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This will be your research cadaver for the evening

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Excuse me, but my specimen is still moving.

Why not both?


>Punched Naegi so hard Rihanna playing sticks and stones
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag and makes niggers drop faster than the Detroit police department
>Went one on one with the Gozuboys
>Rekt Hinata so hard he turn Izuru
>100% accuracy rate in Olympic chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was just to flex his muscles and check dat ass
>Went full ham on the old man and crew just to get his kick quota fulfilled
>Roundhousekicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet
>Too busy punching manlets, so some mentally deranged kid blows up half the school
>Great try, but no normalfags died
Fucking reee
>Tried to kill the donut but jobbed again
>Survived 2 missile barrages by some random ass cripple in a wheelchair
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, declaring himself to be best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his friends
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Seduced by Ruruka's sweets but who gives a shit, our boy definitely doesn't. Fuck candy and fuck that whore
>Has enough consideration to the normies to use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, both physically and literally


PS:Normalfriends and Chiakifriends need not apply to based Juzo
Her eyes are pretty there, my friend.


Fuck you, leave her alone.

Kodaka is going to pull this off.
You're all really down on the anime, but you just wait.


> Don't check this secret room, Kirigiri-chan
> It isn't like there is solution to the game or anything

Well hey, guess a miracle did happen!
You get to be Junko's new body!


>waifufags still in denial

A wacky "twist" ending wouldn't fix the atrocious pacing of both arcs

How does everything managed to be so slow yet rushed at the same time

Next week for sure!


Do you atually believe this or are you just baiting for (You)'s? None of this so far has looked anything like pulling it off. Future is like a low 5/10, don't see how it can suddenly get to 8 or 9.

Reminder that this whole episode proves Kirigiri is a moron.

She had TWO different ways to save herself and skipped both of them for no real reason.

>Her eyes are pretty there, my friend.
Their usual pinkish color looks a lot better though.

Even the Ultimate Hope can fall into Despair.

No basis for kirijunko

Chiakifriend reporting in!
If any Juzoboys has trouble with him leaving us, we've been through this too! Feel free to ask for help!


Memeing, baiting, theorizing, shitposting and all, I've really enjoyed these threads with you anons and I'm happy I arrived when I did.

Juzobros, you guys were fucking amazing (especially you, original Juzofag). Your copypasta was incredible and I'm glad our boy had such a fantastic sendoff. Stay strong my friends!
Kirigirifags, it was a rough ride. We still had fun, and having Naegiri confirmed was the best we could've hoped for aside from her survival. Good job hanging in there!
Junkofag shitposter, I hated your guts at first but you grew on me. May your Junko daki stay strong as you fuck it into oblivion, and may your copypastas be fresh! Try to find more pics of Junko with her hair down; that shit is bonerific.
Everyone who helped evolve the Hopegun meme (and especially the user I started it with), you assholes were great. The constant changes legitimately amazed me, and it was pretty neat seeing just how creative you were.
Chiakipals, I really have no words. She was an adorable girl even if she was so radically different from her AI personality, and that death was something she did not deserve. Be sure to play through her FTEs again to celebrate her memory.
Theoryfags, you guys were M.A.D! Lots of arguing and shitspewing occurred, but by damn did you guys call a lot of shit correctly and come up with crazy ideas of your own. Fun to read, not so fun to participate in; I don't like being a target since I'm a pussy.
We also have 16 hour-kun and [Hope]user to thank. What an absolute fucking shitstorm you guys made. I'm glad I saved all the various collages we came up with so that I can look back on them and chuckle. The rest of you need to get a REAL fucking job.

And last but not least, all of you in general. You shitposting faggots, you baiting bastards, you retarded Sayakashitters and all you crossboarding Cred Forumsirgins—thank you. Thanks for keeping things balanced and ensuring that these threads didn't become a filthy fucking hugbox. HOPE LOL!

>Kirigiri is the Naoto of Danganronpa
Female detectives were a mistake

It's most likely too late. Even if it does happen, it won't be enough.

Remember that theory about how Naegi totally forgot about Sayaka and other one about Cure W being a thing?

Why don't Kirigirifags stick to cure w putting her in a coma?

What I want to know is how come episodes 6, 7 and 10 had barely anything happen at all yet suddenly we have a shit ton to get through for the finale. I don't get it. How can someone decide to slow the pace down so far it feels like there isn't much left and then suddenly have to do it all at the end? No writer should be this bad and be paid for it.

i been asking the same this ends next week and we still know shit

aside for the fact that she walked away from the secret room and failed to inspect the monitors?

it's like she did it on purpose because she already knew

I'm scared even though she's dead my friend.
Why can't she take a break?

It's gonna be better than nothing at all.

Even if it's just a flashback and she says only one word, I'll be happy.

whoever thought naegi would forget about sayaka after the 11037 code is an idiot.

Juzofags this delusional

>and other one about Cure W being a thing
Not debunked by the episode yet. Everything takes place in his mind, and he's obviously going to assume Kirigiri's dead.

This episode was legit the first time I actually felt really engaged by the series in anything other than waifu-ing and anger over losing favourite characters

I have to give props to her VA, she did a really good job

That's a Kirifag, user.

>Chiaki brought Hajime out of Izuru
>Hajizuru will bring Chiakers out of Izuru 2.0
It'd be like poetry, kind of.

Let us meet again when V3 comes out my friend.

>and having Naegiri confirmed was the best we could've hoped for aside from her survival.
We didn't even get that because Kodaka decided to bring Sayaka back this episode for no reason after all this time. Fuck this anime.

someone shoop kirigiri doing the junko grin already

That episode was contrived shit

> Implying Kirigiri isn't just Junko roleplaying as Kirigiri.
> Implying she doesn't plan to plunge Naegi into absolute despair, since the mindhack despair video is still partially in effect, and seeing Kirigiri despairified would be the coup de grace.

Honestly, the only reason I want this to be true is because otherwise I'd have to believe that my waifu is retarded.

No surprise. KanaHana's an absolute legend.

Yeah, well, I've been asking for people to shop swirly eyes into Chiaki and haven't got anything.
You might have to do it yourself.

Me, Tengan will gladly be the next Junko.

it was forced shit

Is the new episode actually out?
I heard there was production issues in Japan.

Likewise, my friend. I'll stick around till the very end and I'll stay strong. The copypasta will survive as the anime goes down and nothing will stop me from giving in. The ride's not over yet, but I just want you to know that we'll meet again, with great memes in the DRv3 threads once they actually appear, my friend!

Stay strong as per usual!

I myself never said that he forgot her, though I did get buttblasted by the constant back-and-forth. I still have hope for the Cure W theory, though at this point it'd be stupid to believe in it. Sayaka and Naegi were definitely fond of one another, and she wasn't a bad girl by any means; she was a sad girl. Kirigiri certainly won the Naegibowl, but that doesn't invalidate Sayaka by any means.

Her coming back wasn't a middle finger by any means. She and Kirigiri both were probably the most precious people to Naegi, which is why it's fitting for them to stand side-by-side.

There's someone missing in that picture

It's ok user, as long as you believe she'll have a break sha will have one!
I believe she will finally have a rest



The raws are out. The production issues shit is just what Funimation says to cover up their own incompetence.


>Implying that Kirijunko isn't a thing


i love you


>Junkofied Chiakizuru and Kirijunko are both true
How would you guys feel about 2JUNKOS?

Fellow Kirifags, what are we supposed to do? Our waifu was proven to be absolutely retarded by the last episode.

Some SHSL Detective she was.

I didn't enjoy it because I felt it was too forced.
Like surely I felt pity at that sympathetic character moaning in pain for a whole 15 minutes, with sad music box and blood splattering everywhere but it could have been anyone and I'd have felt the same.
Which really tone down the actual implication of that. I felt way worse for Leon's execution than for Chiaki's in Despair 10

>implying she is dead

ts not impossible its more confirmed then anything she's just fucking with everyone and had ultimate makeup artist do her poison makeup

the text message that tengan's phone sent Ryota is "Nice to see you again"

so it's someone Ryota knows personally
so junko, mikan, imposter

Mikan and imposter are in a coma on Jabbawock
so its Junko

Junko got out of NWP in Kyoko's body

The Future ED foreshadowing (the Valkriye is Kirijunko), The boy is (naegi and Ryota) the founder is Tengan

Danganronpa anime is shit.
Killed Chiaki off for fucking no reason at all.


Why not all 3 waifus?

I can't believe how many people actually buy into what they say. It's obviously just lies they spread to cover over the fact they're lazy thieves, and with their subbing plan being cancelled after this season it's not like they have to worry about their relationship with the production committee.

Why didn't Kirigiri just investigate the exit?
Why didn't Kirigiri just cut her hand?
Why didn't Kirigiri just tell them that the monitors make people kill themselves? Literally no reason not to tell them. What if they were too shocked by your death and forgot to pick up your notebook you dumb bitch?

Juzo did a good thing in this episode. The only one good thing he's done since the anime started.



It's a toughie.

I'm just a part of this board, but you guys aren't right?
Even if I cease to "exist"... Even if you guys never remember me again...
That doesn't mean I will completly disappear.
As long as everyone continues to move toward the future we created together.
I will never disappear.
What I was created for, memed for, and archived for will still exist.

You're probably just scared, right?
Not just of going back to /drg/... You're scared of moving towards the future with such heavy memes right?
Didn't you want to enjoy a ride? Isn't that why you admired these threads?
Having memes isn't the goal. There's something much more important then whetever or not you have memes, right?

...What's important is that you believe in other rides.

If you can't do that... No matter how much memes you possess, you will never enjoy a ride again.

But past ride is in the past. It's not the same ride you spent time with memes and the others in these threads. So it's going to be all right, I think it's time you finally had other another ride.

You're the only one who have the right to decide what is a ride. And the responsibility too.
But if you can't choose another ride, why don't you just create one? Even if these thread will get deleted, you guys aren't part of these threads. You guys don't have to just choose a ride... You should be able to create one as well.

Since you're not part of the board, you don't have to worry about this particular board's rules. You guys.... have a tremendous ultimate meme that can turn anything into a ride.

I guess what I'm trying to say is... If you just do it, things will turn out okay!

Not that much of a surprise. Every character outside Monaca turned out to be a literal retard.

Does Cred Forums love boats?

This anime is too fucking slow

2 or 3 episode left


Still no

Miaya, Matsuda, Fujidaki for the Chiaki AI thing

The Zero stuff did not happen, No mass suicide Yet.

The captives still nowere to be seem.

>It's actually 3 Junko's
>3 Waifus are actually alive
Third times the charm, someone post Giga Niggas Strawberry image


I think for me it was more the voice acting that sold it

junko roleplaying as kirigiri

fuck off

I cringed

Reminder that Monaca is the smartest character in this entire show.

Fuck off, back to /drg/

>Juzobros, Kirigirifags, Junkofags, Hopeguns, Chiakipals, Theoryfags, Sayakashitters, virgins

Aren't you forgetting some people user?

Thank you for doing this every thread man

I didn't see it in saucenao.

>killed Chiaki


All of his "innocent" clasmates were there

>not posting the best version

Its not like Junko never played detective before or anything (see Dr0)

Why are you posting trash?

>Fellow Kirifags
Can't you made it less obvious you falseflagging feces of a human being?

Chubby chasers pls go
Nobody likes you

What was her name again?

How could a trashcan contribute to a thread?


I love you too. Despite its many flaws, I hope you enjoyed DR3! Which side was more fun for you?

>what are we supposed to do?
Do what she told Naegi to do: never lose hope. Hold on to the Cure W theory till the very end, and be humble if it's debunked.

>no reason at all.
user, that's completely false and you know it. She was murdered in order to inflict despair upon her fellow classmates. That was the reason.

Juzo was threatening at the time and she didn't want to risk antagonizing him.
It's unknown whether or not she considered the idea, but naturally it's insanely off-putting to chop your own hand off. You need an absurd amount of willpower.
No rebuttal for these points, but don't call her a bitch you bully. Nobody's perfect, not even a waifu.

Let me help you delusional fag

Someone post the Swiss Cheesaki image I need a good laugh

Nobody cares about some dumb old man, Junko is coming back one way or the other.

Rolling for [HOPE]



They arent going to show anything from Zero other than some cameos like that secret agent kid, the student counsel kid and matsuda but I believe they will show the neo world program being built with gekko. Its really the only thing they can do with her in despair.

Coño subs out

Oh yeah, we're forgetting about those Weedbros

>tfw Chiakizuru happening on Thursday

My body and dick aren't ready

Tsumiki "Swiss Cheesaki" Mikan
Tsumiki "Gamer Girl Grater" Mikan
Tsumiki "Every Drop Counts, Give Blood Today" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki's Dead, I'm Giving Hinata Head" Mikan
Tsumiki "I Hope You Like Really Big Needles, Chiaki" Mikan
Tsumiki "Kill the Gamer, Win the Game" Mikan
Tsumiki "Kill his hope with despair to get his hope into your despair" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki Got Penetrated, Hajime Penetrates Me" Mikan
Tsumiki "Overwriting Chiaki's save file" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki got Bored and I Scored" Mikan
Tsumiki "While Nanami naps, I empty his sack" Mikan
Tsumiki "Dungeon Master" Mikan
Tsumiki "Taking your extra man to make him her man" Mikan
Tsumiki "Game over for you, New Start for her" Mikan
Tsumiki "Cheating Chiaki for Hitting that Hinata" Mikan
Tsumiki "Healing your man's heart while you bleed out of yours" Mikan
Tsumiki "Keeping him warm while you go cold" Mikan
Tsumiki "Your hope is defiled so she could bear his child" Mikan
Tsumiki "Stealing Chiaki's levels in love" Mikan
Tsumiki "Capture the Flags" Mikan
Tsumiki "Tripping onto Hajime while Chiaki trips on traps" Mikan
Tsumiki "Giving your man life while you face death" Mikan
Tsumiki "Pierce you with despair while he Pierces her with hope" Mikan
Tsumiki "Leveling up" Mikan
Tsumiki "No Revives for you" Mikan
Tsumiki "Hajime's new white mage" Mikan
Tsumiki "New #1 in being your man's new Player 2" Mikan
Tsumiki "Hijacking Hajime" Mikan
Tsumiki "Plays doctor with your man while you play video games all day" Mikan
Tsumiki "Make Chiaki despair to get into Hinata's underwear" Mikan
Tsumiki “No no Nanami” Mikan


Ryoko cameo or a bust

Because she want to fake her death?

She fell for the double bluff just like she fell for Junko's trap in DR1

Why would she? She isn't Juzo, she'd just die after a certain amount of time

Ryota was there with them and she suspected him, she trusted her friends to find her notebook and use it.

Also she isn't dead yet




Fuck Despair. Fuck Hope. Fuck off to space because "Nope."

Try to guess the character by their NG code!
> NG code
> Release subs in less than 16 hours

Most posts in this thread are people baiting or getting baited, or otherwise flinging shit at one another just because their views on what will happen differ. I wish there was more to discuss so this wouldn't be the case.

We can agree that Chisa is worst girl right?

She was talking about Hajime/Izuru.

Fuck, I did.
Mikanbros, you DEFINITELY have had it rough but I did admire your persistence and loved the various images you posted. Especially the lewd ones.
I also forgot Sonia's Husband user, which I feel ashamed of. I hope you do get to marry Sonia, but you have a long fucking wait ahead of you if you can't sudoku your way into 2Dland.

Hey fuck you m8, my version is the best. That's some tumblr-tier shit you've got going on.

Oh yeah, and thanks to every retard who came up with these nickname posts. I have to say Chisa "Underage Undertaker" was my absolute favorite.

I wish this anime was never made. Killed my waifu and turned her into a retard. This isn't a story that needed to be told.

No, that would be Ruruka.



The anime will end with Naegi sacrificing himself to save/kill Kirigiri

screencrap this

Nagito Jewmaeda is the mastermind. Let me tell you why

After extensive research and investigation, I think I can clearly say who the mastermind truly is. It all makes sense if you think about it, really. Monaca's involvement and how the mastermind let her be. The way the one who dies is decided by chance. The clashing of the two sides. The fact that Kirigiri was killed due to a despairful NG code she couldn't go against that would make the most hopeful character despair, only for him to come out with an even stronger hope afterwards. The mastermind knew Ryota and Chisa. It's obvious, really. It was all for the sake of hope, after all...

>Parents died when he was young, leaving him a shitton of money. Rich parents=Jew. Killing them for money=super Jew.
>Big ugly hair- basically Jew anime hair
>How did Munakata and co have the money to pull all this shit afterwards anyway? Easy. He's been working with Nagito all along to secure funding for his wet-dream future foundation- how else would he afford getting his own fucking private island to shit around on?
>What better way for Kodaka the hack to pull the end of the series than reflect life? Six Jewish companies control 96% of the worlds media. Now think of it in Dangan Ronpa terms. DR1's killing game was televised to the whole world- but who was behind it? Junko? Souda? Maybe. But who, amid the hopelessness and luck of getting it on air, would have came through? That's right. Nagito Jewmaeda.
>Munakata is a hope slut - there's no way he'd say no to Jewmaeda basically fucking his leg asking him for hope.
>Izuru is Komaeda's wet dream. You want to tell me he had no influence in creating him in the first place? Let's face it. If you all had the chance to make your animu waifu's real, no matter the cost, you'd fucking do it. But, moreso, as a greedy Jew, Jewmaeda literally can't hold himself back from ending the world in the name of his sexual fantasies


>Juzo unironically saved everyone

I might be a late convert, but I think I can finally say that I too am a Juzoboy

Yeah she was a bitch
>god I fucking HATE normies one semester of teaching was torture
>except that one normie that my student really wants to fuck, he's ok I guess

Yup,Mikan and Junko tied for that place too.



Yet it was great for Junkofans

Oh man, three Junkos.
That would be a shocker for people.

It was actually awful and completely ruined her, good for ironic memers though

inb4 three Jokers

NG Code

>keep believe J U Z O would be the guy to save everyone
>impaled, stabbed, and cut his own arm
>still actually does it the absolute madhomo
I'll never like a faggot as much as I did this one.

Anyone got the Juzo version?


The strawberry seed shows its face 3 times

>I love being a teacher
>except when I actually have to teach instead of playing with my students all day

Even before the despair mind hacc she was shit.

kirigiri being junko would fucking destroy me

kizakura btfo as well

can you imagine her laughing in naegi's face

Except they completely ruined her character


Episode starts already a retcon to the story toko tells Komaru in UDG

Nice Kodaka

Chiakifag pls

Fuyuhiko and Peko will never not be able to warm my cold jaded heart.

"Eheheh you like me?"

"Thank you so much!"

I love these threads. Shame they have to end.


>'Kyosuke... Upupupupu.'
>'Let's play a game, Hinata-kun. Upupupupu.'
>'Naegi-kun, don't forget you're my hope. Upupupu.'

>How do you do fellow krigirifags
>Damn our waifu sure is shit and retarded
>We should have taken another one instead of a bacon head shitty detective
>I've always felt that analysts were better than detective
>Too bad kirigiri was shit ahahah and this comes from a life long kirigirifag

H-how did you know?!

>My waifu is retarded because she didn't know about the future

Oh wow, kill yourself anytime soon. Kirigiri fell for the bluff, just as she did in DR1, the difference here is that she accepted her death while she chose to sacrifice Naegi in DR1

She's still slightly better than Mikan.


>it could have been anyone and I'd have felt the same.

Yeah, Hiyoko or even Mikan in the same situation would've had the same effect for me.

Toko tells Komaru about how they survive after they left the school and stuff all the hardships ect

But here The rescue team was already waiting for them outside

Pre-despair TRUE Mikan was really adorable. I can see why Mikanfags exist.

>Junko will never upupupu in your ear during missionary sex, her tone slowly increasing as she reaches her climax
Why even breathe?

Am I legally allowed to strangle Kodaka if this happens?

So, no subs yet?

Not even memeing here, I think he might be my favorite canon gay I've ever seen in anime

You forgot the most important one. How did Nagito die? Poisonous gas.


I guess you are all just a bunch of bullies after all.


>she chose to sacrifice Naegi in DR1
She didn't have to sacrifice shit that's the point. She had 2 obvious ways to avoid killing herself but she didn't notice them.
>Kirigiri fell for the bluff
How is "decided not to investigate an important place for no reason" falling for anything? That was just her being retarded for the sake of the plot.

I honestly wonder, would people still be mad about the suicide monitors if ZTD didn't exist? I understand people would still hate the fact that class 77 was brainwashed, and rightfully so.

But It feels like the people most angry about future arc are the ones constantly shitposting about "MINDHACCS" and "Complex Motives", I can't help but think it's just people mad that ZTD turned into such a meme laden disappointment that they want to drag Danganronpa down with it.

Kirigiri is not dead! The existence of cure w bottle can't be for naught due to Chekhov's gun!!

All these theories and everyone forgets one person.

Oh man, I would already cum from Junko possessing one of them, but all 3?

>Junko will never use her punk personality the entire time
It hurts

or she was being "Retarded" cause she's the mastermind and junko

> influential jewish family
who could it be...

We'd still be mad, we just wouldn't have a funny name to give to the bullshit plot device in question

Why does Mirai-hen feel both rushed and plodding at the same time?

It's weird.

you know what? You're right ESLman, she's Junko. That explains why she turned into a massive idiot. They even pseudo-foreshadowed it with Monaka giving Naegi a HOPE-inducing speech.

Future's been more fun for me. The mystery left so much room for speculation, while Munakata and Juzo kept it supremely entertaining. The color palette and the way everyone was suspicious of each other kept the mood pretty tense too.


It's actually the opposite, memes ease the pain of the shitty anime

Oh you

I never even went through ZTD and I'm still disappointed.

Because it has poor pacing.

Yes. Now go away
Chekhov's rifle isn't absolute however. Kodaka already shown his disdain for Knox's rules.
And spontaneous things add life to a story. Something only built on Chekhov's rifle can be interesting if you want to devellop fate or causality as your theme but otherwise it's a pretty restrictive rule, intended for theatre that doesn't really translate that well in other mediums.

Talk about a wasted character. Does literally nothing the entire anime until the episode he dies where he sacrifices himself for a girl who dies the episode after that.



She was also "retarded" in DR!, she fell into Junko's trap

this time she fell into the double bluff

>How is "decided not to investigate an important place for no reason" falling for anything? That was just her being retarded for the sake of the plot.

Because the place offered an escape when there was no "true escape"

No one lashed out at her when the place was revealed in episode 9 because she was right, now that people have hindisight taht it was a double luff, they're acting like retards. She just fell for the bluff, that's it

Is it really bullshit though? Except for Junko using it to absolve class 77 of all guilt, it still feels well within the realm of possibility for Danganronpa. I'm not sure I understand the problem with it being used in Future arc.


Anyone can please give me a summary of what happened this episode?, and still nothing new about Hajizuru and the gang in Jabberwock island?

I liked Junko better when she wasn't stealing the Joker's schtick.

Who WOULDN'T take a trip there?

Would you love this young woman with all your heart?

Speaking of Weedman where the fuck did he go?

At least he's the focus of both of the bonus drama CDs.

From the previous thread:
>DR3 discussion before Kirigiri died

>DR3 discussion after Kirigiri died


Oh yes i would

Remember that time in Batman Beyond when Joker mindhacked Robin?
I do.

When should I expect the first english subs to come out after each episode is released?
I watched all of the episodes yesterday so I had it easy then. Already the wait is killing me.

It started much earlier, by Seiko's death the thread shown much more scepticism about the series.

You have 11037 seconds to explain how the hell Seiko managed to crucify herself

Chiaki's executions are pretty fun.
I'm hoping she comes back and gets killed a third time.

Remember in the Star Wars prequels where senator poopypants showed Anakin a video and then he killed younglings

If this were a typical anime they'd be out by now, but you're just in time - all of the remaining episodes' subs have been delayed.

let us meet again, when something else cries

How does it feel, knowing that your beloved Nanami was tainted by me?

Holy shit, why didn't anyone thought about cutting their arm before? Specially when Seiko was around to cure/medicate them?! They are all fucking retards, they deserved what they got. Survival of the fittest

I wonder if the backlash towards the anime would be less if it was actually a game or light novel. I can imagine literally waiting 11 weeks watching a set-up only having that set-up be not true in week 11 would rub people the wrong way.

SHSL Headbanging

You know how.

There is no way the anime can end in a satisfying manner. They have literally used up all the time they had and only have 1 mirai and 1 zetsubou episode left not counting the bonus zetsubou episode.

Still chilling outside after Togami's retardation members blew up the building. I'm concerned for Togami more than Weedman because Weedman has plotarmor too thick for even Junko to fuck with



post mortem involutary reaction caused by her use of drugs

Good lord.
Despair managed to fuck characterization even more than the prequels did for Darth Vader.
That's quite a feat in itself. Good thing we have Juzo who is the Obiwan of the prequels in term of awesomeness

No, I mean, it actually happened in Batman Beyond.


Yes since they also still have the left eye fetish that they've had with kyoko since episode one

Fuck off,Izuru buried her.

>episode aired almost 4 hours ago
>still no subs


What did he mean by this?

Is there going to be a sub stream?

It has to be fucking Tengan now. He's also got to be the one who invited Junko to the school in the first place.

Fuck you.

When the DR fans cry.

They all chimped out and started attacking each other instead of thinking like rational people.

>bonus zetsubou episode

Kirijunko will be satesfiying

This damage control is fucking pathetic. Kirigiri didn't "fall" for any trap, she just investigated everything and tried to find the truth because that's what a detective is supposed to do and exactly what you would expect from her. Kirigiri randomly stopped being a detective in episode 8 because the plot demanded it and that's it.

>Juzo being alive means Kirigiri's good as fucked
And that's when despair really set it

Episode 12 is called Must come to an end.

Yes. In the /drg/ taima.

Kodaka's way of saying all good writing ends with this episode.

Nelly Furtado, my friend! To all good things comes an end!

No it won't with shit amount of time left.

She alongside everyone fucking else who died? Shipperfags, not even once.

>final two episodes

more like half of them

not falling for someone using tengan's phone user-kun stop

If it were a novel it'd get the same treatment as DR0, so the backlash wouldn't be THAT bad.

If it were a game, people would complain about it being different from 1 and 2. So maybe about the same as an anime, except without secondaries whining.

Why would he go to all that effort? It's boring.
Meanwhile, Nanami was a shining display of HOPE. She'd be the perfect material for making the second Izuru.

It would be SO MUCH BETTER as a game. No need to rush. You could have alternating chapters just like how the anime is working. Work through one trial at a time, switching to Despair side in-between. FTEs would be tricky, though.

This was a MASSIVE BLOW to my hope, honestly. This is a really, really solid way to confirm a character's death. In a way, it's helped me to accept her potential death. She was a lovely character and I really wish we'd gotten a confession before she went to sleep.


Oh my a fellow despairfag, welcome to my school

That's easy since most Japanese writers don't know how to write homos.

But tumblurinas hated Juzo until they confirmed him gay


What like 'Despair Anime' is good writing?

>I really wish we'd gotten a confession before she went to sleep.
Why? They had already hooked up, Munakata even commented on it in the episode.

> wanting to kill themselves because of monokuma theater
I know that feel...

I feel stupid for not realizing it was obviously the old man, but all it took was one episode of him having awesome fight scenes and I stopped suspecting him. Despite even that super suspicious behavior he exhibited "answering" Munakata's questions in the next episode.

Kazuo Tengan, the real Chairman. Hidden somewhere in this building. Watch out for him.

Cry harder autistic baconfag

And stab herself. Seriously HOW DID SHE DO THAT

Also didn´t Gozu have cuts in his mask?



I like how they didn't even use gruesome footage from the Tragedy and just went for straight up despair brainwashing.

Nothing new about Hajime and friends in Jabberwock this episode?

> You will never FTE Juzo

So how do Juzobros feel about Juzo going out without being controlled?

>You have 11037 seconds to explain how the hell Seiko managed to crucify herself

Did you not watch the episode? She repeatedly stabbed herself with a pipe and probably stabbed herself when she was at her end.

Plot twist: Tengan has a twin brother.

They showed Gozu stabbing himself in the face.

>in Jabberwock
He left.

>Naegiri confirmed


I hope he had complex motives at least... then it will 100% obvious this whole anime was just ZTD with a DR coat of paint. Sleep inducing bangles, Mind Hack, Radical 6 like suicides... It's not even subtle.

I found Monokuma theaters funny because they were just so weird.

They are Literal Whos.

They didn't hook up, Naegi and Hina caught her confessing her feelings to no one in particular, and she shared her love and encouragement without ever really telling him how she felt. Naegi for his part was extremely reserved like a usual MC, which was disappointing as hell.

His rage at Mitarai's comment was fucking amazing, though. That self-control he showed is real proof of how he's matured.

I'll shit bacon all over you and you'll like it, baby. Stay mad.

That would be so fucking incredible. Maybe he'd teach you some moves?

This is the whole reason I want KiriJunko or some meme shit with Chiaki

>the shady old man was the villain all along!

Is usually awful, but it's worse in Japanese works

>Tengan is Junko's grandfather
Easy way to shoehorn more Junko as the mastermind

Venom Tengan created through mind hack anime

They sailed into the bermuda triangle and were never seen again. thank you for watching.


>or Seiko

How the hell did we end up with so many lovable characters despite most of them having almost no screentime?

Yes. She'd written down that all of the corpses were near monitors, had knives near them, had cuts in certain places, etc. etc.
That's why they came up with the plan to tie up Naegi.

What a fantastic episode, even got speaking lines

It's worse in DR, where we expect cute girls and we expect Junko as the mastermind. KiriJunko, Chiakizuru, or something else is a certainty.

>Despair episode starts
>It's the boat from Jabberwock arriving at the Final Killing Game site
How hype would you be?

Why do you go out of your way to make us suffer all the more?

Pretty sure fat faggot was there too

Not really, because they need to explain things still in Despair.

There's nothing more to feel. We already knew. We're proud of our boy.

>final episode
>everyone dies
>fade to black
>theater slowly comes into view
>everyone is sitting and watching
>Muffled Tsumaranai in the background

> KiriJunko, Chiakizuru, or something else is a certainty.

at this rate I'd be super disappointed if this doesn't happen

>DR3 has a bunch of great characters that could be made for a game
>put them in a shitty anime instead
For what purpose

I'm a big fan of NaeGiri.
I played Danganronpa 1 in bad times for me.
This game consoled me.
Therefore, I strongly become attached to the characters. I lived with them as alive.
I was lonely, and they were like friends to me.

You could say that I fell in love with Kyoko.
Rather, I thought and still think of her and Makoto good pair.

Now I feeling **FUCKING PAIN** when I thinking about Kyoko's death.


Please, calm me!
Tell me, please, what hope is there.
Please, tell me, what are the arguments that Kyoko could still be alive.

**HELP ME!**

I'm sad.

I'm like that too when I read 10 little niggers.

It's hard to suspect based old man.

>The reason Tengan suddenly changed his attitude was because Junko died
It all makes sense now



Your opinion of this show is too high if you think it's not going to be a ryota and tengan episode.

Disappointed. We still need to wrap things up with Mitarai and Munakata in Despair.

Sayakafriend, let's not start this. Both girls are great, and both were close to the MANlet. It's not a competition.

No hype whatsoever until we see motherfucking HajIzuru / Izunata again.
>approaches ruins
>gets the rundown of the situation
>sees sturdy entrance into the lower building
>plants one foot gently on the hatch and kicks that shit in with no effort at all
I'd be shitting myself

Everyone who died in DR1 except the Despair Twins were there. Sayaka was just the only one of them who had a line. And Kyoko of course.

As would I. Relax, friend, because we'll get Junko back one way or the other.

Holy shit I'm actually reading that right now

Fuck you what are the odds

I'm mad

>people praising Juzo for doing something decent when this could've been prevented if he had not kept his trap shut in fear of his buttbuddy finding out he was a fag

Never doubted the boy.
Ever since he got stabbed I knew he would rise again.

M-muh special tecknique usable only with animu!

Im sorry user,as a fellow Kirifag i accepted it and you should too.
Lets let her rest in peace.

>Junko already had her video and class 77 in despair along with Chisa
Nice meme, stay mad faggot.

That theory was extremely popular in the first few weeks but has significantly died down, even though it's still plausible. What happened?

I think the best part is that this one quote is a perfect fucking allegory for the entirety of DR3.
Not even just plotwise, its entire existence and drop in narrative quality from what was already a moderately low bar.

They're over hyping it like usual but at least he sorta redeemed himself for causing basically everything to happen. Better then let's say Mitarai who has done jack shit.

Is it 12 and 11 or 13 and 12 episodes?

>they are off to save Chiaki.

>Tengan in Chiakizuru vs Awakened Hajime

Who will win?

Some autist came to these threads and said "KIRIJUNKO LOL"
And somehow people started believing the autists words.

>he doesn't want to touch them


They could stop her 9999 times after this.
Class 77 isn't even that strong. What are they gonna do against entire school of Ultimates?

Bro it's just a prank bro. Remember Asahina bro?

There is no way Kodaka can kill Kirigiri bro. Cure W's going to save her bro.

Calm down BRO.

Chiakizuru makes sense, given that Chiaki dies right next to where the experiments happen, but what's this nonsense about Kirijunko?

>Caused Izuru and Twilight Murder to happen
>Incompetent head ofnsecurity

>Why didn't Kirigiri just cut her hand?
She'd just die from bloodloss or infection then and those are fucking shitty ways to go.

>They could stop her 9999 times after this.
Nice assumption. Did you forget she has Izuru or SHSL Analyst powers, retard?

>Komaeda getting brainwashed by his own ass

For what purpose

I feel really stupid. I thought they cant make the old dude the mastermind both in ZTD AND Dangan, but here we go.


Delicious new cringe pasta. Kirigiri is not for falling in love, Kirigiri is for supporting and cheering for.

At this point I've shifted away from her survival and am now hoping for a super-deadified Naegi.

HajIzuru could tie both hands behind his back and blindfold himself, and Tengan would be fucking disintegrated within moments.


Brief summary of what the fuck happened this episode?

It'll be Junko and you know it.

Some people said Junko could have downloaded into the brain of the DR1 trio when they got into the NWP

Sakura and Chihiro would possibly be enough.

>Caused Izuru and twilight murder to happen
No, Sato caused the Twilight Murder and Chiaki's words were the last thing he remembered.

>Tengan appears still alive
>"It was me all along, Naegi. I did it for the ultimate despair. You see, with Izuru we learned that Hope isn't that strong. But Despair, despair is something else."
>"Ultimate despair? What do you mean, old man?"
>Sounds of boots walking on screen
>Ryouko appears with a long ass hair just like Izuru's
>"It's not possible, we saw you dying!"

This explains how Junko survived the other's executions and gives an amazing twist that'll leave fans butthurt for centuries.

It's going to be a Mitarai/Tengan/Junko episode. We wont see what happened to Chiaki's body.

I'm sorry.

>nobody ever managed to subdue Junko
>if he talked about her everything would be solved
Junko just tried to make him despair and failed.

>Tengan is the only character whose official height and weight are unknown
Sheeeeeit man it was so obvious


Izuru was a school project
Twilight was just normies being normies, and Juzo can't leave elite grounds

She would've done worse things than let out his insecurity had he lied or refused though.

I dont usually go to threada of really popular series becauae 90% of them are filled with cancerous fans. Gave this one the benefit of the doubt but man,was I mistaken.

Roleplayers, avatarfagging falaeflagging faux-waifuposters, memespewing underage idiots, shitposters galore.

At least it makes me glad i'm one of the few non-cancerous person that follows this series. Good riddance that this is ending, hopefully 99% of you will kill yourselves.

There is no fucking time left. 21 minutes is nothing!

>what's this nonsense about Kirijunko?
Somebody thinking Junko bodysurfed into Kyouko's body and shared it, instead of a full takeover like she originally planned. It'd explain her colossal incompetence in Mirai, if nothing else.

>SDR2 has Junko wanting to download her AI into UD bodies
>Shutdown fucked up and somehow put Junko into one of the DR1 survivors

>the main DR artist will never draw the DR3 characters
Do it Rui

Thats fine. And if so, it wont just be Hajizuru fighting her but all of class 77. They'll beat her so bad and friendship and love with delete Junko from Chiaki's body as she is brought back.

Wrong pic

He's just shocked he has such a nice body and nobody will ever tell him that, so he falls into despair

Thank you, bro.

But why she not stand up?
Why that Cure W was forgotten?

He was too afraid of coming out the closet.

>no subs yet

I'm starting to lose hope lads

>3 episodes left

And that's plenty of time. This entire episode, nothing happened except Juzo flipping a switch.

>Episode 9: 9 people alive
Ruruka, "Juzo", Miaya and Kirigiri died
>Episode 10: 6 people alive
Good job Kodaka. DR3 is for the fans. So let's give them feely scenes about characters we've known for three months and kill off and ignore a character we've known for about six years.

Good fucking job, Kohacka. Not even Cure W can save us Kirifags now.


Naegi should just give in to despair and become the Ultimate Despair in contrast to HajIzuru. I want Naegi to be put down and feel true happines in his final moments as he leaves to join the friends he lost and the woman he loved.

We need more evil Naegi pictures around here.

Kyoko's dead she's been dead since the ending of Dr2 its been kirijunko this whole time

Whats your reaction when you find out that all of this is Tengans plan to create more Hope by putting them into this despairing situation and at the end everybody will forgive him because he only had good intentions and all the other fucks who played along with the drama and then everybody will be just buddy-buddy and look towards the future?

Why was Bandai sending a text from Tengan's phone?

>us Kirifags
Spot the retarded falseflagger.

>really popular series
Also fuck off to reddit if this place doesn't meet your "standards" fagget.

>NG code
>be alive for an allocated amount of time.

Fucking Kodaka.

>He didn't play DR1

She fell for Junko's trap, user

This time she fell for a double bluff, I have watched the episode in spanish and she only had a suspiciont regarding the monitors being involved in the murders, the one who gets definitive proof of what happens is Naegi

she is not perfect, she makes mistakes too

To be fair, we don't know what Kodaka meant with fanservice.

Here you go.

That would confirm that Naegi x Junko would be canon, it would also assblast every waifufag in existence

How can people legitimately hate Chisa for shit she did while mindhacked?

Fuck that, this episode already ruined him enough.
>Literally the only victim other than Chisa who didn't try to resist
Fucking stupid


Last episode is Mirai, the time slot for the llast episode of Zetsubo is filled with a danganronpa special, not an episode.

I want to marry Sonia!

Thanks, user! I love you too.
Even if I was on 2dland, I'd still need to defeat Hajime

Kirijunko is a retarded theory. She'll be alive in a coma with Cure W. Chiaki will survive based on Izuru's actions after the last despair ep and she somehow gets turned into Izuru 2.0.

Both heroines survive. There.

And Chiaki living is not bullshit because Juzo living is proof Chiaki lived.

>stabbed in the abdomen all the way through.
>passed out
>nobody gave him medical care
>still alive
>cut off his hand
>still doesnt bleed out instantly.

Chiaki was next to SHSL Everything when she passed out.

Now we're fucking talking. PUT HIM DOWN HAJIZURU!

>end of DR1 flashback, with FF leaders watching
>naegi and co read kirigiri's notebook
>everyone did mindhack video suicides
>they tie up naegi
>he watches the video and sees dead people in his mind
>he tries to commit suicide
>boxer stops him since he cut off part of his arm and didn't sleep
>naegi reports back to his posse
>boxer turns off the electricity
>muhkatana runs to save boxer
>too late
>naegi asks mitarai if he knows about the mindhack anime
>outside, a shit ton of ff members have come to save them

> Remember Asahina
It was a prank to give you a false hope of Kirigiri being alive that will lead into even more Despair.

>Roleplayers, avatarfagging falaeflagging faux-waifuposters, memespewing underage idiots, shitposters galore.
Welcome to Cred Forums you absolute cretin. Back to tarddit to your shitposting free serious discussion you cum slurping baboon

Give her time bro. That Cure W can't be for nothing bro.

It will all be daijoubu.

>Last episode is Mirai, the time slot for the llast episode of Zetsubo is filled with a danganronpa special, not an episode.
Kodaka said it was part of the story though. So 3.

>Delicious new cringe pasta. Kirigiri is not for falling in love, Kirigiri is for supporting and cheering for.
Not! For love! I am crazy!

The BDs list 24 episodes though

What if the final boss is Chiaki is the new Izuru, and she's got Junko inside of her!
That way everyone loses!

Any subs yet

>>Fucking stupid
Would you really expect anything else from the person known as Ultimate Despair?

if it involves Ryouko i'm all for it

>[Hope] Danganronpa 3 The End of Hope's Peak Academy - Future Arc - 11 [197AC007].mkv
hope is here

It was retarded baconfags who thought she was forgetten

Okay lads, the show is ending. What did you like about it?
Hard mode: not threads and memes

It's Up! Our [HOPE] is here!

[Hope] Danganronpa 3 The End of Hope's Peak Academy - Future Arc - 11 [197AC007].mkv
>[Hope] Danganronpa 3 The End of Hope's Peak Academy - Future Arc - 11 [197AC007].mkv
[Hope] Danganronpa 3 The End of Hope's Peak Academy - Future Arc - 11 [197AC007].mkv
>[Hope] Danganronpa 3 The End of Hope's Peak Academy - Future Arc - 11 [197AC007].mkv

>implying class 77 wont beat Junko this time because they have another SHSL God leading them now.

Because he's really despair

which would be glorious


Subs are out, my friends!

>tfw what we thought was Cure W was actually just a thermos from when they had a meal.

Guy was probably the most despair filled among the whole cast at this point.

I mean, Munakata turned into edgelord supreme with one dead waifu. Imagine TWO dead waifus.

komatsuzaki hasn't drawn them yet? shit, i want to see him draw gozu.

>no XDCC


She's so beautiful. I think she's more beautiful than Kirigiri, and it's probably because of that royal aura she has. That, and long blonde hair with blue eyes is probably the most gorgeous setup for a girl.

>he doesn't hate and appreciate the shitposting at the same time
Fuck that faggot.

Stop asking, user. Go to nyaa and refresh like a madman.

> Tengans plan to create more Hope
Also, he was brainwashed by real MItarai anime into being an Artificial Hope.

>everyone fucking suspected Tengan since early into dispair arc.
>Gets killed off and all suspicion is gone
>Yukizome's fate may still out there.
Kodaka need to fucking stop. This ride is going everywhere.


>2 ultimate lucky students(talent that warps reality itself to the whims of it's user) that want a happy ending
>Weedman predicted a happy ending
>People still doubt there will be a happy ending with all DR1 members surviving

>[Hope] Danganronpa 3 The End of Hope's Peak Academy - Future Arc - 11 [197AC007].mkv



Yes, that's why I said "innocent"

bandai was fucking huge holy shit

>they basically wasted Kirigiri for nothing

I don't even know what to feel at this point. It won't matter if she's still alive or really dead, we will have a shitstorm anyway.

still a naegirifag tho

Second to last episode and barely anything happened. It's a bad sign for how the last one will go.

He redeemed himself by saving the ultimate hope from certain death and then cutting the power

Sorry but Juzo being alive was bullshit and is a perfect illustration that this is an anime. People dont die from bleeding out as easily as real people.

Chiaki should have never been able to talk to Izuru like that after getting speared.

Weedman is probably the luckiest man alive, his plot armor surpasses even Komaeda

Omedeto Naegi

Whose corpse was more beautiful, Kirigiri or Juzo?

So what even was the whole point of this nonsense?

>they killed Kirigiri just so Naegi could say "ah, yes, suicides"
>even Juzo had a better ending

What the fuck

the weekly delay is merely a stepping stone for my hope

[ HOPE ] will always win against despair!

Just let Juzofags have their moment and have them forget that their boy could have ratted out Junko during all of DR0.


He didn't have his own phone, of course. Apparently only Mitarai and Tengan were smart enough to bring theirs.


I'll never believe that she's dead. Not after 6 years.

Nice meme, cancer.

Thank you friend.

Thanks bro

>still posting the same post every thread
holy shit how butthurt are you

Cant be a meme if true.

> what's this nonsense about Kirijunko

There's plenty of believable foreshadowing to that end.

> Kirigiri was the greyed out sprite that killed Chisa in the explanation of the rules.
> Kizakura was talking about that the 'detective is the reason for the murders.
> Naegi talking about 'even if Kirigiri fell to despair he'd put her down and cherish his memories of her'.
> Kirigiri's uncharateristic immense incompetence and unceremonious death.
> The unknown bottle (Cure W?) that has yet to be identified or explored, combined with the Monokuma-esque face that she'd have even if the antidote worked and she survived.
> The right half of Kirigiri's face is on the same side as the corresponding 'black/dark' side of Monokuma's at the end of the OP. Also, the left half of her face and eye in the nightmare sequence was destroyed, leaving only the right side intact, corroborating the theory.
> Kirigiri shares certain traits with Ryoko (playing detective while running around with a notebook).

There's more too that I've probably forgotten. It doesn't even have to be KiriJunko, it could just be Junko playacting as Kirigiri.

I mean, don't you find it strange that Monaca was trying her best to not only keep Naegi alive, but to keep him hoping to the very end? If Junko WANTED him to succeed from the start, it'd make perfect sense.

Monaca and Junkos monokuma grin

>[Hope] Danganronpa 3 The End of Hope's Peak Academy - Future Arc - 11 [197AC007].mkv
I will always trust in HOPE

he coulda even brough ryoko to munakata but nope he gave her a monokuma pin and guided her to the old building where she killed Yuto and Matsuda

You got proven wrong 2 threads in a row. You're a meme at this point, a butthurt cancer in these threads.

You just described I love her so much.

Already on it, lovely user. I'll seed the fuck out of this all day.

I don't have much longer to live, so I'm really hoping that the Cure W brings Kirigiribros happiness.

You are aware non-despair Chisa probably didn't feel that way about normies right? That was just narration we were getting from despair Chisa playing up how shitty being around normies was.

I didnt post in the last thread actually but the guy who did is still right.

It's a stupid Monkey D Luffy grin and I hate it.

>just watched the raw
>[Hope] pulls through

> Juzo literally stopped mastermind plans
He was more useful than any other participant, except Kirigiri who figured shit out and Sonosuke who found the secret door and dot even get me start about people like Ruruka or Munakata, who deliberately sabotaged Future Foundation in this game.

There is no way they are going to make the final episodes as good as this one. It can only go downhill from here. You won Juzoboys. Juzo was the best DR3 had to offer.

It's all part of Kodaka's despair plan

Holy shit, you people are retarded.
>He's the security guard
Can you autists just get a grip already and stop projecting shit to fit your narrative.

Thank you [Hope], I love you.

Are you the guy who didnt read DR0? Your guy, Juzo, got completely and utterly controlled by her.

The only thing that I can think of that might help you is that the "Remaining Survivors" thing talks about people with functioning bracelets on...?

Like, if Juzo cut his arm after episode 9, it could have said remaining survivors: 6 because he didn't have a bracelet on...

I don't know, user. I love Naegiri as much as you do and I don't even know what to do anymore. I've lost all hope.

>I don't have much longer to live
Please, no. What's wrong?

Can someone summarize today's episode please

All praise based Juzo, my friend.

Asahina won. Kirigiri is dead along with Sayaka

Seikofags will only get worse because how much a failure she was.

>I didnt post in the last thread

>2 waifu deaths can cause unlimited shitposting
Did Kodaka plan this?

You make it sound like you're gonna kill yourself.

>Are you the guy who didnt read DR0? Your guy, Juzo, got completely and utterly controlled by her.

He's not directly the fucking guard, you autistic retard. You're projecting him to be the guard even though she controlled fucking HPA at that point. Are you just genuinely a cancerous autist or are you pretending to be one?

Why did Kodaka decide to showcase the best character (Juzo) in the worst installment of this franchise?

Juzofag's only defense is

>H-He promised not to tell cause she would have kill him right there.

is a shitty defense since they also have to claim DR0 is non canon on top of it.


Thank you. Thank you. Tank you!
You are one of few, hwo bieleive in Kyoko's live.

Really, big thanks.

But… if 6 peoples... Kyoko is not counted? Why? Numbers in opening saying, she died.


You mean brainwashed into suicide?

If so, I fear so.

Holy shit your dumb

Well, yeah. Luck doesn't really make them "happy", so far it doesn't extend to people dear to them either.
Naegi and Nagito's lucks are both different but neither seem to protect their loved ones or their feelings, just their well-being. Otherwise, something would have kept Leon from coming back or Nagito wouldn't have lost his parents

>That was just narration we were getting from despair Chisa

[citation needed]

>is a shitty defense since they also have to claim DR0 is non canon on top of it.

Nobody claimed that, you autistic ESL. They're telling you that you're a fucking moron for projecting it to shoehorn your autistic headcanon, got it this time or do I need to talk espanol for you?

Even if he's not the guard in DR0, he still could have told on Junko during DR0.

Juzo bitched out and let her take over. Dont get so mad about it.

Friggin' this!

Not our blog.

I don't mind Donuts winning anymore. She's fucking adorable and her FTE was amazing. She's also super supportive of Naegi.

Let's be honest here, anyone who wins the Naegibowl fucking WINS the Naegibowl. Good matches all around.

Stop shitting on each other and post cute things.


If it wasn't for the fact tat he and Munakata actually made the game 10x worse with their let's kill Naegs mentality. If they all worked together, this may have been finished by the first time out.

> Kirigiri's uncharateristic immense incompetence and unceremonious death.
This is the part that gets me the most. Killing her is one thing, making her accidentally kill herself for not being thorough because the plot would stop otherwise is just salt in the wound.

>I don't have much longer to live
are you okay?



But if events leading up to the current point in time were different the hope at the end of Mirai would be less bright
They want hope and hope will they get

It's a cold hard FACT that Junko went through an entire month after the events of Despair-10 without getting ratted out on. We know for a FACT Juzo didnt say shit.

They figured suicide anime being correct, Naegi tried to test it, fall into despair, Juzo who countered sleep drug by cutting arm off stopped him him being a hero, goes into secret room, switch off the power and killing game end, the mastermind revealed to be tengan, juzo dies and munakata too slow to say sorry for being such a dick to him.

Threadly reminder that delays are all part of best girl's plan.

Chiaki can sit in second.

> Juzo got more screentime, especially notable screentime than fucking Kirigiri.

Reminder based HOPE subs are out


Both Juzo and HOPE are the true MVP of this ride.

B-b-but I like how goofy it makes her look!

Juzo reminding us that Kohacka can actually write good characters when he tries

monokuma grin get it right

But what if she possessed Chiaki?

>yet another person saving my OC
This has been so much fun. I've never actually made OC before so all the stuff I've vomited out has been a blast.

It's a shame nobody has commented on my gloating collage yet. I'm pretty certain I've lost and I was expecting a lot of autism responses.

>Not our blog.
Stay on topic, nignog.

Hajimeme and Class 77 make Chiaki unpossessed.

Considering what he has gone through throughout the series, he has been living very near the despair cliff and the mindhack video did push him very hard.

Also, every characters in the series are mentally broken some ways or others than the video will always work.

It's stupid, it sucks, and I hate it.

Monkey D Luffy grin.

>your dumb
ESLs go please.

>Juzo bitched out and let her take over. Dont get so mad about it.

Except he didn't you autist. She already had HPA in her hands at that point. Chisa and Class 77, the Reserve Course, Izuru, Mukuro and the Trustees refusing to do anything to stop her and hide everything.

Yeah how about no, ESL trash. There's Despair-11 and you're pulling crap out of your ass to fit your narrative. Even then Ryouko and Junko were covered up by the Trustees as proven when Munakata and him look at her files.

I wasn't really making an argument against the happy end, but about Naegi's luck saving other people. It hasn't worked like that so far.
Also, a happy end doesn't need to involve everything working out for every character. They could do like people in real life do after losing their loved ones: move on. Not forget, but not let that darkness comsume them either.
And people in the real world don't even live in the apocalypse.

>Juzo tells Munakata
>Munakata starts to take preventative measures
>Junko catches on
>Junko kills them both, and more

Great idea!

That t-shirt is SO cool. I'd buy it.

Who the fuck was shooting Weedman with the helicopter?

>Junko kills them both, and more

Holy shit one of my posts is in there.

Im kinda happy about this.

So why exactly did Tengan do all this? Haven't watched the ep yet but that's what people are saying.

I'm guessing it at least "cleanses" the organization of despair a bit but he killed off like the world's best drug maker, farmer, and blacksmith while he was at it which will fuck them in the long run.

I mean, he already knew Chisa was despair and may have known about Ruruka's little coup. Still, it's kinda crazy.

Much thanks, Juzobro!

Is Munakata gonna make it out of Future 12 alive?

To be fair, Chisa has secretly corrupted him for quite a while.

>implying I don't ship Naegi with both of them
Either way I'm a winner

Is this the collage?

Saved, since you said you won't be here I will post if she is indeed alive in the last episode

its a grin why are u getting triggered by a grin

I wonder how a psychopath would kill both of them. I really wonder, user.

So what happens if Kodhacka actually brings her back? Who do we make fun of? This is a lose lose situation.

>*Removes jacket heroically*
>...she said after deciding not to investigate the room that would have saved everyone left still alive, including herself
Holy shit, was this scene supposed to be a really long winded joke?

>Wasted time doing that
>They are somehow the autistic ones
Sure, bud.

Chisa, Mukuro , Izuru , Herself being the ultimate analysis thats able to tell everything about someone just by looking

Your lengths to defend Juzo are astounding. Ok cool, he's a perfect character who did nothing wrong. He made sure to tell Munakata right after Junko left yet somehow he wasnt killed because NOBODY CAN CONTROL HIM XD

Fuck off.

>She already had HPA in her hands at that point.
Then why become Ryouko and why did Matsuda have to kill Murasame? If she already had control, Murasame telling anyone wouldnt have made a difference.

I think he may sacrifice himself in order to defeat the true mastermind, joining his two waifus in the next life.

I was kinda disappointed Naegi lost to the despair video at first, but then I realized Juzo's save is a perfect example of Naegi's luck and Naegi's constant ranting about how hope means everyone working together. I guess I'm cool now.

She is a detective, just not a perfect one

>It's the "Junko can kill Munakata easy cause she just can lol" guy

It's stupid, it sucks, and I hate it.

>Implyng they won't tell to the authorities

Junko likes trolling user

Even if it didn't work, I really hope that the bottle was some kind of antidote because if not, she gonna end up looking like a fucking idiot for not trying to cut her hand.

How would she kill them? Are you forgetting they are both quite attuned to combat.

Gee I really don't know! Not like she's killed a fuck ton of people in Despair arc already!

New thread

What was his master plan?

>Then why become Ryouko and why did Matsuda have to kill Murasame? If she already had control, Murasame telling anyone wouldnt have made a difference.

Matsuda killed him because he was a threat to Junko. Everyone covered it up but him, you fucking idiot. You're bullshitting the entire fucking way and there's nothing to back up your shit but projections. It's why I'm telling you to get the fuck lost already. People have been telling your autistic ESL ass for the past weeks that you're wrong, yet it's somehow correct because you spam it each thread to be proven wrong?

Even disregarding the multiple choice past, at least he had a reason. Junko just wanted despair.

Juzo and Munakata basically caused this whole killing game to happen. If they just calmed their titties, everyone could've survived AND they could've still executed Naegi after everyone was rescued.

If it doesn't get explained, I'd chalk it up to random helicopter-piloting UDs. It's funny to think that not only did Tengan lead FF, but also at least some UDs.

Congratulations! No hard feelings at all to be honest, although some of those shitters really deserve being called out.

Sure thing! Make sure to add the proper date at the top, I kept it empty because I had no idea when the reveal would happen.

We make fun of absolutely everyone and call them retarded.

Salt victim #1 has joined the game.

You know exactly why.

What's a student council president going to do against the Ultimate Bullshitter/Analyst, Ultimate Soldier, and Ultimate Brainwashed Housewife?

Make that 2 of my posts

You cant be serious, can you? Juzo didnt say anything after their confrontation. Persona would have done something.

He was gonna get tired of her in two hours. Just call Gozu or Izaoi or someone that can fight and beat the others two.

They said Tengan was a UD.

Its just the beginning of Mankinds worst etc etc incident, soon the masses will riot and a war for the sake of war will break out.

And all because of a "hack" imagine this being written with the kanji for snail and furigana reading hack above pls writer who decided to kill 2 waifus. 7 billion people will be lost because of a single "hack".

>We make fun of absolutely everyone
Including yourself?

> welcome to Cred Forums
More like welcome to the DR general that leaked from vg. I've been her for years and this kind of posting was never tolerated before. Can't wait for this shit to end so you can go back to your containment board.

>not popular
I, understand that delusion comes with being retarded but come on. There is practically no difference between the posters here and tumblr browsing normal fags. This place is as bad as Reddit. This is circlejerk central.

>Appreciate shitposting
That's a laughably sad case of Stockholm syndrome. I guess if someone stabs you every day, you'll grow to appreciate that too huh? Kill yourself.

Lmao sure

>Matsuda killed him because he was a threat to Junko
And Juzo wasnt? Why wasnt he killed?

>Idiots believe Juzo and Munakata could've stopped her while she had Chisa as hostage and had SHSL Bullshit, SHSL Soldier and SHSL Analyst at her side.

What are you doing, nigga. Ride's not over yet.

It wasn't just a despair video. It was a brainwashing despair video. It had the strength of someone literally sticking two metal rods into your brain and fixing you.

It's just you kind of expected Naegi to be the rock. He's the one who doesn't lose his shit, no matter what. That's what got him called Ultimate Hope in the first place.

>implying Junko didn't already have HPA in the palm of her hands

>And Juzo wasnt? Why wasnt he killed?
What do you think would've happened if he said no? You people are honestly fucking retarded. She would've killed him if he had said no, that's the entire point of bringing people despair. And as we know, Junko wasn't Ryouko yet by Juzo's time, which was the case for Murasame. Ryouko was her only point where she was vulnerable to information, not even physical power due to SHSL Analyst.

Yes, Junko is not strong and Mukuro had a hard time with Peko.
Munakata + Juzo + Gozu > Despairs sluts

>Including yourself?
Absolutely. I knew I'd get positively shredded if I was wrong, but I kept my word. It has to be funny one way or another, but it's probably not as fun if I'm being humble instead of butthurt

>That's a laughably sad case of Stockholm syndrome.
Be as buttblasted as you like. You know that you like it as well on some level, because it's never going away and you participate in it yourself.

No, it's not.

>E-Even if they said something, it wouldnt have mattered.
>S-She had total control anyway
Ok. If that is Juzo's defense.

this place isn't half as bad as the cancer /drg/ is

Got an actual argument to the contrary?

>S-She would have killed him.
Doesnt prevent him from telling on her after she leaves.

That argument would have more sway if she actually threatened him with his death.

Fuck off.

They could at least try to stop them. If Juzo wasn't afraid of the closet calss 78 would still be alive.

These are pretty great user,i saved all of these.
Also i dont get it,are you a Kirifag or anti-Kirifag?

Not the first time she did something like this to be honest. When she got her letter from Monokuma she didn't even open it because she knew it was just Monokuma fucking with her.
A envelope labeled "TOTALLY a clue" isn't that different from a door labeled "Yeah, this is the exit brah. Pfft, come on, go in"
Not to mention the assumption she could have investigated it with Juzo mad as fuck over a fake exit when he tried to kill her minutes before is also weird.

>Junko isn't strong
>SHSL Analyst
Please leave.

He would've died had he said no and nothing would've mattered had he said yes as the authorities were being denied access to the campus by the trustees. Only Munakata and Juzo were the ones who could do shit as they were outside influence. If he had said shit he would've led both of them into death.

See post above. I cba writing what 20 others have said to you already just to break the autistic delusion that you linger on.

Kirigirifag to the bitter end, as well as a Juzobro and kind of a Chiakipal.

Look one post below you.

My argument is just that Juzo is a bitch and he never said anything to anyone. Nobody has claimed otherwise.

You just claim he didnt say anything because Junko would have killed him (even though she NEVER threatened with that). So he chose the bitch route.

Ok, as long as you admit Juzo is a fucking moron. He didnt say anything because he didnt want to be outed as gay.

You can dress it up however you like.

And lets not forget that he and Munakata are the reason for the killing game going on for so long by not letting people investigate. Juzo is a cunt.

Proof about junko being strong?

Speak for yourself buzzword using circlejerker. That ”everybody does it” attitude is the reason shitposting will never go away. Just kill yourself so that's one less shitposter alive.

I literally cannot see the difference other than the fact that these threads are faster, which makes it worse.

We in the same boat then.
Was just wondering because of the "int kirigiri day"

No hard feelings makes sense now.

>They could at least try to stop them.
She had already brainwashed the entire Reserve Course and taken out a ton of faculty members. It was painfully obvious even to Juzo's small brain that they couldn't have won.

>calss 78 would still be alive.
Junko's plans could alter, but the end result would be exactly the same. She gets what she wants in the end. The world still would've been thrown into chaos, she still saves her class for her personalized killing game.

Boohoo baby nigga. Love you too.

I put that specific post right underneath it because out of all the others, it's the one that nearly had me falling out of my chair. Great shit.

>He's the one who doesn't lose his shit, no matter what. That's what got him called Ultimate Hope in the first place.
Looking back this is true.
When Junko starts her speeches of Doom about how terrible everything is,everyone, even Hajime, just sort of shut up and lose their shit over it.
Naegi is the only one both times who keeps arguing back throughout it all.

I rest my case. This is an age 18+ image board.

I've been wishy-washy about being a Juzuboy since last week, but I am definitely back in the Juzo camp. Best boy.

Can anyone tell me what is the deal with Izuru 2.0 and Tengan being the master for it?
What did I miss? The EP didn't show anything like this.

> I can't see the diference

Nigga, /drg/ is a glorified hugbox with namefags, at least we don't have this here

>had normies beat him up
>blackmailed him
Ah yes! She totally would've let him off if he just told Munakata after lying to her! No way she'd have seen through his lie. No way she'd take action against them once Munakata begins moving himself.

I'm guessing Tengan isn't the mastermind, but rather a greater scope villain who just watched the world burn to see a bigger hope be born from despair, if not a member of UD himself. I don't have the slightest clue about who the mastermind (the one who's holding Tengan's phone) is, but my last bet is Kirigiri herself (not fucking MUH KIRIJUNKO, fuck that retarded teory)

24 years of autism, madman. Can you beat that? Are you a wizard yet?

This is a good redirect if you encounter some really bad ones.

>Reserve Course
Is not like them are vey strong, Juzo and Munakata were winnning against them and Juzo beta most of them in the last EP.

hey genius remmember how juzo lasted after cutting his arm off, oh yeah he fucking died of bloodloss

>retarded by the last episode.
Huh? Why? Because she didn't cut her arm? She would still bleed to death and it would be painful

Add namefags to this thread and its an identical copy. This thread id already extremely hugboxy, with all this juzobro, chiakipal garbage.

And that's why I'm bothered. He just lost the one thing that made everyone admire him.

She also had Izuru, Mukuro, Chisa, and the SDR2 kids on her side. Munakata and Juzo had literally no way of winning.

>In a danganronpa thread
>Get spoiled on ZTD

You people really are scum.
>inb4 hurr why haven't you played it yet
Fuck off, you literally had no point in making the comparison.
Not even going to bother with the game at all now.

>These threads are a hugbox

lol no, some people here are "hugboxy" but there are penlty of assholes around a well

I agree with this, but if the survivor count was going of off bracelets it doesn't really mean anything.

What solidifies it the fact that they kept her a corpse for one time limit and the time in between. It'd have to be an amazing ass pull to get her to revive from that.

We know Junko will be back this is the conclusion to the HPA arc, therefore Junko needs to return in some form, whether it's bodyjacking Chiaki, Kyouko, Chisa, or some other character.

Just end yourself then if you admit you are autistic. You will do the world a favor.

Who are you talking to?

To think that Juzo had a more emotional farewell than Kyoko or Chiaki, that you felt more his demise than the two waifus, and he was WAYYY more decisive in solving the situation than Kyoko.

He also admitted his fault of being an ass, and had an epiphany in his last moments, still sticking to redeeming himself.

Spoilers are prevalent on Cred Forums no matter what. There's plenty of reasons to bring ZTD, and ZE in general, up because of similarities.

The fact that Kodaka and Uchi are real life friends might be coming into play there.

The monkey pawn will bring back Kyoko as KiriJunko!

Yeah, those assholes are the only ones keeping this from being the exact copy of drg.

You are part of the problem.

I'm not interested in your half assed explanation you fucking faggot.

If we were to use Despair's shitty writing to our advantage, Junko sure seems capable at predicting the utter stupidity of people around her.
I imagine Mukuro would question her actions all the time.
>No need to be afraid of the class or their teacher telling anyone at all about my dungeon, nah, leave the fucking thing open, don't change a thing. The students are going to storm in by themselves ignoring the fact that most of them are not suited to battle anything and we have a maniac who shoots before asking. Heck, they might never even tell them about the maniac
>If I am afraid that they'll profile me or investigate shit if I go report the dead bodies? Let me ask you, have you seen how dumb the people in this place are? Specially the security? Remember how much trouble we got into for storming the facility holding their ultimate weapon? Precisely.
>What do you mean threatening to tell his best friend he is gay is a retarded threat because he can just shrug it off or tell him the photo is fake? You think that guy is smart enough to notice his word holds more weight with his best friend of many years over the words of a mall-crazy sociopath?
Doesn't excuse any of it, but it's funny at least.

I wish someone spoiled me on ZTD before playing it so i would have saved myself 20 hours from playing that piece of shit

>Chisa and the SDR2 kids on her side
The only dangerous one here are Peko,Akane and Nidai.
Gundam just have his hamsters, kuzuryu and Sonia doesn't have their soldiers.

sasuga bored, insane analyst

>complaining about "lol"

Spotted the newfag

The irony. Stop with your sarcastic drivel and go back to whatever cesspool you crawled out from.

>wants to avoid spoilers
>on Cred Forums

Pick one.

>not complaining about shitty abbreviations like lol
Spotted the retard.


And it's a fault that would apply to everyone in the building.

>muh shitposting
>muh hugbox
>muh circlejerk
>muh reddit
>muh tumblr
Holy shit, kill yourself

Not to mention, no guarantee Monokuma wouldn't just gas the whole place again and place new bangles or even the same ones on the other arm.
Granted, would have been better if someone in the show offered the suggestion before, though.

I've been on this site far longer than you. I've avoided ZTD threads without fail for years, so much so that I didn't know the first thing about the games.

You're the dickhead who brought it up in a completely irrelevant thread.

Hopefully karma will mess you up real bad for being an underage child thinking spoiling shit is hilarious.

Literally gonna get tired about junko in two hours.

Only proving my point further.

No, the despair sex was incredible, Munakata didn't know what he was missing

Cred Forums, why do Junko and Mukuro have different surnames? Is Mukuro Ikusaba a pseudonym? Or is Junko Enoshima one?

So why hasn't he already? And why does he stay under her orders throughout the entirety of the Tragedy?

In DR1 Junko basically says "complex motives".

I'd say they both have pseudos, but at the very least, there's no way "Ikusaba Mukuro" (read as: war sword corpse) is a real name.

Go away autistic bacon faggot

>getting triggered over words

truly pathetic

Shes dead


Maybe it's a combination of the cycle being broken with Makoto surviving and then someone without the bracelet touching the levers?

I hope the last episode is nothing but a series of brainwashing, despair inducing images that go on for 21 minutes that get us to become mass murderers

So you're saying he didnt even try to lie? Juzo the big bitch.

You fell for the old fake Junko gag!
-Danganronpa 3 future arc episode 12

>Girl with Harley hairdo is the Joker
>she even has her own incest-Harley