This is your maths mentor for the night

This is your maths mentor for the night.

Suck me pls

awesome. I have been needing to learn math above algebra but I don't know where to start or what resources to use. Maybe this could help.

It's called math you illiterate retard.

Fuck math

Hello, America.
The world uses the British version of English, not your shitty attemp at copying it.
Thank you.

That's the implication, yes.

I wish she would hate me like Araragi.

Only that American English is closer to the original while British English went full retard

American English is the only version of English that matters, Mohammed. We should just rename it to American already.

>tea supper thinking his caliphate has abyss you in the world anymore

Who colonized who?
Britain > America

Nice try Jacob.

Sorry, who? I forget.

Nice, it's always good to review the basics with people passionate about math.

But unfortunately since it's at night there probably won't be time for a date later.

This is your senpai for tonight

>How dare you forget me, don't you remember I teached you maths that one time? I hate you.
Yeah, no.

>one time
That one time was everyday during the entirety of the summer vacation. And she was glad Araragi forgot at first, since it was embarrassing all that kissing up to him.

There's nothing she can teach I don't already know. Except the topography of her body.

I'll show her 1+1 = 3 tonight, if you know what I mean

I want her to go ara-ara-araragi after walking in on him molesting someone.

i wish she didn't wear twintails

they remind me of that girl from d-frag which is not good

But tama-chan-senpai is a giant, while euler-chan is a midget.

They could have went for original Sodachi design I guess, but I assume it was too similar to Kanbaru with watanabe sameface.