Taboo Tattoo

The last episode is out, get in here.

What's with the scenes at the end of the episode?

Even though 90% of people hated this show, I really enjoyed it: the fights every episode, cute girls, fanservice, over the top stuff. Even the fast pacing didn't bother me at all, I actually liked the fact that it moved so fast cause it made the show more eventful while still managing to make sense to me.

Going to miss it, but at least there's still manga.


Easily the worst show of the season. Most generic story ever coupled with the worst most inconsistent tone imaginable.

What happened at the wound in her side in the end?
Did they forget to draw it?

>get in here
All three of you!

Was someone forcing you?

Remove Seiga, have it Team America vs. Brahman and it would be a massive improvement.
seigi's very boring.

Yes. I force myself to finish the shit I watch because I'm autistic

we /m/ now?


This was one of the worst shows I've ever seen. Easily up there with Mahou Sensou in terms of being shit.

shit was ass

14 years old.

See her losing again her arm was hilarious.

Is that ending hinting at S2 or what.

This show was so fucking bad.

They should have ended it with the nuke exploding and everybody dying.

Yeah! It sold incredibly well so they're making a new season!

Big Order got a second season?

For a second I believed that she was impaled

I liked the general quality of the first episodes, but checked the manga and it doesn't seem anywhere close to ending so I dropped it. How are they taking the ending? Anime original or cliffhanger?

Are they trying to advertise a second season or to get me to read the LN? This show started off with promise and I was really enjoying it but then it got way too rushed right when Arya was introduced then it kept getting more and more rushed.


Of course not. You have to be retarded to think this will ever get a second season.

>OP kicked in during the final battle
Every time
Massive cliffhanger

Can you think of a better or more generic action shonen comming out right now? The market is open for this kind of stuff.

That would have been funny.

You haven't seen Qualidea code then

It was a "really" in disbelieve.
I have no idea how anything sells anyway, because it makes me depressed.
No harem.


I'm watching it too and can tell you that Qualidea Code, while shit, is not as bad as Taboo Tattoo was.

Volume 13 will probably be the last.

>>OP kicked in during the final battle
>Every time
It dragged on for ages and ruined the meme


QC only got cursed with extreme amounts of QUALITY, it's not that bad of a show especially after you get to the twist.
TT is a fun little thing, but most people are unable to have fun nowadays. Good thing there was Re:Zero this season for all those who wanted a deep and intriguing plot, masterpieces like that only come about once every millennium.


QC unfortunatelly also starts somewhat slow, so I can see why many dropped it.
Looks like a Muv-Luv clone at first.

TT and QC are two ends of a spectrum TT just comes off as a very half assed fate while QC explores the matrix in ms paint.


Ok, you made me curious, how did it sell?

>that post credit montage
Did they really think it would get s2?
Biggest clusterfuck of the season.

>generic plot
>generic characters
>absolutely terrbile animation
Yeah it's worse

I got worse after the twist, in my opinion. Not only it was obvious as fuck, but they also took ages to reveal it.

America! Fuck yeah!

Is this your first manga/LN adaptation?
The ending is basically "go buy the manga" bait, happened many times before.

They are comparable level of bad for me, at least qualidea went kinda retard in a fun way with that johanes army thingie, but tattoo had some good fight, while other were such a fucking mess you couldn't tell what was happening most of the time.
What i want to say is that both shows are fucking shit.

>pandering to the crunchyroll audience

Who is this bluesy floozy?

who is the bluesiest floozy?


>tries to suicide bomb
Loved every second.

Oh, it's that.
I thought it was something else.
When I hate something, but I have to return every week, because it's just half an hour and that's not enough to kill motivaion.
Even so I dislike everything, there's something that draws me in, like a pit of quicksand.
In the end I only spend my time complaining about everything in the thread.
I thought you meant that.

They sure have baited me a lot with these spoilers, damn these 12 episode clearly weren't enough.

Yeah that guy was gold.

Team America was great.
Brahman was great.
I think I shouldn't repeat myself about the thing that wasn't.

Haven't watched the episode yet, did the anime go original and kill hime or did end on cliffhanger?

What happened to best girl?

It went read the fucking thread



this fucking show

Worst anime of the season

This show makes me want to hurt others it was that bad

I think this is pretty much the perfect ending scene for this anime.

Fuck, got goosebumps here.
Based neo-protagonist

Seigi was barely in the show, they seriously crammed this show way too muchat least death flag guy lived

What are your 5 favorite shows this season?

Tom and Tamaki were the best thing in this show.

91 days & Mob Psycho

That's it

The show really should have dropped its serious tone, and by that i mean dropping justice-kun and probably bluesy fluesy, if it had protagonists like tamaki or sanders, it would actually be good to watch, because of "it's so bad it's good, fucking hilarious".

How many shows you actually watched this season?

>Mob Psycho
hahahahahahahahahahaha, get out of here faggot

91 days, mob, amanchu, handa, and i guess fifth would be zestiria since it kinda unfucks game.

>responding to "well tell me your favorite X" bait posts which after telling your favorite X will always be followed by memearrows like this one and hahahaha laughter
user you CLOWN

200 times better than this Shit

I wonder if the manga for taboo is any good because the anime was one of the worst things I have ever witnessed

>people actually like that trash

91 days
Mob psycho
Taboo tattoo trash
Re zero
Re life

Oh fuck yeah, a full on parody featuring american cliches from the japanese perspective in a super power setting. I think it could have been fun.

>answering the how many X have you seen when it will be followed by meme arrows and then getting told how thats too few
echo chambers

>out of all the good shows this season, he picked fucking Orange, Alderamin and some chink shit to watch
Say no more

it was comfy enough. you watch airing anime when you know you wouldn't touch it any other way.

nevermind me
just fullfilling promise from last week
mediafire download/ecl0oy6v6lmugy3/the+ballade+of+butchered+waifus%2C+vol+10.rar
mediafire download/urf0622mm7fh9ny/the+ballade+of+butchered+waifus%2C+vol+11.rar


Hey, HEY, DUDE. Its not cool to push on Alderamin. I watched that shit thinking
>cool, next episode this should get good
and suddenly realized we were in episode 11. That shirt hurts, man!

Disemboweled, then bluesy shoots her (presumably in the head) after a bit of shittalk.

Oh shit, thanks
Are the 8 and 9 volumes in the archive?

everything before this is either translated or on senmanga

>chink shit

Which one

It was bad. I was pretty baffled when I heard it was getting adapted because it was years old and completely unremarkable.

outcast is a co-production and it shows.

Post more Silver Saber

It gives me hope for other past things to suddenly be adapted out of nowhere like psyren

It is pretty tiring because the whole show rides on one joke.
But there is simply nothing better this season and user wanted five.

Just when JC staff was making a name for themselves they go and pull this Shit

I was surprised too. At least the first couple episodes gave us some fun beatdowns.

user, drop your hope, don't disappoint yourself like that.

Animu 14

Wait theres actually quite a lot of source material for this? Then this isnt just some source ad?


She's not 14.

Last thread i was at said that they have twice as much material, but they really rushed this adaptation.

I love that guy

Thanks, mate.

It was silly, but by far the most fun I had this season. I regret nothing.

I could watch a whole episode of that.

Hime looked and sounded really cute at the end for some reason.
And oh wow, that post-credits montage was dumbrilliant.

Because she wasn't constantly acting like a slut


never forget

>killed by a literal slut

All the love I developed towards this series disappeared with this damn episode.

Finally a main character that learns the lesson just to return to the "I'll save everyone, including you!" bullshit so the next time the girl he spared can kill another girlfriend or destroy the humanity. Sigh, this triggers me beyond words.

Outcast is fine though.

Not saying its a great show or something I don't know why it got so few attention, there are shows every season with equal or even lower production values and got weekly threads. Cerberus for example or Phoenix Right comes to my mind.

I guess being produced by chinese activates Cred Forums autism

So did the user ever rip the raws? or french version even.

Read the thread


what was that at the end of the episode?

also, now seigi has izzy all to himself



>sparing again the mass murder loli

How much people has to die until someone realizes that little bitch needs to die?

who /droppedatepisode1/ here?

not me

This is a strange time to ask

I have no idea why I watched it in its entirety, and I'm not altogether pleased that I did.

Whatever. Glad it's over.

I really thought this would be another battle harem

Pleasantly surprised it wasn't in the end.

I was thinking the same thing.

Don't be silly user, this is not re: meme. It was actually promising till ep 5 or 6

look like we're getting a second season. Now I'll get to know what happens in the later chapters

What the fuck was the deal at the end?

The same thing that happened at the end of, among plenty of other examples, Oda Nobuna no Yabou.

Buy the manga to find out!

This is the dumbest shit I've seen all year.
And I absolutely loved it.

>The more they talked about the power of the tattoos, the less I understood them.
>The incredible tonal whiplash every couple of seconds.
>The fact that the villains mow down more innocents than the nazis in Hellsing, yet the MC still things they are redeemable.
>The way it seemed like they rushed through volumes worth of content in every single episode, making you feel like you're watching the Cliffs Notes.
>The horrible CG

This was premium shit.
If the Asylum produced anime, this is what they'd make.

You might have missed something from the last season.


I don't know, user. You gotta sell me on Big Order, how can it be as charmingly shitty as Taboo Tattoo, which looks and feels like a hentai OVA with all the fucking edited out.

One episode should be all it takes to convince you of how amazing it is, you should have 20 spare minutes so go give it a watch.
Then try watching the rest. It somehow gets progressively dumber and dumber, but at least the MC canon fucked his sister.

well big order is for true intellectuals that understand the many worlds hypothesis
also there is jazz and incest sex

Not him

If you ""liked"" taboo tattoo you will ""LOVE"" big order

Fine, fine, fine.

You convinced me, I'll give it a shot.
We'll have a thread about it later.

Are Seigi and Izzy gonna fuck now that he risked his life to save hers?

This show was so awful. I don't know why I didn't drop it.

Dropped at episode 5. Still followed the threads for possible fun webms or Hime images.

This show was so awesome. I'm glad I didn't drop it.

I'm going to marathon this show just because I really want to fuck the silver girl

I disagree, taboo tattoo isn't at all like big order besides being a trainwreck.

Taboo tattoo at least has some consistency up to episode 6 or so.

The characters are far better written and better designed with most of them being at least passable in Taboo Tattoo. Big order is a fucking mess with like 20 characters competing on who can make the least amount of sense.

The fights in big order are magnitudes worse then the ones in TT where most of the action was ok. Big order fights were literally taking turns using each others power.

Big order fell more into the category of shows like glasslips and endride. Shows that were so far up there own ass they never realized how shit they were.

Taboo Tattoo was more like crime edge. It was at least aware of how stupid it was. Otherwise there wouldn't be so many scenes with the girls getting cloth damaged, loli lesbian molestation and otaku references.

anime of the season

>Finally a main character that learns the lesson just to return to the "I'll save everyone, including you!" bullshit so the next time the girl he spared can kill another girlfriend or destroy the humanity. Sigh, this triggers me beyond words.

this was always the problem with this series. It's a grimdark edge show with characters dying left and right, with a typical SHOENEN protag drifting through the show kill his own allies/friends with his nonsense while sparing his foes.

Its so rage inducing it leaves you speachless. When you realize how many people would be alive had he been killed right in the beginning you'll realize that bluesy should have killed his retarded ass when she found him and just took the void maker tattoo for someone who's not a complete retard.

this x .00000000000001

Thanks for this user. Will you be getting 12 and 13? If so could you dump them on mado at some point? I really don't think there will be many new threads.

You're wrong!
This girl () is MC's official pairing (vol. 9)

That show was amazing. It managed to reach Valvrave levels of idiocy.

This show was turds.

correct, but don't forget that Hime-sama also falls in love with Seigi in vol.8.

those spats were the only reason this show had my attention, but they been making as much of an appearance after the first few episodes.

Exactly, it WAS awesome. 3 last chapters are a fucking piece of shit

I wish, I thought big order was more fun.

>saying this to a cute girl with a crush on you
cruel and crazy

Her face was priceless.

so is this how it actually played out in the manga

seems like it. though much less rushed.

Never forget.

I'm gonna miss that loli, she was so fucking hot.

>teasing a second season that'll never happen

Fuck these clowns. I require more Gray Seiba, Yuri Harem Princess and USA USA USA USA USA



I could not fucking find a picture with seiba and hime in

This is from youtube of all places

The start was really entertaining, but the plot went from "fun trainwreck" to just plain incoherence. I wanted to like it.

That she was indeed. All her skintight clothes too, unf.

What the hell was this episode? What the fuck was that ending?

I enjoyed every fucking second of it. From BB cucking seigi from the afterlife to the absolutely ridiculous source mecha form battle.

10/10, AOTD


Dropped it when Touko died.

It wasn't actually an ending user

>Childhood friend with amazing tits who actually has a chance of winning because she's really fucking hungry
>Dies out of nowhere
>Hey Seigi I killed your osanajimi because I want you to hate me
>by the way your tattoo doesn't work when you're angry
It worked, but it was still a huge dick move.

Are we getting a EP 13? S2? OVA?

>power inversely proportional to anger
more manga should do this

It ended, but it wasn't an ending.


Looks like someone got bootybothered.

Glad Tamaki survived and those source beasts reminded me of God Eater.

look at this dude

True keikaku

I know it isn't going to happen, but I really hope they some how still extract touko at the end. Best childhood friend in a while. Wouldn't have taken much longer for her to rape seigi in his sleep either. It'd be a total asspull but I'd be grateful for it.

>but don't forget that Hime-sama also falls in love with Seigi in vol.8.
Oh fuck, please tell me you're joking?
Don't tell me the author made her fall in love with him cause he is the male MC of the show reasoning bullshit?
Why would she even fall in love with him?

This is the most idiotic thing ever, similiar with this episode lesbian villain lost cause she kissed the male MC and he got surprise in his ass put by mad scientist and of course experience in fightning...

Don't tell me she got converted for this emo shit MC...
If yes then this show has the worst harem and also shonen cliches put in it for stupid reasons.

Fuck this ending was hilarious.

completely forgettable show, but it was reasonably entertaining for the most part. don't regret watching it, will consider watching s2.

That there wont be? manga looks to be endingon the current volume. they blew through most of it in a single season. Probably isn't enough left to even stretch. At this point Ij ust hope for doujins. Looking at pixiv that isn't likely either though.

Even worse than that Chinese collab show with the bitchy dandere?

Welp, back to hoping to manga translations come back to life at some point or at the very least that all the raw chapters get uploaded.

How does this work?

That was the shittiest fight ever.

What kind of camera control was that?

Dude, he was trolling. Hime doesn't give a shit about the MC, and will probably die anyway in the final battle.

>repeating the same scenes and weak animations over and over like it's the next time on DBZ
>final episode
At least the first episode had a nice fight sequence. Chalk up another anime that blew it's entire budget for a single awesome scene.

Izzy's ass was the best thing about the show.

there will probably be raws of vol12 without me spending my shekels so i probably wont have to

also i don't know what mado is

Is that soldier fucking the general?

I'm impressed. Trash from start to finish, CONSISTENT.

Indeed, but it was so abstrabct and rushed that some things passed under the radar.

>Kill a lot of soldiers
>Kidnaps Redhead to be raped/tortured
>Kills more soldiers
>She can't be that bad, she has a capicabra as mascot and saved that cat!
>Kills more sildiers
>Eats girlfriend
>Kidnaps Redhead again to be raped/tortured
>Kills even more soldiers

I get she is hot and such, but Jesus, I fail to comprehend why everyone insist in not punishing the true villain of this series

Dropped on the last episode.
No matter how many times I try to convince myself to finish this piece of shit.

I couldn't even make it past the BO episode 3, everything just didn't make sense. TT was much more consistent in comparison

>who /somethingsomething/ here
What is this? I see it more and more often here, is it a meme from another board?


It's from leddit

MC-kun best character.

As said, he was joking. Hime doesn't give a fuck about him in that way, if anything in the latest chapters she's gotten pretty pissed at him constantly getting in her way, when he's just a key. And in the lastest raw chapter the final showdown against Hime is about to start so about 7-8 more chapters till this series ends.

I should have expected that. God damn it, people.

Kids today don't know Platoon references.