

Pretty sure Part 5 would be better if half the characters were women

There's like nobody from Part 3 on the whole thing and it saddens me

>Getting superpowers after going through a bunch of shit is the most basic character growth of all.
it is when the "bunch of shit" you go through is related to those powers, sure. the fact that Peter Parker jerked off 9000 times because he was a lonely single nerd before he happened to get bit by a radioactive spider doesn't mean that all that jizz has anything to do with him growing as a character once he gains his powers

>she only got to attain those powers after going through shit in her life.
by this logic, the pain of taking her first breath after being born might as well be one of the developmental steps in her gaining super powers. but it's not. because it has nothing to do with her superpowers

>female diavolo
>not real diavolo
What are you gay user?

Right now.

This looks like shit user

So Diavolo is like a reverse futa or what?

This is why Reddit deserves to be nuked off the face of the planet

That fucking Joshu

the ass is PHAT

Joshuu actually looks pretty good

Joshu makes a great reaction image though


Move in, now move out
Hands up, now hands down
Back up, back up
Tell me what ya gonna do now
Breathe in, now breathe out
Hands up, now hands down
Back up, back up
Tell me what ya gonna do now

>Fuck you guys I had to see this pile of horseshit and now you will have to as well.
Don't go there then, you brought this on yourself, don't fuck us too

>shitty fan art
>Abilities written by a 10 year old to be SUPER STRONG AND INCREDIBLE
>all the comments are compliments about how cool it is

Jesus fuck

Honestly Joshuu is the only good one in there but he looks amazing.


I-I like the Yasuho, she seems cute

Joshu and Yasuho are actually good.



is there an OST version of kira's theme yet?

I want to call Doppio!

wrong image
>tfw not a single male johnny at a 33k person con

Is his name actually "Joshuu" or is this just a case of faggot scanlators that can't into romaji?

I know what you must do my friend, you must...[put a banana in your ear]!

We posting tastes again?


To be fair, I don't think there's ever been a male Johnny cosplay.


your first image epitomised Johnny cosplayers better than this one.

It should be Joushuu if they're going to put two "u"s at the end. I still prefer Joshu, anyway.

>You will never assfuck that Karera
Fucking hell

I had a friend who did it, but I don't have any pictures on hand.

If any of you anons were crippled and wanted to cosplay as Johnny, I'd happily go as Gyro for you and push you around a con.

What happened?

What's the deal with all the characters that could be named Jojo in Jojolion?
>Josuke Higashikata
>Joshuu Higashikata
>Jobin Higashikata
>Josefumi Kujo

>that judgmental fat Asuka in the background

More jojo characters in this style pls?

Aren't Josuke and Josefumi the only ones? Norisuke also used to be called Josuke, too.


Me neither

Joushuu (which is what they use) is a perfectly valid romanization and so is Joshu. Joshuu is kind of a weird mix though

Sorry bud, I got them on request and I only have Kira and Killer Queen. I plan on asking for a Kosaku soon. Maybe Sheer Heart Attack

You don't remember that user that cosplayed Johnny and got banned because /jojo/ coerced him into showing his dick?

yfw we still don't know who the jojo of part 8 is

No, but I'd like to know more to jog my memory.

"Higashikata" can't be read as "Jo", it's just the "suke" in "Josuke" that can be read as "Jo".
That is correct.

You have 10 seconds to name a charcter whos death was more irrelevant than Hot Pants

Shitty posture


He would later die of a cold.

I prefer Joshu, what do they use in Eyes of Heaven?

This was like 2 or 3 months ago I think.

I am way too lazy to go into the archives for some Johnny dick pic.

Unless someone here saved them for this occasion.

Nobody's the main character

Half of the Buccellati Gang

Any of the Rock Humans before Damo. I can't even remember their names.

>Dragoncon has a jojo meetup
>its around like 70 people who checked in as "willing to show up"
>literally nothing but part 3 animeonlys and a couple of shitty part 4 cosplayers including a man in a suit claiming he was Kira, but he didn't have the skull tie
>mfw this is every con
>mfw I cannot kill Anime

I only came to these threads a month ago after a year-long break, so I think I missed it.

ITT: We post scenarios that could have happened had DIO actually been able to use the powers of all Part 3 Stands like originally intended.

>DIO turns The World into a flaming elastic car that goes inside your brain through the reflection in a water cup and shoots emerald bullets that he can control the direction of

Sheriff Grampa in part 4

>but he didn't have the skull tie
Maybe he was cosplaying Kosaku Kira.

>Yasuho as D
>Canonically a C cup

>Dio stuffs a bunch of knives in his clothes and uses Bastet to fire them from his breasts and magnetize them into Jotaro

Good thing Araki made it time stop only, that sounds retarded

DIO's World was a great fight

>use the powers of all Part 3 Stands like originally intended.
Is this actually true? Or is it another "female Anasui was a lesbian with Jolyne" thing?

Only correct answer as it was also forgotten about the second the page ended

>Implying that's what Kira Over Heaven would look like

It could've been made before that information is revealed

Or artist fanservice. I doubt Erina's chest is I cup

I don't think he'd be an ant, either.

>go to con
>someone requests a pose
>wryyyy or Jotaro point
Part 5 animated when?

Apparently it was confirmed in JoJo6251 or another artbook or something.
I mean, it actually makes sense considering some of the stuff that happens early in Part 3 and the direction Araki originally was going for the story.
But I can't get a direct source for this.

How new are you?

>But I can't get a direct source for this.
Fair enough, but since he only uses Hermit Purple and technically Star Platinum, it'd make more sense for him to just use the Joestar Stands instead.

I can't, but there are plenty who come close like Narancia or Wekapipo or Diego.

>DIO uses Bastet to make everyone magnetic, throws knives and then controlles everyone with Justice

Make an actually entertaining final fight.

I-I'm sorry, I don't know who that's meant to be then.

We posting good cosplay?

>be me
>go to a con dressed as Dio
>he's my favorite character and I had memorized virtually all of his poses so I could do them in pictures
>pretty much no one recognizes me
>everyone that does just asks me to do the WRRYYY pose (which I don't even like that much)

Can you fuck off? We don't need another thread celebrity.


It's Sakura Chiyo, who was arguably from the most popular show airing on Cred Forums a couple years ago.

Lurk more.

Women cosplaying as male characters doesn't count as good. It's much easier for them to look better as feminine-looking male characters than it is for guys (trying pretty hard not to sound like a fedorafag, but you get my point).

Don't be a bully, user.

Stop bullying my sister, you cunt.

>Women cosplaying as male characters doesn't count as good

user, that Weather Report right there? That's a dude.

Really? That cosplay is a little too good, then.

I refuse to believe it.

Kill yourself and fuck off, only people that provide decent OC should ever use trips.

Thank you senpai.
Why are you so upset?

That's not a trip you dumbfuck

How can she fuck off AFTER she kills herself? Get your priorities straight, Araki.

We don't need more attention whores.

>people not recognizing Dio

Fucking how? Hell I knew who Dio was before I even knew what JoJo was

How am I attention whoring? It's just a name, don't be so upset.

7/10 bait people are actually falling for it.

You don't need to be recognized when you don't post anything of value, the only people that use names on an anonymous image-board for no reason are blatant attention whores.

Now fuck off.

>getting mad that I don't know some flavour of the week girl from some shit sol show off two years ago, that literally nobody talks about anymore
wew lad, Jojo is one of the few non-/m/ series that I read, I barely use Cred Forums. Why the fuck do you expect people in this thread to know your shitty sol characters?

Why are you pretending to be me? Are you that sad, user?
Calm down senpai

You should also fuck off for being such a newfaggot

Technically yes, especially considering DIO's role within the world of JoJo as the evil parasite of the Joestar bloodline, but the other Joestar Stands didn't exist when Part 3 was being published.

I say it actually makes sense because what we do know is that
1: Araki originally envisioned JoJo to have three parts and Part 3 to be the finale
2: Star Platinum and The World were the first Stands Araki designed (
3: Stands originally had no specific origin besides "born with it"

My belief is that The World was originally going to be the actual source of all the Stand powers, as in, Stands came to exist because of The World, hence why it could use all of them, and that it was supposed to counter Star Platinum's versatility by using a shitton of Stand abilities. And that, at the end, when DIO was killed, Stands would cease to exist, thus ending all possibilites for JoJo to continue since Hamon would have died with Joseph, and vampires and Stands would have died with DIO.

Of couse, this is just my idea. I won't say it's what Araki intended, nor do I think it even makes much sense myself.

Fucking Gyro, man. I remember thinking he was going to be the calm reasonable member of the gang when I started part 7, but he's a total jackass.

>mfw Star Platinum all over again

Post songs that should be stand names

>Mearly pretending to be retarded.
Yeah, fuck off.

Kill yourself.

Araki Killed me.

>Star Platinum and The World were the first Stands Araki designed
Well that certainly explains why they're the most humanoid out of all the Stands in the series

Also thank God he didn't go with the trilogy idea. Stardust Crusaders would've been a kind of mediocre end for the series

It was a con in Brazil back when JoJo was still this new and obscure thing only Internet memers knew about.

I was shocked myself. Until I stopped by the Crunchyroll booth, it took me at least 1 hour before anyone had even stopped me to take a picture.

Okay, sorry guys. I'll take off my name if you really don't like it.

>Being this buttmad over a name
Don't have many friends do you?

>that picture
wrong thread buddy

Fucking good, don't do that shit ever again.

Did Ronnie James Dio ever know that he was the namesake for the most iconic villian in jojo?

I hope this is the real one.

Yeah. Araki comments on interviews that the thing that made him want to continue after Part 3 were Stands.

>Stands gave me alot of trouble when it came to explaining them, but I really felt that I could keep inventing new characters and ideas this way forever. It was like I dug up a gold mine. No one else thought it was gold, but I was like "Wow, look what I dug up!"

I'm glad he realized what a fundamentally amazing idea Stands are and chose to continue the series rather than just end it at Part 3.

>Implying I'd give in just because some anons got pissy
Stop pretending to me, fuck off.

Thank you, It's not that Namefags are especially awful it's just we get a lot of shitty ones. No one deserves an undeserved spotlight on an anonymous imageboard when it feels like the majority are just losers pining for attention like Spiggy. You did the right thing though.


What is this cancer?


Some user using my name for some reason.

Just another attention whore, make sure to report and ignore.
If you stop giving them their (You)s, they'll probably just leave.

I hate store fronts.

Reddit is invading.

Can we please talk only of Jojo?

>It's not that Namefags are especially awful
Stop being a fucking whiteknight, if they don't create decent OC there's literally no reason for them to namefag, they literally just do it for attention.

I wanna see soft, fluffy and plump ladies hanging out with their husbandos

I agree. What did you think of the new chapter? Did you read it yet?

This one is my favorite, it really nailed the Diavolo vibe.

>framed for a murder she may not be responsible for
>locked up in GDSJ
>has hair bumps
why is she Jolyne2.0 and what does this tell us regarding who she is? whose child did she get blamed for killing?

>That's a dude
How do the nips do it?

>Jotaro and Giorno are the two most boring JoJos
>they're still my favourites
I have no idea why I like them as much as I do. Am I just secretly gay for them, or something?

One user used a name. Another user baited with the same name. And then another started triple baiting, also with the same name.
They'll get bored or stop after awhile.

Which one? there are 8 of them

Just noticed she has cards on her boobs.
her hair is dumb, I don't want her to be the main villain

I took the name off already, namefags shouldn't be welcome here unless they provide good OC like Arcadefag.

Jotaro I can understand because despite being a little flat in personality he's still a badass that gives off quite the wow factor when he beats the shit out of his enemies

Giorno is just because you want to fuck him


Really hope they use these colours in the anime

>I don't want her to be the main villain
how come? her stand seems to have a lot of unique potential, and she's got a backstory that actually connects her to the cast, unlike someone like Diavolo who has no real connection to GioGio prior to the plot

>ywn lick Jolyne's armpits

Nips have reached a level of sexual androgyny I didn't even think was possible.


I just don't like her so far, but I really don't want to say that, considering we got like 1.2 chapters of her so far, so it's not exactly fair to judge yet.

will animeonlys be able to deal with part 5?

or will they can the series after that



>stops time and uses Cream

Doesn't matter what animebabbies in the west think. Part 5 will be a massive success in Japan and that's all that matters.

I'm animeonly but know about everything because 30-year old manga

Looking forward to how Stone Ocean is handled. I'd love for SBR to get adapted, but if it doesn't I will read the manga for it

Part 5 is non stop action, it'll make for a good anime adaption.

Brazillian cons are always shit, save for the guys who do shitty cosplay but are self-aware and get super creative about it..


If you run a jojo facebook page that isn't Doc you need to kill yourself

yeah but it's also a bunch of unlikeable weirdos

was not including Lisa Lisa in stardust crusaders a mistake?
she most definitely would have still been practicing hamon and wold still be in fighting shape

>I'm animeonly
Fuck off.


Seems like many might like it since it's back to the SC formula with zero slice of life, which a lot of animeonlies didn't seem to get was the point of part 4.
But really who cares what they think.

Disgusting belly button

Comic-Con Experience was actually halfway decent in my opinion

It was a a good Joshuu bouken

>wold still be in fighting shape
except for the part where she was fucking dead lol

Wouldn't she be old as fuck by then?

>a lot of animeonlies didn't seem to get was the point of part 4
people get it, they just don't enjoy that because they're into JoJo as a shonen manga, not SoL


Who gives a flying fuck about Lisa Lisa she wasn't even useful in her own part.
Part 3 didn't need yet another worthless jobber

she was 50 years old in part 2

she'd be 101 in stardust crusaders

>Half of them die and Fugo leaves
It's gonna be a ride

Lisa Lisa would be like in her 80s if she were still alive through Hamon. Straizo at that point was getting sick of his aging being visible too

Plus Empress was the part where Araki shits on Hamon and says it's useless against Stands

If only because I got into it this year and Parts 1-3 were already adapted. Part 4 is great, though I know how it ends

Part 8 is more of a SoL then part 4


It's a cool idea, but part 3 already had a bit of an issue with making all of its crew relevant so I'm not sure it would've been good to add yet another member.

Hamon makes you age more slowly, but not that fucking much, just look at Straizo.
Also, no it wasn't, each part shouldn't have ore than one or two recurring characters.

>unlikeable weirdos
fuck off diavolo

well that's not even remotely true

I derped

I wonder if she was still alive during SC though

Right, I forgot to mention their shit taste.


she wasn't even cool in part 2

what makes you think she'd be cool as an old granny

>yfw Purple Haze Feedback OVA after Part 5


If "part 5 is the most popular in Japan" wasn't just a meme then maybe.

Being a wikipedia animefag is the only thing worse than being an animefag.
It's straight up disgraceful.

Had a healthy chuckle to these.

If you think part 4 is SoL then you need to watch more SoL

I need pictures. Pictures of gay priest.

These were fun


i wouldn't label part 4 as SoL as a general genre, but it's SoL as far as JoJo goes compared to the other 7 parts

What's the issue? I'm not enjoying JoJo the same way as you?

She was the most useless character in Part 2. Fucking Cheeser and Messina did more than her.

What would be even the purpose of including yet another old hamin fighter in Part 3 ? Did Part 3 not have enough useless characters for you ?

You're acting like you know everything about this serious and even talking about animeonlies when you haven't even read the manga.

the issue is that unlike people who have only watched the anime and know that they're grossly out of the loop, people who have read the wiki try to participate in conversation as though they're educated about what's being discussed when in reality they don't know what's going on because they've only read the back cover of the book and not the actual book itself

I mean, this is on the same level as DIO over Heaven... except it does fit DIO's character and was his plan, which Pucci inherited and put to practice in SO. I could MAYBE see it with Diavolo (eternal peak and whatnot, he probably wanted to achieve inmortality too), but not with Kira, ever. His goals are rather humble, he just wants a quiet life with his beautiful, lifeless hands.
Valentine might attempt it for AMERICA only to discover the ritual can only be done once, and Jesus did it first
The shitty designs are unfixable though. Even more with Kira, he already has enough looking phisically like Bowie, why would he take it even further and straight-up cosplay as him?

Wait he used the wikia instead of actually reading the manga?


What manga is that from?

See: Pat in the horrible EoH LP TBFP did

Nop lol, if it was the original design time stop wouldn't have existed to use in conjunction with the other powers

When are we going to get a reference to this fucker?

>wow okay I'm just enjoying JoJo in a different way
>I know how Part 4 ends I read the wiki
>posts a Joseph reaction with le funny caption

Everytime I think this fanbase is too harsh on animeonlies I get reminded why this reaction is completely justified.

is "Kira looks like Bowie" the stupidest forced JoJo meme?

>Think he's better than anyone.
I'd take Redditors that have completed the manga over faggots like you.


I don't know everything though. I'm still enjoying the anime. I just don't bitch when spoilers are dropped because the series is old enough for spoilers to not matter to me

That's fair. I only really talk about the half of the series I know though because that's what I've experienced so far

Praise this phenomenon


You can argue either way, really. 8 does have more focus on its main plot, but at the same time there's all those scenes of the family members doing normal mundane stuff like shaving or having breakfast or doing breathing exercises and it seems a bit more frequent than in 4.

>because that's what I've experienced so far
So why not experience the rest of the series instead of reading the wiki? I don't know why you'd go through the trouble to do all that when you could just read the manga.

You have to read anyway. I don't understand wikifags and I never will.

See what having a large fanbase does to you?

>hated SO first time I read it
>reread it and now I love Jolyne

post cute Jolynes

Overall pretty good or just average in some areas.
Except for least favourite part, what the fuck is wrong with your brain user?

More of this quality stuff
10/10 would kek again

I grow more of an elitist everyday when I hear these cunts




When does this show go maximum gay? Right now the gay is too tame.

It's more of a quick check up. I just want to finish Part 4 first and then pick up the manga to catch up

Part 5 has a better translation now, right?

That's how I was with VA.

What are the powers of [Bastards Gonna Hit Me] and [I Ran (So Far Away)]?


It's got just under a quarter left to be translated, yes.

>hated SO first time I read it
How and why? I just started and really like it.

You've explained what the problem is in this very post. You claim that you're enjoying JoJo by reading the wiki. You don't care about the story, you care about having cred on a fucking danish dynamic doodles website.

Parts 2 and 5 were pretty erotic desu senpai
Not to mention inspiring for baras and twinks, respectively

I disagree that they are on the same level. The powers on the bios are atrocious and lazy, even more so than "warp reality with your hands".

These designs and are the equivalent of eating crayons moistured with bleach and puking over a canvas while you use a fresh turd to do the shading on the picture. And Heaven DIO's design is not only nowhere near as bad (I actually think it's decent) but it actually fits the character.

They really are not comparable. And the "heaven" ritual, as you said, it's something that works for DIO and Pucci, not the other characters.

Parts 5 and 6 are pretty gay. The villain of the latter can basically be described as DIO's boyfriend.

Thank God. Waiting half a year+ for a Part I'm not really too interested in isn't something I was looking forward to. I figure since I'm already halfway through Part 4 I might as well finish through the anime. It's fun as fuck

I'm mostly looking forward to reading SBR

What, do you mean this guy?



Don't let that get in the way of VA and SO, then. A lot of people race through the parts to get to SBR and end up hating them.

>No Tomoko

Top tier American Anime senpai

Part 2 had the gayest villains, though I think it looked gayer in the manga. The anime had all these colorful filters over them whenever they posed instead of showing skin. But Kars turning perfect was handled pretty gay.
Part 5 looks really gay too.

Which part of JoJo was ongoing when you picked it up?

If it wasn't Phantom Blood, then you're basically an animeonly. And you don't want to be one of them, do you?

I do want to read SO if mostly for Jolyne so I'm not going to rush. I'm terrible at rushing through reading anyway, I'm a very slow reader. I've delayed reading Nichijou for too long at this point

It's just VA I'm not looking forward to, which is why I asked about the translation


Koichi is a better Jojo than Josuke

>Love Jolyne
>Posts art that's the antithesis to why she's cool
Neck yourself.

Shh, Gyro is sleeping.

And we've always been considered the retarded ones. We may not have high standards but they're higher than this I'm sure.
Guess I spoke too soon.

>Parts 5
Wasn't as gay as I'd expected but more than I hoped.

Aside from posing and the taste of a liar, no one really gets intimate that much or often.

Stardust and what grabbed my interest to watch was this guy

Post ur SBR ED's, lads.

I like VA a lot, I went from loving it to hating it, but you'll have to see for yourself whether or not you like it.

Honestly, you might as well just start reading Part 5 while the Part 4 anime is currently airing. You won't miss much, and it'll take a while for Part 4 to end before you can go on to the rest of the series.

It's German, guys. Notice how it also says Luther and 1534?

Your opinion is incorrect. Please rectify your mistake.

He's talking about the manga. He means picking it up with Phantom Blood back in 1986-1987.

Part 2. I didn't even get into the series for the memes, too. I just felt like watching it one day and ended up loving it.

>Hating the guy that posts the ''Gyro is Sleeping'' meme

It's like hating doc for posting Gappy is Happy

>when people say polnareff is more important than jotaro in SDC

If you were introduced to the series by watching it, then you didn't get into the series when part 2 was ongoing.

Baoh was still being published.

There's a lot of chapter and volume cover poses that are super gay.

Part 2 is GAR
5 is indeed pretty gay

Why is a Catholic priest reading a Lutheran Bible?

I was reading JoJo before that hack Araki was even born

If you wanted to watch it then the ongoing part was at the earliest part 7.

The first few chapters of Part 8. I've been reading at a really, really slow pace.

Why the fuck would he ask a question like that, then? Everyone's just going to answer either SBR or JJL.

Part 8.

>tfw the only part I haven't read still is Part 5

Nice taste, user

Alright, you've convinced me. I'll go pick up VA, SO and SBR and probably take until the end of the anime to finish any of them

At least it's giving you motivation to read the parts.

>the only part I haven't read still is Part 5

Part 8 had been ongoing for over a year when the anime started.

I was reading JoJo before that hack God had even made me.

>skipping parts

Reading something doesn't necessarily mean agreeing with it.

Why did you skip it? Bad translations?

I already skipped though :^)

I caught up to whatever JJCA has translated of VA so far though.

>tfw we'll never have a SBR anime where the ED is a different song for every episode

There's a bunch of western fans who liked it back in the 90's already.


Part 8

Overall I like the look of DiU's anime, but I really wish they hadn't gone with the yellow sky. It makes every scene look like this bleak, dreary place where you'd expect murder and misery all the time.

The interesting thing about Morioh is that it's a pretty little town that seems wonderful and wholesome, but is a sinister place just beneath the surface.

Yeah. I didn't want to become a memer that rates Vento Aureo based on the shitty scans and translations(Just like most of the anons here do).

>main villain
>in JoJo
I wouldn't worry about that user

While the Damo battle was ongoing

I'm sorry guys

Once they get past the terribly-dressed twink aesthetic they'll see how good it is

Someone's finally translating all the Stand design comments from JoJoveller.

Part 3:
Part 4:

What was the point of this character?

They'll do it because by the time it's done JJL will be finished and Araki will probably be working on the 9th and final part of the series

If I had to translate Jojo into Western media here's where I would put them:

Phantom Blood: Old Saturday Morning Cartoon
Battle Tendency: 80s Cheesy (slightly homoerotic) Action Movie
Stardust Crusaders: Linear 2000s Cartoon Action Show
Diamond is Unbreakable: Laidback Comedy/Drama Adult Cartoon
Vento Aureo: Modern Action/Thriller Movie
Stone Ocean: Prison Escape Movie With Religious Messages/Theme
SBR: Old Western Thriller from the 50-60s
Jojolion: ..... Steven Universe but good and noncancerous

How would you translate Jojo for Western audiences overall? (Live action or animated)

And I doubt they're in this thread. I doubt there's many people who will say SBR, even.

Was the baby that washed up on shore ever referenced again in JJL? A friend of mine claims that it was supposed to be Aisho, but I'm not sure I'm completely convinced.

Mid Steel Ball Run, which didn't even have a proper translation.
People only started to really pick JoJo up for translation after JoJolion started getting published.

I think I was a sperm cell user at that time, me around 2013 I believe (maximum animeonly I know but I read ALL of it)

Giorno would be pretty well-dressed if it wasn't for the huge heart cutout on his jacket.

something something the exact opposite of gyro and johnny

something something dropped plotlines

Someone needed to win the SBR, and it wasn't going to be JoJo's japanese family

Nigga have you ever seen a picture of David Bowie?

what the absolute fuck is that description? are we reading the same thing? it's just a paranormal mystery manga you dolt, there's American media genres like that.

Part 9 of JoJo is just Google Stock Images

I love this part of SO, since he goes from doing this and slightly freaking out Mirashon to smashing her face against a table for stealing a cross.

There may have been a point where he played a bigger part, but pretty much every plot thread in SBR came grinding to a halt as soon as the Italian-Cripple-Dream-Team went up against Supreme Emperor of America.

Is Part 4 the most overrated part? At least around here. I mean, it's really good, but also really flawed (something everyone seems to overlook or forgive really easily) and I think it has more to do with Cred Forums and the modern anime fan liking SOL more than other genres.

Why did someone colour this in? It looks like total trash.

>Jojolion: ..... Steven Universe

To be the polar opposite of Johnny and Gyro and to tie up the plot of the SBR race.

>Jojolion: ..... Steven Universe but good and noncancerous
I know nothing about Steven Universe, but I have the feeling that you're completely wrong.

Fuck off Yukako

>Tower of Gray
>"The idea came from how annoying it would be if a bug got inside an airplane."
i don't know what I expected

JoJo is basically shaman king without swords

I'd translate Jojo by changing all the stand names to sound really lam- Wait a minute...

Both have rock people and fusions, that's the only similarities they have though. user is retarded

True but it also has a weird mashing of SOL I know it's a cancerous answer, but fusion was on my mind

I'm not that guy, but if I had to guess, I think he means it's like a slice-of-life thing but with magic mixed in?

I mean, he's wrong, but I assume that's what he's going for.

That's what we should ask Sueisha.

Friendly reminder that David is going to kawaii the shit out of Jolyne and there's fuck all you can do about it

Steven Universe is on the same tier as My little Pony, if it's not a generic monster of the week episode it's a bland "lesson to learn episode".

Nevermind the exposed chest, I was talking about the donut hair and giant ladybug pins

I think Phantom Blood would translate better as a cheesy horror film. SDC fits the 80's Saturday morning cartoon idea better.

I'm looking forward to Indian Stardust Crusaders

This part in the OP is in black and white though, that gif is fan coloured and it's done badly too.
And if you're talking about the official coloured scans, frig off they're nice too

Gappy makes me happy

>I do wonder what would happen if a person became a magnet

Not if the anime is cancelled before then.

Fine I'll think harder

Jojolion: 2010s Movie Drama/Action Involving Existential Crisis


Never read Shaman King, and JoJo has swords.

Is that the fucking torturer dude from lost riding a bike and taking a bath?

Why would you skip?`

And that's not going to happen

>that King Crimson
How could they desecrate my favourite Stand like this?

Reddit please leave.

Phantom Blood: 2 hour long animated horror movie directed by Guilhermo del Toro and John Carpenter

Killer Peen. What would be the animeonly reaction to the Ambulance?

Kill yourself senpai

I had the same thought when I typed it, Phantom Blood has that surreal vibe of something like Nightmare on Elm Street with all its magical and gorey aspects

I guess there's a decent chance. It's SBR we have to worry about.
Fucking horses.

Fuck off pixelfag

>Jojolion: ..... Steven Universe but good and noncancerous
What? It's like the X Files with a bit of a slice of life

Joshuu makes ME happy

The manga is in black and white though, those scans are non-Araki coloured but I guess at least they're not total shit.
That gif looks just as good as the colored scans though.

>How will the animeonlys feel when __________
I say this as a person who is caught up on the manga: people like you are the absolute worst part of JoJo threads. No one is impressed that you read a comic book.


Awww shit forgot about X-Files that's perfect

At this point I just don't see David skipping parts. This is what they do now

>TOHTH [sic]
I thought I could create an cool story by making an enemy with precognitive powers. This was around the time I got married. Not that I have precognition, but I was thinking about my own future while I was drawing this Stand.
Araki think he slick

B..but my elitism

Just started SBR. Araki really, really doesn't know what a staggering amount 50 million in 1890 dollars is right?

I checked and for anyone curious it's over 1.3 billion

What is bad about wondering how people who haven't experience something yet will feel about it?
No, really, he's not even saying anything bad about anime-onlies, nor is he flauting the fact he read the manga, he's literally just asking what animeonlies will feel like. What the fuck is the problem?

he knows

50 million Jap Dollars user

They're a lot better looking than that gif. While I agree that the BW is better, they're perfectly fine too for the most part, only noticeably bad during parts of SBR

That's the point of the Steel Ball Run race

I'm, just wondering that's all, senpai.

Of course they'd want to do that, but if the sales are too poor to warrant the huge undertaking that is SBR, then we're not getting it.
Isn't it adjusted according to modern day inflation? It also changes to yen towards the end iirc.

So kind of like Fringe?

>tiny tears in dio's eyes

The question has a loaded context on this board and you fucking know it.

You'll understand user

This one is still the best summary of JoJo we have

No it doesn't, you're just being paranoid. There's a bunch of people that try to act like elitists, sure, but there's just as many if not more that are just curious about what a fresh reaction from these people would be.
Stop hearing voices.

>Kira yoshikage IS Josuke Higashikata


Only the bottom panels are correct. Why do people think that there's anime fanbase wars?

>Where in the world is DIO Brando
But they knew he was in Egypt the whole time. And why use Bowie for both DIO and Kira?

sure dude.

Not him but I wasn't around the first time Bites the Dust happened and I'm genuinely curious how somebody going in completely blind (not knowing about Part 6 etc.) will react.

It's such a dumb idea, that's my issue. No one can afford to leisurely give away that amount of money. It would be a good chunk off Bill Gates' fortune, for reference


Well it's more like all other anime/manga fans hate US hence "Jojofags" whenever you ever even mention or reference Jojo outside here

>tfw you will never dress like Joseph and make it look good

The Part 8 one is still perfect after all these years. Maybe something with Josefumi could be added, I don't know.

No singular person is giving it away. It's gathered from like a million different sponsors.

That nigga stole JOlynes pants. Fucking theif.

That happens with every anime series, though.

>I really like Kenny G's sax music, so I'm sorry to him for making him a disposable mook.
Why do him the disservice then

I like how he's wearing Jolyne's pants and stole the collar off Josuke's jacket.

Joshuu makes me HORNY

Stone Ocean is Evangelion:

Doesn't everyone in the Jazz community hate Kenny G's guts? Maybe it's a reference to that.

He ran out of time

Mmmm no, I could be posting a compliment to said anime/manga and if I use something jojo related 90% of the time it's "GTFO JOJOFAGS"

Just an observation not a compliant just fyi

Maybe it has to do with all the fags who keep shoehorning JoJo into everything all the time, who knows.
In some years JoJo will either be seen on the same level as Touhou where everyone knows a bit about it from all the spamming or as MLP where it's a fucking annoying and gets banned into it's own board.
Not to this level. JoJo really had a rise in it's internet community this past two years. I constantly see people talking about Kira especially in other boards. He's reaching the level DIO had with the game back in the day.

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego is basically about travelling to different places and traking down bad guys that lead eventually to Carmen before the time runs out. (Sounds a lot like SDC right)
Also "Where in THE WORLD is Dio Brando?"

>jojo gets banned from its own board
Please no thats sounds god awful

OR we are all a bunch of sensitive faggots who get triggered by Chinese Cartoons like they called us Nigger

>mfw filthy weebs draw gorgeous perfect jojogirls as noseless lipless hydrocephalic animes

Weren't people recommending shit like that in the Cred Forums improvement threads?

> I constantly see people talking about Kira especially in other boards.
Can you link something, please?

JoJo really doesn't need its own board at all.

Yes satan i believe it was, but it was more along the lines of a poll and people didnt seem to pay it any mind.

To be fair the Pillar Men were pretty up there.

What the fuck would there even be to discuss?
>Hey guys how about that new chapter
>Does EoH still exist?
>lol where do i start gais
>DAE remember HFTF?
>I love Narancia
>Gappy makes me happy
>Custom stando thread
>[Ironic humor about Jotaro/Giorno being mary sue OCs]
>SBR is the citizen kane of our generation
>opinion thread

Am I missing anything?

Also another observation, it seems to me most Jojo fans are the anti-weeb

>Enjoy fleshed out unique characters
>Hate oversexualized pandering
>Prefer women over moeblobs
>Mock those who go to cons or buy too much shit

There are weebs in every anime/manga fan base but it seems this is one of the few ones that mock it extremely. Thoughts?

>In some years JoJo will either be seen on the same level as Touhou where everyone knows a bit about it from all the spamming
This is what it used to be, now it's become
>MLP where it's a fucking annoying

I think you got it down pack. a jojo board would be awful. There would always be an empty thread of shit like that.

You forgot:
>Jojo Drawthread
>Animeonly Anonymous
>Kakyoin dies

>Mock those who go to cons
You're full of shit, the post-anime threads are filled with normalfags that talk about conventions and cosplay.

>Implying Touhou isn't abnoxious garbage

I'm just here to imagine kissing all the cute boys.

Touhou is dead, Vocaloid is next. This isn't 2008 Cred Forums anymore.

This has got to be some form of satire.

I'd take that over yurishit any day

>Spent ~$200 on JoJo statues already
I dunno...

I like my moeblobs

And JoJo women aren't particularly developed characters before Part 6. Part 4 slightly, but Tomoko, Yukako, Shinobu and Reimi are useless while Aya is a walking plot device

>Mock those who go to cons or buy too much shit
I've met more than several anons who could likely be in this thread.

Trust me user... that's nothing, I'm talking about those that value their cartoons more than life

/jojo/ needs to move our home board. As it stands now, these threads have become cancer due to Cred Forums fags and Cred Forums autism.

We need to have an Exodus to a place where we can't be fucked with. I suggest /jojo/ moves to Cred Forums. We already have dank nazi characters and hate for india.

post underappreciated characters

Started reading when SBR was moving to its end, just before gay zawardo has appeared. Onholded on early chapters of SO because I was tired as fuck from boring VA. JJL just started publishing by that time, about 3 or 4 chapters. Continued reading when Kira blew up fat jew in anime (watched it on youtube and got hyped). Also, watched old OVAs before reading manga.

Hell no.

You left your name on again fag, it's not that hard to just leave the "Name" line blank.



>Enjoy fleshed out unique characters
If you like this you wouldn't like Jojo

The personality and development of most protagonists can be summarized in 3 sentences or less while being perfectly accurate. There's not a single particularly nuanced character in the series. If you think Jojo is good on that respect, reading serious literature would blow your mind

Think you're forgetting something?

>implying they're talking about anything other than looks
don't be stupid

Wait when'd Touhou die?

I could pull off old joseph if I can get some more muscle

Oh yeah

Are you 70?

JoJo is the only manga/anime I've ever read/watched
no bully please

It hasn't, the bandwagonners just left for Kancolle instead though.

It's mostly a Kancolle meme, but the Touhou fandom has slowed down significantly as of late. ZUN being a father means he doesn't have as much time to really focus on churning out new games

The only one? I Guess that alright but broadening your taste could be a good thing.


Honestly what happened to him?

> reading serious literature would blow your mind
But my mind is already blown by Killer Queen!


It's better this way, at least a lot more people actually talk about the games/music and the new stuff. Touhou's better when there aren't newfag bandwagonners trying to fit in through memes all the time.
Fucking this, Rykiel's the best Brando son, he's the most like Jonathan out of all the Brando kids

[Bite it you scum]

>That Karera

Tell me about the man in the photograph

Touhou dies each time when old alcoholic forgets to include Miima in his games.

If I had to live with only one series of each media form in my life it would be jojo for manga/animation, Nightmare on Elm Street for movies, and Warhammer 40k Horus Heresy for books.

Best boy!

Oh it definitely is. Any fandom is better without bandwagonners. It means less content unfortunately, but those who do still make it at least understand the source material better

Why does he wear the mask though?

Nah, but a good friend of mine does professional make up, so I'm sure she could do a quick old guy job on me

men of excellent taste

>Actually was able to discuss the games and the music on /jp/ the other day without waifufags or people who've only played 2hu 6-9 jumping in, discussed ZUN's new music CDs, etc.
Man it's a good time.

Shit meme. Nothing from the PC-98 continuity was lost

>uses "heck" in place of fuck and gets mad about reddit
Serious irony

without it, it must be extremely painful.

>If Okuyasu were smart, he'd be unstoppable (laughs). He's impusive and only sees what's right in front of him, so there are blinkers like you see on a racehorse to block the sides of its eyes and give it a narrow range of vision.

Araki is a genius

The only Touhou thing I "enjoy" are remixes of their abnoxiously catchy songs

>Checking design doc
>No Donatello or Damo

arcadefag explain yourself

So does Vento Aureo have colored versions already? I don't wanna go back to black and white now that i'm used to it.


Part 6 should be Orange is the new black

What's he got to say about Killer Queen?


>not avaliable in america

Fucking why?

Man this is why I love Jojo.
Decades old characters and powers and we still wind up finding new details about them.

I read serious literature and think JoJo characters are pretty good, as far as manga goes.

Which Jojo would be the most deperate for money to be a Jiggalo?



Joseph, while slutty, is too rich for that shit. Chalk it up to Johnny.

Johnny's legs don't work, so he won't be able to feel his shame

Translations not completed.

Would Giorno do it without money?

will Gappy get infected by the Milagro Man?

>that Karera
Muh dick

Read in links yourself.

Amen my dude

>Fundamentally, I start drawing without thinking about how the enemies will get defeated, so there's a lot of times where I'm in some trouble because I make them too strong (laughs).

The only ones I remember are Yotsuyu and the A. Phex Twins, the former is because he showed up again in the flashback, and the latter is because they both got BTFO twice.

Johnny is fucking rich and doesn't need the money. Both Josuke's are the correct anser Gappy would probably just gamble on the fact that the person would be freaked out by his testicles


King Crimson must have been a fun one for him

>It's got its own personality, so it's like a
friend... It's the image of Koichi made into a stand. I thought, if you can turn sound into a physical object, you can do that with gravity, too.


>that will never be the OP

>this will never be a special episode ending

>image of Koichi made into a Stand

it's Koichis subconscious or the other side of his personality

>The only ones
The only one you don't remember is the one who's most memorable after Damo.

Joseph would steal money, same with Giorno.
Johnny is the only one weak and helpless enough to probably attempt prostitution.

>implying you'd have to pay Joseph to be a slut

So I'm reading part 6 and Dio is just sitting in direct sunlight while he talks with Pucci

What's the dealio, is he just weaker in sunlight or is he supposed to disintegrate?

The colorists screwed up.

Are you reading colour? It's just a colouring mistake.

Oh yeah, that's the guy who got BTFO by a bus.
I could've sworn there were more rock humans than that.

This is Bruno's favourite album, isn't it? It'd be nice and somber, like Last Train Home.

I quite like the idea of using a Jazz Fusion song for an ED, it makes everything feel peaceful.

post the page

This cucked faggot deserves to be forgotten

>It's an ability that turns people into books, so I figured it didn't need a physical form of its own.
so then why the fuck did you give it this stupid physical form

Oh, alright.

He was a good boy.

Fuck off, lil nigga's kawaii as hell. He don't need to take this shit

Reminder that Jojo in general would be better if everybody was a girl

Eat my dick moefag.

I want buff girls tho
Not any of that moe crap

He was Santana-tier

>Dissing one of the best looking stands

I rewatched the first episode a couple days ago and there wasn't that much posing.

Anyone here good enough at editing to edit at least one page to have the correct time of day?

Is there a picture of a white guy cosplay as Avdol

someone get this hothead out of here, this fanbase isn't exactly special

>Mock those who go to cons

Um okay except I met people cosplaying DIO, Kira, Yasuho, and Hol Horse when I was cosplaying Narancia

I'm sure you'll be able to find a working video. Normally the less popular ones are less likely to be taken down or region locked.

Yeah, no. They don't really get into that stuff until part 2 picks up.

Well Santana was the second most interesting pillarman after Wamuu.

He's a big guy.

Esidisi: Hothead
Wamuu: Big guy
Kars: ????


The [K]night


>hating on heaven's door
do you have eyes?

so,do the stand users "design" their stands themselves?because im pretty sure rohan didnt have heaven's door before drawing pink dark boy

Well, a stand is the subconscious of the user themselves, so i guess the design and power is based on how they are.

>My stand design is a gigantic cock

what does this mean?

Stands are based on the user's soul and personality and Rohan really likes his manga, so that's why it looks like his masterpiece.
>still no Pink Dark Boy one-shot

Depending on the girth and how the foreskin is and stuff, its probably reflecting on how you can be hardheaded but can open up very well to others.

david bowie wants a quiet life





>Pepe Trash
Why do you do this, Doc?

>How would you translate Jojo for Western audiences overall?
Movies like what Jodorowsky's Dune was supposed to be. Obscure as fuck and with Giger stand desings.

someone asked and I'm a whore for praise


Which stand do you want to fuck the most?


Would you suck my dick if I laugh at your edits?

That wasn't made by me, the file size is too small.

I can't suck something that's virtually nonexistent

Here we go again.

What the fuck was this thing's ability? It got changed around so many times I don't even remember what the fuck it was supposed to do.